Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Editor 7610

.On Monda July, Caribbean omm

f ty Day Is bmg celebrated to add an-
her ho-liday foour lady leisuresp
terd calendar. therewill be special pr

grammes on the CBU and also for schoo
children; special church services; national
displays and so fprth, "
The object of this exercise is to- arouse in all JCaribbean people about the
~i~Jil Do i's cl jag'celebrated *- to add an-

the bidckring over small a points a alleged

inegaliier fades. .
The European Economic Community is
try ing to d o the same thing on a mucb
tirgerd cale -nd with greater language aind

tardtiicnal differences. So why should we"
nor scam eed, given good wil and fair deal
children; spdciil church services; national
displays and so- fprth.
The ob et is eercise is ved:rouse
interest inailt 'Caribban people about 'the

Othe bick eng rsmllWN poWtRs d l
i n egll:ie 4 a :.' e, 'f
The European 14" &omic Community is
ry P/ingo NY'-o de sagmeting o$ a much
-arger scale an.adwith greater language and
; sd![idinal differences. So y should we
not -suctked, given good will- and fair deal'1

w*, .We iust received,


Tobacco Factory Strike
Negotiations are ,atli going on
over the l dismissed woriers who
c ame out on. behalf of a Shon Stew-
are sincei re-intated). Matter adj-
ourned until of next week.
-still narrating & editing Carib-
bean Magazine,but' now in Otverseas
Regional and World-S2Xyi Broy6
.M(r.Pracs Baromn,npgliab-bo rn
no.g.Director of:A.C.S, married
Mr s.Bonney Altman(USA)todsy(p.6).
In itock


Just received
in all sizes -h 3to.~

Dominick Coconut Products Limited wishes to advise all
COPRA PRODUCERS that the Price of Copra has been
Increased as follows:
R.:ADE I' Copra $750.oo per ton '
'RAD ''t Copra $730gao per ton'.'
I .:' RADE I- C~opra -70goo 'per ton "
Domninica Coconut Products boks forward to receiving
SinBreased supplies of copraand urges all Coconut Grows improve existing cultivation and ESTABLISH
Annual'deficit of 44,0oo tons of Copra, a deficit equal to
approx, w tothousand percent (2,ooo%) of present total
local production-. -
I --:- --~-.' --- -. --' ,-----~ '- J

rl~FTTilmA11- h

CANDID COMMJENTS..-,'- A National Certificate of Education by W.S.Ste;vens
"Education,," said the lct Canadian Premier Lester Pearson at the
Commonwealth Education Conferene 'f 1964 in Ottawa, "is the most import-
-nt subject of our time". So it Is good to see here a move to.bring
education up -to date.
But since Education is, everybody's, business, people are uneasy and
alarmed-when an important piece of 'education improvementt is declared
and set up without the community beingtold what was afoot. .
Even if the Government of Dominica contains a few educated persons
of the State, the supposed uneducated many in the community ought to be
given an opportunity to participate on what virtually concerns them.
The subjects which this National Certificate will include are:
English, Mathematics, Domestic Econormy, French etc. It is to be a Nation-
sa Certificate. What subject is on the certificate that will make it
truly national? English and Maths are tooZsa. The child must speak and
write" every 'day. QOqmonnication is ,a must. The child must reckon. Hun-
dreds of people "are'being exploited 'and robbed every day because they
lack literacy and "numeracy".
On any national curriculum on certificate there must be CIVI08, the
subject which teaches: true citizenship -- something absolTtely necessary
in our discordant, andisiordered Third Worldl Civics teaches, the citizen
of tomorrow how they are governed. In our supposed democracy the youth
must know the three very essential parts of our national set-up, The
Legislature which~makes the laws; the Executive which carries, them out
and-administers; and the Judiciary or ,the Courts which are independent of
either the Legislature o 3 the ,Executive.
Tefe youth must be .fully acquainted with the functions of each Minis-
ter of the Executive; that being the case, he must understand the proper
working of the Constitution. The method of voting is his particular
busine-ss. He certainly cannot be left to the whims and fancies Of any
unscrupulous party election officer-when an election is mounted. hurther,-
the pupila must learn at school how anL. where the nation gets its money
and how it..spends it. He should be made capable of deciding the nation's-
priorities. He- must be able to judge and' express; his view as to whether
-frequent promiscuous travelling abroad by Ministers is more invortant
than looking after bad latrines in schools, .medicines and 'drugs or-roads
for peasants.
The school, to cut the matter short, must concentrate on producing
a CITIEN as fully educated as possible, As a Minis:ter of'Education, I
directed that a copy o'f the Estimates approved be sent to each school to
assist in the teaching of Civics. The main use made of it was'to see
who had a bigger salary than somebody else: -
The -exclusion'of Civics from a National Certificate of Education
will give ride to suspicion that the authorities do not wish ,the nation
to be able to scrutinize the things which make. for the Nation's Peace,
Progress and Prosperity. .

IERM COMES NORTHI SEA OIL a great boon to the .British
SNorth Sea oil production has started to flow for Britain. The histor-
-ict moment was when oilmen more than S00 miles east of Scotland opened a
valve and the first oil flowed into a 35,000 ton tanker. It takes about
six days to fill the tanker, This first North Sea Oil- load was landed at
British Petroleum's Refinery near .London on June 18. The field was dis-
covered in August 1971 and is the most southerly commercial oil deposit
found in the British sector. Total North Sea Oil production this year
is expected to between one and two million tons; production will equal
Britain's consumption by 1980. (Hamilton Bros. Argyll, Production Rig),
We are late in congratulating Sir Maurice Herbert Davis OBE,Chief
Dominica's only recipient of a Birth-, Justice of the W.I.Assoic.States Su-
day. Honour Dr. Vincent 'A.AWinsto, premme Court became a EnLight Bac h-

*.Zpi ^ 4-1Vm^ __ 0 Mu VA. 0 3J-,,,.*rII M V -j j "--

Ti~i~a~r rT~~~T~ d 1 arJFi

D`i.' .,rlrl,,,

~kiday iuli4 11175 THE STAR Page Three

To, The M gistra. District "G", end
SI, Moses Archibold now residing at Batac Pa-
Sish of St. Andrew do hereby give you notice
Sthatt i -my itention to apply st the Magis-
tatte s Conur to be held at Marigot on Wednes
day the sad day of July, 1X75 ensuing for a TA
SVERN LIQ ~ C. LICENCE in respect of my
Soremises at Bataca Parish of St. Audrewa
Moses Archibold
i Dated sther -3,d day of June Y975 ,-t

An Exceilena Tonic tod Stimulant'

Enrjichet The It ocd


t he Appethte

aDsp trae Tired Feeling
*o Renews the Joy of Living


Your problems like boy friend, girl friend,: mar
riage, divorce, sex examination job promotions
transfer business lottery bingo pools evil spi-
rits bad luck ailments ail distresses or any
other types of pliotb)-m, can be solved in strict

,use '

Sfor internal use
S and

for a soothing application
rapidly b, '.

which relieves pain

The combination costs only $3.35

Schedule of Application for Certlfclsat of Titb and NSfntli
thereon and Caveats for week ending 5th day of july 17 :
Datoe Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.

request datedc George Au- -Rquest for the issue
t&e 20th day gustue Sills of a First Certificate
o Presented the IRachel Sills a portion of land at
30th day of ky their Solicitor Ports amoutb, in thb
'June 1975 j ima A.M Parish of St John in
at 10.34 a D pls n p the State of Dominea,
'ontaininBg 1600 squadron ani bouls d a foalq wa-
North by land of Mi(licent Marie South by a Right of ay so.
ptrllng It from land of Fadri k teal East by 6av S.rziS
Wets by the.: ia,..

Request dated Emile Eugene Request or the issue
the 29th day by his Solicitor f a First Certifkcate
of May 1975 Ciltea A.M of Title in respect of
Presented the DDupigny a portion of land
24th day of knowa'as a lot Ptowell
Jun 1.975 Grand Bay. in the Par
at 2.05 pm s rish St PetAiclk ; the
^__ -. p m' ^ ,,,,Jpasa ....... S* ..e
Cen.ti rt 5038 squaWe r aan ,boundafd ac foiowst:-
North by Gran& Coullbrie river separating it from land of
tonson Angel East by Grand CoulSbrfs Estate .',wah t-y
land o SyIvestare Eugene West by land of Patricl Matthew
st.1 a -*(-u et 19?5,1
RSequest M A 6"es ,a etuest or the i'iue
5th May 1976 also kaown as o a First Certificate
Presented : Agnita Blan of Title ii respect of
lath Jun by her Solicit~w a portion of tand at
1975 Vanya.,Dupiarn Cockrane part of Es-
t 2.40 m t~atea:of Matthew- Gap-
raway, in the Pariah
St Paul eontainips
10,704 square feet
iand bounded as followa:- -
INorth Eat land of Felton Hodge South East Pdblic Roea and
land of Estate of Matthew Garrswiy South We~t Laid of Es.
tat of Matthew Garrawy north West Land of Eate of Mat
fthew Garraway . -

Registrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominica,

Isabella Shtilingford
Acting Rgistrar of Titles

NOT'E, Any'person who desires to object to the issing of a
Certificate f title on thie above' application may enter a aveat
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed'by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land in rispact of whict the aipilication is made.

3-Ton Bedford Truck.
H1723 -
goad running condition
Telephone Owner 2115
for further details.

iPaez Three

Friday, July 4, 1975


]ki~inv. ~uly 4. 19C75

-T H T P.1. It IXS Q U I-R Y
.Recently the. CSA newsorgan VILVPOINT printed an article which con-
tained the following paragraphs:-
"Even without the recent arrests which were made in connections with
mis-appropriation of funds at the Public Works Division there would still
be a need for a thorough :inquiry into all aspects of thA operations of
the Public Works Division...
The connotation Public Waste Department is not a mere witticis, but
a graphic reflection on the gegeaally held opinion -about the operations
of that Division. As the union representing the vast majority of public
servants in the State, public criticism and lack of trust in the opera-
tions of any Government department is a matter of concern. to the".C.S.A.
.It is. as'a reflection of its interest in seeing the civil service func-
tion as an efficient organisation, above public suspicion, that the:
-CS.A. has asked the Minister for Copnunication & Works Mr, Oliver
Seraphine to institute a public inquiy_ into all aspects of the operations
of the Public Works Division over the last -two, decades.
he, Minister, 'however, did not. tai- the Association's initiative too
kindly., and in a reply to the Association, launched a personal attack on ,
C-,.S.A. General Secretary Charles Savarin aond the Editorial Staff of, the'
EiMe h Chronicle...
The Minister d.idconicede his concern with the. situation, but gave. do
indication that a public inquiry would be held. Unlss the Minister can
"coni up with explanations to the allegations concerning missing cement
San.d other building materials, thousands of dollars of overtime to party
supporters, at public works', 'deals involving -eighty? five thousand dollars.
worth of,tyres etc., the whole question of arrests at the P*W.D. will
look like a smoke -screen to cover up bigger, malpractices involving bigger,
people than those presently being questioned. Itt can be said that the
Minister himself, is on trial before the Court of Public Opinion.",

The need& for the Inquiry is still, urgeit. Rumours. of a cement deal,
a tyre deal, chauffeur deals, and "dead souls" etc. are rampant The.
worst rumour is that the.:whole matter is being secretly dropped: this
'Will leave the Dominica. public with a Qynical attitude towards calls IFr_
reform and efficiency put forward, by Ministers of Government. 'No doubt
the British Development Division, which, has invested so .much money, in
various Public Works projects, would -be glad. to assist in. this inquiry.

I read 'in the STAR of June. 26 a response by Joey Vanterpool, Reuters
Correspondeit, to my article captionedi, "The' Danger'-.of Badi News'" which
appeared in'the STAR of the' previous .week.,
Mr. Vanterpobl has failed to 3ealise that all articles which bear
my, name. in ,the STAR and elsewhere are. written by mE and whenever I repre-
sent any person or persdas it will be stated. *
Talking about patriotic worth, Mr. Vanterpool will agree that some
of -our patriotic citizens-are. not individuals who have. toiled and toiled
to keep the island up -to a. certain standard nor those: who returnid-to-
the country out of their goodness, to make a contribution; but sometimess
th6se who came back for other reasons, including their annoyance at
events in a White Country, The most genuine, recent example of- patriotic
worth is the late Raphael Registe.
When anyone does not say I"Burn the Dreadsi Yill them: Beat-them
: to death", or remain silently.bowed when Jirasek was murdered, when white
tourists were spat on, when lMcen.ez almost lost his head and when the '
CanadiaT; flag was burnt, the,.wickOd followers-of the. Oppressor,and the
Pharoah himself try to twist what was said or not said into some form of
malice,, (concluded on page six)

__ave o~ur. . _9h 0 -e .

r~FTTi! ~rPnR

t- ._* fra--_~

--O'Neill1 Government is asking for co-
People often remark "Oh, all operation. We, the general public,
about everybody- throws stones," .would like to know what kind of co-
But however true this statement may operation the Government wants.
be, it seems that stope-throwing When we pass information so that
here. is more prevalent than in ~ny certain sections and~ bo-bolisan are
other part of.the .world. :Although exposed., we just hear that nothing
David would have beena'murdered by will. come out of that. President
the cruel giant Goliath and was: Nixonwas facing trial for Aferica's:
saved by his skill in stoine-sling- Wattegate affair. We know and it is
ing, that was thousands; of. years proved, without any doubt that the
ago l Watrgate f ..Dominica is much greater
Today, we till see-intelligent in proportion to our size tha .that
young and old men and women throw- of America.
ing .-tones at their opponents. Can The American Watergate did not
anyone predict the destination of cause that nation to go bankrupt,
a stone when pitched:? No. Although but' ours in Dominica has caused us to
aimed at a person's chest, feet or be bankrupt,
head, it might easily hit one':s t., is understood that one person
eyes, the windshield of at car, the in. Dominica is responsible for the.
glass window of a house...or maybe covering of this Watergate.
some quite innocent person whose We of the general public are call-
injury may necessitate medical ing on the authority; if Loblack,
attention. .John Joe, John Quashie is caught: in
H w can we parents expect to the VWatergate Scandal of Dominica,
correct our offspring if we our- let them face trial like President
selves. do not first exercise' good llixon. So too, if-brother-in-law,
conduct in front of them?' Literally, girl-friends, member of clubs are
we see that the first thing a child caught'-.let them a-lso face trial.
learn to do in our community is to We.,are not going to stand by this
"throw stones". I hgve seen nine- time. to allow anyone to block all the
year-olds: standat varying distan- scandals we know of. We say, irres-
ces shelling stones -at their' opon- pective- of who they are, let the- /
ents without any -attenmptby adult court-of justice decide. Such a.
passers-by,.to restrain them. I scandal.must be decided by the Court'.
have also seen families stand out- That is all.for the time being.
side pr even inside :theer homes, There'll bee more as-time. goes by.
pitching stones against one another, And-remember., we are- quite.willing to
thus reducing doors and windows to '3o-operate: with Government,
nothing but a shambles:., How cruel. --E.C. LOBLACK.
',*.A typical example 'of a spree is'
that of a notable character nick- OUR. ET GOVERNOR
named 'Malik'.. I cannot understand My choice for our next governor.
how intelligent people.find them- whea the time- arrives is. a woman,
selves involved with thisnman ini 'Of course we expect her to be
the throwing of stones' and bottles strong and neutral. Queen. Elizabeth
especially in a busy thoroughfare, I think. would be too pleased to
It must therefore be understood approve or confirm such an appoint-
that he who is not an .illiterate ment. She, being our Queen for so
*should never .indulge in the works many years, is fully convinced that
of an literatet. For such works .a woman can hold'such a high office-
condemn him instead as a lunatic, As we do .not hope or wish to have
subject to psychiatric treatment. .indapendence-'immediately, we have
It is high time the public began no- fear that our woman governor
to .show some interestt in these young would ever have to flee to another
innocentar,aF wait for the moment country. HUGH LAWRTtECE
to be .able to shout 'Heegas-heegas', 'UUTATIU: '"No man. is ust:ific .i
or .taken to hospital with serious doing evil on tba. EroOd of es iee.
head injuries. We should also con- : cy. THODOEROO, L
sider seriously What a peace-loving Dominica should be: and not tend to
look backward, but ahea4 for there. lies our hope and progress.


ST AR _age Fivea

Friday, July 4, 1975


8 T A R

I A.. ix y0 ,

8 T'A*K*^.t*U*T*.' -- MiorchriBson.
i'Ali, world heavyweight box-
ing champion, successfully 'defended
his title against Britain,'s Joe
Bugner in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Tuesday lst July by an unanimous
points decision in their 15-Lound,
Ali dominated for most of the
fight but came in for some punish-
ment in the. later rounds,, especially
the tenth which was definitely
Bugne' s best round. But All's
superior ability easily overcame
that threat.
This, was. Ali't third defence of
his title since he defeated -George
Pore na in-'Zaire last .October.
Earlier this. year, his opponents
Ron LiYle and Chuck Wepner, iHe will
be moating Joe Frazier next in
Manila, Phillipine-a for a record
purse of $10 million, of which Ali
will' get 6.5 million aind Frazierz
3S55 million. 'ihe other top world-
he avv~teight boxer George. Foreman,
was' receintly- in St. Lucia oh a brief
holiday.,. Prior to reaching St.Lucia,
he landed, in Barbados.
CRICIET Jeff Stollmeyer, Presifient
of the West Indies Cricket Board o'
Control (WICBC), arrived in Trinidad
on Sunday 29th June with the Prudent-
ial Trophy which, the West Indies won
*hen they defeated Australia by -7
runs. in the finals of the first-ever
World .up, Cricket Competition played
in England. '
The trophy will stay in Trinidad
until the middle of this month, when-
Clive Lloyd, the W.I. captain (on his
way to Guyanat to a hero" s welcome)-
will present it" to the Guyanase.
people. The nhoi-English based mem-
bers of the West Indies team return-
ed home last Sunday. They ar-e'Morris
Poster, Roy Fredericks, Lance Gibbs,
and their manager Clyde Walcott.
The West Indies will tour Austral-
ia from Oetobe'r this. year to Feb-
ruary of next year, where they'will
play six test matches. Their first
match will be October 29 against an
Adelaide Colts team, and their tour
will finish with the sixth ,test match
starting February 5 at Melbourne.
SIndia will tour the West Indies
next year starting February and will
play four test matches against the. Indies and six first, class

----------- -~---------------I----m-y-- --- - ~_---1-

HOME & .AWAY : Parry Bellot of PW Bel-
lot's is back after a Trinidad semi-
nar on Market Research & Export.***
Sister Alicia de Tremmerie is off on
long leave, following her 25, years'
service, and- will return to serve the
.Social Centre in an advisory, capacity.
WEDDIJNG (.frp.~)A bridal shower at
Island House, stag party at Anchorage
and. smart socialite wedding party at
gsrgae et rf "f ,m 1

SPiatedi and ~'ubished by the Fropriet Rl All--ey of Copt lia MIilll.iouse
at. 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, ,West. Indies.

*.. oalculating3.y mislnterpre ting the
points and omissions in an effort to
keep the blind forever blind and the
ignorant/ forever ignorant.: Some.
tend to accuse people of being friends
and/or adherents and at the same
time their misdeeds classify them
as being, part and paral, of the bad
they claim to see, in others.
I hplelI am at liberty' to call a
spade a spade. The truth always,
Social. events on the scale of last
week's Roseau Town Council Inaugura-
'tion are no longer conion In Dominica*
Three to four hundred guests spilled
over the DGS grounds sipping rum
punchand &cocktails; Roseau school-
girls and the brightly uniformed
government band provided entertain-
ment and- a long list of persons de-
livered congratulatory addresses,
The Karam council arrived in their
luxurious Lincoln Continental, .well-
groomed and flamboyantly outfitted.The
Ex-Premier broke his retreat at Vieille
Case to grace the occasion.
Some people looked into their
diihks and wQndered where the .money
had come from, but there. was a festive
feeling about the whole affair as the
exuberant mayor strolled through the,'..
crowd. Earlier, he had promised re-
paired sidewalks, hard tennis courts,.
a. new latrine .and Old Market .develop--
mont "
Leader, of the Opposition Eugenia
Charles outlined a few, hard truths
which the Council would have to face,
and hoped that the Roseau family,
council would not follow the pattern
of the 'disastrous Medici family council
of Florence, Italy.
If the. work of the Karam Council
can match the flamboyance of the in-
auguration, the people of Roseau have
a lot to, look forward to.

Fr ida Jugv 4 1975 '

-P C1Sw

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