Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Teli Printery 1691.. Editor 2610.
U.K Media Representative:
Colin TUrier (London) Ltd.
22 Shaftesbury. Ave. W.-i.

Frii, At' C-ilkd. 9L 17..

L ..- -y
. 162 EAST 78 S-fR55a.1.

'M c-".o"-. by W,S Stevens. ta. .
It has -come out from a reliable source that No-,
minated Member Hon, Egbert. Shilling(nrd has
been delegated to represent the Government of
Dominica at a National Thanksgiving Service. on
Sunday next at Roseau Methodist Church; de-
spite the. presence of sixMinisters in the Labour-
SShoe Cabinet.
I am not in, a position to know how our cidsi
zens feel on- the subject but. most Governmeoft
outrages are swallowed' whole in Dominici so,
l6ng as a few people.are privileged thereby.

Suing For Libel
N.r. Joey- Vanterpool has 'instructed
Counsel "tn file a libel suit -agakst
the Labour Paty- new organ EDUCATOR.


Tenders are invited from suitably quali-
fied building contractors tor the construo-
tion of a Boxing plant at Vieille- Case.
Details of requirements and view. of the '
plans tor this boxing plant may be got_
during working hours at (he Office ot
the Operations Manager, Dominica Ban-
ana Growers Association, 13 Hanover I
Street, Roseau. '
Tenders should be in sealed envelopes'
addressed to the General Manager, Domi- "
nica Banana Growers Association, 13
Hanover, Street, Roseau, should be
PLANT and should reach not later than
13th November 1975.
The Association does not bind- itself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
' - ,' .. ...* * -* . ;

at Castaways Hotel
French West Indies' guest connected with the
tourism trade enjoyed a friendly get-together and
excellent though prolonged lunch with their Do"*
minivan counterparts at Castawviys last Sunday.
Hosts were the Dominica Tourist Board. Amons
the guests were. H.E. the Governor and Lady
Cools Inigue, Hon. Oliver Seraphine 1 who maide
an interesting speech, and many distingfished
Martinique & Guadeloupe visitors, includin-gM.
Jacques Daudin and M. Roger Fortund'.


in Grenada. But he has
lived. to be an Inspiration
to all Coloured People "and
to all, ofr'any race, who Ptart
from small beginnmings.
For'12 months David Pitt
Aof what many regard as
the greateSt city in te'
world.' E 'has, been ,cha)r
man of the GreLter London
Council, the GLC, the first
black man to flt that po-"
sition. And today be calk
take -his seat in Britain'
House of Lords. (the Up-
r House of Parliament).


4"r "4; Three- k"


Today, October 24, we celebrate the
founding of the United Nations.
Despite 'localisedt wars, its, own
I -failings and its",obvious 'extravagance -
-we should all be gEateftla. that the
.-nited, Nations remains alive, has gin-
creased in membershipp and. is "o. sourcec e
of aid to underdevelone'd countries.
1:But what of the changes levelled at:,
the-'.*. by a-great Soviet writer? .
Soi xenitsyn's hard hittingattack on the United Nations
for its inability to rise above the limitations obf its member
governments. It is an immoral institution, rel ming "on the
mercenary partiality :of the majority". while neglcling
thc freedom of fotihers, It 'had riot tried "'in nalk* the
Declaration of Hurman l igh.ts, its best dlo uinnit in 25 -
years, an obligatory/condition of" membership confronritmig
governmentss. It had "decliiedf to undelrtrkc. the investi-
gdtionlof private appeds-hthe 'groans; scrcam.s jand be-
) Ierchings of humble individual plain people--no' large
enough a catch for suwh j gIreal organization Solzhenit-
syn's llftterness is culled direct from Soviet: experience. "
. "It is high-time to remember' that we belong
first and foremost to humanity ,And that nmai has distin-'
-guished himself from the animal world %y.thOu6ht and
speech. And these, -naturally, should' be free. If they ae
put in chains, we shall return to the state .of animals.
Openness, honest and complete openness-that is the first
Condition of health in all societies, in luding our own."
... .-"a sickness of the. will of successful people
* is the .daily condition of those who have given them-
selves up to the thirst after "prosperity at any plic', to -
material well-bheing as the chief goal of earthly exitnce." -

He was bri 4 ,.. a d d

A TRIUTE to HOWELL SHILLINGFORD 'A Tribute to H.D.S.(contd.)
C.B'.E; : by W.S. Stevens I mast extend my tribute on a very
Howell'Is passing this month, was personal.note, to show that Hbwell
wells removal great landmark in Shillingford was not opposed to pro-
the removal of a great landmark in t
hechequered history of Dominica. gress as several people thought.
Havi g lived -through the reigns of Once Of fice93 when as noa Dstrict Eduh by
six soveeigns nd two world wars, action Officer thee was nolaunch by
and having experienced innumerable which I could return to Portsmouth,
and having experienced innumerable ( bae e a 4_s4t to thy overa
economic, political and' cultural (my base)f a a.isit.t .ouib. thEqe
^changes in hi native, ltand,, Howell crowded and dilapidated Coulibistrie
Shillingoes n hs native anoregretfully School, Howell. found me distressed on
Shillingford must- have regretfully theBalalie Jetty. Instead. of merely
nodded or shaken his head many times B ie Jetty. Instead of merely
recently, before he was called upon sympathizing with me, he was glad of
to quit this lie the opportunity for me to spend.two
Howell or *HD.S." asn many of us days and nights as his guest. I used
Howell him, was a farmer allnyo us h the opportunity to take him to task
over the decrepit physical condition
*and a politician for most of it. He over the decrepit physical condition
was trained at the Btac Grdens of the school Always a great diplo-
Agriciltiral Soho a-ol after B4 he n. et mat, he expressed himself really
the Dominica Grammar Sho l It wa Pleased that-ibe Coulibistrie School
the Dominica Grammar School. It wa i (then under the late Miss Carmen Watt-
no easy thing to do agriculture in ley) was. at last included in my i inr.
the days after World Wars I and II ley) was at old him that cludthe school crops brought in ry a
little cash. No-one 'hen envied the so overcrowded that I could hardly
.r .r. -enter, while a large class was kindly
fli mer withrhie broad acres, It was e given refuge under a basement of the
-1imes destroyed by withertip and e"d- good Christian Union 9issionaries of
root diseases-in the twenties;vanillagood hristian Union issionarie of
with a brief unfortunate show; a lit- the time.
e cocoa, rum always(ofcorse)an Howell lost no: times Mr. H.L.Lindo
anas before World War I, and bananas was then Administrator; Mr. Hamilton
again with a period of success, since rethEducation Officer, was
the end of the fourth decade sub-extended visit to Veile as
sequently (in my.view) badly ...n He had .,to get back to Roseau# and I -
organiedand eploed managed, had to forward a full report. In less
Howell lived long enough to s4e than six.months Coulibistrie School
every type of, agricultural product in construction was started with U.K.
Dominica fetch a market, even if'ir- H Government u dsw.s w-
regularly. Howell told me he was very will-
e In the political changes brought ing to work and co-operate'with: offi-
about the Wood (afterwards Lord cers. who'were conscientious and meark-
Halifax) Report in 1924, Howell emer- business. Never can I.forget the two
ged as a politician andremained in fruitful days when I was his -guest
the Legislature until. his defeat in a d slept comfortably in his own Very
the general election of 1966.- forty ample pajamas.
years in public life,, during which era. H.D.S. bore his long illness with
Dominicans got to know him best.Theregre fortitude, He left us when the
is one great thing fo which most Dom. Fortunes of Dominica's democracy are
inicans with capacity to estimate aat their lowest ebb...,not dueto any
man'Ls worth will have noted: Howell's world crisis but to the false and.
never-failing courtesy to everybody. selfish ambitions of those who never
Nothing thrown -at hi.m in the House or say-to themselves with sincerity
outside, caused him"o lose his head This is y own, my native land".
or say an angry word. He pat on the The sympathy of my family and
opposition bench across frm me for myself goes out to all .Howell's mary
five years and it was always my pleas relatives and.friends.
ure to hear him. s NEWSBRIEFS: Soviet exile Alexander
There was one thing on which many Solzhenitsyn's new book "Lenin -in
differed from him: in- political siames Europe" a surprise work about Lenin's
and plans and fancies, and taxes too, life in exile-during world war I,is
Howell would always .sk "Where is the now on sale in Paris. ANTIGUA- will
money to come from?" Or "What'was have a general election early 1976:
done with the' money?" Oh! that we voters' registration starts Nov. '17.*
now had i our present House-an old: COLOURED voters helped Wilson's L.P.
sage 6to ask about the money to win the lastU.K.general election .

Friday, October 24, 1975 '

Page, Two


Assassins gunned down and killed the THiAN MAN IN PORT
Turkish Ambassador in Vienna this by Kelvin Francis
mid-week and (today) the Turkish. On Sundqr12th October, I was walk-
Ambassador in Paris was shot and ing towards the Northern section. of
killed. i*;- A British Hon. Consul was Bay Street in Roseau when I was aler-,
kidnapped" in Asmara, Ethiopia (Eri- ted by the appearance of a crane from
trea). A bomb nearly killed the .the Deep Water Harbour lifting a truck
17-year-old daughter of late. Presi- from a lighter on the sea, Consequen-
dent Kennedy (Caroline) as she came tly I visited the Port on Monday 20th
oUt of her host's London house.,The instant to obtain some facts about
intended victim was Mr. :Hugh Frasr, the three cranes on the jetty there.
a Conservative M.P. The actual vic- From one Port Worker I was reliably
tim was an eminent cancer specialist informed: ...
who was-blown to bits. The Dubch There are. one.Link Bdlt- crane and
business man held hostage in Eire and two. Cole cranes on: the Pier. The-
is hold up in a country house near Coles were bought from England, and,
Dublin with his captors (man & wo- their estimated cost is $70,000 for'
man), surrounded by Irish and U.K. both, TheLinki Belt is a gift from
Policemen trying psychological tacts the'Canadian Governmenti, valued at,
$80,000. None of these cranes is .in
S L E E P I NG P 0 L IC E- perfect working condition, I was'told.
W 0 M E N: A correspondent writes: The steering system of the Link Belt
Thank you for giving an extra is gone.; the two 'Coles cannot move
warning on yQur front page about from where they are likewise the
the Sleeping Policemen at Fond Col. Link Belt. r -"
But worse than concrete erections When one realizes that Governmentb
are the hundreds of SLEEPINGG POLICE- main source of income is the Portv, if
WOMEN (always with us) --I mean the its chief tools are.munusable the dog
pitholes and potholes in the roads on the. street is better off than. the,
of Dominica, some of the most dani. workman. Not only that, one crane
gerous being in and around Roseau." works intermittently andc the fear of
------------------------ -- immediate injury to Stevedores is '
BARCLAYS AID AGRICULTURAL EXPERTS another main concern, It i~s a risk to
Barclays Bank International Limited ones life to work as a longshore.
has made a-grant of 34,458 pounds stevedore on the Port.,
(ovar $165,000) from the Bak' s De-. On. the culmination of my visit I
velopment Fund to assist in setting was shown a shed with a sewer line
up a team of. Regional Agricultural passing in'the centre. I understood
Specialists. The grant will be over that' when this sewer line gets bloc-
3 years. First adviser appointed(in ked it overflows and spoils the sto d
Animal "Husbandry and Nutrition) is goods which are for human consumption.
Mr. Lionel James, a St. Lucan and Let us bear in mind that the Roseau
a BB.Sc. of U.W.,I Town Council is hearty, an'd if my in-
formant is right,' the Chief Health'
GIFTUS JOHN WINS TWICE. Inspector should please take note.
Young writer Giftus Johni(whom To the Port;: Authorities and WAWU :
we first knew as a pupil of the I have take thQ initiativd.Carry onl
Dominica Grammar School) has scooped KELVIN FRANCIS
up both the short story and poetry RECORD OF CANADIA SAVE TE "CHIDE=N
prizes in:-the National DYay contests. FUND .by Marion Peter (conclusion)
Giftus John is one of a series Oaf The Members take a keen interest
young writers who got their first ,and concern in the improvement. of the
recognition through publicationa in Institution. They undertake the rais-
print, byyublication of. their early ing offunds, through various forms
works in the STAR -the first .ever of entertainment, to assist in meet-
newspaper to actually PAY creative ing requirements-. This Organisation
authors for. their contributions, is stillifunctioning satisfactorily -
We suggest that other publication at Portsmouth., At the subsequent el-
follow suit, for once a young write section, Mr. James Thomas was elected
gets money (however little) for his Chairman, succeeded by My.Emanuel
orrts,he becomes professional. Martin. (Concluded overload p,4)

Friday, October 24, 1975


Page Three.

1agi I 'bu Jr]' l ll T Ill S T A R Frid y ...... ..........1.W

Fiction -MA TITINE Cynthia Watt,-
After two days of pelting rain' the
weather broke and our sun shone from
a clear blue sky. Bhby gazed out of,
her narrow window and:, after assessing
the outside said "Lemme go by Titine-
*an give lah de beff.. ." She hastily-
donned a pair of faded dungarees, .
pulled a T-shirt over her head and
(tying a flowered head-kerchief over
her hair) rushed over 'to Ma Titine' s.
She fairly burst open the door.
and called out: "Mornin Titinel How
you dis morning? Boy I Seelin hot...
I nevah tink de rain wood stop...
wat Septembah deeden give,0ctobah
give us..." '
Ma Titine, came out of her kitchen
and said, "Catch your breath Baby,.
yout.ll1burst a blood vessel."
Baby fanned herself around the-
face, also flapping her skirts, and
-launched out': "Titine you heah about'
de Tong Council?" '
M.Ha Titine shook her head.
"Well,". Baby continued, ,"It look
like dey vote a surten Miss as -de
lawyah foh de tong, Council an de
present Mister Bigshot doan agree,
so dey dere banging deir head: togeod-
Sdah..,' heah, de Mayor tell de Pree- -
idalah "doan make me talk" Of coase
is only; heah I heah -all dat9 I libel
to contradixshun, but I heah too. it
,have moh'to come" .
Ma Titine wagged her head. "What
'you expect Baby?"
Baby said in! a very deep enigmat-
ic voice like a news announcer:
"It give -,aramy in B'nyroot. too
,an he trying to keep -dong de Moslem."
"Too much saway-serviettel," said,
Ma Titine, lo provo that she had not
cast off her local dialect. ",
"Wen .tondah start to roll, it .will
roll "'said B&by, rolling her eyes..

Chairman of the present committee,
(elected) is Mr. Davis Robinson;Mrs.
Noreen Francis has recently succeed-
ed Mrs. Liverpool, who. replaced Miss
Dorothy Julos as D/ca Branch Rep/tie.-
West Indies Branch Representative-
of S.C .F. (St.Vincent) pays regular
visits to the Dominica Branch, to -
observe the proper running of the
Institution relovant to functioning,
requirements and miscellaneous mat-
ters.. The Committee on such occasions
is summoned to moot the Reprosentat-
ive for various discussions.
to next column)

Charles Joseph, 48, was judged gui;y
of murdering noted W.I.Lawyer John
Rowan Henry.and sentenced to death
by hanging on Thursday 23rd Oct. He
also killed Mrs. Henry by cutlass
chQps. Three lawyers defended him.
F RANCO DYg: Dictatou: 'of Spain for
many years,, is in a.coma following, a
coronary attack. Prince Juan Carlos
is ready to',take over. Spain is in. a
disturbed state over Basque affairs.-
Members should be -aware of some-
knowledge of the foundation of this
humane organisation Save -the Chil-
dren Fund" which was founded in 1919.
by one Miss Eglantyne Jebb" After,
1st World War she was moved by the.
pitiful condition of a large number
of Russian children and-started this
Organisation, which soon spread a;;
over the world,: with an established
HQ in Britain and distinguished
Sponsors. H.. ,M the. Queen' H.R.H..
Princess Alexandra and many others
having sponsored heavy sums of mon-
ey for the running of the S.C.F. to
this day, Lady Metcalfe being then.
the Chairman of Overseas Committees
(with which British HQ this Dominica
Branch was in; direct--contact).-
Then came Lady Hailes at a- later
period, wife-of the Governor General
k-Trinidad, Lord Haai.les (W.I.Gov.
Gen.) Lord Hailes, during-the West
Indie's Federation regime, througl-
the efforts of his gracious lady(in
close contact with Britain) estab-
liished a Branch in the West Indies,
which now has its headquarters in St
Vincent,and is in close, contact and
grateful relationship'with Canada,
where there is also an established
HQ-, hence the title" which we now
Jeriu "Canadian Save the Children
There is a tendency which is most
regrettable and. rather unchari-table
-for the pioneers and foundation
.members of any movement in Dominica
to be, ignored or obliterated, and
in their stead, laurels, regard and
credit are bestowed on those .who axe
at the moment featuring.Marion Pet
Ex-Chairman, Canadian SCF CormsMiittee,
Portsmouth. (Speech made on'.510.75)
loft for Morocco and nearby lands am
U.N.Day to try & Settle the issue
of the "peaceful march" by 350,o000
people Lnto Western (Spanizsh)Shara,.

Friday, cotooer 24, 197,5

YPage Fur, -


Page Fivea THE STAR


BELFAST ESTATE LIMITED will purchase all gooO
D Special, Belfast Special or similar type RUM BOTTLES
at xoc. per bottle at the following locations:-

a. Belfast Distillery Belfast
b0 Nassief's Liquor Store Market Square
ce Nassief's Storeroom -- Riverside -



Applications are. invited from suitably
qualified p-rsons for the vacant post of
CLERK TYPIST. Qualifications,:-
G.CE.EO' Levels.--English and Maths.,
STyping DipJoma4
Salary scale according to qualifications
and experience. Not less than It150.00
per month.
S.Applications stating age qualitications
and experience -should be submitted to
the Secretary- Manager, The Co- operative
Citrus Growers Association of Dominica
SLtd, 21 Hanover Street, Roseau to reach
him not later than 8th November, 1975.


Schedule of Application for Certifiate of Title and Notilnrg
thereon and Cayveatsir acek ending' October 21 1975
Date Requestid Person Presenting Nature of requ-est
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.
Request date. Alar;i.< Rarhelke Reque.t tor til issues
26th September Bell and Reynold of a first cartijicate of
1975 Be)l .-s joint ten- title in, respect of a
SPeented nants port;onof land known
S10th -Otober, by .their Solicitorlias A lot at Portsmouth
1975 at Vanyan Iupyigyin the Parish of St
10.49 .m; t ____j_ ..iJohn in tie Stateof
.......... a- ,--- Dow- Doinica containg.
1760 square feet and bound as follows- -
North West iSy lands of Roman.Catholic Churcth
Easi By lands o! Isabella Brigss South a foot path separa-
Uing It from lands of Ben Janjacq ue' West By land of
Emmle Mills, '

Federal Maple Goes
The Federal Maple, the the local Agents or the
principal means of sea Maple, annod ur c" this
!transportation within re- week that the ships voy-
cent years. is being with- age south in December
drawn from service and would 'be its last .'! ,
will be replaced by another /'As a result, trav-elling
-essel.; CARICOM ONE, a between the laarids is ex- .
cargo ship with no accom- pected to become a major
modation for paser-gers. problem a4ter mCeorni'r.
So ux w; o C, I. t. '..R
quest a .J ephine Reuest for the inss
the IOh day Serrn ant 'ofafirt cr.iifcate of
of October by r Solicitor title expect o a
S71975 r aD!3tr ..c of ,
3th day of Cilma A.M. Points Michel in the
"' t hodYit ; aParish of St Like in
cober, 1975 g the State of P minic
_at 4.10 p.m.. Dupigny a c ,
4. 10...... -- -containing
1,59 square feet and bounded as follows:-
North Est by lands of Vernita Silvan. Felix Maurlce Malthet
and a Private Roady South East by a Public Roads S -uth
,Westy, land of tichael Peter Richards, North Wte by
land of Mathda WVitaiamsl,


Request datedLMac Ronald Request for the iss *
17th Septembe Vidal of a first certificate of
1975 by his Solicitor title in respect of a
Presented Vanya Dupigpy portionof 14nd known
15th Octotbi., .as. a lot at- Morne
1975 at Prosper in the Parish
2.47 p.m. of St George in the
.-...--,---- . .----- .State of Doaainica con-
tainin&*4 9.316 acres and bounded as follows:-
North A Rtad separatinrIt from land af Bob Gartaway,
East Land of Egbirt Anthony, South West Land of
Egbert Anitony, West Lands of Dawbiney St Rose and
Henry Timothy<.

Registrar's Office,
Roseati, Domini, a.

Henry Dyer -

.,Heary Dyer 1
Acting Registrrt of Titlt

NO rE: Any prson wh;; desires tc object to th'e issuing of a
Certificatrt of title n thi above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office widthi six weeks from the date of the First+i-
appearance ,i this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published.
In this State or fron, tie date when the notice prescribed by
law was .Jas served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
lund i.. *,.spect of which the aplication is made.

__.Friday, Octobl 24 1975


S-*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S Morchriston "-HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY
CRIOKET Bogars Cavaliers on their The House .will meet. on Friday Oct.31
tour of Dominica continued to win at Goverrnment HQ 10 a.m.
when Aggressive XJ of Grand Fond lost OTHER AWARD PLEASE.
to tnem on first.innings oni Sunday, by Hugh Lawrence
19th Octob'er. '-. I cannot recollect Miss Marion
Ezekiel Anselm won the toss for, Petexr of Portsmouth having ever been
Aggressive XI and sent in Bogars recognized for an award, Is she not
Cavaliers to ,.take first strike on a always interested and, one who takes
wet strip -- play started at ll 1,a part in-,all social and religious
After 'half an hour',s play., the rains movements in her town, Portsmouth?
came. and play was held up for half Without delay I would like the auth-
an hour. When play recommended., orities to confer on her some sort of
Bogars Cavaliers piled up 1f7 runs, award. If too' Late'for this Internat-
Lockhart Sebast;ie. (4, runs) was ional Women's Year, then why not, put
topscorer., but the best innings, forward her name at the top of next
-came from Grayson Shillingford, who year's list- H.L.
played some. fine shots in 22.'
Matthew George:3'. FoAggressive DON'T FOGET PIAM0 AAiD SO1IG'
XI, Joel Lawrence 4/21,..Jo'nes Law- *I agree with. all that Mrs. Marie
rence 3/31 and R.Hector 2/22... Davis Pierre wrote on The Gondoliers.
In their turn at. the crease, But mayI add to it a special, bouquet
Aggressive XI found the -) pace for Mrs. Leng Sorhaindo, who plays
of Grayson Shillingford (7/11 oif8 like a concert pianist, and her able
overs) and Glenworth Lafond. (2/12) co-musician Mrs. Bascomb; also to Dr.
too,much for them and crumbled for Watty's singers (all and sundry)Who
55.' Shillingford's figures includ- gave of their spirited best. Although
ed a hattrick. Twenty of Aggressive right. in the midst,I enjoyed it all*
XIts runs came from G.Green who ___._ CHORINE
fishedd with 1/20 Offlo.1 overs.. HOME INDUSTRIES b.A.I.C. Project
Jeremiah Cuffy, coming in at HNo. 11 Management Consultants .Ltd. have been
7topsoored with 13 n.o. and GGeorge conmissioned'to set up "Home Indus-
-(08) put on 26 for the last wicket, tries" starting with '10-20 persons
A. Browne 10. When rain' stopped with basic skills to man a repair.,& -for the second and final time, sales workshop. Citizens. are-being
Bogars Cavaliers were 25/1. asked to-contribute old or unused
POOTBALL In Pte. Michel at. Poree furniture, and the May&- Council are
Park, Colts and -est of Pte.Michel lending Dawbiney'Market for 4 months.
played to a 2-all draw in the,,Louis Businessmen will assist with supplies.
'Benoit League.: From the, first LOCAL MEWSBRIEFS -
whistle the crowd.was, held on their Caribbean Nurser Organisatio will be
feet. Scorers were for Colts: D. observed by Dominica` Nurses Assoc. -on
Joyce and C.Pemberton and for Rest, 5u4.Oct. 26. Sale of tags Oct.25. ,
.HBalsoA and H. Smith. Talent .Show at Goodwill Parish Hall
H.Balsao and H. Smith again on the 26th. All are asked to help.*
showed their prowesl s when they Dominiica' s two delegated to Jamaican
scored the goals in Rest 2-1 win maternal/child health/fam.planning
ovAr Ghetto on Sat., October 18. seminar (Mrs. B.Thomas, and Miss, Ara-
A. Charles scored Ghetto's lone goai~ntha Thomas) are-back .after a val-
-Oliver Joseph, State player-, ,pffi- unable & ,extensive programme there. **
cited. FILTHY BEHAVIOUR: human exoreta was
On. Sunday October 19, Ghetto smeared on the. walls & floor of both
suffered their second defeat when Goodwill J.High School & Roseau Girls
Granites crushed them 4-1. A.OhatIes School, and even in the desks. Thus'
again netted. For Granites; C, students.. had to stay away until the
Peltier and K. Charles 2 goals buildings were cleaned up,Mon.Oot_20.
each. Alic Gage refereed. Public-spirited people are asked to
CRICET Weat Indies won both of watch out for such acts of vandalism.
their 25 overs matches against PapuaCARIB CHIEF: newly elected is Mr.
New Guinea. Scores were: Papua 17, Faustulus rederick
W.I, 177/8. W.I.201 all out,Papu50 -aOct 22 with his Council ors.
Printed & published by-the Proprietor, Robert E.Allfrey qf Copt Hall Mill
,House, at 26 Bath Road,- Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.


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.FridayOctober 24, 1975

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