Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Wh tis Happening
1L addition to :he office of Premier, This week's
Assembly includes provision for "other officca of
Ministers not exceeding SEVEN in number .
-This provision was .withdrawn from .
the House agenda at the last minute.
The number of PFrliamentary Secretaries can oW0.
rise W FOUR, to assist the ministers.
Meanwhile ith Goveimor will exercise the func-
tions ot the Parliamentary Executive. .
Describing himself. as, Minister of'
B-read",'Mr. iviyiere. said the Banking
Act.Amundmient purpose was to bring
the Do,.-nica, Co-operativa Bank (knova '
,as the people'ss enny -bank and founded
by Mr. J.B.Charles) "under the umbrella.
Of tne :xwurcritly passed Banrking Act.-

in its -o0perations, Ule awrait the effe-cts
of this move, which may be to' alarm de'-
pPsitor.,r, disturb or even .ruin borrow--
ers 'and add to nmiinica's economi.- chaos.
(contC. on pages. 3& 6) .
.SI 'L s. COOI-LAnRTGU i O.B. Gvernr
*. -- nd his wife 'E

National WEEK not DAY.
No Dominica newspapers appeared during
National Week. The Day has expanded
into a whole week, in which many child-'.
ren don't attend school and few business
places operate -normally. We regret not
having advised our readers in advance: we
had intended to publish! '

Most people agree that the celebrations of Na"
tional Day and its accompanying events passed off
happily anJ well. A reader writes-
"I really cannot help writing something ab'ut our
National Day jump-up of this year, which seemed to
have-soared over Its .precedents. You saw gnll, aI wli
as boys grouped In costumes And. enjoying the Musirl
With high spirits asat the regular Shrove crnl.'. Tht
yeat's 'auterie' was amazing totall!"
*:--** ^^n.'2^^-*t2^ -7


-.,rencn -xuu.,_-'
ism -tune io st S L CH4STRR
DoMinic) "

The Prime Minister of-India, "rs.
"Indira Gandhi, won her appeal "in
the. Federal Suoreme Court against
conviction for minor election off-
ences,8 which jeoparaised her rtu-le
Mr. Gough- ',hitlami, Labour P.M. of
Australia was sacked by his. Gov.
General because'of economic dead-
-lock caused by Opposition .cnate.
Demos & industrial action followed,

It is notified for general information that Hl-lis Fcellency the Govn-, or, a.-ting. on th: advicee ,of
Cabinet, haZs appointed tlieHonourable Patrick Roland John, Premier, to be an honorary ocer in the
Dominica Defence Force- wiih the rank of Colonel.

COLONEL JOHN --- by Kelvin Francis Fiction MA TITINE. Cynthia Watt
When I attended the Military Par- "Wrayway Titine," Baby told her after
ade at the Botanical Gardens on Sun. jump-ui p day, "you miss dat'"
day November 2, I was alerted by the "I didn't miss a thing, "Ma Titine
cynosure of most eyes the prinknesq replied laconically.
of the Premier in his Colonel's out- Baby stared at her as though she
fit*, was something of-a figment of her,
Believe it or not, t6 put a man Baby 's 'imagination, Then she- said,
who- has no military training as head "You jokin"
of your armed forces is one that de- *No joke...Genelia, Reuben and I
series serious criticism, thought and had-a perfect good time here. We
attention. We may foresee a military told you we would enjoy ourselves. We
coup which warrants the reality of put dance music on the radiogramme,
Hon.CoXonel John .If not; I wonder mostly quite a lot of ole
why is Patrick John a Colonel? To my Satchmo (Louis Armatrong), Harry James,
mind the only answered is that we are Djuke Ellington. Perry Como and a batch
emulating Guyana' as far as our armed of others. Then we had our mess...I
forces are concerned. It will be re- really thought you would have come
membered that only a few. dayt before, for thalt but -I see the jump-up had
the Prime Minister of GuyanaJwas made you going," and Ma Titine; smiled in-
- or made himself a General, dulgently. '"A1yway we missed you,"
At the War Membrial Parade on the she added.
7th instant Mr. John: on his arrival Baby looked at Ma Tttine rather
was given a "General Salute"' and the sheepishly. "I miss allyou too... I
Governor who represents the Queen dee think of coin but d&e mueic deed-
was given a "Royal Salute". so het sh den i meet-wio Ancine..."
All the sa;e, does Col. John real- she clapped her hands to her mouth...
ise how igh a. military position -he Ma Titine was out of her chair in"
hold and can only hold in a ."Toy
Army? We may soon hear, when there one hragemoveme. She pointwas accusing
is any trouble in the vicinity of She pointedan accusing
his, official residence, that Col.Jdn finger at Baby and tried to speak, but
is increasing hs garrison in such a the words simply would not come out.
place One sure thing is: this will #aby ahrank back deeper in her chair.
substantiate that Dominica continues ,TitinT. she crieoL out apologetic-
to bd the laughing stock of the OCr- ally "Look...I deeden go out wid -
ibbean and possibly the World. -K.J. AnCie -uS like dat..." Ma Titine
found her tongue...
BEAUTIFUL WORK WHAT ABOUT PRAISE Don't mention that woman as name
'ObserVers at the Agricultural & hezel" she exclaimed angrily. "Our
CraCt aExhibition during National company wasn't good enough for you...
Week( like I ,was), who saw a very. That woman...jus because she goes.
beautiful crochet bedspread displayy arounx4 with all the Ministers'
may have wanted to know the owner'l a I for compaTy... that woman.,. So
aid, for I wanted to purchase it,but ium-up with her wa- better..-1 'he
it was not for sale. To me it was, waved away a comment Baby was about' to
not even adequately displayed; the iake Mon't worry to
maker or owner seemed not to have company,-was what you wanted that
had an oppor -unity- to display it savy your own busines-T but don't ien-
after the judging and the opening tion her name to me.
I wish 'I could Lave. advised everyone O-. K "I U .r a
to come and see that piece of handi- I. Iitine, Baby t epliedrather
.. .. I ... ..!but, -is not' wat you tink...
work. I never knew we had such artis- uu s t a you
tic people here In Dominica. I'm sure you know how jump-up is...spe-ially
its creator never get a word of' .wen you take one oh two
F.C., Roseau. T deed have ~entee moh. dan two'"
--.. -. -_-Ma Titine. s antc-r subsided as fast
NEWS FROM FRENCH ANTILLES: Monsieur as it had c6me,. She couldn't remain
Jacques LeCornec (not LeCorner-(t)) angry with BaTy for lon,. "Sorry I
is to J -ve the Guadeloupe prefectureyas so hasty Baby, but you know how
to become Prefet of l'Orne, France.* that woman's very name makes me briste.
He holds the D/ca Award of Honour. Anyway 'I really thought she had gone to
M., Christian Orsetti, Prefect of Guyana with the PremeTer's wife and
Martinique, becomes Prcfet of Lot & MIS. rsiviere...
Garonna, Fr&..ce; M.Foirc. Cosson wl"
succeed him. French Premier Jacques Chirac will visit F.West Indies Dec.22.

Pagd 2%rp

Priday. November 14. 1 &

FAA Nv b. 14 1975T

The photograph was called by us-
from our favourite French newspa-
per "Prance-Antilles", which had a
full and appreciative report of fhe
event, ending,, these words (our
tr anslation):- -
"It is well 1 koin that although.
Dominica benefits by marvellous veg-
etation, beautiful and .especially .
la.iahs, in her infrastructure Domin-
ica is behindhand ..qo ads, Communi-
cations, education, water, system,el-
ectricity can hardly imagine
the la&ks.- No M1art-inique or Guade-
- loupe district suffers from such
"The authority of yesterday: doesn't
seem to havo'attempted to; improve the
socio-economic .situation of the is-
land. There is no impression of' what
could have been created-long ago, to
bring a little happiness....
"However, and this is where, things
never cease to astonish the foreigner,
\despite insufficiency of all kinds,
despite 'poverty, .,despite .the sacrifi-
ces they' are obliged ,to make, despite
the vexations they are exposed to,4des-
pite the daily enforced struggle and
the compulsion they -suffer -inh trying
tb improve their condition, they extri-
cate themselves as Dominicans with an
extr-.ordinary respect for .the human
individual ana 'hv well-being of others.

-IN 'THE HOUSE by Kelin rancis .
The Defence- Force Act was in-
troduced br the-Premier who harked
back to "breaLuown of disci- line"
on Dec.16, 1970. The Defence Forea
-will now consiet ,of 50 permanent
Tol'iiers and e. voluntary section 0of
about 100..
Mr. .1t Stevens said that the De-
fence Fovc'e Act was an insult ~ t tea
Nation --he objected to its passing.
Mr. Casimir called the Act a.
"Dread-ful- one", adding it wold
cost Govt. 4;10,000 at 4200 per sol-
dier monthly in'pay (perm. force).
n Thei Act went thoughh after 16
amendments.had been made.,.
The, Banking Act then fo:lowed,intro-
duced by' Hon.Capt.Rivi e;'e, Ministor
of Finance, who insisted that the
Bank should have a reserve of cash
-available for. protection of customer-s.

When Miss Charles asked Govt.
to disclose the total amount which
it owes,- particularly in debentures,
treasury bills, bank overdrafts,bank
loans, and amounts due to UWI,C.L.E.,
.local merchants, other Govts.,over-
seas bodies, and other liabilities--
the 1jnisber's reply was. "It is con-
trary to the Public Interest'to an-
swer such a Question." -

Other PQ. Replies.- age six

S. PHONE 2511 or 2441
_ _- _ __-__._"_ _"_" 7 '

Produc-sc.-J Bolit d in CstpBritain by
Vin'e 'erodacts Limited, Kingsto-,'Upon-Thames
J3^______,-- _- ..L.i

Paea Three


Schedule of Application tcd Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending Novemaber 1 .11 197
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request-
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.
Request dated Emanuel John Application of Eman-
27 '10 75 Charles uel John Charles for
Presented by his Solicitor the issue of a first
29 10 75 M. Eugenia certificate of title. tin
at 1 .Ia zm,. Charles re sect of a portion
of land known as a'
Residential lot in St
Joseph in the Parish
of St. Joseph contain
ing 5154 Square. feet
andboufded as flows
Norti A Public Road separating it from land of
Fetton Armantrading East Land rf Rose Ambo & O
tio 1eli Charles South A Ravm'.et separating it from
land of Leonce Diarroux P Walter Germain"' East
A Public Road it from band, of Emanuel
John Charles .
Request 4ate Barclays Bank Appli ation of Bar-
23 10 75 ternrtional Ltd clays Bank Interna
Presented formerly Barclays tIonal- imfted former
29 1O 75 Bank D.C,O ly Barclays Ban
at 10.40 a.m. by their Solicitor DCO personal repro
M. Eugenia tentative of Peter"
Charlis Dewhurst also knwyn-
Sh as Iril Peter Dew-
urst for the issue of
a hs t certifrtict, of
title in respect of a portion of land known g5 a '
ential lot in R'eau in the Parish of St. George contain
.ing 7935 Square feet and. bounded as follows
North East Cornwall Street North West Lands of .'
Chrslpin Sorhaindo and Shillingford .South'"
West Victoria Street South East Land of Har-i .

ti ei1 eqtrqnq !e. 14-+ 19T5
Request dated Evadne Ootava Request for the ipsue
tlh'23rd day f Richards of h first certificate of
of October by k6r Solicitor title in respect of "a
197,' Ckma A.M portion of land House
Presented the Dupigny Lot in the Town 'f
1th tday of No ... Roeau in .he Parish
veimbtr 1975 i of St. George in the
at 9.45_ mp- a State of Dominica
containing783 square fee"'." bounded as follows
North East Land of Josepih Simeon North West Land
of net D-orival South Wett Land of Violet Johnson
South West Upper Lane s" _
.- ,,, ., -. . .

Bad luck, evil spirits, marriage, promotion,
job, examin~rion, sexr lottery, bingo, pools,
all distresses or any -other social or domes- .
tic problems.
Pals Universal Company
G-I7, 4 Rajouri Garden
New Delhi- 27, INDIA.

Request dated zJanette Paul Request for the is uif
the 22nd day by her Solicitor of a hirst certificate wf
of September Cilma A.M. title in respect of a
1975 Dupigny portion of land at Ca-
Preserted the libishie in the Parisi
13th day of No of St. Andrew in ti,,
vembsr 1975 State of Dominica
at 9.35 a.m. c__ containing 24640:
------ quar feet 'and houn
ded as follows 1

North.East by a Public Road North West by tind of
James Alexander South East by land of Joseph Thomas
South WeTt by a Pvblic Road -

Request dated Pinard Royer Appli:ation of Pinar,
8 10, 75 by'his Solicito Royer fo.- tv-P is-,ue -o
Presented M. Eugania a : first .erdi.cte cf
12 11 75 (Carles tltie inrespect of a
at 11.20 a.m. portion of lAnd known!
-i as a lot at Bese in'.
the Parish of 'St. An-.
drew cc-tainiti
3.791 Acres and
bounded as follows
North Land of Lionel 'horr s East A ravine sspirating
It from land of The Heirs Ut Auguiste Royer, and a foot
path separating It from land of Bernard Celescine
South land of Lionel Thomas West A foot path
senaratln It from IrC n 1 A-,A

Registrar's Office,. enrt T7i'
Roseau, Domioica, Acting ifegistar of Titles
NOrE: Any person wh. desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificatic of :dtle on the abova applicatio- may enter a Caveat
in the abte e offi .' ',hri six weeks from .he date of the First
.appeai'aIce of tA'. *chL JuI ni :e STAR Newspaper-published
in this;Statq prr'from the date when, the notice prescribed by
law was last- served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
lan4 in spect of wAhich the 4pplication is made.




Stencilling & Typing jobs undertaken
Contact to Leblauc Lane,

Pae Poiue,

...... b

1J-_.... 1"%.. +-

The U.N,0. thought that;-if it operated through six organs or bodies
(General Assembly, Security Council, Economic & Social Council,Trustee-
ship and Sec retariat, with of course the famous subdivisions such as
THE I.L.O. UNESCO, WHO, FAO) it might do better than its predecessor-
the League of Nations. It declared it would do away wzth'the conditions
which led to disputes by concentrating on problems like poverty,ignorance
disease and lack of resources and skill.,
Well, its General Secretaries up to 'the present one (Kurt Waldheim)
have. had it tough with recalcitrant. World Leaders, U.N. Membership in-
creased in view of its insistence on big powers giving self-government
to colonies: each country having an equal vote regardless of .size.
It is out of this aspect of the work of the U.N.O. that independence,
was achieved even by territories with small populations.
Dominica :reached internal Self-government in association with Britain
one step more being needed to achieve full nationhood. The U.iB.O. An-
niversary, October 24, and Dominica National Day, November 3, come:.pretty
close to each other. UNO is bedevilled by what is happening in the world
today: different types of warfare -assassinations kidnapping. with
attendant cruelties and inhumanities; hit-and-run raids, guerilla war-
fare .., these things-UNO CAN NOT control. Racial warfare will be a pro-
blem as long as various races exist, though it may diminish. So I back
the Russian,Nobel prizewinning author, Sblzhonitsyn: "It is an immoral
institution, relying on the ,mercenary partiality of the majority while
neglecting the *freedom of others....." (Concluded on page six)

-When we read the Story of Nations by Lester B. Rogers, Pay Adams
and Walker Brown, we see that the 'Hitler War' has opened the eyes of
all the peoples of the world except we Dominicans, If President Roose-
velt and' Prime Minister Churchill could come back to'life on earth and
ome to Dominica, they would cry because all ,the effort they put into
drawing up the Atlantic Charter for all Nations, as far as Dominica is
"concerned, seems to be wasted. I believe that for the past 15 years
Dominican leaders have refused to accept the Atlantic Charter, despite
the sacrifices the nations' of the world made to put down other aggres-
sive nations: it has all been in vain.
Let us bring back our,minds to what was preached at the Botanical
Gardens on many Sundays: Black Power ideas about peoples property,
which preaching and ideas have now manifested themselves actively in.
Dominica,. We must now go back and think of the kind of hatred, eniry,.
ungodliness, jealousy of those who have then propagated. All these aru
now manifest in'Dominica.
Mussolini was Commander-in-Chief .in Italy, Hitler took command in
Germany; Mr. Churchill put the burden of the war on his shoulders for
vJc-ory'; Stalin did not allow Hitler to see the 'gate of Moscow. All'
these r'Ten were tra.-ied men with high brain, but I am afraid that those
who ta~e colonelship, cr-taincy and lieutenant rank in this country.are
without training and must be opportunists.
People from Guadeloupe who came to Domin-ica to see our Natioial Day
Celebrations, at a glance they saw that if wvr the masses of Dominica
do not make the type of-sacrifices that are required: for our life, it
mightn't be very long when parents will run away and leave tleir families
,and children, and might never see them uAtil resurrection day.
i,. dam "Editor I know ycur paper -is small but fearless. I have much
more to say but space will no' permit on this occasion.
-- B.C. Loblackt..
6th November 1975

Friday,November 14,1975


Page Five

CRICKET INDIA DEFEATS SRI We have received two very interest-
India defeated Sri LahIta by 8 wick. ing documents, 'both unsigned; thus
etain the first of three unofficial we cannot print them. One is a let-
-test matches: played at Hyderabad ter asking Government to explain a
from NOV.7-10 inclusive.. a.n assistant surveyor for Portsmouth
Bishen Singh Bed.i, captaining instead, of the Crown Surveyor & Com-
InhdLa for the first time., won the; missioner of lands. A deep complaint.
toss and elected to bat. Sunil The other headed "LAMENTATIONS" by
Gavascar 205 and G.Vishwanath 117 Pastor K.E.S., is written in fine
enabled India to declare: at 451/5. biblical pAstiche, and we hope to be
Sri -Lanka could only muster 268 in. able to quote from it some time.
their first innings with David Heyn PARL TARY QUESTIOR (fr. p--
104 getting exactlygof his side's AlIAwes (in rief inis anr p3 r.
total. Chandrasekhar got 4/59. .Sr Aiawers: (in brief) Ministers and Parl.

itoryh india reached 100/2.' satisfactorily. 'The Port should get

io" V......i batted first a-d; two public .conveniences but omitting
ci-'. t.a^ a ^ the word proner -. aturaly .e
deTlared at 5e0/6e4ns Red.Ind 105.e 196 .** vthe

West Indies, replied with 267 after saga of the broken-down X-Ray unit at
.beini./ Aupat, the" wTre "Hzro P.M.H., inoperative since Sept. 2., is
5in 18/8eenidA.61 the ne of defects, required parts and. re-
were "B pairs, and a Trinidad engineer who did
.Victo i- -'were 1-39/5. in their second ot.-l.s
S+not' turn up but is hoped for"momently.
ii w- the mt ePat Stoven's .qUery onhow long are we
Vivian Richards scored West Indi-es' ai
first century .oh their present, tout to wait for recorded housee proceedi,
toto be b3oadcast received a silly
in AustrPaliain a 1-day match agam brush-off. LAST SE.SION:qovt. hasn't-
a New South Wales County U1. County
XI 152/4 .eold in 160 minutes. In R u go gr ',i. e -
'the same amount of time West Indies U.N O. DAY & D/CA NATIONAL DAY -W.SS.
312/6 after' winning by 8 wickets; (from mp) Eigit years ago March
V.Richards 110,'G.Greenidge 93 ad 1967 Dominicaj like other Caribbean
A.Kallicharan 58.*** Grand Pond*s lands, got Associated Statehood. By
Aggressive Xi defeated Dublanc by 68 now-we have too much to our discredit.
runsat Dublahc on Su4Aov.9. Scores: It looked as if we would have marched
Aggressive XI 145; A.Browne 58 and forward to progress. We treated our
Jones Lawrence 25. Dubland 77; R. elections not' as a means of getting
Shillingford 25. For Aggressive X3, the best people to guide and govern.
J-oel Lawrence 3/97 & Ezekiel Ansellm We traded our resources, our fortunes
2/00 Of two ,deliveries* and the best in us for selfish ambit-
FOOTB3LLAUE STANDIN .... __ ions, T.oday we shout- National Day Cel-
Teams i. jMPW Y ] ""_ GA ~IT ebrations,while we are holding a PWD
Rest of Pte. 5 1 2 6 -5 4 Inquiry to discover what has become cf
Colts & 3 2 2 6 5 j4 thousands of dollars of taxpayers'
Granites 5 1 .1 1 8 6 53 monies, while our roads, our schools),
Ghetto 5 1 53 7 1 our health institutions are deprived
'-- --- of national attention. Our democracy
MP- Matches Played ; W Won, is being daily mocked.
Drawn, L Lost, GP Goals Eor, '-In vain we, seek God's blessing on
GA Goals Against,, Pts. Points. our nation by'decreeing prayers and
Above is the position, Louis Benoi thanksgiving in Churches. I c-onsider
Competition,Pte.Michel, after Colts this wrong and-hypocritical.
And rhlf-.ttn d.w .1-. "Our words fly up, our thoughts
Pointed & Published by the. Propriety. remain below,
R.E.Allf'rey of Copt Hall Mill House Words without thoughts nevor to -
at .26 Bath Rd.Roseau Domnia, Shakeseare's E heaven go."
~~ ~ a. ,-, -m` Shake sp)eate'I s HAIMLET.hevng.


Page Sor ,

Friday November 14, 1975. -

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