Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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NEW YORK 21, N. Y.
"OCT 4 19/6

Tel Printery 2691. Editor 2610 ..
IU.K Media .R:prespentative: I|~OW BwmI I H a v no :
Colin Turner (Londonl Ltd. ,V I .. Haye no

S12' Shaftesbairy Ave. W.I.
r11-P Am.; 5 ur7a

misconceptiorl \t
,irute bcae omste -_ Jtttra Usa someform of*
Editor- PHYLLIS 'SHAN .ALLFREY contraception.. I

- ~M"~ - .~ il

Camilla Francis Denies Evidence
OAMILLiA RAIcCIl8S, the teen-age An--
tigua girl whose evidence put, the
hangman's rope "round Desmond Trot--
ter's neck, has now refuted this
testimoxny in a 9-page sworn affid-
avit, declaring that nothing she
said concerning Desmond at the trial
was true, and that she was forced to
make a. statement under duress. She
.gave details of the police officers"
concerned and of threats that were'

:e doctme-t was
haP.ded to thel ?oey '
Cofiiitteeb Premier-
.Joh having taken
over. its chairman-
-Premit Says -'
'No Time for Thenf?
Three metibers-of
the nationall Conm-.
mittee for -Tuman &
o4vil Rights two
.Clergymen and a
Lawyer flew in
from Wash ington an d .
New York, but the
Premier had no., time
for, them, A group .M
fror M artinique al-
so left frustrated. (Continued' Back pabe)

Although in the line of' lava down the
Roseau valley if mildly menacing Mic-
otrin erupts, we have not so far felt
shaken, but Reseau people have .been
jolted by the several recent g.akesa.(2.L2)

MONDAY for receipt of letrs, .wok, 6e
(clsed afternaIoi) 10o am I pm
TUESDAY Same as Monday
WBDNESDAY-9 to I aod 2 to 4
FRIDAY --- 9 o I &ad u,.> to Prm Time.

SOLIDARITY is a good old tubthunping
Trade Union word, but the thurnping
last Sunday was steel band panas hfter
a small motorcade and two rather ror-
bid speeches by Premier and Mayor, It
was a fair Sunday, .and the: crowd was
up to cricket-spectator size. The talks
were on unity, division, the 15-yr.pleai.
SPat-Stevens wntes:s g- --.
t"I telephoned nry refusal to attend to
the Premier through a top 'official.I was
invited to be. a representative a
Church Service of nr choice." ( ovevrlef)
I ^ 111 11111 1 ~ u m ii i 1 .i 111 1111 11~- i i 1

g 4

Produced and Bottled inGreat Britain by
Vine Products Limited, Kingston-Upon-Thames



Friday, April 2, 1976

.There is no doubt about it that
Dominicans are passing through a
series of political situations which
challenge their understanding, and
this may partly account for the non-
chalant attitude with which the maj-
ority of them accept the stupid and
sometimes_ perverse actions which the
present Government heaps upon us all,
A fortnight ago I struggled in
these columns to define comradeship'l
Now I must- consider some obstacles to
political solidarity.
One is a strange incodhgrity in
our legal affairs. The Attorney Gene-
ral is pulled away oh financial, com-
mercial and industrial affairs in- -
stead of handling exclusively legal
affairs a they should be handled to
avoid.hashes and hold-ups. And,what.
right-has a Speaker of the House of
Assembly to prosecute in cases between
individuals and the. Crown? 'Which 2ead
me to mention a recent broadcast on
the cease of Desmond Trotter, reported
as an event in DomiTica by the Govern
ient Party Managing Editor of the.
Educator, who seems to be" the only
Englishman not instructed by the
British Government to leave West In-
dian people alone in their efforts
or struggles to achieve their goals,
even if they blunder in so doing,
Thentthere is the solidarity,
which culminated in last Sunday' s
fiasco between New Tow~n and Windsor
Park and ended in a fete and this
so soon after-the Premier and his
entourage returned from Britain,Prs ec
et.c begging for money and aid to
carry out improvements and develop-
ment in Dominica. I'd like the public
to knowthat in certain 'villages aid
districts J solidarity agents' dis-
tributed heavy- entertainments to ce-
ment political solidarity.
Space inhibits me, but I must say
this:. March 24, 1975 (a year ago),the
date -1f the general election, was
Dominicats fateful "Ides -of March"
when voters sold their political b
right for rum, wealth (for a few) and
fetes, it is a political idea that
the electorate is always right. Was
'it, in that instance? That late great
Church Statesman ..Archbisho.p William
Temple once remarked that "in the Old
Testament the majority was always
A thought-to ponder

Q UAK ES and TREM 0 R S(lo)
A ship from Trinidad has brought
in equipment for the setting- up of'
6 seismograph stations to monitor and
investigate the tremors, and a Vol-
canologist (Mr. W.Aspinall) has also
arrived from.Trinidad; he sees at
present little cause for alarm.Guade--
loupe has had several 'tremblements"
too; a strict watch and evacuation
plan for eeftain districts are afoot,.
;SOLIDARITY: (fr. 1.l,) My reasons
or'not so doing," Pat went on,'are
that it would be aai lat my Christian
ethics and conscience; and I would be
betraying the people of my country &
constituency if I were to take part
in any Church Service for Solidarity
Day, which occasion I do not consider
warranted, I cannot see myself'solid
with the Gbvernment when nothing
substantial has been done during tei'
one-year period of office, especially
in my neglected constituency.Condit-
ions at the Hospital have become worse;
my resolutions in the "House have been
pushed aside and ignored, and my del-
egations have been made fools of on
water and road issues; the facilities
in the schools continue to deteriorate,
On all these grounds I refuse to par-
icipate." (Hon. Pattison Stevens).
Madam, HNug, Lawrence
The reason for this caption in my
short letter is that I observe calyp-
so music being played. every Sunday
somewhere in the town, .even causing
some people to danoe in the street.
We are so lacking in wisdom that we
have not yet irealised that we are in
the season of Lent. The word Dominica
has a specific meaning, and we should
never cease praying to God for wisdom.
._ ______________ a.L.
The course in Press & Information
techniques held at Govt. HQ and dir-
'ectcd by Mr, Ken Meadows of England
lived up to its name and certainly
left the group much wiser in-the ways
of public relations and dissemination
of news. Discussions over ;the 7 days
ranged from the Philosophy and,Aim of
Information Work (Mr. Meadows) to
Libel, Slander and Contempt of Court
by Mr. Ephraim Georges on the last
day, March 30.
The Premier, Col,Patrick John, ad-
dressed the group at the opening.,(p,)




yn y T a Po Th e
-~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ **** i ii * * 11 '" l. .1 :. lu a3 _r

Schedule of Appltcauli.o for Crtfa of Title & Notings
6s"o60 & CaOe.. for week edigt ,7th _t, ri gash
Dose,"queW P hriwilg Natre of request wco.
isr a, CefComf of
Title of Noteg thereon
or Caveat.
t fated b Charles a rIo of JMaI
In"21716 y h Soiul"w Charkfo the i5ftw
|PTM E lo a OFa first certificate'
a/S/ 76 Chrl, f title is respect of
(at 2.35 pa a portion of land is
I | the Villarge of La
S" I 'Plaine ib.the Parish
of St Patrick mounai
jag 14,148 ar en & oRnded follows, -
N-nsk.r A ran- astprae k .ni teWd .1 Romnt Cutle.
Church IMby au Ie n.aepW it from I" of RomM
C CaselC Seethby Ctif 47lands w rhe d
I uteaid guw W.t*by lead of Germane ) te .

:.Q*uet dated
1 3 76
ItS 37.
a-t 0eis


riF ft entd ltE iar Amlsuictioe of P1ra 1-
,i7 /75 by he. Seeair ;o* Hwery for t^
isi3/7 Charlis cate of title in respect
SX .25 of a portion of land
S Il,known as Ho u lot
at L'Ale Coco is the
e Vaill of Po nt. Mi-
S-ch iha the PVarish of
| St -Luk co2nftams
| 627. quar2 feet md
f bounded follow :-
Nt hA. PoAl Road (tL'Afe Coc), Souch.Land ul1uttoea
Sacch tensf:Lmod fChstians George, WestLuid at
8eerCJk 0DeLao..
m+ttus dated Appiatida for bjthe is
artch 1974 by li So st a fs o r a fir certif
Rw td I Vaay Du~ catiof tile ia respect
Aad Malch 1976 of -a portlo of landd
98.32' at Entwisxl ln the
Pa--ri of St David
in the State of D
nica contsainfg
S2.836 acres and
+botudld a, fellow.
INniteaof *Aubyn Hamlais d FPster Tyan, Setti Land
m St Antel, Seash.iM8 Pubil d Bspargintoc from
: .adelt VraAst Wtargft Aebynj st e, --
Sekeidu fa wEek endPie AkPr *Pr 07

-w N~r Ir

I s
V '.

SI *

Wei lUW of Anthony U*Sob
4W by 6016 of ftCwrids A~ec ,

P R*u..t far tlie laSl
of a first etiflcatl
of ditle i treatof a
pwtioB of Ifa1 at Ba
iatells b.a th Paridh
..fSt Mark is the
State Vof alma---
taaia 1712 sqare
feet and hinmdd ma
On aff oothe Sd are benw

Wl1 restore ji4e4 appetisf and .Aild you up
to fi"3 ltresg bt f

Vibma Elabth
Delnear nee .
by hOr SoFiter

- - -

20th day of Marc 1916

sa Bth Delauery
ae" Alfred w the
us ofa firt ttff
eft of -ti6d in ro
lat Gfirao ul a
the PWme of

bo & foloet

NorthLatd ofCs ,Duverop, suethw of e1u~ wate audd
east am .1Liian irenudef. W .attletcd fCo 1 .

ciedk iovf w ta

R~q*et d rJtm4l *1m Ca..-
dt& Pbl ry n bybi Selet'a
1970 V m7a Dwdpm
31at Marh '197
a 110.44 m a

potSIfttt I hagern
M iff th Pa
~rirho tBi anr
taf Stts f Dat n Coaur
.caiairmaia 19.7
acrem and beafd a
follows- a

Nwab lad ofMathodrt Chuvch t~mh iand of Mokmt
Comrah Souab Euast kd *t Mtltah T ssiin Wes e of
Matihea CIurch "st heirs of jewel etph '

Regstrru, Oenke.
Resoas, Dominkcs.

fActiryoye r
Acrtla Regirar o Tttes.

NOTE:- Any -person who deirts to obect to the hls of a
firt Catificat of Title Ia di* aboov applicantemay ester a
Cave In the above Offke within six weeks from thr due of
the firc appearance of this schedule to the STAR NA wtpaper
published In this State or from the diat when the notm* pr.
sigibed by law was Served on Any owner or occupier of adjoining
hea in respe orwhkih the applitcstoo is made.
D 9o1autntie Support Lucette--

I Z-O.J^^&^^

Smissal of P.Lucette & J.P.Cesaire
from their radio-television jobs,
a Martinique teacher was knifed.
A police office haa been charged.


~ ---


I ----~-~--sl-


i - -C- 3



F ~-_L1 r r~rr


v o inac e r ing -

THE_ STA Frdy Arl?,17

*-S;*T*A*R-*SLP*O RT*S* Morohri.ston
CRICKET: The 2nd test match between
the touring Indians and the West In-
dies petered out into a draw, 'after
W.I. managed to hang on to their last
2 remaining wickets in the 2ndd .innigs.
W,I., bundled out in 1st innings fopr
24.2 Joa ght' a rearguard action on
215/6 after India declaned(lst innings)
at 402 for 5 wkts. (For W.I.,VRichmrds
topscored w.130..-: Sunil Gavascar made
1I6 in 486 mins.,& Patel Brijesh 115-
n.o.The pairput on a new India re-
cord (204 in 267 mins.),-, In W.I. 2 nd
Innings of 215/8,C-live Lloyd 0 and
L.Rowe\ 47. Julien &- Roberts battled
valiantly at the end to stave off de-
feat.,(Both n.o. at draw).Andfy Roberts'
was rested for the rest of the series
and David H'blford droppedReplace-
ments -are Barbadians, who will play-
'their 1st test match i-i Guyana ApriL7.
LEAGUE: Celtic U. defeated Police atl
Police Grounds,Canefield last wk-end.
(A.Gregoire League),. Spartans didlilB-
wise to*Dominica Defence Force at the
Botanical Gardens in only one day(lst
*one-day win in the A.GregrdeLeague),,
Grayson Shillingford captured 7/14
from DDF total o:fO 6,repeating his
'feat of the previous week (7/10 in
butter Crowns st' innings total'26..)
Celtic U. blasted their .way to 235.
Police crumbled ii' both to
the spin of Thomas Kentish 5/06,5/36
& H.Jno.,Baptiste 3/12, 3/20.Victory
was achieved by noon on 2nd day.
;MI'IT3TERIAL CHANGES: Hon.,Oliver Sera-
phin-is now.Min of Agriculture, with
Hon.H.Douglas in Comn.& Works.Health
is put under :HThe Affairs and thlre
other departmental reshuffles.
The several. speakers handled their
topics competently answering questionss
..MrMleadows' themes included "Press and
P.R. -in Govt. ",Iews for Radio & Tele-


vision", "Leaflets, Photographs & Post- MARTINIQUE DEMO. KNIFIHNG (.see page 3'
ers" and "Press Conferences", Mr., E. I We learn'that Police Brigadier.Jos-
Lancelot spoke on "Finding the Story mar has been "pladd sous control
-and Mr.Barnet Defoe on "Writing Press .udiciare"after 10 days of inquiry
Releases"; Hon.Michael Douglas on ::lnd is suspended from the Force.
"'Co-oneratives" and Mr.Jo-ffre Robin- j (France-Antill6s news)
son on "Relations with the Press". D R E A D S R E P-0 R T thi
The course-climaxed with a panel wD a E AD S R E Pa0 R T this
discussion with erudite panellists. have now received, and cannot speak
Three films were shown and visits paid too highly of this document with its
to the New Chronicle and DBS Radio, serious recommendations. It is a lit-
_. ____le masterpiece of humanitarian "in-
nSDT Fuo .UAi-i sight and its literary style is .good.
.Jo n Specter will review it in depth.
terrorists: 200.000 reachdIRA to date.John sector will review it in depth.
Printed & Published by the Proprietor, Robert.E.Allfrey of Mill House
Qopt Hall'at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, I.I1.ies',

_ I)

The Dssmond Trotter Defence Committee
has published in pamphlet form the"
full text of Camella Francis' affid-
avit: it makes stunning readinglThe
' Mercy Committee'.is meeting this af-
ternoon, and Desmond's Counsel told
us: the proper course is for them to
advis. .H.E. the Governor to grant a
complete pardon to the prisoner. Tie
also said that Desmond, who first
heard the' news Ov@r '"Big A", showed
much relief when informed by Mir,Brian
Alleyne that the news was true, and
showed no rancour towards the Police
Force as a whole, though he felt that
a" few of them were
This -tense drama took a miraculous
turn when the. deputation from. America
(Fr.Wm.Davis SJ of the Jesuit Soc,Ap-
ostolate, Rev. P.E. ~theaton (National
Council of Churches in Christ,Cari~-
bean-lLatin American Committee and
Lawyer -V.M.Goode, Assoc.Director of
the Nat.Conference of Black'Lawyers-,
U.S.A.') paused in Antigua en route
here and sought out Camella's early
lawyer, Mr. Kendall.They were told
that her present Counsel was. Vere C.
Bird Jr., son of Antigua's, Premier;
and hurrying to his office just on
chance, they saw a young girl there
having an affidavit drafted. That was
Camella: and you know the rest.
There were 14 members in the' abor-
,tive ,Martinique deputation, and hun-
dreds of signatures and cables poured
in from our neighbours in the French-
There is an air of jubilation, or
relief about, -but let us not forget
that there are still murderers at
large in our midst,.certain horrible
mysteries never having een solved:
not just this one, but the deaths of
the Canadian' Brights and the young
Indian and his girl near Pegua._p.S.A.

Friday, April 2, 1976


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