Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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me ia 'A -* , s. ", A--,
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- rel: PrintLry 269^ Ed tor 2S A V 1
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Ongdag a CG i
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rsa heaan-ng -f Idependences -St.
Sittu ana -St. ca ** both wit3bat
rso&wtS' to a. rofef oreaw, i ichwS
mve confirtd the wifl pf their
peoples. Mr. Bratdahaw aSes wi3.1A
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but ht has dro ed nutia o*
la It.Wnia, .t ss 14 itta:tt a
In the Oppositio about a the a -
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bari J.-an Poednica. we are kp.
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$.2t, $9 3^anea- ag a ezplor&..
Vt.1y7 C4.t'tT'J aesit itbvxstt4 14

rjqN Metho4tst Asuail Sonod 1976
with &s.- 80 ministOrial & lay
dsgatee *arotm SeverVA Garib*- .
b*exat.ttes'is it prr,@fs'ow e*e
*Sairn, d*;". Jt Ovcts.b. The
tam fto 1976 Will' be OatSNWR1 I
Be Car .tilel ,_l -W.SS,., psB|^ R) .

$6.00 ItaB NAT, fWPAK
A grat t 130G*0 pver a 5y
p rio ftar tNh development ot tha,
atkiornsl les sts sf l Dm, sltea,
hftas bs*4 gvs by 'frfllfy
I a %visat Tast Eo *ty Ahiof
Porast office M Ghap er **tp
?rcdtaea and the *0? 3?*aet#tat .
lives in OneaWo,Xr.41nta 4 oo&. '

Un an ezw*ange of kt ten, th
fr'ei|r tuwtwt 4ut dao eyauben
ap4*Za frn the 9D^ate as-op.
BQnsk Ltd., stattrag t*at 4t sQ.
ported the Minister bof .PLMAo-
arA weild not repeal the $t.
(Yo aaKst -the Cab-'). C3'
ine t will, coidvr lst extapitde
of time for coOQistpe iu the At.,

PRE% ^^ l^ i

- J- I I^Talr ni .TOUlTERElLE .
i- -*
Ela ,9 qC

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O of, t19 nasa tthis .mial
see .Uthia month. 1Vlhia 3
and ntaaod c-to death QE'ir
wIr fo r wbreAkling and Banto rint1
Ad" 14-a-4 -i th intnt ,
*1. .An Y.i xw a* ist t a
ow,. .a OriOn--o -rnosr w4a Cox..
Atted to- stand trial at t*he next
OVilVACIn ua szdec after ft qrprggy
diudtld aN? i2osl at algh
ter in tU1 rorad at boya
A Margot tlurr vwas inod eor
I* 90 time for klno-attflidatse.
* In Poi.tomiQth ther0 hav. bi-
*esy bny k-Ins and thefts lately,
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, W, p I "I I . -

----- 7m .J

c T ; b W.S. Stevws HRiIANITYr and MARXISM (f)
"lh oral Reanfzent P .Perhaps the most striking' example
convening o the Leewrd I- of Marxism vs. Christianity has just
lapds Methodist Synod in Domitica occurred in Lebanon where we have
thbs year has brought out something repeatedly heard of gtor described
in Colonel Premier Patrick.John.It is variously as *Lefa t Wingers' karxists
his reiterate~ insistence on "Moral or Musiim$ shooting down the Christian
Re-ariadment'4. citizenry, and the Christians fighting
The Premier was writing his "Mess- backn a d t t a t
age" of welcome to the Synod pesta. a not able to efine the effect
I someTtimes say to myse th g t able to her religionne the effect
CGovenment.Aluthorities-Wie- ,^ &'T 'm 0 is obvious that toth
ltarly Wae -and conqemned &bout the in the Near East thd East in
State of Dominica to4Dy. Sitae d f tiedle that doctrine dating frm
the lite pswphlet on "The Met ist mid-Victorian days has sproad rapiAl
Chtrch ... Annual Synod Jan,26-feb.6, thoug- stealthily., Consider Cormunis
1976, Dominica"., I have been enheart- China tbt example; but there, as in
ended "y Premier John*s contribution theme ase o Jgoslavia somte mutation.
above everything else,:* e.s taken -plce
e ba not detailed our recent ms- The a ian faith being a yivi
fortunes I Large and sall affairs orgiam h ias survived by adapting aind
tot tathtohas done in a zznothienl even (at times) aftpting the superfic-
to pvid topic for seons, not i changing morea of centuries. At
"stones apd brooks in the running th ore the aittr remains the same,
stream*", but sermons for hunan be Isalthogh hmble observer sometimes
running amok on the shoals and reefs ee the tinkering with and alter-
of bama ZLt? ense-. a ta f tier in dwiths aS s as e s
I Gusat .bae.1 eaL se .Mtttiag ThR A of gnttq tmelen
r rta~tma rft b Ch e fe mgtA pen elasuhe wnglia a tit,
erre Gat some ngw a- ao remedy. King James bible and the Douai ver. n
Perhaps in his heart of hearts, he(as to some of the hearty simplified t"md-
Premier) felt that his own tactics era gospels". Some,even like chandel-
and prescriptions would have little r and candlesin beautiful churches
or no effect. But his critics have more than neon lihtig. And the trade
always tired at him for building up unionre check-of system of having co-
armed forces against moral and intel- municnts caheck-offds marked off whaien em-
lectual decay in D r unlica. bearss partake off iloly Co6inunion has 41-
hOur beins and safest resource is ways seemed to me not in the free trad-
humn beings. When financial,economi ition of the Lord's Supper, although.
and social materials dive headlong.we it simplifies clerical accounting.In
can do no other than turn to what is the foman Catholic Church the exchange
left in human beings that is not eas- of the vernacular for that universal
ily destroyed -- national character, ancient Latin seems like a loss to
So in the face of the many evils many ears. People who ahink these
dh bedevi ound fsocietynd indiidusneals- things are often accusedof Ielitismt
of steary to seek and find individuall work "Jesus Christ Superstar" was a fab-
of sterling character ho will work ulous box-office success, but it made
assiduously to build the Nation. the greatest of all dramas gaudy and
There is nO doubt about it that bogus; and those slightly Jigging
despite hard times a few are getting chants of today which have replaced
conspicuously rich while too many are well-worn old hymns hardly have the
stqrving or getting poorer and poorerwell-worn
string or getting oorer and poor genuine dignity of Negro spirituals,
It .iAlso true that judgmentlhas fled though it was certainly time that the
'o brutish beasts and men pay no g the
to brution beast and omen pay no worst of the hymns in hymnals should
attention to law and order,far less tohave been scrapped, along with pew-
peace and love. To tao. the-tuth:
pac. "e.p to fao,"th e -rents and other lingering anomalies-.
acti pr eparatins.ould be brewi gfr 'We cannot credit Karl Marx with all
a reouws to n England like this tat these innovations They are concess-
Iohn tflq @at an Engan t ist ins, to daocrsoy and sometimes just
o -- to se am aIn Snto S ar to ba tast.o monothfleas tbhe are a
ae"" .n _.. o rr odrs "oo 1tributo factor In the atmosphere
ex a_ e and hororsa (Cggg p ,. ofr wooehip, r- rather of participation
For a note on the origins or "Moral Y worshipis a .very deep ..Cad
Rearmament", see p,4. d. (Concluded next week),

P OridayJanuary ,30, 1970


-. .c r,.n .1 __ .r


Schedule of Application kr of Title and Notin l
thereon and CavYAta for week ending l7t say of -intva 1976
Osce Reluested PiurO Presenting Nature cf request
whether i Cerrificate
f' 'I T-i* of Noting
S. thereon or Caveat.


guet dated Aklc Warner uet for the i su
76 of first certificate of
ented itlA in -respect *1 a
1.21. pcrfo *a1r1"I."
12 e." Itwn in "se =rl909
1148 ajuaf-ff.M
North-East;La*A ef fugenia CaDeau, Nert Wesits1.nd
Holeman Shlllnglord, So utf.&'LpeU of A.C.hlllngfirdA
Souch-WeMk. Vi-wt fti'_..

Mmas **a

I" L 6 ai

of Ossle
of Ossle
___ of Helen

y land df Clifton Williamsk Easttbp. land
and Winston Frederic, SoutlUby land
atfd Win pLo Frecerick, West'by ianV
a Bino a Green Shililno-d.

Request dated Brthi Simon Appicatin of Bari
16 1 76 by het Sdlicitoe Simon for the issue
Presented MNEug aia of a firs certificate of
20 1 76 Charles title in respect of a
at 11.15 a.m portion of land known
--t 1 a a. A. part of Gould
Estate in the Parish
of St Joseph contain-
i Inr 0.918 acres and
bounded &A follow.-:
t-South-EascL-.nO of john Baptiste Vidal and Hoil of
"-rar Gesrgss, So',t-.West Land of Marclfteau Fdmend.
.N|rth-E.', -Ravir- separating it from 'land of Matildas ullen
lRequest dated Karl Hector Application of Karl
19 1 76 by his SolicitorJ Hector for the issue
jPresented M.Eugenia of a fi-st certificate of
S21 1 70 Charles. title in respect 5f a
&at 9-45 a.m J portion of land known I
as A par' of Mun Re-
poe Estate in the Pas-
|rish of St John containirh 3.07 acres bounded as follows-:
,Scouth-East- A ravine separating it from lands of Friendly .Wallace
and Rufus Dyer Southi pnd of Josephine Magloire
of losehind MaCloire and a ravine seputaaing 14 from land of
ugh gilbert .m
Mfg str -- office. Hbry or r
Roseau, bominica, Aeting Rg:l'ar of Tlt I'
NOrE. Any person who desires to objec& to the issuing of'a
CarttfitreC of title on thi afav_ lication nl er C v t

in tlie abovo office within six weeks from the dace of the First
Appe amn of is ichaedb le he STAR Newspper bhed
had ihs me o rea e Ce whom she Ms l e irni Rd
tbe wa ie. eweud ay m r r or ef sesbaSgmu
lend to respect of whicd she appliemon ise ,

-I ~-~-m~ms.m-------s~



Stake 5o cents
1976 for Building Fund

tr. Supplies Of

The Sweeter *ad E8s4d*-WUr
okndewSed Milk OrwAvaiHbOl ;


W l I IlU lI

"r-,uf It: "A

.iday, Januarpy 30, 1976-

Qa*S twMr OMsfte to
^^n teldf eltaste~tiS M
AusN 94^Ufe .wtwd thlv a*te
domwta1n "t the ferant Tvt ore
190 ithey ot Ta
190 6use to take W uflkuaflt 1"
lead ia the sax-wateh U ortieS m h
d"ee. OhswV*ppell w; tW* toese, v leb
ths t. *e elltmad to bat oa amm
or spa Th AaW1n0 va4 44$ 4A au OU
OZd baa .t 144 to td1oh thqy
f'4M:4 for Pied. In their 0S4
tual 60 Namlaic G6ibbs MsA
ants in teat ar lt.P Be e4th .0
- 05, GAOjr.v 95 Wn Turner 3. ft
Lr, *older 6/I oa & a/US ntd Outs
/9 $ /4*00. ibe W.i. tat 1ilagme
974 h la te bAhelp ftrm faith Boyce
with *,3tjA 96 &o. to avoid ti the
ftflowh.boas Aother 'wbeceae69-ama Vir--
ltihcMd*' ap & 101 as en opening bi
bailqharan 76 & 69, and Soy"e 69 tA
ad4 to M L4Srt lJuiuais score. These2
btapipa Id 456 out of the W&X*
totu4 ot 5f Auesais bow1thJ oj-
ar ia &1 4/4A6 lae "/6& &V64
Tha*4to & / V8 W f and Aa &<4r '
a/A1, pl ab- his last test. Scores
AS.- 4l9 a q deckWL7*8274 & 899.
Last Th% t starts teaorrow, 8sturtas
an", aMterU *be ftat days of the
ctMbiatM IsJan6dWa/AjIa watch was
a two SitAngp ewoIting Avaw with th
Islflad taking tat tinnie. po1ito tu
ne Aa. atwo CombaIsle. dcl-
w!e.$ at 866/9 at Warnaw Park It/dat
sk rggetcf t d6s fw 28t rvne*
Bhe 99wcloat of latiaq All fX01 tZ
OQrcys ibilUisteg d at 309s asix
rUs late Grqe ca repqeated with
J=iwdse* so the Isa ndsnpeaite
exto4lSat as t as 1ai Ita Ua

theasa iriya, .; av
ba it e fo A4a last, wa st
Va. vs tW 4Oslw&.fta ba Q
to~ta - t the lead (Z Bat
.oaizt^ Sri~ud rms~w, 6 f3lt
ias 4'Iptatt*s pI 18 or'@ over.e-
a n at aw tjI 8. SZ4<212 4;I 2f
and I ft9@r 4o Efi looksi V= lot teg


roil~u~tas~r .TEWQS UMIM Y Dr.
Prank Botaban tSU1. spir*tia. leader
of the Stily &Psa type. He studied
ame theology and embark tM o& a4 ro-
penafe at "world abaga thr" wt.
ctingii 1O.'.atdaii his *LA ros~in
1938 "9 at lvhiatiau

"Wral Rearraent" *- WS.StevamsjTP2)
Aa4 eMa-vt re Met t4at the Prncoh
felt.o* was thea 4ut- rnud the
a rner.
But there IS hope. In 19X4 kaiserr
Whim Of. Ge-*.ny h4d'rdped little
B u i i ^ edited invton.
and be to ng Albert of th _a
"And so se" yI e bAW .ost air.,
d to.-044 tum. 4M :.i a .

tm Domin' a3e 0 social Security 3Sesie
pa" #.let oUtlaniU. the the be ne-t
AM4 tequ re t -of this S hm"e i,-c.
awfsa Into twfre on Peb, 1. 19t iZ4
asort aenais.9Q 8*W) t9 naw pno .
4 aright blue C & W 4 ephone;
directoro 1976 noi/ br4ghtens deske
.hoo99 th printed by Trorical Pa*ItW.
i:- .-g-g' ,. -"-g^-& "-y 5-'-- '
JAWAIt, death from UtXal flw1 0 E
more than 2 dozen rop0 in bospiit*
OtASEE women will trfth in air fLone
sam jwunagle combatt* DoWininea Grammiaw
School celebrated its 83rd birthday
this week.* 3*ia. Minister Trudeau of
Can1da paid an saioable visit to Cuba,
* .ortherv X.ZX hl-a blsabi -o-tet
4eanuaq ever 42. V"toet deaths. e
Amin of Ufgtna nay the UMS is eolen.
ising Angola through ) 4 AB
is inder a state -o eaO d
fveYr cosomasio straint,iny treo
-t Angola Situation, AD trann
ot pa Senge fao*# an warw na.4d
ar 1 ,Pan a un

$SaM tua6 Z940t to Wat ##wt* tia
itisonW of Roseau Ma aofIe at t
Kowatq diaftriflg,# wvfl rot. rid qr-

miketr wiM street cand soa of
their oharfhbs top. a of ear t nets
SsQ IWarroV thaWt th e ast0 40mo
nt of the Waess is wniseBis Mneven
ab.terabh. The polt 4W got t "verw*
aX coflplatkEs t t dti not nse rmesied
to aot Ef Zt4 police sastot rfseel
loAtb t att, the-a a tpial ew mXd$
b aeo4. SA in Eatraa q 8iton tV
Jlantd nuisance, WUO g1

betas wefl.Thrte4 #s4aoa4 -
-.1i ".. :6z' is..-, 4? .
- r -^^. ^_-_ .,,: t-. .S.,-*----. u TT -,t ^V~n fl t ie '^ ^ ^M "

M*. a6 art




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