Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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".; i ;Si7. 78 STREET
,'...v 21, N Y.

- -

v. xaxxnt 17 ,
Cab(e: Star, Domtnlca
Tel: Printery 2691, Editor 2610
. K. Media Repreaetati.v!: .A
Colin turner (London) Ltd. , l ,
.:' '.-'7 c jt? Ah. `W4- o .e et .T t" or t i
Situr -- PH-Pr'A ALLEREY

tHE LATE ST,;; O :) NOTR!t l R
UD ,.1 ,: 4 4.i"e iidignanr
ajvtly docimejatt-d IIssier brings to pi blic
attention that although :)(.smorid Trotter .is ndt
dead, the Depmond TzYot j,, case is by no mestis
lead and buried either, unlike the poor BrBi.ghta
friendly Jira.ek, the ,loving young West Ind&.an
c.',;~ea bu; ned near Pegu a, and those promising
young men the Carnival Fire victims: severC. :mur-
ders which are still d(urk mysteries with muvdder-
.srs not yet brought 't@. justice.
The Defence Commit ee on behalf of Desmadind
Trotter, now.serving LLfe in our prison, po.:nts\
out some serious discrepancies and omissions since
the Camella Francis affidavit was delivered to. the
Attorney General, psome of which (p.articular.:Ly. the
discrepancies in the Premieor's 'reprieve' .s.eech) -
we had spotted for ou:-selves anyway. (Contd )



The only secondary school Which emphasizes
Agriculture as a first corrpuliory subject is the
Deminica Community High School
Itspupils are taughtby locally born Agric. &
Science Master, Mc: a rie, M A. whose teaching
,is aade available through Canadiab ULiversity
Services Overseas



4. I

nr"" Pl"" Fh


rs ',


-'- C-4-



A Question

of lusfice
SWhat we can claim, acco jirV to, the
aw, is---justice. The caim i. an igu-
'ng one', anid I should like i' expi. 'e it
According t the law, all cii:e rz .aind
undvr the flaw.
According to the law, all ciins .lave
equal access to justice.
The. process: of law, and 'i ::;. h
.justicE;a't,. in principle, ra;ln?:. ijdy
binding on all, exeited in --fvu '. all.
Thus any citizen reasonably .'',,, 'd
of crime is' indictable. And izen
accused of crime is presume. ; .en
Intil guilt is proved. Thus Ai.-'-an
Justice, Eth theory ':goe' is ..
like a well-ordered, h ilh;' b .i-- yiere
are no 'dark corners,n no ur :'-e,,
.special motives, no.unconsei>;u. .ce
loading the issue, nothing i.ra"' nal,
nothing to impede the passage ,i. uth.
I suggest this metaphor :n oiuhtr,. to
point up ian irdtresting con trast h /e-'
the -acused and the bti't. -
Justice in the Balane ...
The contrast is,.in fact, a supp'.: ;in
which goes to the heart of Amrrq,. jYs
ticci The court, in every car hit h
comes before. :it, stands apart f~. the
niedia, fro!n opinion expressed in usiC
or private; it hifs h6'sp'ci'tei ";t. It
is allhvwed to bring .)o eolor' or pre-
judPic. or political bias to hbat c:. the
case hefor it.. It .is one to. the .uurt
whethN'r i;hte accust'd is whit'E of black,
Christian oF atheist, male or fermane'. It
is. of 'o moment (whether the n.'iorw i
at war or peace.
By way of contrast, as far ap the ac-
-cuscd a're concerned, the color and lono
of life, the mood of the natiocz the. at-
titudes and shifts of pdwer .t:res ,.Of
the essence. Their past is ..ader oisdg
A judge is someone lse .again. In his
court, in the 4ct of jdidgmer l, f:'r
removed from'the lp.';p.. ii :.A i-
si9ns that bring the accused bticfr : the
bhr. A judge is, in a sense. . ,sn
without 'a history. He is.likc r !,.. aIus
.newly summoned from the gr ..; .r-
forii judgment. He is a tab) i -- te o
every question of life but one;,w w hvr
the accused .are guilty or inn A of
violating such and such a law.

,:'. CATHOUIC W(oi'f-

~~-*ii~LILj.' r-~su
--------s~uiPcj, 9

Mvj T VA i Mv A 1

DAY 0O'T M 0 1,R V I G
On Thursday bells tolled and people
wept for those killed in a terrible
aircrash at St. Thomas V.I. on U'eds.
when a Boeing 727 burst into flames
on landing, killing 38, injuring and
burning many others. Two full-scale
investigations are now in progress
Don't stop the Garnival
The victifts wror mostly happy folk
flying in for St. Thomas* May Day
Carnival. After a bit of debate,tho
Carnival-promoters decided to carry
on. Bodies of 5 dogs & cats wore in
the wrecked'luggage. Dominica's Ag.
Premier Hon.I.Thomas was among those
senrdin official cables of condolence

I use the term 'boomeraig' figura-
tively and its meaning, according
to the New Elizabethan Reference Dic-
tionary, is "action, speech or argu-
ment that recoils on the person who
makes it," I ad not afraid to mentfan
names; people in public affairs,paid
from public funds, should have their
names called, aid even if they quit-
office they are part of history, which
is meaningless if names are not given,
Names of people connected with crime
are studiously and sophistically wita-
held; wrong deeds, wrong speech,wrong
thinking rebound and often with
tragic effect.
It was a wrong policy on landwhich
caused the tragic death of Keith Al-
leyne two years ago, 1r,LeBlanc did
not listen to the advice of certain

The defe'nc. coiittee reae ts
many untowtC things: that Dominican
protesters a: r inst the death sentence
were brushe ,sido as negliqble by
the Premier; ; artiniquan objectors
were rudely ignored; and efforts to
dIscredit Trotterts lawyer MrBrian
iAleyne. They record instances of
alleged political interference in
the case. A spokesmann told this Ed-
itor that Mr. WoS, Stevend supposit-
ion that Dominica~s A.G. had landed
the matter of the Camella Francis
affidavit into the-lap of the Wind-
wards C., was not true, Nothing had
been done, sao said.
1. Desmond's immediate release,
The lawyer writes of granting Trotter
"a free pardon in the interim period
during which ALL efforts should be
geared towards bringing LEGITIMATE
pressure to bear on our representatYez
in Government to satisfy the peoples
right to truth and justice",
2) the immediate suspension of all
Police Officers involved (those named
in Camella's affidavit),
3).Immediate installation of an im-
partial, independent, international
investigative body to.publicly in-
quire into police and government con-
spiracy to obstruct justice in the
Desmond Trotter case and police crime
in general", (Findings to be made
immediately public, followed by im-
mediate action).

of his colleaues, .
.Bad advice given by an Attorney 0 B I T U A L Y
General still on the job created a Mrs, RALPH- .ROSSI (ne CYRIL )
good deal of misgiving .and unrest in With the passing of Mrs, Beatrice
a series of States of Emergencies. -Maria Rossi on 27th March after a
The wrong policy in our Police short illness, and in her late eight.
Forco has led to.quite a number of ties, St.Josephl has lost another
boomerangs culminating in the Cam- landmark. She was the wV'dow of Rath
ella Francis affair, A.Rossi, well-laown Manager of Maoau-1
I personally have complained oftm cherie Estate,who predeceased her in
of practices quito contrary to the 1961.
fine 9-points in Police Conduct and Born in Veille Case, she came
Guidance posted up at Wesley Police to this Parish when young to take
Station, ~ nharge-of the Manor House of Macou-
.-... ,__ age- . cherie, then owned by Mr, James Royer
and family. Byher. gentle, sympathetic manner she endeared herself to all,
She leaves to mourn the loss: her daughter Raphaele (Mrs, Byron Grant)
and granddaughter. Bernardine Grant; her stepsons Randolph Rossi tex-Head.
teacher (in U,S. with his family), Ienneth,Albert & Ralphie Rossa n- TU.K,,
also her companion Miss Mignonette Paul (Aye tte) who took care of her to- the
last,. + She was buried the following day, wi~tb-r tes at the St


I~-C -------- _- _--- --- -~----

7afta MLWIft

77h5 'air.___ha-dl '2n_ ~~I~

rnT cTv orn A

.-&" . T1. s_ .ft ....... ..

tor those
which can be persistent., we are compounding
which goes to the root of the trouble.
Only $A.oo per bottle- -

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title & Notings
ereon & Caveais for week ending o} Av ri t4

_4 Requested Person Presenting
.. . . .. '* -'. ..

Nature of request who.
thor a Certificate of
Title of Noting thereon
or Caveat.

* i&st dated MIlin William per deaest for the issue
a. March isnal represent of a first certificate
"6 tive of Bright of title in respect of a
eteented William deCeased Portiori of land at
h April 1976 by her Solicitor Bayoun Estate at i.
2.35 p m Vanya Dupigny boulie in the Parishof
....-..-.....--.. ... St Paul in the State
of Dominica contain.
'g i 1.012 acres and
b ounde as follows:.
'rth: land of- ixon Banc' South land of Evered St Jean
.st-Public Road and a ravine separating it from land of Celtl
01orge West, lands ofoseph H .oite "
t fey '

__-_ I-Application of Mow- I

ues dated Eugenia first certificate o ti

Aier in the Thibeau
9.50 acres'and bounded as follows St Andrew containing
North East By the Public Road .to Vieille Case Land oc
Peter Massiot and land of Lady Royer *South East by
land of Louisa Augustin South West by Ravine TI Tou
separating It from land of Louisa Augustin Northe West
By land of EO Lebla nc
S ld e j amir in th& T! 9 ibau

R11)Mrst Aited Poter Adriet APl IAt 22 R& April A 00M f~r t *w A M Te
97 of e a f teAi*iKfvkte
Presented 27th itl. in mE ,. a
April 1976 a portion of lard At p-
11,00 am yard in the Paristof
.--t And4r it ;,he
State of f ,B.-"c
containing 15.73 acres And bounded as fo.les
North Latd of Hertford Estate West River separating lit '3m
Hertford Estate South Lands of Orina Leonard Joseph Austrie
S S Loncastec Thomas isidore Wilton Stevenson Crawford )ir
Idoullie & Reubin Adrien Eas Biefast Estate


quest dated Mowbreau Letant Application of Mow-
r. 1 76 persona represn breau Leta.;g person
resented tative of Joseph al representative of
S4 i76 Daniel deceased Joseph Daniel de ea
12.48 p an by his Solicitor sed for the issue of a
M. Eugenia first certificate of ti
Charles tie in respect of a por
tion of land at Gom-
umier in the Thibeau
rea also known as Ti Tou in the Parish-of St Andrew
,ntainins 5.92 acres and bounded as follows
North By land of E 0 eblanc East by a Publle R6d sep-.
Sating It from land of toulte Augustln & StephenRyer ' of louisa Augustlin Wet: Landof Robert oyer

.equst dated Ceil John Etiene Request for the issue
.e M1th dayf by his Solicitor of a first certificate
a:' rch 1976 Cilma AM. title in respect of a
;,tsented the Dupigny. portion of land at I a-
:,td day of gon Portsmouth inthe
.pri 1976 Parish of St Andrew
3.05 p m in the State of Domin
ica containing 990
..... square feet and boun
ded as follows
North West by a Right of way and land of Artiste Pascal
South East by land of Artiste Pascal North East by land of
Artiste Pascal South West by land of Nicholas Savarin

Registrar'as Offlce
Roseau, Dominica.

Henry Dyer
Action Registrar of Titlsl.

NOTE:- Any person who desires to object %t the Issue of a
First Certificate of Title In the above spplicattoirmay enter a
Caveat in the above Office within six. weeks from the daca of
the first appearnc of this Schedule in the STAR New, paper
published In this State or from the date when the notice pre-
scribedby taw was served on any owner or occupler of adjoining
land in respect of which the appitlctlon is made.


$5,725.00 PR-I1Z

STAKE 50c.


25 Consolation Prizes $ 50 each. i
Seller of winning tickets $200, $50 & $25
Distributor of most tickets sold $200

o e 4i. _i JUr4e 7f 141

jrridaz April .g I%= Qr
I .

- ----;--~-~e .---------- ---- -------~.r.


, W . .. ,, .-J.- ..... 1 '


Pale Thr-


E~l A--'t .l



S. 500

1. 5 r I 1 -m i--l
I I I I-.

TeLders are invited for the purchase of
the following vehicles:
if One (r)7 ton Bedfor4 truck Regis-
tration No. 979
2, One (I)>7ton Ford tuck Registra-
tion No 3739
One (1)* 5 ton Ford truck Registra
tion No 3792.
These trucks may be inspected by ar-
rangement with the Operations Manager,
Dominica Banana Growers Association,
03 Hanover Street, Roseau.

Applications are invited for this post
which will shortly become vacant. Appli-
cants, preferably over 30 years of age,
should have a recognized professional qua-
lification and between five and ten years
progressive experience since qualifying.
This experience should include service in
a similar substantive position with the re-
sponsibility for Company secretarial ac-
counting and administrative work includ-
ing the organisation and supervision of ac-
counting staff, budgetary control and the
preparation of reports to management and
the Board.
Starting salary will be in the range of
EC $5,00ooo to EC $20,ooo00
Applications in handwriting giving de-
tails of education, qualification and experi-
ence should be addressed to:-
Dominica Electricity Services Ltd.,
P.O. Box 13,
Roseau, Dominica,
SEnvelopes should be marked "Confiden-
tial"and should arrive by I5th May 1976-


Offers in writing must be in sealed en-
velopes marked "Tender for Truck and
addressed to the General Manage:, Dom-
inica Banana Growers Associaticn, Ro-
seau, to re~ch him by 3-st May 1976.
,j l i.

The Association
accept the highes'i
7;fti April,r1976,

does not bind itself to
or any offer.

T. CIrish,
Ag.General Manager.

- L8~U~rnYI~- IIII~C II~- Y---I~I~I-

Produced and Bottled in Great Britain by
Vine Products Limited, ingston-Upon-Thames

Friday, April 30 1976


0- ;, I?--



Fine @

'. WVinesCZ

FridayAril 30 ,1976. T a E.
. A Y. DA Y C :: o0brations,


Trade Uhnionists will ssOpeble 4t St.
Alphonsus Church at 9 5,.m. on :The
Workers Day tomorrowo ~) to attend a
special service, aft.:. :wards mriing
a proces'sion throub;h ;oseau wh:ch
will end :n-a rall]- Cuest of honour
is .in. o.of the Don bic an
Repui lO ~eat in:g -i.ire bot' in
his homeSand and at I7 0 meetintis,Asst,
Secretary-Ge.neral of OLAT ,(Lat:n
America Wsrkers Organisation). He is
here at teo invitation. of the !tiomini-
ca Amalga; ated Workers Union, being
a good friend of Oen.Sec, Bro,Anthony
In the Westindian split-off, fashion,
WAWU will celebrate in its own y,bo-
ginning with a service at the St.
George's Anglican Church. In Ant;igua
also the Unions are divided,eacth con-
tending for the most publicity and
attendance on May Day,
At the Rally in Goodwill Parish
Hall, famous ecumenice.l clergymat D2,
Roy "icehall will: also address the
audience, Another welcome guest 4:s
BroAdolfo Bonalla, of OLAT secrstar-
On Wednesday Mr. & Mrs. Anthony
Joseph gave a reception for Mr.Molina
* and this gathering was really tri-
partite in flavour and was a great
success. We enjoyed many witty ctn-
versations there, and considered it
the party of the year so fart -1SA
------- -SA 1

Following his principle that. it
is necessary to tell the people of
Dominica what it going on, Hon. Vat
Stevens spoke to the villagers o:f
We sley and surrounding areas laitt
Sunday morning, and drcw a good growd-
Mr. 'Ralph Prirce chaired the meeting,
He pointed out that Pat was not #~e
Member for the district but he hai
the courtesy to come and tell thn .
what was happening, The use of the
Londonderry Youth CfAmp entirely ftr a
Approved School w.s vigorously com-
tested, listeners 6mme-onting that to
they wanted a secondary high school
and a technical institute there, Oas
set out in Pat Stevents resolutioZn
in the House last year (which was ii>'
cidentally supported by the Prerni.,
who said then that 3ovn3maenit wouXd

Page F'ive

Timos for Boomerangs (fr ,.2)
i Onee the Police were allowed to
Iuse firearms as if these were- walk-
ing sticks. Inspector Percival .ker-
ritt is nxo more and. once you are
in power nobody must question your
actions. But there is the rebo nce
or the boomerang,
In Mdy view the recent Agro-Ecoto-
mic Conference failed. The Agricul-
tural Doctors brought' down her more
than 70 experts for oce if.L,Chris-
tian was right to do what Atherton
Martin with his drive ;nd experience
could do for Governtner at Ge.tiva
Estate. The secrets o the price of
Geneva, the intention to confir.ate
other people's lands and the in-
structien not to discuss the 1 ,guid
state of Agriculture in Dominic-'
came right to the surface. This will
start off several boomerangsl
Finally, the employment of iroystoa
Ellis to 'pass the sponge" over Govt.
is rebounding: whoever tries to cover
up the Labour Shoe Party will oet wet,

SCHOOL (p/1)Some day these pupils
will have 10 acres of land nero
Emsall yet to be cleared of h1ige
rooks by co-operative effort on
whidh a new school will be built,
when fund 'suffice; and it will give
scope for their farming activities.
Hfence the big drive for funds
and the 'need to support the Whitsun
have to get sanction from the Un ed
Nations who had funded the Youth
Camp. That same afternoon, an
enthusiastic crowd at Marigot supl
ported the same stand-oVer the use
of the Londonderry land and build-
ings, pressing for their secondary
school and technical institute,
In b9th placesmany listeners
said afterwards that they regrntted
voting for Premier.. Jchn s Party
and helping to put it in power,

We regret to learn that Miss Ncrma
Stevens, who has been ailing'since
the recent death of her mother has
been in Princess Mgaret Hosp tpl
rFC '

pi_ _~1y TIh_ 3TAI_ 1_da Art 5

STARSPORTS 4*4###**** Morchriston
ERICE T: India Masqacred by WI Bowlai
The West Indies had an unusually
easy win for the last Test at Sabina,
Park, Jamaica'fo win 2-1 i~ ir thamsef r
Bisheu. Singh Bedi, put in to bat
declared.his first inniings closed be-
fore tea on the second day at 308/6
after 3 front line batsmen had been
taken fo'-hvs:pital, West Indies replied
with 391 after'being 217/6*, Fredericks
82, Murray 71, Richards 64,' Holid.ing55
Rowe 47 and Holder 36. Chandsasekhar
5/153, Bedi 2/68,. Veiikatareghavan .'UI
Intheir second innings I.ndia batted
three me~ short and declared at 97/5
leaving W.I* to knock off a mere 13
runs to win. Bedi & Chandresekhan.
did not bat at all: Kirrmani was n.o.
in both iningsi Holding .3/35 (match
figures 7/117 & R.Jumadeen -2/20.
Bedi's two declarations caused a
lot of speculation, but they were un-
derstandable considering that the tail
end bowlers had no conception of how
to deal with bumpers without injury.:
Final scores: India 306/6 decl. &
97/5 decl., W.I. 391 & 13 for no wk.fs.
SThe WI. touring team for England
this sumrnr omits Irving Shillingford.
and Lance Gibbs. Clive Lloyd remains
as Captain, D.Murray V. capt, W.Daiiel
M.Pindlay, A, redericks, L.Gomes,
G.Greenidge,V.Holder, M.Holding, D.
Julien, RiJumadeen, .A.Kallicharan, C,
King, A.Padmore, V.Richards-, A.,.oberts
and L.Rowe.. Clyde '6alcott is lMaaager
and Frank...' homas Asst.M'an. & TCreasuer
Irving Shillingford sco Ired his 3rd
century of the season in a trial
match at the Botanical Gardens 'and
stays as captain of the Domii.ica team'
for the Heineken Series, The Dominica
team: I.Shillingford (Capt.)N.Phillir
(v.Capt) ,PBardouille,K.Charles, M.,
Darrouxo,DDublin CoElwin,M,George,E.
John, L.Kentish,K.Laurent, A. Lawrence,
Richmond Shillingford and GWalsh.
G.Lafond, Manager.
BASKET BALL: 1st league match .Bata
Pros (37) defeated-Bullets (36) in.
junior match;in another DGS I (50)
beat Ken Stars (32),Senior League:

1lth W.I. AGRI C -~,Ui ECONOMICS Dotf.
Dr. JBernar, Yan !-ey, President of
Caribbean Ag-). Economic Society,has
sent us a stat tntmnt expressing the
satisfaction oi the Society with the
conference, which sought no commit-
ment from'delegates but .-athcr open
and frank discussions of a profess-
ionaltechnicaL & experienced nature
on a particular rural sector problem
,(to arrive at t. plan acceptable to
Government). Tie debates were of a
high standard; 72 overseas delegates
and 72 'locals' including farmers
*businessmen and group members came.
The overseas mw.i were professionals
and academics from the Caribbean and
the U,S.A. (on the developmntCfa va)
The Case Study -eport/on wIhih Cal-
farence worked was described in Dr.
Yankey's statement, also Workshop
Sessions. A Post.Conference Commaittee
on the Case Study is to be set up
small.,btt with a wide. range of expau
tig-e,including Local. rural knowledge*_
has served so a Nurse as
a patient for some weeks; and she Is
to be flown to UWI Hospital for pos-
sible brain surgery next week. We
aro grieved at this happening aid
wish Norma a safe and sure recovery.

Welfare lucky to have any newsprint
at.all this week, and if there are
streaks or other defects it is be- the paper is thinner thantusua
,, ..Our apologies, _
S Rev, Father Gelaude assisted
atithe funeral rites at St.Joseph
Catholic Church Attending, among:
other friends, were members of the
Sacred Heart Society,

Printed & Published by the Propriet-
or, Robert E.Allfrey of Copt Hall
Mill Iouse at 26 Bath Road, Roseau
Dominica, West Indies
Ambassadors(.61)defeatod Flames (4-7);
Pros (50) overcame Roots (23),C'n'C
Cardinals(80)beat Hearts (51); amd
Strikers (54) shocked Ambassadors(38),

P'l-Ida-V rril 5Q,1



Pfmap R4 v

~rl dBY I~f~fl~n~lgl~


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