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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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h -


Cable tar. uonmnica .
.Tel:, Printery 1691. Editor 2610
U.K. Mea R e'pre1&ea( ativ: "
lColin Turner (Londcon) Ltd.
\124: Shaftesbury Aye. W.I. 1

Vidtute 2uc nomnite --


FidayOctober3 197S
Soon after the House sat today, a volley of
Opposition questions w e re fired at the
Ministers. They ranged from Miss Charles'
queries on "Planet Earth Dev.- was Govt
participating?' and on Treasury Bills and
P-icc Control what about vehicle spare-
parts? to Moise on Marketing of rejected
grapefruits, Bath Estate low cost housing.
and free secondary education; tben Casimir
on Grandbay Road repairs, unemploy-
ment and the Grandbay disturbances re-
port when would it be released? Lennox
also asked about the Dreads Report: when
A3d h', followed up a recent expose of con.
editions at the Leper Home by a blunt
query. Only one of the Independents .(Mr
Cyrus) asked questions on Village Coun-
cil Estimates and Morne Jaune School.
I L -. . 7- - --7 " I
=3111 . . r, Ilml J 117 U L a

The Management, Staff,

eaid Workers

of L. Rose & Co. Ltd.

wish to congratulate the

Government and People of-


On the Anniversary of

Thcir National Day.



LOTS of people are visiting
the Agricultural, Industrial and
Cultural National Exhibition held
in Dominica Granmmar School grounds
fr6ro Oct.30 onwards. School chil-
dren. (whose schools have assisted)
are much in evidence. The show is
a stimulating one, ahd it had an
opening on Thursday. It is allpte.r
of the festivities. surrounding .
Dominica's National DayNovember 3.

Domihica's Triplets

, L to R Dion. (in her VathePr arms) Denise
and Dawn with their mother
On Sept. 29, i974 Mr. Joey Morancie and his
wife Alica (pictured above with their daughters)
became the proud parents of triplet girl -
Dawn, Denise and Dione3
All three children are in good health, well
cared-for and intelligent; all try to talk already
and take first steps. They .visited the A Ifreys
at Copt Hall last Sunday and were charming
One sad note must be recorded: the
triplet's father,-a responsible
young foreman, is now unemployed
because his firm had to cease op-
erations for economic reasons.

----"THE: KINGDOM OF GOD -IS AT HAND by E.C. Loblack
I was very glad indeed when'I heard that the Government declared
Sunday 26th October to be a. day of National Prayer. The people were
asked to pray because the electrifying team have repented' over that oppres-
sive measure of a monthly rent tax imposed on the-people which generations
yet unborn will not be able to pay, No matter how old they are, if they
cannot pay that oppressive measure they. wil4. take. three months in prison
for %T-hat. they have laboured hard to obtain..
The Nation prays .with rejoicing hearts., believing that by the end of
November that' oppressive, taxation will be. scratched off Go'ernment statute
books. The assurance- the Nation has that their prayers will be, heard by
Him who answers prayerB, is written in the book of Isaiah Aap.,- verses
12-19; Ma.t.t25Lhchap., yerses 31-46, 2 Co.rinthians, chap.6, verses 14-18;
Hebrews Ohapolp, -verses 11-16. .
The Psalmist says "In the hands, of the Lord there is a cup, and the wmna
is red, it is. full of mixture., no iulemr-of-the nations would like to
drink the dregs thereof".
The people of the. nation will. spend their National Day with a
peaceful heart. -- ..C.L,
Barclays Bank/ nternational It is a privilege for me to have
Limited is participating in the survived two World Wars and to have
-Dominica Agricultural Exhibition witnessed two World Organizations
1(-Oct,50 to Nov.2) to mark the. anni- to prevent wars and promote peace
versary of Statehood with a Baroplys among the nations of the world -
.display booth, highlighting the em- After World War I the League of
phasis placed by' the Bank on region- N.ations was proposed by U.S.President
al agricultural development, wvi-th, Woodrow Wilso.. The:.odd thing about
especial reference. to Dominica. this was the U.S.A. never joined the
-A pig-raising grant of EC$48,-000 League. I suppose: she prided herself
Swas.'made through ,the Domin,ica SociaL that she was. not as other men awe.
Centre to6 be drawn over three years, She subsequently learnt her lesson.
for the establishment of breeding The. League of Nation's headquarters
units and the training of a manager, consisted of elaborate beautiful
- Mr. Royal George. In addition, buildings overlooking picturesque
the Project was: also granted an in- Lako Geneva in Switzerland,.
.terest-free revolving loan of The League failed hopelessly to.
EC#80,000..over three years to supply establish the peace for which good
Thrmers under this Project with ani- men longed. Bad men and nations could'
mal foed. not be tamed, and the bigger and more
SThe Barclays Development nud :" powerful they grew the more determined
a-so sponsored the. Marketing Expos- they were. o flout the very .codes of
ure for Carib'bean officials, at conduct they had themselves signed,
which Mr. James Royer of the Domini- Japan, Germany and Italy walked out
ca. Agricultural. Marketing. Board, was. of the. League .of Nations to pursue
one. of ten delegates from the Carlb- territorial rapes upon Manchurida,
bean to attend Wye College, Britain. Central Europe, and Ethiopia respec.tive-
The Development Eund also provi- ly. After the outbreak of World War
ded eight bursaries for delegates II in 19S9, Rus-aa was expelled for
from the L*4D.Cs to participate in its aggressioi.i against Finland,
the Regional Livestock Conference World War II again forced the nat-.
held at the. U.W.I., St.Angustine, ions to realize that a World Force is.
Trinidad, in September.' The dole- sne. qua non to promote, and preserve
gate. from Dominica was' Mr. Frrol peace and goodwill among 'nations. So
Harris of the Ministry of. Agricul- after the. fatalities, the erbuelties
ture. Barclays t-wo Agricultural Ad- and the devastations of World War II,
visers, Dr. Keith Roche and Mr,R.A. the U.N.O. was established in 1945
.Baynes also attended this conifren'ce"to try to maintain yo-orld peace. and
A follow-up conference to the Mar- security". This time its home is an Exposure is due in November-- eighteen acre aite in New York.
in Ba3'bado3.o (. o continued)

I riday. October 31, 1975


M&*.r~ ~ r^

Friday~tober 1 1975THE STARPzThe


FOi .SEVERAL DAYS General Franco of
Spait. has lain near death,- and as- "
de gO to press Prince Juan Carlos
has taken over his -ob by decree,
T ney say Generals never 'die %they" e
just turn into Dictators.Burnham
of Guyana has joined tl a ranks of
the Generals, and has .been' seen in
his uniform ahead of his appointment

Tenders are invited from suitably quali-
fied building contractors tor the construco
tion of a Boxing plant at Vieille Case.
Details of requirements and view of the
plans for this boxing plant may be got
during working hours at the Office ot
the Operations Manager; Dominica Ban-
ana Growers Association, 13 Hanrover
Street, Roseau.
Tenders should be in sealed envelopes
addressed to-the General Manager, Domi-
nica Banana Growers Association, 13
Hanover Street, Roseau, should be
PLANT and should reach not later than ,
13th November 1975. -
The Association does not bind- itself to
accept the lowest or any tender.. 4




1-EMPLOYMK,. T has
"bec-omt t.ube3 one
problem, anc ca.ll6
fcr. ur geL 1 d
pro mp t e.+ *-. i o n
ourre'.re of n; ..' ,
petty and serious.
should ea take-n as
a s.tadow oC t a-.. 3
to' cr a.s Looki;g
ahea'3 we ca. see oly.
mor soe.Cia. unteat,
with evil ine ..:id
sed ucers waxing
worse: and wore%.
Violence and more
violence, a total
disregard for law
and. order., are all
there ahead of us,
and #:f' these are
-to be warded off,
something' must be
done 1NOW; and that
' something must be
adegaate to stem

.A plague to our
Soci.ety. Some
Semnaxl' by S.A.,
Henry oi- Antigua,

tibe risig, tide of
mOraJ ,eeneracy.
0n of the o'rime
Oaue<.*,, moox .our so slal-
ills is idielesas,
which in turn, is a
by-prodAuct of u-n-
emrpl oyment. Ai idle
brain is the :devil's
wor.cshop, and he,
of course always
finds. -cischief for
idle handsi to db.
Thererfre, the first
step to be taken is
to f-nd gainful eam*
ploymen t especially
for thb youth.

The story of a family
of West Indian origin
living in, a high rise
flat in South London is
to be the subject of a
"television series due for
screening In Britain
early next year.
It.. will be British
television's first domes-
tic .. situation comedy
show bull. en ti rely
round a blaek family
called "Thl ,Fosters a
It is being produced by
the '.London Weekend
Television' Company.
Guyanese Norman
Beaton, currently play-
ing to packed houses
In the "The Black
Mikado" at London's
Cambridgs heatrs, will
Portray th th her,
Samuel Fo*ter, Isabelle
Sucas, a Canadian of

(uiyanese extraction.
plays his wife Pearl.
Their three children,
Sonny, S h ir le y and
Benjle, will be played
by Lenny Henry, an
impressionist of J'mai-
can-born pare.tts, ana
two youngsters fresh
from stage school -
Sharon R o s i t a, who
was .born in Guyana,
and La rlie Mark,
whose parents ire irom
Grenada. Carmen
Munroe, a'n established
West Indian actress in
Britain, ie also ,to play
an. irportabt role in
the series.
The cast i, thus a
b I-e n d of experience
and ytuthfjl talent.
The series is initially,
Scheduled to -run for
thirteen week.

Friday October 31 1975

Pa *Three


Pah. For ,THE STAR


BELFAST ESTATE LIMITED kill purchase all good
D Special, Belfast Special or, similar type RUM BOTTLES
at xoc. per bottle at the following location s:-

a, Belfast Distillery, .
b. Nassief's Liquor Store --
Co Nassief's Storeroom .- -

7~6 .3/s

.- Belfast
- -. Market Square


Applications are invited from suitably
qualifiedC4persons for the. vacant post of
CLERK, TYPIST. Qualifications:-
G.C.E.'O Levels- English,.and Maths,
Typing Diploma. .
Salary scale according to qualifications
and experience, Not less than 150o.oo
per month
Applications stating age qualitications
anpd experience should be submitted to.
the Secretary- Manager, The Co- operative
Citrus GroweYs Association of Dominica,
SLtd3, 2I Hanover Street, Roseau to reach
him not: later than 8th November, 1975.

Schedule of Application for Certificate pf Title and Notings
hereon and Caveats for week ending November l1t .1975
)afd Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificat'e
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.
Request ,dated Emanuel Joh Application of Eman-
27 10 75 Charles ual John Cha Jes for
Presented by hi* Solicito the issue of a first
29 10 75 '. Eugenia certificate of title in
at 11.10 a.m. Charlea t-espcct ot a portion
a 1of land known as a
.Residential lot 'n St
Joseph in the Parish
of St. Joseph contain
i ii 5154 Square feet
andbounded as folows
North A Public Road separating it from land of .
Fejton Armantrading East 'and of Rose Ambo &

ALL MALE. PRICE: 50 each.

Noils Charles Soutt Ravrie se part ng it 4rom
land of Leonce Darrouk & Walter Germaine East
A Public Road separating it from land of Emanuel .
John Charles -
Request dated Barclays Bank in 'Appli action of Bar-
23 10C 75 ternrtibnal Ltd ldiy Bank Interna,
Presented formerly Barclays. tionalL united former
29 16 75 Bank D.C.O :y Barclays ~
at 10.40 a.m. by their Solicitor OCO person! repre
M. Eugnia entative of Peter
Charies.Dewhurst also known
f 7 i i C'ril Peter Dew.
hurst for the issi e of
A first certificate of
title in respect of a portion of land known as a Resid
ential lot in Roseun in the Parish of St. George contain
ing 7935 Square feet and bounded as follows
North East Cornwall Street North West Lands of
Chrispin Sorhaindo and Wilfred Shilllngford South-'
West Victoria Street South East Land of Harold
Trail & Others -

Registrar's Office,
Roseau. Dominica.

Henry Dyer
Acttnrg Registtir of TItle

NO rE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on ethv, above, application may enter a Caveat
tn the above office v.i:hin i.,: weeks from the -date of the # first
appearance of this scheduie in t),. STAI. Newspaper published
In tiss State or front the datu when the notice prescribed by
la* was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land 4o r-.pect of which th ? .ppti,c.tion 1s .nd:



Friday October 31 1975

Friday, October 31, 1975 TH E
Ma Titine called on Genolia in
her new home. She brought along
with her a home-made cake, a
stuffed chicken, two bottles, of rum-
pu4ch, another of white. rum and a
bottle each of passion fruit .juice,
soursop juice and guava juice. This
was packed neatly in a-small picnic
hamper that Eurilla had sent her.
'She also carried a lovely bouquet.
of cabbage, roses and fern,
"We're going to have a gala day,"'
she said to Genelia. and Reuben
after greeting- them with a smack-
ing kiss on each face; then having.
Been, taken all around the house for
inspection she- remarked, "This is
really tbtter than your old place-;
it's so very light and airy -quite
big too. Plenty of space for the
baby to move around in."
"Wat you doin for National. Day
Titine?" Reuben enquired a. little'
while later over their rum'punchese.
"Who? Me?"'Titine did as. though
she hadn't heard. "Well, I do like
my jump-up, but I think I'11 take-
it easy this year- and 16,ve ve-ry-
thing for Carnival '76."
Genelia and Reuben showed their,
surprise. "Carnival '76' So what
are you going to do for National
Day -then?" Geinelia' asd heri
"Well," Ma' Titine replied, "if
you-all don't mind, I had thought
of just spending the. diy with you-
cll...that is if you-all haven't
made other plans," she added.*
"A-a-ah." Genelia said reproach-,
fully, "oven if I am married, as
though I wouldn't tell you all rm
plans,?.what you say Reuben?"
"I doan kiow wat Titine mean...
she -no strangah to us,..our bess
fren-too. Titine," he said, "doan
be a, dam fool."
"O.K.". Titine laughed, "that's
all right tien."
"Kno* what I would like thr.t
day?" Genelia -said, "A heavy broth
with plenty fish, ochroes,* christo-
phene and bclangene. ,And I don't
care what they say about -'going
local' but I want English potatoes,
in it.- I like the taste, of it."
Reuban winked at Ma Titine.
"Lanvie..," and would have said
more, but Renelia throw a cushion.
at hinm. "Don't. worry with him," -
she 3aid blushing..
""That's alright," Ma .Titine smiled

S T AR Page Five
MA TITINE (concid.) "When Iwas
carrying Burilla all I wanted to eat
was bou n, till George used to tell
me that I'd make a pig."
They all laughed, then Ma Titine
continued, "Well, nothing happening
S... only National Day and House of
"Dat you say!" Baby who had .just
entered replied. "Wat bout how
Guvament deeden sen Hon.Fgbert to
de Metodiss. Chuch to represent dam.
offiahally. I heah-de Metodiss make
a delegashun to Guvament, so Gvasment
say dey will sen a bettah man...r. .
Eastuss Francis.
ASSEMBLY: (from page 1)
Five Bills will run through & .eir
5 readings: Estate* Duty Ord.AmendIit,,
Income Tax Ord.Amendment, another
amenidmt. of Companies Ordinance,
Act to authorise national Savings
Bonds etc, and an Act to provide
for the establishment of a. Mat.Dev"
Bank. Minister, of Agriculture M.LA
Douglas put' forward a resolution
earmarking a reserved for fishermen
beach at Calibishie.
Miss Charles moved a resolution
which -required- Government to make'
a statement about its dealingswith
the .Allcyfe Mercant-ile Corporation
and other projects.
Govt.- replies to Questions arid' other
comments will. appear next issue.
oJur- Wharton, fo 4nder of the
Tiger System and Everod Clark, P.R.O.,
are presently in the State where theo
hope to develop ,the Martial Arts to
a noticeable level,
'While here. they hope to hold
seminars open to the general public
on the martial ?rts 4nd throw demon-
strations at Police Head4uarters and
Defence PIece H.Q. Q They also expect
to clear 1 atih dcubt' as to those
nature of the martial arts. Prom
here theLy fly to' Barbados on invi-
Dominica hopes ic be represented
next year at a waor?.d tournament to
be held in Trinidad, by Dominican
students learning the style.
Mighty Spider, followed by Lord Tokyo
(lIcst year's winner) and Solo third.
(ARAW'A) T.-ro firsts for Paix Bouche:
winners: Adult Belaire & Conte.
*Vieille Case w6n the .Quadrille Trope

Pae Six T H ST A R. . pida.Octobe, 51, 1975
S*T'*A*R*S*P*0*R*T*S' Morchriston ASSEMBLY: A'SHARP RESOLUTION (p.1)
CI The West Indies won the Ist Hon.M.E.Charles probed Government's
match of their Australian tour .when' dealings with Alloyne Mercantile Corp.
they defeated-a South Australia of Barbados (which have fallen through)
Colts teae at .Adelaidee by 7 wickets "Govt. does not check the credentials
in a one-day match. Scores in tthe of would-be investors"' she charged,
match vwere: Adelaide Colts. 167/4 referring to "fly-by-night schemes
decld,-- F.NcLean 51,- R.Darling. 48 for suckers". The AsG. replied that
n.o., Mi.Holding 2/30. West Indies it was unot quite fair to tell the
at close of play 182/5. Laawrence House that Govt. rushed blindly into
Rowe 51 in 55 irins., L.Baichan 51 & something without making inquiriess.".
A.Greenidge 27 retired hurt. West anld went on to detail the reaarch he
Indies next match started today, and his Govt. had done before signing
against South Australia led by lan up a contract with Alleyne's Bank.
Chappell. At the end of the.' first (More next week)
day a play, West Indies were 179/9..
Jeff Hammond 4/58* HER MAJESTY'S HOiOURS
BOCC5S CAVALIERS had another victory Honorary Officer of the Most Excel-
when they defeated a Combined side- lent Order of the British Fkmpire
at Dublanc last Sunday (Oct.26). (OBh, Civil Division) -, awarded to
Lockhart Sebasten with a solid 73 JOHN DMAJA ARCHBOLD of the U.S.A.
led Bogars Cavaliers to 181/8 ded,. Imperial Service- Medal (I.S.M.)
Dublanc in their turn at the crease. to (Hurse) Wilhemina Prisca Caines
crumbled for 76 to the. pace of Gray- M BEITORIOUS SERVICE HONOURS 1975
son. Shillingford and .Norbert Phillip Eight awards made by.the Governorp-e g
POOTBALL On Sun.Oct.25, Colts de- Dominica Award of Honour'(highest)to
fated Granites -82 in: their first M.Jacaues LeCorner, Prefect oi' Guad-
win of the. competition. Within five eloupe, in the furtherance of cul-
minutes of player, Leslie Etiennie put tural, social and economic ties be-
Colts one goal up and by the inter- tween FranceGuadeloupe & Dominica.
vgl led 2-nil after D.Joyce netted Posthumously to the late private,
aga-in. On resumption, Granites, R.Registe of DDF (outstanding Valour)
through H.Balson, brought the lead stand also posthumously to Inspector
down to 1-2. However, W.Peter netteu Skeritt James (exemplary conduct as.
Colts 35rd goal and when G.Peltier officer & gentleman in D/ca Police.)
netted -another goal for Granites, Sisserou Award of eonour Mr.Trot-
the final score stood at 3-2. Oliver ter Benoit. (furtherance of co-ops),
Joseph refereed.' and to Mr. Samuel Jolm Lewis in the
The following Sunday, Granites he.a furtherance of.EducationaleSocial
furtherance of Educational, Social,.
held Rest of Pte.Michel to a2-all -Public aid Youth Servicea in the State.
in a keen encounter. By halftime no Meritorious Service Award goes to
goals had been, scored, but directly Irs. Irma Helen Didier, keen horti-
on resumption with both t6ams well culturist. and wife of Rev. Atherton
warmed up, H.Smith put Rest of 'Pte. Didier for educational,community &
Michel into the lead. Q.Richards cultural serVice in the State; also
made it 2-nil for rest. But fifteen to Mr. Charles A.Maynard, for out-
mi.'ates from the end, P.Lockhart standing public service.
headed in Granite's first goal and
ten minutes later, Sam Charles found MEDALS & PRIZES; Gold, silver and-
the equalizer for Granites. Desmond bronze medals will be presented "in
Martin, State referee, officiated. typical mini Olympic win-
*On Nov.1, the first match of the ners at the National Athletics Meet
competition will be played between'- on Sunday iiovember 2. *. Gest Indus-
Ghetto ,and Colts. A win for Colts tries (W.4.) Ltd. is giving cash
gives them the championship with 5 prizes to top banana exhibitors-at
points. If they lose, Rest of Pte. the National Agricultural Exhibition.
Michel with 4 points wins the trophy.. Calypso Queen National Comp.tonight.
If the match draws, the championship DG] 01ffil-'1^T -ois ongs-
will have to be- decided between Rest- Leslie Bell of Giraudel,' Children's
.and Colts on goal average.- D.Martin -Belaire, Castle Bruce Group. Com-
wIll hold the whistle, petition held at Apbede. Cinema.
Printed and. Published by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill ,House,
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

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