Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Librtut I
162 EAST 78 STr

l W ST'' A'.
Tel: Pritery 2691, Editor 26 10
SA. MKedia Bepresentative: p
I>' I.,-/ t-A DOMI NI ICA

1S2 Shaftesbury Ave. W.I.
4. a-. -- K M -"-iii ,-i i' rnn ri 1 nn-ARVAWO---- '*

Vtrtute 29uce Somnite 'ortuna

Mrda~r a~rch 19. 1976r

Power for Rural North
Today_ March 19th, 1976, Mr. Peter
Meinertzbagen, .General Manager of
the CDC will be present at the official
opening of the Dominica Rural Electri-
fication Scheme bringing power for the
first time to the- rural north.
Yesterday the agreement between Go-,
vernment and the Dominica Electricity
Services was signed which gives Govern-
articip j4n the company.
r. M e .agen, accompa-
N ,nied !by Mr. . wski (Regional
DC iced d the Governor

A eomnittee of three Law Lorde
(British Judges) this week re-
fused a request for a hearing
by Her Majesty'sE Privy'Coimcil
Sof P0smond Trotter's appeal ag-
ainsk sentence of death for the
murder -.; an American at Carni-
val time, 19.74.
Meanwhile Desmond is petit-
ionLing the itniister of Home Af-
fairs to exercise the preroga-
tive of Mercy and conmmte his
sentence to a prison term.

Seo in ortant inseetJ & p.2,
A 14 YEAR LAN? -- W.S. tevens Page 2
One of the bii fish hauled in ring the re*
cent trip to France w s the promise'of a.Stadium
Some people may ask whether a Stadiumi is
really the most important tht:, Dominicans
need at present, this is a long :B~ '. p"':ated
debate, but what is also interesting is ih'w many
years we have bzen hearing this pr mise Page 2
(From the Current Affai a News
Letter of the Freedom Party),


Harold Wilson Quits at 6o
The shock resignation
of Mr.Harold Wilsona as F
Prime Minister and lea-, ,
der of the British La-
bour Party caused con-
cern,a further fall of
the sterling, and a'
contest for his post.
Mr.Wilson was 60 a few
days ago. He remains an
MP.Half a dozen Minis- -Rt. 1i. .cl ams C'.;lakgh ~n
tera are contetlxing for ofrcign a;nd C",ondinwcalitth
the joint post*Our fav- sccrct u
ourite,and a top contender, is Rt
Hon. 'Luckiy JIfm'Oalaghan. Michael
Foot (Left favourite),Dennis Hea-
ley,Crosland & Wedgwood Benn .?
It will be decided'next Thursday.

Mr. & Mrs. J.B.Vaaterpool and
family and Miss Yvnaae lHurtault,
also masy other relatives ard
friends residing abroad, wish
'through this medium to thank all
those who expressed their sym-'
pathy with wreaths, cards and in
.aP- other way during the death
,:t cheir 'dear Aunt Agnes.

To the M- gis ate Dist "G" & Comimssiog
of Police.
I, William Thomas, now-residing a Marigot,
Parish of St. Andrew do hereby give you notice
that it is my intention to apply at. the Magis-
trate's court to be held at Marigot on Thursday
the ,st day of April 1976, ensuing for a Restau'
r. at icence in respect of my premises at Weirs
Dtted oth. March 1976
William Thomas
ii.~ << /, -Y I-I



~" t' I

Page Two THE STAR Friday, March 19, 1976

The CDC party will visit Domlec
Office,Trafalgar Power Station and
Fond Cole today,Friday, before going
to Portsmouth by launch. Then a par-
ade and-civic speeches, a ceremonial t
opening, salute and buffet lunch pre-d
cede the departure of the disting- r
uished guests from Melville Hall airl
port*The CDC has done a lot for Dom- t
inica having invested $9'million in.n
this State up to now in development
schemes for the promotion or expan-
sion bf economic projects to aid in' j
increasing our national wealth.This T
latest project, with transmission
and distribution lines from Portsnc~m
to Marigot was ho small task...miles t
and miles- of power lines slung high
in. the air t, straddle the hills and t
bridge the precipices of -the rural -
.north!, "A fine achievement by the
employees of Dominica Electricity t
Services who did the job,". says Pro- f
ject Manager Graham Jones. So itts
"Let there be light" in many villages
such as Anse du Mai,Bease,Wbodford
Hill,Calibishie;, Borne &' Dos dtAnel


,Premier John- & His"Comrades"
Whenever Premier Patrick John add-.
esses the people of Dominica, he
,alls them 'comrades'. WIhatever his
comradeship- means is'not mine to'
Lefine. What I do know is that a com-
lade is a very close companion or in-
;imate associate, It, therefore,stands
;o reason that your comrade knows your
movements and whereabouts.
Patrick John controls DBS radio,
Jhich he can use to: tell his 'comrades'
;hat he' is going to Barbados to see
'est Cricket. It should certainly ndo
e left to Barbados radio to tell6the
peoplee of Dominica, his 'comrades',
;hat their Premier John is out of the,
tate enjoying cricket even despite
;he tragic condition of Dominica at
;he moment,
But what is more preposterous is
;hat after Premier John so ably de-
iounced the omission of Irving Shil-
iingford from the West Indies side,
ie turns up at the pavillion in Bar-
)ados -thus visibly condoning the
insult and discrimination-to all his
S-v fl A I rt I '. 5\T t -S m -

T .I..STADIUM QESTLON .. --fromp. 1) 'omraaes oy enjoying -ae game .im.
Was it not 1973 who re- self. Patrick John, please play cric-
turned from France with that same et; you can't "curse and bless" in
promise? Now John returns and says [the same breath.
that LeBlanc 'Paved the wayt for the A Fourteen-Year Pl.n?
gift o'f a stadium. He added however -
that the amount would still have to I am very grateful to John Spector*
be approved'in the French Budget of of these columns last week for his.
November and will not be started un- timely and able sketch of this great
til Jan. 1977. The Stadium was'prom- plan to bring Dominica to the desired
ised three years ago, but they still haven of economic, social and politi-
now have to wait,for the money to be cal progress and Prosperity by 1990.
approved. If they had promised it in My readers will not fail to note
1973, why the delay now? Should they that this monster 3-phased plan is
not have been thinking about it over cleverly and cunningly designed to fit
the past three years? And if this in with the election years 1980,1985
MAJOR promise is treated in this man and 19904 Thank heavens a good many
ner, you can imagine how the LESSER of us older fblks will not live,-to ex-
promises will be treated perience the monster economic hard-
However we are going French in-abi ips, the social and political up-
way. French in. elementary schools, eavals, the huge national debt wnich
French College and French experts:it -annot be disclosed even now, and the
may not be our greatest need but at innumerable undemocratic indignities
least it i. something.As one teacher o which bad .laws will have subjected
commented: "I wish they would just he survivors by 19901
give us some benches so our children Of course, all during that stretch
would not have to sit on the floor." f time our 'sophisticated' rulers
However we must remember the words o will keep pleading for three more
the great French Queen Marie Antoin- terms from our demoralised electorate
ette: when the people.of Paris were to reach the promised Utopia in 1990.
starving and they marched to her pal- (Concluded on paf'e four)
ace asking for bread, she said:"Let .~-r ohnSpectorts next instalment is
them aat cake "-Re&JtfPartyn'. deferred until next week space re-ascn
them aZ; ake~-ai~s a7

- ~---


Friday, March 19, 1976


Page Two

FrIel ,w I4..m.. 10 s Tw STAR -.1a ..- ..g 'Sree
L--i JyUI~ LYI~ ~ -

Schedule of Application for Cerrificate of Title & Notings
thereon & Caveats for week ending 13th day of March 176i

Date Requested Person Presenting

Nature ofrequest whe.
tenr a Certlficate Ot
Title of Noting thereon
I or Caveat,

fRequest dated Ltanie GerosaIna 'AppIicatiaon o4,Luie
Personal represv Germain'aaM personal
6 2 76 tative of lHayts e proo'ntative of
S.. Pacquattoe Hasy-es Pacquetta for
Preesnted by their Soie t the isue of a first cer
M Eugepls tificate of title in tes
9 3 76 3Chalsect of a portion of
aet2. pm __ ad kn___ knew as a part
of Sonae Estate Seotts
Head in the Parish of
St Mark containing 28.625 O bounded as folloi*s.
SNorth tlnd 'of Gats Gachette East isnd of Henrltta jerviep
South land of eriward jervier West land f Hearlta je
Request dated Florenc Tavern- Application of Fio
Sor and Evadn.y renow Tavernier and
23 6 75 Charles as WIlat Evadney Cshrles as
ieumAts I point tenants for the.
Presented by their Soilitor issue of a first Certifi
SMEuZgeia cate of title in rea
9 3 7S Chars pct of a portion' of
at 12.OdclSok land known as a Re
sidential lot i .the
Town of Roeanu in
Sthe Parihb .,of" St
George containin'592 S so feeatbounded as follows:
North Wies Lands 1f Ursula suhche and ir tone Pehtier North
l es Lafnds of Jane Oldier Nelso -South East ln ds of Lorna
Leblanc South West Lands of irane* Pelier and Lorna Leblete

Request datae Phiiloaen F rent Application of Philo-
19 1 76 'by her Soiil men Floennt. for the
Presented "' M Euge fsue of a first certify
'It 3 76- Chara ciLte of title in rea
xt 12.OA 1s Ai pect of a portion of
-- lad knewn -as a lot
Sat Petite Sayanne in
the Parish ofSt Pat
rick coont;.i 9 36720 s Eeet hounded as follows:-
North a raylt, smnratlngt it from lead of Rondail alrroux
Srinh East a vwine s paraarsegi from land 46 Don Datrrnit amd
Srtesphean lsoaesC Soui v'ta a public o5sa speatls-fg it from taud of
Trotter Stoute and Mrs i-iys-. Titre South West land of Phrki ea
Iren t and a public ro an d land of Teise karon North West
| lea# of Aflen BSarn
J ,, I aL ,,., iris,. e .

S-arequesi it -asat-edIQ~l 1 A wli l re'praesEMta
It 2 78 ; ie &tL:iniafs
Lu e' deceased
Presented nfl Joseph Lukee
andi Carita Jean
11 3 76 mea* Luke,
!L B. b-t.-. -* -*. .

A Iplpe&oa ofOleli."
* lke personal repre
1 I..ntativf. "f Ma Issa
~uke. 'd .a4 Sas
Joseph *, uke:and Cia
rita Jean nee Luke
Cfr the issue of a
i " -- _r II -"* >

y t ir *aoilcfo'r ":: t .e-rtgicate of
at2.15 pm M Eugenia title Mi respect of a
__ Chaarts, portioti of land know
as a par'r of Belfast
State Mah~atut in the
t4.i T Jr430 squaitr feet and ~ "ft Paulcon
*b11Eeled .a f*olow.i.. *
North East land ljoseph RKA Astaphsn o'irna holle, sad Ntlile
.uka Ail aon efia Estate, South Earsk-t of I sailan..Hentrsew
ormirly tueisan Robert & Mary Pagquet rmerly Ernest Stephen
on South land of Mry Pacqu est f~rm: Ernest Stephenson &
J PuWi R.ab NMrth Wiet land of tsabqP, Laurnseon formerly
John Yhmgs_________< ( ^j^ t ^^^.

L-----'---~; I C '~ I~-

tagistrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominica.

Henry Dyer
Acting Registrar of 'Tiles.

NOTE:--Any person who desires to object to the issue of a
First Certificate of Tl(e In- the above appllcttor may eIter a
Caveatt n the above Office within six, weeks from the date of
the first appearance of this Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
published In this State or from the date when the notice pre-
scribed by' aw was served on any owner or occupier:of adjoining
land In respect of which the application is made.

-Fin, e


S. educed snd a ottled in Great Britain by
Vt; .- o;i:. Limited. Kingston-Upon-Thamnes

- ~x-"

C11*n*p-r~-------- -- -- 1.....I~-----..

II- _1.

rmE ~ saAR. ..-~

Page Three

Frid~P.' 1M,,r so IcrlC


Request dated Sonsen Angel a* Application of Son.
Personal represea sonAanol as personal
13 2 678 ttive of Phillbrt wpresentativo of Phil
Angel bert Angel for the
Pisinted by his Soilcitor issue of a first certifi
.M Eugoeia cate of title in ra
1 3 .'76 Cha rlf pect of a' portion of
atl1,5 e am land known a a lot
Hagle. G,-.:,bay in
the Parish of St Pa
.trick containing
17,625 square feot
".: bounded as follows:-
North .iEt land of Paul Alexander Eist lind of Urline Martin
Sou'h a puble road North West a public road

I 1



rag Fou THE TAR Frdy Mach19 17

*-S T-A*R-S1-*P*-*R*TS* Morchriston
-he West Indies inflicted a cruah-
ing defeat, on India at KenSington Ov-
al,Barbados in the 1st test match of
the 4-match series winning by an
innings and 97:runs,
By the end of the 2nd day's play
(followed by rest day), W.Ihad piled
up a massive 262 run lead and five
wickets in hand on 439/5.On resumptim
after' rest, .-W. I. -went:'on to score 488
runs before declaring, 9 wickets, do'w
Their additional 49 came in 50 mins.
for the loss of four wickets,, Clive
Lloyd (WI Captain) 72 ro, before play
commenced, went on to score 102 -his
lOth century in his 50th test match.
Most successful Indiap bowlers, were
Chandrasekhan 4/163; B.S Bdi 3/113
and M.Aamarnath 2/53*
SIndia started their 2nd.innings dis-
astrously,losing their first wicket.,
key batsman Sunil Gavascar in the very
first over(bowled for 01 with the totai
on 04. Five runs later P.Sharma(next
opener) went to Holding, making India
2/09. They tonotinued to lose. wickets
at\ regular intervals- and were all di s
missed for 214 runs just before close
Praaanna did not bat.* Final:scores ,
irn the match: India 177 & 214,We st In-.
dies, 488/9 declared (J.Richards 142)
-Howev'fe I don't think the W.Iteam-
shiuld relax last time .the two teamE
met WI. wo- the 1st two matches and
looked like winning the series 5-nil
but I dia came back to win the next'2
and only an all-out effort: clinched,
the series.
LEAGUE: In last weekend's matches,reb,
suits were, reached in three, while the
4th; (Blackburns vs.Samaritans) was
abandoned at. the Bbtanical -Garden-
with Samaritais 146/5{R,Toussaint n
A record was set in the newlook Witd
sor Park for -the Augustus Gregoire
League when Saints bundled but Salis-
bury fpr 17 runs;- Norbert Phillip
5/12-and Fitzray Doctrove 2/04. Saints
scoixed 175/4 dec, N.Phillip 63 n,o,,
K.Phillip 36 and L.Ettienne 37.Salis-
bury 2nd innings 97, N .Phillip 2/12
and F.Doctrove 3/22.- Trafalgar suff-
ered defeat by St.Joseph (189, & Tra-
alar 1 -Celtic beat Gutter C
4 v.neifes afe the Police Grounds,--

Meanwhile we presume bad roads
will be repaired; there will be no
more delinquents; and the crash pro-
gramme system of education will give
us the youths to make a better" Dom-
inica; banana growers 'wilJ, receive a
just price; citrus pr.odcers will not
get. debit notes for T-heir hard work,
seeing that th, e 'will be markets for
all we produce, arising out of agric-
ultural radio-talks, seminars, confer-
ences at home and'abroad; bobol, es-
pecially in the Ministry pf Commun-
ications & Works, will entirely dis-
appear, for many top folks will not
own big houses, .expensive cars etc.;
and to rake a long story short, our
masters will have reached their peak'
to hand ov6r to the youth of today
and ,tomorrow debts-to pay and rule by
decree: and then' what have you- in 1990?
A new heaven on earth envy of alln ratf
-- WS.S.tevens.
GDC STORY from pages 1 & 2
'"One of the significant achievements
of the Government of Dominica will be
highlighted ... at Portsmouth-' elec-
trification of the NortPhern District)..
Such says. a Govt.release; however it'
mentions ODC in paragraph three,It
was indeed, as. the. Premier admitted,
the British Government s $800,000
which made rural electrificatimpr ail
Mr.Meertshagen. said that Dominicar s
"loveliest, of the Windwarids" Govt.has
always been acutely aware of the n.ed
for electricity of the villages, and
he added "Of the entire staff ofCDC
all are Dominican except two:.- the
SManager and Electrical Engineer.
The -man JDC group is visiting op-
erations in 11 i-slands of the WI,in
15 days, by" chartered. plane from
Barolays BaEnk,
What is the difference between. a nat-
ional anthem and a national song?
Reply: Only Independent Countries
have. national anthems; the others
have -one or more national songjsq -
...I understand that the Queen is an'
-HbtaColonel of ,the Coldstream Guards.
Is she ever addressed as Colonel
Queen? .An. ': Neve., .

DRBADS`REPORT:This has been accepted
by Govt but they refuse t reconsider
thair attitude to FrBAlexander W&e
s -ubti'sh the -eno'- ... EDITOR.It

public is rallying to.ign a petitkf
I calling for Merc instead. of deaths
IM, p :Rai

Priinted' &Published by the Paorrietos Robe oE. Alnlffey of Copt al
Mill house ate26 Bth Roadt, seau,Domtnicaw.,


Friday, March :19, 1976 ,


Page- Four

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