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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 07-11-1975
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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____6_ -*I y

/j - .... __ '-" CENTS
i.l r, 44101 90.41# 1

Vd' CY"e. ; T fCVUOThe Budget Session due
at the House : Ualy
"C;'HRIST ALVE" must be taken meeting Called for .Thurs.
-Off the air irmediat-ely. uly 24A will not now take

F e e e place It is postponed u

ot 2awis ard wofin Radiow a til August 13, thOugh the
.No-easons r':. rtafrthese moueias *' c
ild~"9 -r.h ay i u T The Budget Session duer
0 off the air imneia teiy* ,* 'WJll 2 will not now take
2. Father Edward Alexander' should place. It is postponed tun-

tfr. ri Al ayde r sp aes on House will meet oen July 2..
Steiona (F. Alexander speaks Vhat is the hold upi..?
cr iket and. in patoi) .
3. In fumre radio religions broadcast. .
must all'-bo ppruveAy -he Premier Fr AxNdr Tobac ac-tCry :t.

Ns s r i x ~ r fr j s1 moes' ' *nhe one-man Conmissioner
but Fri,. :,.andr d us "I have Dben C o ide.", the dp,u te between
accused rf brg anti-establishment sad un t.an-workers in-this.
preaching politicss under the guise 'of Fctoryo is to give his .i -. ma ngs
Srdi a -od y - "
I gion,, ... o+ ._ -_ -.

He added:. "It is a pity that they "
have to s- 2* a Joman Catholic' Pro-
graai'ae because of one mwan."
Most. of those to whom we have spo-
ken say -it is an insult to have to
submit religious. matters to a--layman
for censor hip and to one who is
not .even a Catlholic.
Father Alexander, who was ordain-
ed in .j.ril 1).5S after theological'
studies. in Fran.ce and 1Trinidad, first
worked at the 'Roseau Cathedral .and'
went to St,. Joseph in 1970 as Parish
Priest,. Th-Lxe he edited the well-read
church bulletin "Bouiallle-la". He is
Communications Director of the Diocese
of Rose'u, 'and at a seminar abroad he
was chosen as one, of three priests to
for a link between the Bishops ;and
the Gomimnicators* He is also the Sec-
retary to the Caucus -of Priests of thi
Carib bee- an,
S"Christ Alive" R.C.Prograanme was
started/by him .on April 6,1973,L and
has been much appreciated by Catholic
and non-Catholic listeners, as well
. as people outside Dominica, Father -Al-
exander al o has a 9.45~ am Fr-iday link
with Radio Antilles,
Since 1968 Fr-* Alexander has been

Hie -is -Mr, phramim Georees, .
Meanwhile- the dismissed workers
are still w.orkless and the shop-
steward -is reinstated.
A Tobacco Pactory, spokesman told
us that the factoly, hiich produces
well-k town Hillsborough cigarettes
ani4 cigars, is in. fullproduction,

C.ARICOM anniversary consisted
mainly of speeches, by politicians,
Most of the speeches s.n..;: ;. ..e
echoes of each other, save for the
statements of HonMiltonr Cto of
StVincent and Hon.Robert Bradshaw
of St. Kitts.
Mr, Cato said that economic in-
tegration through Caricom would' al-
ways be hindered by lack of politi-
Scal integration; -Mr. Br.adshaw said
he could not envisage another Fed-
eration in. his lifetime after the-
mishaps of the last federal- attemp-t.

Chaplain to the Dominica-Defence Force'
with the rank of Lieutenan'. It is
rumoured tht..t he may -bee:e .e nekt
Demn of the Cathedral.

i ria.y, Jul 11 1975 T S T
"...light upon the mountains..." Madam, Th
The underlying meaning of m i n hav
headcines.- "a light upon the. hardwor
mountains" is that true-hearted hardworkin
Domi-ricans with guts ame beginning that a.thot
cast he is
to speak out in the local press. cst he in
Ve have in Dominica a situation ush a
But Patr
with-o-,t parallel in her cheQqed than I
Historyy, Yet how many.-people see more
S e Ar her* clf
th .Janager? fr ho so tl
I wish to congratulate, two not able tc
writers in the New Chronicle of the issue
last week: E,Bellot and Atherton I did nC
Martin for their suggestions for talks with
tackling the. "Dread" problem in 8..*75
Doriinica before it is too late'. I I
strongly,recommend that Father Ed-.
ward Alexander be made a' leader to ARLOUND .ove
select six-other good men and true a household
-not party die-hards -to meet and it creal
the Dominica Government to ask for In Decembdn
an amnesty for every human being changed to,
hunted down as aiDread. That. same ly communist
Committee or Commission should put It will chawr
-up proposals, for rehabilitating, About tw
tkese supposed DreadS i n the dauca
When the way is cleared Govern- Dread men
ment should rhake. a public announce- him for Guer
ment on the issue for- ten success- weeks ago a
ive days,. Policemen and Defence. launched ov
Force men should not parade the Dreads, as
country with arms and the persons local foods.
at large should be invited to meet' paign was la
the Ccrnmittee at a certain time and turned Dread
place for free and open talks., paring for G
There is orily one way, .and it-is skep-tical.
the -v of Him whom we all claim as Many peop
Master. That way is Reconciliation the Dreads a
which stipulates no conditions, logical areas
which laiys down no consideration. Why?- They lK
That way is the nail-print hands, good as the
'flung wide open. If the Premier s, and as the H
,plea for peace, despite his. "Life in his Cari
for a, Life." means anything he will. nly strong,
find noastZar -but the Christian way cannot conde
That. nearly all priests and pastors accepting ou
of the-Churches have been silent so circumstance
long on a situation so unchristian extreme situ
and dangerous leaves thinking people e may have
ito conclude, that Church and State neighbor may
are acquiescing in things inimical sister's Doc
to Christian conscience. become-a Dre
And so, the tttle above "a light what it is t
upon the mountains" also connotes passion towa
that, apart from citizens speaking it ever stri
their minds, a. way is being found Dreads to th
to solve a dangerous problem, if 'Yet we kcp
only the Governient will come: down keep on expe
from its high horse and the people of the wealth
"will persist in efforts to save our How- does
growing nation from further violenoetarded, dAeo:
and bloodshed, IW.S.8

... a. 3a e ..Q ..
other newspapers in the
been busy saying how
) Patrick John is and
igh he has his foot in-s
still working, har -
und like a demon for'work.
tick John owes his wife
22000.00 for maintenance
Sand he,r child and he-.is
come to Court to settle
becausee his foo t/ a cast.
)t know that Patrick John -
his foot,. E.C.LOBLACK

-R E A D
iber last, year "Dread" was
word for many Dominicans
;ed fears of all sorts..
of the same. year- "Dread"
omimunist Plot and recent-
plot changed to "Guerilla.
ige again. Look out.
months ago an editorial
ttor referred to the
as one preparing for
.illa war. About two
eat local campaign was
r radio Domirica. The
iany people know, eat only
So when eat local eam-
Lunched the .Governrent
L. If not, they were pre-
-uelilla war, W.hich? I'm

le have been condemning
nd are unable to give a
ion for their condemnation,
a2ow that a fruit is only
tree from which it comes
:onourable Premier quoted
om Day Speeah "A.chain is
as its.weakest link". We
mn the Dreads without
r share of blame for the
s which led them to that
action. Moreover, although
no Dread brothers, our
have 'a Dread son or your
tor'is brother's son may
ad. Then we would know .
o have! or not to have com-
rds the unfortunate. Does
t us: that we- are like.
e1 developed countries?
asking for aid and we
acting to touch the hearts.
hy nations.
a mother act towards a re-
rmed or handicapped child?
(POncld. page 4)

P IPagZ* Three


. I1U[

The AIM of these Festi-
vals, ana o, th~ef'e that
wili follow' is to present
Black and-African Culture
in its higfhie and v-idest
conception, ..
'Vtnue of FestivaS ic-
The main vonue of me
1975 Festival 'v4i! be
LaasO, .the capital of the
FeoerMi .p'-,i. of
igeria, friAg 122nd Nov.
-errmte, to t'I Docember,
1975, Thsse events .
range from Eihjbftion .f
traditional! dcmstic arts'
t ito nature andt fUlms;.,
So tar about 70 ooun-
tries and conmuniti.s in,
and. outsi-de the African
cnhi;ednt have -sieirdfied
their Intrentlon to ort!clt-
pate. In. the' Festival.
-P@ei5vai 'Events:,
A list- of FestivafV
Events for conptltion and
Exhibition has been


It is of the greatest
importance that the values
of 'the CI.vit at.!on,
spac1ic to lack peoples,
be d3finerd and- brotuht'
to the knowledge of the
wide5t pr5t in, I the
world. Vrith this coata 'In ,
Pintd, the Collouim wili
study 'hbe technW, lC ineans
and teaching methods
which are most appre-
priate fori the diffusion
an.d '...irl., of these
vasuez 'of civHi'slItion
at all levels of world


Dr. Claudius C. Thomas
.is the 'new Commissioner
in Britainf for the Eastern
Carl bbean Governments.
. H; :l s:' fromni :, Lucia.


Your problems like boy friend,'girl friend, mar-
Srage, divorce sex examination job promonions
transfer business lottery bingo pools evil spi-
rits bad hick ailments ll distresses or any
other types of problems can be solved ian strct
confidence. e '


for internal use


o'tf a sno -thin es l ,,i o tr


rapidly "

.- The combination costs only $3. 15



Schedule of Application for Certifica.t of Title and iotdit
tShreon aw Caveats for week ending 5sh day of july l75 .
.. - ...W....04
Ostz- Requasted !Person PrsaentUng Nature of request
S- whether a Certificate
of .Tite of Notilng
S- th ereaon or Caveat.
wAuest- dated George Au- 0qust for tist
th, 201h day Euataa Sils of a First, Cer*tficate
of Jurae 1975 and elin *f Title in ratpect of
Presented the. Rachla Sills al portion of land at
30th day of I their ii Portsmouth, in the
June 1975 Cilma A.M 'Parih 2f StJ3an in
at 60.34 M o upagy the .Stateof Dom.inica
cnt!aiig I q r* St an a feiows
N*rth,by land of MIlient Mlare: : South, by a Right of way so.
iaratig' it from land of F*dSrcsk Loslet,8 Easity bae Str*es
W6t4, by the See,

Request dated Barclays Baak A P-4icatot of k)ar
international cly ea ~sak Inr,?traa,
19. I11, 174, Ltd. forEtrly 6tiCe .-. _..sr!y
Barclays Bank B&aclys Bank DCO
Pr'es&entd DCO personal ..pergC ,. .! represent
repres(t tativ tiev of Cyril Dew-
2 7. 75, of Cyril Dew- hirst also kaown as-
huret also Cyril Peter Diw-
.t S0,5 a.m known as C h-rst for the isul of
ril Peter Dew.fJ a first certificate of
hurst by Thile in respecVl4f a.
tLheis Solicitor p"ortiola of laid
M.Eu3enia. CharlesZ known a~ lot at Mari-.
got in the Pari hb of
St Andrew c i training 5.078 acres and
Sbetoutned as follows:-
NorthMiddle Bay: Eaatantd of Eric Munro Ssth/
Landi Sf Adolphus George, GovernmRnt of DSmintia & ,
| Svnth D y Adventist Church i SouthtWst Lr nd of *
i Edard Thomeas Wst!Pubilt Road.
Registrar's Office, lsabells Shiiltngford
Roseau, Dominica, Acting Reglstrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of'a
Certificate of ttfle on the above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office within, six'weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAit Newspaper published
In this Scate or from the date-when the notice prescribed by
aw waslast served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
lan4 io respect of which the appiicati.n is made.


IT, MTseg Acibold -ow re"idirg t Ltace Pa-
r -'yis of-St. -Aonew do he:sby give you aode
ba[ it is my intention, to, apply at the Mgi-.,
trmte s Court to be held at Maigot on Wedxes.
day the.2nd day of July, 1975 easuiag for a'TA
VERN LIQUOR LICENCE in respect of my
premises at Batac Parish of St,. Andrew.
Moses Archibold
Dated the 23rd day of JuIe'1975
i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ fmi n__iaiionW*"w -ra ir nsr rmrnrTr nrr11*iinri m rf-r T*n 11*I W i" --





1 irs wav 01 it lrAA 11 ia


It-Ln, ..1- ^i)Ka\ 1 ..ill.^ >ti -t


g.T 3*S*P*O*R*T*S Morchriston DR E AD (fr. page5) Does she
BASYKTBALL The knockout finals of abandon it, neglect it or destroy it?'
the basketball competition-will Let us think of the. above and stop be-
take place tonight at the Windsor ing captious. Our policy cannot tell
SPark between Caroni Cardinals league how and when it might end but one
champions and WAWU Raiders. sure fact is that we do not eradicate
,Earlier in the week, Raiders and a disease by treating the symptons.
Caroni defeated Zodiacs and Flames What we aSoUld do is. tackle the germs
respectively in the -semi-finals, and condit-ions which cause the symp-
From all reports, these matches tons in the first place.
were very exciting -- KELVIN FRANCIS
Bata Pros, 1974 league champion's,
withdrew from this year" s'competi- TO OUR CONSTANT REAkERS
_tion after losing one or two of We did not intend to- bring out a
their early matches in the absence STAR this week because of supply and
of the St.Hilaire' brothers. Knock- other difficulties; but the odious
out champions for 1974, 'Elections, news of the bbanning of Father Alexan-
are out-of the competition. So it- dIr, with its overtones of religious
looks like Caroni can perform,-'the and speech freedom threats, forced
double, a feat they have acheived us to produce a small special edition.
for several seasons. One cannot remain silent in the face.
LAWN TENi4IS. In the Brandon'Tourna- of such outright tyranny0- Editor.
meant being played-in Jamaica, the E SHOULD HO OURED
,ncn1ward Islands put on a strong O BE HONOURED
fight against the Guyana team in After'reading Hon,Lennox Honychurch
the Men's double competitidnto-win. and REA's press tributes to Mrs.Marie.
,h,2 in five sets which-spanned over Davis Pierre'.s parliamentary..proced-
two hours of tense' play., ure manual,'. Would like to suggest ,
CRICKET Nevis retain d the champion that she be awarded the. O.B.E. in:-
HRrMCjeT teyvis Netenv2 the Hoho fo-
ship they won last year when.they Her Ma jesty s New Year's Honours for
defeated St.Kitt~ With 24 points in 1976. (You may rectal that I rec.om-
two atchdes, with victories over mended Monttsorrat and. Antigua needed to year, on account of his masterly
draw against Nevis who.had iS points description of the history of Domin-
in, their two matches.: But i~evis ica).
won outright to finish 0 points.. -As we are still observing Womens
In the other match playeAd to-de- International Year, it is rather fit-,
termine last place, Montqserrat and ting to think Of Mrs. Pierre for
Antiguai played to a.high-scoring such an award. Two- European women,
draw Antigua winning 1st innings have 'receiVed high awards here .in
with a-Leeward .Islands record total the persons of Rev. Sister Alicia
of 68 -runs after Montsaourat had and LDr Mueller. Dominican-born
scored 456 runs.. At the clpse of Mrs, Pierre .deserves this-award for
play, Montserrat were 30/2 in their her social, religious- and articul-
second. innings. For Montorrat., early her hard,; unselfish and dedi-
Greenaweay 167 and Jim Allen 141. cated service in the House.
For Antigua, Lewis -3153, Lawreh'e -- HUGH LAWRENCE
121, Stevens 99 n.o. and Yearwood : CAT CS S D
6.2Saints are this years Gregoire (As we go to Press we have been-
Leagde Champions with 127 points, handed, a note with the following
Celtics United with .103 points. and suggestions):-
Spartans with 100 points took 2nd ".We Catholics should not lie down
and 3rd places respectively. Saints under-the dictates of a layman who
and Celtics won four match's each has left our Faith. All good Cathol-
whilst Spartans .had three outright ics are free to withdraw or rather
wins.*** The first-test math o' the withhold-their, advertising from-
4-match series between Australia and any Radio Station which interferes
England in England star ted yesterdEy with their religious liberty or
at edpbaaton.. Mike Denness won the' tries, to stop their priests from
tos, -for England and sent in Austral- speaking out. THEY CAN. PRAY. THEY
Tk~i::td and Published by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of 'opt Hall Mill House
ft 26 Bath Road, Roseay, Dominioa, West Indies.



Fridav. J~lv~ll, 19~~