Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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.1 nI.
b 162 EAS 78 STREET
V l. 16 NEW-.4 .l, N. Ilk.
Cable: Star, Domlnlca l m T A
Tei: Printery 2691. Editor 2610 A r
U.K. AMedia Rer'resentativt a:L: .t .
Colin Turner (-London) Ltd. .D .t AT s A
12 Shafteabury Ave. W.1.I ___U V3ttite. conite 7t6 % tun__4

Friday, Aprij 23, 1976 Editor PHYLLI

I '

The word is not a misprint. It'
aearl-s small island egdtism as op-
posed to Westindian solidarity.FoP
solidarity means nothing without a
,cOarmmunity of interest and diverse
peoples. working together towards a-
Irown goal, .
Even before the Federation, the
(University. of the 'West Indies was
brought into existence as an intel-
lectual means whereby the mixed and
disparate humans of these fascinat-
ing islands could join Logether. men-
'tally in the joy of their own academn-
ic achievements. It was a fine start'I
Continued on Paneg 2':

I. C.,Iriash,
Ag. General Manager,.

S5HA~lt atlFDEY


Page 2

The future of Geneva Estate, once 'tie
scene of unrest and arson,, was one of
the important topics at. a. Developmen-
tal meeting of the. Region held here
this week. Plans -were discussed and
-field trips made.
This newly legislated-for Dominican
Bank will soon open; proposed share
capital $10 million;. ;Itla share;
Government will be major shareholder,
Pete Brand of Island'House and tvan
NMaodny had a narrow. escape when Mr.
Brand's light aircraft crashed in
the Dominican Republio last week-end.

Applications are invited for this post
which will shortly become vacant. Appli-
cants, preferably over 30 years of age,
should have a recognized professional qua-
lification and between five and ten ye 's
progressive experience since qualifying.
7This experience should include service in
a similar substantive position with the re-
sponeibility for Company secretarial ic-
counting and administrative work includ-
ing the organisation and supervision of ac-
counting staff, budgetary control and the
preparation of reports to management and
the Board..
Starting salary will be* in the range of
EC $ 5,000 tO EC $20,o000
Applicatior inm handwriirtng givd e-
tails of education, qualification and experi-
ence should be addressed to:-
Dominica Electricity Services Ltd.,
P.O. Box 13,
Rose.u, Dominica,
Envelopes should be marked "'Cofiden-
iial"and should arrive by 15th May 1976.

Notice is hereby given in accord-
ance with Section 4 of No.1 Banana
Rules -under Cap.75 of the Revised-
Laws of Dominica 1961 that the An-
'nual General Meeting of the Assoc-
iation will be held at the. St.Ger-
*ardi' s Hall, Turkey Lane, 'Roseau -t
commencing at 1000 a.-T. on Tues-
day, 25th May, 1976-.
Members of the Association are
invited to attend but op.y the Mem-
bers of the Management CbGomittee
and the Delegates 'of the District
Branches shall take part in the
deliberation and be eligible to vote
on any question arising at the meeting
S,, confirm the Minutes of the An-
.nual General Meeting held on 27th
M-' 1975.
2. To receive and approve ,he Report.of
the, Management Committee.
3. To receive and adopt Audited Ac-
counts for the year 31st December
1975' .
4. Any other 'business of which due no-
tice shall have been given.

22nd April, 1976,
4A- a.i

__ ___ ~I_ __ __~~rl~~


--- -- I ii I I ----~


Friday,April 23, 19765.

S 0 L O'D A 'R I T Y (
See what is happening now: the
islands are' breaking their financial
promises to TTI, and the medical fac-
ulty is breaking, down through lack Cf
support, while Dr.Eric Williams talks
of creating Trinidad's own faculty of
medical studies at Sti AugustinegAnd
this after all the fine work done in
far-flung campuses (Mona$ St.Augus-.
tine and Cave Hill) and the various
Extra Mural Departments.Once all the
fragments were part of a: solid whole.
Now they are splitting off like atoms
This week there has been a serious
meeting on the future of CARICOM.As
staunch Federalists we put political
unity before trade affiliations, but.
The Star never spoke up against' CAR-
ICOM, feeling as we did .(though dab.ib
fu'). that- since 'the great early at-
tempt at unity failed through solo-
darity selfishness, a new approach
should be given a chance, with all
its t- ade fairs, beauty queens, con-
ferences, 'muddles and so forth.
And it is no good to blame the
cracks oAi big-island greed alone*All
',he islands suffer from the craving
to go it alone scamper off in search
o'fforeign funds, have independence
at any price and without reference to'
the will of. the people regarding the
timing of this event,
-The. Federal ships are almost a mem-
ory already. The zeal of CADDRIt,has
been quenched in the regional, unions,
which have (with the possible excep-
tion of DA1U) 'adopted the solo little:
kingdom faith, fawning on the rulers,
But perhaps the time's are entirely
out of joint., How can we blame West-
indians for wanting .to be soloists
rather than choristers when after-
hundreds bof years of association,Wales
and Scotland opt to reject unity
'with England? .How ridiculous

0 happy gnomes of Dominique
.How worthwhaille it will be
To meet the Gnomes of Zurich
After a Deutschland spree

We have received a fine paper from
'Paul Kaye'of New York (doubtless a
Dorminican)which he wants us to print
unedfoed. Man, see tlle size of our
col'umnsl We can't do it,' but wish
you would allow us to quote from it.
--For similar reasons we cannot print
of the Massacre Govt.School's recent

M E'N.T A L H- E.A L T H
The Caribbean Federation for mental
Health is scheduled to meet in Dom-
inica, July 1976. Plans for this
important get-together will be dis-
cussed' at D.A.M.H,.s annual general -
meeting (8 p.m. on Thursday April 29)
at the Social 'Centre. irs. Elaine
Pringle, President, will open the
session, and there will be a feature
talk by Dr. Royer or M rs. Goode.All
interested persons are welcome,

H.M. the Queen has bestowed/on, the
retired British Prime Minister Hac-
old Wilson the signal decoration of
Knight of the Garter:" there are on3y
24 holders of the order at p-ny time.
Sir Winston Churchill was one in his
day., The Queen and the Duke of 'Ed-
inburgh will pay a State visit to
Finland at the end of May.

Mr, E.C.Loblack writes: The Almighty
has sent us a message by Prophet
Isaiah which I consider good for our
Solidarity Year. It is contained in
the Book of the Prophet Isaiah,Chap-
ter I, verses 12 20. Verse 12 be-
gins the quotations: "When ye come to
appear before me, who hath required
this at your hand, to tread -my certs?
13. Bring me no more vain oblations'
incense is an abomination unto me;the
new moons and sabbaths, the ca'lingk
of assemblies, -I cannot away with; it
is -iniquity, even the solemn meeting.
14. Your new moons and your appointed
feasts my soul hatethl; they are a
trouble unto me; I am weary to he hlem.
.15 And when ye 'spread forth your
'hands I will hide mine eyes from you4
yesj when ye make many prayers,I will
not hear; your hands are full of 1ad."
Verses 16-20 are equally relevant,
and Mr. Loblack advises our readers
to study .them caie'fully. He adds:'
"Now how many of "us will hearken
and comply with this message for the
future welfare of Dominica?"

Since the 'Camella Francis affidav-
it nothing seems to have caused our
readers more. indignation than the
Attorney General's non-indictment
against a Public Works -Road Supervisor
due-to stand trial -in May,(See p.4)
a good account by One who was there"
visit to Antrima Treatment(Water)Plantb

i ___ ______ ._


Page Two

.. ."y -=.- ,- ,, v rr -. ---
.17.16- rflT A TNOWTAtrsrr*9 I h rP t A A

OVR 100 of our i'ubscrlbt. owe forP
nie or more years, Total? .i:1,918
mostly ill postage. Paymetit=,lbtte1r''
,or those
which can be prsistetir, we are compounding,
S whch goes to the root of the trouble.
OrPAly 2 co per bottke.t-

Scheduleof Application for Certificate of Titde &-Notlngs
theraon & Caveats for week ndi riO Arii .176
Date Requested P Person Preseneing Nature of request wh
r iher a Certificate of

STi tle of Noting thereon
or Caveat.
reqw-st dated Milin William por $arst ort ifiate
30th March *on{l reprtfenta Of a first Certificate'
Presented Williaim decBeased porti of land at
3th Aprii i976 by he- Solicitor ay "ou Estate atSi.
at 2.35 p m Vanya, Dupigny hoaule in the Pariahof
SI--- St Mark in the Statea
Sof Dominica. contain
ing 1.012 acres aind
Sounded as follows:.
North land of Dixon .Blanc of vered St Jean,
East:Public Road and a ravine separating it from land of C8oier
Georgae, Westt lands of Joseph Hypoiite,


Request dated Mowbreau Letans Application of Movw-
26 1 76 personal represen breau Leta.g person
Presented tative of Joseph al iar-resentative of
.1 4 76 Danil deo 4ed Joseph Daniel de sea
12.48 p m by his Soaitor sed for the issue o a
M. Euagenia 'r.5l certificate of ti
...._ .arles ta1 in respect of a por
S tin lofand at Gom-
Suier in the -Thibeau
.Aea rLso known aoTi' Tou in the. P"rih St Andrew
containing 5.92 acres and bounded as follows,
North By land ofE O L.eblanc East by a Pubise Road sepa-
;'.,- If from land of Loulse Augustin & Stephan Reyer
'. si land of Louisa Agusetin W L 4and f Robert Royer

equestt dated Cecil John Etiqn. Request for the issu,
.he 1 th dy by his Solicitor of a first certificate
SMach 1976 Clma AM. title in respect of a
'-...d the, Dupigny ourjtion of land at I a-
22n dn y of gon Pertsmouth inthe
April 1976 "Parih of St Andrew
at 3.05 pm in the State of Domin
Sica containing 990
S---- ~--- Isquare- feet and h',,n
ded as follows
North We~i.b, a Right of way and sInd of Artlite P.ic='
South East by isnd of Artiste Pascal North East by lanao of
Artiste Pascal South West by land of Nicolas Sivarin
-.r -'-t dic0i

Request dated iMowl ;oau Letang Application of Mow-
26 1 76 perse al epresan breau Letang person
Presented tative of Joseph al representative of
21 4 76 Daniel d ceased JOseph Daniel do ea
at 12.50 p rp by his Solicitor ed for the issue of a
M. Eugenia first certificate of ti
Charles tie in respect of a per
._ ---- tion of land at Gom-
mier in the Thileau
Area in the Parish
9.50 acres and bounded as follows St Andrew containing
North East By the Public Road to Vielle Case Land of
Peter Massicot and land of Lady Royer South East by
land of Louisa Augustin South West by Ravine Ti Tlu
separating it from land of Louisa Augustin North West
By land of E 0 Leblanc

Raglhttrr's Office,
eossau, Dominica.

Henry Dyer
Acting Regitrar of tlues.

NOTE:--- Any person who desires to object ct the issue of a
First Certificate of Title In the above appitcatior may enter a
Caveat in the above Office within six weeks from the day of
the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
published in this Sttte or from the date when the notice pre-
cribed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
lind In respect ofwhich the 'rppication Is made,

Produced and Bottled in Great Britain by
Vine Products Limited, Kingston-Upon-Thames .


4ce.- i

-,- -- ~ -- T _I


PPo, Three

iFriltapAarii bC ~(lrff


.~~te_.~p W~;P7K";-B~ii~r"~L~~-~:~~iP7-~;~4----i-




Page Four T H. E. S T A R Friday,April 23, 1976

CRICKF.T: West'-Indies were 82 without. A 'N N U A L SWEEPSTAKE DRAW
loss in reply to India's first innings has been postponed until June,7
total of 306 for 6' declared by theend (VWHIT -DM PENITECOST)
of the. 2nd day's play. Roy Fredericks Get your tickets while they last
44 and Lawrence Rowe 37.India suffer--
ed some casualties during their inn- THAT NOLLE PROSEQUI (from p.2)
ings: A.Gaekwad (when 81) retired af- One signing.himself ."Honest Clerk
ter.being struck on the ear off ..the from .another Ministry" (name given)
last ball before lunch on the second writes: "According to the N,C. of
day; Vishwanaith had a finger -fracturd last week the case. against a P.W.D.'
and finally B. Pate'l-was struck on Foreman for aiding and abetting a-
the face and had to retire' The re- Timekeeper in falsification of acc-
'tired batsmen took no further part in ounts has been set. aside by a Nolle
Indiats innings. Gavascar-66,M.Amarn- Prosequi. entered by the Attorney .
ath 39, D. Vengsarkar 39, For West In- General. This being so, can we fore-
dies 'M.Holding L/82 and Wayne Daniel see any other epd for corruption
(making his debut) 21/2. practices prosecutions?-other than
BASKETBALL: The 1976 Basketball League a revolution!"
seas d as .formally opened on Wednes- Mr, W.-S.Stevens writes in Candid Com-
Aay night 21st April at the Windsor ments, under the heading "S~wift; Drama
Park, 14 teas '"in two divisions will Scenes in,Dominica": The Attorney Gen-
be co.:T',ting: Seniors or 1st Division eral has landed the Camella Francis -
-Ambassadors, Bata' Pro,'s Cash'n' Carry Desmond Trotter affair into the lap
Cardinals, Flames, Hearts, Roots and of th, Chief Justice of the Windward
.Stri -rs. Division II: Bata Pros, Islands, Better-late than never, But
irllets, D.G,S.I, D.G.S.II, Ken Stars simultaneously h fall back on
Marians and S.M.A, the.prerogativeof 'an Attorney Gener-
SLa&t seasons ,league & knockout al to refrain from putting an accused
_Champ-ions CGaroni Cardinals will:be'. man in the box for trial in the High
knownn as C'in'C Cardinals. Court, without stating his reasons
Highlight of. Wednesday night s open for so doing. Senior students at
iny- which was witnessed by a large school have an opportunity to learn .
crowd was an all-stars;match, Colours something on, this issue.
vs* jWhites; Colours won 4943, with In. the Throne Speech it was stated
Wteblanc 18 pts and A.Etienne l4;for that the buildings of the 'Regional
Whites, PSkerrit .10 points.Competit. Youth Camp would be used as an Appro-
ion latches commence tonight(Friday) ved School. TI suggest NOW that no use
with-Bata Pros against Bullets (Junir be made of the Y;G.buildings before
and in' theSenior section, Ambassador an Independent Inquiry into the. Lon-
Vs4iFla-ses and.EBgta Pros vs. Roots. donderry Regiona.3 Youth Camp and its
CRICCTT: Celtic United enhanced their Failure- Domin can t delight in cover-
chances for the Augustus ing up. It does much more harm than
Gregoire Longuo championship -whmn th~ good.
defeated Trafalgar by: an innings in.: And surely .the Report of the P.W.D.
one day at the Botanical Gardens last 4Inquiry- should be published before, their fifth victory in six any fhnds .are given to'us tomend-moxe
matches (abandoned match vs.St.Josep roads I Finally, while on iInquiries,I
Trafalgar batted first and scored 83 agree with Dominicals two leading
'in 135 minutes.Celtic U.blastod 161 newspapers that an Independent and
runs fr ,4 declared in just undor two C.6mDrehensivo Inquiry into the Royal
hours batting,, K.Charlcs coming ,in at Dominica Police Force is now a MUST.
No with no runs' on the board 61 T.o Perhaps a recommendation for thismay
R.John 35,Sebasticn 32 & C.Elw;in 2 come 'from'above'.
Trafalgar 2nd innings 64 for 9(player 'All. is not. well with us" in Dominica
absent) in 90 minutes at the crease, despite the recurrent palliatives of
J.Rollo 20, For Celtic U,T.Kentish conferences, Seminars, travelling aid-
2/22 3& 3/iA,H.Jno.Baptiste 3/26 &2/12 seekers, conventi-ons etd., this;post
and R.Jno.Ba-ptiste 1/02 of 5 overs, Easter season, W.S.Stevens.
4 ma-,oe-ns and 4/12. "
_n IME:. t]Jo yO rng ed kittens -506 -ra e-gT -" i-s-- ---y-
Seah:noS for eato youngRbie Allitns R.E.Allfroy of Copt Hall Mill House
ach:not for eati ng Robbie Allfr at 26. Bath Road, Rosea~, Dominica W l
c/o'Star or ring 2610,

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