Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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my k RX Ao rc iti6

N-,U...F '
SCa e: Star, Domlaica '-"
Tel-. Printer 2691, .Editor 2610
SU.K. Media Representative:
r C:on Turner (London) Ltd.



~!nk'-rAe,,tsWc.aN...A #a &fld*4.vflflaa.. ~

*~&~w'i 2~. 19 IA

Letate T3ueft omtla f3ortuna>


We understand that Premier. Patrick
John,' accompanied by the Attorney
generall 'the Minister of, Finance, ,
Messrs. Arlington Riviere, Eric
Watty and Kenrick Butler,is going
off to France tio seek economic/
developmental -aid.
Drawing closer to Prand,'" even
politically, was implied in a .
speech ,made by the MDnioter of ;
.Comimunications & Works to a tour"
.ist group at Castaways in 1975.
In fa,ot, it was foaieshadowed in
LeBlanao s time. .
300 Memters, and -OdtOmers of the
Dominicaa Co-operative Bank- sent a
resolution, passed at the'-ir recent
meauting, to. Government, asking that
the arfehdidiehnt to the Banking Act
be, repealed, since- it made the fut-
ure. operationn, of the Barnkl very '
d i-ficut, -

* obersge ..

/ Gary Sobers
Foaner West Indie, f
cricket captain, Sit
Garfield Sobers. is ex-
pected to take up an
appointmdert as ports,
:'nd Youth Officer in
the CARICO)M, area
'Sir- Garfield. will be
Based in Barbados.

we going to our
econorhy while trying to
destroy oar prgressive.
Public opinion i g
runniufg high -that th e '
unspoken slogan for the
Now -Year will be TAKE
YOUR LICKS '76 ... It in
believed th a t certain
persons of promise nce
with a single track
mentality are plantiing to
mako criminals o utt 'ao
citizens of imporfcanoe to-
the aooity: (Thi s -has
happened here) .
Some people oall,on the
churches to p r'a y only
wfien it atits their person.
a!r--4didhtanht, but at
this time' 61 *he lepar the
churches 4bould, Of 'heir
ohn oc(rd. pray Ih&tr ,
be s4ved during 1976 from
&. 'j economic and social
wreokoge which niy be-
come urnualvagable.

from St. Vincent


I, -)(a

Concordle. -

OE lDS Fotij's 'Ut -SUPS %hAjR

1476 RATM S Yc
SRoseau collet 1 .,. 8.0o
Country.. 0
Surface Mail any Where 4 $t3.50
E f Carti;.ean..,. $18 of;
Oter B13W1, FWI, USVI '2 .0'.Ti

U.K -
Af "ri1cO I
U.S.A $1450 US
Canada $14.50 Car





STORY Louis Huskinson,
SO better known as "FaIyt
(short for Butterfly In-
ternational), a popular
night club operator and
.disc-jockey last Tnurs-
day 1lst'Jariiary helped
himself to me ver a
hi fi speaker that .was
"discovered missing fiorn
his club the nieht he-
fore, His suspicion, fol-
lowed by investigations
led to a visitor to the
S island who had been
S. o the Club "Buttkr-
Sj fly's In", in a group.
Fly- said lie took his
dog Sam, and appmached
the man' at his tenm-.
;porary -residence at
Villa, and *hu denied
any knoMl.drge hiiut
the instrunt.nL ,
H 'i' The 'lR:* ioiint.d
detective .i hre1l,-
ened to have dw visitor
deported and. he sub-
sequently ga-ve in".
"I bnmig: him .in.
my car with the spxdaker
S nin his hands to Kings-
S town to hand him over
S to Police ut as a New
Year's gesture I de:
ided to let him off",
,-Fly said.

To Phancp To France) It has come Since the publication of Marxts
to my knowledge through fairly relia- manifesto, there are many Chri0 on
ble sources that Col.Premier Johna- Io claim that Jeaw OChit laid the
companies by ehre advisers, will be foundation for 't first by7ly OOee ,
leaving the State' promptly for Frblnoe munist, or oommnal.sharing state,
Thi0 will 0oost'the taxpayers, I am hundreds of years beforehnd, There
told, ome $40;0006:. are many who contest t4s on the
aist year9 after a Visit to Eng- grounds that Jesus beatified poverty
lah4, the Premier announced two pro- and suffering unruly, Then again you
eots: STimber and Tea. Le.Blane also find the debate qn whetherr Jesus was
had A flitter to Prance during his poliittal mindgd rmand supporters of
day, and one or two kindly French one viewoir6t quote the driving .aut
expert (It thibk ruedical) resulted, of the money changers from ,the temple
Ths' time "our situation is worse citing it as a political act; to tt4nh
and the hopes are higher, a ready reply is Christ-'s oin words -
Shakespearets enr envisaged a "'Render unto Caesar the things wich
military victory in Frace, Thistime are Caesar's, and unto God the things
again Fair stood the wind fortrantce"i which are God's"
But oh the refrain of the chorus is Of course the great Omnbcient bind
"where is the mtonreyt" was perfectly aware of the nuances of
S'.Many Probi1 Our first pro- politics. Was Jesus not born under
ble~ Todayise A, regardless of the shadow of Heard, -and did he not
Sor DBA prat.tns on Mi matt ra, die ultimate order of.
Ou roads have left us because they Provncl Governor Pilate?
We9 codnstravted and excavated,then Throughout all the ages A.D. it
$eft for years to look after them- has been natural for priests and
Slves. Thb methods adopted to meet pastors to be acutely aware f the
tie present roads crisis are so far governmental forces aroW since
tp4itYe, and are-they yet under often it was a matter- life and
p r supervision' illthe road death, os the leas inconvenience
p ru e to Roseau evr be and dimininbhd influence. But .that
via Civtle Bruce to Roseau ever be
anythj4g but bad patchwork? 'Surely sa y different thing from deep
the Roafgt L$ ster and ..ireotor of. inoIvement or even interference in
Works shouldt--spend a good, deal of0,-.' affairs of state,
time on the road to .,ee _hb sOarce A heightened aiwaeness of prole-
imported funds are being used. In tarian struggles and conditions such
thism otd in general, we need "Inter- as Marx- brought to light has seems
.feag iiiattrs"I to me have tipped the scales' of the
edi Silence is the motif present Eoumenital leaders in favour
,or the anmiya Inquiry,'But the extra of benevolent involvement in civic
small expense involved would be worth affairs rather than spiritual with.
while for the Comiassioners to pay drawal. Of course there have always
upomptu visits to Boxing Plants & been priests and pastors who spoke up
ft'ee4 roads on reception days, talk- against in justice in specific instan-.
tig to growers on the spot about fir ces you' find instances in your
2perienQes over the years, West Ini4n history books. ..-
Educatibe unlike Roads does not This very week one leaa
show -u defects immediately to the party of 25 Caribbean Council of
taxpayers. eyes. Damaging defects Ch urches members who are going to.
nonetheless persist like a cancer, Cuba to see what is happening to
and put backk the hand of the clodk in Christians there; and from Barbados
our social growth. Children are sent RevAndrew Hatch of A D-E C said
home fo lack of teachers in some di that thut~cbmen could not remain- si.
triots, Certain teachers have joined ent in the face of governmental tyr
-the Police Force for better wages, any or wrongdoing( eto follow
Ougt one Departmnt to compete ano- BAD DOINICA(see
their whi.chl iz .n my view even more D CE BOARD OF DOMINIC(se
e{ a social-'ecessity? Or is an ef- Doicni ps r-isan standing atmy now
'geient education system anathema to has a Bokrd comprising: Chairianthe
a Government unequal to its task? Hon.Preter;;Min.Home Affairs;Brigadier
w i.

Friday,January 23, 1976

Page Two


- ~1

LOO-K________ _________TX_ _AR rrR....
a? COWire of T4id ag Notie .HIGH SOOL.
" _. .NeFr C. stW*iS in PR FZuS
,_ e o a Nott Str'ei f o ce' n "afts w
s' n r*' as A976 fi, duldng Fund.

bounded 44 feAiwb I
North-Eaic,Land o Pgeeta CaDesay North-WsW(Land of
M' iianu$ Sh(iIr,gflat dt South-4Est-Land of A.Chv-gtrQrd

t doati lZA. Z isni.4 4 ed Re wfr tht iee
tb 7th day of b h' hcito o'f a firstrtfite
w ary 197 imna A.M. t;it- in repect of a
rid t oIS da f ai"n f -dl dry, Ji tihe Pariuh
19r, at of .s Joseph ai the
l a.n Stita of DeamNica co
taanii'z 660 aquar
feet ,;d bowS ded as

Northibby iand& of Clifton Wihiams., Easitby land
f. Os e an.d Wiruison Freder!ic Southtby land
of Ossie afid Wsmatpn Freoerick, Wes.'by Ian*
e~qu .rirf r .cpd Green Sillirnglord.
I feVat dated 1Wha Siawn. Appikatan of orthe
16 I 745 by her So to Shtc.t far the i;ase
S'Muesagefd M.Egnia 4 firs tosrtificat. oi
IW 1 7S Chaes ,. in rtI spct cf a
io4 11.16 *a-M portion of lBnd knowo
s-- A part cif Gotld
Estate in tSe P!irih
of St Joaseh contain
hirg 0.91S, areas and
b wounded as ftolow *-:
ataSeatELeedu of otIn 6apticto Vidai anrd Hoirs of
Pow Giorgt, South-West Lad of t4 arctieau Edmund.
Narth..Easm RAvin9 separattng it froM 4la6 f Matit>da Juien.
ique t dated Karl Hector AprAi -tir of1 Kirf
1 70 by hi Solicitor He for ithe U6e0
It I 7f Charles tIe in rIpeit of a
..t 9.48 port of lao knowsa
as A part ofMen Re.
e e o t . a the PFI
iafb St John contlaing 3,07 acres bounded as follpwih
wth--bast.A avinr fmeprdatIew it froe lasts of frfesr .Wtadc
aWd P. fus Oyer Soutbe land orf joasphine. Ha telre> tid;
ls sehi. ne Mag olire nd a ravine sepal atinI it from land o
,X*trars Offkeenry,
e Da sm ica Acting qi f TstI
NO rf: Any person who desires to objc' cl the Issuing of a
Certificate of title on th" above applicatio,; fioy -enter a Caveat
4n tIe above office wi;h. ,ix weeks from date of the First
.appnraincr of this scheiJ',le in the STAR iwspaper published
In this State 'or from the date when the Ioce prescribed by
law Was last served on a ny owner or occ oier or adjoinijrig
la d in rpact of which the apphi.Etion is id -e.
-***-----* **---- --- ** .--_. -- - H11 Ml 1II(f~~

Supplies dOf
7 -- --- ----
Four '" Fu Swe cned
t. o rsed ilk

_, -- The Sweeter ani Easieto, to-9po
C'oderosP' ,l Available' iluq .
I mL

Produae 4 and Boaied in Creat Britain by
Vt L amite e,? ;tgstlon-Upon-ThanWs

ag1A J. ou. J. JoL -3-i -- ^ -- ^- - 'F -
*S*T*A*R*S*PE Si*T* Morchriston SOVIET TOURIST SHIP by Mr. Binnoc
Cricket: Barbados has taken the I call myself Binnoc. because like
lead in the race for the 1976 Shell the VIPs on the Mor e I have spy- .
Shield championship, coming back glasses,- and so enjoyed my first siit
strongly in the match to wiZL outi- from the Kings Hill side where I
right after'having conceded first 'live of that lovely cruise liner', t
innings; lead to Trinidad in a very, more so the sight & sound of the
low-scoring match. Bartholomew-won, big welcome given to the tourists,
-the toss for Trinidad and sent in a better welcome than/for royalty -
Barbados to,bat. Trinidad were in a girls in douillettes4 steel- band,
strong position by the end of the belair, a huge- fleet of taxis and,
first day's play on 82/2 in reply to cars. waiting (but not all got custom-
Barbados' meagre total of 148 alloat. ers). After I finished having a good
However on the 2nd day's play Trini- look from above I Went fast into -
dad crumbled to the pace of Wayne town and tried to meet some visitors
Daniel's 5/34-and the leg spin of strolling,-every one I met being ra-
Dayvd Holford 5/18 for only 154, their old. I guess they were. retired
Larry Gomes'P63. Emerson Trotman to.- workers and quite;poor after paying
scoredwith 66 for Barbados' Imtiaz the fares, for I watched how they
Ali /44, Bartholoinew 2/38 and Jcra- counted their five cents and the most
deen.' 2/1 fo'? Trinidad. I saw them buy was .postcards. I had
Barbados declared their-nd inn- hoped to meet a KGB man but these
ings n 206/5 after ai=i washed out fellows don't reveal themselves, and
play (11.minutes) in the morning a lot of passengers stayed on board,
.sebion. Trinidadsset 201 for victa Had a laugh when I heard on my tran-
frOm 10 minutes before lunch to the' sistor a call for a passenger's win-
final 20 ove:wre -always i. trouble ter overcoat left in a car -he was
final we ovedsmiSrealways i.f maybe --planning to go up into the aiow
adt we rs to spare Danifo el 3/2- uof Diablotin. I'd like to see more
with 6,vesto sareel Soviet cruise ships come -a feteman
Armstrong 2/, olford 2 ord /8523 an Col, .ugh I did' .tate the v a an
Foster K 2/1-oford4 a d Te4dd S paid for'riy own drinks-in town. ..H.B.
Poster .479' olfolo4.l a^ ^R.Par-
mer- 42,o. EN BOARDo.4.t. p -he other 2
The--Combined Islands vsJamaica meinbers.fthis. board are I.Star
.match at Jarret Park, Jramaica had- tbo Lestradeand: iCharle. Bully, lion-
be abandoned with.-2 full day,9 play officials are appoin.e. fo0. years',
lost to rain. The islands scored a -A VOICE FROM THE PAST : '
slow 235 in.:some 105 overs with- Irv. "Too Much PermissiVeness" -H,Laurence
ing Shillingford topscorer: with 61., When I heard certain statements
Linden Wright 4/66, R.Winters 2/32, made by Pope Paul on .the morning o-,
and M.Foster 2/08-. Jamaica at 141 Jan 15, regarding permissivness, I
without loss looked, in a very strong felt impelled to write. Itis many
position and set for. a large total. years now since our women, of allmalks
Howe ver in the space of 9, runs at of life took up the habit- of w6o,rship-.
2/150, Grayson Shillingford dismissed ping at Holy Mass with heads uncover-
both openers Desmond- Lewis (56) and ed. It seems very recently thht some
Richard Austin (82). Hugh Gore struck have gone back to wearing hats. Well,
twice to make Janaica 4/172 and when we do not need fashion to worship Our
Norbert Phillip claimed 2 wickets Lord at Mass. Yet" I quote the follow-
and-Shillingford got his 3rd wicket- ing written by St.Paul (I Gor.ii -5,
Jemaica were reeliAg at 7/223 and "But every woman praying or prhphesy-
looked likely to lose 1st ininngs with her head not covered disgrac-
Without the batsmen consulting them, eth her head, for it is all one 'as if
the umpires drew.. stumps some 30 mins, she were shaven. For if a woman benot
before end of play for bad light.The covered, let her. be shorn," H.L.
remaining 2 days were washed out &
'the match abandoned without points fbr D/CA : -OADCASTING CbRPORATION: this
eith.. s-ide. Last wk-end all league Board, comprising Messrs.L.I.Austin,
matoHie were washed-. out.. 5th TEST 4LkUin Henry A. Neasy,TBaptisatlay
'Match Australia vs W.I, started taW~y~,gnoretlwyn -*Iy, SD-ton E-'3 &
-n.ga9 's 1st TEST vs NZ st4rt tomor@ M Aington -iviere held ra: meetingasttk.
-I.ter PubliShed by the Proprietor,Robert EAllfrey of -opt. Hall Mill.
House at 26 Bath Rd., Roseau, Dominica W.I,

P~ e lFv^

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