Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Te*: Piexxnrito9 .... .TA t
Tel: Printery 269i, Editor 26 .
IU Ji-Media Rps ^ narjve..I I A '

NFW YGfkK 21. N. ,Y.
;' *76 .

S1S2 Shaftesbur, Ave. W,'.

..i....v Ma..4A. E- *W#IA

Vittute _O*ut. omite Tortuna


LEADER of Britaia's P1

A ki .ic18 mn .a

to suceed 'the late Cardina3 th
ienarf as Archbishop of si$
Westminsjter ind leader of
Br.tiian' Romaan CatholicA.
*He i. the S2-year-old Abbot pr
of Armrpef,-tb, thbe Rigbht P
Revere',d Gcorg*e Basil
Hmw. H- will be the afrst. S
n oank *l be: Arc-hbishop '-h11
src t-b. rx'st'o;: ,"i. of th. .
Rou- ": ^,hok, 1, ,r. l, !i
1 4hb :> Si us be 1
pv n F:A. I ": l ,..we
pTO, anh' *scrj'- r
".. iac.h/H. -.-- L,-u AbB
1 .
'- Er'7 Y-l orkihire, jlNorth '
East .,gl oy, S .C. .I 96.. '*.
In '"cent ar-s be has h '
worked'. fo)r Christian ilit Eiy.-
Thf Anglican iL.,dr the
Archbiahbp. of .Canterbuiy;
Dr- Dmoald Coggaan said
yesterday : '"He wfill bring
to the Archbishopdi -of
-sobnid .d ga me a as
iecumJ;su,; : optianes8s ad ,
qfiet bhut r,.. e.- .n
Th-e son of heert ottn-
.ulaao. .A"Ibot; r.i me was
educated l' Ampleforth,.
'",r anld F h. ur g,
-*Univ ury,y, Switzw, .,-'i. qe
bec, a monk 1i 14945 f ~r 4
was ordained in 1950 He ike
is keen' on foot"'l:H aan -h'eAs
foiowed the fortuneb c' .
ie a.s.e *nitei a" tsa av
.age ofgel -

- Twelve top-ranking UK
Policit0en (C. I .D ,^ly-
ing Squad etc. were ki j
Court. on charges ,9pf il i
legl practices (soame
l-.ating' from 1960)-. 1hey f
were allowed .5,000 J
bail but their passpo
wera held,

Two well-known TV & radio com-
entatoirs were summarily removed from
eir assignments. during the visit of Pre-
lent Leoosld Senghor to Martinique.
One was the- son of Aime Cesaire who
tested vehemently when his colleague
'otessor Pierre- Luicette had his TV
ot cancelled. .The. dismissal of both
ese men, whose programmes on atsi
terature' and- relevant matters
re. very popular, has. shocked
Q. thinkingU pple, ,,ar4, ,;
'tReai@Jegdig[pect'opr page2).

'Miss Jeiifer Chrisiwmas or 'esley

.id J
I ,~ ^-^

I s "
I 4-^:


More nMerrySnake- than
ever jammed tLhe .oads
of Roseau and more
drunks enjoyed hang-.
overs lasting up to
' now, but there were
few rough incidents
.ione fatal. In faco
the 1976 Carnival has
Seen dubbed a very
good one in many -ya .
Glittering Jennif.r
Christmas as "Light', t
Staged i9,. frrim ')'..y
and WEHS, costu'ie de-
signed by Gairy Didier
got the popular vote;
Paula Delsol came ctose
Behind, with Joan Mdcse
and Bernice Matthew
in 3rd & 4th places.
Lord Solo (Melvin Con-
stant) got the Calypso
crown for 3rd yr ruzniz

The millions ofrrats
swarming over Senegal
have caused horro:- in
that land- aid an ap-
neal to WHO for poison.


..... -V -- M _M 5_U ___ .... .. .


_^-_ol-r~l----~------- -)---m^u-_--u--- ~ ~-uur



IN MARTINIQUE by John Spector With -the Carnival Silly Season
Over 8, oO Martiniquans sied barely over, we hope our overseas
Over 00 Martiniuans signed readers will excuse the local tone &
a petition to the Prefect objecting taste of the verse contribution we
to the summary dismissal of Prof. print this week.
Pierre Lucette and M.Jean-Paul prn ts w
.Cesaire (son of famed poet/politi- QDE TO D.B.S. RADIO
cian Aim .Cesaire) from the French'
Government-controlled TV/Radio Sta- Oh! YesI We .can all be D,Js;
tion, I understand that the Metro- That takes little or no skill . .
politan Director of the SStation ob- But as Broadcasters, Commentators
ejected to an article written by Lu- It's. a status we can never fulfilo..
cette in the paper France-Antilles, God heavens We read badly:
in which he asked why the Paris Even what we write ourselves,
Overseas Newscast had 'blacked outt Indeed we try; how hard we do,
allreports of. the ,visit of Presi- But there's no leadership to help
dent Senghor of Senegal to the De- Save Raymond who's all self..
apartments of Martinique/Guadeloupe We are told we disgrace
preceded by his famous cultural The public; the nation indeed;
troupe of dancers, actors and musi- Such inarticulate English
cians. As a result of the dismi-ssal Does really taste like gall-
of Pierre Lucette, Jean-Paul %saire To hear Dennis,Ted,Alvin,M.P.,Ferdie,
raised 'a strong vocal protest in Carter;
the Radio Station and was also Bat we do not worry, for the Colonel's
sacked, no better.
Professor Lucette is a France- What boast we made with political.
Antilles correspondent on art/cul- Dennis. .
tural affairs, and covered the via i We'll reorganize and refurbish the
.of the Senegalese with a brilliant- station for so.
description and series of photogmphss.We got rid of Jeff, Barnet and good
President Senghor has been for, over taste,
25 years associated with Martinique But alas, We ve only produced...What?
Deputy Aim :Cesaire in the creation D--n B--1 Sh-t.
and expression of the philosophy 'of For Shell. Shield we used our Ferdie,
tnegritudet, described by Senghor. a. Paul, a Thomas;
in.his-rwn words and related in We said what we can't and don't under-
brief in this newspaper recently, stand.
It has been suggested that the English we butchered and cricket we
'imminent election of local Council- perjured,
lors next Sunday is the key to tHis But no damage done;
action against the sacked men.There English is neither our language
are rumours that President Senghor Nor cricket our game,
is out of favour with President Gis. Up came the Queen Show
card d'Estaing for his refusal to T'was there we used bad words,
allow hid capital city, Dakar, to Wrong phrases for so;
be used as a refuelling stop for But we all nearly died
the Concorde .and his subsequentt' sev Frrom Ferdie s ..,ehi ehl ehsl
ering of the 'umbilical cord', be- Or hi-s dragging ahl ahl ahst
- tween the Overseas Departments of Or the unending ...very..,very,..very
France and Paris by flying himself jinks,
and his troupe direct from Dakar But let's now speak between us: -
to Martinique & Guadeloupe in 'a There's something much worse that we
Senegal Airways plane rather than In our Knowledge is Power do;
by Air France. Where we only have the latter,
Dominicans arei interested in .... We impoverish -infant thought
these matters because of the recent With d--n B--I Sh-t and Smut,
Drawing closer to France moves and ----,.L.S S,
also because Prof#Lucette is a very ---
popular figure in-Dominica rith NEWSPOINTS
many friends here#. There are ovu. one million people in
-aTETER r.iT NSA. T--- detention or concentration camps in
S-A .the USSR (jnU NSAw Agancq). IThe Sov-
The gentleman who'thanked in a con the USSR (Cohn New. Agennr)."The So
-temporary newspaper all the kixd iet Union is the best friend of.the
-temporary -newspaPer. all. the kind.

T H E S. T A R _Friday, March 1975-.

Page. Two

Pea. Three

Frdy Mare 5 1976 THE STAR

Free and Responsible People.
The idea of freedom is not-an abstraction: we have
freedom from and freedom to. The' good society
gives its people the opportunity to realize ever greater
human and spiritual values. Like other moral virtues,
freedom can only be maintained by carrying out
its duties. + + s . *, + . + ,
The priiciple of responsibility is not a creed taken
from, sme book of utopian philosophy. In some form
or other it, is strong in the hearts of all except the mist
depraved and graceless people; the thoughtless, the
ignorant and the indolent. 4 4+ +4 4 .. ..
A Duty is. not a spectral figure, solemn and grim,
stalking us and making notes of our delinquency. It is
more like a guide, leading us to ju',ify our existence
by making the wdrld a little better than we fo.udt it.
If we had a hundred space-platforms orbiting the
earth, the human story would still be told in terms of
individuals discharging. their duty responsibly.

Of waterproof coatings, RPM is the world's
krst manufacturer and exporter of bred ac.*
ryc and q lmiunum coatigp. If you are imaina-
Jivia peiA og u can u succeed with RM.
Stoickss and imp do well with our lim.
Pleae send resun today and let us prove the
mucess of otherBuy it net or sell at list and
receive excellent coninission. Will accept col-
lec cables giviog n me, addre et c.
2628 Pearl Road "
Medina Ohio 44256,
USA. I-.

...II -I ,III I" I i" _. ', iI II i i -" .ri. . l
Schea !*enf Application for Cerrtflate of Titls & NotnIg
i thesron & Ca, s tor week endl dy of bmry 1106
Date Rsqued.idA Person Prmenting Natus? of request whe.
Sther c Certifcate of
Title df Noting thereon
or Caveat.
^Reaest qu dated ede'e T a lisaSu
hre 'ith d orf ikaa P portofa t of latl
PResnted nthe ranc' Wdams t.nws *r Nous
i 2 Ith &day o t s ow ao s aP oft i ata Michel
February 'Idel Francs Wi j n the arish of 3
97~ -t Illaau disease d Luke la the State of
0.2by hm 5#A tosrWW ophri eontffairn
",- Cla A.M D pgio r .aet f:t.
Ne tiR4 of RloetUs Serkeull Es 'lAnd Jf Jne ChsiIa
Pr esent" tb* OMne wl" -,t rm:-

eaglistfar'7 i 9ffic. W y *
RoSet, Dominicanl Actti ng t 'r;r of Titles.
NOTE:- Any person who dmlses to .ct to the issue of a
First Certifcate of Tle In the above .llcattoisJmy enter a
Cavr- In the above OffiA withlht six ,eeks from the dateof'
the Sflrt pperance of his Schedule In the STAR Newspaper
publtiiSh in this Stte or from the date ww.n the notice dat-
scribed by !aw was served bn any P .rr 7 occupier of adjlintag
I.; which the le, ;s made

Dorin can rm:n soon be Frenchmen,
Signs of this we already can see;
But whether yittitians Aiill ever r
become Giiyanese
Is. -surely a t'stery to me.
-- St. itts Democrat.
Newsnote: Mr. Paul Southwell1 ,
Premier of St. ittst, is in London
having independence, talks and ar-
guing for the .ast time over the
fate. of Anguill a.

$572j5 in P1IZES
Stake so cet to
1976 for Building Fund-
1; J ** "". .* --' .



PY,* ,uugcd and Bottled m Great Britain by
Vi -Products tenied, Kimston-Upon-Thames

Friday. Mar 5,B; 1978S



CRICKET: RAIN continued to play a !"Arabi Affairs." was pronounced Band
deadly part in the West;Indies cric- of the Year 1976; and tthe Lord, Con-
ket this week, and the touring In-. troller' was proclaimed Roadmarch
dians got a.fair share in their firstlKing of Portsmouth, A serious stab-
two' matches, three-day affairs againstbing incident between two men.took
the Windward Islands in St. Vincent, place at Wesley. The body of a young
and the Leewards at Sturge Park, Mat- man who was diving near Roseau jetty
serrat.. on Carnival Monday had not'been re-
ser Irving Shillingford recorded covered by Friday pre'sstime.. sWH'-y .
his second firstelass century this _____
season when- he scored We have been asked to print the fol-
innings-of 128 against the Indians lowing lines' addressed to Kijng Solo
at Arnos- Vale, St.Vincent, to steer by Mr. Tex Josepht-
the Windwards to a-respectable total -
of 306. after they were floundering. LICKS- AND '76
at 64 for 4 before lunch o~n the firs thatt else could it be
day.Findlay got 72. .Bdi 3"/85 and Re de King o our Country
Prasanna 3/76, India declared their Again, licks for Seventy-six:
innings. closed, on 238/8: P.Sha'raa 53 He would sing
-and S.Amarhath -60. S.Hit ds 3/73-and ItBout his rival Calypsonians
G.Shillingford 2/48.. Bout skytacious
The Windwards' crumbled for, 113 Bout marrowxminded
in their 2nd-inings; ~MGeorge 29 -"j and. abominatd .
S,Ven:kat 4/36 6nd P.Sharma 3/17. iAnother rdign for He Majesty
India. at close of play were 39 with- de King of Calypso three consaeqution'
out -Tss,with thevbest of a drawn :
m atn I like. to put in words again.
4m ch30-.minutes wer& lost; tt rain' How man can become men
in the match India against the Lee- Like Symbot-
ward Islands by the time -the match Welding words to form his character
ended on Adh Wednesday, thus restrict- and: Solo feeling dem ahl- suffer
:ing the game to-incomplete .first in- Of de Alcoholic in de gutter
nings. India batted first and decl- of dem burden and depression
ared on their overnight score of 206 Orbiting words of oppression. .
for C; play. would only- oommence some I wou?, like to cry. 'ut in words agaa
50 minutes after the- luncheon bre4k, of wasted talents
P.Sharma topscoring with 66 (Willet and wasted songs, ,
and. Corriette. were the destructive in our Land of Creation...,
bowlers)' -At close of play -the Lee- Wy not put out wx'-
wards were 16803, after the sessionsA, studi.fcr ou. musicians
of play before aand after lunch were andthe future of our children?
again, lost to. the elements.Jim. Allen Rap' on again Solol .
topscored with a fine 64' Midhael ex Joseph.
Camacho 53 .no., and V.Richards 27 n.o. 'I'" ''1 -:-r '-"' .i
'which included 2 fours & 2 sixes. MYSTERY MRITERtS .CRICKET LEGACY
The' first ever limited-overs c.- Dame-Agatha Christie who nvnted the
petition on a regional basis in the famous Belgian detectiWf..t funds
West Indies was won by Barbados wha through Agatha Christie.Ltd. to fin-
they defeated 'Trinidad by 43 runs at .ace an England Young Cricketers'tour'
Kengington -Oval,Barbados, onSat,Fe~tia2 o-. the W.I,, 24 July to 6 September.
David Holford won- the toss and 'Baa- tFifteen young players -.under 19 will
bados amassed 191 runs of 493 oerrs Itse part, In 1974, the West Indies
of their alTott-ed0-'acvers.battig, young. cricketers won drew 2-in UK,
'Stephen Farmer 63. (topscorer in the -
match) and Joseph Newton 44.Raphick 'O OUR READERS: the Beauty Queen pho-
Jumadeen .3/26 and Bernard .Julien 3/ ogrpaph on p,1 was-taken by Mr'.Walter
.., Gooke, New Chronicle photographer.
.3/ Trinidad in their turn at the sorry Mr.W,S,Stevensr column came in
crease could only muster 148 and too-.late Prifor publication. po ,L,
were dismissed in 395 ot heii overs le think it unwise to print your piece
-tqpscorereT.Cuff'Y (36), Wayne Dan- about a certain Sect which is already
i dis-l.ying his talents Jde ersecu
ri & AFuf ubl"ge -hP clR 0gUro Coplrr H-ouse-
e bea. 'Es, BateORE e e S

Fri day, March 5, 197,6

Paga: Four-


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