Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Virte -I Ijortuna

'riday, De'r 5 975__ ________


"T&ally out of order' w5 /-4h^' rion',
1, oise- called the constitution amend-
ment Act which provides for 7 Minis-
ters, in addition to a Premier in the
impoverished State of Dominica, two
more. than we can' ill afford to pay for
at present, Every other person on .the
Opposition Bench hit at th1 bad Act.
Saying that "even donkeys break down".
Oovt. -defended its luxury move because
Ministers were so often absent and had
so many departments to take care of.
,Hon.Thomas said that Hon.Pat Stevens
.rang him on Suidays for "assistance
fo~ his people". The Speaker: "His
kind of people needs no assistance,"
Premieres car: so-called State cars
have cost so much in repairs that
his new one, bought on the inptal-
ment plan and used for visiting dig-
nitaries,is an- economy. (See p, 6) _

The St Kirds Labour Party, winning 7 seats and,
72 percent '-f votes in Monday's general election
there, blotted Out Dr Herbert-aad the Peoples Ae..
lion Movement; but the Nevis R-fform Party
gained the two seats in that ward Island.

Booker book
The winner of the 1975 '/-O)
Booker Prize 1or Fiction, Britain's mno.
vdaluable literary award,
Ruth PrawerJhabvala

Heat and Dust"

No award this year: number
entries and quality disappo
ted the judges.

" S
of .

in i




In an effort to secure its own building, parents and
t-iches of 'he DomiQica Community High Scho.l
(D G.H.S) ,ire embarking on an islard-wide fund-
raising drive to take place on Friday and Saturday
5th & 6th December. During these two days, ps-
rents and teachers wearing T shirts printed with
the school's emblem and marked 'Community High
School uildiog Fund', will be paying house to
house visits with donation ,sheets,
In addition to this, there will be regular D.C,
H S. sponsored anccs,, bingo parties, rafles and ta'.
lent. shows,
This is au appeal to the general public to sup.
port the Dominica Commtunity High Schopt in this
venture, For .more information, visit the D.C.H. S.
Building- Fund Headquarters on King George Vth
Street, Roseau, at the foot of Constitution Hill.

HERE THIS 1,EEK: the nIew British
Governmen4- Repr-sentatire te, th'e
'dest Indies Acociated Stfatb







See page 2

Nr. Eric G-eorge

Le Tooq

Say Bishops
Two Anglican Bishops stated at the
World Council of Churches meeting
fin Nairobi recently that. W.C.C.was
,more concerned with political than
with spiritual and religious. matters.

Colitn Thrner (London) Ltd.
!2z Shkftesbury Ave. W.-

by4 An Evangelist (name given) I have 'not' seen the Social Seourtby
ttGo into all the-world and preach Act of 1975 but I have seen a circu-
e o into all theve world and pre lar re Proposals for a Social Security
the s Jesus Christ gave the "great Scheme in Dominica.The latter was cir-
commission to His church, a commis- culated in June 1974 td. all business
sion which is still in effect. This places and sports clubs in. Dominica.
gospel has several aspects, one of' This circular says under Sickness
which. is the promotion of human hap- Benefits: "After payment of 26 weeks
piness and welfare in othe wrld oap contributions payment will be made
Kelvin Francis rightly pointdAt e rate of 60% of earnings in re-
Kelvin Francis r-htly -pointed out *in e
his article in last week's "Star" in aspect of certified. sicknes,excluding.
great deal of commendable work done lIthe firstthree days... It also says:
ord end wrk.done enson: ...Aninsurd person enho
towards this end in Domi ca by ihe 1
oma'-o church. t ,this is no'thas reached the. age of 60 requires the
the o"nlyaspect off thegospe l, nor Tequivalent of 500 weekly contributions
tsome wouldas ge)o evengthe most vio ,(of which 150 must be paid contribut-
some -would argue) even the mostviti os) to qu alify for an Age Pension.*
"What, profit a man if he Lons) to quali fo an Age Pension
shall ain thewhle worldand lose From the date of operation of the So-
shlo ga ou would e a l"ose cial'Security Scheme contributions un-
his own soul? It would be possible r he N -" -- Prvident nd wil
Sde r the, National Provident. Fund will
to feed,. clothe, house. and .educate ae
and. employ a man., but if in the end c-hat is "-nteresting at this stage
he is not saved and dies in his sins. :What ios att r esett at thi sta e
what will be the end of him? Jesus bute to the National Provident und
spoke some hard words aboutithe "fiu- immediately qualify to receive
that is not quehnhed" and the .broa.e
hatinoqu cd a-n benefits under, the Social Security
way that leads ,to destruction There Sc:,_ a t, .,o enc..n o. -
S"rin etdena a ...Scheme at the osmmen cement o-f is op-
is lifeafter death, and weneed to erations.-hat is tosaythat if it
'but suh a practice, s ,.. nowhere ou rations.-ihana io s to say. na i-f i ,
be prepared for it. However Mr.Fran- te ceai m of wek o
oias artclle made no mention of this,
ii shorn tie ano .tin .of .hs. e Social Security to qualify to receive
ect. .ow is. onr to prh 9 benefits, and let .s say thatL the con-
Attending a Roman Catholic fil nera 'tibutinas total $100.00 then hts
one is led to'be-iee'e that the pray- p r idet as $0 0 in to na
ers of priest and people can reach" peron wh. havil Natis
-Ag 1 e a ica- ristia fied.t to receive benefits under the
and bring eternal lif-e to him. This ire ndr th ,
is a. sincere. and well.-mdaning thought, ocial Seurity Sheme,
but such a practi' e. is nowhere fod .another point is (evidently)
or reco~mDendedrin the Bible. Evangelthat the difference of $900.00 wont
schal h iaristians, who seek to ebase nbe refunded. What is National Provi-
thei faith on the. iord -of God; must den t nd goLng to do with or money?
therefore part company wit.h it, be- ~ don.' know. Bt w-hat -I understand is
Slieving rather that it is while we lthat.NPF has lent substantial amounts.
are li vi g that w e ust ake our of worke-rst contributions to Govern-
are, lying tnae we musd aend-our then car. Pr..... ..a... ... n
ing and election sure".. Sent .to pay civil servants and this
Again the evangelian Christian amount cannot be repaid'by Govt.;also,
doeis not find ith, possible to .oi t n the transfer r of property from BY TRIN-
in prayers- to MaryJoeph, -the apon- EE to NPF (or Soc.Security) on 4th
tles Prerr and Paul,Jsad others who February,'197~5 for .$10,000.o has run
tae er ao nds Pl .d istherse wo them broke. The only getaway they seem
have gone on before. He rather have i SOCIAL SECURITY SCHEMEI
es .that is is -Christ, and- Christ alne.If I ai istaken, who'will put me
who is "the one..mediator between God I I ah milsaen, Oe w
and man", and that it is to God alone right? DOMINICANS- BEWARE OF PARENT
that he should pra.y,.through His Son. ;E. SCHEMES. KEV. FNCIS.
Other doctrines could be mentioned&CANDID COMMENTS:The Colonel's'Car -by
such as transubstantiation, the beliECW.S.Stevens. -* Talk prevalent over
that all 'who are baptised are aUtomat"Dominica today Premie r Colonel Johnb
ically made children of God, and the- inew car. Parliament was- asked for and
sinlessness of Mary, for example. permitted $14,000. Now a "car costing
All of these the evangelical Christiabout 3 times as m.uch...and taxpayers
disagrees with, on(he believes)Sorip are grumbling. Too.early for me to com-
tural grounds.It is not because of meant precisely befog this question is
hatred, jealousy or hypocrisy that he raised in the House, (C q)
does so,but rather because as an evaigelical,his.authority for doctrine is
the Bible. !Concluded Daae 5)

Friday,December 5, 1975 -

Page Two


-... TH STAR. ,. r . .

A AWorried

THlE .people of Domnioaf ae' a
Sworrded people. 14 shows on-
their faces. They talk about hair
Worries. Opt' of- their dideusslotsie
one thing emerges8 h it 18 .s h el
Government of -Dominica which is
responsible for those worries; those
fear. The Goverar went's astioo on
Thursday Sepaember 23rd, 1971,
when it took armed action against -
its oiti~Oas served to increased ahoae
. fear el.- * * 0
,Naturaily t each h-I g1- bihaded
notion h as caused grave soonoera
among the inhabitatsus Po.pi %ee
pondering "where will -it. all. endl
Thsy are beginning, 6a Nfeel that. this
show of force and arms oet be a
-pattern of Government'" behaviour
in the fniture.
It is not only for this reason
that the people of this onoe0 pea0ee
fil happy liand are showing the -
fhrrows of anlxety on their faces.
Lffe in Dominica Is grim for other
.reasons, ta well.
There is no employment for the
waves and waves of school levers.
The Baanan industry s'mraniafebing
the agotzies of death and ruin. Cost
of living has taken an upward
swing and is out of hand. Money in t h e,
Government, commercial and private sectors
is getting scarce. There are no eyvenue pro,
during projects Jir the pfling. We have just
been issued with a Governmiect release stat.-
ing that there is "Danger Facing Coconut In-
dustry". Chorus; too. is on shaky ground. Our
agriculture is at its lowest ebb, ever. Govern-
ment stands .there impotent to take, a n y
positive action to halt what looks li k- e
economic rtia for Dominica.
A Banking Act, Las been given first
reading in the House' of Assembly, which"
in the words -of the official organ of .the
Leblanc regime, s e. e"J s t o
.control bthe .Banks in t h,e Stat e.
This Banking Ant, disoosied elsewhere ia
this issue.and in the two previous num-
bere of this newspaper by a' apeoialiet,
degree economist, poses a number of ser-
Sions isases to the people of Dominioaa. The
Chamber ofCommeroe. in a release, views
this Act, and the rasurance Ant. also givno.
a firsb reatingi in the House last Thcrsdasy,
"with serious concern"'
1 * ,I 1 : *

We are indebted to Mr. E.C. Loblack
for this r-print of an editorial in Aha L..
:minica.Herald of Oct. 2, 1971.

And ?o all Dominloana view their future
and that of their children with. se, ri o *
n e a They are worried to death about
this nnoertaintry. And they feel that the
Leblano Govern meet is using the force
of trms t0 take the abyss of do,-
struotion. "hbey r e at n, silent.
brooding, resentful a. n d f i r m.
,F.or, they knew what tbey will do with
their baliotis next time to save their
oooutryv. theoy will not give L[eblano north '
. er chance. The only trouble is that "the
next time" in 1975 may be too'late. By
then, Dooinioans may not be even master -
of their o0w- oo~atry: bheir own deatiby.

Producedan Bottled in Great Britairin by
Vine Products Limited, Kington-Upon-Thnme
. n--

: ,W.sme


Friday Ottendsor 5. 4976

P" Tr




Peg. Ft~ THE STAR Eray~De"cember 5., J~'TY




Schedule of Application for Certlfate of Title and Noting~
thereon and Caveats for week ending iceg TS.1i975&

Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
Sthereon or aveat.

St. George Ra&3
mongd Magloir
by kis Solicito
M. Eugenia

r- Application of St.
e George Raymond Ma
ir gloire for' the issue of
a first certificate of ti
tie in r'eipict of a po
- tion of land at Trafal
gar containing 6672
square feet and bour
ded as follows:-

NoitrdvLnd of Jane Gordon, SoUth;Land of Selwyn
George, East:land of Vie Toulon West; Pb4tlkad. I
Request dated Paul John Lewis Application of Pak
1 21& 75 5 ;by khi Solicitor John Lewis for the is
Priesentid M. Eugenia sue of a first cerlifi
L, 12T 75 Charles cateaf title ianrespec
1l ObcI h' of a portion of'land
known as a lot at Lau.
dat in the Parish-of St
George containing
.2.11 acres and boun
-dead as follows:-
Nrth & ByRoad to Lkea, South/by lands of Severy
R"ll North-WesctHeirs of Acanta Reli* and Public -
Ro". South-West, By Public Road, North-East: By
R&* stoa Lake, Southt EastBy, lands of Severy Roll*.

Request dated Marie Egyptienne Requestfor the issue
14th November Duiand lof a first certificate of
1975 by her Solicitor title in respect of por
Piesentid Vanya Duroy' Ition of land at Good
1st December H- ope in the Parish of
1975 St. David, containing
a( 3.15 n m. .34.970 square feet
-- and bounded as foli
-" .. *- lOw s:- '
NorthyBy a Rivine separating is from land of Mrs. Guist.l, East and South-East; By land 0f

Nicholas Sanderson, Ioutht-westBy ftte Pautie Road.

Schedule of Applitation for Certificate of Title & Notings there.
on & Caveats for week ending 29' r ( i
Request dated Lawrence Clarri- Request for-the issl
the 24th day saint Didier ,, of a first certificate
of Nove-.ber by his Solicitor title in respect of
1975 Cilma A.M. portion of land at C
Presented the Dupigny raudel in the Parii
25th dey of of St. George in tl
November 1975 containing State of Domini,
at 10.4 f. 10.17 acres and bounded as follows
Notth: by a Ravine separating. it from land of Irving
Alfri-d and Helrs of Damoux Chasseau South: by
Iani of Foster Darroux South East: by land of Heirs -
of Norman Bell -North West: by a Reserved Read and
Rigt'4 of way separating it from land cf Austin Oscar,
lrvitg Alfred and Cecil Duverney Respectively
iW tt~d' (*Jf.

un tqe PNorthn Eat: By a road separating It from Imndi"
of Maudhci Philips and Heirs of Oilfie Reynold On the
East: By lands of 'Raphaei land Monica jeremy
On the South; Bi .land of Moonlca jeremy On the Sotlith
East By River La Croix Estate On the West: By land
Sif Jerome t. Jean and Heirs of latan Luke On the
North: By land of JtrQrfie St Jean
Request dated
the 1th day ruunc a tua|Rn quest for the issue
of Septinber Rolle of a first certificateof
S1975 by his Solicitor title in respect of a
Preaented the Cilma A.M. potionof lape at Tra.
27th day of D.\g Dj 's4n f&gar, in the Parish
November 1T7 of St. Georg in -
tt Im I IState of Dminit:e
containing 3088 sqoar fueetad bounded as follows.-
North: By land of Austri Is ae South: By land of
Elford Elie East: By land of Whitfield Casimir
West: By Public Road South West By land of
Diana Bhizi,

11*1.1 -~-

Registrar's Office,
Rosaii, Dom-inica,

Henry eyer "
Acting Registrar of T .Itles

NO E: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on th. abavd application may enter-a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the .date of the Firsr
appearance of this s.-hedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or frcom the date whep the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or. occupier of adjoining
lan4 in respect of -which the application Is mide.

Request dated
14. 84 75-,
2, 12. '75c
at 12 OA lock

Bad luck, evil spiriis, marriage, promotion,
job, examination,. sex5 lottery; bingo, pools,
all distresses or any other social or domes-
tic problems,
Pals Uuiversal Company
SG-*17, 4 Rajouri Gardeun.
New Delhi 27, INDIA.





Request dated Alwyn Jereom Request for the issue
the 24th of sep Williamstof ki first ctrtificateof 1
ternsber 1975 by his Solicitor) title in reipes of a
Presented the Cilma A.M.jporrion of lvind at Pen-'
25th day of Dupigay ton in the Parish of
November 1975 St. Paut in the Statc
-at of DomznricA c:..tain-
ing 1'.GG8 A. res ad bounrid:d a ifolo
r f^ -, ^t h i -_-.L P _r f

. -



* *


Fi'iday, December ~, l97~ TEE sT Page Five

THE GQSPEL -,by "An E.vangelist- (p.1).'
Past happenings in Dominiba,,such
as the burning and destruction of .
New Testaments and other Christian
literature, and the many young people
who have been asked to leave their
homes after professing the evangeli-
cal faith, could also be mentioned,.
but .this article is probably long
enough already. Of course, no-one is
perfect and all of us .make mistakes'
and sometimes have wrong attitudes
which are to be regretted. But `I do
not believe that anyone who stands
in succession to, such mei of ,history
as Martin Luther, John Calvin, John
.Knox, Thomas Cranmer,George Whitfield
John .Wesley and D.L.Moody (all of
whom were evangelical Christians and1
upheld the principles of the Refprm-
atioh) has anything ,to be ashamed
about. Rather, with#the apostle Paul,
we may say "I am not ashamed of the
gospel of Christ,' for it is the power
of God unto salvation to everyone wIn
believes,. But all of us would do
w6ll to remember also Paults teach-
ing that unless s all that we do is
done in a' spirit of charity and love
to all, we -ill .not accomplish any-
th.iAg .for the Lord. ..

.(f Lromvp) I have seen the Hansard
of the last House of Assembly meeting.
It clearly indicates that the pro-,
ceedings of the House leave much to-
be desired,
In the first place, the Speakor
(by his frequent butting in when Mem- .
bers of the Opposition are speaking)
pulls down his dignity. .It is the
duty, of a Speaker to interfere only
when it is absolutely necessary But
Speaker Franciis is trueto form; he
makes unbecoming remarks; and iiter-
pretations e-*eg. "the enezly is the
Freedom Party", It is his business
to be patient and tolerant and not
to say "we will not waste any more
time", 'Even if the Member is talking
nonsense, or. saying, anything with,
which he and his Shoe: Party do not
agree, as a Speaker, he should bear
it without showing aby displaesure.
But he.,. the Speaker!, is an elected
member, Editor of the Educator and
holder of a Government.' job besides
be ing- Speaker of the House- -an anom"-
ally unthinkable in. any other part of'
the British Commonwealth,
:Then the. Attorney .General might'
bear in mind that bhe is i, OT an elected

Fiction 'MA TITINE -'Cyhthia Watt. emper nouse, ne is 1e At.
"I heah you a.n Ancine.had a torney General, o. interpret his con-
clash," .aby told Ma. Titine as these tentions onr-eation of laps --and-
two ladies. were making their Christ- leave political banter and un1.ecoming
mas cakes in Mla Titine's kitchen, remark severely alone. He is in
"Yes," Ma Titine replied, pouring truth and in fact a Civil ServantiU
the batter into cake tina, "such a the House to guide and instruct in
-stupid thing :it was." l' egal affairs He seems to be allowed
Baby tidied up while Ma Titine, by the Speaker to be-
put the cakes in the oven. Soon the certain Memners Qf the House whom the,
kitchen was filled with the fruity, people.have elected to speak on-thei
spicy scent'of the cakes.. and Baby. affairs.
said often, -"Uh-u-um I'smell in good: "' MIA TITITI (1 con"ld,) "Weo make. ouah
*It Imust -sme 11 rich," Ma Titine. sorrel, an gingah-beah already, so- we.
replied, "all our own local spices can have a good sip at one of demi"--
and sweet, potatoes to help:the flour; So a little while: later the three of
you know how potato cakes always' them evere enjoying: a slice of cake and
smell go good, m-chless- nwwith all a glass of sorrel. -
these currants, raisins, prunes and '"We celebration Chrism'aas'uhly,L"
what have. youi Baby remarked., 11'axjway doan forget it:
The cakes were just beizg taken have House of Assenmbee dis teek...4de
out of the oven when Genelia arrived, lass foh de yeah." Genelia put do n
She' exclaimed at-the round brown tops her empty glass. "Hear of the Bank Act
ansd :bet to sniff at one of. them." they ?Olt bo=324 to pass?.'! Ma Titine
"I feel like eating one right now" and Baby nodded. Said Ma Titine, :"Yes-
she said. Mai&Titine laughed and. terday while I was downtown, I heard
replied, *I knew that! See that one people talking about it..,most of them
in the Blue Band butter tin? I'made have been ordered to pay back their
it just for you, so now you're here.t.loas..*everyone is shocked by it.,.
"We'll all'have a tase," Baby saijtd1ll go oldtmea and hide my money uh-.
d.. ergr6und. '

T f E. S T A -R

Page Five

Friday, December 5, 1975

SFriday, December, '5, 1975

0T *A R*S$P*0:R*T*S Morchr iston
Greg Chappell captaining Australia.
for the first time (siince brother
Ian. relinquished the captaining
after their.English summer tour) led.
Australia to a fine 8-wicket victory
against the West Indies and made.
cricket history by becoming the firmt
captain to score centuries in both
innings in his debut match as cap-
tain,- This is the second, time that
Greg Chappell has achieved this feat
of scoring centuries in -both match-.
es of a test match. .He scored 247
n,o. & 133 in the first test match
in Australia 1973/74 tour of New
Zealand at Wellington. "
Australia'won by 8 wickets with
a day to- spare at-the Brisbane -
cricket grounds in* the first o6f the
six-match- series.. -Clive .Ioyd won
,the toss, and elected to bat and-Wes6
Indies in ;their Cavalier style were
rebting- at 99/6 at better than a runj
a minute.' They were dismissed: event-
ually for 214 still blasting for.
-runs. Australia. replied with 366.
G.Chappell- 123, Alan .Turner 81,- I.
Chappell' 41, R.Marsh 41 and Ian
.Redpath 39.. Lance ,Gibbs (wily s-
ever) '5/102 and. Andy-Roberts 3/85.0
.West Indies in their 2nd innings.'
'did better, thanks to the superb
batsmanship of Lawrence fiare :(107) &
Alvin X6llicharan (101) D.Murray
55- ,Dennis Lillee 5/72 & Gary- Gil-.
more 2/26. Required to get 21-9 for
victory, Australia went on t6oscore.
the runs for the loss of 2 wickets.
GThe Chappell brothers ian (74) &nd
'Greg (109) put .in 159 undefestqad for
the -third wicket.
LEAGUE Saints won- the first .match
in the Augustus Gregoire league when
they- defeated SomSaset by 10 ,wickets|
at the Bottinioal Gardens last .week-
end. Scores in the match Somerset
82 & 90 Norbert Phillip 3/19 end
7/22, Fitzroy Doctrove 3/22 & 3/47 &
Phiilip St.Jean, 4/27, 8a3xnts 143 &
,30/0. :Leslie Etienne6-62,-A.Sylves-
ter 4/36. ** .The third unofficial'match between India.and Sri .
Lanka ended'in a draw. Scores: Sri
Lanka 5364 C& 220/9 decld.; India 29Q.
& 217/6. India won the series 2-niL
TROP,.K Colts, defeated Rest of Pte.
Michel 3-2 in the final match for. the
l' Trqonh at Porge- Park, Nov. 29th.i

Dominica-made Tomato Ketchup goes on
!sale at special introductory prices
this week end a new local-formula-
product bf P.WBellot" & Co. *. The
Firm plans to.-initiate several new
lines as. part of a ma-jo-r expansion
progrgmmte;, Candied Mixed Peel (for
Christmas Cakes-& puddings) will be ,
on sale in Supermarkets: from next
week,, and new Soursop Nectar' follows.'
LAOgD' TAX Bill intro, waa Iwithdrawn by,
the A.G. on Thurs., and SQc.Security
Act postponed until next Session.

Printed and Published by the- Proprietor R*. JAllrey of Copt nall Mill aious
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

LATE views: Minister attacks Go-op BBak
-In a radio speech this-:Friday,,p.m.,
Hon.Vic Riviere, addressing his list-
eners as comrades and saying he was
aiming to protect their interests,cas-
tigated the Dominica Co-operative Bank
We asked for an explanation from Hon.
M.,.Charles. Here it is in'brief:
"The Minister of Finance does not
understand figures, His- statements.
-regarding liquidity are completely
erroneous, as experts-have.proved in
their repor-t -on the Bank. Either he'
does not. understand figure-s, or he
is purposely misleading' -.*
.; The only request made by the
Dominica Co'-operative. Bank. to .the.
Ministry of-Finance was for a 12-
month peiried in which to raise the
necessary, $500,000 capital required '
,of the Banlkunde-r the -Act.. .-
The Bank expects that equal time:
on Radio will be given for a reply ,
to the lAinister's statement.- M.E.G,
Leitnox Honychurch. on Oct.-31
swered -thus' (in .brief.).: DREADS COM-
MITTEn. REPORT.. This 28-page document
is -now being studied, by Cabihet, after
which' it shall be submitted-to -the "
Govt.Printery." (citing. some delays). ,
LEPER HOME'6-"An article-in the ilew
Chronicle (Oct.11) is. misleading *to.
the general public,-. ..This .is one of
th6 best. endowed institutions. on. a
staftf-patient ratio." 'But few will'
di s .ve the shocking & compassion-
ate Y1 oey Vanterpool'-s article.
Mor~ereplies to Questions next time.
The Premier, "HonRiVier.e, and two
officials are- attending this.Bradshaw
-hopes to get-together an Associated.
"Independence team". But Dominicaans
will require 'aI referendum before ahes
--- -- - A- I ___ cpanfe.


Wage Six.

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