Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Tel: Princery 2691, Editor 2610
U.K. Media Representative:
IColn Turner (London) td.
S' Shftebur. Ave., W.I
^^^ ^^ *^^^"rii~ii~jijinrjj. j _nninirm rn-

.' 0-F" i MSTinTUTE
,, U' Y' U"r OF AN
,..- . 8. S' EFT

'Q iy.

Vtrtute "cAuc Ctomntte 3ortaut

Y. 10021

-~ -. --

The STAR wishes to make it clear that last weeks
lead articlel Unfair to A Committee was an edi
toriml comment and- in no way expresses the se
timenms of that committee. -
Thaj. Committee has -izforpmed us that it dis.
associates itself with the article and strrsits that
members regard their presence on the Committee
as a voluntary service to. the State. On no occa.
S ion did they expect nor ask for any remuneira
Minister Gets Dread Report


1i ClemanjiA Diolin now residing at Rtoseau, Pa.'
, rleh of S. Geor:a do' hereby give you notice that
it is my Intention to apply at the M3glitrace's Court
;q br held at Roseau on Thuasday the 2nd day of
October, 1975 .ensuln- for a, Liquor Licence in res
pect of my premises t RoIseU Parish of St George,
Dated,29th day of Sep cember 1975
Clementine Dilon .

Building supply Cn(reN ewtowl

at A.C. %'hilliaford & Co.-Appliamces0

i aSeC4l/hl

BELFAST ESTATE LIMITED will purchase all g 4

D Special, Belfast Special or similar type RUN
at roc. -per botle at the following locations:-


ab Belfast Distillery ... .... Belfast
b. Nassikfs Liqruor Store .. -. Market Square
.e Nassief's Storeroom ... _, Riverside

37 6-:1/$




TN #T 'ANTI- .4 IOR .' ACT

This week after many postponements due
to the unavailability of the Minister, a large.
delegation led by Mr. E*C.Loblack, a for-
mer member of theLegislative Coucil of
Dominica, presented, a petition to the Hon-
ourable Minister of Finance, Captain Victor
The petition reads as tollows:
WHEREAS the new amendment of the Rent
Restriction Ordinance purt a very heavy burden on
persons with premises to let,
AND WHEREAS the rent rate is so excessive
imposition on pockets which are .already seveely
AND, WHEREAS there are many person in this
island who depend on the small rents they collect to
keep them from starvation
AND WHEREAS the cosjof building 2ad repair
ing premises are extremely high,
AND WHEREAS amny persons-who have pre-
mises to let. find monthly rental insufficient to cover
the payment of the monthly iistai.ment on loans
borrowed for.the purpose of erectizg the sai= pre-
WE THE UNDERSIGNED hereby humbly re.
quest that Government repeal the said amoaiment
and thus case the difficult economic situation that
many *owners of premises find themselves in today.
i Nature no comment
The Minister made no comment.

Page Two T H E S T A R _riday,October 10.1975
Minister Christian's "Whited Sepul- CHiLDREN PUFD; PORTSMOUTH
chre" on Great Georjge.Street by'.Marion Peter
No sensible -person can have any The. "Save The Children Fund Organ-
doubt that from Mr.Kelvin rancis' igsation'-' was instituted in Portsmouth,
painstaking report of what happens in tje year 1967. Previous to that
inside. the Roseau Boys School is'- an year, on the 11th October, 1966, a
instance of a whited sepulchrq full Meeting. was held at the Credit Union
of oC-admnn's bones". Hall., Portsmouth, by Miss -Monioa daieen
My efforts to dissuade Government Of Headquarters, Britain, to ikodode
From re-establishing a school on and acquaint the people about that
that site amid the din of traffic Organisation, Save the Children Fund,
etc., and without a playground .went sand the introtion to establish a Branch
unheeded. The. British Development in Dominic.a: the chosen area being,
'People in Barbados, once very help- Portsmouth, the second town.
ful in advice and financial aid,. Miss; SonicIL Green went on to out-
appe ar to get some sort of satisfac- line to th4 people, the- good and human-
tion when our, present masters. blun- itarian work of the organisation. and'
der. Aud so the school was, erected that- a Creche will soon be under con-
there, and was Thally opened not struction .for Infants.- Within a short
so long ago*. period, in 1967, the building was eom-
If now it is short of needed fur- pleted and the Institution established
niture -what was done .with the money under the guidance of Mrs, 'Lorna Robin-
for furniture?. As an ex-Minister son, the first Representative of the .
of Education, I always got from the Dominica Branch of Save the Children
U.K..Government' a sufficient grant FPuw Organisation. The. Creche was then.
to provide school furniture. officially opened.
Thank you, Mr.Kelvin Prancis' foxr Prior to the establishment of this
coming to the rescue of the teachers Organisation in Portsmouth, a Institu-
and the. boys;, 'but you have tried tion under the title- of Portsmouth
almost in vain to arouse the inter-. Infant Welfare" was already in exist-
est of a community that has long, 'ence- for Child Care, from the year 1925,
since lost its capacity to care- ,: instituted by Mr. T.E. Baynes,the then
Mr.Mi"e -Douglas a. "Grapaefruit Hero",istrict Officer for the North, com-
in the U.K. Uprising, a few prominent gentlemen and
The New Chronicle must be congralaies of the ommnity, a which kept
"-tulate 3or presenting good .phto- functioning for a period of over 40
graphs, of .our Ministers in their years, being theirs such institution
propaganda work at home and abroad. in the island, and which ,vo rk was sue-
Not so long ago Dominicans, in- cessfully carried on by a Committee of
eluding grapefruit producers, got most zealous ladies, upnrt-er almost sim-
the impression that "Baba Butler" il linesas the present Canadian Save.
had done a good job for grapefruit, the. Children Fund.
both in Britain and Europe. Knowing In. 1928, a Clinic was attached to
both gentlemen as I do, I believe th-is sad Insi io otouth In-,
Mr.Butler's efforts were more. gen- fant Welfare", under the able direction
dine and successful. Nevertheless, of Mrs. Dorothy Moir, a State Register-
from Pre~ reports, Minister Douglaed Nurse from England and wife of the
is now carrying all before him, en District officer, MR. .E. Moir
'The Ag. Minister of Agriculture Now, the President Miss Marion.
a few weeks ago made a .broadcast on only urging Foundation
the operation at the Packing Plant ,ger ) h..inasmuch as these
and exonerated Gcvernment from His silence on the controversial
blame on the bottle-neck arrangement local banana price issue when the
for preparing the fruit for export. G.M.P. is high and the retail price
The public as usual was not privi- even higher, "3i. an indication that
leged to hear the other side, But Mr, Douglas 5.a no impetus to seek
Mr.Douglas' job is here. He is, to a fair percentage rice for the
facilitate and expedite the market- hard-worped Dominica Ba Grower.
ing of grapefruit to catch the good Wartime propaganda (for survival) is
U.K. prices. The increase output necessary; peacetime propaganda'"aor .
in grapefruit continues 'ap.e. prosperity" doesn't get a nation any-

Friday October W0. 1975 PTts.Tbre


Schedule of Application for Certicate of Ti;le and NotiteI
thereon and Csvapts for week endingi4th day of October, 1975.
Date Requested PerSon Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.
*'*'"*^*"""*'"*g^=! e1i1iJ,&'Jr~~s

Request dated Raleigh Norman
the 18th day. Parillon
f September ,by hi Solicitor t
.275 Cilma A.M
Presentedfhe 'Dupigny I
2a2n day of
F0Lber 1975 i i
a ---
; * !- a

Request for the issue
f a first certificate of
title in respect of a
portion of land at Co-
ihaut in the Parish 'of
5t. Peter in the State
f DomiEica contain-
I.g 2097 square feet
and bounded as fel.

i North e9st by land of Sharrad Ztmore and lands of Eural
Pierre Louise North West by lands of Henry Parition
South by land of Mrs. Prince Bernard South West by
land of Tom Berncrd
Request dated 1Mildred Jemmott Applitsieio of Mil-
1 2 73 and Beatrice Jem dred Jemmott and
Presented mott as tenant in Beatrice Jenunott as
129 9 75 common teaant in common
&t 11.30 a.m., by their Solicitor for the issue of first
M. Eugenia certificate of title ia
S' Charles respect of a portion
S of land known as a
R fidential lot i4d the
town of Roseau in the
S'Parish of St. George
containing 1245 sq.,
feet and boundiedias
"' "_lbowa.:-'.___o...
North Weast Land of Clarlotte Hamilton, North Eist:
Upper Lane, South East: Cork Street. South West:
Land of ris Joseph. _____
ne s dated~Victoria Thomas Appication of Vito-
14 5 75 n. Thomas for the
Presented iby her Solicitor issue of a Firet Carti
to 75 f t.I.ite of Title in ra-e.
t3.15 P.. -. Eugeni .f A Portion of
3. Charles .n-' k,,lown as aes*.
--- .. idenial lot- in the
town of Roseau in the
Parish oi St. Georts,
containing 803sOiars,
-* 'ft and bounded as
fol I :7.;-
Noth.West: Church oi .uncn (An"*' ') NorthEast:
Qvesn Mary STreet, 1e.hh East: Lat- af. Lionel ltestle,
,outh West: C'trch r+ Cotaclil(An pt )
Request dated Aastin 1asimir ApplieatA ofat Austit
12' .9 75 Casiair for the issue
Presented by his Solicitor o a fi'rt certificate of
2, 10 75 M. Eugenla to respect of A
at 11.3 s.m. Charles Portion of lantid in the
-village of Su.*iabury in
StLe Paril of St. Ja-o.
j -h and containing
S' a*re and
Sb.oc3ed as follows:-
North Wat Land of Margaretan U; le*wood South East
Public Read And.Llnds Of Jamesle ViJs! Vernon Vidai"
Garfield Ambo Norry Vidal and Ch: !t e Philogen
South West Lands Of Cecil John Ar.. jdamesle Vidal

| St4Lle f 4. i10S oonrytwh re4 ctkir'7

Request dated
the 24th day .

29th day of
1975 at 3.15'..

Nehemiah Tho.
aus Baptiste
afersonal Rep-
resentative of
Matthew John
Baptiatedee aed!
by his Soligitor
Cibm A.M. '

- -- -^ .- ^ 5 ..i i i i . '

quest ifor the issue.
o a Firid. i.r'tfste
of Title in respect of
a portion of lan4 It
Mariet, i, the Pa."
rish of St. A ,lrew, in
the State of )DomninifC
containing 6720 sq.
feet and bounded as

North.East by land of Annella Mark; North-^i.* by
lands Miscilda Roberts and Themas Alfred; Saut; st
by land of Alfred Warringten; South West by tPublic

Request dated
8 9 75
29 9.. 75
at 12,40 p.m.

Mitehel Lockhari
by his Solicitor
M. Eugenia

Application of Mitch
*l Lockhart for the
issue of a First Certi
ficate of Titl 'in ree-
pect of A Portion of
Id at C&stl* Bruee
in the Parish of St.
!David containing 0.
.657 Acre and bound-
ed as follow;.

Nhrth.Est: Lands of Felicien Jacob and Mendes ubique:
South: Land of Fletcher Leckhart; South East: Land oi
Junan Thomas; Nortn.W.r- Land (f Stm tn! .

AiTwquest for t# issuo
R-e.a i date Alwyn Jerome of a first certificate of
the 1th day William title i respect of a
of September by his Solicitor portion of land at Pen
1975 Cilma A.14. ton in the .risk of St
Presented the Dupigny Pal, in the State of
Sth day of Domaniaea containing
October, IS75 at 40,550 sq. Z.. and
3.35 p. . bounded vs fo lows:-
North: By A PubileRoad. South: By Land of Hai, +.
Titan Luke Wa'H; By Land of Heir of Tatan Luke,
w-- r'",JS 0wKIW Hen. Dyer Oyer
-r- -Acrtn eluarf Title
Registrar's Oqice, a. i7 Is 5ba@ia ShlIlngf.rd
Roseau, Dominica, Acting Registrar of Tiles .
NOTE: Any person ho, desires to object to the Issuing ofa
Certificate of title on toe above application may enter-a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance -4 chis sch ..' in the STAR Newspaper published
In this State or fri. a1 the date when the -notice prescribed by
law was last -srved on any owner or occupier of adjoining
lan4 in respect of whilh the application is made-

There are No Chemicals in
CITRAMEL is a special formulation of
Fresh Dominica Lime Juice with Pure
Raw Honey and Plant Extracts-
For the Treatment Of
Coughs, Colds, Sore Throats and other
bronchial affections.
No powerful drugs enter into its compo-

CITRAMEL may be "given to babies
with confidence.
CITRAMBL is the first of a line of Back-
-to-Nature Medicines to be manufactured
by ,



In I n [ II~ ~ ~ I -7 7 -



_0rShtA~e_ ft Wff 4#10,7



CRICKET The mateh between the The report on the Dreads has been
Dominica State 'Team. and a Presi- formally handed in to the Minister of
dents XI played October 4th at the Home Affairs.During the month of com,-
Botanical Gardens to highlight the. pilation,members interviewed a num-
closing of the 1975 -season after r ber of youths in Belles,Roseau and
adr lr ses and prize-giving in the outlying villages.. Rev. A. Didier
morning at the Dominica 'Grammar was appointed chairman,and the Com-
School, at which Mr. Clyde Walcott, mittee elected Mr.L.A.Simon- Vice-
Manager of the successful West Chairman and Lennox Honychurch Secy.
Indies team in th& Prudential World The report covers, a. wide area of
Cup Competition delivered the youth problema,as the Dreads dilemma
feature address), was marred by is related to general- youth problems
much rain and the original 40-overs in the State. The Committee has urgrd
a side had to. be changed .to 25 overs that the report be made "public owing
each.. " to the' topic's widespread interest,
The good-sized crowd turned out and obvious concern among all-sections
mainly to see, West Indian Interna- of Dominican society.
tionala Vivian Richardai and Andy WS N 0T
Roberts, both of AtPhiga; test aros- We have been reliably informed that
pectasNorbert Phillip (Dominica. &
Jim Allen of Montserrat and young .John Arhboldondr of large se-
Renix Jno Baptiste of.Mero, recently tion of the National Park,is trying
returned to Dominica from England to sell out all his property in.Dom-
where he was engaged with the M.C.C. inica. Government is once again
ground staff. making- business moves with a compar4g
Much to the annoyance of the. spec- claiming to haVe, millions to invest--
tators, the Presidents XI batted this latest bears the fancy name. of
first and scored 136/9 with Jim "Planet & Earth Development Co." No
Allen topsaoring. with 51 hard-hitting more news of Alleyne MercaAtile Bank
runs. Viv Richards (o5).did not get and promises of an international air-
going and was, well caught at- short port. .
backward square by Eusfield John off f DOMINICA STORY READY SOON
S.Charles from Marigot..- Andy Roberts Lennox Honychurch's "Dominica Story"
contributed. 22 runs,. Irving Shil- is one week ahead of schedule: the
lingford finished with 4/18 includ- book may be on sale in late November5
ing 6 wickets. of. four deliveries. complete with 40 illustrations thbrgh
In their turn at the crease the 18 chapterson the island's history
Dominica team could only muster 107 from volcanic origin to statehood.
for the loss of 7 wickets. Irving Lennox is in B/dos final layout,
Shillingford (36) included 2 fine: ET ISSUE: KELVIN FRANCIS stirring
sixes of the bowling of Roberts and answer to "CAN THE JAILING OF. JUVE-
in all struck 3 sixes, and 3 fours. NILES SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS?"Look out:
Grayson Shillingford 29. aAd P.Bard-- FOOTNOTE: the STAR nearly gotToutedy
ouille 30.n.o. Roberts. finished- _tswek both Publisher JEditc-
with 3/25 of 4 overs. As. antici- CANADIAN 3 F; Portsmouth, (fe.?.2) 7 -
pated. the match ended on an anti- ...there being irun on similar lines
climax with the .Dominica lower order in the same tn, therefore mmuni-
batting taking their time overhe coated with the Chief Medical,
remaining versnal overMany people left oseau, brought this to his attention,
before the final overs were bowled and requested a discontinuation of
The West. Indies team will-play the Portsmouth Infant Welfare, which
two one-day matches in Papua, New was a Registered Insitution; and
Guinea, -before going on to Australia -further'=ore',.whereas the regular sup-
where they will play 'six test match- ply of milk from UNICE (for distri-
es. West -Indies: first match in e bution to the infants) had been s'p-
Australia 'will be .Against an Adelaipressed, to consider the more needy
Colts team* Andy Roberts of Antigua cases -as in other countries.
for the 2nd year running topped the .. (more next week)
bowling averages in the English Couna
ty Chamna. Geoff- Boyvontt & Clive LnAyr +pped th battintntha_ ordQer.
Printed.and Published by the-Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill House
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, D6minica, West Indies.

PaZe Four


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