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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Eirtur u PYLLS SHANi' yLortumaiE

4- WD 4O AN 4RY
suest &ditorial by Rupert Sorhaindo
Every important road is in disrepair if not
unusable. Essential medical supplies are not in
stock at our medical centres, Delapidated schools
are overcrowded. Sub,.tandard housing is an ines-
capable feature of the Domidican landscape. Pora-
ble water is not delivered to many communities.
The people are exhorted to initiate "self-help" pro-
ects of major their own, cr 'Bou-
a'^ expense. All because, we are told, "Govern-
- .ent has no money".. Furthermore, civil servants
and other workers are told that Government will
ensure that wages are not increased (Budget Speech
1975). In fact, Government has decided not to pay.
:s workers the wages agreed to in negotiations
with the C.S A... Because Government has no
money, we are told!
All' these needs, whn viewed against the back.
drop of millions of dollars spent in recent years on
Housing and arming ano expanding Police Force,
and the establishment of a Special Constabulary of-
regulars- point to warped priorities. But as though.
to add insult to injury, the "colonel" has decided the.most important priority on our *needs of
the nation list" is a standing, combat-re4dy, fifty-
man army with "endless' volunteers standing byl
/ continued on next page:/

What- has the Catholic Church donc to the
many so-called Chritian .Churches in Dominica?
This question might he difficult to a.-swer. If wo
are to-examinethe teachings of the Catholic
Church we would sea that the priests have taught
Tho,, shalt not kill, steal, commit adultery or bear
false witness against thy neighbour. These teach.
ings are the. basic laws, of God but according to
some of the aspersions cast on the Roman Catho-
lic Church by the so-called Christian Churches the
teachings would seem the opposite.
Further to the teachings of the Catholic
Church, Dominicans owe the Church and its mis,.
sionaries a mountain of gratitude for the develop.
mient of education in Dominica. At present the St.
Mary's Academy and the Convent High School
are the two most disciplined schools in the State.
The Church has invariably professed the religious
principles of Jesus Christ. e6 flPage 5)

This week marks a significant step forward
in the history of educational development ino-'c
Caribbean, with Dominica playing host to mem-
bers of a Caribbean Workshop on Co-operirive
Education in Schools,
Participants from Antigua,Baha-as,
Barbado s Belize, GrenadaGuyanr ar1Wac
St Kitts, St Vincent, Tortola,, Trinidad, Mont-
surrat and Dominica, afl leaders in the fic!d of
education in their respective countries,are here
for the tenday series of seminars, papers and dis.
cussion groups to outline how co-operative educa
tionin schools could be the tool for the econonli
development of the nation.
continued on next page,
S Re.v. Phillip Potter, Gen. Sec. of the World
Council of Churches, at the WCC meeting ir. r
robi, accused th. world press of racial prejudice
for highlighting and criticising WCC support for
African Freedom Movements and other political
trends. Meanwhile two Russian Churchmen ap.
pealed for WCC help for persecuted Christiani
in the USSR. Although the Roman Catholic
Church is not a member, the Pope sent a cable
of pledged co-operation. Finance of WCC's
biggest worries now..

Mr. WS. Stevens & family, the Watty
family, Mrs.'Wintonia Hamlet, brothers
& family wish to thank all those who, wreaths, flowers.and sympa-
thised in any other way with them on
the passing away of their dearly beloved
Hilda U. Stevens.

"Dominica got 100% success in Music
Theory Exams. of the Royal-Schools -of
Music(AssocBoard).Of zMrs.Leng Sor-
haindo s pupils, two got full mark's and
5 out of 8 got over 90%.

N D 0 W -AN ARMY --R.Sorhaindo DOMINICA PLAYS HOST'.-Sribbler -frr'
UnE an army, to be fed, clothed, There is no doubt that throughout
armed and salaried at the expense of the Caribbean social, political and
the already overburdened taxpayer to economic changes make it essential
the tune of an estimated $40,000 per that there should also be radical
month, is-in- the opinion of many an changes in the educational system,
unnecessary army, conceived to' satis- Education should be relevant to a coun-,
fy the ego of a puffed-up personality try's needs and help to provide solu-
rather than to serve any useful nat.. tions-for the country's problems; and
ional purpose We cannot take Pat- these, in the Caribbean, are largely
rick John's arguments presented in economic. Caribbean policy thinkers
the House seriously; they were but. believe ,that a new system Of co-oper-
feeble excuses... rescue operations active ,education would provide the
... road building-,.. alleviation of vehicle -for development. Previous ed-
ueumployment problem... preservation IucationaL systems have encouraged
of law and order .. etc.... ierce individualistic competition,
The truth was expressed by a womatjlnd the establishment of an lite.
in thhe lliket last' Saturday: "How cariThis has led to the rejection of the
yOU~expect,t' have a 'colonel' with- majority whot failed to make the gram,
out having an army?1 and thi vast majority of students has
PatrickJohn certainly needs an then been. considered inferior in' soo-
army. He needs to have armed men ial value, though in actual fact hish.
around himto make him feel secure, tory has proved this classification
considering the numerous jealous and to be a lie, as many of our most res-
4cheming rivals in his. split-prone ponsible and valuable citizens, 4ho
Labour Camp But the. people of Dom- have contributed generously to the
inica.need an Army, like they need development and welfare of the country,
"Jokers" like Patrick John, as, Leaadsrare people who were eliminated from
(EL..,arbados AdvocateNov.3,1975t~he previous educational system at the
What the sufferingpeaceful,friadCmmon Entrance or "0" level stage,
.7y people of Dominica need more than ,The present policy is to replace
anything else is, the humble, serious the spirit of competition with a spir.
foresighted leader who would put tb it of' co-operation and to encourage
things first,., for example, estab-0 less selfish attitudes in. the field
lishing an "army" of Teachers,Nurses,. of education, so that'every citizen
Agricultural Extension encouraged to fulfil his or her
stead of a standing combat-ready army. potential by the sharing-of skills
As the, 'colonel' hinted in his iand,amenities at all stages of eduo-
National Day speech (remember last rational development. Dominicats NLin-
year November?), we need more acts offister of Education, Hon.H.L.Christiar)**
love, not -acts of war, Were these jwho gave the feature address at the
words hypocritical? The 'colonel' conference opening, expressed the hope
has cbmitted an act of WAR, not an that children who are taught brother-
act of LOV0 by the establishment cf 'hood and the love of man irrespective
a', standing Army iof race, colour or creed, would learn
.-ithe importance of sharing the world's
"CGiTRARY.TO PUBLIC 'ITEREST -by Ke.roesources, so that finally this would
Many people took this-answer to Missilead to the stopping of crimes and
Charles' question for a joke,but it violence all 'the world over.'-e said
iS NO JOE. CGan a Baztrefuse a cust- that co-operative education will bri4
o'mer a statement of his account if the gap between worker and intellectual
r.equested- to do so? Can Dominicans and bring about a more equal distribu-
work to pay back their debt when the tion of the national wealth, and that
amount, and the,way it piled up, is training in these attitudes should be-
contrary to their interest? Suppos- gin even at kindergarten level: that
ing teachers a:t a Connmunity High Sch'children should be taught a positive
who give voluntary service, realis- attitude to group-w6rk, learn the im-
ing that Government is not only in- portance of sharing -- and a'.-te same
solvent but high-handed with the time be given every opportunity for
public, were to resign? If we Domin- individual development. The J14-year-cdi
icans were not militant in asking -should given a gasp of his country's
,iostions, what would become of our economic problems and trained in lead.
country and ou relve s9-elvlisJ ibrship skills. concludedd on page -G)

Friday, Novemiber 28, 1975

Page.. Two-



It is, I feel, a duty for me topay tribute to a wife and companion
for 46. years -a gracious heavenly gift to% an undeserving human like.
I met Hilda -for the first time when I was appointed a Pupil Teacher
in 1921 under her father, .the late N.R..B.Watty, at the Wesley Governzment
School: she was an Assistant Teacher there, having already served and
gained exnorience as a P tpil Teacher at St.Joseph. Gradually my attrac-
tion towards her Qualities and ability increased and, as I finished my
P-ioil Teacher's time in 192.4, w, were in love, becoming formally engaged
in 1926 after I had passed through training college. Hilda obtained her
Lee;ard Islands Teachers Certificate -in 1929 whilst studying at Ports-
mouth Government School, and thus equipped herself to be the ;wife of a
rising young teacher. '-e were married on 2nd April 1929 when I was Hed"
Teacher .at ;esley. School. -Within three months I was transferred to Lari-
cot, and Hilda resigned from teaching (as was required in those days for
a married womaa).. However, she threw all her educational influence in-
terest and ability into my work --- a great spur-to my ambition; this con-
tributed greatly to my successful career as a .schoolmaster.-
S..The first few years of our marriage were plagued by Hilda's .ill-
healthy three girls were born premature4y,-thus Norma was the eldest 'child.
M* y wifets health was restored after much anxiety and medical care.. Then -
came a period when she' was thq, unpaid teacher at Marigot, school and be ipie
affectionately known as a social and community worker. .She was indefati-
:gable as a founding member of liarigot Infant Clinic,& Methodist .domen' s ..
League. Transmitting her-gifts for needlework, cooking, leandry and dow--
estic science (also-music) at the school, she trained girls in her own
home while doing her own home chores. Hilda had to nirs.e our itfant&~'n
Pat in .Portsrmouth for two months,wh~n, he was, 6 weeks old; he recovered,
but with defective, eyesight.-
In those days of no roa.s and bad roads I was --an Education Dist.-ct
Officer (South & "East);. Hilda was, always personally interested in't .my p-
*bearance and dress, especially. .. when I was a Minister o-f Governament:a ,coean
shirt. every day! During our holiday in the U.K. (1959-60), she came w-htbh
me to places of interest, schools etc. 1.hen she addressed a club. of.ovez .'r
300 *women-in Halifax,Yorks.,she won rousing cheers from 1000 white folks
Nevertheless she never paraded:, you had to get close to her to kmow her
rmany accomplishments. As a host she would go all out to. put her guests a
their ease, but refused to listen to gossip or disparaging remarks. Our
home was always ooen to rich and poor, old and young, high and low.
Her long terminal period-of illness seriously affected the family,
She bore pain with Christian fortitude and stoic endurance. Tio all enquir-
ers she would say "I'm all right, thank youl"_ During this' time she could
not read or write, but her radio gave her much comfort. Every Sunday it
was. the BBC 6.30 a.m. Service and Sunday Half-hour at 4.30, p.m. On .iedsn,
19th iNo.v. at 4.30 a.m., so anxious was-she for my safety on the road, she
said "Take the new tyre for Prentice to put' it on"... Those' were her last
"words to me. Two days later she passed to her eternal rest before dawrn.
-What a great blessing she was to all those close and dear to her, and.
others whom her saintly life touched!
Bad luck, evil 'spirits, marriage, promotion,
TWO JUNIOR SALESMEN job, examination, ex, lottery, binge, pools,
A all distresses.or any other social or domes-
A PPLY: P.O. BOX 01 tic problems.
Pal Uuiversal Compainy
TIESTAR /. G-17, 4 Rajourt Garden.
Pa' Friday November 28,. 15 New Delhi-27, INDIA. .,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ S '* .* __*-3-. --f**

by W.S.3 -

THE TAR Friday November 28 1975

Schedule of Application for Certlfcatq of Title and Notilts

thereon and Cavyets for week ending Novembor '2Zi. 197C
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate 1
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat,
Request dated Rauben Adrien Application of Reu-
6 ,3 75 ben Adrien for the is-
Presented by his Soid cit r sue of a firit cdrtifi-
8 11 75 M. .Eu ,nia cate of title in respect
at 3.05 p.m. u arle, Iof a portion of land A
t3,05 pm. C rlepPayard in the Poarsh,
S of St. Paul contain I&
.2.00 Acres and bhoayp
ded as follows:-' -
North West Land of, Sydney Adrien North East Land of
Sydney Ad len'. South Land of Mrs. Jul Mondeslre and
Crawford B.irdoufle ]

Reqvu .st dated
the 18th day
of November
Presented the
1-9th day of No
vmb ir.. 19 75
at 3.15 p.mi

Daisy Andrew
by her Solicitor
SCilima A.M.,

North by lands of Olyphie Lawren
& Allen Wallace. la'ndt
Allarth Wa:Iace East by Middle La
'Allan Wallace

Request for the issue
of a first c6rtificati of
title in respect of a
portion of land at Zi.
cack in the Parish of
St. John in the State
of Dominica contain-
ing- 2196 square feet
and bounded as fol-
ice formerly Mary Dyer
of Marcel Laville &
ne West by land of

^cIdbsig -F r Noy-,^ '
Request dated Alwyn Jerome lc-quest for the issue
the 24th of Sep Williams of a first certificateof
timber 1975 by his Solicitor title in respect of a
Presented the Cilma A.M. portion of land at Pen-
25th day of upigay tont in the Parish of
November 1975 'St. Paul in the State.
at 10.40' a.r, ._ .'or Dominica contain-
in'g 1.668 A::rts a-d buunddd as follows:-
,On the North Eait: By a road separating It. from lands
of Maudlin Phillips and-Heirs of OQifie Reynold. Qn the
East: By lands of Agnes Raphael land Monica Jeremy ;:
On the South: By land of Monica Jeremy On the South
East By. Rtver La Croix Estate On the West: By lands
of jerome St. jean and Heirs of Tatan Luke On the
Nor?-- 8y land o Jerome StJan .
Request dated Lawrence Clarri- Request for the issue
the 24th dsy saint Didier of a first certificateeof
of November by his Solicitor title in respect of a.
1975 Cilma A.M. portion of land at Gi-
Presented the Dupigny the. Pariah
25th day of of St. George in ihes
November 1975 containing State of Dominica
at 10.48 a.m. 10.17 acres and bounded as followSi-
North: by a Ravirne separating it from land of Irving
Attred and Heirs of Damoux Chasseau .,South: by
land of Foster Darroux South Eait; by land of Heirs
of Norman Bell North West: by a Reserved Read and
Right of way separating tI from land of Austin Oscar,
I rving Alfred and Cecil-Duverney Respectively

Produced and Bottled in Great Britain by '
Vine Products Limited, Kingston-Upon-Thames

Request 'dated 5*? i JE 29 .i -
the 11th day ilarence ugustus Request for the issue
of September Rolle of a firtt certificateof
1975 by his Solicitor title in respect of a
Presented i-h Cilma A .M. portion of land at Tror
27th day of f Dupigny falgar in the Parish
November 197 .of St. George in the
at ;S "' State of Dominica
coniniEng 3088 square feet and bounded as follows.
Nofth:'By land of Austrie lsaie Seuth: By land of
Elford Ell. East: By land of Whitfierd Casimlr
West:. By. Public Road South Wesc By land of
Diana Blalze

Registrar's Office,
Rosean. Dominica,

Henry Dyer
Actlrig Registrar of Titl(e

NO rEI Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a\
Certificate of title on the above application may ent.r a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from th,e date of the First
appearance of this schedule in tie STAR Newspaper published
in this Scate or from the date whcn the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
lan~ i, respect of Which the appiic'tion Is made.

.Friday November 28 1975


Fipn e.


.,ridsy. November 28. 1975 Z H E S .T A R Page Bive
DOMINICA PLA YS HOST (pos & 2) Fiction MA TITIvE Cynthia Watt ,
DOIIA PLYS es 2) Baby, .who was spending a few: days
The Conference' is important to with Ma Titine, brought in a cup of
the Caribbean as well as to Dominia, hot coffee with its delicious aroma.
as it allows leaders in the field 'Ma Titine took it from Baby s hand
of education to come together to ex- and smiled. "I just couldn't wait."
change views, to outline progress Baby turned on the kitchen radio,
in their respective countries,, and "Wondah wat new:" she said.
to work our a curriculum.whi'ch will M Titine shrugged her shoulders.'
offer a realistice introduction of "I suppose the, same old story...
Co-operative thinking into the chal Government going to do this oV. that...
syllabus. Miss Pat Robinson,Educ- somebody going off on some course
ation Officer for CARICOM, explained or the other.. some conference in
how the Caricom Secretariat collects the offing..."
and channels information tall areas Baby laughed coarsely. "Pahaps
so that each country in the Car:iaean us we w1l heah Ancine gomn on-
is made cognisant of developments a cos You hea she ji won
else here, 'Chairman of the project branch of de pahty?"
is Mr.Chris Lund-Jehsen of I.L.O th s
The opening took place at Fort "o: thats news to me. l
Young .-Hotel on 14on.Nov--24,with Mr. lahapadeed forget to tell
B.Q.Robinson, SEt.0. Dominica in-the you," Baby replied.
chair. In addition to Hon, Christians But the day, which ha begun so
feature address, Miss Pat1 Robinson calmly, alted itcourse Late
and Mr,Lund-Jensen also spoke. -On that morning, Ma Titine went to the
the platform were the Premier, H.E. Espermarket to do. ome shoppingaond
on entering, bumped full tilt into
the Geovernor & Lady Cools-Laxtigue on entering, bued full til nto
and Mr,Herman Hubbard (Guyana) who A cines who was-laden. with packages. ,
Wque the" oteO of fthnks, The confer- These .went scattering to the ground-
lasts for 10 days, and-participants and Anoine. bawled furiopuly, Se
Will see co-operative movenents in wat d.e woman do? she
a6tlon in Dominica Castle Bruce do it you know...always looking me
Co-op. -etc; also pay a visit to noise.. ,is r mine to give you a
Porbsmouth, -" Scribbler knockoutt,' she said to Ma Titine,
,.____ and as she picked up the last of her
THE -0 i 1 R C H E S -Keltin Bsncis parcels, she gave- Ma, Titine a. shove.
In the days when Jesus was on Ma Titine, caught unexpectedly,
earth, he did many miracles and as (she had been helping ato gather the
as a result the society in which He fallen packages), 'went sprawling,
lived was helped, as the Catholic -but she was soon on her feet, purple
Church continues to help Dominica,- with anger. She went after Ancine,
The feeding of the poor by the Q'ti who was just gaining the entrance
is an example of when Jesus fed the, and gave her a. heavy push. Ancine
5,000 hungry people. Not only has and her packages fell headlong to the
the Church fed our 'poor but she has. pavement, and in. falling, she received
and isstillcontrbuting to the ut on her forehead The found
maintenance of destitute Dominicans, was superficial, but the blood flowed
The. Creche, Chronicle Pr;-ntery, St. freely-
Martin's School, Sunstyle, St.Mary's Ancine got to her feet and advanced -
Academy, Convent Xigh School and on Ma Titine.., "You see you put my
many other established projects are b-lood out? see? you see? I will
some of the good the Catholic Church put you outfor you" She was
has done for Dominica. about to put action to her words
Taking. a look at the growth rate wheabout the manager luckily intervened,
in Dominica one sees that it is be- when the manager luckily intervened.
coming worrisome. With unemployment o he ohere ad finish'
at its highest level and some people you brawl on the street.,' Ald he
with a little knowledge ofl:the bible gently pushed them out.
coming to-live at the expense of a -nitine was. boiling with anger,
followers, one wonders how gradual but Anclne rounded up on the manager,
or beneficial is the invasion. As Is buy I come an buy an you push-
far as teachings- are concernedgoften in me out? .1 will let Guvmenjt know
hatred, jealousy, hypocrisy and sep- how allyou treating people...allyouo. "-
aratism are being taught. To test she spluttered.
that,' I ask: why aren't, all of the Surely all denominations are
denominations members o.f the C.C.G,'- branches of the Catholic Church

CRICKET WEST INDIES UP AGAINST IT: More Questions: Hon.Leader of the
The first test match in. the 6-match Opposition M..ECharles-returns to the
series. between Australia, and the- charge by pressing Government to re-
touring West Indies, started today at port on the loan recently obtained
Brisbane. At the end of the. first- from Guyana;, its form,, method of re-
day's play, Australia were 94 with- payment, and interest 'to be paid.Sha
out-loss in reply to West Indies'214 asks what has delayed the building of
all-out. Topscore's for Indies St..Joseph School? -and what of Govtb
Deryck Murray 66, Roy-Fredericks 46, plans for their External Trade Bureat?
Michael Holding (in his first test Hon.Moise of Soufriere wished to know
match) 34. Gary Gilmore 4/42 and the .cost of the Premier's new car.Ri
Dennis Lillee ;/84. ,Australia's .question was no..put on the agenda.*(ln
not-out batsmen lan Redpath 38 & Ithe public interest?) GRANDBAY is we6l
Alan Turner 55 taken care of by Hon.A.Casimir who
India has taken a 2-nil lead in fires off queries n.water sply,
the match unofficial test series break-and-entries at sub-treasury and
agaii-t t t1i touring Sri Lankans whe. post office, the dangerous road',to
they bowleout Sri Lanka for 185. Grandbay, and need for resident medi-
they bowled out Sri Lanka 'for 185
runs in their 2d iig to win cal officer as herotofore.Meeting DLsc.
.runs in their 2nd innings to win by MR. PAT PIERRE has been appointed
64 runs in a well-contested. match.A
64 r un in a wfll-contested ma2ch9 Manager of the Dominica Agricultural
& Industrial Develqpment Bank as from
runs.. Serindar Amanath playing his Nov. 6. Hehas, had a varied and dis-
Mfirsadtch f7or India, replied ith tinguished career and-is a B.Sc.Econ.
Mnkad 77. S epliedwith F.G.WEAVER, CDCts Housing Ad-
203 after being wrecked by Bedi and viser, arrives in Dominica tomorrow,
Venketaragha van India in their 2nd at.- to look overthe ,land in which
innings crumbled.for 159. ,G.Vishwa- CDC-has already invested $5.6 8 million
nath 71 n.o. Set to score. 254 for in mortgage finance.He departs Dec.3.
victory, again the Sri Lankans col- BOOKS: 'Earlier this -month the Can-
lapsed to the spin of Venkat andd adian Govt. presented 250 gift books
Bpdi .(Venkat match f-igures 8/102) -to the Dominica Library; and HonLen-
for only 185.. nox Honychurch presented 150 books to
.A GRESSIVE- XI, TROUi CE GIRAUDJEL the Library, mainly for. children. Le i-
Giraudel suffered another heavy de- jnox alsa takes part in he Sat. a.m.
feat a% 'the ha nds of Aggressive XI sessions of story-telling and art for -
when they played a return match- at :the children. At a time when use of
Grand. Fond last weekend. Giraudel j the library is increasing, we must
won the-'toss ..and sent in Aggressive note that services and books have hot
XI, who amassed &02 for 6 declared developed appreciably,.-
in just over 2 hours. Griffith i RADIO: two quotes --A commentator
George 79 (made in 45 mins. includinglistener to the BBC objected to !"those
9 sixes) and Jones Lawrence 17 put, repulsive orchestral and vocal squawks
on 76 for the 2nd wicket, and for the which introduce programme items"! And
7th wicket, Christian Abraham 43 and Solzhenitsyn on'p.309 of .his"First Cir-
Peter Charles 25,put, on 79 undefeat- cld" says of a prisoner: :"He could not
ed when the ,declaration came. Abra- listen to musical broadcasts more than
ham Browne 2,3.. For Giraudel, 'H.Ben- anh: our a day, and his nerves-couldnot
jamin 5/38. .Giraudel scored:.33 in stand the spoken word on the radio,any-
their Ist, innings and slightly bet-- more than books which told lies." *In-
ter in their 2nd with 95. A.-Alexa- cidentally., why was not Mrs.atevens
andexri24. For Aggressive XI, Corneal desath and funeral promptly announced-,
Baiinis'6/16, C.Abraham 3/07 & 4/12, even though. $6 was paid by a Nurse at
and. J.Lawrence 2/09. .9 a.m., for throe broadcasts. It was
POOTBALL COLTS/REST: FOR K. FPIALS not mentioned until 1.20 pm,having
Colts, and Rest of Pte.Michel wall .the effectt of keeping sympathisers awy
play in-the. finals for'the Clive !from the. funeral in distant Marigot.
Tavernier Trophy. on Saturday, 29th Sbabby treatment of ex-Ministerb ftmaU^.
Nov. 'In qualifying matches, Rest of This ques-tion, reworded'at the re-
Pte.Michel'defeated Granitesg 2-1. -.-quest of the .Speaker, will be 'put, in
Printed & Published by the Proprietor another form .-Editor.
R.E.Allfrey of COptsall Mill House, at ~O~StLL:- olts gave Ghetto a, 56-ii
26 Bath Rd. ,-RoseauDominica Wesbt'lhdes dxflabbing.

.Friday, November 28, 1975'

-Page Six


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