Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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"C. -. -,

$- V. "xxini"
CSrablrT Star, omla "
Tel: Printery 691, Editor '260
t U.K.' Media Repres.rdtative:
iCodln Turner (London)'Ltd.

D I Ml' ICA T'

I Shtesbur^ y, w. .. or.. '.
.dt February 7 1,97. EdiJtor...P, ,I S- A A.L FARLFEEY

Si.... e bistonrcalla ad eograp' i' "en we say Carnival Crd
. lly the French influence and po. ma y ni we don' s just. mean .
t re so obvious and enduring, it i per- th e jumping crowcr in tlhe
Iectly logical to draw closer to kFrance streets, but tha; happy
when all of Europe is drawing together crow-d of return d DciJ.n-
icans with their relatives,
y stage. and. friends, and many other
-:r~ iP DOT .Idi ,t | b "visitors -Who are -drc., byb
It is not .usuil for a small Commwonwealth t'"'"i.., ho ae dr .'. by"
countryy to make approaches before indepen- the magnet of- this festival
dence and conclude arangemants with a foreign at th end of a bintter,- -
power, some of which are. contingent upon .a North American winter. We
dependence itself. Presumably the British Fo- bid them all a good w.lcome.
Sign and Commonwealth Office gave its bless- eT .
ing to this sortie. Example:- There will be a DEATH e mu1 o .
reach Division in the Premier's office. emu h regt- to armouce -th
.French will be. a Compulsory that. fie old 'lady who E. el
sub ject in elementary y schools, tll r h birthday in, Jan
0anid Frac e will finaixee the es-
tablishaent'. d.ta Lycee on la c and,, AT THO UGHT5 ON AM"ITG
to" be givene: by; the. Lominica . ---
e timent. A. Fr:-nch Consul will be CT ifE people s Antig-ia- derve our con-
pointed herre and a firm un--: gratuan for mak- a rea f the
eapp teig to re ai. the dama ed- Power tp .Lhe People and thus planting Demo-
derltaking to repair. the dam aged : 'r fir "
road to the airport afte-r evail- ,,c C.firmy. iao their soil.
action was ven. THE lesson presented to the. people.
,AmCl.g other projects recoun- . -of 'the o:therr- island. s i-s th.t it is a
ted .b. Preieor John, fri*om whom s ..i-ietake .for a people to give any politl-
that flicetous. phrase -The ca3, Party. their full :coomi tment for
French:Leg emanated, wera: .as- he restof their lives -:
sistanc in restoring Fort iThlrley; THE iuod 'f the people of Antigua ; d
the: e .ta :li ent. of' a F're:ch cates that. they will noQt. stand for nonsense
Bank here; ar, other, s1'ht..y. and that::t ey expect the fulfilment of election
Tnore vague .plan, such: as an. a.r- : ,.proimi. : it Is expected that. the new
Sport at .Groipton Pint or a .hiali- tBirs : traton -will realid its..deep re-
port at Canefie ,',. Thnri.of course .- ponsibility. to. dellvec such..promises,
thL~'e- is tbc p 'r i..sec st .-un. .. -
Some Do i-, cr.s Tmay h~aive "to .WANTED PROMOTERS
.Unslearn V-;.,L.. r. f j. r S
unarn o their f Of wate-proof coatings, RPM ifthe world'%
iage, pato.s, .nl order to gvi. Largest M-oufacturer and enorter offibr? -cm*
their inrtricalcis ot French grammar. rlict anduar Tf.and c.oe f ina ,-'
a, d. -i n.-minum C sin If-,ou imn-t-

If you :wre, ed beg-
gar going through .Le. c.ridors of
power seeking help, a, French Le;g
Sto hop on would und9oubtc d"y ':r-
pass any other .ii tni~' 'c.ay & ';ge..

M., Chiraen, his e Mini .e %1 and
.adrvisars, treated the..d legat-
ion. very well. When the schemes
begin .to mature we shall .. have
rmuch to. thank them for.


: I

ive sad perWlWioligyou rfticsuceed wit R. A
Stockist and importert o wall wIuh oir iite .
Please send .icium 'odasand 't us prove the
succ ..wof othierwBuy it et .n r 6 e al aist andt o
receive excellent commissions. Wiil ac:cpt ol-
lect cables givic, name, address, etc.
2628 ?:aril koad,
'tedifiaC 4-.: 4425 '
-. * U SA .. "




Page Two .TH E S TA R i F.r iday, February 27,197
CANDID.,..Q MENTS by W.S. Stevens .R E:AD R S V E WS
.AAGEI OM PORTSMOU : "The a.tiole drawn
Our 1967 ConStitution made it ab- fr6m the address of President, Ssnghora.
undantly clear thst whatever is not onh Negritudet it great. We apprec-
provided for in writing can be hand- iated it very much. The ideas are -very
led in two. ways:, dither by precedent, kinilar to. a chapter of Race in a-
and custom at Westminster, the Mother book on Anthropology, one passage of
of Parliaments, or decided in the ihicn read ...tRace prejudice that
local High Court. is so largely founded on sheer con-
The Dominica Government has been siderations of colour, is bou-:-l to
undermining the aadency and sanctity decay, when that darker shade succeeds
of our Constitution since 1970 when in displaying" the qualities enabling
MrEustace Francis.became Speaker af it to compete with the opposite.
the Honourable House of Assembly and It goes on: "As regards the universal
defiantly. accepted the editorship cf .,brotherhood of man, the most that cal
the Ruliin Labour Party paper "The be said is this- the old ideas about
Educator"'; ain.then was V;ce-Presid- race as something hard and fast for
ent of the said Party for nearly. all time are distinctly on the do-
ffve years. cline." ...I was really glad to read
On -ne occasion .before I retired your translation. in last Satu.rday' s
from tihe housee over -twoLyears, ago, ,I J STAR for the similarity. -- And may I ,
took objection to .one of. Speaker. add What an overwhelming victory
Francis'" .f requent,!butting-ins .on be for Vere Birdi I remember Free.dom
half o.f is 'party,- Speaker F' ahnis A Party. We may. still live in.hope..-
pronmptyi reminded me that he was -- Portsmouth Democrat. "
Speaker of the -House,, and that what
he said or did It'' right to CHRISTIANITY A-D A iMARXISM
question Two quOtes from readers:.-
-. sprang to my feet,andh id etorted
that T. ranted to respect his author- aislacs is e simple
kindness of teO st an eth ic. And
ity -as Speaker', but not when he was ` kindness o theca*stian ethic, And
a .viihout this, lif? I 3P not,,
E.ito. o: his party organ and a high without this, life is simply not
official in the Ruling Labour (Shoe) worth living-utiuani e -just as .
Party. animals in .a computer sys e mt'. ]-K.R..
I wa.s prepared to make a big issue
of t'is matter to have this constit- I consider Marxists, and particu-
utional anomaly .set right, but not larly those hidden in the Dominica
having the needed support of the Labour Party, as hypocrites. They
having.theeededtsuppor of theI r
House, i let the.matter drop, used Bobby Clarke in their propaganda
House, Hn.Speakerand motorcade then cast him out -say-
Nou in, the t.newtHouse, Hon.Speaker
Euatace Francis completely and arro- ing he 'was ro-Castro- with aDor
Cican wife and all, Now Castro is get-
gantly-ignores constitutional cti- w a al ow Ctro et
ting respectable they don't object to,
quette, perhaps because he depends on Cuba. Or are they just Christians
his stipend-as. Speaker of the House hocies
plus h-is- several jobs from public acting Marxist who arc ed RO
funds including Chairmanship of Pub- The thinha meconu RO
lie Uthili tioes. NEWSBRIEFi: In addition to thousands
The- eople o- Dominica. -ind it ,
Th- eople of Dominic. h ind i dead and wounded, over one million
Sfcult to-understand how the Speaker Guatemalans ae homeless since the
of thae Touse and a person so high in devastating -earthqualne 1/ populace.
the hierarchy of the Government's devastate earthquake populace.
Labour Party finds it possible to
defend persons accused-of defrauding As it is, Dominicans stand disgra-
the Government, It may be right to ced in the eyes of the entire British
say that as a lawyer he can 'defend Commonwealth of Nations where there
anyone he wishes .to defend,- but isn't is'no record that a Speaker -of any
he uncomfortable doing -this? Commonweal-Gh Parliament has been al-
Surely this man .should have been lowed to act in all the capacities
called upon to cease'beihg Editor of in which Speaker Francis acts here,
the Educator. and 'an Executiv. Member I aam waiting next Session to se-
of the Labour Party' since 19-70?. Of- what the whole- House will do about a
late he has been named as "Political situation,., wch has pulled down our
Editor" of the aforesaid newsorgan. prestige before the democratic, wo dd,

di9.A i' iP wrASk





. MPR.TEli : ."

;bt-.a- $4.W

7 .9:

Ho1tn and Lot at the 2aglc of Gret
Ceorge Sor-ee and. il1siborolgh

Apply: .
BeIevigw Rawle


" ~4-r------- l-e~~ra a e nqan~-

Sohedule of Application for Certlflieq of Title r.i NuaIrngi~
'ereaon and for we^k s-.dlIng 21S day 4f FatPrwe 1i97l
ate Keqested F 1maron Pi-eseidng Nature ofe request
whethi aer ski $
I : Title of Noting
S " .. there or Cwavat
if++=.SB.- 4 - c., --^.c.-a u -a -S;> r . ..
E: lAi - .oA JulaIhBl '.quif@ or ti-.a issue
Je BSlESisackmaa u: a fijt: cealf .c.t
fr csar b'A L-. Solieitor of *e i'n (TOit O:
6th &srr -,anyA. Dupigay a p n 000 of and at
[h Ie f xtJ :- fown of R :

.f ...g ..*..- :. G ws ath
i "". '- .~E s JoSmini a

i Oesmoed LetsaR NPorPrftesi Lana of Aurt: '. t l
4S9Reth-We(tiQ aB r<'.-: Str*e;t .
day of Febrwsry I, 6
*" : der 6'wd i Pv j ':.est for# tft*."e a
i-l ith day of Widias s. Pa of a farst certificate
w-cn'b. scusl reprot 4-A 6f 1t. ;q re"v t oar
Ii'f5 tir i- p ^ow.o.n of 3anS
; 4tS day of aimo knowo i 4 'u .nte MiIhe|
,F arry ril Frac ia WI Parith of
197S at iams dearsed -tk in the bState 4
10.2S a ~ y her S.i.te' iica contaiaia
J nls A2MiFt y .T 30 8 q& S O fe et anI
',-P--e-s^L- t-+ qlti-. W- boutea ed as folk wa:-
I- Nrth .lan of at'attIla S ike Hie ,. i.,5 'nlae- iarles -
. .r k i OI'osby a-lnd "of. Paaul Pastl
i:7 dai. y .'of F brniry I76
. .

d~~;irFc.i',hrr~r r F read

IEL-i a- -r7au l-cn;;:%,u

I -l- am

*sr3r'sl 0. f#, HvnryD/er ----r
*IRotei, Jdmrnllca,. Ac,..g ReglItr'r of TIsts
NOrE: Aiy person who desires to object 1 i: ing of a
Certificate of title on the above appfijtion may enter'a Caveat'"'
Sin the above office within' six weeks fr 'nT the date of the First .C
appeal ance' -f this scheddlue in the STAR Newspaper published. -
'In this. or rom' the date when the notice, prescribed b' L
law: was last served -on'-any owoer or oc nF ri p,. if which the apphitrisuon s nia e.
ML-~----- ^^^^=-.^ .11 ---^^^I


Produced aLid PledinGreastBritainby
Vine Poducts Limir ed, Kifngston-Upon-Thames

Of .Specil" Tter.:' .to
Boly.-Bailders Atl e .& inptt misa "

MGde wa .ai O ai uei I e^int :;* i :.
*v id wlb al b.< i

P, .. *f1:, ....



Request 4iatd jaryse.Joseph Request for the issue
i'Sita April! ;Louis of a first certificate
975 by hi b iiaato of titl in respect f -:
Prset M.n*tedt_. :, '*e&xfat DupigMay "portion of hiad at :.
11A HFebruary* Sanlbur b Iithe Pa-.
t974 at .< a 'i_ ______ wish of St Josphisp: i
--77- the,.d Statei Doiunic.. I
stainin~~a240 squre fe-it ad beo ded follow : -
rtfthWabeteblk e Rsparating it from lind df Whklfldli
bruPriR Norwtifistc land qfaerraeltna Loui, SputEb.v fin
Ce: a;'Qnlli'- ..*aUi =.,Ue t^ges'eLr.^l d Of WP tfild IIru.i .
R ;quoF4t 4 i'id 43yson Josep_ 'Request for the issue
SI llApri( i97 Louis ofa first certificat-
iPrested.. b his Solicite of idi*e in respect of
riLk Febrstary anya Dupiga portion ofiltnd at
s9 76 at 2.44 pm Grand Savrnabh iSai
S Jo eph in LhrStohe. 'b thePa
Dporinica -ontaininag 18600 .Q ft and bounded -as follows: I
Norit.Landcof Bxkillis Victoriny, East tLanild of. Sx(ils
VI arine SSuth-astA rirav fte isaraictg it from land of
ftkin Wlltani, Sy SoBth-Wesa.itds ofa M4dam. Gilin Sai
LCarePnce Anthoniy ,


.I REAM- .

,,~n ei..

-;S~-:S-AR;'S--PO'RTS -Morchriston C A R N I V A L in D 0 M I N IC A
CRICKET: The.first ever West Indies We go to press before the results
limited overs competition was, like of the Calypso King contest are re-
the Shell Shield Competition,heavily corded; nor do we know which of the
interrupted by rain. In due course seven potential Beauty Queens will
Barbados and Trinidad found themsetes'win the prize Paula Delsol, Lydia
through to the finals carded..for Feb de Ravarriere, Bernice Matthew,Nath-
28 at a venue to be decided, alie Pacquette, Jennifer Christmas,
For this competition, the teans Cynthia Hurtault or Jean Moise...?
were divided into two groups with tf16 Lord Solo is'defending his crown,but
Windward and Leeward Islands.playing we are bound to say that the calypso
'as separate entities. The teams were this year are of a rather brutish and
Guyana, Trinidad and the Windward., I, coarse nature (more so than usual);
in one group and Barbados, Jamaica & the most innocent-sounding one being
the Leeward Is. forming the 2nd grp. "Shillingford Driving" a tuneless:
In the first round of matches Feb. but popular bit of sports herowoirhip.
18th) Guyana.and the Windwards recei- However, well "rendered "*by'the pans,
ved one point each for an incomplete no doubt a couple of those near-mel-
match which.'fell over both days al- bodies will become spirited roadmarches.
lottd for play. Jataica vs.Leewards In, the out-areas of the-countryside,
- not -a ball was bowled. -In the. 2nd such as Trafalgar, independent shows
round, matches, Barbados defeated the and. contests are. being .very successful.
Leewards by 36 runs (Feb.21)whilst Two things which we hope will never
Trinidad completed a 7-wicket win be repeated are the carnival fire mur-.
over the Windwards on the 22nd a.m. der mystery (still a mystery today) and
On Feb. 22nd, Barbados. defeated Jam- the death of the friendly American.
aipa by four runs in a close finish It is pleasing to learn of the douil-
at...Kensington Oval. Scores: Barbados lette band organized by Mrs, Royer..-
156 all out. Jamaica 152. Thb other In the world of e.ari v al makebelieve,
third round .match. (Trinidad vs Guy- princes like -to play ay I.peau -paupers
ana at Bourda) match abandoned with and paers (the majoeri f f:ur-- peo-
out a ball bowled.-Therefore -Barbadas ple) at being kings. and. uen s. .
and: Trinidad, with a win. each in the .... ................
qualifying match, are through to the AS WE GO TO 1STS
finals New Ze def d i d .. Comrades, heads together, shoulders
New Zealand defeated India a. to the wheel,. Almighty God,solidari
two one-day matches prior to the .etc... we are not able at this late"
Indians coming down to the West.Indies time to- comment on the. 2nd & 3rd legs
They arrived in the W.;I. for a 4-mafh of Hon.Col.'Premier Patrick Johnt't '
test series oa.Feb.24, and opened report of today,FPr27th; will do so
their tour with a 3-day match against next week, Only to'say that it was-
the Win.l-.--ard Arnos Vale,- St. distitly ubdued ad lackedthe
Vincent, on Feb.26,. Sunil Gavoscar, 6lan of the French Leg -report, as may
vice-capt., of the India .team, did n- well be expected ,-In :George Orwell s
arrive with the team. He is .still -. Animal Farm 'there was a conspiracy
suffering from a fractured cheekbone 'by 'th aials to usurp the powers
whilst fielding in the 3rd test gain of the two-lgge'd. All those who '
New Zealand, but expects to be fit walked on wo legs were to be done
for the first test match starting in away with and their land expropriated.'
Barbados March .4Oth. (He is dn New They had.a national anthem called
York undergoing treatment). .."Beasts of England and 7 co mmrand-
LEAGUE: All four matches inthe.Aug- ments, which the pig leader reduced
ustus Gregoire league 'ere ruined by finally to a single rule;
rain last weekend. Trafalgar got full All animals are equal
points (12) for their match vs.Salis-- But some animals are more
bury, who failed to turn up. Police equal.than others."
.had. the better of Saints and looked They were really. brotherly, and al-
set for victory when the rains came ways addressed each other .aS comrade,
to Canefield, Scores.: Saints 77 & 71 Read the bdok for yourself,A simpli-
Police 175,.taking .1st innings points..fied version is in the Publiac Sibrary.
At Windsor Park St. Joseph were, 142. 1 V i . .-b a
for 7. with :L. -Brade 64-not out against Printed & Published by the Proprietor
Celtics UGutter Crowns, struggled vs R.E.Allfrey of.Mill House Copt Hall
r ounds, at 26 Bath Rd.RoseauDominica,W.Indies.

Friday, February 27,1976

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