Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Cable: Star,' Dorimr .
Tel: Printery 1691. Editor 2610
U.K. Media .Rep'resentative:
Colin Turner (London) Ltd.
U2 Shaftesbury .Ave. W. I
friday November21 1975

R; SEA'C:H -iT r- UTE
162 EAST 7 STR.EE T a

Virtute Puet "U C omtt y'ortuna -

Cdmmonwealth Development Corporation
Th' vii'.his i week to Domiaica of 14-
John Stocker, CDC's Press and Public Ae-
lations Officer, bis announcement that the
Commonwealth Development Corporation
has contributed nearly. $9 million to the
States'6 Mortgage Finance housing pro.
gtamme and his discussions on the ,exten-
sion of rural electrification (electricity for
villages) have reminded Dominicans vivid.
ly that.CDC with its tremendous re-
sources and influence still plays a very im-
porigan part in the people's daily lives
S D6 youknow'how much-money
it costs to "electrify" a few .
villages? Some ,48000000 (Govt.
money.T for about a thutisand i:ie
-- 4800 t6o .oraiect the 'current '.
to each consumer; and this out-
lay is only recoverable at atoat .
$6 per consumer per month.
Mr.' Stocke.r is a highly sue-
cessful and popular P. w~h-i
wide experience in countries as
ar apart as Nigeria, the Far
East ard CGuyaia. .hiloe ere, he
was the .guest of Mr. & Mrs.Gra,
ham Jones, 1r. Jones being the
Manager oIf Dominica Electricity
Services, 'or.o of 63' CDC project
in the Caribbean alone.,

St Vincent T ea ch ers Strike
THE strike by St.Vincent's Prima 'y
School Teachers:, now 3 weeks old,is
said bry Premier- Cato to have beqn
subversively inspired. 41 persons
have been charged; there have been
hot scenes and demonstrations. The
Canadian Teachers Federation cabled
"solidarity ith. teachers struggle",
.--- "

The man who held Spain in the
..:-grip of dictatorship for 36 years'
General Francisco Franco, died. ,
Thursday aged 82. Although all '
European countries sent messages
of condolence to Spain, none of
them paid Franco any tribute. is
son-in-law; Prince Juan Carlos,
now, rules art uneasy -pai3n. -


Three men from Dominica attended the course Mr. LE.Pollard (Manager, Queen
-Mary St. branch) as an instructor; and LR-Naraine (top extreme left) and E-J.-lackman,
top extreme right). Antigua, Grenada, Guyana, St 1_itts, St Vincent aLd Curacao were
participants .

The death occurred at her home in Marigot
early today (Friday) of Mrs. Hilda. Stevenate
Watty, beloed wife of wer-kwnow fArmer-politi-
cian and ex- teacher Mr.W. S. Stevens. The fu-
neral took place from the Methodist. Church,
Marigot this afternoon. Mrs Steven also leaves
bereaved four. children Norma, Paurickion
(lion Pat Stevena),Helen, in Africa, Herr in
i.Si.At and many other relatives.
Our sytnpathy toall,_


Page Two


Fi'iday, Movember 21, 1975

by Rupert Sorhaindo will take place at Govt, H Q at 10am
Patrick John'Is statement in the on Thursday, December, 1975.
House of Assembly last week, that dis-.. .----,"- '
closure of the magnitude of the Publict "THE. TUMULT AND THE SHOUTING DIES"
Debt would not be in the public inter-. Everybody was convinced that 1975.
est, provides yet more evidence thit National Day passed :off with a fair
our -leader' is not only a "Joker' ,degree of success,'But there are a few
(E.L.C. in the Barbados Advocate) but political thinkers who are not a lit-
a dictator as well. .t e alarmed at both the internal and
Citizens are exhorted every day by external actual image of Dominica.
Ministers of Government to make sacri- Premier John's visit to Guyana pro-
ficess to pay more taxes (in. one form. duced two things not to be taken Ii4t-
or another); but Patrick says that it ly. (i) He was made Colonel of the
is no business of these hard-pressed little militia-he is feverishly build-
taxpayers to know how much they,their -ing'uip; (ii) .Premier General Burnham
children, grandchildren and great- gave Patrick John one million dollars
grandchildren will be called upon- to $1,00,000. Some say it is a loan;
pay (one way or the other)., others that it is an'incentive for'
If, as the 'Colonel' says, it -is Dominica to toe Burnham's brand of
not the people's business to know how socialism.
much they have to "forward" to credit- One thing Is clear. Neither the
ors, then we'mUst assume that. it is General nor the Premier Colonel has
his -business, and that-o'f his camp- 'declared what is to be'done with the
followers. Such being the case,'he end money. At least Col. P. John owes it
hia crew -- including the Captain ito Dominicans to define in detail what
should be left to repay the mountain Iphase of development or otherwise _is
of debts accumulated. ovoe the last twolto be enriched by this cash gift or
del-de-sl loan. There is no doubt about it that
itx+ 'Patrick may be right! It may ',our infrastructure needs millions of
iot be in the public interest to, dis- dollars to tally with the look of
hlose how .much we owe; for if the INational Day 1975 and with the nation-
people did .know"the Truth'- how bank-al debt.-
rupt we really are -- the Colonelt's. Education is in a terrible mess.Con.
Army -would have its. first assignment editions at many schools are a disgrace
idutout for it. land belie. Grand National rejoicing.
TINQURY NOO1NY The Pupil Teachers or Auxilliary Tea-
chers Examination results, 1975, are
How.irohical it is,. that at a time ohers Examination results, 197, are
when there is an inquiry into corrupt -a sorry tale: some teachers failing
ion in the Ministry of Communications in succession, still being re-
s.and Works, the Minister of Communica- tained 'to teach. And this report was
tions and Works should be seen drivingned by the Chief Education ficr
about with his side-kicks (on jump-up In Agriculture, reliance is placed.
days etc.) on his private business- upon seminars,conferences etc., while
surely not on roa. inspection tours? o my knowdge some field offi er -
.-n a M.C,W. Range over, 'presumably receive salaries and travelling allow-
at the expense of the hard-pressed taxnces and cary out their own private
-payer. Range Rovers are. not known fa business. Pr .
their, economy with regard to gasoline Recently Gol.Premier John described.
consumption. and rgasotine is no i Dominican youths (Radio DBS report)as
onnger 84 cents a gallonie no "fundamentally lazy. They do not work".
-s R.S. Does Government encourage them to be
......... -. NS ".... '-,' j hardworking and honest? What has the
QUESTIONS IN THE HOUSE ,PWD Inquiry revealed? I agree that it
A reply on Od't. 30 by the Premier to- ishould'be discontinued. The delay in
Miss M.E.Charles: The Planet Earth .coming to grips with a' shameful situa-
Development & Finance Corporation is 4tion is ominous It is not too late
locally registered corporation in'tchfor Members of .he Commission to re--
government is participating and has s sign from the point of' view'of con-
cured 6hr1e c actors on its Board of 'science. And the Dreads Report ("my
Directorate with veto control over all4 own baby") is not yet forthcoming.
financial activities of the Corp.Since W.S.Stevibna', (Concluded on p,5.6)
negotiations are still in the process of 'finalisation Government is unable
to say anything further on this matter at the moment," (Continued jn ge{)

THESTAR, three

L.ROS r & CO. LTD. wish to announce that the factory
will open for the receipt of grapefruit on the 24th of November,

Citrus Growers Association members will -receive their
weekly allocation from the CGA Non-members who have regis
tered with L. Rose & Co. either last year or this year should
contact L. Rose & Co. for allocations.

Fruit Specification: Grapefruit
Variey: Marsh Seedless

Description. Fruit must be sound, undamaged, picked fruit
with no serious bruising or deformation. The frit
-should be fully yellow iin'colour.

Size: 3" diameter to 5V measured at right angles to the stem

Fruit will only be accepted from growers who have re-
ceived allocations.

Fruit must be loose, not in boxes.

Receipt of Fruitt Monday Thursday: 7 a.nx 5 p.rn
Friday: 7.! a-.- 2 p.m.

prke: 2.8 cents per pound delivered.
Area north of Dublanc 2.9 cents per pound delivered.

Page Fosp, THE STAR Friday November 21 1975

Stencilling & Typing jobs undertaken
Contact to Leblanc Lane,

? .... .....---...-----------: --.------.-.,-".-

S Schedule of Appliaction for Certificate of Title and Notln((
thereon and Cavats for week ending November ;22 1975
Dat. Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
S.of Title of Noting
S*i thereon or Caveat.

Request. Jated
6 3 75
. Presented
18 11 75
at 3.05 p.m.

Reuben Adri

by his Solici
"M. Eugenia

en Application of Reu.
beh Adrien fqr the is-
Ssue of a first cortifi.
cate of title in respect
l of a portion of land at
e Payard in the Parish
of St. Paul containing
2.00 Acres a-d boiun
ded as follows:-

North West Land of Sydney Adrien North East Land of
. Sydh4y Adrien 'South Land of Mrs, Jul Mondesire and
Crawford Bardoutile

Reqtuest dated
the 18th day
of November
19th day of No
vembar 1975
at 3.15 p.m, .

Daisy -Andrew
by her Solicitc
Cilma A.M

Request for the issue
of a firsteertificate of
r title in respect of a
portion of land at Zi.
I cack in the\ Parish of
St. John\ in the- State
Sof\Dominica contain-
ipg 2196 square feet
and bounded as fol-
lows- .

\North by lands of Olyphle Lawrerice formerly Mary Dyer
& Alien. Wallace South by lands of Marcel Laville &
Allan Wallace East by Middle Lane West by-land of
Allan Wallace

$... e. of - '..4. ..., "7
Request .ated .Evadne Oatavia Requezt for the isue
the 20rd day Richards of a first certificate of
of October by hier Solicitor title in respect of a
1975 Cilma A.M. portion of land House,
Presented the Dupigny Lot in tihe Town of
13th day of No '. Roseau in the Parish!
vembir 1975 of St. -George in thel
,at 45 a State of Dominica-
containing 783 square feet'and bounded as follows
North East Land ofJoseph Simeon North West Land
of Inez Dorlval South West Land of Violet Johnson
South West Upper Lane ,, !

tFQiL. tt3~' I

Bad luck, evil spirits, marriage, promotion,
job, examination, sex, lottery, bingo, pools,
all distresses or aoy other social or domes .
tic problems.
Pals Uuiversal Company
G-I7, 4 Rajouri Garden .
New Delhi-27, INDIA.
..... L_ __ ^ ed ',, ".Lte_5lti .'- -- ---- -' .
Requesl dated Jeanette Paul Request for ihe isaue
the 22nd day hy her Solicitor of a first certificate of
of September Cilnia A.M. title in fespe6t of a
1975 Dupigny portion of land at e-
Presented the libishie in the Parish
13th day of Nd of St. An-drew in the
vembrr 1975 State of Dominica
at 9.35! a.m. containing -24640
..--.. square feet and boon
Sed as follows
North.East by a.Public Road North West by iand of
James Alexander Souwh East by. land of joseph Thomas
South West by a Public Road
Request dated Pinard Royer ,Appli:ation of Pinard
8 .10 75 by his Solicitori Royer for the issue of
Presented ; M. Eugeniai a ; first certificate of
12 11 75 Charles title in respect of a
at 11.20 a,ni. portion of land known
a----s a lfoat Bense in
the Parish of St. An-
drew containing
3.79f1 Acres aad
bounded as follows
North-Land of Lionel T'hom is East A ravsne s-paring .
It from land of The Heirs of Auguit e Royer, and a noot
path separating it from land of Bernard Celtstln i
South land of Lionel Thomas Wetst A foot path
separating It from Crown" Laids"

Registrar's Offtce,
Rose au, Dominica,

Henry Dyer
Acttrig Registrar of

Tit les

NO FE: Any person who desires. to object to the issuing of a '
Certificate of title on the abovk application may enter a Caveat
in the above-office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this s;iedule in the STAR Newspaper publisfled '
In this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by:i
law was ,last served on any owner or occupier, of. adjoining
lan4 ii rospict of which tin application is made.

Page Foaur


Friday Npvmber 21 1975


My Webster's dictionary explains (from p,2) The new Army is said to
the meaning of the word Zion thus: be providing employment for youths,
1) A hill in Jerusalem, site of the 50 pa d men to start with. Arv we to
temple and of the riyal residence of conclude that this militia, the De-
David and his successors: regarded ly fence Force, will assume large ,pro-
Jews-as a symbol of the centre of portions? Britain is still responsible
Jewish National life. 2) The theo- for our external defence. Is Patrick
cracy of God. 3) Heaven and heavenly John'aware of the danger of a standkig
city. 4) The Jewish people, army? I doubt if he knows either past
What really puzzles me i's, 72 mem- or'presetit history, -
bers of the: United Nations voted that 'Mlea-dhile in our land human life
Zionism is the same as racism. Is it counts for very little. An officer' of
not rather strange? the Police Force died from gunshot
The ultimate aim or reason I sup- wounds and instead of .an inquiry to
pose is to have the State of Israel satisfy H .M. the Queen that a citiz-
wiped off from the face of the earth, men's life is precious, he was given a
'he Psalmist David wrote "They. posthumous award. A child died on the
that trust in the Lord shall be as road through dangerous driving. The
Mount Zion, which cannot be removed, penalty was $120.00 and withdrawal of
but abideth for ever,".- H.Lt licence for six months. A person
Not only strange but dead wrong, charged with-possessing marijuana was
according to our reckoning.- Editor., fined $1,000,
I hear another provocative act is
ON :WRITING A COMPOSITIQN P.S.Ain the offing. It -is: aid to be a
A lot of students do poorly in 0 'terrorism act'. Perhaps I shall be
and A level: exams.,because they can'tong. of its first victims ..because I
write .compositions. T1he pther day I have a consciene; and/do not propose
.offered'to tell- some pupils at; a, sec- to stifle it. Enodghhorrora are hap
,ondary school something about this.sib opening in Ireland and the Middie East
oectm.nothing came of it, but here e ...anything"of that' sort don, in our
someaotes which 'anyone cdan out out. Domi.ica, which'was the most peace'iL
They .are addressed; particularly to a4pot in the western hemisphere,0 will
pupils in Forms I, II & III, be very ugly, I say to -Dominicans -
The teacher.or examiner will give Government as well'as Govurned -.
you a subject or choice of subjects. 'B E WARE -
Choose oneL which you know- something '
about, unless you have a ve ry vivid ANSWERS TO PARLIAMENTARY QUESTION (p2)
imagination. Remember that a composi- Government denied that the Dominica
tion is something you create or make Agricultural Marketing Board wAs at-
up: not everything in i.t has to be tempting to purchase rejected grape-
absolutely according to fact. The fruit for export to the U.K. "No such
point is to male',,it interesting. If attempt has ever been or is being iad>'*
you, treat a composition somewhat like Bath Estate Low Cost Housing: the
a short story a piece of writing scheme is progresing according to
with' a beginning, a-middle or develop schedule. Roads cut,site office &:a
meant and an .end it will tiot be as storeroom built; most of the material
dull as words scrtbbled or painfully on site. Contracts for Ist six. houses
copied down on.a couple of.sheets of already awarded. Tenders invited,for
exercise paper which run on-without 194 more 'houses. "*'FREE secondary ed-
paragraphs 'and end up feebly, ucation for all: Quote "The Shoe
Write down your chosen title.' Then Party will-introduce FREE. secondary
sit and, think for at least a minute. education for all..,A period of 4 yrs
How are you going to start? Don1.t do 4'months & 358 days 14 hrs are left -
like a little girl we kncw who wrote in which to achieve thi;'(as frQct,31)'
an essay on "My Favourite Pet" but Ed, s Note: We shall see, Meanwhile_'
never said whether it was a dog or a a lot of, pupils are being paid for by
cati Thousands of compositions have their struggling parents. :-
^ Work on the Gr'andbay Road has not been
been written 'on petsa and holidays, or Wr ., or., the Gindy bad has not been
on "My Native Land". How can you writ discontinued.. Govt. has applied to UK
yours to make it better and different? for a further grant to continue re-
Wha was .your last holiday really ite? paIr from Pichelin to Grandbay and.
a o e Baeat.elle. ,Gr a. Bwy Di sturbance
I once saw a composition beginning. .el. rDt
"Although I *expected to have a gdte Report will be release date.d
.(Continued on page six ---

Page Five.

Friday, November 21, 1975


Page- Sicx T H E S T A R Friday:,November 21, 1975
;-S*T,,A*R*S-*P-O*RH*To*S* MorchrJiston n L AT E C 0 N.T R.I B -T ION
FOOTBALL GHETTO- WINS KNOCKOUT V We regret that ielvih Francis'
Ghetto woh the knockout competition column, which largely supports that
for the Players Trophy when they de- f Rupert Sorhaindo on p.2 regarding
feated Rest of Pt.Michel in a. very the Premier's reply to Miss Charles
keen final match at Poree Park, on. (that a full statement of-what. Govt.
November 16th. At the interval, owes to various bodies would not be
Rest of Pte.Michel led 2-1 with "in'the public interest"-) was too
goals from D.Edwards and H.Balson, late for inclusion. Please try to got
and for Ghetto by M.Serrant. On re- articles etc. in by Wednesday, p.m.
gumption, .B.0livacee got -the equal-.- ,We are also sorry that-MA TITINE
izer for Ghetto, bringing their fans has to be left out.of this issue.
to their feet. However the match We ilnow- er fans will miss her,
went into extra time before Ghetto "The suggestion by some young peo-
got: their winning goal from J.Will- ple `tat the past was entirely evi-1"'
iams, at fine header -t4 put Ghetto was rejected in his address to a
a go'l-s up. Final scores: Ghetto ;Youth, Seminar by Mri. N.Braithwaite-'
% Rest 2. Desmond Martin offici- .Registrar-of the Commonwealth Carib, -
ated. 'beanrRegional Centre, speaking at
In the semi-final, match played the a functi-on in Dominica. He also told.:
day before, Colts suffered their. I the adults that it was neitherr right
first defeat since the League started nor fair to refer:to young people as
in 1971. :Rest of Pte.Michel defeat- problems. The problems are social and
ed them 2Bnil. Goals came -from H* the-young people are victims of soc-
Smith- & A.Willisams. Referee: A.Gage. ial-forces which they have not crea-
On Saturday, ,22nd Nov., the 2nd ted and over which they have no con-'
knockout competition for, the Clive trol." The Seminar was opened by H.E
Tavernier Trophy commenoes with Rest t rnr Sir Louis Cols- gnf
of Pte.Michel against! Granites and. ON WRITING A COMPOSITION. (fr. p)
the following day, Qlhe.tto vs Colts,. in, the -country, I was miserable for
CRICEET West Indies won their. first ithe,first twelve days," his pupil,.
major match on.their current Anstrna- whose spelling was far from perfect,
lia. tour.when they -defeated New South wrote a neat little tragedy about dcb-
Wales -by 56 runs. Scores were.. West appointment, .'a nearndrowning (peak e
Indies 270 and 200 -- Alvin Kallicha-r moment on page 2) and how only at ie
ran iblistering- 8 which included very last, when the trmck.wa0 to tkte
14-boundaries; M.Holding 62,' his; him home, did he actually start to
highest score in first-class cricket; have a better time. A' composition
A.Roberts, 52 and V.Richards 43., New had. a sort,of. plan, you seel
South Wales: 272 for 6 decld. and, 146. When you come to write about. "My
Alan Turner, the Australia opening Native Land-", 'don't follow dumbly all
batsman, 106 n.o.,'hatting at. number the things you have been told: try
5 after suffering from a blow on his to upe your -own, eyes. The child who
head from' one .of Kallicharaa's strots wrote "Probly. is only when I go away
-and 56; aind O'Keefe .44, Michael. 1frorm my native land I1ll know how
holding returned his best bowling in mucbh I love it..." did not j put
fir-s-class cricket,' 6/60. down on paper a set bf statistics
Australia's Ma= Walker (Victoria), about population, the number of-Min-
received -a bouncer from test college sisters, Doctors or Farmers, and such
Dennis Lillpee (We-tern Australia) in information. She. described her home-
a Sheffield match and hEd to be car- 'land as she saw it with her fresh
tried off the field on a stretcher., young eyes: its beauty, some of ,the
He suffered a.'fracture over his left. funny things about- its: the people
eye, but, is expected to be fit for .around her; and she didn't quote any
the first-test match between Austra- hackneyed lines such as "this is my
lia and the West Indies. ** In the own, my, native land. So her composi-
same match, Western Australia vs Vic-jtion was good. She even managed to
toria, Rodney Marsh, the Australian -put in a word for local food! "Our
wicketk6eer. took 11 catches(worldrelpain'pain tastes fine roasted in the.
Printed & Published by the Proprietor Why are not pupils given at.least
R.E.Allfrey of qopt Hall Mill: House, two compositions a week by their toes
at 26, Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica. chersone in class & one as homework?
'West Indies (More next .week)

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