Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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VetoxxcnNc.f 7br

tery 2691. Editor 2610
fedia Representative. lil^ A
irer (London) Ltd. DO B1 1N iCA'
ftealary Ave. W.1. 4, tut e ,-V 2colh T ortun4 -
February 1976 Edtor PH $'L SHAND Al LFREY

THE VICTORY of Vere Bird' s Artigua
Labour Party o'ver Geo.lWalter' s Pro-
gressive Labour Movement (10-5, one
Barbuda dependent, one. tie)gives
hope to patient Opposition parties
in thp rei;ion who fear rtat-through
rigging of voterst lists and elec-
toral post;t, a Party in power may
never be ia seated.


A careful report, and balance
sheet has be an issued by the 12-
person Commi ttee through its
Cha5.rman,Sec retary & Treasurer.
Of the $~5,31 4 subscribed by kind
donors everydAhere, 43,O000 is now
invftstEd in a-arfincor;e $5, 17T has
already been spent on relief, and
the fund is till open in order to
provide for prphan children and the
injured as t1 s been donBe to date.
The Commaitte e thanks all who helped.


The toall age of the eighj y. ne men is 18
yars. ahyN are repemra g tlwr previous
reaPt succssea in the FrI.:,.h Islands. Thm
Group hlua from St Jo3s._ Dominica.


A F7TLING f laisse-.-faire expect-
ancy has hung over if e public since
the well-heeled Government delegat-
ion left for France and other lands
in search of friends and funds.
The report of achievement should
be most interesting to all at home,
We shall comment on, the Premieres
official statement in next i~due,

~.. ~ ~

i Ma rdnlque last week rnd, hbre set witu
h so friend the renowned poet Aml Cwar. Seife p Z

(Extract from Barbados Advocate Article
bv E L.C.)

'iTG : I of tay so,. are
w to d hearts of those who
.j* tre that goqd can b. gen-.
orl 4 br the wvigof a wand
or, Oftlan available fairy,
y ir npo fliat. And of all the
Smaq ty s to control, none is
beas d ,> n~-xh as the control
of pa ear. d of food rlices
in pi tIluw. u
i bflti~~d1"6 n the e fect-a
pelo i co&aVhv was dramatic.
v1i ku1trated by the decIsion
rft I t Triniadl and Obago
Sako s' Aaociation to st Lth e
mak ag of that ifatnd's most
slam a the Hoas Bread.
BI I wmho fhve aived
in 7 Iaidad wiY&1 ekIriate what
a C4 mifty this 'e. Hops
hra I is the poor man's loaf
In iodad- but isbyno
mes deBaed by 6he rict. It
I6 t Wdy excellist, and Barba-
dir rr is a greatt des ,y the
ppe v. 2oabfiuty cr c r t ,kers
to gI x '.-i tr. -ci nearly like

However, according to the
Tinkd bakers. Its preroa-.tion
SlaiPAely by had. anl tfght
price control made it a natural
sacrifice to the Great Cod
**C .. Overf-,et roi
one be :oumter-i oduct .i a8r
their repe*rcusaafow can f quite

for power's sae dreamers
.iWh institute them.
leg&aUtioa nr be 'ielpol it.
prev=-i&g "exapoitation." j?
toe poor; over-r ulatiul ikb
(1 mocowoly onicerg Ituce.
whlch Is ,we .-ly ot skto
mania's item is just 19 3 -j
osatrol's sael and a way. of
making raow-f for the Copa-a
tion to offa Its looses.
Not. mind you, dat ; t this
%4ag outspokennes is i gcdg
to do any good. Fxatios are
fixatons, and our fixatio- is
that profit st evi.


Tel: Prin
U.K. 1
Colin Ti
122 ShaJ

lcc.~ I----

----- I---

Mi I


speech -on "cNEGRITUDE" at the Muni-
cipal Theatre, Martinique, Feb, 14*.
'"La Negritude n'est pas du racism."
R.egritude is not racism- said the
distinguished speaker, one of the ov-
iginators, with his'close friend a
Aime Cesaire, of this electrifying
term. His visit had been preceded by
the marvellous performances of 150
Senegalese artists. whose feats, ig-
nored by Paris, causedPierre Lucette
to write a report bitterly critical.
of such narrow-mindedness, and thus
he was taken off his'television pro-
gramme last Saturday. 18,000 people,
of whom 6,000 were children, saw the
Senegalese exposition: it was no
In his address, M.Senghor made the
following points: "No one can ignore
.Negritude, which is the culture of
the black people ...I'm not talking
politics; 2 have always placed cul-
ture above politics. Those who ad-
vanced AIegritude earlier thought,and
I still' think, that politics should
be of service to culture and not
culture at the service of politics,
as (alas) too many politicians and
even Third World. writers believe."
Defining "la ..egritude" M.Sengbhor,
declared that it was "the .accumulation
of the civilised value,o of the Black
world". It was a solid way, for ey-
ery Negro and all black people, toj
live as Negroes. In effect to -be a
Negro w- -ly-a state, a .collec-
tion of/sitgions, but also a poSit-
ive action of an individual, in thd
black collectivity of the Black POople
After referring to humanists and
artists. who appreciate Black people
through their works, citing the re-
marks of Rimbaud.and Picasso, he went
on: "Despite the vigorous championship
of 'emiUent. writers, artists and cri-
tics, 3legritude has been, since (its
affirmation, the object of virulent
attacks,. particularly from the English
-speakiingworld. -"They reproach!us
-- ..w.... +the.or rner ri-.u e i. a

; ~Le;

Fre3cbh word, accusing us of cultural "*..*I believe with Jean-Paul Sartre
imperialism"wad promoting black poetry', that negritude is dialectical and
Saving that he need not.telli his will not give place to new values....
Antilleaii audience of the long suffer- It will play its essential role, re-
ings of Negroes, with 20 millions de-: newed, in the edification of a new
ported to the Americas, he added:"And humanism more huma-e because it will
you know that, after all, we have embrace in its totality an associat-
remained without hate.; we have trans-- ion of all coi-tinents, all races and
formed suffering into',joy and the all nations." Report(and picture on
long lament into song, a 'ork 4f beauty. p.J-) 3 ance-Antilles+tr.P.S.Allfrey,
That is uegritude."

%R Fridav.February 20. 1976
The Return from France
It has been announced (Weds.)that
Colonel Premier John. and his big
delegation to France (saidto have
been intended to call at Brussels
nd West Germany as well as Britain
and Haiti) have returned. It is to
be hoped that they have arrived home
in a blaze of glory.
Some of us feel that Dominicans
will however not have much to rejoice
about, seeing that our two French
neighbours have not much'to teach us
in certain directions, judging from
a recent Trinidad press account -
of what is happening in Martinique
and Guadeloupe.
One good thing Col.Premier Patrick
John can do. while deliberating what
to tell us about the tour is,to
release, immediately on his return
from the other side of he Atlantic,
both the P.14 D. Report of Inquiry
and the Amnesty of Dreads Report.
The Banana Inquiry i.s in progress,
and it is to be hoped that there
will be no delay in that release
when the time comes.
OUR YOUTH: Dominicans segm totally
unaware that schools (primary asiell
as secondary) are not assiduously.
preparing children to be good stu-
dents and good and- useful bitizehs.
.Inadequacy of staff causes whole
classes at the very beginning of the
term to be sent home and the reason
given is lack of teachers. It has
come out from good sources that the
Education Minister is find
fands to employ more teachers, Does
that mean that money voted for edu-
cation for the financial year has
run short in six months?
Yet we understand that the Defence
Force is being increased and that a
fair amount of money is being spent
on recruits abroad.
As yet"there is no Approved-School
for the thousands of children who do
NOT go to. school. Attendance Officers
are powerless (concluded on page l)

Of Special Iterpst o
Body Builders, Ahletes & Sport smea
Made it~h all TaturI Ingredients
lb 1in S6.o'




1lb tin. -$400

House and Lot at the angle of Great
SGeorge Street an' Hillsborough
Seleview Rawle 9

SSchedule of Appilcarlon for Certificate of Title and Notin ls
Ie-reon and Cavelts for week ending.2at1 day of F ruary i 7
.. of ...v yI

:sDate Kequet'c d Perso,. Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
Sthk.,eot or Caveat.

requestt dtod
- 1st January
f7t, 2
't th February
i976 at 2.46 pm
.. ....... *____

DI :?n Jfaiea
L b his Solicitor
SV.ry..c ,upiPgay

Requ(.< for the asues
ofa ;z ,t certificate
Sof title i respect of
a Por.-on of land at
in ~he, TowP of Ra.
seai in the Pari.h of
St Georgp in the.
St~a~ of Dominaica
a.- V a.i.- . *SF'r

satqrge fee: ann bouon
ded as 5oew dt-
SNoarh-Eaa land of John Ed-a;,d Fadelle, Sauth.esr 'Luwaas of
Desmond Letand) Nort-W-'esgt Land of Aurelius Mari.,
S cuth.Wi stiQuten Mairy Street.
7th day of Febrtary 1976
Request dated ILeslie Alexanda r |Request for the issue
;he 28th day of Joseph |of a ;irst certificate
january 1976 by his Selaitew, i title in respect or
:res~nt.d the Cilma A.A1 a p.v .c- of land at
Yh day of jDuri~nyl Cah i hie in the Pa-
,Fobruary 1976 ir. of Si Andrew in
ait 1.tia a m t S3tateof Dorninca
..------- n---..----- ...ntaiinng. 2622
S,: .are feet and boun
4 ded as follow*:-
North by land nf Muriel Joseph East by land of ltby Joseph
SSouth by land of Baby joseph, \Vsl !4nd of Elisz Abrahe~ia
S sd land of Boyson Lawrence
hIz 4 4 kv MoD R bruary lf76
I 1j*ojr4'1H'^ bmn-1 ft"" .. lf'?I< -

i.. ... ...-- ---,2* ..... ....-Ftr^7jy.^,^..
Re.quet dAted. Bry'so Joeaph Request for the isaue 1
1 tSAdip i.. Leoda oa first certificate
;19 b*y !...aI Sficite of title in rspe ct xo
Prelgnted Vanya Dpisay a portion of lan at
I jFbruary Satbury in the Pa.
.. "---- -- th-e*i- State Dominiac
eontainis 2430 tqsuar feet and boaaded as follbw-
NaedrstPubic getRose s paratig It from. land of Whitfield
arweni North- East land of Ferrelina Lnois, South-East land
of Ferrellion Loam, South*Wos5t land of WHitfield arrno_
__k_ ___T____ Bruwso

R6a aesidate~d jhysao Jos*1 X.Request for the iwu
Sl1h April 19f Louis of a first certificate
Presented by his Solicite of title in .L'et f
t February Vanyn Dupi" a porion ofland at
19.6 at 2.44 p .. bury in the Parish r
St Joseph in the Siatlf .
Dominica containingr 1800 sO fb and bounded as follows:.
Norfte.L.and of Bixtllia Victoirtnety etnLand of Boxillia
Vict orne, South-EastiA ravine separating It from land of
Wlikin Wllfam, South-Wes-lands of Madam GSllan and
.Clarence Anthony,

F.osiraru Office,
p..os'atu. Dominica,

Henry Dyer '-' ,
Actirtg Retgiutar 4f Titlell

NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on th2 above application may enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this .schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
In this State or frorn the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
'n4 in rospecS of whicri the application is ma.4e-


^HOO .

SProduced aand Bottled in Great Britain by
Vine Products Limr~td, KingsinO-Upon-Thames


Y---u -b--I -

I --~CRI

A& U U n iu r i ii ... "




- L~IL^L- ---C


Wi nes,"

-S-TA-RS*PO~s*R-T*S* Morchriston NE WS BR I,E F S Local & Abroad
CRICKET: New Zealand Ties Series DOMINICA won 1st prize at the USVI.
India suffered a heavy innings Agricultural & Food Fair held in St.
defeat at the hands of New Zealand Croix: Alwin Bully was responsible
in the -third and final test match In for the display, SAD DEATH:Rupert
the series; India had won the 1st Celestino father of a large family,
test match by 8 wickets, the 2nd committed -suicide by shooting himself
match was drawn, and New Zealand by through the head at Portsmouth this wl-
virtue of this win managed to share A Jamaican, aged 26, in Canada'for
honours for the rubber, two years, won $500,000 dollars in
New Zealand cheaply dismissed In- the Montreal Olympics Lottery, He is
dia in their first innings for a a printer-named William Scholefield*--
meagre 220 runs with Bryesh Patel ICELAND has broken off diplomatic re-
topsc,orinrg with 81.and Syed Kirmani nations with Britain over the 'codwart,
49 (together they put on 116 runs NIGERIAN COUP: the Reuter correspon-
for the 7th wicket. Richard Hadlee dent who reported the overthrow ofthe
4/35 and B.Hadlee 2/51.*N.Z.Zin tea Government was deported evI~Ently
turn at the crease totalled a modest the coup, subsequently put down,only
334 runs. G.Turner 6 B.Congdon 52, resulted in the murder-of Head of\
'Mark Burgess 95 and Cairns 47. State General IMuhammed, and was more
India in their second innings were or less confined to Lagos, Well ...
skittled for a mere 81 runs.Richard AMIN of Uganda is claiming that part
Hadlee recorded his best figures in of Kenya belongs to Uganda Jomo
test cricket and a New Zealand re- Kenyatta vehemently denies this claim,
cord-(11 wickets in an innings) atd Time is running out for Ian Smith's
also beating Bruce Sayler(7/74)when illegal regime in Rhodesia.Britain is
he captured 7 wickets for 23 runs trying to negotiate a bloodless trans-
and match figures of 11 for 58. fer of power to the majority Africans.
Survil Gavascar, who suffered a dam- SORRY we cannot yet print follow-up '.
aged chin whilst fielding, did not letters on Christianity and Marxism.
_bat inr Indias: second innings. New COMMOITWEALTH POETRY PRIZE
Zealand won by an innings & 23 runs. Publishers of a ist book of poems 1y
SHELL SHIELD: The final two matches
n t year's series ame to prem- any Commonwealt t# should send .7
jn1this year's series came to prem- IM en
osof the vn July lIts-
ature ends. In Guyana,where the Com 1975 & of te 30th 1July 6)to
Sbined Islands played the home team, 1975 & June ;30tih 76)toI
only one day and 40 minutes (370 The Librarian, Coumanonwealth Insti'-
only one dpayi andg minutes pla( tute Kensington High Street,London
minutes) playsig time i was played W,8, NQ ENGLAND babe June 30 1976.
over 4 days..The fist and last days The winner will be announced at the
not a ball was bowledt Guyana in Coamonwealtl..Book Fair~. Londong, 1976,
that time were 316 for 3 wickets: Como lth .. ido 19
F.Bacchus 84, Romain'Etwarroo 106 OUR YOUTH W.S, Stevens (fr. p.2)
not out,: M.Harper 40 and S,Comach>60. One cannot believe that they couldn't
At Bridgetowni the Barbados/Jam- care less, Yet why should teachers
a4ca match was decided on first inn- care, when the Gbyernment by trans-
ings points. -Jamaica scored 414 iuns: ferring a Child Guidance Officer to.
Horbert Chang 145, Jrffrey Dujon i13, Family Planning emphasizes F.P.above.
H.Gordon 54 anr Allan 46.Wayne Daniel Delinquency --hich is expanding at.
4/86 & Collis King 5/91. Barbados at an alarming rate? Has not such a
end of the 3rd day were 327/6 in re- Government got its priorities upside
ply- With the field submerged in wa- down? In the present state of our
teri Capt.David Holford declared, economy and finance-we should lay
Gordon Greer:idge 106,King 65,E.Trot- stress on Education, Health, Agric-
man 34 and Holford 33.L.Wright 3/87. culture; Roads c Cominunications,Trade
With'that declaration by Barbados and Commerce, and scrap all the trap-
they conceded 1st innings to Jamaica, pings and frills which dull our ears
but with the 2 points obtained they over DBS..
.equalled Trinidad on 20 points to lte RECEIVED WITH THANKS from The Inter-
for the Shield. Jamaica -18 points; national Transcendental Meditation
ed Islands. 8 and Guanaf2lg. Society of Dominica some very well-
wk-endl (A Grgoire League) were wash produced booklets and leaflets on
A n1 Mosrn continue this wk-end. :Transcendential Medfation for study.

Pr1nteX'& Published by the Proprietor, Robert E.Allfrey of Mill House
Copt Hall at 26 ath Road,- ,Roseau, Dominica, West Indies,


Friday,February 20, 1976

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