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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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ca. Is '

^/.} :w- ^ ^ A/
. Z^ : ., "-. .,y /- / -,

. .. .... .. .A.e .i ,
..^^ ^^ ^Of /tole. ; l

tl22 Shqftesbury Ave.W.I.~

In Australia, the Minister of Energy
was fired by Labour Prime Minister
60ugh Whi-tlam for his behind..the-
.cenes efforts to raisemoney for
taational enterprises from Arab coun-
tries, even after being told to. stop.
This: may precipitate a general eleo-
tion in that country. .
In the West. Indies, "informal at-
tenipts at aid-getting or finance"
are generally made with the unpub-
licised. backing of- governments, al-
though not necessarily: the blessing-
of the Government which i.s still re.-
,sponsiblo for our' external affairs.
S(oColuded on .bak page 6)

Tenders akre invited from suitably quaji-
fled building contractors tor the construo6
non of a' Boxing plant Vieille Casqe.
Details of requirements and view of the
plans for this boxing plant may be got
during working hours at the Office o6t
the Operations Manager, Dominica Ban-.
ana Growers Association, 13 Hanover
Street, Roseau.
Tenders should be in sealed envelopes
addressed to the General Manager, Domi-'
nica Banana Growers Association, 13
Hanover Street, Roseau, should be
PLANT and should reach not later than
3th November 1975
The Association does not bind itself to
accept the'lowest or any tender.

limited supply


Thee 'Simping Plcmdn' or- u'usu roadlo cks
may trap spedlnt motorists into wrecking their :
crs o r she deep water "hbsur, .
A nbedling question in the British
House of. Commons caused Prime Min--
ister Harold Wilson to reveal that.
he and his departments had been aib-
Jected to eight burglaries or attemp-
ted thefts since the last. General
Election. The question raised was
that of security of: ministerial dde-
S. nents. Mr. Wilson spoke bitterly.
about journaSists! endeavours to dis-
credit ,him and his Government,, but
did not attribute the burglaries to
such a source. .
There are No Chemicals in
CITRAMEL is a special formulation of
Fresh Dominica. Lime Juice with Pure
Raw Honey and Plant Extracts-
For the Treatment Of
Coughs, Colds, Sore Throats and other
bronchial affections.
wo powerful drugs enter into its compo.

CITRAMEL may be given to babies
with confidence.
CITRAMEL is the first of a lie of Back- '
-to-Nature Medicines to .e manufactured

o o. T H E S T A R 2 iday, Oct9ober 17,. 1975
THEIR PROBLEMS? by Kelvin Pramcisa by MarieiDavis Pierre >
I have been asking myself this The Musical Operetta, the Gondol-
question: Can the jailing of juven- iers, by Gilbert and. Sullivan, and
iles solve their problem? As maAY presented by the Goodwill Singers,
will say na, I further ask: What is has made a terrific 4it. This, I
the solution to juvenile delinquency think, is a crowning success of the
in Dominica? efforts of Dar. Edward Watty who took
It is clear from much visible over the musical direction of this
evidence that many problems facing group from Mr. O.A. Walker in 196t8.
our youth today, that perhaps the 'The Musical Comedy was choreo?
most worrisome are the prevailing &gaphed and directed by Mr. Alwin
conditions of restlessness and in-' Bully, who, ,s well known for his many
security. This. restlessness and -West Indian plays, written and direct-
insecurity have manifested them- ed by himself. All praise is due to
sel)el in what is called' "delinquen- AIwyh who in a very short space of
ey". A young boy will go to school time moulded and shaped the cast,
and leave with a School LeAving which made the Musical the smashing
Certificate or many G.C.Es. Having success that it was.
attained such a (so-called) high The St. Gerard's Beall, the venue
level of education he cannot -find of the Operetta, has been packed -for'
employment or is forced to linger every performance, including- the .
on the, streets and in so doing he Matinee show, where the children be-
Is subjected to police harrassmant. haved appreciably well and enjoyed
In order to exist or to avoid going every moment (f it. The .Jtpact ef
to St. Luke's Hospital for 'a rest this Musical comedy on our people,
he either takes to drugs, runs to shows that contrary to the bigotted
the hills, or if he stays in town ideas held by the Cinema Authorities
he is liable to steal for survival and the. Dominica Broadcasting Services,
because his parents are too poor to our people have not yet been totally
maintain him. braiAwashed into enjoying 'only what iS
Though he may not steal to be served up to them on a platter by these
taken before the court, whenever he two media. They have exhibited a taste
is taken, the magistrates whose for versatility in musie, good litetf-
children are youthful tend to pay ary production, and play acting. What
_very little, attention to the condi- was most astounding too, was the loud
tions surrounding this youth. He is acclamation from the audience, grown-
is sometimes sent to jail water ups as well as children, in praise of
several previous convictions) where. the costuming, especially those of the
he has to associate himself with re- Duke, Duchess and Casilda. their
puted 6riminails. Psalm Chap.l, v.l daughter; one could actually hear the
is illuminating on the future of hushed sounds of admiration.
this youth- Blessed is the man that I do hope that. Dr. 'Watty's efforts
walketh not in the Counsel of the have made a mark in the history of
ungodly, nor standeth in the way of Dominica after a lapse of 26 years,
sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of when three of Gilbert a d Sullivan.'s
the scornful. Operettas were staged by Mrs. Elice
As .I don't intend to be only Belloe., deceased, a dynamic personage
captious, I suggest SELF-HELP. of her time. This is. a ray of light
REFORM-TYPE SCHOOL/CENTRE which was which I hope will permeate through the
first suggested by the HARAMBEE Cinema, Dominica. Broadcasting Services,
THEATRE WORKSHOP under the leader- the Schools- and all other cultural
ship of one of our most dynamic groups. We need to be exposed to a
youth with myself as secretary. It variety of standard music, songs and
was from the. following view (and drama which will widen our scope and
quote). "Like any other social pro- so our projection of West Indian life
blem 'hat is lpt ~ U taAded or 1.- in our songs and plays will not be
ored fTora too long,, tis mounting limited to what is sordid, noise, as
South problem (juvenile delinquency deatned to dbom, which we, seem aw ays
is beginning to cause increasing to cleave to. Young singers with
concerniti nd. unha iness to ind-iv- voices of quality are at a premium as
&ual citizen, and our society as a was-evinced by the 'Musical; again due
whole, (Concluded on page y~). to lack of exposure. (Concluded on p.)


BELFAST ESTATE LIMITED will pwUchase l good
D Special, Belfast Special or similar type RUM BOTTLES

at xoc. per bottle at the following locations:-

a. Belfast Distillery -
b. Nassief's Liquor Store --o
c. Nassief's Storeroom - -

73~ 4k


THE GONDOLIERS by Marie. Davis Pierre
(fr.p.2) And who is to blame for it?
The.-two important media,Radio Dom-
inica and the Cinema Authoritiesnast
takqk up, the challenge and cease -to
project the films and music they think\
the people of Dominica want, *~ut ra-
ther accept the philosophy- that vers-
atility in music, songs and good lit--
erary. production adds colour atd lif ts
the mindtd things more aesthetic.-MDP.

Schedule of Application for Certlflate of Title and Notlnts
thereon and Cavats for Week ending October 11 1975
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
Sof Title of Noting
S__ thereon or Caveat.
.. ' '- ... ... auteqea-t fear th s I
KR9quest dAtedd Alwyn Jerome a first certificate-of
the 24th day William, title ,a respect of a
of September by his Solicit. portion of land at Po
1975 Cilma A.M toniin the Parihb o St
Presented the Dupign Paul, in the State of
8th day of minica contain'
October, 1975 at ,SSO sq. ft. and
3.35 p.m wounded as followO-
North:ByA Publte RL. Suth, Byand of MelHrt0
Tatan Luke Wes; By Lead ef Helre eTataim Luke.

Request dated Marie Rfche R qu.tior- thhe s" e
26th September Bel and Reynold first certtficat of
1975 Bell as joint ten. title in respect of a
Presented nants portionofland known
10th OCtober, by their Solicitor a lot at Portsmo thk
1975 at. Vanya Dupiiny in the Parish of St
10.49 a.m. J is Jo in the Slti'.of
...... . ; 7' Do nica 'contao+i- g
1760 square feet and funded as fellows:-*
North West By lands of Roman Catholic Church:
l&st By iands of Isabella Btrisa SiSouh foot path separa-
ing It from lands of8ent Janjacq us West y landof
Emmie Mills. 1 .M .
: '* *

.-. Belfast
- -. .Market Square

Come and See the Famous

h g^ I- ^. f.a I oe I -
*qcest date J 1.e pine Request for the issue.
the 10th day Serrant of first certificate of
5tober by r Solicitor title in ,esp ot of a
Preened" lPortion of Lid at
,Presented the i ri M, p""- n t
13th day of Cilma .A.M, Or oM St Lue ti
October, 1975 eupi.. Stat. of Dominica
at 4.10 P-m conDupigtaining
1, 89 square. feet and bounded as
North East by lands of Vernlta Silvan,, Feix Maurfce Matllht
-ad a Private Road S-outh East by a Public Roady South
West by land of Mitcbel Peter Richards. North West by
land of Matti4a Wltliamsi '
e~qust dated Mac Ronpad Request for the issue
17th Spte mb Vidal of a first certificate of
1975 by his Solicitor title in respect of a
Presented IVnya Dupigoy portionof hisd known
15th October, as a lot at Mern*
1975 at, Prosper in the Parish
2.47 p.n1 -. 1of St Gdirge in the
"- S "- State of Dominica con
training 0.316 acres and bounded as fellows:.
North A Road ieparstli~it froni land' 4f "ib Garrswsy,
mist Land of Egbert Anthony, South West Land of
Egbart Anthony. West Lands of Dawbiney St Rosi end
SHoary Timothy. -'-.

giekrar's Office Henry Dyer
eRogs. Domsincai' Acting registrar of Tt l.s.
NOTE: Any person who desires' to object to the Issuing of a
Certificate of title on th+ above application may. enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was 'last served on any owner or occupler of adjoining
land in respect of which the application Is made.

i r

. L .. .


Page Three


! ]

-me STAR

11 i0.75 -


Trouble Lig
Paned Ught
T Iv *4-Way&FA
Foot tepo8-racda~
Dowlm wa *my or l6 nB-Xooster CAb
Roo Rck* m ^WSpark PlupsAU Switches,

tndH1ls e Rolder
LisLlb A ft. Band &ake
ToilApe TiMa Vua W Vanky Mirt
W&Wi Gio agLe
aGcugos D aBB'aCoppr Lidye

GWD 4, S Lt/'DWN

/ '-


I ., -,

s '

Scarowdglj .Pipe Wrench Kerosene Stoves
Trn Ttitor Radios Allen Wrenaches Bodywork Tools
plocklies of all kinds Presidem Jrons
i. s Stoves Sbifd)g Spanners Lawn Mowers


rp4'/~' Q'T' AD

. ',.,,J 1 tJJ VL. .,- I .0- .. -.. ,L.__, '-'__.L-. -

Press Release

Report reaching the Association in-
dicates that certain growers persist
in premature cutting of their bana-
nas intended for, export to the United
Kingdom oMarket; that is, such fruits
are cut long before the time set out
in the Association's cutting notice,
to growers. This practice, eems .to
be more prevalent in certain specif-
ic areas.
It should always be borne in mind
that the valid reason for stipulatkg,
a Reception period is to ensure that
fruits are harvested, processed and
loaded in the refrigeration system-
of the ship while still' fresh and
firm. This is a precautionary meas-,
ure which is absolutely necessary
for the fruits to retain their firm
anI fresh state right on to.the U.K.
market ..
..Frdits placed into refrigeration
in a stale condition cannot regain
their freshness and by,the time of
their arrival on the U.K. Market,
they are often rotten and unfit for
sale. This obviously does have bad
effects on the market*
The Association as well as evory
grower has an obligation- to safe-
guard the Industry. Towards this
end therefore, the field supervisors
as swcll :a Bbxing Plant stnoxvisors
are fihstructed' to be on. the alert Ibr
stale fruits.
This release is an appeal to all
growers to co-operate fully by ob-
serving the Association.s Cutting
Notice and avoid early cutting of
their fruits., V-. WHTE

13th Octobor, 1975.

eral Manager.
'4 f7

Therefore the Workshop solicited-
Government's help in trying to es-
tablish this type of.School which
would serve as a substitute to
H.M.P. at Goodwill.
-. In concolusionl I say what we need
in Dominica is a. new type. of Educa-
tion Employment project for our res-
lesa,, inactive youth; a community
institution whose policy/programme
must relate to ap) the development of
the creative an-d performing aWPs,
b)' thd develop ment of basic practi-
cal skills, c) the development of
our agriculture and the utilization c

Part. II This lady president, Miss
Marion' Peter, subsequently became a
Member of Save The Children Fund,
Portsmouth, and at the first Meet-
ing convened by that Institution,
she was elected Chairman of the
Committee; the other members being
Miss F.Tavernier, Secretary; Mrs.
Ivan Green, Treasurer; Rev.Father
Chauvet (Parish Priest); Rev. Peter
Harris (Methodist Minister); Mr.Bob
Garraway; Superintendent Bellot;
Nurse Shirley James; Mrs.Peter
Searle; Mrs.Ernest Andre; Mrs.
Rudolph Alexis.; Miss Marlyn Beadamin;
Miss R.Valerie4 Mr.Davis Robinson
and Mr.Ivon Green; Miss Dorothy Jules
being then the Dominica -Branch, Re-
presentative ,of, S.C.Y.
There is no doubt about it, that'
"Save The Gildrenh Fund" has been
doing excellent work towards the
children: of Portsmouth, such as
the openjAg. of a Day Nursery, like-
wise a feeding Centre, Owing to the,
prevailing high cost of living, the
PFeeding Centre has been'recently
closed down. Thi& centre used to
extend to the 5-year-olds a mid-day
meal, but the Day Nursery is still
functioning successfully withthe
Babies and Toddlers,who afe being
attended with most outstanding care
by the workers of the Institution,
In 1969, .'anadian Save The Chil- Fund" P6rtsmouth, celebrated
the 50th Ann.i-versary of the Organ-
isation, the Golden Jubilee---1919-
1969. This celebration took place
in the form of a Church Service
at the Portsmouth Catholic Church,
which wasV well attended by the child-
ren of the Day Nursery and the Peed-
ing Centre, accompanied by all the
Member sand Workers of the Institu-
tion, at which also the Girl Guides
took part. .After the service, the
whole gathering marched from the
Church through the streets of
Portsmouth to the Day Nursery, making
the Organisation more meaningful,
There, snaps of the occasion were
taken and refreshments served, thus
marking -he 50th Anniversary of
"Save The Children Fund" Organisation.
(concluded' ne t Week)
On October 2 48 agricultural wo-
kers leave Dominica for Flor ea
)f our land *0, work on farms here.
he quota may improve

. . . .. .. ...... .. .. ... .. . L

D6 rer, 1- ?4 ,rir,

PT'Ailnv- October 17 ; 1975,

S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S Morchriston
BOXING Former world heavyweight
boxing champion George Foreman will
clash with.Ron y1le later this.
year in a non-title fight at a placo
and date yet to be decided. This
will ,be Foreman' s first fight since
he lost his. world title to'Muhammed
All, October 1974, in Kinshasha,
Zaire. .He has however done. exhibi-
-tion boding.
Miuhammed .Ali'a next defence of
his title will be either against
former world champion' George Fore-
man or Ke-n. Norton, who btoke All 's
Sjaw. Ali, who is. guaranteed a.
purse of around 5-6 million dollariis
said that. the- fight wduld take *
place in Teheran., Ali will do en
rounds of exhibitions iii'the Bahamas
against three or four opponents.
CRICKET The -West Indies team leaves
for Australia October 20., En route
they will play two one-day matches,
'in Papua New Guinea. : The. touring'
team-reads: Clive Lloyd. captainn) ;
Derycik Murray '(vice-captain);.
Inshan. Ali; Leonard Baichan; eith
Boyee;; Roy Fredericks; ance Gibbs;'
'Gordon, Greenidge;: Vanburn Holder;
Michael Holding; Bernard Julien;
'Alvin Kaillichaeran; David Murray;
Albert Padmor.; Vivi\an. Richards;
Anderson Roberts and Lawrence Rowe.
F,M.C".Alexander has been named as
manager. "
SOna Sunday, October.19, Bogars XI
,will come up against Grand Fond's
Aggressive kI. in what promises to be
an interesting, affair. 'Aggressive
XI in their- last two, matches had
convincing innings victories over
an Astaphans XI and a Giraudel* team,
FOOTBALL The Pointe Michel football
league conmenced Saturday October
1llth- with a soccearama at Pozee Par1k
Rest of Pte Michel last y.a'As Clive
Tavernier .knockout competition
champions edged out Colts, last
year's league champions .
KARA England has won the. Karate
championship of the world. -

Fiction M Im Cynthia Wa tt
Baby came in hurriedly ti Ma Titine
panting and sweating.
"What's all the rush about?" Ma
Titine enquired.
Baby flopped into a chair wiping
the perspiration from'her face with
a small towel on which was emblazoned
flamboyant colours. "Titinel. since
four days now I walking rong looking
foh a house-foh Genelia..." She broke
off at the. surprised look on lMa Ti-
tine.'s face,- then continued:; "Dey
say way dey leevin have a speerit...
dan Reuben frxid: it will hambog de 'dey 'ass me to look bout. foh
a noddah house, foh. dem an..." she ex-'
claimed triumphantly, "I jus get one?'
MIa Titine sank opposite, unable to control..her laugh-
ter.: "Baby", she. said when she .wa.
able to, catch her breath again, ."you
are worse- than a jet plane or ,a rock-
et0 You can burst out news at people".'
Baby smiled" asmugly. "So people al-
ways tellin me."
Ma Titine' offered. her a glass of
iced soursop juice., but she waved 4t .
aside, "Titine you join. You want
me to get cramp in my belly' All dat.
walking I do in de hot sun an is lat .
you. givin, me?". She fanned herself
effusively. "Garcon give me a 'dam
rum youlheah.. ,a good bit too...I
ready to drop wid tired..
Laughingly, Ma Titine pouredd her a
half'glass of rum. She drank it,.
smacked her lips nd. said, "'I gpoin lie
dong ,Titine'., I bweelay, I tired...
Wake me up wen it twelve"' and she
stumbled into the bedroom,
AID D E A LS (see 'page 'one)
In Dominica, our "informal attempts
at aid- getting" are so far confined
to Venezuela and North America. One

- TRAVEL TRADE VISITORS PROM F.W.I. reader has written in, however:, 'it
A glittering 50-strong descent of is somehow unusual for the registered
travel. trade' and tourism personalit- office of a finance & development com-
ies will land in Dominica from Mar- pany to be given as "the Attorney
tinique and Guadeloupe as guests of General's Office, Roseau"';and nptes
the Dominica Tourist B6ard during from a contemporary newspaper that -the
their gala one-day stay. At a coastal three initial shareholders are U.S.
lunch party,lH.E, the Governor andfo infiic sGo a a-ont
0, Seraphine will address the guests* he. nf Go Pl ing & tevelpmnti ,
Printed, and Published by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall -Mil -House
Sat 26 Bath Road, Roseau. Dominica, West Indies.

Mr.Howell Shillifigford OBE, veteran
long-esteemed Member of Dominica Leg.
Co. died last week-end.A moving trib-
lute by his friend W.S. Stevens will
anpear in the STAR next eek. _.

I I I I Iml

P,4z'4 Q. v

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