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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 07-18-1975
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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^.L^c/NIC, / i $ N INICA 8C

vtce Lbt 7oruttt -P 6e ONLY

SUSa E'NS .-I, O'. A'A"* F A

'It is a relief that the despised
'"Dr s A.t". ,-.Lct contains so. many
controversial point's and' empowered
h t-old rd to slay suspected Dreads
on thriL premises at sight, is being
.pcine.dd for a month 'This Act has
caused. more bitterness t han.'its pro-
tective.n peovisions were korth, and
we trust the result of., the Government,
SAmne7sty (officially seta out on our
page;- four) will -lead -the way to its
total abolition.
Oir oQlurinist W.S.. Stevens called. ,
boldly in -thh, eSTAR ,fr "an amnesty
1.oz? every human being hunted down as
a Dread" last week, 'and made othc--
useftil- sugr-sZtions ,ie e-lope that the
"'good m6n and-true"'of \hom he wrote .
1will' come 'or-wrd as .go-betweens and
that promises on both sides uill b'e
kept r 'h . -

Schedule of Application foer Certficate of Title and Notin"g
hcreoan and CCiv"as for, week ending 19th day ofjuly, >97. ,
Iate Requested' Person Prisentrng Nature ot request
whether a Certificate
"of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.
I quest dated Gerald Monic Request for the issue
Sst July 1975 Aadoph f a First. Certificate
Preanited97 by his Solicito of Title in respect. ofc
17th July 1975 Vanya a portion of land in
at 2.60 p.mrn. Dupiagny the Town of Portsl
--. mouth it the Parish
of St. John, tontain
!ms 2055 9sq|uare) feet
and bounded as fol
North I Lano of Edward Benjamin Ssuthz Halifax Strecti
East: Bay Street Westi A Wall separating It from the sea.

Registrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominica,

Isabeila Shilllngford
Acting Registrar of Titcle

NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the Issuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule In tie STAR 'Newspaper published
in this Stnte or from the date when the notice ,prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
Lad rcspact of which the application is ma e. -

'A small girl, -Carol Warrinrtonr,
.oh,? fatally. injured near l' ion .ot
by car 473 driven by a Police Cor-
poral, last Sunday at lunchtime.+
Prisoner Harcourt Pierre- ,,iwho was.
only. a on rerand was shot in n-ari-
Stt and died in hospital; ,the man ,
with the run was anotiher-- .rlioemtan.i
and the prisoner- was., Illeed ly es-
S.ln f Marigot also- I'D members wtvere
[stated to hev'e been forcecn by Police
jat" .1inploint to vacate a club buildinG-
Later five of these young persons were
pic ked.up at Jeslay and cd-catind over-
rni^t.o ihs--y (e a;l leged-t ha sve had
drags, in.. a ca.

-`'vWake Up Catholes- .
by Kelvin Francis
In the STAIE (March 28) I wrote an-
article captioned "Is Suocess .now a
Bad \iord"t .'At 'that time I rePfrred'
to the editor of a newspaper who had
tried to belittle a lady whom he
couldn't emulate due to his poor.suc-
Ces'ILast Qweek, .the G6vernment of Dom-
inica.-or to be more precise Mr. PF-
John, demonstrated to tho nLJuioi. 1h.at
,I meant by success being a bad word,
when Father Alexander was banned from
Radio Dominica* It is stooping below
worm level to do a thing like that.
It is obvious to see (as reported
by, the .island's two newspapers) that
no real reason was given for the ban.
But the most striking sentence in the
statement inade by Government is that
Father Alexander shouldn't assist in
any way in, the Radio Station (where
he spoke popularly on cricket and in
patois). (Turn to page four)


FLetter from a Trinidad reader
page two

-Page Two THE S T
The recent OBU interviews with
Heads of States in the Caribbe.an
brought out ,the best as well as the
worst in those leaders. One thing.
ha&, emerged in most of them and that
is; that freedom of expression in'
press or on platform is distasteful.
to them,
Withia prelude of "Abide with me"
thinking people felt that Premier
Patrick John did not do justice to
the Dominica that had given him and
his: party confidence and trust for'
another five years.
Law and Order has been dethroned
and the Premier's handling of this
leaves too much tobe desired. His
reference to revolutionary -trends
was left unexplained. Tbe interview
with Premier Patrick John showed
very plainly, apart frot inflation
due to the oil crisis, that Dominica.
will need capable and sincere lead-
ers, to restore law and order to
stem the tide of social injustice,
to uncover 'babol' to make the: most
fertile island in the Caribbean
produce profusely not only for her
people ,out ?for others whose lands
,ase not so blessed,, '
S (More in a abseqaent ase).
MA 'ITTIE - fiction -Cytnbthia Watt
SRemember Eurilla, Ma .Titine's. dau
gehter who married a young mhite man
rom the USA and went there to live?
Well Ma .Titine was stunned when the
mother-in-law suddenly turned-Up in
Dominica to visit her. She was ,about
Ia' Titine's size and just'as greatan
eater. Every morning the two ladies
listened to the eat local programme
on the radio, and Ti/tine told her me
relative Mrs..D. that she- (-being
"gens: 'bitation" knew a 1pt more re-
cipes, -starting with pumpkin fish ,
ca-es and lots of others not yet gver
:by the Minister's sister. "I want to
,hear her give a real good calallou
&-ish,.. anyway that programme is a
goad idea." -
However, when MA Titane and' Baby
tried to serve Mrs. D. with curried
breadfruit and sliced cucumbers for
breakfast, the usually pol-ite guest
held up her hands, fished some money
ou-t of her handbag and -begged Baby
to go :. i kly and buy her a few good
fresh Dominica eggs. "I*m not just
used to that kind of exotic start
to. 9y nutritional day," she said.

AA RFidav JU-ly 18 195-5

(We-have received the: letter printed.
below, which appears to, be authentic;
but we advise correspondents to check'
on the facts for themselves and 'a-
certain the writer's actual address).
Could-you kindly publish nyr name
in your newspaper -mnly interest is
finding, a wife in your beautiful
,country, for this was always a dream
I cherished until this, very day.. My
:name is,Herian Matthew -Paul. I'am
O50 years old, I am a Civil Servant -
attached "to the postal services. I
do not have any family alive so I am
looking, to find one from an off-islEad
and hoping very much that your paper
would kindly publish my name and
address.. I think it would be a good
tbang for. your paper.
I can afford to take care of a
wife in the best posaaible waY, What
I am looking for in such a young
woman is: she mu4t be. over 20 yeas-.
old She must not have any child or
children. She. must be good-looking;
of any.colour in my race .(Afro-Wast-
indian). She must be about 5-5, 5-6 .
.feet, not taller for I am 5-5-5 and I
am'a small man. She. should also be
willing to come. to my country on a
holiday in the first plase; not later'
than one month after we have made co0.
tact. She should also .be willing to
get married within aix (6) months- of
our meeting if she so desires. She
should also have. a good figure for
this is very important. Passage would
be provided for her and also she would
be well taken--care of over. here during
her holiday, in the first place, This
,is all the requirements needed."
Thanking you kindly,
( I remain yrs respectfully,
(,Herman) -' HSIM M, PAUL
S c/o General Post Office
Wrightson Road,
?---- P' P :
Mr, A-lhmad Kahn Baluch -of JANDANWAL
pen-fr iends in Dominica. His hobby-
is STAMP EXCHANGF send 25 stamps
and receive the same number in return.
'He is aged 18 years.
J3BA 8 A SURVEY.,, Mr.Romnel Lawrence has
recently been assigned to WIi'BAN 'to do
a Geographic Survey of banana landA of
the Windward Islands;. He will be
based in St. Lucia.,

:~E~idnv, ~uZv 18.- 19'r~j


elp r v.. *.........

Sdueiof -i; ...rC I-.n for Certelfcte of Tdec and Notis |
h -rh-on adCaveYs .sft)r w-ek 'eldlr ag 5th day ,f July 097S |
Date Requestd Person Presenting Nature of. request
I whether a Certificate

0" .. .. . :..
iieteraatsl &-rdyi Baaak e terna.
t lLt. formerly .tni- Ltd. formBerlr'
S.-1 74 Ba. , Ban k' Bartclays.Banke DCO
Presented DJ L*c r S-eP1tative hTaie of Cyril De;w-
5 of Cyri' Daw arst also known as
ja 's t hal Sio -'rr' ^ket*r tDa he
ast 105.5 ai klwn as u. h ast for theisrue of
.1 g-ri Peter Baw'i- a f rgetsecta of- |
S htrst by Titlin respect of a.d

S*,M.uenaia, Charles known as lot t Man-
got in the Parish of
't dlew kcataining 5.078 acres n
bouiadld ads fotlows:w-
Storth Middle iB: EastLsand of Eric Mu ron South;
Lsndsof Ad&iphtus.orge, CiGovernmert of DomInrIa &
SVenth Day Adventist Church SauthWtWest Land of '
Ednsrd Thomas: WestPublt Rgoad.

Rlpeqs't d ated ayia12th df; ty o" R uly;7 lR7y
5 11 74. neso Bruno for the
P:' Pe:?d -. by hIer Solicitor issue of a First Certi
11 7 75 M.. EAreia ficate'of Tidle in res
a*t 11.20 a.r. Charlet pect of a porton of
i nd at r in the arih o St. Andrew,
Scontaing 9808 square feet .and bounded as follows:
SNorch: Land of Frederick George: South: Pubtic Road;
'Eas:. Lr.d 0i :lib.-_L Gila.-r : l'": Llrd Of Fredearlrkqer

;Rquest dated Vir inia 'Alred Request for the issue
Sthe 2id dy o & ThoanuaAlft d of a Firt Certificate
SJualy, 1975. Iby their olicitonr of. Title in respect of
Petented th, '.t a portion of land at
1t day of ilma A.M. Marigot in theParish
S 1 975 at Dupiglay of St. Andrew, i' th
" 3.. 7", '. |Statet of Dominia,.
cnta5nang 1961 fst. fand bouided- as follows:
North-East: By land of Anneila Mark. Suth.East:'By lajd "
iof McKenzle Baptiste. North.West: By land of Arthur
Stevens. Suth Weasr andof ttIctda Robers..
Ithe 24Et daey o Jof a First Certificate
SJune, 1975. by hy r Solicitor of'Title in respect of
Presented the j a portion of land at
July, 1975 at Dupigny of St. Paul, in the
S_3.1 4 p.m. State of Dominica,
contait.i igt 903 3qu feet, and h'bcnded as follows:
SNorth-East by land of Camelite Robert; North.-WQe by
land of McDonald Destouche; South-East by a right of
way separating It from land.of Adlkrled Pacquette; South
'Wet by. the Sea. '
SRQtcuest txted ha ttj Les Request for the issue
Sthe 8th day of by his Solicitor C aFirst Certificate
July, 1975. C A .M. ft Title in respect of
!Presented th Dupipy a portion of )and at
16th day of A M.. .a Wesley ti the Pariah
July, 1975 at of St. Andrew, in the State of I. D in.
3.35 p.m. iea, containing 1.95 acres adfd boandid
co- aas feolows:- "
On the'North: Land of Hamilton Lasti; On the East:
.Snd of Mrs.Eliza PhItllip; On the South: Land of Walk.
er 's Rest Estatae; On the West: Lasd of Emmanuel josph.

ScJ;ts^.J-? 4 (c't i i di i -t~m ,, Ci ,n e7 &- cohn
R~qu&est dated Aaia Bare, and Request fof the issue
the 6th day of Rogr Thosan as ot a First Certificate
Ja~rn, 1975'. P'eraonal Repre of Titlt..i respect of
Prieented th1v sentatives of a portion of land at a
17th day-of Gerald Charles Petite Savanne in the
July, 1975 at deceased Parish f St. Patrick,
10.10 a, by their.Solicitor in the State of Domw ,
il a A.M. Dupigr.y ica, contaiainx 6848 |
square feet and boun
ded as follow:-
North by lands of Luther Thomas and Roger Thomas;
South East by land 6f Adlade Phillip; East by labhdu Ro
ger Thomas;. West by Public Road.
iequest ~ate" Anna Biarn and Requst, fo ihe issue
the 6th day of Roiger Thomaas as if ,. ; .rA t L,. tficate
June, 1975. Personal Repre of Title in respect of
iPesented the sentteives o a portion of Jandi at
i6th day of Gerald Charies Pvtito Savanne in the
July, 1975 at deceased Parish $f St. Patrick,.
3.25 ,p. y their Solicitor in the State of Dotni
1 jCilma A.M. Dupig-ny nica. 4.o.stainfg.
1--'l t0 at qare feetand r
Sounded as follows:-

North by land of Francis Baron; South by iand,*f VY te
ria Baron: East by land of Lance Drroux; We~ by land
of Fraicls Baron.
___-- -_ -,,-* itM -tiii

Registrir's Office, isht b hi S "hg i'lngfor t
Roseau, Domrn ica, Acti Rgstrar o Ti-tle
NOfE: Any pc'son who desires to object to the issuing ofta
C.. r i;.- c., o ,f id on th at.av i pplic;zit;; ...../ e ce; a C ar:,'"
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance3"o this schedule iti the STAR Ncwspaper pvbllsh 4 d
in this State or frorn the date where the roticce prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occui er of adjoinclg
'ianid rsp t i of which thr appication is md e,

+;---"----------------- -"rt--"---*.'--.


Your problems like boy friend, girl friend. iar-
riage, divorce, sex ,examination job promotions
-transfer busineO lottery bingo pools evil spi-
rims bad luck ailments all distresses or any
other types otf problems can be solved in strict
confidence. '
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for internal use
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~------~--~~-~-~ -~----~--~- ~~- ~-~-

I __

PaNe Three.


- &nl VU -i ---1 --- -- - H-_ _


P . 0 D
PER I 0 D- -OF?

The Premier and Government of
Dominica have decided to grant a
period of amnesty of thirty-eight
days starting from the 25th July to
the 31st August, to those young
people of the State known as DREADS
with a view to implementing measures
for ,their readjustment" into the
1, During the period of AMNESTY.
such young persons will .be required.
eemnent will secure that no prose-
cutions will be'taken against young
persons surrendering arms and -ammu-
nition to the Police or to the Min-
ister of Home Affairs.
:2)Beerequired to meet Government or
its representatives with represen-
tatives of their choice to hold
discussion on -
S(a) The setting up of machinery
for discussion from time to tima
6 problems affecting their- pos-
Sitiod, livelihqod, and adjustment
in the Community;
(b) Their requirements for vocat-
ional training to quality for job
opportunities in the State.
'2. Persons convicted of offences
will be required to -serve only the
Sunexpired portions of their sentences,
3. Government has taken steps to 3SS-
PEMD' the operation of the Prohibi-
ted and unlawful Societies Act,con-
monrly known as the DREAD ACT frcm
25th July to/the 31st August.
4. Young persons wishing to avail
themselves of the amnesty granted
during this period should contact-r
(1) The. Honourable Isaiah Thomas,'
Minister of Home and Youth Affairs,
'(2) The Honourable L.Coriette,Parl-
iamentary Secretary, Ministry of
Home Affairs,
.(3) Mr. Arlington Riviere of the
Premier's Office,
(4) Any Chairman or Member of a-
Town or Village Council,
(5) Any Social Development Officer,
(6) Any person willing to represent'
5..The Premier hopes that all those
persons willing to help the young
people of the State will associate
themselves with this effort, and as-
sist in.achieving the rehabilitation
of these young persons,
Dated this 17th day of July 1975.
CA,:!.'ignoret, Seacryto the Cabinet,


n1~f oin itc
F. oOuse ois 26 UBath Rd.Roseau Dominica W.IndieT,

1_ _1~ I_1_L~__?___ C_ IJ~iui C

'DDREADS" AMD OTHER ACTS (fr.rpage 1).
The Opposition has confXined-itself
to- asking from Civil Servants' complaints,
Ministers' travel, land acquisition,
allegations of brutality, youth prob-
lems, security of documents, Deep
Water Harbour;) and. Govt. Acts include
the two on p.1, plus twelve others
ranging from Town & Country Planning
to Naturalisation and passport Ordi-
aA3oes. The Questions, which come
early in the agenda, and certain of
the draft Acts should cause a ripple-
of interest. 10. a.m., Thursday, -July
24th at Governmenti Headquarters,
Is. r Alexander anti-establishment
when he is heard over Radio Dominica-
as a cricket commentator? What did
Fr. Alexander say that was.anti-esta-
blishment to have upset .the Premier,
resulting in a ban? The name of
Christ, which he professes to follow?
These questions are of paramount im-
portance to the nation,
It is now evident in Dominica that
ajVnbody w ho tries to 'edicate: the
masses is dismissed by a Government
which is only interested in keeping
the masses forever backward. It is
said that- you can.take a man fro-m the
gutter but you cannot take the mud
from him. A most .recent example is
the ban on Fr. Alexander. Catholics,
wake up. Are we going to sit still
while people'take our rights (FREEDOM-
OF SPEECH) away from us? To trate o1u
.roldgious: d cripe?- if so, let us
forever hold our peace, "Quality"
will be the determining factor, the
gauge which will register whether the
Faithful are "men or mice".
Last week !I heard a hot debate in
Windsor Park! one man said, "Boy, if
ai person is sick and lying' on a hospi-
tal bed and can draw overtime, the
people who attend that individual on
his sick bed should draw- overtime. too".
Besides this, there are a lot, of
other rumours flying around, such as
people who built houses and have no
receipts for building materials etc...
I will tell you how the general public
can satisfy itself: through an investi-
gation, after which those who are
caught must be placed before the Courts
of Justice,
Nest time I will give. you a relevant
quotation from "The English Legal
System," -E.C. LOBLACK.


Fii~vJJ-ulyv 1S.- 1975

~P H Til ,$ ~P.D. R