Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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15jp v,. xxi N ..
Cable: 0Srr I a
Tel: Printery 2691, Editor 2610
U.I. Media Representative:
Colin Turner (London) Ltd.
1222 Shaftfs&buru Aie. W.-.

47E "A" in our headline stands for
.,ramesty. We know that the members
of this committee, who have done a
valuable and at times hazardous job
in seeking out -both country. and
town "Dreads" and using every dip-
0omacy to gain their attention and
o,.operation, have not received a;
cent for their services or expenses
which sometimes included long
trips out of town and an erosion of
.daily'work. The report.itself took
a great deal of care, consultation
anid -rewriting, It was handed in, to:
Government this week.
Members of other committees and
commissions got fees. Is it;.because.
the Amnesty Committee. is composed
of certain humble: Christians that
Government can treat them
in a frugal or neglectful manner?
Compare their coaTpressed assignmmsn
of intensive effort with that of
thL> Public "orks Commis4ion of In--
u.iry, which meets in comfortable -
surroundilgs on set days. and whose. -
members will receive adequate fees.
Ask youars8fwhether the settle-
ment of the Daeads impasse'-is not
of at least as i.~ch importance as
the clearing up of a public seand-
6l (for both have harmed Dominicab'
reputation) And then. ask: why
NOTHING for the good' men of the
Amnesty Comm ittee? Why &Adeed,?


V We regret to announce the death d
as.a result of gunshot .wounds, after
long suffering and intensive care
both here and -at UTI Hospital, of
Inspector 'Skerrett' Jax.s, who
leaves a widow .and two children and
other relatives to mourn hi'a. The
Inspector colleague who was Fwith him
at the time of the gunshot accident
in Salisbury was suspended from the
Royal Dominica Police Porce as from
June 30.


The General Secretary of the Dom-
Inice Civil Service Association, Mr.
Charles A.S.avarin, left the State
on Oct. 3 to pursue a two-year oxase
in advanced Trade Unionism at the
Ruskin College, Oxford, England.The
course covers several aspects, in-
eluding economic, development thtrngh
trade unions.


The Rev. Andrew Hatch, executive
secre-tary of. CADEC, whose prayer we
reproduced on- front page last issue-
was in Dominica for two days this
week for talks with the lodal Chrizt-
ian Council of Churches."He looked
into a CADEC-assisted scheme as well.
CADEC Inc. has established a fund for
projects in Dominica, through which
approved self-help and cooperative
schemes here..will benefit,.

Domiica's GREATfruit (See p.5)

IN ACTION Story on pagb six.
.. ,- M


fin- --*

.... .L____ _.'_W__.._.__ W . mL- p u.10.A. .... .. & --

E bMNIBUS 'REBUS (Concerning all,
things) by W.S.Stevens
Just six months after.-the-Ruling,
4~te Party's victory at the, polls,
so many problems and miagfriUg in
public affairs have arisen that one
becomes baffled as to which topics
are top priorities, for comment,
Nevertheless, in the ensuing ,weeks
I -hall tackle issues in Dominic .
whic-.'. zt out for attention and'
Our Roads Apart from some Feeder
-Roa& activity with money from the.
Caribbean Development Bank, abablut-
ly nothing constructive" happenss on
our main feeder and village roads,..
.The damage to Vehicles is colossal.
The damage to the prestige of the
State is not understood and cannot,
be assessed. The tourist would be
indiscreet if he told us plainly..
that the crossing for a bridge" into
our capital Roseau is a gratuitous'
inlult .to him. -Some. research should
be undertaken to discover how many-
patients driven t.o the -P.M.Hospital
are made worse by the wretched drops.
and-buumspa And the worat aspect is
that such repairs. as are done. with
cement and 'tarrish -hardly last -for.
a month. :
Our Water SU!mply. "The. Central. Waer
,]Authority' is a big name perhaps to-
cover up the insufficiency as-well
&a'the ,impurity of'water used
throughout the State. The W.H.O.
must be tired' of our incompetence.,
tfoerastiBnation and- ennu in provid-
ing fo ou.r people the simple im-
jortant essential, of water. -
Health & Sanitation must bea regarded
ase .kin 'to Water. 'The P/M.H,. is
always short of drugs needed ,for
everyday ailments. The district
hospitals,--- Prtsmouth, Marigot and
Grandbay are public disgraces in-
(an age when Government Ministers;
keep' prating about their aima. 6If
Dominiba cannot handle- .essential
simple things it 'is waste of .funds
to attempt big ones. The Minlisters
decide,1y,, lack the ability to plan.-
and organize and there is no .
evidence that the Civil Servants
sre allowed to pull. their weight,
and do' whatever has been undertaken.
Sanitation in town and country
leaves much to be desired and the
S-M.O. should see to it that Town
sad Village Councils play a vital
paat in seeing that streets. and

mi~i~ qqi AR

Being privileged to have in- mn
possession the new Finance Act (No.22
of 1975) which serves to ,refresh nr
memory about the Rent Restriction
COommission, .I make. a significant ob-
You (the. landlord) are supposed to
register with-thp Commissioner not
later than 30th September 1975, fail-
ing which a. fine' of $750.O0 or 3
months imprisonment can be imposed on
To show the- malice. that one. can be
subjected to .In this law is to be a
landlord who has taken your applica-
tion for registration form to the
Conmnissioner'a. office, where no re-
ceipt is immediately given in acknow- -
ledgement of receiving such'form.
You are made .to 'Buderstand that you
must wait for your Certificate.of.
Registration which takes some. time
ieels) to prepare and it is, only by
.being,the. holder of such certificate
you can prove $ou are registered- At"
the same time assuming that your ap-
plication form is misplaced in the
Commissioner s office,.you., haven't
received your Certificate, of Regis.,-
tration,; the Conmissioner intends to
prosecute you, what, will be the out-
come of. such prosecution? Can word -
of mouth prove you are registered?
Nd! To substantiate that I quote
the. relevant section of the law:
Seo.8 Clause 9: "AAny "owner or agent
"who, fails to comply with the .provi-
sions of this section,.. ... ,,,
shall be guilty of an offence and
shall be liable on summary conviction,
to pay-a fine of .seven hundred..and
fifty dollars or to a term of imprient
meant. for' a period not exceeding a
months- or to both such fine and
imprisonment. "
-Isn't it malicious in the senee
that if you go to the Conmmissioner's
OFFICE you will see the thousands of
:forms that three people have to deal
There is a time limit, to register
-No time limit to get .your Certifi-
cate of Registration.
p ab1i- 'places including schools are-
kept clean, and tidy. The Budget
provides money for Sanitation. Is
this money properly spent? .
I support the N.ew Chronicle on
the need for further probes. .-W,S.S.

Friday.October 3. 19?7

.. .. .... W A 1 Y r E D ... :

BELFAST ESTATE LIMITED will purchase all go.
Special Belfast Special or similar type RUM BOTT-LES
at C e. x per bottle at the following locations:-
aE Belfast DistiIlery .. ^\. .. Belfast
Sb Nassief's Liquor Store- -..Market Square
c Nassiefs Storeroom '-.. -.-Riverside -

present S
: ."THE O@-ND|O ESS'" i .

' tlUDAY .1 OCTOBER 8.0 p.m. - -
*rz2 5rn UT. OIERARDS- HAL;

S, ., Reserved (numbered) seats :.- $5 & :4
Unreserved *

Tickets are available from T-
Burton & Co. Electric Shop, Castle Street
s h '^ . ^ ^ _




Page Three


- FridAy! Octob---r1 _110.. THE S..


Schedule of Application for Certc ags of Ttle and NotlBdpl
thereon an, Cavyats for week nding 4th day . Dote RJ 4. r "arson Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificata
of Titil of Noting
thareoo 'or Caveat.

RequesT. ated Raleigh Normpan
the 18th day. I Pirillon
of September by his Solicitor
1975 Cilma A.M
Presented the Dupigny
2niS day of.
Octobeor 1975
at i0;50 a.m

Request for the issue~
f first certificate ofi
title in respect of a
portion of at'Co-'
lihaut in the Parish of
St. Peter in the State
of Dominica contains
ing 2097 square feet
*and bounded as fel.

.orirh Eastby land of Sherrad Zamore and lands of Eural
SPierre Louise North West by lands of Hanry Parilton
South ; a h feand ofTem Berard
Reqttest dated Mildred Jemmott Applisation of Mil.
2 73 and Beatrice Jim 4e.ed Jemramott And
NPsented mott as tenant in DBatrice Jommott as
29- 9 75, common tenant in common
at 11.30 a.m. b their Solicitor for the issue of a first
AM. Eugenia certificate of title in
Charles respect of a portion
Sof land known as a
Residntial lot in the
town of Roseau in thea
Parish of St. George
containing 1245 sq.
as feet and bounded a&
Norsh West: Land of CIsrlotte Hmltton,. North Eastz
Upper ;' z. ;I= East. Cork Street, South West:
Land of trts Joseph.
Test ato'Vitoria Thomma tioofVi.
14 5 75 ia Th oma.s for the
iPreented fby her Solicitor iasue of a First Certi
I 10 75 ficati of Title in r"e'
at 3.15 p.m. MK Eusgenia pect of A Portion of
Charles land known as a res-
idential lot in the
> t6wn of Roseau in the
Pariah of St. George
containing 805aquare
feet and bounded as
Sobrth-Weit: Church of Council (Anglican) North.East:
Queen Mary Streat. South East: Land of Litonl LeslI1E
South West; Church of Council (Anglcon)
.ReU~qs .-ate Austin Casimir Application of Anutin
12 9 75 Casimiir for the issue
Piosested by his Solicitor of a firat certificate of
2 10 75 M. Eugenia title in respect of A
at 11.35 a.m. Charles Portion of land in fhe
N- viUlhe Of Salisbury in
the Parish of St. Jo
si ep and containing
1.882 Area and
boinde, as' follows:-
SNrth West Land of Margartar, Undrwood South East
Pu.ic Road And Lands Of Jamesat VYist Vernon Vidal
Garfield Ambo N.rry Vidal and Christens Philogen
South West Lands Of Cecl John AnPd jes.,awc VidalM ,

~4iJ4~ f~ 4 s~qs c~,iI~d r~t4


Request dated Mitchel Lockhar Applta"tion of Mitch i
8 9 '7 a- Lockhart for the
Presented by his Solicitor iss a of a First Certi -
2S 9 75 ficat of Tite 'in res-
at 12.40 p.m. M. Eugenia ect of A Portion of'
SChare la d .t Castle BruBsc
':i the Pariah of Stj
David containing 0.
657 Acrm and bounds
o als follow.- .
NlraEst : Linds bf Falicien Jacob and Menades Dubiqus:
South:. Und of Fltchsr Lockhart; South East: Land of
Jinan Thomas: North.West: Land of Suzan Banrns.
Request datd Nehemiah Theo Request for the is~e
the 24th day os ai BaptfiSt o a FPrst Certificate
September, as Peraenal Rep- of Title in respect of
197 reslontative of a portion of land ~t
Presented the Mate iw Joheh Maritot, in the Pa.
29th day of Baptiste deceased rish of St. Andrew, in
September, by his Solicitor the State of Dominica
1975 at 3.15 Cilaa A.M. containing 6720 sq.
p.m. D'pigay. feet and bounded as
...... ''" foliows:-
North.East by land of Annells Mark: North-West by
lands Mhscilda Roberts and Thmmss Alfred; South East
by land of Alfred Warrington; South.West by a Public Road.
Registrar's Office, isabella ShlHilngford
:Roseau, Dominica, Acting Registrar of Ttles
NOFE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on thi above application may enter a Caveat
In the above office wihin six weeks from the date of the First
appearance.of this schedule In the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or fromn the date, when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
ian. is rkspae of which the application Is made.




Friday October 3. 1975T

Promoting Dominica's GREATfruit
A major promotion campaign in
tritain to boost the. sale of Domini-
ca Grapefruit organized by Geest
Industries., stresses that the Domi-
nica Grapefruit isbig, beautiful,
juicy and naturally sweeter than
other grapefruits. It has been re-
named for sales promotion purposes
as the Dominica GREATfruit and buy-
ers are being exhorted to "share
one today". Supermarkets have 'been
equipped with automatic helium dis-
pensers in 'the 'shape of clowns
which inflate and seal balloons; in
six seconds. The balloons when in-
flated are of course -replicas
of the Dominica Grapefruit. Hflv-
dreds of thousands of grapefr.uit
shaped disos have been printed for
distribution, to schoolchildren-with.
.the slogan "I am a Dominica GREAT-
fruit Eater". Grapefruit have also
been packed into small wicker, bask-
ets and sent to over 150 editors of
Womon' s Magazines.
At Waterloo. one of London's.
busiest railway stations, where, the
campaign was launched, pretty West
,Indian girls (some from ,Dominica)
gave. away free samples -of grapefruit
and freshly made grapefruit juice,
and the Helium-filled ballons. A
calypso singer sang a song written
specially for the occasion. Hbn.
M. Douglas took part in the London
campaign. *
NOTE We hope enough fruit arrives
in time and not over-ripe. What
with reception troubles, .4A-hour
waits, .criate-handlers strikes and
lack of water at the Government
Packing Ehed,the1 shipments must be.
* aiweek behind and 'the price: diroppi.g.
Mishandling as usual poor citrus
growers. Editor.
Mr. Q.A.Savarin was .one. of the
principal motivator in building aQ
geagile C.S.A. of 1966 with a membbel
ship of 166 into one of the most
powerful unions in the State with a
strength of 1,500 members. While
Mr. Savarin is away, Mr. J.J. King-
has been appointed' to act as General
Secretary as from lst October-,1975.
He is an eX-teacher*with over 20
year of experience as a trade
union, officer (C.S.A. Vice-Pres:.),
Mr. King' s .knowledge ,-arnd tremendous
experience prelude efficient service
from him and the present Executive.

Fiction MA TITINE Cynthia Watt
Genelia- was spending the day by
helping Ma. Titine polish silver be-
cause Reuben had taken some tourists
on a sight-seeing tour of the island.
"Well," said that good lady, "the
year is almost ended. Thank God it
wa~ not so full of trouble like the
last two years,"
Genelia nodded. "Only that rental
business and the Public Eating House
licence. I am sure some trouble may
come out of that."
"Enhen..ojust imagine.. .100 for
these licences! I bet some don't
make even that-for a. month," Ma Titine
replied. "Look at that restaurant in,
Lagon...three different people began
business thero. First it was 'Amigo'
then 'Dolphiin' then some one else had
it and they all had to close: down.
It- is on the .go now, but I -sure 'the
proprietor ia feeling the ~ueeze,.. "
"But let me. tell you," said Genelia.
^putting, away the silver in the diLawer'
Mr. -So-and-so's brother. tried out. the
business a few yards -away and he also
had to give up'. 1ow concerning the
rentals. .,whether, your place is rented.
or not you still have, to pay. You .are
supposed to pay from the rent ..,it is
not an you pay?"
Genelia shook her head.' "God and.
they know,"!
SBaby 'came in some time later and
the. discussion went on.,. .\.but dey
cood have a cocktail pahty foh de
Karam, dat coss 81l,115. oo...taxpayah so it going All dat monee
spend an now dey want to-. increase all real hadship on de stores
an shops...all deir goods .in Qostom
an dey doan have dry cash to take dem dey even have. to fine .beeg
money foh de R.T.C. to trow away deir
rubbish.' Odderwise de R.T.C. woan be
able to pay foh odder cocktail pahties,
Enben mi zefaire. "
"What about the grapefruits, you
promised me Baby?" Genelia asked.
"Bondieu," Baby exclaimed. "I
clean forget...but doan worry, I'll
get some foh you tomorrow. My Sa.Stah
two boys wokkin dere anl dey dos- bring
plentee foh me. But," she added
laughingly, "I only hope if dey 'see me
widl a beeg basket of grapefruit dey,
woman make me pay tax too '
ters (Hons. .Peter Morgan of "BarbaDos'
& Robert DEadshaw, St.Iitts) are rvesi-"
dent & Vice-Pres.of CTA.The rest of
the Exec.are travel or tourist men,


gn,.T ~'. 0 'T~ AD

S*-*A*R S*P*0*R*T*S Morchriston TRINIDAD KARATE TOTS (from page. 1)
BOXING ALI RETAINS CHAMPIONSHIP The Tots on our front page were
Muhammed Alli, World Heavyweight Box-trained at the Trinidad & Tobago, Mar-
ing Champion, successfully defended tial Arts Society in the tige# system
his title-for the fourth time this technique.
year in his third clash with Joe In Trinidad,, too, there is a Nun.
Frazier.- .Ali dominitated from th. who is trained in the deadly -art of'
first round; was during the tenth Karate because, as she says, "the way
rourAd a bit frightened-by the raw things are going these days one can
courage of Joe; Frazier, who just never tell when one is_ going to be
walked into Akli' a punches machine- attacked., That Nun is Sister Maria
-like yet suffering- heavily. Goretti. of Holy Name Convent, Port
From the .first bell, the champion of, Spain "(she was born in: Trinidad
attacked, and if the challenger was; and trained as, a nurse in England is
a lesser man, by the fourth round now a practising-midwife and "enjoys
he could not have been around,- but bringing babies into the world").
Joe Frazier was very much- there. Our- informant in Dominica, who
Frazier evened the third-round (af- styles himself. tthe only exponent of'
ter Ali had .taken the first two) and this tiger- system of, Karate in- the
Ali had to use his 'Roppa doppa' island' is Mr. Sensie Ashworth. Col-
guard to stay out of trouble:. duringg aire (3rd kyu), recently back from
the fourth round Frazier was warned- Trinidad.
,for hitting Ali below the belt.
Frazier s-first round was the Don't miss THE GONDOLIERS
6th and Ali, for the first time, on Sunday 5th Oct.-8 p.m. *I
rested on his stool, Ali took the Matinee Tnurs a.irda H_ _..
S7th (8th even); Frazier took%.te 9th .
and. Al. was warned, for holding. NATIONAL LIVESTOCK -EETING
azier1 a ne d. o. Barclays Bank Internatiofgassi.sted
razTher snexckrounds wee evenly this Regional .Livestock Meeting, re- -
contested; the 13th Ali took hand- cently held at St.Augustine, Trinidad,
somely. td ing thate ru the a by providing 8t travel bursariess, -thus
somellen. during' that b und the allowing 8 participants from the fDCs
challenger's knee fall bukleh but hew to attend. Dominicats representatives
refused to fall' ,The-14th round, was s Mr. Errol Harris. Scientific,papers.
all Ali's and Frazier iwho was on animal breeding, nutrition,health
blooded and battered to a defence- and physiology, economics & farm man-
less mass still maintained his up- agement etc. were presented. The
rigT.t position, but when it came to meeting may have .far-reaching conse-'
the 15th -round, the challenger could quences41 the Caribbean.
not make it, and- Ali had won by a Dr. Keith Roache and Mr. Ronald
Technical Knockouthe igh, Baynes, Barclays' agricultural advis-
t the end of the fight Al said,ers, also attendedd the Livestock mrx g
"'Frazier is the greatest boxer afr..
me. I did not realise he was so ROBBBEY DRAMA IN KNIGHTSBRIDGE
great,, He is tough, he :is a. great,
fighter. I have nothing bad to-say Two West Indians (whose home. places
about Frazier; he is a great fuller; were not named in repeated descript-
he is a gentlePan." Ali also said, ions. of the crime) and a Nigerian
"I could not have taken .the punches were holod-up in a Knightsbridge,Lon-
Joe -took." To end, .Ali said,"During don basement after an attempt to rob.,
the 10th round I felt like Quitting, an Italian restaurant which was foiled
but" he continued, 'I told you .1 am en one intended victim got away.
the champion; ,.I am the greatest.",- Six other ompl9yees of the restaurant
were held as hostages-by the three
CRICET Tomorrow, Saturday, will- gunmen, then a six-day siege began,
highlight the 1975 cricket season with Police refusing to accede -to the
with the Annual General Meeting of terrorists demands,-- provide us
the Association in the-morning and ith an airplane to th6 West Indiesl"
a limited overs match -Dominica In the end the gunmen were starved
versus a President. XI team in the out and their victims remained alive,
afternoon at the Botanical Gardens. -he Nigerian shot himself in the
Richards,-Roberts & Willett will p stomach when the game was up.
Printed and Published by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill House.
at 26 Bath Roads Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

*"1- n

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