Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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A Grm- Prayer
It shook Parliamean J
't6 a4Bing The Barhadus LoYin
l .ratr in prayer when the Queeni
;,penied Parliament arly this- year
she Rtv. And rw Hatch Anglican
wA not reappointed. to Le Chaplain
of the Senate. Here is his two-vart
We pray. Lord Jesus, for our Queen. We
are deeply concernedthat she may know the
will of God, and that she may have the
spiritual courage and grace to follow it.
Deliver her, -we pray, from all selfish
considerations. Lift her above the claims of
politics. Fill her with, the spirit of God that
sh-.llfmake hdr fearless to seek, to know and,
to do the right. Save her from the friends
who, in the name of politics or even friend-
ship, would persuade her from- that holy
Strengthen and empower her advisers,
Bring them too to their knees in prayer. May
their example and influence spread, that we
in Barbados, may yet have a government of
men who know You, the Almighty God,'as
their friend, and who place your will first in
their lives as well as in their prayers,
SHear us and answer, we pray, through
Jesus Christ our Lord.

Lord, we who are privileged to witness this
glorious ceremony fare ashamed that money
and position speak to us more loudly than
the simple compassion of the human heart.
Hep us to care, as you cared, for the little
people who have rio lobbyists, for the
minority groups who sorely need justice.
May it be the glory ntt only the strong are heard, but also the
weak; not only the powerful, but the help-
less; not only those with influence, but all
those who have nothing but a case and an
May we put our hearts into our work, that
our work may get into our hearts. And
Lord, let us never be alraid of a new idea, or
unreceptive to a new thought, lest we pull
down the: shades of our minds and exclude
your holy light. When confronted by mystery
help us to remember that we do not have to
'explain all we know or understand all we But give as the grace of humility
and the spirit of the open mind, the courage -.
to persist in the face of'difficules, ante a
steady confidence in the power of truth. t
Help us to learn .something from this
Royal visit, so that we shall be wise at its
close and more ready for our eternal home
when we are one step nearer. Through Jesus
Christ our Lord. A .

I ep for

the Childre
The first Monday in
Ooo ber Is UnIversal
Chlldien's Day, and His
Excellence the Governor
will address the
nation, Oct. 6th..
On Sun.5th, Mass
at Goodwill Par-
ish Church:-youth .
and children.Spec-
ial programmes in
Pte Michel & Port-
smouth,where a day.
nursery trip to tie
Airport is array
Also on the 5th-an
art exhibition at
Roseau Boys School
followed by a tea
party. "CANSA&E" is
promoting all this4


The Mc.l1tyre pro-
posals, for cloning the
economic gap between
natfuns complied ;by a.
Commonwealth committee
of experts have .beWen
'forwarded, to the. United
Nations Secretary 'Pneral
Dr: Kurt Wafdhelm

Rev. Hatch was told afterwards
hat it was not the prayer which
causedd him not to be re appointed
... At the conclusion"of that open
ng ceremony Prince Philip, Duke-
yf Edinghurgh, walked over to Revay.,
Hatch and congratulated him on the
ontents of the unibixal prayer.



Lovely Miss St. Lucia (Sophia St
UOmer) will be competing hais year
for The World title

4 I Commission of inquiry
A great number of witnesses
have been interviewed "inAlud-
ing even retired offieDilt'," a
.member of the Commission. told.
the Editor. Asked .how long the
Inquiry would continue, the
member said satirically "until
1976, perhaps",
WAWU members of the, citrus pac-
king plant are on strike over a
p.ay dispute, Friday,

embers of the Dominica Employers'
federation are hereby informed that the
Ninth Annual General Meeting of the,
federation will be held on TUESDAY
oth SEPTEMBER, 1975 at 6.3o p.m
t the Fort Yoting Hotel. Members are
kndly urged to attend this very impor-
at meeting in large numbers, and to be
I timed


nn mo- j~m_________* mi*-m LW-- ., .' ,, ~ -- rI- l i~t ,'ji 5'ni~i "11 *fi1 i i

OMonday the 22nd instant I
paid a visit to the new Roseau. Boys
school situated on the corner of
Great George St. and Hillsborough
,St. On inspecting all the classes
I was shown some of the. prevailing
conditions under which a teacher
has to 'teach at the school. ]It was
worrisome and troublesome to.wit-
ness conditions which I 'never ima-
gined to be in existence in Domini-
ca. But having the 1975 budget.*
which is contemp0oraw'iththe insuf-:
ficient Airniture at Roseau Boys
School, I challenge Mr. L.M. Chris
tian, the responsible Minister, to
give. a definition to the following
paragraph as written in" the; budget:
"My Government 's education poli-
cy will continue to give, priority
to the areas of greatest need., The-
restructuring of the Education sys-
tem in order to ensure ,that it
serves the relevant needs', of our"
Soe lety will commencee" (my italics).
Mr. Christian,. am.sure, would be-
prolix if he- would write a defini-
tion in hisa .own words. One sure
thing is that reinforcing the
ppo in'e- force with 30 policemen.
does' t mean priority to the areas
of greatest need. As it is evident,
at the R.B.S., I give priority to
the' aty classes 'that. I visited:
Standard iii C: .there are 50
boys in that class, there are two
desks and benches which can only
accommodate 4 boys leaving a, balance
of 46 boys,, a.anding day-long for
Standard iv B: this.: class is
short of 2 desks and. benches, there-
by leaving &4- boys standing all days;
Standard v A: this class has 41
boys with 244 chairs and leaving
161 boys standing; on approaching
this. class it is conspicuous that
boys are sitting on some of the
desks and at the same time prevent-
ing some. of the smaller boys from
seeing the board, and as I under-
stand it, even t3'e teacher;
,Standard v D: on n-r arrival at
that clasz I met 4 boys hitting on
the floor due to no sitting space,
and so too. were most of the other
classes that I visited.
Two unanimous complaints were
i) +he dust in the school's yard on,
a sunry and windy day has made the.
teachers allergic to colds.
(by Kelvin Francis. ie col.)

I read in your last Friday's.
issue of the. Star the usual Candid
Comments by W.S.Stevens in which he
mentioned' Mr. Joffre J. Robinson,
Executive. Chairman of the Banana
Management Committee.
Mr. Stevens in recalling a letter
Mr.Robinson had addressed to him in
April 1974, as President of the
Dominica -armers Union, quoted Mr.
RobinsQn as saying: "The Management
Committee h always and will con-,
tinue to pay/ imum pr ice possible
to the growers..."
It was necessary to have placed
the past participle paid after the
phrase has always, which would have
made.-the perfect tense has always
paid, with the future tense to folloO:
and will continue to pay.
Was Mr. Robinson writing on that
occasion. to Mr. Stevens, guilty of ;
this lapse in English?
I am inclined to regard this as
an. oversight, when it is known
Mr. Robinson usually writes without
blemish. S. J. L.

Editor's -Note: Mr. Robinsomi did witq
the sentence in question; a- slip no
doubt. P.S.A. _

We do. not know whetherthe, sheets
concerned have been given away as
scrap, or sold by a Ministry, but in
certain little shops of Roseaureven-
ue & expenditure sheets giving details
of payments to many. people including
DBS staff (R.Lawrence, V.Phillip,M.
Peter et,c.)& amounts paid to such'
-arles Bros., SQdele, ,

'O JAMAiUA: MINs Arami nt"h '1o
Nursing Superintendent, and Mrs.
Bernadette Thomas, Administrator of
the Maternal and Child Health and.
FivV.Lan~ing, left the State on
Tuesday for U.W.I. to attend a three-
week workshop on Family Planning and
Maternal and Child Care.
2) all, the children standing or sit-
ting on the floor, their clothes can
only stay clean on them for just-
half a day. If they teep it any
* Longer it only eaans that their par-
ents are unable .to provide. We all
know whose children attend that
school. It is 'the children of people
who put the Labour Party ir. power.
Suffice it to say that Mr.Chris.. .
tian's and b-is other Ministerss sons
don't attend that school. K. CAIJS

o_~-- m.,.-

'Faiday Se tee, r 26. 175

Rain Forest Preserved in Dominica

A 950-acre tract of pristine tropical rain forest
on Dominica'was recently donated to The
Nature Conservancy. Middleham Estate, a gift
of John P. Archbold of Virginia, is valued at
more than $1 million and is the first project in
the Conservancy's new Internationab Program.
The diverse forest of Dominica con-
tains as many as 60 different tree species within a
10-acre plot. According to researchers, "Nowhere
in the American tropics can a better display of the
luxariant rain forest,be seen than in the interior
of Dominica.": / ,
The factors which mnake the tropical forest a sys-
tem of high. biological productivity-the com-
plexity of biological relationships, the number of,
speciess and the high rAinfail-also/make the sys-
tem vulnerable to damage when man intervenes,
* In a pristine rain forest, nutrients are quickly
absorbed into the living system, leaving a fragile
soil which'can be impoverished when exposed to
driving rains and blistering sun. The removal of
the lush tropical vegetation can quickly produce a
soil which is astonishing ii its lack of fertility.
The tropical rain forest represents the oldest and
.richest collection of vegetation on earth and con-
tains the ancestors of virtually every modern plant
and tree, including the desert cactus. The Archbold
gift will help preserve -this unparalleled genetic

reservoir and will allow the centuries-old evolu-
'tionary process to continue.
IThe commitment to pizserve.he island's unique
natural heritage has led to proposals, presently
under consideration by the Dominican govern-
ment,. to establish a -national park on approxi-
mately 16,000 acres adjacent to the Archbold Pre-
serve. The proposed park would encompass a spec-
tacular array of natural features. Its four forest
types include rain forest, elfin woodland (cloud
forests constantly bathed in mist), montane thicket
and palm brake. The park would also contain
mountains ranging from 3,683 to 4,400 feet, and
three strikingly different Jakes: Freshwater Lake,
Bocri (Crater) Lake, and one of the world's larg-
est boiling lakes. Awesome Titou Gorge is a mile'
long, 100 feet deep, and barely, five feet wide in
places. The barren Valley of Desolation is a testa-
ztent to the island's volcanic origins, with its sulfur
,springs, steam-belching fumaroles, and streams of
black, white, red, gray and orange water.

A number of Dominicans, through both
governmental and individual efforts, have worked
Unfiringly for. many years toward the-establishment
of the park which now appears to be coming to
fruition. The park is a-yardstick by which Domin-
ica's dedication to the environment will be meas-
ured for years to come.


Spring 1975.

The Nature Conservancy 1800 N. Kent St., Arlington, VA 22209 (703) 524-3151






SReserved (numbered) seats .. $5 & 4:

Unreserved. $3

Tickets are av, labk from -

Burton Co. Electric Shop, Castle Street
T3 m I f t .. .= :, ,.




Friday, September 26,1975

When I was'a boy, over sixty
years ago, there were some Readers .
in the schools known as "The, Royal
Star Readers". Book II of the
series contained- reading lessons
in parts with the topic "Round the
Breakfa-at Table'".
The: objective was to give the
'EngITsh boy a notion of the orig-in
.of the various items he- had for
The West Indian schoolboy, of
course, was to read these books
whether or not -theB-jelated to
meagre West Indian food or menus*.
But then. my contemporaries anl I
learned that .tea. was produced in
.India, China..,or .Ceylon. Occasion-
ally at some Sunday School Anniver-
sag we were, treated to a cup of
tea. with a bun or two. Later,after
primary school, should you happen-
to get a secondary education or
might become a pupil teacher and
you did geography, you learnt that
the production. of tea in the above-
named countries and the Par East
involve-d special geographic: and.
economic conditions,
Tea ia-a tropical product. But -.
there was this cursed condition
that cheap labour was most important~
and large areas -involving thousands
of. acres of land were also. necess
ary. The cheap labour required for
th_,pr oduction of tea is not ob-'
tainable- in Dominica or any similar
West Indian island for that matter'..
-Premier John's knowledge of eco-
nomic geograbph is not thorough or
perhaps his; economic and agricultur-1
gi., advisers are not versed in the.:
Premier's flights into commercial
geography. Be 'that as it may, the
workers in the production of tea.
in the East earn.wage's. very much- ,-
-lower than wages paid, to the agri-
cultural worker 'in Dominica today,
and the prospect for producing
te,; in Dominiicawill have to be re-
couciiLed -.o, this with Premier, John
before very long. .
I suppose just now agriculturaOl
officers, will be flying .off to
Ceylon, or India, China or Japan to
study the production of tea.
At a time of land-hunger among
Dominicans what areas of land will
be adequate for the production of
tea- to supply, the Caribbean region
with tea when there is less tea-
dlinking today than coffee- &.drinking.?

Fiction MA TITISI Cynthia Watt
The rain drummed hollowly on the
tin roof. Ma Titine sighed, sitting
in her comfortab;Le chair enjoying a
TV programme. She, had had it instal-
led yesterday evening, and had:
intended to surprise her. friends'
when they came on their usual visit,
but the rain started pouring heavily
soon- after the installation man had
gone, and had not ceased up to that
-moment. She. switched off the. TV
impatiently, then tuned on the radio
to BIG A, her favourite station.
The, news was on, and to her, dismay
she .heard reports of how hurricane
Eloise, was battering the coast of
Florida -being extremely dangerous,
the. announcer said 'after having
'caused' great damage in Puerto Rico
,and the Dominican Republic, amounting
to. ahout $534-45 million dollars. It
also left twenty-five people dead in
its wake at Puerto Rico & the Domini-
can Republic .
S 'Well, "- Ma Titine remarked, to "
herself, !"we really. lucky here:..."
Later on the rain abated and Ma. Titine-
looked out rtstlessly for her friends.
Around eleven,- Baby arrived..
"Way way, 'look rain! I nevah -tink
it wood stop. I pass by Genelia but
she- in bed wid de cole..."
"Tut-tut'," clucked Ma Titine, "I
hope she haven't it bad.'..with that
.weather and the baby coming, she haVe
to be careful."
"So I tell hah," Baby replied. But
Ma Titine saw that she was eyeing the
TV set in a disapproving sort of way.
"You don't even compliment me on
n7 TV papapa"--Ma Titine said reproach-
fully. -
"Mel" Baby, exclaimed, "I surprise '
to see-you join de TV- groove.... I not
wid dem atall.. .I have enoff tax to
pay already...if I want to entertain
myself, coming to see you an goin to
cinema enof\ ftoh me. .
Associated States is Mr.E.G.LeToq,'
who takes up duty in November 1975.
Meanwhile. Mr.C.G,Mortlock is acting.
ABROAD: Miss Isabella Shillingford.,Ag.
Registrar top M.Q.D.CouggeT Londn....
CANDID .COMELZ' (concld I must. my
self-admit that I have- not touched
the special care necessary for quality
and grading of tea so essential in
this industry. But those of us with an
inkling of all that is involved in-
this tea irn-ustry must wish the
Premier-' a Tea Party a "Merry Time "

T 'H E 8 T A R

Fi~d~ September 26 1071t TIER RTAR ~0 S - -- -. - -- --------



I -C A S .



Schedule of Appikation for Certi*tq of Title and Nothf |
Shereon and Cavats foi week endinrbth day of SIpar
Dote Requested .Per.csn Presenting Nature of requeWst
whether a Certi ca:te
S- of Ttl -of Nooting l
thereon' or' Cvesgy .

aqueti dated Cibna Akerandira
Zthf 20th day Mianda Dupiny
of August
1Presented t :.
15thday of Sep.
timberr 1975 at
3,22 p.m

North East ,y lands of J.B. Charles
Rolia South East by Estate of'L.A.
_West by Hcnover Street North W
nIA Gasper and Estate of A.C. S;dili

Rei4u.t for the issue
or & First Certficate
of Title In ra apct of
a portion of land in
the Town of Roseau
in the Parish of St
Gcorge.* in the State
of Dominica contain
inr 1240 square fee
and bounded as fel

Co. Ltd bnd Rebecca
Roberts South ,
est .y land of Euge-


t ;

ZII -* dAfl '4. -4'-F f


Request dated
3rd April 1975
16th Septem-
ber 1975 at
10.10 a.m

Victoria Winston
nee Charles
by her Solicitor
Vanya Dupixny

_________ 5 .1

Request for the issue,
of a First Certficate
of Title in. respect of
a portion of land at
Marigot in tb Pafrish
of St. Andrew, con-
auSnit f) 11 +070 s re

feet ad bounded as
North Land of Ethelina Joseph East The Public Road
South Land of Ethellna joseph West Lands of Mano Robln
Request dated-, Jonathan Charles Rquest for the issue
the 6th day of and Patsy Charles of a First Certficatg
September by their Solicitor of Title in respect of
1975 Cilma A.M. a portion of land at
Presented the Dupigy Hunt' Wesly, in the
15theday of Sep Parish of St. Andrew
teiber 1975 at in the State of Domni-
3.40 p.m nica containing
11,997 square feet
and bounded as folk-
North East by lend of Roosevelt Williama South -Eat by
a Public Road South West by land of Leopold Williams
. North West by land of Devins Haery and Sylveater
HarneyL -____ .______ ...

Resqest dated Flood James Application of Flood
26 11 74 Si m. James Simon for the
Pr"ented ,by his Solicitor issue of a First Certfi
17 9 75 M. Eugenia cae of Title in re-
at 1,.25 p.i Charles pact of a portion of
S-lad kfnow-as a rsi
dentialjkt at Lou"bier
in the Parish of St.
Gorge containing
3640 square feet and
bounda.d As fo!lows.-
North Lead of Arthur Celaire South Land of George
Edwards aEt A Public Road West The 5 i

Request dated
20 6 75 1
17 9 75
at 12.30 p.m

Ralison Antoine Applicatioa of Rali
by kis Solicito son Antoeie 'r -ttw
M.Euxasma issue of a i;; Crtfi
Charles cate of Title in res-
"pct of a portion of
S-s "--- -'hatd at Pichelin. l the
Parish of S. Patrick
coateinsni 246(
squara feet? arid b0Us
dd as fllew6:.

North .ast By l~td of Deals Baron North & North
WestSy land of Brune*te Registe South East By l:i4
of- Stnilelia Henderson South West By a Public Road

Registrar's Office,
SRoseau. Domrinlca,

Isabella Shllllngford
Acting Pegistrar of Titlei s

NOTE: Any person who desire to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of on the above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the date f the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State.or fro,.! the date when the notice prescribed by
law. was as.t served on any' owner or- occupier of adjoining
iand in respect of which the application Is made.

Win Customers and Friends


USiger Sewing Machine Company widies to
inform its Custotmers and Fcieods that-their
NEW SHOP will be situated at 33 MBN-.
NEDY AVENUE as from the iat Octmoa
1975. Opposite F&del1e's Scif Service.
- -1--


_ ,,, ,



-, 1 -

II ,


I o1 71Z

Friday September 2g6.

z',J.j i ,i (^ .. r- icj


l ge Six T HE
ZS;T*A*R*S*PO*R*T*S Morchriston
BOXING Muhanmmed Ali, World Heavy-
Sweight Boxing-Champion and Joe
Frazier, former world champion will
clash for the. third time on October.
1st in Manilla. In their first en-
counter, Prazier defended his. title
in 1970- over 15 rounds at Madison
Square Gardens., 'Ali later avenged
that defeat at the same venue in 1974.
over 12. rounds.
After .points decisions- in' the ir
former fights, both boxers are out
for a knockout. The rule of three
knock-downs in any one round, with
the fight going to the boxer doing
the knocking down,- has been waived *
and unless a boxer is seriously .
hurt the fight Will go on if becess-
ary to 'the full 15 rounds, and. the
boxer leading -on points, irrespect-
ive of any knoek-downs for or against
will be the victor. '
Ali, who defeated Geprge Poreman
in Zaire last October. to; regain the
heavyweighT, crown, will be going into
the fourth defence of his -title this
year. The boxers will share a
record purse of $10 miLlion.
CRICKET Giraudel suffered the same
fate as. Astaphans XY, when they lost
by a, innings against Aggressive -XI
of Grand Poid at Giraudel last Week-
end. Giraudel, won the: toss and sent
in Aggressive XI to: bat, who amassed.
r150 runs, with Abraham Browne! 30, .
John George 24 an Joel Lawrence 20.
'For Giraudelf: P.Giraudel 5/48 and. T.
Benjamin 2/25. 1.Giraudel in their
turr. at the -crease could only muster
a meagre 28. Doing the damage,Jones
Lawrence 4/08, Joel Lawrence. 5/06
and Christian Abraham 3/08 (a hat-
Asked to follow on, Giraudel did
s2ightly better, (thanks to a knock
of 54 fpom T.Benjamin)-, but still
suffered an innings defeat when they
were dismissed for 90. Joel Lawrence
6/17 returned match figures.of 9/23,
C. Abraham 5/25 arnd Jones Lawrence
1/15. Aggrep sive XI won by an in-
nings and S2 runs. To arrange
matches with Aggressive XI dial 2670 to speak with ahdy member of
the team. -
after surviving two shotgun attacks
.by women, insists on meeting crowds
of U S. citizens as he tours the

!l TAR

* En da Se temb
$6 75

The Amnesty Committee iis still
preparing its. report after- final
interyibws with Dreads.
The radio-announced amnesty,which-
was never ratified in:extensioni by
Parliament, ends on-.September 30th.

by Hugh Lawrence
On- Saturday August 30th last dur-
ing evening Mass at the Cathedral we
iere .much disturbed due to the
preaching of an evangelista. or- preach-
er with a powerful loud speaker at
the Wesley High School.
-.I am still wondering what was his
reason for doing that. I refuse to
believe however that the Custodian of
that school would deliberately allow
this on a Saturday night, at 7,30 just
for the sake of disturbing our ser-
vice, and furthermore king the poor
nerves of those peaceful next-door
neighbours. .1 .
A radio- can be a nuisance too! I
remember in 1963 after I underwent an
operation at the Princess Margaret'
Hospital, a friend of mine ha& atrma-s
istor radio in one of 'the priv te
rooms and took a pleasure in-. playing
it at any late hours, of the night,
A complaint was .made to the then
Matroni (Dorival). a disciplinarian,,
who at once go6 her house in~order,'
As far as I have heard, there is still
something of the sort being done
there, but has anyone lodged a com-
plaint? .Eugh, Lawrence,.

The Gilbert and Sullivan. opera.
which the Goodwill Singers are play-
ing on Sunday, Oct, is a brightly
costumed piece-of comedy about two.
young gondoliers (boatmen on the
canals of Venice), one of whom i:s
alleged to be the heir to the 18th.
Century Kingdom of Barataria -- but.
which? Their old nurse had; muddled
poor Marco (John White) and Guiseppe
(Walter Norris,) at birth The aider
courtiers seeking the heir to the
Kingdom are the Duke of Plaza-Tora
(Cecil Burton) arid his Duchess (Mrs.
Sherita Guffy), Dermott Southwell
plays an important role as the Drum-
mer Boy and Curtis T6i ge is "deus ex
machine" Don Alhambra. Mrs. E.
Wyke plays the Old Nurse 'who. winds up
this bit of sparkling 'whimsy .,. .

.Printed -and. Published by the- Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill House,
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies. '

rp. A
F* y0 WLy

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