Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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-OR I L' '>.i 1^ 'J
162 EASI 78 ii
.N.W-YORK 21, IN. Y.

vo '. t 12
Cabe: tar, ominica h and
:Prinery 2691. Editor 2610 DO INICA
U.K. Media Representativs DN pJb I ri
Colln Turner (London) Led. -
L'2 Shaftesbury Ave. W,1" Virtue 'Muca dCemte Yortuta
SKI A.t h r rs ny

Ed itor- PHYLn SSiA-1
Friday, March 26 4976 i,,,,, or- r- L---

Desmond Trotter.



The House wil. meet at GH o 'o
.April l (Throne eech
Among its ._m ,
tiol i of In e""
inio w nill S ed i
is a popular ogan,
is: who wil e ,6 Lehargeof
the new nation, anxd when?, A
referendum is the desrpocratic ways



We si~ened the petition that the sen-
tence 6ff death passed on Desmond
rotterr t' 0ooruated to imprisonment

We agre.
t .tt th d WPentia judgnant of the
Acting C ief Justice* Most import-.
aut, .weAre agaiist the iropaition
of capi-al pulpiShaent.
T1 Public should be inforxed in
detaa' Of the volume an.d; integrity
of pe 8sg'aatures from everywhere
ag.,st the proposed death sentence,
,~~*ih iq completely irreversible.
Continued ovrleaf

Mestrs. H.H.V. Whitchurch & Co.Lim-
ited wisL to inform the General Public
that their Supercentre, Wholesale, Shell,
Paint and Showroom Departments will
be dosed for Stock Taking on the ist of
April, 1976. The Office will be opened.
for business as usual.

To the Magisr ate Dist. "G" & Conisissioner
of Police.
I, William Thomas, now residing at Marigot,
Parish of St. Andrew do hereby give you notice
that it is my intention to apply at the Magis-
trate's court to be held at Mari;'ot on Thursday
the ist day of April 1976, ensuing for a Restau-
rant Licence in respect of my premises at Weir.
Dated 9th March 1976
William Thhcaa


The Big
Million- Dollar OQestion
is, what more 'must, he
do to get recognition
by. the West lndies Selec-
tors, whose continued
attitude is Caricomish
whe re the patte is
to hell with the smaller
boys- I Woulid |lke
to offer a word of ad-
vice to rvin if he is
overlooked this year-.
He should go td Trini-
dad, try and national-
ize as a Trinidadian,
get some Influential
to get him into the even's s
Park Cricket Club, and
afterwards it will
be plain sailing
SL. A..Seymour,

Have no
UrI some fonm of

~l*Y ~prrstl\r ~I a~a~r~

- __,_.



Per,:ons in the local
newO media participate in
a 5-day training course
; Mr. Ken Meadows, a
senior officer in the
SBritish Central Office of
SIntfrmation (C.O.), Lon-
ddn arrived here ail. week
to conduct the course,
which is sponsored by the
British Davelopment
Division in the Caitwean.


A lot of stuff has been said and
written by protesters on behalf of I have in my hands a document asking
Desmond, describing him for instance Dominicans to sign a petition to
as a great trade union leader and a save the life of a youth Desmond
do-gooder, We prefer the admirable Trotter.
letter sent by the,students and tea~ Not having legal training-or any
chers of St.Maryts Academy to the pretensions to the intricacies of
Home Affairs Minister: "Since there law, I am not in a position to com-
is the possibility (however remote 1ment on the lqgal issues of the case
it may be) of DesmondLs innocence, ias set out in the petition. But para-
carrying out the death sentence woald graph 10 is something which concerns
offer no .op-ortunity for correcting all lay people; in oursociety, viz:
the injustice. However, assuming The Unlawful Societies and Associa-
that the condemned did commit the itions Act",
murder activaTed byracial feelings, Many-of us pretend that this Act
we believe that there are. many indi- and the circumstances and causes un-
viduals now at large who contributed derlying it are of little importance,
to the. development of the warped especially as the author or authors
mentality which could have led to the of the document praise the Government
act and therefore think it only fair for giving birth to a piece of legis-
that Desmondrs life be spared..." elation intended to extermlinate all
Who can say mor6 than that? misguided youth found guilty under
_._____. ._...._ .. .________.. the said Act.
NEWSBRIEFS FROM SEVERAL LANDS Dominicans' memories are notably
The University of the West Indies short, and this is largely responsible
will accept -no more medical students for our failure to carry out our
this year, since some small territo- functions in society. Hence too often
rities have defaulted on their pro- Le fall into traps, especially when
missed conatributions.Dominica is one. we are popular and get rich overnight.
*In Lusaka,Zambia, a vital conferenceBeing 'our Brother's keeper'-is the
is taking place over the next move hallmark of a healthy living society.
on Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), the lunatic This infamous Act, it appears, now
Ian Smith having turned down Britail stands suspended (perhaps a't the in-
last proposals for majority rule stance of the 'Dreads Commission'l
settlement. Three of the most wise In the, we should have
and responsible African leaders had the Commission's report long ago,
Nyerere of Tanzania, Seretse Khama land in the second, She Comsission
(Botswsna) and Kuanda (Zambia)are should be praised and not -the Govern-
in session with the President of iment. How can I refrain from comment
Mozambique and a Zimbabwe leader. }when. in these very columns I suggested
ERRATUM the Meeting of the House ithe appointment of a Commission and
headlined on p,l takes place on Tues further recommended the Christian way
day 13th March at 10 am, not March 12 for.misguided youths.
BRITAIN'S LABOUR P.M. te--voting In the Protestant Order of Service
in the 1st ballot gave Leftwinger for Baptism of Infants theree is a sol-
Michael Foot 90, Jim Callaghan 84, emn- warning given -to parents and God-
with Dennis Healey the only other re- parents (I am a Protestant) not to do
maiining contestant: another ballot anything which might cause the babe
next TuesCallaghan may still win.-'- tto stumble. Surely people in high and
A Solidarity Motorcade is planned by responsible positions should not make
the Premier for Sun.March 28. The any public statement (such as -blood
joint Church.Council was not consul-for blood") or promulgate any cult,
ted beforehand,cannot cooperate, :- religious or political, which might
NPie. Maria Isabella ?eronex-Presid- ;cause lesser folks or youths -tO err.
ent of Argentina, has been imprisonedjIfany such cult is:proclaimed or pro-
afte a M1itav Junta takeover. *- 'moted, care should be taken, to EXPLAIN
This was hot done by ex-Premier Edward'LeBlanc when he made it 'known to
the public, as I recall, that he was a keen sympathiser of the Black. Power
aeui. He announced to hissfour Cabinet colleagues that this was his attit-
ude, which caused dismay and grief, particularly to one Minister,(concl.p4)


~____ ~____

___ __L_ ___ WU

,Piday,1iarc'h 26, 1976


Pageo Two

SraLUy, tw o *- --

Scheduleof Applicttion for Certrtfltae of Title & Notigs
thereon & Caveats for week ending 27th day of arch 19/ i

Date Requested

Person Presenting

S- 4.-.- I

Nature of request whe
ther- a Certfficate o
Title of Noting thereon
or Caveat.

Request dated John Charles Application of John!
2 /2/76 by his Soileit" Charles for the issue
Presented M Eusaia of a first certificate
24/ 3/ 76 Charls of title in respect of
at 2.35 p a a portion of land in
the Village of La
Plin in the Parish
of St Patrick conta .
ig 14,148 square feft and bounded as follows:.
NorthiBy A ravtne separating it .from lan .of Roman CAritll.
Church, Eatsqby a Rauimn separating It from land of emanuT
Catholic Chuie, Southv by lands of Melbourh Joseph and
Matilda Eugene WMst by land of Germaine John Charlea.
Request dat4 Phlaene Hery Application of Phel-
29/ 9/75 by her SoiBitor mnea Henry for the
Presented M Eugenia issue of a first certif
23/3/76 Chwrle .catebf title in respect
at 2.25 p m of a portion of land
known a a House lot
at LAlle Coco in the
Village of Pointe Mi-
o-- chel in the Parish of
St Luke contaiining
627 square feet and
bounded as follows
Nor h:A Public Road (L'All. Coco), South.and of Jultans.
Gachette, Est.Laitd of Chrsltants Gerge, Westatind of
Loderlck Delamare.

I Request dated itep henso. Bo Apptliction for thbe i
Presented i Vena upilny ate of titd in respect
22nd Mrch 1976 of a portion of lan4
at 9.32 a m at Entazlo in ith
SParish of St David
in. the Stateof Don
m-e eoritaioiing '
2.836 icres and
SIounted as follows:'
NerItfUnd f q.fA'v H fttes nd ,Foter4 Tysor SeathitL d
of- snr Anteone i4. th-,attP Futlic Road rsepariti it frcnm
0 leof ant Antitoa, WetLondoffasn AbynA4|mtt
cont, nSeXh Cowl
___ ^ o n ,-. _._ )" i'm' + '1


$5,725 in PRIZES
Stake 5o cents
1976 for Building Fund

Will restore jaded appetites, build you up
to fiBll strength
to full s Obtuaipble from:-

-I- -I IID

-- Irll~uurxu~--rrrrrrrrr~l~-~

Rogstrar's Office,
Rosau, Dominica.

Htnry Dyer
Acttrig Registrar of Ttest.

NOTE:- Any person who desires to object to the issue of a
First Certiflcage of Title in the above appllcatiors may enter a.
Caveat In the above Office within six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of thti Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
published In this State or from the date when the notic pre-
scribed by law was served on any owner or occupier of tdjoining
ianid.JrPc ofvhlchh shappllcation is made.
' A -a W r1* -ysi**. W fci-'^*-*!^ or_ _____ A_--- _ _

__ - --------




Produce and Bottled in Great titaby
Vin Products LmitedtKingstonU- patnm

1 ________'.*



~ri ~rln

Page Three


Stdul d ick40- 2fey e dirtg O2th daiyof March 1916
Reu.s*t dated VilmA Eliiabeth Appicatio of Vi
1 7 De uney um e Eliabeth a-,tO r
P tted 6 Alfred eIe Alfreds th
18 3 7 by. her Solitt, issue o fi- r tif
Alt 10.55 am M Etl al cate of title in re
oChrle p~ectof a portion of
-.... -......a.. a t Giraudel in
the Parish of St
Geer* contain*i
6210 quare feet a
bounded as follow:-
NnrttLand of Cecil Duverney, Soeuth.:nd of Euglnis Giraud e
EsstLand of Ulam Girudel,4 Wat.and f Cecil Duverney.,

Page P& THE STAR Friday, Iarch 26, 1976
*S*T*A*R*S3*."O*R*T*S Marchr ston OUR FRONT PAGE: the blank in our
ORICKE2:IRichards1,Mumti rescue W.I. lead article Is not, caused by Govt,
The West ndies were in a desper- censorship, as in the house arrest'
site position, struggling on 52 for 4 days. We removed our primary reasons
in the second test match against the for signing that petition after tak.
Pouring Indians at Queen' s Pk. Oval ing advice from Counsel,
jin Trinidad when Deryck Murray (VCap) T AERMBA
joined Viiian Richards at the cease Fr how long, we do not yet know
.putting on 122 runs for the .Sth wkt, ut it is good to see him aretundE a
Dramatically, Roy Fredericks was a
bowled off the 2nd ball of the morn- THE DREADS REPORT
Ings play (by Madan Lal) without scre, is was early distributed in the
Fellow opening batsman L.Rowe follow-, bi
td Froderitks to the pavilion -after sual biassed way, with never a copy
striking a four,bowled by Mohindar fu page TAR buthque G 6vo DBS and
a full page in the Govo. organ,0
Amarnath in the next over total 04, Even the Secretary of the Committee
At this saage,Alvin Kallicharan was did not get a letter of acknowledgment
dismissed (ot.Madan Lal,b.Bedi for 17 or' acceptance by Government. Youth
Olive Lloyd (Capt.)cAme in but did disgruntlement, mistrust of police,
not last, long,bowled by a full toss their attitudes to society, diet
from hiandrasekhar 07:score 52 for .4, work and dress, are set out, We hope
Murray came in next, and together the. report will be fully published
with Rif'hards -brought the total toto174 in detail by the N.C.,whose Editor
before, Murray left for 46, caught t was on the Committee, c that all may
-keeper Bedi.38 ruis latr read it word for word. And isan t it
Richards:followed Murray, b.Bedi for time to take the Dreads Act off the
130 (his 2nd century of consecutive Statute book?'- Editor.
test scored in some 21.0 mins,,includ- '
ing 21 fouirs, Bernard Julien was run COIGRATULATIONS
out for 28 (:score 236)0 When bad liht to GEE-BEES valuable bookstore on
stopped play on the 2nd day (Ist day their 2 5th Anniversaryt
washed out by rain) West Indies were D.A.WU,, which always comes forward
237 for 7;Bishen Sing Bedi.3/82.Play tboaid a worthy cause, has collected
rostiues-on Saturday. $183 at the Royal Bank for Guatemala
LEAGUE': Last Wkend s A,Gregoire Leag Relief Fund which i. still open,
matches Spartans vs.Gutter. Cownsat OUR, BROTHERtS KEEPER W.S. Stevens(p14
Police Grounds; Canefield & Blackburns weothes did not p the
'voyn so, we. others did not g'6asp the
vs Police at Windsor Park both endediul implications. Today, everybody
in draws. Irving Shillingford got his is wiser, Let all true-hearted Dom-
2nd.consecutive league century for :nicans sign the petition to save
Spartans:. Though Gutter Crown, scored iTrotter's life and bear- in mind from
only 26- runs (1st innings, opening now on that we must never sleep when
Spprtans could not force a win,having there are growing ills in our already
set Gutter over 300 runs to get for sik society. Let us demand redress
victory without time to bowl them outregardless of the status of any per,
Blackburns, got 1st innings points afl. son or persons creation those illst
ter Pblice decl, their 1st innings son persons c .eati ose ils
closed after the-19th over: final day A HART THIMK-YOO t-om a Patient
Ist innings still incomplete.Rain had O ce again the Patie.ts and Staff
washed out play on the first day.. of St.: Lukes Mental' HRospijtl extend
OTHER LEAGUE MATCHES Trafalgar vs.DDF their gratitude to Sister 1e rina'of
at Botanical Gdns. (Ab'andoned;.rain af- the Social Centre for her generous
fected pitches)_ supply of clothing, "You can't serve
feS"Ted pitchs Hod and Mammon says the Good Book -
SWEST INDAN' HE R O for you will love one and despise the
London newspapers praised the West other. It is because this thankful-
Indian tube train driver, Jul usness exists deep down in our heart
Stephen, shot dead on March 15 when that I express the thoughts i ofa
he changed an I-R A terrorist whose t I express the thoughts
bomb exploded in Stephen' s train. C!' AR OM SUM CONP. LADERS are in
was shot because he had the courage Trinidad to discuss a somraon stand
~Ul eo 'rs ingl I .lnA Hon Christian repr
Printe-& a Pu b a4 h o eiAt rtee pR ll Ma lluse,

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