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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: 09-19-1975
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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THE PTublic Wopks- Inquiry has
held four sessions so far end
j i INB PUBLIC, which should sat-
isfy popularr demand The most re-
cent.. hitting of the Commiission is.
taking place as we go to press.
We shall give readers a report
by our observers as the inquiry
draws nearer to a close,.1Meanwhile
several. witnesses, some of them
serilori\PWD supeiviaoPoy staff,have
been questioned by, the members on.
matters, suh .as the tyres 'deal and--
the employee who^ drew overtime in -
Two: Public Works' employees were
sentenced to' ite as of imprisonment
by the Court hliss week .for their
:part in the .PWID Scandal", .
'Government seems deeply invol-
"'. ved in this !aaffair.

Singer Sewing Machine Company wishes to
inform its Customers and Frioedsthat their
NEW SHQP will be situated at 33. KEN--
NEDY AVENUE as from the M, vOctober
1975. Opposite Fadelle's Self Service.

_52 AST 78 sraTe TEN
.* YCR:<, N. Y; .J x GENTS
? WTortuna I Z
JAN 21
**R^ ALLPPPY--------------

Mr. Alister Hugh,, famous Wbsdi-
4ian journalist f OGreaada,visited Domi
icm this week to survey the scene po.
litical, economic, and social. He talked
to msany- people of all iewpoints and
had a long interview 'wi the Publisher
and Editor.
We were happy to meet a writr of.
such courage and integrity. lIe se~ied
to be enjoying his visit.and hi* summing
up of our situation will be publishedlin
due .course .
"SS 8/TR N -C -

SStVinlns W*rhi o cal
botanic gardens, -'aimed
to be the oldest In the
Western he ftspfterii pro-
Sfo'r the wedding ceremony
: of a young couple *by
Ai.. Mn..L a Romaan Catholic priest
Ailiter HuIas snall gathering of
i -enft who witnessed the
SN D/lE/A/rSe' ceremony enjoyed .the
c ake apt d ruphi unch
Sreception which followed.

See page three I

.....1-- -... .. .. ---. .. .ki

# C IA IL%




- A I I ad~~t~

* V

. I

I ':LL" C Y . ....

I-~c p--.~-----~,, 31 IL~41 CII~~r~LIC

. or, q Vridsav SanteMber 19 75

the -writing .scene, but am not.. I
was just on a ahort vacation which
only lasted for three weeks. When.
one sees the danger and health ha-
zards which exist at the. cemetery
and ~teSo our grave-diggers it
is expedient that the authorities,,
concerned take the appropriate steps
to alleviate an unwarranted problem.
In the 1960s a man s grave would be
unearthed after nine years; today
it qnly takes 3-5 years. Hairy
skulls are being dug up due to the
spaceless problem and as a result:
our grave-diggers' health is in. a
As far a I understand it., the
Methodist and Anglican cemeteries
are too storey if they were to be
used for burying people amt the .rate
of the Catholic cemetery. I suggest.
cremation" but on. the other hand it
is costly to operate. Barbados'
tried cremation and. had to give it
up due to operation costs. The on3y
other suggestion that Lecan give is
to go ahead with the proposed .and- 1
desighebd cemetery for the Bath Es-
tate Housing Scheme.,
. With the *above in mind, I under-
stand-that Government is..now taking
the cemetery area at the. Bath Estate,
Housing Scheme for sharing out, as
hquse lots, for Labour Party support-
ers whose applications for house, lot
couldn't -be neglected. Are our dead
respected? I.say no
In a letter of 3rd April, 1974,
addressed to me as President of the
Dominica Farmers Union, Mr.Joffre-
J.Robinson, .Executive. Chairman of
the Banana Management Committee
wrote as follows: "The Management '
Committee has always and will con-
tinue to pay the maximum price pos-'
sible to the grower depending on
the'Green Market Price prevailing
in the United Kingdom Market at the
time, -i -d the -current cost of pur-
chasing and processing bananas for
SIn the- face of such -a statement
what right has; the Government and
its Banana Management Committe to
reverse their policy and keep back-
part of the price to the- grower on.
the big-stick grounds that the part
kept back is for improvement of the

i:-- -- ---

CANDID COME.TS,... industry and is
supported by the British Degelopment
in Barbados and the- United Kingdom
Government? ( lu bk ae
(concluded back prae)

The outside world is now asking
whether Dominica still has people
alive. Because, Anguilla,a handful
of people, only 6000, stood on their
feet and. broke the yoke of St.Kitts'
oppressive measures. I understand
little .Nevis may do the same thing,
; Dominica is the third largest
island in the British West Indies;'
yet we Dominicans make ourselves like
jelly-fish, as if we have no bones
in our spine, From the. time Lebl.nc
took the reins of Government, we
have been.oppressed, depressed and
suppressed, yet we enjoy all this
by saying: "God" iS good! God is
good -
Every day you go to the CDC off-
ice, you find people crying about
the. amounts they have to pay for
.electricity. They complain to me
and I went to find,out the reason
for that', I was -informed that then
CDC bills leave their office, -you
must pay that very day. You have
not received the bill, you do not
know the amount, thereforeyou can't
pay; yet when you do-get the bill
many days after it has left the
office you are charged with arrears.
But the Laws of Dominica provides
the provision which reads as fol-
lows: -Cap 257 No1l Electricity
Rules --Vol. VI p. :1509.
Rule 5. A' Acounts when payable
The consumer shall ,pay for electri-
city supplied within seven days
'after the day on which he has re-
ceived the account therefore.
I hope that the Attorney General
will use his good-office to see to
it that CDC complies with the' law.,
STurning now to the recent legis-
lation on house rates, people who
will not omply with- the law will'
have to pay 750 or three months
in prison or both fine, and confine,:
The law -annot be applied to only
one set of people,, Perhaps accord-
ing to the house rates,--owners of.
houses may hayve to go and live on
the. sea, and those who cannot swia
will perish miserably. That' is how
the. Leblanc Labour Party loves the
people of Dominica who put them
in power. -- .C. LOBLACK

'ii~~~nr~, Sh~teinb~ ~-~9.'Ct6

Pnmrrt. e mT


PIT Ar f

-,--J -V"..A..W -_ --- ` I .

M- ----- --- --



SSchedule of Application fbr Certfi r.e of Title and Notlna
thereon and Caveats for week ending aS3th day of September 19,
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
S' ( whether a Certificate
Sof Title of Noting
Stheron or Caveat.
Request dated LouisA Dejean Appliation of Loii
26 8- 75 b her SoliciDtr Defen for the issu
SPresented M Eugenia of a First Certficat<
S 9 75 Cbarlc s of Title in respect. o
gt 11.40 p.m a portion of land it
.. -. - --the Town of Roasea
in the Parish of St
"George containing
:402 square fe't and
bounded as follow:

North Land sf FlRrae ne Williams South Land of Henfy
ilghton East Land of Victor Matthew West Right-Of-
Way saparatlin it from land of Maudry Rolle.

rktuse^t dat*eEbeezar' Application of Eben.
1 9 % a, cTheodore ezar Theodore for
Presented by her Solicitor the issue of a First
9 .2 75 M. Eugenia Cartficate of Title in
at.i 2 O'clock Charles respect of a portion
--------- of' o land known a* a
lot at Bense in the Pa
-ih. of St. Andrew
f containing 1.154
Acres and bounded
. 9 .as- follows:
SNor-th Lande of Lionel Thomas & Lucy Francols East Public
Rowa & A Drain Separating it from land ofjonas Francols
South.Wett A Foot Path Separating it from land of the
Heirs; of Augulsts Royer West Land of the hirsl of
SAugulste Royer

Raque.t dat.d Raeph Gulate Application of Ralph
) 8 75. by his Solictor Guiste for the issue
|Pres? eteda M- Eu-genia of a First Certficate
9 9 75 Charleas of Title in respect of
Sat 12.20 psm a portion of land at
----~ Btitica in the Parish
| of St. Patrick contain-
Sing 4392 square feet
and bounded as fol-
North Ravine Seplrthing it from land of Alphonse Joseph
South Public Road Edss Land of Alphonse Joseph Wasc
iand of Governmrehi of Dominist(School Ste)
LET ue forewe endinb Sjahe r2e 19?

Request dated Cilma Aloxrtdra
the 20th day Miranda Dupigany
of August
Presented the
15t day of Sep.
tsmber 1975 t
13.22 p.m

Request for the issue
.s f first Certficate
of Title in respect of,
a portion of land in
the Town of Roseau,
in the Parish of St.
G~orge, in the State
of Dominica contain.
ing 1240 .square feet
and bounded as fel.
iows: .

North East by lands of J.B. Charles Co. Ltd and Rebecca
Rblle South East by Estate of L.A. Robrts South
West by Hanover Street North West by lands of Er.ge
nia Gasper and Estate of A.C. Shillingfordl


Request. dated
3rd April 1975'
bar 1975 at
10.10 aam

Victoria Wi1
nee Charlr
by her Solici
Vanya Dut

North Land of Etholins Joseph


SSouth Land of Ethelina Joseph West Lands of Mane Robln
SReqouest 'dated Jonathan Charles Request for the issue
Sthe 8th day of and Patsy harles of a First Certficate
f September by their Solicitor of Title in respect of
S1975 Cilma A.M. a portion of land at
SPresented the. I Dupigny Hunt, Weo.ay, .in the
S15thday of Sep Parish of St. Andrew
Stember 1975 at in the State of Domi-
3.40 p.m nica containing
.. ..... I 1,997 square, feet
and bounded as fol
lows: ,,
North East by land oft oosevelt Williams South Ese by.
S Public Road South West by land of Leopold Williams
North West by land of Devins Henry and sylvestr '
Harrier .

vei st dated Flood James Application of flood
I26 1 74 Simon James Simon for "te
PrPser d by h olictor issue of a First Certfi
7 9 '75 f N. Eugena cate of Titfl in res-
at 1 2.25 p.n Charles pect of a portion of
land kaown as a rei
Sdential!st at Lobierej
in the Parih of St.
George coataining
3640 squwe fset andi
bounded as follows.
North Lsad of Arthur Celatre South Land o George
E dwards East A Public Road West The Sea
Requeat dated Ralison Antoine Applicatien of Rati h
20 6 75 by his Solicitor son Antoine for the
Preented M. Eugenia issue of a -arst Cortfi
17 9. 75 Charles cate of Title in re-d
at 12.30 p. pect of a portion of
land at Picher. in thbi-
Parish of St., trick
containing 2469
square fet and boeh*
dod as faelows:.
North Ernst B land of Denls Baron North & NaQth
West By land of Brunette Registe South East By laud
of ttnltclas Hnderson South Wist By a Public Road

iaegistrar's Office,
SRoseau, Dominica.

Isabella Shilllngrord '
Acting Registrar of Ttles.

NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the Issul g of a
Certificate of title on the above applcation may enter a Caveat
in the above office wl;hln six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
In this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or Iocu ler of adjoining
land In respect of which the application It made.

The Goodwill Singers Present
TiO Ci URU r.

Sunday, 5th October
St. Gerards Hall


~t~ P


M76il- I I --- --- --- I .

~B;as~~ 9,Rc,,b,, fA tQCt6

Pa' Three


4mAdela }'#5 so, y, p cen
t d

uton Request for the issue
Is of a First Co'tficate
tor of Title in resopct of
igny a portion of land at
Matrioti in the Parish
of St. Andrew,- con-
taining I1,070 square
feet tand ui.c dod a
East The Public Road

T E STAR Tn S R9 9

A*R-SP*0F*R*RT*S Morchriston
RICKET. Norb.ert Phillip of Saints.
the Combined & Windward Islands
returned to'Dominica, Tuesday
Se.-ember '16th, 'from England where
he spent some five. months with the
Colle Cricket team in-the Lancas-
hire'-league. Phillip, who did not'
complete the Augustus Gregoire
League but still .managed. to top
the bowling average claimed over
75 wickets and scored upwards of
700 Pun, ,and included two or three
centuries. He will be going,.
straight into action, playing for
Boga s Cavaliers' in a match against
Soufriere in Soufriere on Sunday,
'September 2-1st.
Bogars Cavaliers, which com ris-
es most'of the State team players
easily defeated Police last Sunday,.
-at the Botanical Gardens in a 40
overs aside match. .Bogaxs Caval-
iers, who batted. first' amassed 210
runs for the, loss of 9 wickets..
Irving Shillingford got a fine 54,
L.Sebastien 4. and E.John -25, SergI
Peaieina got 3/24', the most success
ful bowler in the match and the
cheque forthwith for the'.best
Police could only muster :9 for
9 at the end of their 40 overs
b atting, with Shillingford getting
a. patient 4 0,.
Also 'last Sundayy *'4a Astaphans
.team played againstt Aggresive XI of
Grand Fond, with Aggresive'XI giv-
ing Astaphans a, sound beating,
-innin s tb one. Ezekiel Anselm
won the toss. for Aggresive XI and
snt in'.Astaphans' to bat., who
could only muster a meagre 26.
Ronnie Hector had the ,impressive.
figures, of 6/06 of 5 overs and
Christian Abraham 2/18.
Aggresive XI in their turn t.
the creasee declared their innings
, closed at 176/4, with Griffin
George 67 and Jones Lawrence 53 z4~.
and who together put on 107 for the
second wicket.,
Astaphans in their 2nd innings
scored only' ,4, thus losing by an.
innings and 76 runs. Aggresive XI
plays Giraudel this wee at -
C-- raudel.
FOOTBALL For those fans who are
interested, they; can witness the
teams that had to play each other
-in the league, meet each othi-.in ktel
fit matches, on weekends at either-
A611, i.ew Town or P/ville Savan-

CANDID COMMENTS (fr.t.2) If the Domi-
nica Government haIsno regard for its
hard-worked banana farmers in these
dreadfully hard times, why should any
other organization or government have?
This Annanias and Saphira sort of ex-
ploitation may result-someday in a
Zaccheus confession and restoration.
Will the. Government of Dominica
direct the Banana Management Committee
to make a clean-breast of this sordid
issue as well as publish the monthly
takings for improvement since March?
The ,Coconi,4 Growers receive bonuses,
while th2 Btaana Growers are barefaced-
ly denied their due.. Wt. S S-,- -

1975 -IS I SCHOLARSHIP 'etcetera
he 1975 Scholarship, winner is
Ridley Edwards; Ronald A.Volney,
Mabel M.Yankey and Reginald T.A.-Armour
also got 5 "A" level passes.
Edwards and.VoljBay secured. their
passes in Physics, Chemistry and
Biology, while Mabal Yankey. and
SReginald. Armour both got passes in
English, History and Economiics. Only
five pupils received "A" level passes-
in. Mathematics.- Jennifer D.Fadelle
received an "A" -level pass in Art aid
another, inn French, Eight other stud-
ents also obtained two "A" level pass-
One hundred and fourteen pupils,
secured 284 passes Por the Convent
High School in the "O'' level exxatns.
D.OG.S. fooeived 2218passes through.
95 pupils, S.M.A. 117 passes from 67
pupils, W.H.S. 68 passes from 40 pupils,
Sixth Form Col. some 39 passes through
39 pupils. Portsmouth Secondary
School, 11 pupils won 52 passes.
...;-S -
:NEW.W"S PRIINCIPAL: Marigot-born Mrs.,
Victoria Joseph is the new Principal-
of Wesley High School, succeeding Ag.
Principal Miss Heather Osborne. Mrs.
Joseph attended a college course in UK.
DREADS 'REPORT: meetings began in Ro-
seau this week with some town Dreads,
the Amnesty Committee having covered
out-of-town talks. We hear that a pro-
gress report was prepared for handing
to the Ministry concerned.
man -for Vieille Case Banana-growers
says.-that, guided by ex-Premier. Le-
Blanc,DBGA personnel & Hon.F.Parillon
held discussions at VC.and decided on
a new boxing plant at a site not..
agreed by local growers in general.,
The water suburlY is better nt. Amh1 o

'Pinte~fea 0d. ublishcd'by the t Proprietor R.Ei.Allfrey, sO CUopt hall Mill House
a.at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.


- i-----------~-~--.- s -~ -u -~UP- IF-L~--~Z?-L~ LY"

.i.davy. September 19. 1975

~HR .,$TAR