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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 07-25-1975
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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f ^intery 69, Ed^or 2
^ ^-Flff Ar-fiM67 <- 5 or 2 61r
SU.K. Mecdita Represenitatwive:'
SColin Turner (Lcndon) ;.id.
1ft ShafWebry Ave.& TtjE


An act ralini pr-'vi.en for .!onnpan' prk
3systSte3, s U-0.kcep aod 'regi1la-icd-, 6 ae f.-te .
the. House E3s r.u1lk. t is one Act 'n.cry citl 'n
.can welcome. T'Ih actursi areomf_1'' d3efi'j Ned a-
tioal-Parki is X5 964 acres il the iteriji of Dom
inica- amidst sUa.!-,o natual a cenetyae.

Thle Se2 ih, -idi mwany had ex- -
pected .to Ic.. "', P.- r $n ..wet right ,
through to, about 2. 30 'p. during
-;Wh I:,I. dr-aft ".1--be c j... ,Ats..
The th.Ler which hi i: ^.n'rt' s or a
divis;.o.- -we're that on the Couroil
for Legal-: Ed..ca tion (tr. :ir e ', on [;
,Admission to Practioe, was inserted --
xi- Snhecdule ,- ;J3.epito... uc S6epr... *
'vice Honours, thank' goodness' the
3:Sissou .Awar.d ,-f .ono.r was alter.
ed 'to DOMr.Cl.CA Aard of'hi-ar..--_j
'In the discussion o., this !c L, "Giv.u
.o i. .. Canals said oane did, And vwe
X1ot see 0o point pft b'gS"0' e ,e
both Dominica local hon-urs al Theb fish
British lionoura; this -viewpoQat Giveg u
.may receive. consideration. At i .
the end of the Regtstration1,&t P.lease he
Electors Act:,Opposition a2illed OI you m
-for a diviisor.: the Ac.t. was Wih pec
passed 16-6, ..AStepping up .pay '

.for Publie *&. Police Services Com-
missions was criticized by Oppos-
ition oon economic grounds: the
raises-:in this Act were steep.But ,
Govt. compared therm with fees in
,other Associated States. An Adt
giving wide powers to a Minister to
increase. taxation without s-::ction
,of the House created sharp comment,
Dreads Amnesty Act:. MP Pat SteVens
: recotnended that.leaders of Churches
and of Opp6sition be invited
(cngqluded page fcour)


, ,* ,. .. .


Stalk this.veek
attacked a isub-'
versive group
allesegd to be
s tirrin' up jev t
o lut ion ixn tlhis.
State,. .

-, did
rnot naie this'
Groupp. nd' hs
words will 'd6
a. -lot. to pUt '
of? w i" -1 tal
Investors arid
visitors to-
Dominica, .in
ou'r view.
_^-_~f .V 1 'i_

Catholi' worker
, Rita Coin -

A. Warrin g
hinds to gr';> fd '
witi 'd&tbiswidb a!! our ri;gh !
o accept your advice and iisa
i now hardly bite,
work- is our earnest cry.
arken to this appeal-
aiy soon find yo~r gaol filled
iple who were driven to steal,
- St. Kits' Democrat

Suing For Libel
,Mrs. Phyllis Shand Alfrey has instructed
Counsel to proved with a. suit for defamation '
of character against the Educator newspaper
"(iasue of July 9).

It is uedersood that Mt. Star SLectrade.is
also suiog the same newspaper for libel (issue
of July 16}.


--- - -i--ack for Thrs Xey' House Selon Hew. Lennox
SFOR SALE Honychurh. ho went to sarbades with the' ireak
A 3-Ton Bedford Truck I m roup. H, ,vs, ss .
-V "-H1723 -....
: ed rH1nring co We hope to print Lennox's vitaw on rhe basc frit.
.gad running oqdcIwl a
STelephone Owner 5 doms of Dnmlncans (from an Interview in Barbados) sootn
S- for further etas!__.. .- ._ --.- -_-.

D_.The Assassination of _People's CharaciG

Y ~--~ --C- I~YI-9 ~




Doubtless the fact that after an
Analytical review of the content of
Premier Patiick John's* interview
for broadcast to commemorate-
CARICOM'S second anniversary,,_ as.
was broadcast over Radio Antilles
from 6.30 p.m. on Friday 11th Ju Y,
the knowledgeable C.B.U, interview-,
.er quite _correctly realized that it
is only. a 'dead. People'. in a 'dead
country' that could have Patrick.
John. as its. leader; so he appro-
priately .ntoned the interview with
a funeral' hymn "'ABIDE WITH E11 .-
Dominica s Premier was ,off-traok,
i-incapLble and shallow .
His replie-s. were churlish, in-
.fantile and unknowledgeable'. His.
English wazs a; usual very BAD: and
whereas he remembered to tell. lies
about himself in private life ---.
-things and positions he neither did
Snor held he forget tb mention
that he was twice. Mayor of Roseau.
-et al within O E-three-year 'TZvM
:-of. office.
I think the Cbnet. should real-
o4 something about, the country.s
leadership NOW. There certainly
ase: better men on deck*-
It.. is riot fair that superior
minds -in Dominiea (including Iabb- ,
ourite.s) should keep enduring such
,national disgrace and humiliation,
S-.-, -: ~: STAR S, LESTRAE: .I


Sby W S.Stevens

SCARICOM ha.s not yet seen fit to
dispel the charge of hypocrisy laid.
by brave,# CGief Minister Bramble of-
Montserrat,. ar icom should e: -11
Dominica straight. "Manufacture your
excellent grapefruit juice and it.
will fetch a good price in' the
region C' Caricom grew as a new
term for "Carifta":' another n.w
name is surely overdue '
Hardly one of the' leaders" inter-
views so 'far 'spoke of Caricrom as: a
definite- success' save Prime
Minister Barrow of Barbados, What-,
despite so 'much talk, throttled a
splendid ideaa*-SELF--which smashed
ihe Fedrration thirteen' ears ago.,
mad POW IR-HUUiGER, which dominated.
the smaller territories thereafter.
Yes,, there is no doubt that
most listeners were disappointed
with Premier John's Caricci inter-
view-, -.W -.

It: may. sound strange .but true that
at the Princess Margaret Hospital
there exists an unused-ward which is
attacahed.to the Stronach ward of the
Prince" Margaret .Hspital. At the
designed entrance of this ward hangs -
a conspicuous 'plaque with the. follow,
4ing: .. .
In recognition of the generous
bequest of the late
To the Governmeht and People
of Dominica'
In respect of the obstetrics
Ward of the -P.M.H."
This ward appear to be fully.. teil_
-equipped with all necessities foa~-'a
ward of its nature, ,On the lJeft of
the corridor six private rooms, are'
situated and on the right an occupied.
nursery and the above-mentioned
vacant ward,
When a pregnant woman goes g to the
hospital. to deliver..ler baby shemust
be. very sick or lucky .to stay~for'
three :days to receive treatment. This
is due to the fact that :other preg-
nant woman coming J.fter must b.e. ad- .
pitted, and are told, "no place -se.
go 1home, and come -back. in a few d~ays '
time," Thus I was shocked to hear of
this vacant ward.-
Isn't it. wrong of Governnmnt to. :
ke'e this ward' closed to. the public?
Mr. Christian, do oine; work in order
'to get this.ward open., This cannot
be|, an expression of your Goverimanenti
gratitude. towards the executors of
*the will of the late Walter John.- If.
so, hia spiritual appearances on this'
ward (as claimed by many' nurses) are
justified, for am suro that he never
meant it to be so, '
There are two reasons 'give for
the. closure.' of this ward ad3 they are:
the roof is too low -and the toilet
.lines were 'badly laid when building,
so. when the toilets are. used and.,
flushed, thpv 0oe3rfl.ow -thereby caus-
ing a mess .in all the attachments of
the vacant wad. I -may sound 6out of
nrm competence, but, Mr,& Minister, 'less
spending *z-ams f o the fPorces,
please, and renovate the most naede
and important ward at the Princess
oargaret Hospital. KELVIi FRANCIS
ditors. 3 --ot'.: Upon contacting a Hos-
pital authority, he told us that the
ward -as prematurely opened, is under~.
equipped 6 nfiis ,

'r n is, L'. A- K

E~SriaFT,~;~tr 3,."5_ ~Qr~Fi

* .. ag T~'re


M. UR AND 68 Cork Strieet
Schedule of Application for Cerchicate'of Tide and Nods j
thereon and Cavats for week ending i9rih day oi jtiy, 1975.i
iDate Requeasted iPerson PregentlPg Nature of -requeste
Whether a Certificate

- --'- --'x'-"' ~

Resqwq gate a Atoa& Bfrar.n ani RecQuet for the issue
Sthe 6th day o. RoaThoa s a. jof a Fir t Certificate
j e197511, 5 Paronal Repro jf Title in reApectgofl
PrIeseted the s entatvaes of portion of land at
I 17th.day of Gerald Charles 1Petite Savanne in the
July. 1975 at. I dceasad iciParish of St. Patrick,
o Q10 a.. .i by their So!icitorlin tih State of Domi
S ,ilmsi A.M. Dupigny Inica, containing 6848
j j sq!uarte feet and boun
1 dad as follows:-


N;orh by lan4ids ., Luther Thoms ahd Rog0ec '"hmas;
South East by land of Adiade Phillt; East by land o Ro
ger Thomas; W..:'t by a Public Road.

, Tit I o 1 f tg t- .. .. ....
t thereon or Caveat, |JKQmest datea Antae biyrcQr. and
iaBs h d ay Roger Thomin as
Request dated G .,o Mionic qestB for the issuer, Jun 75. I Peraonal Repiro
lst July 19,75 Adolph of a First Certificatei PIrsented the sestatives s '
Presented by hia Solicito #f 'Title in respect of. 16ri o4 f Gerald. Charles
17th July SI975 Vanya '. a portion of land in Juy, 19. at aeceasod
at 2.60 p.m. Dupigny Ithe Town of Ports ,3.25 p.n, lby their Solicitor
n-- 'mouth in the Parish 4 -Cila A.M.Dupigny
Sof St John, contari -
'2055 square fee '
and boun4ed as fl' I
lows:- North by land qf Francis Baron S
North Lnd of Edward Benjamin S uth: Halifax Street rt Baron; East by land of Lance Di
East: Bay S.rset W A Wa all s:arsrig it from the sea. of Francis Barn.

W fC1 i'j @1nrci 12h !ay of juiy, i97l1f.

REquaast for the.issue i
of a First Cricifcaate
ef Title in respect of
a portion of land at
Petite Savenye in thb
Parish of St. Patrick,
in the State of Donmi ;
nica, containing
10,608 sqarfe feetan~i
bound as f old ws:
auth by fand of Victo
rroux; West by land

S~~-~A~k '-&~ ~4~( i~r~c~-~e1 ~ A'~)Ry :~- -

R'ieqaUest aited ynese ApTo cation of R&y.l
25 13 74' n es Bruno for the__
Presented her SolitCor issue of a First Cert i l $.,est dated Mary 'Frederick' Reqest for the-issua
11 7 75 E:.'Ta;s .I facate of Title in res the b8th d&y of as persona reprep of a First Cari~ii
at 11.20o. 'Charles, pect of a portion f J' iy 1975 sentative of Fra-. of Title in raspe.at c:
ai upper evi in t sePa'-ish of. St. Andrew, PF~ra.nfea the zilia Joseph a potion of lan.
contair nlc 9808 squre feot and bounded as follows: 2Ctrd day of dIceIatd knewn as a lot at
North- Land of Frfederlck George; SourJifPhiBic Road; July 1475 by her Solicitor Born, i the-ParPi '
East: Larnd of Gibr GiUlbt Weft: L and of derrk Geo eat 12.24 p.m. Cilma A.M I'St. John, in shre
Et9 Lh'iedayru Dupigny -State of Domimof c
-r n-i- A -- -- .... -.....--- -4..- .-...-....-.......-............ conta9iting 3.300 Y
ResRt te V Alre Request for' t he I s U acres and bounded
the 2nd da oS1O & Thomas Alfred of a First Certifkcat* UFSllwsI
July; 1975. by their Solicitor of Title iio respect if '
iPresented th a portion of land Ia i:tar Eras by a Iving, partly separatng It from land of PBddsrtno;
16th day of CilmaA.M. MarP got in thePagiesh 1 .-_ban!: rod land C" justit Andrew: South by 0i, C., re. -
july, 1975 at upigy of St. Andrew, *i the Ing- It 'irom land *trjoseph Wilfbams and Janie Nelson: Noeth
:3.47 t.m State -of Doinica, .rf. L and of RoExi Noesi Arnold Logan and heirs of Joseph
Sbntamming' 1 t. and boaeed as folows: I .- .. ,
Kortgh-East:'By land of Armnela Mark. Sauth.EAst; By land. Reqpuast dated Liauretta Francia RPequet for the issue
of- McKenzie Baptiste. N4ry- ..'','" yd f Arahfr the 20th day of as personal repre of a First Certificat?
Stevens. Sdth- Wst.: By and of Mislrida Roberts, may 1975 tentative of, o Titei in resoect o'

Raqusat dated jMona MarIe fRel~ RIquist for the issue
the 24th day oa o a First Certificate
June, 1975. by her Solicitor of Tide in respect of
Presented the portion of ad at
16th day of 1 Cilma AIM. Mahaut in the Parish
auly, 1975 at Dupigny of St. Paul, -in the
3.14 p8 .. St~~e of Dominica,
containing 0 e031 eBd bo undtd. as follows:
SNoorth-East by stand of Camalite Robert; Norih-.Wst by
land of McDona;i Destouche; South-ast by a right of
way separsatg it from land.of Adiir.ried PVcquets:; South
West by the Se.
Request dated Hamiltoa Lesl' Request for the issue
the 8th day of by his Solicitor of a First Certificate
July, 1975. .Cia-A.M -f Title in respect of
Preented the Dupny portion of land at
16th day of Wesley in the Parish
July, 1975 at of St. Andtew, in the State of Domin
.35 p.m. 'ica, containing 1,95 acres adid fboundard
as foflows:- -1
On the North: Land of Hamirton Leille; OpiAha East;-
\ Lae~ of Mrs.ElEza Phillip; On the S.-i h: 4Land fWalk.
Air's Rest Estate; On the West: Land of Emmanuel oIJ~e

Psresentd the George Fontaine portion of 1i8.
23rd da- of decesed kIown as a reaider-
.?y .19" f by her Soicitor jtia lot at Dubiqiw,,
at 12.37 pm. Cihlr A.M Grand Bay u thi P p
__Dupigay Ih of St. PtertI i.
--th State of Domiwr
eoatenang 52f squaa-;
feet and bounded a-
filow ,.
North by land of Harrison Jo.l~ Baptiislt w :; .- _I e RC.y?
South by land, of Johr Remy: West bs ;and of Maxweli Hendersi.
end Christina- issac,

Registrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominika,

Acibng Shril ngford
Acting Registrar of Title

NOFE: Any person who desires to object to the Issuing of a
Certificate. of title on the sbovu application may enter a Cave
in the above office within six weeks from the dateof the Fir:'
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper pubitshe'
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by,
!aw was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoinginq
fand ins respect of which the'appiicatikn is made.

iTY-,A'I.\~ eqas. IP~

.^^m 8lr --- .-,Ll.^ ~ - ~-,-m~ran116
THEiSJ-..-^ "~- ,. lS



'age r T L S T A Rridal, July 25, 1975
S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R0T*S Morchriston Fiction MA TITI-E YCynthia Wstt
CRICL T The D.A.I.C. sponsored 30 a Titine, Genelia, Reuben and Baby
overs, matches will go into the were talking about. the amnesty offered
final stages .this weekend, when -by Government to the outlawed 'Dreads'.
Blackburns and Police will meet in Baby had her doubts about the Dreads
the semi-finals: and the winner wil ever surrenderingtheir arms while
play Spartans in the finals on Sun- R-oll Police and Defence Force kept
day, July 27, .at the Botanical Gar- theirs: 'Genelia and Reuben were all
dena, Spartans won the D, A. I.. for the amnesty and felt that some of
Shield last year when it was first the boys would come to an understanding
competed for and they'look set to with Government,
retain it for another.year. "Enhen?" Babyi grimaced, "is all or
In qualifying matches, Spartans ndne Tink dose boys go split?"
had easy wins over Smartians and Ma Titine sighed; "When will all
Gutter Crowns, However, when Cel- this be over and things return to
twice United played Police, last normal?'
weekend, Police h1 an easy win Renben .guffawed* "Normal? Not now
over Celtics United. Jerome P-erre. .I. tink Domeneka; ery slow to come
wonthe toss for Police.: and seit ,.back ,wal..4police knocp~ -. d
gest5 tobiE.- --At -the -eaid-of- chile. .. annodi one, 'heot prisoner.Z'"
21 overs, -Celtics U. were. all out prisoner die...dey lockup MND at
for 72 with Matthew George, skipper Marigot..,an so moch iisteries still
f .Celtics U. topscoring with 59. to cover-up.." 'He shook his head.
Police lost only five wickets.in uI self da.n know wat to say...my head
getting. 74 -.uns off 23,.4 overs beeg soi Wat you say Baby?"
R.Shillingford't popcored with a Baby-came to with a start. Genelia
*well-played ped her on-the arm. "You were in .
The West Indies Cricket Board of dreamland man. ..what'a on your mind'S"
Control released the names of 17 Baby gave a deep. sigh. "I was think
players totour Australia later of de lettah I read, in de STAR of de
this year in a 6-match test series ma from Trinidad dat wan to marry' a'
which,will span over four months. Domenean So mech time .1 nearly get
Five quick bowlers were named with mried an look still dere single...
the Jariscan speedster Michael but..."'she gazed, down at her ample
,Holding being the pnly new cap in body "I too fat...an I well oviah
the -team, The team reads: Clive. we h an -- Z
iloyd (captain), Deryck Murray tweof gal..." he ,, ighe again. "If I
'(vice captain),- Inshan All, L.Ba.1 was like how h -say he wan his woman-,
chan, K.Boyce, R.Fredericks, L.GRbsiyou bet I wood take de' chance."
G.Greenidge, VHolder, M.Holding,- --. ._ ..
B.Julien, A.Kallicharan, D.A.Murr~y (fr.col.1)...a. public right has been
A.Padmore, V.Richards, A.Roberts infringed or that there'has been an
4nd.L.Howe abuse of statutory procedure or power
b bl--- I k .

IMI3I MEETING. The M4N.D. held a
publijm~eeeting on.Thursday evening
Sat the foot of Federation Drive;
they are' planning a march on Aug,.l
to .protest against, the erosion of
Sthe rights of the people. ._
"Declarations An ordinary citizen.
who hasm a cause of corilaint against-
the exercise of statutory .povers,.
can sue for a declaration: that is-
to say, he, can ask the court to. de-
ciare. the law-on some disputed ques-
tion, bringing the proO.eedings
against the government department
concerned, or if none is concerned,
against 'the Attorney General. In
addition, where it is thought that

ly j-p'uvP LLU UJic VuJ. lut ly ,-proceeUlngs
- generally referred to as 'relator
actions'- -may be brought in- the name
of the Attorney General (in his capa-
city as the Crown' s principal ag.i.ntL ,
-'for enlfor cing publi legal rights) .-. -
with a view to obtaining a declaration
injunction. To proceed with actions -
of this dki.d, either the initiative
may be taken by a-private individual
or the Attorney General may set the
law in motion at his own behest."
.sent in by E.C.Loblack).

DRLEADS' ACT (Ml) to make a radio ap-
peal to Dreads. The Premier ..agreed.
Honl, Lennox. recomnended s8Bad of
Organizations etc.,

Printed and Published by the-Proprietor !R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill H6use,
at 26 Bath Road, Roae-a, Dominica, West Indies,