Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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NEW YORK 21 .N. Y.

]i .^ V ixiM 5 ,$ *:B |
ae: S (ar .omin T A R
Tel: Printery 2691. Editor 210
U.K. Media ReprenstaMttit:it|
SColin T;rner (Lndo) Ltd. B O M A
2.; Shaftmeabury Ave. W. To,-* W ii... Man., F '^^

]frjdavr, Ar~ ii,. i97 -



THE kindest thing to
be said about 'this
year' B Throae Speech
ing i is harmless.
It does not threaten,
. The Governor .and hardly promises.
Liisteners in the House were just a
bit rta~tled to hear that London-.
derray Youth Camp is to be turned
intp a schi,.,ol for the t-reatiiLet of
juvenile delinquentsb ,'.'i., all of
that, large area full of buildings?
and What abouo the moiey giv4 'by
G errian ;vl l ,e icals for a home fo
young d.elinquaets -in the Portsmouth And a northern Hi' i hool?
The Speech, of course, sermanizes
from- one page to another, awd is
full of "~r Govenrmeniit will continue
.. will introduce .. will intensify. f
the oul.y .concrete thing already ac-
hievel beini the joint venture with
Dominica Electricity Services.
c- onttriu.. verfear
A. W, days ago (n artistic yotuig
man workingr on a Goverument road
project in the South no iced that
certaila fragments of pottery thrown
up by a bulldozer were unusual, and.
might be antique. Periias in ~1a ux'-
disturbed state they might have led
to a unique glimpse into Dominilca' a
past. The bulldozer moved. on; the
shards were scattered; and. despite.
the efforts'of one well-placed to
obbtain expert ad.vice, it may be too
/ It is not too late however to
plead that .anyone who discovers a
cache of be'scxt.e pottery orx aWi Pa
usual object should ask the approp-
riate -Minister (in this case &...,.L*.
Christian) to protect the find.,lest
it should be of unique interest.


THIS land is a .hapy-huntii-grou.,
for seminars, research and com.iBs5-
ions of inquiry. Some of these exer-
cises are a waste of money, outdated
before being imnlemented (if they are
acted on at all) .
But- there is a stro-ga public desire
for an Inquiry inat the condition and.
conduct of the Royal ,Dominica Police
Force since the publication of an af-
fidavit (widely read here) 'in which a
teenage Aatiguan girl, witrnes in a
Smrder case, states that she was told
twice by a police officer that ho
w l l c. out her fi. '. -; : 1
Continued, on Page l

nations are invited 'for ihis post
"which .illlbriry beeoase .v cant. Appli-
cants, preerably over 3o years of age,
should have a recognised'professional qua,-
lificaion and between five and ten years
progressive experience since qualifying.
This experience should incudn -- 're in
a similar, substantive position with me re-
sponsibility for Company secretarial ac
counting and administrative work includ-
ing the orgaiAsation and supervision of ac-
counting staff, budgetary control and te..
preparation of reports to management and
the Board.
SStarting salary will be in the range o
,EC $C $2000oo.
Applications in handwriting giving de-
tails of education, qualification and experti-
ence should be addressed to:-

Dominica Electricity Services Ltd.,
P.O. Box 13,
Roseau, Dominica.
Envelopes should be marked "Confiden-
rialsand should arrive by 15th May 1976,
.m, I ____ ',

HOSe of Assembly '1S 5n
Seasion as we go to P'r .as. (Back pag.)

Frid Iav.- Aimpil I i,;;-: 1976 lR- BP~Y ~ ~ -~ar~l-rnur~~or ^~u -


PUIf cris Twv% THE STAR ?dv r 16 1976

Sand among other dubious incidents,,,
she was given a cheque for $75.00 aid
promised a further cheque (never re-.
ceived) at the 'end of the case. In
most of the incidents she related,the
officer or officers concerned were
These damning statements, and others
ought surely to be thoroughly probed
a.d, if possible, disproved with pub-
lic factual evidence, in order to
clear the name of the Royal Dominica'
Police Force.
The Latest in the Banana Game
.- "In order to secure better finan--
4ial returns to the farmer' says the
throne Speepch, there will be yet
another 5-year plan (agricultural)and
yet more research into the production
of bainanas, citrus etc,
.A few weeks ago a quarter of a cent
(,25 cent) was smuggled into the piice lb' of, bananas to the grower,with-
cut any announcement of a GMP rise,
$hen shortly after there was another:
'Vg-P rise, this was announced and
point 5'of a cent was added to the
grower 's 'price, following the Chair-
nw4ts. plea; :-for better quality fruit.
Every subtle trick is noted in this
SGod-forsaken banana bus-inessLet -tha
~in-na Authorities, understand that

THRONEI: SPEECH (page one)
As an ex-Federal Minister I can
tell you how a Throne Speech is sup-
posed toa be composed, Each- Minister
is. supposed to. draft his/her own
section, stressing immediate future
projects and throwing in.a little
stress on achievement, naturally,.
All sections are passed to the P.M.
or 'Premier and he uses his blue pen-
cil then passes a top civil
servant who coordinates it and Vdlls
it up for perusal' by the Gov.General
pr Governor, who then has the job- of
reading, it. That's how phrases lke
"Soc io-economic development requ ires
an ambitious and pragmatic approach"
creep. in to confuse the ordinary man.
And why. there 'are 5-year plans within
earlier 5-year plans and so forth,
Mr.Stevens, who for family reasons
was in town, comments that "Nothing
was said about Health in the Speech;
that the' tax relief promised shows
without doubt i;he Finance Ministerb
budget proposals were ridiculous."
He adds,: "Education is everybody's
business, iand it is democratically'
humiliating for a people to have an.
Education Act thrust upon them with-
out seeing and discussing it before-
'hand in detail.'" And seVeral other
apt conmnents for- which I have no SpaceQ
The Opposition now debates it.- P.S.A.

they are not. forgotten, even when THE DRPAS REPORT John Spector
bigger issues loom up.. One conclusion that I deduced from
i appr eciate, that in 'the Throne this report confirmed my conviction
Speech. agriculture, was placed in its that 'Dreadism' springs from Black
opening paragraph as top industry in Power as fostered by the Leblaic La-
he State, but 11 hope that banana-.- our Party in the form of black'"Pa-
growers will not .e deprived of a just ialist nationalism. -in a political
price for their bananas .and that cit- move to isolate the opposition-as
i'us growers will not get 'debit notes' white-orientated bourgeois,
Vhiie the Government holds on to thou,. The more extreme Dread cult, a
sands of dollars for O expeTses etc.' maing of Black :Power with the Jamai-
EMIeR PAETY OFF TO aN Ras Tafari ideas, which evolved
MI i'c; &eela: tP ,'T O :- -nd jin. the early 'VOs, was easy for a soc-
Xext week those two gallant and Iologist to analyse and ident.fycon.r a
experienced Ymilitary men, Colonel Jo si=sting basicallyse an ascdtiC, and
end Qaptain Riviere with two advisers peaceful with awal as icm modern h-
ase off to Germny on an a.&l-getting logical society (towards. which -Dom-
mi4ssion, and we hear that, wives areom its V
invited too, perhaps as translators. fmouis blinst "Al over Euroe atre
This is the third leg of the three- c eaingto bol theirom ah drectu
lged race. Gute Reise -attern to simplicity have occurred
-alte Mas ian ale])ingen: through the age -- Plymouth Brethren
Manches Geld .zum Heinat brungen' jSd Gypsies are two examples among r er
Th on.~.I.A~uatin igrup of diassatisfioed Domi ican
goiMg along. A We e J. "n !in-triel t bo helly e"
is pay ting uV V&o03the oefCtxeiases. 93- ; +
~appy warriors, remember Anlen' s famous lines "All over iZirope are
the wicke&l uxe a itchaihng to boll their' children."


T N E S 'T- A31

Fridav.-Anrii 16- l1WA-

S. .

By OrvillleAbbott

Misery, Torment, Wasteful days,
Suffering, his hungry eyes filled with tears,
Thinking of his uthire, past thoughts still beating his
brains -
He has a feeling of rejection, its like being bound in
Watching people, hating people, loving people, sym-
pathising with some
Watching souls die, wondering when his turn would come.
Scorning theldread living conditions, watching prices
soar up fast.
R',tten, disgusting inflation he says, how long will you
His life is filled with dreams, dreaming of better
changes for his fellow youths.
But deep in his heart, he knows thatdreams are not
always the truth
He thinks our world is inking, sinking on a downward
He is begging his people for help, before we reach a
final end, .


Will restore jaded appeuites, and build you up
to fullstrangth Obuibk f
Obtainable frtm!-

Schedule of Application for Certrfisate of Title & Notings
thereon & Caveats for week ending 0 y 64A A 976_
bDte Requested Person Presenting Nature of request whe-
ther a Certificate of
Title of Noting thtereon
or Cayvet.
Request dated Mary James Request for the issue
the 25th day of a first certificate
of February by her Solicitor of tide in respectof a
S19r6 portion of land at
Presented the Cilma A.M. Sam Gutter in thke
6th dayof village of Marigotiin
April T976 Duptigny the Parishk of St An
at 3.0pm drew in the Slate of
Dominica ontaiiini
10,960 square feet
and bounded as fol-
lows:- land of Thomas Robin, North-Easc:ty land qo
Donaphle Bedmintser, East:by land of Mrs Ellis Dorset,
'South-Wesuby lands bf Lestlna Iames and D West by a ravine separating it from fand cfJames ~ ulster,
Request dated Milin William per, equfst for tcl iu.
30th March sonl rprent of a first certficate
1976 tive of Bright of title in resct of a
Presented William deceased portion of latd at
9th April 1976 by her Solicitor Bayoun Estate at Si-
at 2.35 pm Vaa Dupigoy boUlie in the Parisho
. St Mark in the State
of Dominica contahn-
inr 1.012 acres and.
bounded as follows:. of Dian filanc, South land ofEvered St Jean
East:Public Road and a rivine separating It from land of Cellie
George West: lands of Joseph Hypolite. C too. next cl.

Request date
8 12 75 .
31 3 76
at 11.30 am

sana Thomas
by her Solicitor
M. Eugenia

Ll,_ -FV,

Application of Diana
SThomas for the i issue
of a first certificate
of title in respect of a
portion of landknown
as a lot'at Ros i, in
the Parish of St
George containing d
447 square feet and
bounded as .follows:-

seortersL- ,
Land of Agnita. Leblanc4 North-EtssitLnd of Norms Caslmir
South Eastr HHilsborough Street South-Westf Uppei Lane..
Registrir's Offc. fenry Dyer
jRosesi. Domlnica. Acting egistrar of Ttte.
NOTE:- Any person who desire to object to this iuu of'i
First, Crtificate of Title In the above appllcatlormiy enter a
Ctvqat in the above Office within six weeks from the dat of
the first appearance of this Schedule in the STAR Newspaper
published In this Stte or from the date when the notice pre-;
scribed by law was served-on any owner or occupier of adjoining
iand in respect of which the appllcattlo I made.
_ JL_ ,' "-: ...."-r - ... inm


Produced and Bottled r iGroalBritliaby
Vine Products Limited, Kingston-Upoa-Thames
" o .- /

This is" His Life

~bdpJuie foy ~i~eY( C3din4

Scm ul s6 'w e .. ...wII [ --



Pa"e Three



nA d hi.1976 edi



Page Four TH E S AR Friday.April 16. 1976-
*S*Tf:A*RR*S*PO0*R*T*S* Morchriston THE DREADS REPORT John Spector(p, 8)
CRICIKET: India ,Shows the World .(Those outlawed youths) were, the re-
The Indian tourists scored a thrilling port infers, and still are,I believe)
"6-wwaket victory over the West Indies divisible into three groups: a true
in the 3rd at Queens Park, T/dad, peaceful counter-culture group; poli-
India became the second team in the tical activists; and "the criminal
history of cricket to score over 400 element".Dress-styles, hair-style and
runs in the 4th innings of a Test for adornment were at most a symbol of
victory. The first time was when Aus- cultural rebellion and some of these
tralia in 1948 under Bradman beat styles became the, in-thing'.
Eingland. Left to score 403 in 8 hours A.socio-investigation such as that
plus 20 overs to win, India did it of the Dreads Commiss.ion at oan early
wwth 8 overs to spare. Gavascar,t Vish- date would have cleared up many mis-
wanath and Amarnath displayed to -the, conceptions, armed the Police with
world what battingiis all about -- knowledge rather than guns, and calm-
stylish, stolid, aggression. Scores were:ed the fears of the populace. Thus
West Indies 359 & 271 for 6 declared; the Police could have ignored the first
V.Richards 177,Alvin Kallicharan 103. group, dealt with the second lot if
n.o.(his Bh test century). India 228 they threatened violence, thus being
& 406 for 4, G.Vishwanath 4L &e 112 .2so fact subversive, and the third
aggressive runs,. S.Gavascar stylish -well, Police should know how td deal
106'(his 8th test century & 6th vs WI) iith criminals without the aid of
& MAmarnath a dour, stolid 8 an special untraija.ed constables or the <
innings -spanning,more than 7 houis. Defence Force. This may seem mere
Michael -Holding 6/65 bestt figures n hindsight, but I can assure readers
only 8 tcstnmatches, and Intiez AO2/37 that these observations and deductions
STARSPORTS observed earlier that W.I.. vere in The minds of;many thinking
should. nav-r relax their grip after a people at the time the Dreads Act was
handson 1st match win, pointing out passed: they were (likl myself) ap-
W.I. -perfo:a-inces in 2 series (against called at the torrent of unsubstantia,
India uh~n thcyJwon 3-2 and could well ted tales of external subversive ele,
have .won -nil) and Australia where ments, communist plots and other rub-
tnts, co nist plots ad other reu.
they loib 1-5 after a stirring innings bish put out on the'floor of the House
victory in the -seconrd tst. FWI.manag- and over the radio...scaring law-abid-
ed a draw in Trinidad, but some- think ing Dominians out of their wits and
that-had not rai washed out a day's uting xa cornlets ou 'their wtsay ba
vtwi.a -a comuletlny'uanecessary bad
play Iia b could well have .wt namass- ark against Dominica by the organized
n 02 before .declaring ten tourist trade.
The Indians were greeted by rain onit
arrival i Jama ia for a Sabina k. I The well-qualified and intelligent
match on Wedne sday.They seemed confortdteam who made up the Cormmission have
done a splendid job for Dominica.Their
-HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY: The Leader of t1 reward could be the widest possible
Opposition, Ho4. M..Charles, in, the readership for their report. Among its
Debate on the Spech' from the Throne, recommendations is the converting of
stressed. that Income Tax should'be the. Dreads Act into an anti-Terrorist
phased out over a period of time and Act. Amendment is foreshadowed in the
that contributions to a Development Throne Speech. I only hope. it will go
Fund should replace this tax. The 'hrona lenQuh J. s..
speech was so innocuous that there was GRATEIULLY RECEIVED: HE L P,. bulle-
little material to attack (save for tin emphasizing that the Handicapped
omissions and repetitions), Opp.Members need Education, Love & Protection.A
found.In rebutting 'Miss Charles, the fine brochure. Support the -committee
M'iinister of Finance stated that all P.O.Box 82,Rospau, Dominica. *****
she sal wia's nonsense because she was Also Qaribbean Conservation xiews 4,
merely stating, what is known to be tie containing an end-review of Lennox
policy of Government (Editor: i.e.,a're Hoiycuchuch's "Dominioa .tory"(quote)
all Govt. policies nonsense?) w. "I' t is a book which should have uni-
'Linnox., was absent through illne:ss,re- vernal appeal," ** Dominica Associa-
grettably; Avan Casimir hit ,out on tion for Mental Health's AGM takes
rus a -laev e.ns t Oib E place on April t. w
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica W.I.

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