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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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164 1
TelF Priknery 2691, Editor 2610
U.K. Media Repredentative:
Coln Turner. (London) Ltd.
1122 Shaftesbury Ave. Wir.

ridayiVO^cember'r. -197s

~ ~ ~ ; '.' ^<2*'

rl01 DOMINICA 80

Vtorite D Lucta lomite Yortuna

VWe have learned that Government is fill seeking
the aid of international financial investors But this
tim- their faces &re turned away from Barbados and
the Alleyne Mercantile Bank and they are concen-
trating on the USA We further understand that
they have decided' to meet the investors outside of
Dominica lor fear thae Dominicani learn what it is '
all about-such:knowledge being 'cot in the public'
interest'. : .. " .. .
Earlier in the citrus season Baba Butler went out as,
an emissary seeking European market for o6 r citrus.
Surely the public is entitled to know whbt were the
proTits on the sales to Europe? Or should it be losses?

Dominica C-oconut Products
Ltd, wishes to advise all Coco-
nut Growers and CoprA Sup-
pliers that the factory will be
closed for the annual vacation
of workers during the .Christ-"
mas Season. As a result, the facI
tory will stop buying Copra
from Tuesday, 23rd Decemc
ber 1975 Purchases of Copra
will resume on Moinday JInua
ry 5v I97o ,




S eldom, to coin a phrase cf Churchill's, bas a
Dominican achieved so much and yet beei appre-
ciated so little by his countrymen as Mr, John
Baptise Charles who turns one-hundrid on, Sun-.
day. This may be in part due to the ot repeated
contention that in Dominica 'success is a dirty
word. It maiy also be that we are like so many
crabs attempting to escape fom ta barrel; each ma.
king Very effort to assure that the other does not *
succeed. J.B. has triumphed ,over these adversities
in more ways than one, and has every reason to
sit at the summit of his century and smile wryly
down upon us.
(Continued on pages ? & 3)
Jioln Baptiste Charles if78-iQ75



Inr one of his more i::teresting speeches, Premier Johnh said in St.Kitts
"vie ar'_ fully cuiomlitted also" (in addition ^6 economic integration) "and are
nronared to form' par-; .of a political grouping of thie Associated States, or-
a political grouping with "any. already independent trritory of CIRICOM, .
Seith.r with Ior without participation o other Associated. States, or..,with
the next-cdoor territories ol M4artinique -and Guadeloupe. '

Page Two T HE S T A R Friday, December 12. 1975 '
A CE-NTUR.Y 0 F AC HI E VEM E N T (fr.p.1')
He was born on 14th December 1875 in the west-coast village of Pointe
Michil to parents who worked as peasant proprietors of the small holding
known as L eent nte. After leaving school at 14 he worked on the land for
his father, at the same time learning: masonry as a part-time apprentice.
He rose to be a master mason, laying stones and mortar for the first sea
* wall at Pointe Michel and travelling to Roseau and estate factories carry-
ing, it is said., his lunch ration of "pain cass6" and dry coconut. Even
in those days of the late. 1890s he was saving two-thirds of whatever he
earned and soon was able to buy his own smallholding near Soufriere. His
marriage in 1905 came only after he had secured a regular income through
selling limes and it was a bond which lasted almost seventy years, having
been terminated by the death of his wife Josephine in 1973.
J.B. has' always been rooted in the soil. Only this week he could be
seen among the orange trees on his last acres at Cppt Hall Estate brushing
away vines with his silver-headed staff- -rbom his early years of 'heading' a canoe for sale in Roseau, his agricultural e experience has cov--
ered decades of changing crops and farming techniques. He has worked many
estates at different times of his life but has. never owned a piece of pro-
perty longer than he could service it. Land has never been idle under his
hands and from, the early years. of this century he has been a respected mem-
ber of the Agricultural Society and farming community in general,
The miracle of J.B.Charles is not only that he has endured but that his
life. has been so full and varied; he has served his island in almost every
field. He entered the Legislature in 1928, representing St.Patrick and
St.David until 1940. In 1954 he returned to the political arena, this.
time under universal suff r age- and was returned for the Western District.
-becoming the first Minister of Social.Services when the Constitution was
,changed in 1956 to include ministerial appointments. He has also served
as Mayor of Roseau and as a Senator in the ill-fated Federal Parliament of
the West Indies. ..
As; a businessman he. stands out for his contribution in banking and com-
merce at a timp when local merchants were exceptionally unadventurous. The
Cooperative. Bank in 1941 wsA a godsend to what is now popularly called
"the little man" and the institution was. immediately dubbed "the penny
bank", for one needed only a shilling to begin a savings account. Having
-fknown years of trial. himself, J.B's sympathies were firmly with the small
saver.- It is ironic that today a bank which was once scorned by the elite
-because of the: "barefoot types" it admitted, should now be unfairly attack-
ed by those claiming to represent. the interests of the "poor saver"..
Mr.Charles', detractors have accused him of being. tight-fisted, but this
is a misunderstanding. He firmly believe thaA, overspending is self-
destructive, and this makes him despair at modern trends -materialists
whp obtain luxurious: hire-purchase possessions which take a lifetime 'of
suffering to repay. "Save and. rise slowly but firmly" is his matto, and
he has never missed an opportunity to spread the word. For this, people
have called him blunt and unsympathetic, but tiY 'se are people who do not
like to hear the truth. J.B. is frank and candid regardless of whether
it hurts.
Being self-taught, he continues to take great interest in everything
around him. Travel has served as an important source of knowledge,his
firsattrip being to observe the completion of the Panama Canal, followed
by a visit$to the United States to learn about the sale of limbs and lime
products there. Since these days he has toured many countries of the world
climaxing with a visit to the Soviet Union in 1961.. In Britain he has
established a wide circle of friends and is rejected aa the longest
serving member of the West India Committee.
As a family man he has always been as upright anid firm as in business
but those who are close to him k]ow of a charm and brittle wit of which
few people are aware. He. has Awtured his children -ith a yearning fpr
achievement that has.developed them into leading figures of the modern
West Indies. (Concluded -on page there)

Friday. Dfo, ibe i 1978

(from pages 3 & 1)
Personal opinions on J.B.Charles
vary widely and many are the anec-
dotes about him and his exploits,
but even his bitterest enemies can-
not deny his endurance and the suc-
cess of hi.. life.liever has he used
his simple background as a crutch c
self-pity on which to further him-
self. -For him, bragging about one's
poverty is just as distasteful as
bragging about "one s wealth. John
Baptiste Charles is a s.elf-made man.
in virtually every sense of the phrase
and has nobly survived a century of
labour and hard work to secure the"
o'sitioi he holds today. For this,if
only for- this,he should be admired,l
for we are living in an age when so
many are waiting on others to prbi de
them with -neady-made success s.
Due to annual holidays, farmers, are ad-
vised rhat .no agriculural produce will be
received by P.W. Bellot &.Co. from Mon.
"Tay 2'd December, 1975 to Monday >Sth
January, 1976,, unless by previous arrange-
ment ,


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Pao* Th.w




Pa..igeiy^ Four lThE,..K-i<"r-ri-~ ~. ST111 Frd y e en e 12 i.........l...a.. .. -- --- --- rn- --- 111., i 9i T-



Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notic
thereon and Cavats for week ending" f C i "1975
Dat Requested Person Presenting Nature -of request
whether a Certificate
of Tittl of Noting
. thereon or Caveat.
Request dated St. George Ray; Application of St.
14-, & 75 mond Magloire George Raymond Ma
Preasnted by his Solicitor gloire for the issue of
12 7I~. M. Eugenie a first certificate of t
at 12 O'clock Charles te in respect of a per
-- .. ...tion of land at Trafal
S gar containing 6672
square feet and boun
dotd as follows:-
NorthlLand of Jane Gordon, South;Land of Selwyn
George, East land f Vic Toulon West PubitJiLad.
Request dated Paul John Lewis Application of Paul
18 18 75;. by kis Solicitor John Lewis for the i
Presgited M. Eugenia 16e of a first cortifi
t, 12 75 Charles cate of title in respect
12 O'ci ck ,of a portion of land
known as a lot at La?.
dat in the Parish of St
George containing
S2.11 acres and boun
Sded as follows:-
NortihBy Road to Lake South;.by lands of Severy
PoIte, North-WestiHeir of Acnita Rolle and Public
Road, South-West;By Public Roadt North-East!By
Road to Lake, South-.EstBy lands of Savery Rolle.
Request dated Marie Egyptienneo Request for the issue
14th tvwember Durand lof a first certificate of
1975 by her Solicitor title in respect of poe
Psente~d Vanya Du*trny tion of land at Goo
Ist December Hope in the Parish of
1975 St. David, containing
at 3.15 p m. 34,970 square feet
and bounded as fol
Narth; By a Ravine separating it from land of Mrs.
Olive Gufste, East and South-Eastt By land of
Nichor, Sanderson, South-WestBy the Public Road.
Oenry pyer -
egisrars Offce Acting Oegistrar of Tite /
Rosea' Dominica,.
NOTE: Any parson who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certi, .,r,r of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office Within six Weeks from the date of the First
.appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper puitished
in this Scate or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was, last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
an.4 S r aspect of which the application is made.





Produced and Bottled in Great Britain by
SVine Products Limited, Kingston-Upon-Thames


House & Lot at 24B Queen Mary Street Apply: M.E. Charles
Roseau' P.o Box 12t
Lot 1421 Square feet 28 Old Street, Roseau 77(-_V 1


Pae PFowr


Friday,December 12 19753

fffz ~:


W% 0



Friday December 12, 1975

No inquiry into the Banana Indus-
try which does not invite evidence
from bananasgrowers who have for so
many. years been targets of exploita-
tion in various ways and forms is
socially and economically just. The
selection of persons to give evi-
dence is. tantamount to prejudice,.
and a very cle ar, indication that
there is no intention on the part
of Government to give all growers
a square deal..
Secondly, and this is highly im-
portant: the ,composition of the
Committee of Inquiry does not en-
tirely inspire confidence. What
qualifications does Major Earl
Johnson possess for bqing on such a-
board? Did the, Major (and Govern-
ment nowadays is full of Army per-
sonnel) distinguish himself in
his agricultural training in Trini-
dad? -Moreover the Youth Camp into
which he was subsequently pitch-
forked as head seems to be a dismal
"failure. Mr.Clep Ferreira has al-
ways been extolled by Van Geest In-
dustries and the D.B.G.A. as the
most successful .banana producer in
Dominica* He can hardly be expect-
ed to come out boldly against those
bodies in favour of less talented.
suffering banana growers whose -earn-
ings have been halved by the local
Government for improvements which
Government up to the present' has;
not carried out, Mr.V.C.Josse is.
the Chairman of the Co"mittee of In-
quiry. His presence and function
should inspire confidence But he.
has accepted terms of reference
which are in my view unethical and-
undemocratic; he is aware that an
S3..0. a pointed Banana Coommittee
has not improved relations. la the
Industry. I, in his place, would
have pointed out that my agreement
to serve would depend upon an invi-
Ltation to receive voluntary evidence
oral or written. Mr.Stanley Padelle,
while a Member of the FHouse, did
show. some interest in, and sympathy
with the exploited banana growers..
But he might have gone a step furth-
er now, by insisting on getting evi-
dence in the usual democratic and
constitutional manner. An inquiry
and a questionnaire are two differ-
ent things.
Continued page 6)

HE _ST A R Page ive
Fiction MA Ti.tIiE Cynthia Watt
Mal Titine woke up with, a sense of
foreboding. She had had a frighten-
ing dream, yjet could not bring back
to mind what it was. She dressed
lethargically, prepared breakfast and
sat down to eat it disconsolately.
Throughout the morning the feeling
persiste-d. and while. she was tidying
up a few odds and ends, Genelia came
in looking rather grim.
"Something wrong?" Ma Titine en-
Vtuired. Genelia tiodded her head and
replied, -"A car knocked down Baby
last night."
IMa T1itine sank 4own weakly in the
nearest chair.
"...bu-t, she isn't seriously hurt,
just a few bruises...'but she's feeling
terribly shaken. .. ahePs feeling' all
Ma Titin:e breathed a sigh of .re-
lief, "Thank God!" she said,. "but
when I saw the expression on yo-ur
face..." -
"I was thinking how easily she
could have been killed if the driver ;
had been driving carelessly as they
do nowadays." Ma Titine agreed and
said, ,"Most of them are an absolute
menace on the roads.".
Later that evening? they went to
visit Baby, and found her in the kit-
chen brewing some coffee. Walking
stiffly, sa1 .led them into the living-
room and told them what had happened..
"Is not de driver folt," she said.
"i was trying to avoid a pothole an a
pile of robbish an so was he...nex
ting I know I was flat on de ground. ,
cooden tell you wat happen. Boy: dey
do well to call dofe pothole sleepy
Poleecewonii Anyway, de drivah bring
me to' de hospeetal an dey give me a
injeckshun an aint de brooses wid-
morekuraorome." Is bettah dan dat poh
woman dat dey doan fine hah
body yet. D* GuVament always feesian..
de roads in a-kine of a waye* i-s
moh hole day have, speetUlly in Roseau!
Wen dey will reahly- feex dose street
as dey shood, I wondah? Everything in
dis place is patch, patch. patch!" A
As; theywere abopt leaving, Reuben
came in, breathless. "I go by you.
Titine to pick up Genelia an we-. I
see nobody my hart go, in my troat...
Den -I remembah Baby axident, so I cay
allyou by hah. A 1 Ias omin I fall'
O.Vah a -pile of rubbish ..." (That's
When they noticed hia shinned knut s )
"-Ai dey say dey goin to.make Roseau
street moh cleaxni" he added bitterly.

CRICKET The second test match be- In an article in last week's
.twebn Australia and the West Indies "Star" entitled "The Gospel" by an
started today at Perth. At the end Evangelist, there are a number of
of the: day's play Australia were fallacies concerning Catholic doc-
317/7 after Greg Chappell had won trine. While I have no Ieason for
the toss and elected to bat. Ian doubting my Evangelical brother's
Chappell coming in number 3 '(after good faith, I feel bound to make some
only two balls were bowled by Andy fraternal observations for his en-
Roberts, trapped R.McCosker l.b .w. for lightenment,.
no score) was undefeated on 148. G.. The two aspects of the Gospel he
Gilmore 45 and I.Redpath 33, other is referring to are two sides'of the
main contributors. same coin. Salvation through Christ
LEAGUE Gutter Crowns defeated Domin -depends on both: we must say "Lord,
`ca Defence Forde by 7 wickets last Lordl' but at the same time we must do
weekend. Scores: D.D.F. 52 & 136 -- what the Father wants us to do(Mt 7,21).
M.Hill 5/20 & 3/16 and R.Shillingfor&If we make people shout too mauch"Lord,
5/28 & 5/537. Gutter 116/8 declared .Lord we help, them to escape from
and 735/5. H.Dyer 4/355 reality,' giving them the opium that
FOOTBALL REST WIN LEAGUE TROPHY Marx was speaking of. If we make them
Rest of Pte, Michel defeated Colts wor for the promotion of human happi-
2-1 in the replay.-for the Louis BenDtness and welfare in the world, giving
Trophy to emerge league champions food to the hungry and drink to the
1975. Rest scored first through H. thirstys they will ,find themselves on
Bason whilst D.Toyce got the eqa- the right side of the King and receive
lizer for Colts 10 minutes ,before .the kingdom (Mt 25,34).
thi interval. On reum! tion, Colts 1hen "Evangelist" says that the.
went inte rall -o. ar .i..Ti.+ c- Roman Catholic Church. has done a great
went into all-out attack without suc-deal of commendable work towards this
es. 5oe 25 minute sbefore the endda o coendl ork towards this
cess. Some 5 minutes eforete n end, that is the truth and a well-de-
a counter-attack est resue served compliment. But when he insin-.
H.Smith finding the winner for Rest, uatessthatwe neglected to say "Lord'
S O.WLS- DIE- .-. Lord and to save sinners, he had bet-
SThe Trinidad radio'and television ter check the following figures, -be-
pot--scaster, Raffy Khowles died at sides the personal and family prayers ,-
his residence Sun ay night (7th) which have always been strongly rec-
aged 61, after ailing for several amendedd, a Catholic -is bound to attend
months. -Too in the t least $2 Eucharistic Celebrations
Caribbean, Raffy's death came as a a year with some 156 Bible readings
-shodk and all those who expected to and explanations; if he is a daily n
hear him next year when India touls worshipper,, he score's a yearly total*
the Wesit Indies will miss hisa- t of 780 Bible readings, set in a frame-
of commentaries. STARSPOlRTS extend work of accusations, prayers, songs
mathy to-the family and friends. .and sermons
he decesedThis* Catholic Church has produced
BANANA INQUIRY (from page" five) countless saints and martyrs all. ; hru
Moreover the public may remember(iilelthe ages. And I-do not believe that
me) that Premier COl.John declared anyone who stands in succession to
mofe than once that he did not want witnesses like the Apostles, the tkrch
a Dominican on the Banana Inquiry. Fathers, Augustin, Thomas Aquinas, the
He has changed his mind, and'decided Founders of Religious Orders, Thomas
NOT to have a public inquiry which Becket, the English-Martyrs, has any-
would imply open justice for the thing to be ashamed of; on the conmary,
poor grower. I was a bit surprised he has everything to be roud of.
that Mr. A.F.Joseph agreed to serve Thanking for space, and hoping to
on an inquiry in which.people are give more clarifications insubsequent
selected to give evidence. :issues.
It appears that every move by our Father Fo. Huysmar.ns, CSS.RFJ.CJD.
present Govt, is designed to offend, 1-ACK HOME: Mr.W.S.Stevens marrie..
antagonise or impoverish. apathetic daugK HOMEr HeMrlennd htevensr childma liew n
and namby-pamby Dominicans cowed daughter Helenand herchild flewin
n b a .nn ar f o Nigeria this week to spend a
perhaps by a standing army of 50-WSS, .fa. ily Ch histm. n .-io. ..

Printed & Published by the Proprietor, R.E.Allfrey of Gopt Halr Mill House
at 26 Bath Road Roseau Dominica West Indies.

Page Six

Friday, December 12 1975


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