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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Publication Date: 09-12-1975
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-From an. Editorial
ia the Sr Kitts Democrat
TIE socialist oree d holds that all
men are eaual- In t -e s Iea that we all
have an equal claim -upo .t-Ie land and
its resources and -th-e rofita Whbioh
result from the uas thd gifts of Nature.
The System does not "say that all: men
are equally gifted and it allows due re-
gard- for the fact th a t every system
conta tt8he reaw wc, are :'created .and
varLiou*,-.f ofi.endsaour. -.'
.THE system of Social justice such- a S
implied In Sciahism is most definitely ,bat
is needed in the Caribbean -gd. thfi ti dte i
our Histry Ldeed -oppo'tune for the
establishmepft of this design of rghteousness
iaid equiy 7i Ou people are now becoming
alive, to their rights at citizens of this Conm-
imunity eHrd wflr k for nothing i less 1T~s
is what .te polincians know why they 'ave
bhastead to aurea thea. people that they .6-l .
tend to set ip the system called Socialtm.
IBUT f tiae rpast behaotdr of these rseio-
nal polfticiaa is ao. i- ndictiop of thea ivel of
their sincerity the p-ople a~e b Ofreed vety,
strong reasons for. uspectilg 'the ttue motives
behind: the gmra&e deiartods8 and the cleverly
ranged e folluw'up-' -teetin Leof their "top

IT muste.bj h emi be' d thaia these same,
figures who Enow shout gliby abecut Sociatism
,are the very oeopa of 'three decades ago
around iwhotm ni worakes of tbe areas flocked
in expectation of le dawn of the era ofsoci al
justice fot workers. .n But when theeworkers had
clothed them with power these pe6le,, became
heads of Govern ents and. concentrated their
efforts not on the pirpcde of tbeir elevition
by the people but on making themselvess very
capitalisticai -r ch nd unequal.-
IF they had used the last' 206 years -n. a
genuine effort to Imiptve the lot of thea poor
people of the regi6n.Instead tof i tfe self~ b
use of their political advatgo there would
be no need now for the deceitful'..platitudes'
which they- find so convenient to utter.,
ir might bei t theeow Heads of Govern.
went who ride in Rolitooyo --ea and enjoy
Immense wealth derlvd. entirely from their.
monopoly of political power toe "sriously
overeatimating thej credulity 'f. the people
they are trying. to fool. (ed ( doi ',

j1 -- --i 78 STREET
S C :.EW t W -. 1-001

A St. Lucian girl Miss. Gmma n
won the recent contest for' the loveliest
vacation beauty, winninae ainst girls
from Trinidad, Montrial, Barbados,
Guadeloiupe, Grenada, Guywna etc.
m^StWWST^ ^v'-

We understand that dur-
ing the course of this .
week member of the sub
-committee on the Drea d "
,have been meeting these
young men in a country.
district to discuss pr o- :^ I
blems and find.- common t :,"
grou~d. The meetings have been vry am.
cable and fruitful* O Wedoesday, the ftil
,Ainesty uCoimrittee met those Dreads for
further- friendly talks. ,
Wea would suggest two nhxt step: *ome,
that Ministers of CGorernment now step'
forward, ap.d, meet the Dreads :n the'saiue
way the Committee has done; and. condly
that the omtnitee mightt now seek -di,-a.
ogde: with those more niumeroeus and some,
times more militant youths called Dreads
who live in and' about Town, ,
'There is reason to hope: that the oiff-
icial report of, the Commt6ittee will be '
outt soon .
: "1I In I -" i _

'Great Arawak Discovery
In North Martinique, archaeological treasures
have been unearthed to indicate Arawak occupa-
tion some 20o year after the the birth of Christ
The cache was found buried 'deep under the
slopes oa Mont Pele'and the site was probably
inhabited -by some 500ooo people a the time of
their flight fom the menaceof an earlier crop
tion- - ,
Thanks tbthe Rotary Club 6f IMir-
tinique and the archeologist M.
Mattioni thi stunning .discovery
has been made and i~s being pro-
tootetd; according to Prance An..-
.tilles, which calls it" a pre-Col-
iobian Pompei of the Caribbean-*.-

DO, they think that we do niB ka.piaat all
they mean by Socialism is. a ingle political
party froza which all but them will be denied"
pace and in which they will fee l escire to
further enrich themselves at the ezxpse of
the o*e' *

Surely there is a message in these
q quoted passages for the people of

: ,-- , . .. .... . ii ,



Want you to explain to mesiabout During the press conference af-
what is happening to our.islands*., ter the Caribbean Consultants' meet-
Am afraid forget Jamaica., it .is ing at. .the Fort Youuig 'Hotel on Mon-
too far north and out of reach as day, the Secretary General of CARICQM
it were. lost his '"cool'over one statement -
Today I heard a talk on the radio that CARICOM Was responsible for
about the many different currencies backedd up customs and consumption
in thee islands and how.unfotuo nate, duties,. Slamming -his hand on the
it all: is, that wh6n going from one table h.e emphasised that the LDCs do
is.lnd to another (if non.-undepen- NOT start phasing-in to the Common
dent tj6 independent) it means col External Tariff of CARICOM until.978.
-lecting notesland coins- which\'are, LTDC duties are either Eastern Carib-
no .'use in one's oWn island. Before bean Common Market (ECCM) or local.
our trial at Independenoe, we were He admitted that-the ECCM. was unable
all using one currency and we had to command any-real power base from-
xhich to negotiaite- due to lack of
one. flag and. sang one anthem; since. which to negotiate due to lack of
then there. are. five central ban' funds for the secretariat. 'Among ot-
thor.thedifferentf cuencr esb her. things he pointed out that the
Dow e. West Indians realie h Charte:of CARICOM ..stated-that the
Do .w. Wst I s r e that CARICOM Secretariat 'accepted instr-
before Independence we were real3 utions from no. government' .
ai u oted group of islands? SinCe .Outlining the future plans- for
then wehave been breaking up into CARICOM, Mr. McIntyre gave Phase one
sjkM'ittle groups. Each island as th6 removal of trade barriers;.
has its own flag and anthem and Phase two Joint Projects, Produe- .
-there are four different currencies, tion and Transportation (including,
,(ie' .irg but Jamaica) which make.s.. thur new cargo ships with inter-is-
diff.culties for us all.- .land smaller ships for smaller is-
Tell you-, I would vote for the lands) and Agricultual Reform by a
country, that would unite us once grant of $l.4millio. from UNDP.
more under ang currency, one lag ,. Phase 3 should include Free Movement
ari one. anthem and realise it hais of gods' and persons and a Common
to tbe abig country because we tas Currency (here he expressed a person-
so very aitagonistic to each other al VTew) .
'-that we can never unite ourselves., The varieties of currencies with-
Please point out a new united in CARICOM caused a lot of confusion
path for our islands*. and it was expected that a revised
Wishing you and the Star- all the" plan for intra- central bank credits
very best -M.G.; St. Luci.a would, go through up to -2.4M E.C.
-i t eer -up M.G '-(this presently stands at only
SEditor': 'note: Gheer up M.G. Mr. .$.00,000). Since there are no dis-
Alister .clntyre has the; matter ad ~bount houses in the Caribbean it is
.--OR ARABLE LADS Hugh Lawrence hoped that some discount work will
The topography of Dominica consists be taken .up by the cqwmiercial' banks
of mountains, hills rivwrs,4lakes and to expedite .currency and trade flow,
valleys,. When one owns an estate 'of The Secretariat is alsomaking plans
say 1,000--acres, three-quarters of it .for Caribbean Travellers cheques,to
are mostly mountains' and rocks. The 'avoid businessmen etc.. having to car-
other quarter which is arable -is us- ry U.S.dollars'around the islands!)
ually cultivated with the following, On the Lom& Convention (trading
depending on soil-type: coconuts,ban-. terms.agreed with the.European Com-
anas,limes,grapefuat,orang s,oC.ffee, mon Market) he considered this a
bayleaves,breadfruit,corn,mangoes,sur- great step forward, since greater
ar apples, cane.s,pumpkins,pineapples, equality was granted, no retciprooity
cassava,red beans, cucumber,plaintain asked of the African Caribbean Paci-
ground provisionss (concluded page 6 fic Group (ACP),, whose unanimity was
heart-warming; the-State rund a'et up for compensatory financing for produce
such as bananas (comparable .to our winter price support but financed in the.
recipient country) was a great achievement as was the agreement for a part-.
nership basis between outside capital and raw material producers, who were
to be given complete access to technology. - Mr. MlIntyre ended.up on a-very
hopeful note for the fUture of the Westindian .Ilands both LDCs and MDCs: '-
gradutily self-reliance was becoming the keynote, rather than expectingg .
someone elsa to do it." -- R.E.A.

Fr~dayz Sep'c;em~b~:ec~E:12,~975

Paga wa

PRe~~ TtnTa


F-iday September 12, 197 _. ........ -

Scheduleof AppHcation for Certfifspt of Title and Nobiin1|
'kthPnR and Csavas for week ending ltSh day of September 197

;9 at Reue~4

T"rson Presenting Nature of request
Whether a Certificate
S" of Title of Noting
thereon, or Caveatg.

Application of Louisal
Dejean for the iassuo
of a First Certficate~
of Title in respect of
a portion of land in
the Town of 'Rosea1
in the Parish of SLt
George containing
402 square feet and
bounded as follows:

NeFrh Lnd of Flert nc Williams South Lan- of Henry
Rightn East Land of Victor Matthew West Right.Of
Way epSrtaing it from iad of MHudry Reio. _t

Request ate Ebesnezar Aplieti ton of hen
1 9 75 Theodore- ear Theodore for.
Presented y her Solicitor the issue of -a First
9 9 75 M. Eugenia Certficate of Title in
at 12 O'clock Charles respect of a portion
of land- known as a
lot at Bense in the Pa
iih'of. St. Andrew!
containing 1.154:
SAcres and bounded
a. follows:
North Lands of Lionas Thomas & Lucy Francois East PublIle
Road & A Dratl Separating It from land bf Jonas Francols
South.Wit A foot Path Separatng it from land of the
Heirs of Auguistc Royar West Land of the heirs of
Auguiste Royer

Rquest dated
11 8 75
9 9 75
lat 12;20 p.m

IRalph Gaas te
bY his Solicitor
M. Eugenia~

Norp h Ravine Separatlng It from tan
South Public Road Eat Lind of Al;
Lend of Government of Dominica (Si

Application of Ralph
Guiste for the issue
of a First Cortficate
of Title in respoct-of
a portion of land at
SBoetica in the Parish
of St, Patrick contain i
in 4392 square feet
and bounded as f!l

d of Alphonse JoIph
phone Joseph West
chool.Site) Et, t,.1 .

Sc)a4 jr WeK )n- a 6th day of Septemb 1975

Request dated Clotho Ptrick and
4- 7 75 Raleigh Charles
Pr4estted by their Solicitor
3 9 75 at MLt iCharle
10.30 a.m.
I - -- ~

Application of Clotke
Patrick and Raleigh
Charles for the issue
of a first eertificate
of tite in respect of
A Portion of land in
the Town of Roseau
in the pariah or St,
George containing

502 square feet and bounded as follows:-
North.East: Land of Earl Whita; Soutp.East: Land of
Henry John Lewis; South West: Awtll on I nd of
Phillil Lewis John Jules; North West: River &nk.

Requet dated
18 7 75
13 9 75
it 10,40 a.m.

Luaie' Ger
personal r
tative of H
'euette do
by her Soli

-. .-~ I

miain'r Application of Luni(
,prsen G)rmsain as personal
ayes P representative o f
ceased Hayes Pacquetto de"'
icitor ceased for idea isage
Chalei .of a first certificate
-----of title, in respect of
A Portion of land at
Scotts Head in the
Parish of St. Mark core
taking 1124 square
feet and bounded as

Neirth-East Lands of Ema Germain; North .Wes: W
1Pugblic Road: South East: Lands of Veronica Gregsir.;
.South West. Lands of Francis )no, Lewis, .

SRegistrar's Office,
SRoseau, Dominica,

Isabella Shlngforird i
Acting Registr Titles

NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the I's;ing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks frpm, the date or the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
In this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law: was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land Ito f specs of which. the application is Made.
S .

One three bedroom house situate on
44.6 square feet of land in the Melville
all Development, Marigot.
Attracive mortgage terms are offered,
Apply in person pr in writing to:-

R- OSEAU Tel 22


1971 AUSTIN 1300
Contact: Rupert Sorhaindo,
S Goodwill, Tel. 3341

If You are one of those who get colds frequently
and whom Influenza never misses ferei's
'good news for you.
A course of NELSON'S INFLU-
TABLETS vill go a 3png way to
develop in you immunity against
these distressing and often danger-
ous ailments.
A course of Nelson's Influenza
and Common Cold Tablets will
cost you only. 4.15 per bottle.

r^^ ____ '* ** __

.- "




FOR @, A
,~a~j~s~a~.~t~~ F~n

-I ___






---- ----I .--------Y---- -- i


!.- ix t'hrao

HEiajri STAR

- I'


I --

' . 't

Ini .. worn= .

adam, I read with attention your
piece on Forests last week, for al-
though I have not yet joined the
Conservation Society. I a a a great
tree 1qver and every time I hear
an axe striking I shudder as if my
own foot is about to be chopped.
However,I hope that your own
best asset io a sense of humour,for
something struck me as funny in the
quote from the, "New Scientist"- of
which I am an occasional reader at
the Libr-ary. And you had also put
in on p.2 that you would make your
own funny mistakes in the -STAR soon"
You made one right in that issue.In-
stead of printing (pl) '"rather like
alooating a second of your marriage
to your husband or wife your print
hdd it: "rather like allocating a
second marriage to your husband or
wife" a different thing, you agree?
Two words ,ere left out And on the
next page (2), who was the noble Lord
in that excelleni"short article on the
Press? We get used to verbal jokes
liifke paollysent ftor, adolesoant, in
wiping up support for Massacre Schobl',
Gondoughlyas for Gondoliers (all radio)
but really Madam the written word is
mone precious, so -do be careful.
Touch6d And the Press LorZd was Astor





~rrrdc-- L.~--*l*---,~. -IIJC .-.-Q- I--~I-_ I_, j 1 --1~~--11~- - ~

Pafe Pf- f'


B~idru ~a~trer~le~r





SPage Five

Friday, September 12, 1975


SW. S. Stevens
Payment of Poor- Relief A 3_andal
Two whole months (July & August)
and up to the time of writing
(Sept.8) have passed without a cent
being paid to the unfortunate folks'
in receipt of poor relief from the
nation's purse. Three time have-
the poor and helpless been treated
The Hon. Minister for Home Aff-
airs vr, Isaiah Thomas puts the
blame on the Village. Council Asso-
ciation Authorities who volunteered.
to pay poor relief money. And they
in turn will put the blame on the .
Premier's Ministry responsible for
Village Council affairs.
Passing the buck indicates how
much red-tape is being rolled up
for two months. But it is a social-
crime to treat our poor and needy
in this heartless and beggarly fash-
ioQ. 'It may be that Government is.
trying to see whether the aged and
infirm, the sick and'needy can live
without food.
Cormmnications & Works
Thirty-five miles of feeder
Roads' is to be done from funds
specifically provided by the Carib-
bean Development Bank. It is not
known whether this is a, grant or a
One thing is now. apparent: .-the
job is under. the direction., and exe-
cution of-the Ministry for Communi-
cation & Workd, and this Ministry
as usual, without foresight, plan-'
ning and organization is making a.
mess of the situation. Roads exca-
vated four weeks ago cannot be .tar-
rished, with the result that banaEia
growers in 'the Craig and Captain
Bruce areas either see the "devil-
on-twp-stieks" to get out. their
fruit or-have to abandon mares ting
their fruit altogether, -and the
rainy season is.here.
Complaints to'the Minister for
Communication & Works. yi.ld no re-
sult.. He promised District Repre-
sentative Pat Stevens to visit
Marigot on Septl last. Both
gentlemen.arranged to have lunch at
Marigot at 1 pm.'that day. At the
eleventh hour Minister Seraphine
telephoned to say he could not come,
A full week has now passed. He has
not yet turned, up,
concludedd age six)

Parlament Not -Consulted EC.Lob3ack
This week I would like to deal
with 'Freedon Under The Law' which
is defined.by a former British Lord
Chief Justice thus "Power m bay b
abused; if those powers are abused
.there is no tyranny like theme It'
leads to a state of affairs when
the police may arrest any man, and.
throw him into prison without cause.
It leads to the -search oT his home
and belongings; it leads to the hate
f Gastapo asid a Police State." I'm
I'm afraid this is what we ara
facing- in Dominica today, The Chief
Justice continued to say: "'The so-
cial revolution of today has put on.
the State the positive responsibility '
.of seeing that everyone is provided
with the necessities of -ife.. Act
after Act has put on the State the
responsibility of sae.iag that the
sick.and the poor are provided for.
also the fatherless and the wdow, -
Act after, Act has put upon local
authorities the .duty of providing-
for the ,welfare of their inhabitants. -
Act after Act has created public cor-
porations, put them under the con-
trol of the State and charged them
with the efficient working of essen,-
tial services..
"The principle that runs through
all. the recent legislation is that
the State is responsible for seeing
that all the supplies and. services
which are necessary for inAividyal
well-being are available to all."
This means- that when British Prw
liament passes an Act, if that Act
needs amendment the government must
go back to Parliament to have it
"amended. No official should be able
to go. on tliBBC and annamc he"That
any Act has been extended (as happen-
ed over DBS and the Dreads Amnesty),
Let us now take. a.look at the
American Bill of Rights. In Chapter
I, under the heading '" Sixty-Three
Pledges of.Freedom' it reads: "The
American people have been blessed with
a Bill of Rights since 1791, when
the ratification of the first ten
amendments to the Constitution was
*completedc There is no reason to say
'at least' since then, for when'a
great outcry went. p that the Consti-
tution formed in 1787 contained no
Bill of Rights, the. reply was made
that the entire document was a charter
of rights and liberties," ~oncl 6 Q-

- -- --~---~--~I-~--~I---~I-


Ea~g Six T Lo .AL.-^, .JgD: St.Ll8uatv 1 ju er
. ST*A-*R*tSP*O*R*T*S Morchriston CANDID COmIENTS (fr.p.5) If the
SFOOTBALL The 1975 'football season PWD did not know., where and how the
which promised 'so much after one or tarrish would be..had, why did it
two false starts was abandoned last tear up a road that wasa oiled in
Friday, Sept; .5th after an cmergen- parts and smear it.with mud? Who
cy meeting of footballers held at plans and. organizes the activities
the Dominica Grammar School. of the PWD and who supervises? There
Earlier in the week ending Sept. is .a spate of officers running around
6, a meeting preside.ddover by the in cars and lan4-rovers' Why can't
Premier, Hon.Patrick John andcorn- .a simple job be done expeditiously
prising the Mayor of Roseau, Mr.G. and efficiently?
Kyaram, the National Sports. Council The PWD Inquiry should be wide
-anc'. -r"esentatives of the Grickdt enough to prove waste as well as
& Football Associations took place.- dishonesty. Many Government Depart-
at Win'dsor Park .in terms of the. Shell Shall we ever have them?
Shield Cricket match (Barbados vs __ _
the Combined Islands). UR ARABLM' LANDS -from p.2.
At this meeting, to .the conster -- and a parcel for pasturing.Today
nation of quite A few presen-t (al- however We are faced with a serious
though one or two protested),' it problem, and that is labour.*- .L.
was agreed that football should be. Some might ,ay Labour! Editor. '
terminated by the end of Octbber in
order that -the Cricket Committee MATITINE Cynthia Watt.. (Fiction)
have enough time to renovate the' Reu.ben yas saying smugly to. Ma
Park to stage their Shell Shield Titine: "Yes is true I been scarce
Matchh, It follo-we-d -rna ally that dese days, but I makiin a whole new .
Sthe Football. Committee uet the. set of furniture foh home. ..I doan
-playeras to let, them know what was ; like di metal tings,, so I have some
expected of .them. At this meeting real nice ole-style tings copying or
at the DS,, it "was brought. forward mendin"
that various savannahsl (Goodwill, "Well, well, that is fine, ". said.
Newtown Pottersville and- the DGS Titine. "When you get through with yoir
-grounris) be usedi for matches, a own furniture, I want you to ,make. a
suggestion which met with stout nice old-time rocking chair for me.
refusal of the footballers present Rocking is so relaxing"
and the demand by the teams for the "But not onteel I do de cradle
immediate. return of their registra- .fh my boy,," said Reuben, smiling
tion fees and the abandoning of this fondly at Genelia, who was enjoying
.year's football. Ma Titine s. lentil soup garnished with
The way STARSPORTS check that salt beef, pig's tail, cabbage and
scene the maih reason.why o dumplings. "I'll sit there in my long.
-football and money Iback is arm chair and I'll rock him to sleep
because' the amount of work some of- wid my foot,' while Genelia relax in .
'the footballers put into' tthe Wad-- hah own rocker. "
sor Park and the complete supportt "This"-being International-Women's
.from the other footballbw. who can Year, the character will be. a girl, "
admire the work done, firstly for Geneli said firmly. "And Itll have
the.Uable. & Wireless Youth Tournai- her christened Iwy.
ment and eventually their own league "an while I rocking heem, I writing.
.To see all their work o6eing broken *a letter to 'Faddah Germaine to put he
down for one cricket match which name down for SMA," continued Reuben
might still not be. played here is doggedly. "I doan want for dem to
the limit. give de boy. level exam to pass teat -
BOXING On October 1, 1975, Muham- for secondary school, de way I heah '
med Ali will be defending his titleit pass ih Domineeka las time.I doing
for 'the 4th time this year when he: like e aristocrat in England."
meets Joe Frazier in Manilla, The two women exchanged such looks .
'Phillipines,- in what will be their DOMINICA IS IN DANGER lfr.p.5) Can
third clash. Earlier opponents this we the. people of Dominica say 'we are
year were Ron I'leC.Wepner blessed with our 'electrifying 'team' ? '
ye were Riuor* Timje will te]I.- E.C.L.
Printed and Published by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill House
at -26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, The West Indies.


T> _- lt-

Ci m A "

*ntu- - '}'_-* C1--J- _-?l- _*- ^l ^s i fMtt ?*