Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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*i$ v~ucxnN^ MU TI
le;" Star. -DominlT 'ca
Tel: Printery 691,. Editor 2610
.2K. Media Representative JEtI1 ICA
n Tuer (London) Ltd-, O AM.INI CA
12i Shaftesbiar- Ave. W4l. Vrutr. Ius oite Ytmuna

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The visit of Premier Jobn and hs
team to Paris has' resulted in t. "-
prromise of -a sportss complex to b
sited near Roseau. The Dominicans
were cordially received and othc |
technical aid was discussed.
The teamr ,ent 'on to We'st Gezr-
many and. Bri'tain -seeking more aid# .

A journalist named A aua MeHardy
wrote an article in the walc-known Bri-
dfsh newspaper Mancheter Guardian
on Jan, 17 about Desmcad Troter who
s is i prison following a conviction- for
the murder of an American visitor in
In the-article Deismond iS des-
cribed-as a 1221 year old civil ser-
vant. who earned the dislike of the
1)ominica Government by his trade
union and anti-authority activities s
The article contains some unusual
comments, on the evidence through'
which kr. Trotter was convicted.The.
Movem-ent named "Liberation" formerl
.'tMovement for Colonial Freedom') has
published a pamphlet by Mr. .Tny
Gilbert called "The ~ieenh vs.De smond
STrotter, 'carrying on its back page -
an appeal for funds for the Desmond
Trotter campaign, which has centres
in iManchester ,BirminghamNottingham
and- London. These is a. foexeword by
Labour 1MP 3tan .iNe W chairman of -
"-Liberationr" which makes, one strong
point that Britain .through Parlia-
ment has recently- voted againM t cap-
-ital punishment' .at hi" "
It is not correct forS us to corn-
ment on this matter while an appeal
to :the Privy Council is apparently-
Spending, save to state that the Pub-
lisher and Editor' of the Star are
. resolutely against capital punishment

i~emier PRi. J

om an articlee in
It is not the result of some quirl
in the Russian character that 22 years afte
the death of Stalin,-after 30 yearsrof peace.
and 58 of attempted socialist;, in-'one o
the most richly endowed countries of th
world, Soviet workers have .no; right t,
strike: therr average wage is -22.50
month; their housing .is abominable- the
have, little to eat: their pensions,, heah
serviNes and even education operate at
ohlin fraction of our level and they are'expecte
to .work a number.of Saturdays or Sunda.
every-year for nothing.
SAgain, it is- thirodg 'no: peouljsity *'
the Russian' character' that 'in the length
and breadth of the Soviet Union ever
Roneo duplicator or photocopying machine
has to he kept under. tlok and key, its us
hcejsca h) thr pnhlitial police'in Case- ani
body tries to 'duplicate unapproved new
or. views. 'I think 1 car, see whtt fhey ar
frightened of. It woukd be. a most unwyhol
some thing if somebody got hold of suc
a -machine and u':ed it to print over an
over aginthe simple message: The end i
nigh, prepare to meet ',y A .:,:,
S. ___ Auberon Wout



HIRAC Rocs found in Montserrat
w- hiczh were examined by..
Frengh FPrench scientists are 's4dd
Prime to be 80% gold -practically
Minister pure gold. Britain is help-
irste with further research.

Supplies' Of -

The Sweeter and Easier-to-pour
Condensed Milk nowAvailable From':-
* ,,j ^. ,., ^- __ *^ ^ ^ rs ta

Sc-- lMNTAMYI 0""'
C-D 1



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Friday, February 6, 1976

SAnd now the question arises reallyi Those Youth Camp Buildings
it is the crux. of the matter)-- can Visitors to the north-et, e
Christianity and Marxism co-exist Ln ia lisince the north-s D ebaclespec-ll
the world of tomorrow, since there laly sinc the Roads Debacle, ill
are obviously areas of 'no cmpTromiss~? ask 'what are those lovely building>
SMarx and,Engels painted picture seen near the Melville Hall airport?
.of history as successive brutal st-ug- --and will be told that they WERE
gles for power, emphasizing the sat- housing a Regional Youth Camp.
isfaction of men's physical need-s Upon further inquiry, the.sorry
as fundamental.. They saw 'mankindlas story will be revealed: the Youth
massed opposing aovements rather an 9Camp has been discontinued,The tour-
as individuals each. important and ist wil then begin his tough north-
precious in his own right. They wrote wardjourney to Roseau via the Coast
that bhey-did not agree with theR vewsRoad He may ask himself reflectively
qf Joan of Arc,Luther,01iver Cromwell "what strange sort of place is Dnnicani
o After petition for a Secondary
Milton, George Washington or Shelley; After aipetitihn for a Secondary
they certainly neither 'agreed with Scho ivenr the N orth- s t epres- *
nor followed theprecepts o Jesus entative-for the North-Eastern Dist-
nor followed the precepts of Jesusl
Engels, in his speech at Marx's riot, 'Hon. Pat Stevens, thought that
graveside, put the materialist stand. there was a golden opportunity to
clearly: "Mankind must first of an. make splendid use of the Youth Camp
Building, He was told in Parliament
eat, drink, have shelter and clothing, tBuild Ue wted Nato n awouldhaent
.before it can pursue politics,scienc thath
art, eigionn .etc.; ther'fore thepn- approve this, seeing that these buil-
ductin giof te immediatheee mater ro- dingswith extensions were funded by
duction of the immediate material UNES C O
means of subsistence,. .forms the fhund- It seems a pity that Dominica
ation upon which the state' institut- had the good fortune to house a Reg-
ions, ,te. legal .conceptions,the ideas ional Youth Camp mainly funded by
on art, and even on religion of the UNESCO or UNDP, whichever it really
people' concerned have been evolved, is, yet the venture failed within a
and in the light of which they must decade when there was (and' is) -such
therefore be explained*" (Note the a heavy emphasis upon youth in our
order' of priorities in this extract). Third bad World,
YIt one of Marx's biographers said To pass on, there is as yet no de-
S"Mart knew quite well that man does vision asto the fate of these lovely
not live by bread alone.,..but he main- and expensive buildings. Nor is there
gained that the higher spiritual val- any decision over a Secondary School
ues are dependent on the materialne,' for a populous,'prospering and intel-
Christians dispute that rigid igent district. The U.N. people sur-
conclusion* ely wpuld welcome the suggestion if
-So then, can Christianity and ut by the Dominica Government
Marxism co-exist? If you are a Chris- se-the building to improve education
tian, you believe in miracles.Because in Dominica. Isn't that what UNESCO
I believe in miracles I believe not stands for?
only/ that they can co-exist but that A Government suggestion to use the
the undisclosed and .perhaps subcon- buildings solely for an Agricultural
scious dialogue for co-existence has school has been mooted. Whether Gov-
already begun. rnment has put up this latter sugges-
Marx, who stressed all his life ion to the U.N., Dominicans do not
the inevitability of change, not being ow,
eternal, did not live to know how- But logic and common sense.are
many of his prophecies would turn cx trange bedfellows to the Dominica
false or non-valid. government, and it is a Government.
I once asked a person who had sur- hat hardly considers sound.proposit-
vived horrible' tortures in a Nazi ons-by other persons and organisat-
concentration camp (and.the Nazis ons 6n public affairs. (Concl, P.h)
persecuted both Christians .nd Marx- with incredible bravery, Bi the
ists): "What sort of people vre the Christians were not afraid. to die.
bravest and endured the longest?" I may be prejudiced if I say that
Without hesitation, my friend re- the Christians held out longer. You
plied: The artistss and the Chris- see, I was one' of them. Yet I had
tians. The Marxists clung to life been profoundly impressed by the
S ___ others."

_ _____I_ _~C~~ ~~

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:P.,-' a .. .+

J. Astaphan & Co (1970) Ltd.
held its 5th Annual General
MiMeeting. 0on Thursday .29th
January 1976, in respect of
the financially year ended 3oth
June 197,*

Inh is address to the share
-olders, the Chairman- of the
Company, .Mr W.A Astaphanr
stated'that the Company was
able to maintain its annual
sales volume inspite of short
-ages experience' 2 many
staple .lihes. He indicated that
this.- was due to the effort of
.tlhe ermploy..s.
A -7j7. Gross Dividend was
declared, following, .which, the
Election of Auditors and Direc?
tori took. pihceThe Boar4 now
costs o .' Messrs Waddy
-AstaphanM Foped Issa, Norma
Astaphan and Dr. D.Oa N. Mc-
Intyrr.. 9. oi _ _

1;" Schedile of Ap Ficatior for Cerrtflrst of Title and Notln* j
thereon and Cavetsfor week ending 31st lay 4 jinaSiY 6j

Date Reques

td Person Presentin,.
/~~ ~ '

of Title

of .request
a Certrficate
.of Noting
or Caveat.

.Reqt a a nica HilHttReq t for .e issu
18th August y her Soicitor f a f'rst certificate
Presented --potPioti ofland known
97t Vany D titl n Prios. of
26th January B aalot at Grandfond
1976 at 9.45 ma i e Parish f St
S,- D d in the State of
Dominica .coataininv
.400 spuare feet and
bonded as follows*:
North-E.ast.Land of Anfstazi Cuify., SoSch.Esst- ravine
sepAratilg. It from land of.Anestazre -uffy, $Suth Welt a
Access read separating It f'om land cf Nicholas Cuffy;
North-West Land of Magie Prtince,.
eh. 4"n 4$- 4iim l tl h day of February 1t7
r-- :?t~'.

ST'rJ ... j __ __^4yl?.
Request dat&d Kar Heter Application of Kar
9 1 76 by hiX Solii.tor Hector for the 1ii1u,
Presented M. Eugenia oF a first certificate o
5 2 76 Chare title in respect of a
at 12.10 pm portion of land know
P e "--E-u----eia' a part of Mon Ret
wB'e :, i. po* Catao in the Pa
aish of St John Lt the a
containing 4.869 acres and bounded as follows:-
North:lInd of-Friendly Wallce sEat ariR pa ratin' aO ''F
from iand of jOisphine Mhalolra South landoD Vijsevili.
Maglolre 4 Westc- a ravine separating it from lan*o1f Irish
Thormaa 6
-4qu aBst te Edmoad L rent Request for the lissu
the; 2nd day of .o of airst certificate a
February 1975 by his Solicitor title in respect of i
Presented the portion of larid at Ba
3rd- day of Cilma A.M lataGood Hope irith,
February 1976 P1. ish of St David ii
at 12.30 pmro D D i the State of Dominici
containing 76. iirla rfeet and bounded as-follows:-
North by land o( Cecil Lawrence South by a; IPblic.Track 9
East by land of Marcel LTurent Waest by land of Marcil Laurent

MRos r, omfinca,.
'Roscaui, Dominica,

---.- nry Dyer --
Acting Registr r of Titte ,

NO E:. Argy person who desires to object -to the.ssuing of a
Certificate of title on the ab~ov, apple c;ico;-may enter Caver
in the above office within six weeks from the. date of the First.
appearance of this schedule in the STAR. Newspaper published
in this Scate 6r from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or 'occuupler of adjoining
Ian4- ii respect of which the application Is mnde.-'
-. .-rp ,:.. . .,, ,

Producedand Bottled in Geeat Britain by
: :Vine Piod.js Limited, Kingi Von-Upon-Thafme6
-~ : :. : + ,. . .. ]

-- --- ----- -- ---



Pa~e. Fou TH TR FiaFbur ,17

"*S*T-A*R*S*P*rSPeO T*S* Morchriston
CRICKET: Australianxi Crush-WI Team .I
Adstralia completely humiliated the ]
West Indies in the six-match series,
winning 55-1 in the final match \(by
165 runs) at Melbourne*- As a result
one wonders what changes will take
place on the West Indies team when
they engage the Indians here next .
month,' Already, to the. chagrin c< fans,
Clive Lloyd has been retained as
Captain, when most thought a change
of captain was vital. Likely candid-
ates were Deryok Murray (Vice-Capt.
in Australia),David'Holford (out of
the W.I., on an agricultural U.Sxcoe ..
off anAd on) and Morris Foster of an-
aica. : Be'sides-'Olyd's handling of
his team in Australiawhat surprised'
me most about him was that after los-
ing the fifth match, instead of up-
braiding his team or something, he
went on to say in his column that
Australia will have to look for some
new players"for the future. Uncalled
.-for advice, as aall teams eventually
have 6o blood. new .players; but what
really' got me was the fact aside from
lan Ohappell and Ian Redpathall the
other'.A4stralians are in their 20-s
- and mpst important, all, their fast.
bowlers" are in their early or middle
twenties (compared to the West Indies
team which just suffered a 5-1 crash.
SFrottPthe first-Lloyd seemed to be
more interested in the Australian
team ..-ax in the-West Indies'. E.G.,
after winning the 2nd Test Match, in-
stea4 c.f alerting his tea, to the Ais-
tralia=.'approach in the remaining
tests i'-he expressed surprise at Den-
nis tilee '(27 wkts) and Jeff Thomp-
son (29 Jwkt~s) --the top wicket takers
in thel series a .statement -unbecoing
at the time. His sports column re-
'flected the type of,journalism whic.
betrafd his team'.s standing at the
end of the tour: "we win but"
our mission proved impossible".This
'in Lloyd's short address during the
closing ceremonies. .Scores in brief:
Australia 351 and'300 .fr 3 decl.;
West Iadies 160 and 326.
TheCombined Is. got 2 points for
their drawn match against Barbados a t
Windsor Park. Scores: .Barbados 235 &
153. Combined Is.221 (Irving Shilling
-ford E8 (his 4th score above 50 in
fodr innings '-now,a strong candidate
-to play for the West Indies). Banned
from entering Guyana because of play-
ing in South Africa, G.Greenidge(who
made 31 here) has the support of Bar-
bados which will not play in. uyana,
6. ath Road Roseau Do i

N E W -S B* *R IE S .
Earthquake in Guatemala-- early .op-
3orts..of 600 killed andl2,000 in"
jured when 30 per dent of Guatemala
City was destroyed and country dis-
tricts devastated by a giant quake
1,re swelled by further'news of cas-
ualties as te went to Press. UNJ ard
sympathetic countries to the rescue
of survivors supplies from Belize.
* Archbishop Samuel Carter (Roman
Catholic) said in Jamaica that he was
deeply disturbed by threatened legis-
lation to penalize persons making
criticisms against the Jamaica Govt.,.
Again in JAMAICA another'death from
imported German flour;, and more deaths
through political violence -. civilians
and police.. -* USA has granted 16 mths
trial to Concorde after serious con-
sideration but anti-Concorde forces
and conservationists are raising hea.
The late Youth Camp's main faculty
was agriculture and the Camp failed,
How comes it now that Govt.proposes
to devote all those buildings to ai
Agricultural School? Reasons for an-
other Secondary School axre stronger
now than yesterday. Parents in.rural
areas have it tough through increas-
ing cost of living and transport, sure-
ly they deserve relief from thei.r-
sacrifices to give, their -children the
b My humble. suggestionsq is that ae
buifdingt are adequate for. both sec-
ondary and agricultural* education,
Sucha. joint scheme is morb likely
to receive approval from the-U.N.
SIf the point is not well taken,it
may be necessary to ask for a full
inquiry into the failure of .the Lon-
donderry Regional Youth Camp, And'
this time the Commission should have
adequate representation from, the
United Nations itselfl- W,S..Stevera
I am very much distressed that
the classical music concert,started
by Dr. Muller and well continued by
Fr.Loncke,' has been cut to only about'
.a quarter-"of an hour. Now how can yax
have a concert in 15 minutes? First
they shifted the time from evening
to collide with Big A's concert on
Sunday lunchtime, then. when they got
the public interested in the change
over, they butchered the timingThis
is strictly unfair, and I always. un-
deratood- a national broadcasting sta-,
tion should.cater to all. M.S.
Printed & Published by the Proprietor
Robert E.Allfrey of Copt Hall .Mill
West *

Friday,February 6, 1976

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