Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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MbC : Star., Dominca R" "
Tel: Printery 2691, Editor 2610
U.K. Media Representative.
Con Turner (London) Ltd.O M
122 S/hft-esbury Ave. W.I. ette ,_ uce

Friday, April 9, 1976


uoky J im I 'na BiS
V (- M B-ST EW S of our week
S was the 39-vote win'
by James Callaghan. ov-
er Michael Poot (176-
137,Parliamentary L.Pj
h se PM is a good and
.. fair man. The event will
See pages 3 & 4 affect us 14 Dominica.

French Antilles News
How would you like it if you
ruddeily found out that Rodney'.s
rock had been sold to the French?
A great storm brews in Martinique
because their Rocher du Diamant
has officially been: sold to the
English! (Sory oan back page).
AIR GUADSLOUFE ,|tarted six
weekly flights between Antigua,
Guadeloupe and Dominica as from
Monday, when the new schedule was
launched (Local Age&ts, H. H. V.
Whitchurci -& Co. Ltd.) French .VIYi
starred with Tourist Board and
Govt. officials at the opening.
This is an ii:npottant comtmuiica-
tions development fpr Dominica.
The first Grand Prix for a
regional literary work, value
5,000 Francs, is offered by Club
Antillais du Livre, 17 Rue de
Lardenoy, 97100 Basse Terre,Guad-,
eloupe. Write them for details.
Language and nature of work no
barrier: Caribbean culture vital.

MONDAY for ceipt of ttmtn, work, ws
(coIsed aft rnosX0 zo 4m I pm
TUESDAY Sme as Monday.
WEDNESDAY-9 to I *ad a r 4.
THURSDAY- Same a- gdaes dy
FMDAY --- 9to and p to ftmTime.

r STrA.
Combat Y'ortwuna ___ I
SHANb' ALLFREY j ,,; ...
The British Privy Ccun il,hi, ;aest
legal body in the CGnnu wealth,
has always been looked ip to as
the last recourse in & search for
justice. But three of itL' recent
decisions on W.I. caseS hV.we dee-
ly disturbed our people, 'i rst tle
Antiguai Press Law matter, itow hap-
pilly annulled by legisla n.t i. Then
the technical debarrment ; f the
Trotter appeal. And this w~ea ,the
freeiig of Eric aw*ia murder rse
To whom can we turn now?
i 'I---~p-- _I 1 I~Y -I-7

SProduced and Botled in Great Britain by
Vine Products Limited, Kingston-Upon-Thames

., p



Pa-e S T A-R P "- A h Ai-niV 0 1, -) -- - 7 4 .'
I have heard so often, recently,, .TE CABINET SHUFFLE
sdrmons from the Premibr in which he Atji.t? exactly a year after the
appealed for !national solidarity' on gen election, Col. Premier John.
the one hand and in the same.breath thought it necessary to make a cab-
lambasted those persons who perform inet shuffle."What is its purpose?"
the civic and necessary duty of criti- ask sensible people, It is certainly
cising policies, pronouncements, om- not in the economic interest of the
missions or extpavagAn1eoa talk without State I
action and infringements of universal Mike Douglas as Minister -of Agric-, a government of political culture had travelled extensively and
deficient in administrative experien c i our poor state) the
Thus, from a speech at a course on furtherance of agro-econoamic ,develop-
Press & Informati6n Techniques, we mentr That money seems to have gone
heard: "It is po/ for journalists to for nought. Altogether, plenty of
consider themselves the high-andmdin~ty taxpayers money, in men and materials
self-appointed people s opposition", seems to have been wasted.
Has the Premier never heard of the Minister Seraphine is now planted
Fourth Estate?''Was he not really say-, in a terrain for which he -is said' to;
ing "dontt ypu dare criticise me" ? have neither background nor inclina-
Had he said.that journalists in Domin- tion. Minister Christian has been re-
ica should dot write, and editors lived of the load of iHealth: a shal-
should not publish,, scurrilous artid' low motive lies behind this move. In
lying stories, exaggerated rumours Health,as in Communications, ordinary
about subversive plots or uhsubstan- folks get mad when;'simple lacks are
tiated threats'to overthrow the Gov- glari:.-I no drugs, no'roads etc; but
ernment Iby violence, then I should it takes keen, competent individuals
agree r61th him. All of these things to detect both major and minor lacks
have made their appearance, often un- and defects in Education, the full
der' thinly-di~iguised pseudonyits_ such effects ofthich sometimes take a de-
as tPeeJay' or 'Bamsee' in the ruling cade to show up' At present, nearly
party's news-sheet., half of our primary school population
The State l's three weekly, journals are absentees and there is NO appro v
probably have-a total readership of ed school in the State. By 1985 and
,000 .purt together, out of some 3,0OOO before 190 a new kind of Dreadism
'or so persons of:voting agiD -in D ica may result, One is tired o' hearing
DBS radio. however broadcasts news sev- about t quality bananast while nothing
eral times a day, plus political is being done to improve the quality
speeches (by ruling party people only) 'of human beings, a State s first asset.
every day of the week, and may have The shnIfffle is to emphasize that th
a listening public of ten times as Premier is boss and that. what he does
many people-daily as the papers have is well done: he was obliged to. stay
in a week. We. are instructed what the hangman-s hand, and.will try to
the "business of.newspapers. is" (in- take credit for it too,
ferring that t!henewspapers don't t In the West these shuffles
know their own businesss, Weeklies. or reshuffles are prone to do two
all over the ,world provide factual things: i)bring to the top a ool0ea-
comment interspersed with the news of gue who has little or nothing to his
the week. Have a look at such differ- credit, so that the public,voting.
ent journals as Time, the New States- later, can say that the successor is'
man, the Spectator, Newsweek etc, worse than the predecessor; ii) to
The Government radio is a, negation. expose a promising colleague to a
of democracy .and freedom of-communi- tricky situation,' all with the aim f
cation. A master of mepuis (and mepui. toptn keeping his place,
is only another word for slander and. Finance Minister Vic Riviere will
libel) should surely know that wounds not and cannot be transferred. His
inflicted in the past on several hon- first budget has cooked his goose,on
est and upright people cannot be ieal3d top of his black power backgroundH e
overnight by a pretex-t for the good looks unlikely to become a Premier.
of the nation' and cries of "Comrades To sum up: power and .the retentim
one and all SOLTDARITY". of it appear to be the main .objective
of the Cabinet -huffle,

-Page FtouM

~IH F: ~ ~T1 A R

Ti~ni~~~s b-nnif. CI

FridaApri 9 1976THE-
0 A B I m Z T I |
Michael Foot: Lord President of the
Council & Leader of the House.
Anthony Crosland: Secretary of State -
Porei n & ConMatonwealth Affairs
David Enhals: Secretary of State for
Social Services (Barbara Castle
has i'etired to 'ack benches).

The one woman in the Cabinet has two
important jobs Shirley Williams is
Sec/State for Prices & Consumer Pro-
tection, and is pa'Tmaster General.
Edmmnd Dell: President of the Board of
.Trade and Sec/State for Trade.
S In order to get. the full co-oper-
ation of the people one must trust
the people and tell them all; the art-
-ificial gulf between youth and age
can be bridged, said M1r. Callaghan*

Schedule of Application for Certlfi ate of Title & Notings
thereon & Caveats for week ending .. blA ti fW4 6

Date Requested Person Presortlng Nature of request Whe-
ther Certificate o o
S Title of Noding thereon
or Caveat.

l .. . --

Request dated
the 25th day
of February
Presented the
6th day of
April 1976
.at 3.20pm

Mary Jame
by her Sol
Cila. A M

, o Request for the issue
of* a first certtificat
icitor of title in respect:of
portion of land a
ams Gutter in th
village of Marigotii
the Parish of St A
drew in the S,ate o
,. Dominica containing
10,960 square fee
and bounded as fol


ufLls 407~l wieek tedtinQ dOrit 3bp) 6 Pof

Request dated biana Thomas Application of Dianr
S 12 75 1 by her Solicitor Thomas for the isausa
Presented M. Eugenia of a first certificate
31 3 "76 | Charles of title in respectof a
at 11.30 a m portion of landknown
as a lot at Roseau, in
_...... .the Parish of St
George containing
447 square feet and
bounded as follows-:

North West
Sand of AgnIts Leblanc North East Land of Norms Casimir
South East HillsborouglStreet South West Upper Lane
Requ iest dated lrasskba~ Charwles [e 1m f*g tha iassiu


NorthWest by land of Thoalas Robin North East by land of
Donsphie BedJtnlster East by land of Mrs Ellis Dorset
South Wasn by lands of Leistna James ind Dellah L'homme
West fy a ravine sepsrat"Ing ft frbm land of James Allister

#Recet dated46 r GfWO -Rquaet for t11 ibaK
lOtk Fob r. bU lw ief a first certificat.
1976 V- a,. of title in irspectof a
Piirtd portion of lad at NA
30th Mank 1970 f g ltdl i. the Parish
at 1.9p I d W t Mark- In lha
( Stat.of DMoRlnmD
ftabnig 1712 square
feet sad bounded as

Woes land of Arithony SersphlBs On lit otkr sides sre bO.
dd- by leind tf Idwrd l 4l fr4

Will restore juded Appetites, and build you up
to full strengh Obnisblg from:-

2St Fbrry by hi. Sollt f first certificate
1 e7 VeBIy.s Ds af of titie inrspc tof
Presented portion of landknow k
31st MArch 197< as asrlott Coery
a1t 10.44 am nas i M olan ,the Pa
rish of St Andrew in
the Stnte of Dominice
conaolinAn 19.27
acrer and bounded as
North land of MethWoist Church South land of MIthe4is
Church Sough East i nd of Miatah Tousaint West ld of
MHfhodlst Church and hers of JeOwell Joeeph
tegistrar's Offce, Renry Dyer
Roswau, Dominica. Acting RPglstrar of Titles.
NOTE:- Any person who desires to object to the issue of a1
First Certificate of Title in the above appltcatfor may enter a
Cavet in the above Office within six weeks from the date of
a the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
Published In thi State or from the date when the notice pre-
scribed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adjointnn
land In respect of whlch the application is made.



CDoC Fiend of W.I. Goes Up
Mr. G.P.A Boguslawiki,
who for the last four
years has bee. Common-
wealth Development Cor-
1 oration% Regional Contro
.ler in the Easteen Carib-
bean, is to Itave Barbados
at the beginning of May
to take up a senior ap:
pointment in CDC'S
fHead Office in London.
During Mr. Boguslawski's
period in the area, CDC'
commitment to projects' n t
the Eastei.Caribbeanhas
risen by more hian 8m
to a total of some 35m.
Mr Bogulawski will bea su
ceeded by Mr T.A Ker.
wood who, for the past
two years has been C"C"
representative in Indone-
sia. Mr Kerwood, who
has been with CDC aince
1964 has also held postsmi
Malaysia, Singapore and
. I j m l l





- "* 1** -- --1i4-- -"

--- ------

Pa" Thiv


Page ~ Fon' THE ST R:3ia, pi ,17

*SM*T--AsR*S P*o*R*T-;S Morchriston.
CRICKET: Richards Maintains Superb
For-r; Vivan Richards of Antigua
scored his third century of consecu-
tive matches, pounding 177 runs off
the touring Indians at Q.Pk Oval,
Trinidad, in the.third test match.He
jame in at the fall of the 1st wictlt
(total on If after Lloyd had won the
toss for W.I. and elected to bat. He-
mas 7th man out with the total 357'
after scoring his 5th test century -
the fourth against India, After his
dismissal, -it was All Out 3.9.Other
odntri.butors were C.Lloyd 68 and B.
Jflien 47, Chandrasekhar(having tdsen
bhe first' wickets) finished with
6/120 and B.S.Bedi 4/73. When bad
light stopped play on the 2nd day,
.ndia were 169 for 5.:Wishwanath 41.
ATCH DIVERTED: The match originally
ibheduled for Bourda, Guyana was
pitched to Trinidad when rain,which
earlier this year upset the Guyana
.eg of Shell Shield series and the
tirst ever Gillette limited-overs

fwell-attended meeting at the foot of
Federation Drivo on Thurs.ev- that
which HonkMembers Eugenia Charles,
Lennox. Honychurch & Avan Casimir,
also A.Armantrading, addressed the
populace on the case of Desmond. Trot-
ter (in particular pressing for an
Iquiiry which could clear the Police
who are -under a cloud); the shuffle
of Ministers, and their trips abroad,
and other matters of great moment.,
"It is;not as much'OUR duty to 'report
to you, the people, as it is that of
Government said Miss Charles.
THE THRONE SPEECH will take place at
House of Assembly Chambers on Tues,
April 13, .after the 1st three items
on the. agenda, .which start at 10 a.m,
Five,out tof the 7 Bills to be presen-
ted are amendments to legislation;
the other two, on a o'Busing Develop-
ment Corp, and Electricity licence
for D.E,[S., being fresh introductions,
-- : -77 ., ... ..

competition continued to harass Guy P I A N 0 RE C I T A L
LFAGUE: Salisbury's First Win! 4he Distinguished pianist Professor
eightt of- Police crashed to the corm- IanLake will give a pianoforte re-
_ined pace & spin attack of Salisbur cital at Gobdwill Parish Halloat 8,30
at the Botanic Gardens last weekend, tonight. He'is-in Dominica to examine
when they were dismissed for 62 in music students for the Assoc.Board
2nd innings. Scores: Police 157 & 62. of the:.Royal Schools of MusicLondon.
Salisbury 151 and 73 for lbBlackburns---------- -
sUffered an innings defeat by St. BRITISH PRIME MIISTER (r )
"pseph at Canefield. St.J. was thelst In his inaugural speech to the nation
eam to top the 300 mark this season. r, Callaghan said that the two big-
joung Lloyd Brade scored a century, gest problems before them were infla-'
h.e Windward Is.Heineken Tournament' tion and unemployment; (related). .He
starts April 23 (Dominica vs.St.Luci offered to cut income tax by three
t.Lucia,& Grenada v.St. Vincent inper cent if the Unions would refrain
lncgn from pressing wageclaims, but the
DIAMOND ROCK (see p.1) will remain Unions are not satisfied with-this.
Penchl exclaims France Antilles,op- The British Press calls him "Sunny
ening a petition on April 1 against Jim" now, but we remember him as
the sale of that historic landmarkto Lucky Jim who took a-pail and helped
the English, who had held it for 17 Commonwealth T,U. students to scrub
rInths until June 1805,promoting the off !Keep Britain White" from the
rck to the rank of "H.M. Warship". driveway to Beatrice Webb -House.We
hen it was recapttured'by the French, thought, at the time that a bali6 coco
Therets no justification for the sale would have done the job better
- nays the lead article tn Pr.Antills ----.
It s an insult to. the -memory of our DESMOND TROTTER Life Sentence
glorious combatants. Of course the An official: appeared at the Prison on
British Roal Family is much attr Monday and read out a proclamation
rehWe n ehLll ste s oj compUting Desmond-t a death sentence to-
in b an ac ereo ccea lif which is an indeterminate num-
her notorious romancesI betr of years, Rumours that he was to
1e spirited away to some ja1i out of the country (probably-in.-Guyana) are
unsubstantiated. James Fox, well-known.London Sunday Times' writer,telephai-
the Editor to check this and other facts, inspired by the great novelist
Jean flos. He said he was pholnn Brian A1Z iye,HE,'he Governor
o& Pub i ea rRoPseourrnmoAE 1sc:ipt -Hall
4i; ouse ai, Rib ca Re0 u..omiL ca es *Kall

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'Friday, April 9, 1976

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