Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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SNEW YORK 21. N. .

I Ge: S5. Homnica STTR
T: Printery U691. Editor 2610 /
U.K. AfMedia Rstpreentative: DBftlIN ICA
COlin Turner (London) Ltd. -'' ".' "
1:2? ShafYteiury Ave.W.1-. Virtue -u uc oate 'yortna
Friday,-Mar ,2.976 Edifor .- PHYLLIS SHAND AtLFREY

FROM NOW TO 1990 o'o e~ $r

Drift to Disaster w'

Left-wing Labour M.P.a of the
British House of Cormons have
sent a latter to Hon.Premier.
John asking for leniency in
the case of Desmond. Trotter.

,, iInes

Produced and otWed in C' at Britain by
Vine Products Limited, Kirng. -Upon- Thames
',~ ,,, ; __- . .:_ : :

(From the Current Atffair~ s Nes-
letter of the Freedom Party).
There woarmany people who voted Lab
our who ehoitd Asas known bear. Of course
thbe Sre th-e who eae uppcgrtes only for
their pockets: we shll fborgt them. lut tACr
wew others wbb felt tha the 'Dyeamic Team'X
wou, d realy be dynanot ad we~ mislead by
all the false talk about businacs and, Dnvestato
climate etc The truth is that Dominiss invm .
ient climate hi worse nw tha1 it was avtn JA
Merch 7.
This ia not because of anything else except
the reputation of the men in power. us
fAosi it, ivenors a Wnot fook. If a tho a r
any they do not w.nt to o it, T'hy arg takin
; a- ble and they cheik very carefully th
p u for and against that gmble. When in-
vtei~ g in a country the inostimporiat -~i to
check is the style of government. Juava ardo
not just 'isd newspaper reports ad tourist bro-
churme, they investigate carefully. They want
countries with a tiAble government. They waot
Sto nmke. rure that their business wPn jogl-r- %.
ken over or used in politics or be at the mesrc
t some emotional. minister. They wanc security
What is an investor to tbink therefore
when he learn that a PreMir, has mtsd h1im
self CoEfoel and is calling everyone Con:ade?
(Couttiaued on page 4)
Sviris* disease which raged' in
.;Lucia and now afflicts Antigua
(700 ill),Barbados, Trinidad etc.,
has struck Domuinica spread by .the
overheated carnival cro4do. Here
they call it ironically 'Happinessf*
Schools. are shut down, but nc ^ e aths
-so far, says Ag.CMO Dr.Gerald Grell.
$5.725 ih PRIZES
Sthke so cents
v fo"r Building Fund

I i~

FROM N 0 W TO 1990 ...John Spector IS NEGRITUDE RACIST? P.S.A.
Back in 1971 the first phase in a A correspondent (L.M.C.) in an-
Physical Planning Programme was init- other local newspaper laments that
iated with a feasibility study and PrcfLuOettean angelic musician, has
the forming by Act of.Dominica's espoused the cause of negritude,con-
Parliament of a Development & Planning sidering it another name for racism.
Corporation in 1972. Theobject of As I see it, negritude is not
the exercise, was to control the de just a racial attitude (certainly
development of the island and channel not a racist militant attitude like
its progress towards a higher quality Black Power) but a state of being
of life for all. By December 1971 var- the state of being Black., and proud
ious policy statements- and throne -of it, and eager to dignify that
speech announcements had been hastily condition.
cobbled together into a "Development In a poem which Aime Ce'saire gave
Plan 19711975": this plan disappeared me in a volume (1964), after many
into the.mists of Valhalla and other. ringing lines exulting in being a
plans to use launderedt money f6r Negro back in his native Martinique,
tourism or-other chance and specul-' Cesaire says -following the declar-
ative forms of development. Then Dan- action that he is "the lover of this
inica moved into the years of emerg- unique people" (the Negro race):
enoies and crises some artificially "But in so doing, my heart, preserve
exaggerated for political-pride, but me from all hatred...
others (such as Energy and Inflation) You know that it is not at all through
outside our control: and Development hate of other races
in. practical terms went into reverse, that I insist on-being -the ground-
However in the interima thoughtful' breaker for this unique race..,,
team with headquarters in St.Lucia Incidentally he signed my book
under Uiited Nations Development and with a thrilling inscri.%tion: 'A ,..
Planning auspices moved into this ... ..., la seule "bekd pPogressiste
island and wAth all the modern tech-- que je connaisse, et don't la vie est
nitues of Land Use Planning*Demography, un beau combat pour la fraternity'
Sociology, Architecture and many otter humaine...`
isms got to save the before those d
character af.the land and people. Even before those daays, Lucette
fm te evils of shor was devoted to the ideal of negritude
of Dominica from the evils of short- ,7 Pp
term greed and unplayed population but nobody in Dominica then seemed
term greed mand unplanned population 'to know wh~at the word signified, and
explosion with a drift away from ag- some still don't
riculture to the only town worthy of
the name Roseau: there to idle QUOTE OF TiE EEK
away young lives without work,interest "The people of the world today are
or future over-governed,'" BBC commentator.
The Draft National Structure Plan
was unveiled' to a select 150 person So the public must at present be
*satisfied with a few notes on what is
in the House'of Assembly Hall on Mon-
day March 8,1976, After introductoy in the plan. What follows is culled
day, March rom Mr. Daniel s low-toned speech
speeches by Hon. L.I.Austin,Hon.Premnir. t of t i
John and Project Manager/Chief Plannerin front o two microphones bt
n loud speakers in the Hall, The Press
Englishman Richard Bigwood of .UNDP,. were given a back seat.
H.E. the Governor declared the Exhib- h 14-a s d ed r -
ition open. Then the Head of Dominica intohe year periods 97id rouh980-
UNDP team-,,1r. George Dariels, gave a; 6and 1985-90. Firstly, withh reduced
succin-t rundown on the Plan with oc-,

Sperson committee as aon opporsun- th sucticessfles the youth planning
casional sub-talks by me mbers of the
team-on .specialised'subjets, bulge in the next ten.years is likely
On1 50 copies of the Plan have to produce unemployment beyond hope of
o te reduction..The present population is
appn entlyeCan eptr and he mber andof 78,000; by 1990 it should reach 98,K000

dry V2Ps (some of whom mway be able t The labour force will be increased by
dry s (soe of om may be able to r 17,000 peers Thus there will
with understanding) must have copies, or 000 person there will
the Press (all 3 of us) were refused be great need for enrs &H ntal s, tern. (Next Column) u(exst wk: New Toawnse .Highwaysrt ,ubl ic
p eun) Guest s ouses,Sewage,Airport, Cement et,)

Friday,March 12, 1976

Page Two


Friday, March 12,1976 THE

Schedule of Application for Cerriflcate of Title & Notings&
thereon & Caveats for week ending 13ch day of March 1976

Date Requested Person Presenting

'Nature of request whe-
ther a Certificate oi
Title of Noting thereon.
or Caveat.

RfequetV dated Lunie Germanain. lApplication of Luni
Personal represm Germain at personal
S2 76 tative of Hayes representative of
Pacquette Hayes Pacquette for
Presented by their Soileitl the issue. a first cer
M Eugenia tificate of title in res
9 3 76 Charles ct of a portion of
atl2.05 pm ____ and knw as a part
of Sonne Estate Seotte
Head in the PF~h6of
St Mark containino 26.625 s 4 bounded as follows:-
North land of Gatson Gachette East land of Honrietta Jervler
South land of ernard jervier West land of Heerlet ervierL
Request dated Florence TavernA Application of Fle
ir and Evadney rence Tavernier and
23 6 -75 Charles as joiit Evadhey Charles- as
euants joint tenants for the
Presented y their Soilcitor issue ofa first certifi
M Eugeni cate of title in re
9 3 76 Charle. pect of a portion of
at 2.0clock land known aa a. Re
-----Ii---f '-'----a sidential lot .in the
Town of Roseau in
the 'Parih of St
George containing 592 so feet bounded ar follows:-
North West Lnds of Ursula Bunche and ren Peltler North
ltas Lands of jane Didler Nelson Sourth East lands of Lirna
Leblanc South West Lands of Irene Pltier and Lerna Leblans

Request dated Philormn FlorentlApplicatidn of Philio-
19 1 76 by her Soilite men Florent for the
Presented M Eugnis iue of a first certifi
11t.3. 76 Ch cate of title in -re
at 12.4lock pect of a portion of
-- land known as a lit
'at Petite Savanne in
the Parish o St Pat
rick ronta.iins 36720 sqfeet bounded as follows:--
North aerav e separAting it from land of indal Darroux -
North Zast a rvine. .~paratlng It frov land of Dons Darraux d
Stephs;, Moios So.. -, Ez.- public. road separtinS It froiw land of
Trotter Stouts and Mrs Myson Ttre South West land of Phllomae
-Firent and public road and land of Talfe Oaron North W4esl
lad of. Alice Baren

Rece:Ast dated
11 2 76,
11 3 76
atl2.15 pmt

Neie LulkePer, Appllcation ai
li'nel rspresentr Luke personal repro
tivw of Mhaximea. senrtative ofr Maxima
Luke deceased- Luke defeased wad
and Joseph Luke- Joseph uke-and Cla
and Clarita Jean rita Jan nee Luke
aeo Luke for the issue of a,
by their Soilcitor first certificate of
M Eugenia title in respect of a
Charles portion of land knew
as a part of Belfast
* .. I .el "

Sa e r ianaut in me
b ndr 7430 ou re-fet and Ar a' of St PFul con
lamn~ed 0 follow:- "
Nertlast land of Joseph 4. A Astepl F Plorna Roll *and N(IL
Luke All on Bilfast Estate. South EIus. l nd f isllne Hsndersets
formerly Guelian Robert & Mary P.Squr' ormermtrly Ernest Stephen
son South land of Mary Pacquette formerly Ernest Stephe.ns &
A Public Road North West flanAfet Isablli Lai anson formerly
jhn Thomas 5 I .

STAR Page ThPa c
Request dated Sonsn Anmal a Application of Sot
IPersonal re reson son Angol at person
13 2 76 -tative of Philbert representative of Ph.
Angel bert Angol for th.-
Presentd by his Soilcitor is e of a firat certi
SM Eugenia cate of title in- reo
11 3 76 Charles ptt of a portion ofa
AteL amand known as a lot
t".... ..Halley Grandbay ia
the Parish of St Pa
trick contatiinsin
17,625- square feet
bounded as follows:
North l'ah land of Paul Alexander East land of Uraline Martl f
South a. public road North West a public road
Re'istrar's Office, Henry Dyr
Roseau, Dominica. Acting Reglrtrar of Tides.
.NOTE:-- Any person who desires to object to the issue of a
S*FrlOf"eSCftate rfW-Tae-tfr tl-bhole.4p may enter s
Cavet in the-above Office within six weeksfl~T tbinrtltet of
the first appearance of this Sthedule In the STAR NJewipaper
published in this State or from the date when the notice preq
scribed by law was served on any owner or occupier of adjolnlir,
land In.respecrof which the appllcation-Is made.

STARSPORTS: (see p,,4) INDIA vs 11.1.
If the W.I.'had six batsmen con-
tenders, one-should be Greenidge,
who failed' rinserably in ARistralia
yet imp'reses in the slower pitches;
of the region.. L.Rowe. (nor-batting
since Australia) can't, be disregar-
ded: in t77,piaying for .1l.,10e op-
ened with over 600 rims against
Mike Denriess' England. Shil in -ford
.was the most .prolific run-geo te
in' 1976 Shell Shield & naturally
(like all Dorainicans)I' d like to.
hear him playing .a 'test, ine,tch;way "
-back in 1967 when Clive Lloyd wfa -
picked to tour, Irvig'~ was the bet-
ter man; but I. see him playing, in
test only if Rowve and Greenidge tfi.
against Indi'a with the lst match
now in progress & 3 more to come.
bv. whether ofi not Shillin'gford
plays against India, I do expect
him to go to England when the West
-Indies tou r.tiaS-Jmulmerms 2 -
Meanwhile West Indies were "1 39
for $ in reply to India's 177,all
out. D. Hoolford captured 5 wickets
for 23 runs.. V.Richards 142,Ka.ili-
charan 93 ,L1loyd 72 n.o.,Hichards
'5. (Play continues tomorrow)

LEAGCUE: 3 centuries were scored ina:.
Gregoire League matches last weekend
S.Anthony 134 of Defence Force total
nqs-ield Joan V00 for 'alisbury. Def.
"o--e 277 to Salisbury's 246 for 8.
Irv.. : SI 3:fl.?ingford 133 n.o. against
Trat inn;' in Spartans total 250 br 5,.
Ralir washed out further play.
(Lead in t_- ,tarsports sje )



3 l'l" i

CRICKET: The big talk in the Caricom CONNECTION (p1.) What is an investor
Region is the non-selection of Irving to think when he learns that a Minis-
Shillingford' for the first test match ter of Finance (most important minis-
against the touring Indians at Bridge ter to hii4 was one of the earliest
town, Barbados...following his fine left-wing radicals in the country who
form in the Shell Shield this year burned the Canadian flag? Why should
the bat, and maintained when he .scoreca small peaceful country want a 50-
the first century against the Indians man army? he may ask4 And how is it
for the Windward Islands., -o that dn the -government side
Personally I am not surprised that defends a man against government in a
Irving did not make the first'eleven fraud case involving government funds?
for the lst test matchThe closest I Some people are so innocent as to
thought he could come to the 1st XI believe that all these antics by the
wbuld be as either 12th or 13th man, government of a country have no effect
vind. you, I mean the FIRST test m"h on the .reputation of that country.The
The argument that the batsmen who, last ,trip taken by Patrick John. Kissin-
failed in Australia would perform bet ger and his team of diplomats may.
ter against the slower Indian bowlers sound.impressive to some. But we must
and less lively pitches in the W.IndX not forget that the Frenchmen are dip
holds tvu.e tome. Consider the bats-' lomats and politicians too and-that
men who wete in Australia:Fredericks, before the Dominican mission arrived
Greenidge, Baichan, Rowe,Kalicharan, they would have looked into the Prem-
Lloyd and Richards --n performance. ierts past record. 'When they made
or figures. The only real failureswe promises and.gave assurances to Prem-
Greenidge'(11 runs in 4 test 'innings) ier John they were being diplomatic.
andLaw~ence Rowe (270 runs in6 mts Those who listened to. the Premier's
batted 11 times, He got-135 runs in half-hour talk over the local D.B.S.
the 1st test match and managed only radio may have noticed how many times
.135 more runs in the remaining five), it was mentioned that the-French had
With the'exception of Baichan, who on-promised to -'look into'schemes'or' con-
ly played the last match, the other side' the idea, send experts to in-
batsmen all topped400 runs. .Now for ves tiate the possibillty'or tapraise!
Caribbean against Indians: I safely the situation. The mission may bear
on Lde (ba inj s) 't bat some fruit, but let us not fprget-:tat
an ee it was a DIPLOMATIC mission, and the
Ay W.S.Stevens. French Ministers are more experienced
Drift to Disaster-in Agriculture than ouras
I remain convinced that despite all --(Freedom Party Newsletter)
the economic projects being hatched, -A few of ttiem put in. some conscien-
Dominica's main industry for many de- tious work, but most are left to heir
cadets will be agriculture. Yet so ltit own devices; farmers seldom see them
tie is done about it and so much is to get help and advice on their own
spent without effect.Farmers are do- plots. There should be a Senior Ag-
ing their best. H,.E. the Governor at ricultural Officer STATIONED in .a
Village Council meetings keeps on ad- district (as before) with Junior Of-
vising harder work on the land.Persps ficers serving.under him, who would
his advice would be Miore telling if hand him reports on plots they visit,
he stressed honesty on all .fronts,par-Agriculture is field work, work on
tpicularly in the Public Works Dept. the land. We need now some of our
Recent events indicate that dishon-"Senior Officers (whether they are
esty is regarded as, good sport and, Doctors,Masters or Bachelors of Ag-
that the hard-worked agriculturist riculture)spread over the islandThqr
must produce without roads, with in- should live out of Roseau and work
creasing cost of living and fuel cri- in their districts with farmers in-
ses, only to provide revenue for an stead of converging on Boseau,talkirg
unscrupulous set of people who re- over the air on Sundays & evenings
ceive fat salaries monthly for doing Aa Press-day nears, I learn that a
next to nothing. new banana. Contract- is being consid-
Agricultural Officers need to do ered or signed between Geest Indus-
more awiculture in Dominica. tries- and WINBAN,Growers have suffer-
ead a lo't from contract-change without. consultation, Not again, please)WSS,
if 4 om? Propriet or R.E.Allfrey of rCbopt r-aE _E-26~ th R^1


Friday, March 12, 1976

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