Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Antigigan Queent Oon tmsel owan
Henry and hias wife Gwendolyrs were
hacked to oeat ,. outside their home
orx Weds. am by their Oardoner, in-
sight of thoir two little children.
This is sa terr~ib6? blow, and all
West Indians are filled Twith horror
and pity. are pouring in, .
SA political 'ian, RN ai Hermy lovr-
ed treedmi.; mafry of us, o:memiber his
moving speech of June 7, 1970,. Our
heart o out to the bereave, firWities,
John Spector ,., .page 2

J.A :aphIan & Cof (1970) Ltd,
Wishes it advise the geneal public
that the company will be closed for
stocktaking on Tuesday ist July re.
opening for business on 2nd July,
SAny inconvenience causei to custo-
mers is legreited.

Schedule of Appication for CGrtifkate of Title and Noti g
therenl and Cavets forwek endlrg 29th day of june 975 i
;ate Reuestd Perpon Presentig NatW
S' er a Certficate of Title of
[..ii.TriTn fnrninl-~n -^ 1- -**l ^ r 0 0'^ ^ ''-

Request dated
the 29th day
o.; May 1975
Presented the.
24th day, f.
June 1975
at 2.05 p-mx

Emaie Eugene
bsy his Solicitor
Cilma AU.M

Request for -t the i~ue
f a First Certificate
ef Title in teapect of
a' portion.- of tland
known as a lot Powell
Groasd Bay, in the Pa
:rish St Patrick in the

,t 5 I State -of Dominic
ontaianian 5035 square feet and bounded as followai
North by Grand Coutibri river separsttng It from land of
Sonson Angel East by Grand Coullbrie Estaa South by
land of Sylvester Eugene West by land of Patricia Matthew


Isibellah ShIllngford
Roseau. Dominkca. 'Ating Registrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person wio dtsairt? to ocbjet ro, th .iinllng4i )
Certflca.iof titte on the above applicationmmay enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearancee of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in his State or from the date, when the notice prescribedd by
aw was last served on any owner or occupier d ,djoinlhg
land n respect of which the ia dtoi-ls rade.

rH-iio. -r JD O:


An Excellent Tonic and Stimulamt

R inches The Blood

SIrcreases the Appetite

* Dispels 'tIat TireRd ieeiig:

SRenewso the Joy of Liviang

__:.____ ^_______...^^

A-W L AW Mea s4l> d
-T I ot out its ~eiibers
s on strike toQd y
.. ALi bea: Lauase t the.
Tobaeoo Pacrr

We agree with Father Atexauder, who condmni
ed the revenge-tmotif of Calypso Roses *otg..
Tbis reprisal al too prevalent here tiqc
it was an L.P. election theme.
We also agree that the terrible klliogs ia Dom*
iica's interior .aere an even idder tgged4y thWa
the Morne Prosper death toll, bgcase they dC*
oote a civil war a the minds (and bodies) oftou
S SpeopleT. Y
:W weant to seae the claidsni.Wal*"tsu-
gally brought to ugtise, not just
bounded and outlawed in, a, tarigge1i^
happy land,

India More Trouble
Opposition MPs, leader's and e en
Congress Party dissidents -(7014a)"
now in prison. INDIAGRAM4 staptei tatb
P.MnIha ira Gcadhi wa:s :B, ity onf only
two out Of 11. issues,neither ,t wb$A
ianvolves. any ixoralx turpitude

SB AR B'A R.I C BLACK KMA I L .. John Spector
By now, few politically-minded persons in the'Caribbean can 'be unaware
of the international blackmailing tactics'of the President.'of Uganda, Gen-
eral Idi Amin. The trial by a military court or court martial of a civilian
citizen of a foreign country for 'treason' oh account of a few sentences
written by him critical of the political regime in Uganda and as yet un-
published; the conviction and sentence of execution by firing squad; and
then the compounding of injustice by the attempted blackmail.of the Queen
of the Commonwealth and the Government of Great'Britain using this 'hostage'
whose life 'he will spare' if Britain will send over her Foreign Sec:retary
by July 4: and sell him arms and spare parts for his military machine: these
things must. surely exercise the minds of the leaders of the Caribbean and
African countries to dwell seriously on the meaning of the word civilisation.
Yet, up to Thursday a.m. 26th June, I have as yet to hear any reports- of
re'proaches or criticisms.coming from any of the West Indian leaders.
To me, the unadulterated savagery of President Amin's actions smacks of
the airplane highjacker or the kidnapper." That the OAU or 'the OAS or even
the United Nations could let such. international banditry continue without
comment is an indication of the drift away from law, order, common .decency
atd the Declaration of Human Rights. I hate to think that no, single Carib-
bean leader has any moral thoughts on this business. I hate to think that
.ary Caribbean leader was secretly stirred to think 'Ahal Now how can 'I use
that technique to bolster up my position to that of a dictator?' This act
could be the thin edgp of the wedge which leads to international anarchy."
If governments and other authorities had acted strongly against highjackers
and anarchical ,bandits in embassies at the very start, much'pain and anguish
Of innocent human beings, much money to be spent on illegal arms traffic
W0uld have been saved -- a d much less leeway given to pseudo-revolution-
aries and contentious fascist groups.
The views of statesmen like Jbmo Kenyatta, Julius Nyerere and Kenneth
Eauina on. the Uganda issue need no further publicity,..they are civilized
men, They can see how Amin's behaviour degrades the Black man wherever he is.
It was (perhaps) diverting .in Bricish Empire days eome twenty.years ago,
toe see persons of the stature of Kenyatta (the Mau Mau) and Gandhi (non-
violence) 'twisting the lion's fail" *.But have we no politicians in the
C.aribbean who can confirm themselves as statesmen overnight and point out
the danger of allowing 'a little 61-year-old university professor.(be he
Wuite' or black) to be used as a hostage- or .obtaining war material from
Britain which is more than likely to be .turned on to the Ugandan people
themselves'- to add to .he 70,000 Ugandans already slaughtered by the
Procedure and Working Methods of the House of Assembly, Dominica ,..
by Marie Davis Pierre.' lerk of the House of Assembly.
This handbook should be invaluable to all members of the House, and all
citizens of Dominica who are interested in the workings of our democracy.
It is the first publication of its kind from any Commonwealth Caribbean
country and Dominica should be proud of Mrs, Davis Pierre for taking on
such a monumental piece of research in addition to.her other duties. It is
so" complete a voluntary compilation that the writer of this review (who is
very familiar with Erskine May's bulky work on Parliamentary Practice)
cannot find any subject which,has not been fully- covered insofar as Dominica
is 'concerned,
The contradictions between Westminster tradition and Dominican exped-
iency are perhaps the most fascinating parts of this booklet. For example,
(from May) "it is not usual for the Speaker to serve on public or.Statut-
ory Boards as he is expected to preserve his political independence";
followed by "'there is no reason why the integrity of a Presiding Officer"
(the Speaker) "should be impaired, challenged or affected by his pursuit
,of other public or private duties". (The latter view taken, not just'by
Dominica's House, but by a Caribbean Preisiding Officers & Clerks Conference
o in 1972) (Page 37 of booklet" ( Concluded on page six)

Friday, June. 27, '1975

Page Two


Pri-sgjuan.27 -SI THE STAR Pag,,e Three

[ I qtock:-
i .

HARDBOARD 1S~ 8'- thick

b2 .i ~~ 1a '~P . .



W'e have moved all our Lime Operatioas
into the New Factory building.

In o0.- to tandardise our buying pro-
cedure we shall, with efffec from Ist July
1975, b~y limes by the pounds We will
pay 4,7 PCe c. .


We have jusm rceived.:-

inm 12 14"1 Si6 s *

V'#0 R '.


for internal use

for a soothiog application
rapidly A..

which relieves pain,

The combination costs only $3.15

Just. received:-

in Sll sizes 'K" to 3"

W 4 I t

Schedule of Apptlation for Certflcate of Tlte and Notlda
thereon end Caveats for week ending 14% day of June W97S
11-- --- -1 --.n--r. ..rirar~iil

Date Requested$

Persn Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title gf Noting
thereon or Caveat.

I $79-lia

Registrar's Offtce,
Roseau, Dominica,

Isabella Shliingford
Acting Registrar of Titles

NO rE: Any person who desires to object to the Itsuing of a
Certificate of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
in the ab-ve office within six weeks from the date of the First'
appearance oi this schedule In'the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was 'last served on any owner or occupier C adjoint, i
land in rrzpect of which the application is male,

boa i rrms~a~l---l^--raa~a~-^--------~~ar

Pag~ Tb'hee

F, ftdaW Jne 27:1$9



Reqsait date nes pplication of Agnes
27 3 75 Raphael Raphael ft r the issue
-3a" sy ier.Solicitor of a first .eartifieat
12 6 75 M.Eugeniat of Tde in reasaect of
at 3.05 p m Charles a portion of .lad at
- .- PeAton in i.the Parish
of St Paul Eontaining
1.44 acres and bonm-8
daidB as follows:-
,Nrth East Lani of Donad Colhn South Ean Land of Riviere
La' Croix Estat6e lwtel West Land of Eiwyn Jerome 'vlitam
,:,r-. West Centre Line of a Dry Ravine separating At from
;and o Eason Bruno and land of Gwenall e -I

quese t ate to orick Requts t for the issue
Sth st day Jno a iste of a -Frse Certhficate
iof Jue 1975 by Solicit of Tile ii respect of
Presented fthe Cilma A.MI a portion of lawnd at
17th day of Dupitny Sa&mr Gutteir situted
June 1975 in the village of Marn
-a 3,20 p m got in the Pari h olf
3 --St Andrew in the9
State of Domm inica
c eontAinhsg ISS65 sqoaay fUt afi baoundd as frollws:-.
iNorth by land of Abraham jones East by land of Oliphis
ijremy South b'y latd of Masby Felax West bya Pubtic RoIa
Request dated Mc Lean Jean Apphldatio4 of Me
'6 5 75 Marise Lean Jean Marie 1'or0
;Presented bv hbs Solicitor the iasue of a firi
17 6 75 f M.Eugeni j certificate of Title in
I st 11 O'dtoc! Charltes r6lpect of z, pnrtiro
....... "__ ---_ --I of land at. Colihattc
in the Parish of St
Petir containingil
2,343 square feet,
Et and bounded as folc|
North East Land of Mc Nell Langlals North Wet Land of 3
i.Hc Kemley Langaits South Ease A Public Road South West J
ILand 'of Serra, rd more ,
aerte Auest or the issue
5th May 19751 also known as of a First Certificate
Presented Agnita BIaa. eof Title in respect of i
a3th June by her Solijcite a portion of land at
1975 ~anya Dupigay Qockrane part of Es
at 2.40 p Mu tatoeof Matthew Car
raway, in the Parish
St Paul y. rtainingr
10,704 resi". f,
and bounded as fo.w$.- .
North East land. of Fitan Hdge South East Public Road and
land of Estate of Matthew Garrawny South Wtst Land of Es &
tate of Matthew Garriway North Wast Land of Estate of M1t
thaw Garraway "J .

mTT1 "" -A ''rJn -J - -75

ra^gte -ouj .

Prior to election '75 Dominicans MA
were happy to hear. the Premier an- wh
nounce intense plans which may now th
be considered as election -promises n
to catch votes, s The 'three- most: re be
levant ones were: w
1. Free secondary education.
2:i The construction of an oil re- "i
finery which when completed o0
'Would employ 4,000 people. ,
3. The construction of 2j000 low, a
cost houses by a Canadian Corn- h
pany, p(
Seet~ that the Premier and his
party captured the polls,. rresPeo- wl
tive of the cb-co-macacque which
was played, it is appropriate at m(
this time/ remind him of his w
promises and ask that he fulfills
them t
A e going to be fooled all' ,
the hime or some of'the time?. Do hc
you think that.-you should send your b-
children to. school at the beginning -B
of the school term without paying t
at the end? You would just be. bene- G(
fitting from .one of the- Premier's
promises. .Re housing and oil re- hl
finery, Mrs John should have some" p
,thing tp offer; is he fulfilling t
his promises,? -'ELVIN FBRACIS d
Bear, rs5Ed6ito P
Auear sterit Needed y
I understand that the Roseau i
Town Council are planning a Grand 'w
Party for the, installation of its a
new Councillors. h*
In these times offinancial di .
ficulties the accent should be on d
trying ,to make two ends meet and
austerity should be the order, of T
the day. We should tighten our
belts and see that we use- the. small d
funds at, our disposal, in the most t
productive manner. \ c
Our "Show., ff" mayor should be.
made to understand in no uncertain y
terms, that Taxpayers' money is not y
his. to fritter away but mast be
used for the upkeep of Roseau and,
he should try to keep our City p
clean before unnecessary e'strava-
gances. -THRIFTY, Roseau..
letter arrived only a day before w
the Roseau Town Council inaugural
'gathering on June 26, 1975.
(Quest report :neIt Week)
E a

7?1~~~~7r_ ;rlll~Ff ~1;1_ 791~5

Tt- I-I

action MA TITI.NE Cynthia Watt
STITINE was just getting out. of bed
Len it was announced over the radio
iat a woman had been shot during the
ght at Wotton Waven; that she had
een taken to hospital and that a man
is 'helping the police'
"Well, well," Ma-Titine exclaimed,
t's a shooting, and a shooting with-
it end it looks like!" .'She had bare-
finnished scrubbing her teeth, when
gain it was. aired that a jet plane
Ld crashed in the U.S.A.' killing. 102
:rsons, .
"Oh.rmy goodness!" she. cried out:,
hat'is.happening, in the world today?
iventiona are all well. and good, but
ore calamities and disasters occur
ith each passing., day" '
When. Genelia and Reuben-dropped in
hat afternoon, they disoussed- the re-
ction to Father'Alexander's latest
Gmily. "Some people .are much angered
eoause. he said that the shooting at
elles was much more sad and serious
hian the Morne Prosper tragedy,"
enelia' said.
"I. think Reuben replied, "at it
ave troot in dat. Dose Morne: Prosper
people dead true, but deir. family going
o be cared for plentee. I g-1le. all
ose tousan of dollars: dat' colleckin
oh dem..." Baby came in at this
ojnt. "I bet is de Mon Prosper people
ou talking bout an- wat you say Reuben,
s true..,,de Defence Foss man familee
ill get-,onlee wat Guvament, give dem,
a dose boys in de woods- (if any get
utt bad enoff) pahaps die like beasts
..nobody carin bout deir mudders an
at..." .
'"That's really sad you knllw," Ma
itine Wagged her'head.
'Garcon,'" Baby said, "les forget all
ese horrible tings an talk bout some-
ing else,...allyou feel de fuss hurri-
ane wind de odder night?"
-.Oh yes," Genelia replied, "all our
young breadfruit and pears dropped.
ou should have seen the yard'"
'Sn-enh, Baby swatted .at a: fly
covering arouxid her. legs, "dat is a
ity! De tree dee. laden... you wood
ave get a beeg crop."
"Well," Ma Titine said sagely,
that's life...we must expect the bad
ith the good." She moved to put a
little bright, music from Big A. In-
tead she heard a newsflash of the
horrible double murder, in Antigua.
No esaepe"

rT T A "P

Jl- 2wy 3 .n 3 9 La. 0 -I L Ai 4 .

Dear Madam,
The following is my
response to your columnist Kelvin
Francis. He should first prove
his.ability as a -writer by doing
thinking and wording of articles
bearing his name.
This lately Johnny-come-on-the-
scene upstart should prove to his
countrymen his patriotic worth by
braving the dangers I have been ex-
posed to for the past two weeks,
In terms of attracting foreign
investment, Kelvin Prancis and thabe
people he represents were strangely
silent or indifferent when Jirasek
was murdered, when white tourists
were spat upon, when McKensie al-
most lost his head,'when the Cana,--
dian flag was burnt, and still now,
when peasants from the village, of
Belles are too terrified to harvest-
their produce. It is people like
me, Kelvin, who have to escort
those people to their gardens, be-
cause your guerilla friends have
threatened to burn 'and kill these
defenceless people. As. a budding
writer, Kelvin, you should try to
divorce your writings from the of-
fice you hold in political parties,
Unlike you, Kelvin, I can call ,
spade a spade, anytime; whether it,
is Labour, Freedom, MND, or. what,
have you. Can you step outside of
your party in ypur writings? If
you are a political correspondent,
then that's fine, and your attack
is justifiedd. But stop pretending.
.that you have an independent col -
umn. I am aware of your sources of
inspiration (sic).
And it would appear to me, madam
Editor, that you add footnotes only
when it is politically expedient,
June 23, 1975. Antilles.

CHALLT.jjGLE'.ir.A.'i .T .ir AT. RBT.L 'iR I

Your p.'oblems -- like boyfriend,- I BELLO VA. ON CANIING COURSE
girl friend,marriage,divorce,sex,- f Mr. Joseph Jno.Baptiste, 19-, who
examine ion, job,promotions,transfer, recently joined the Bello Product'
business, lottery,bingo,pools,evil Processing Firm left on Sunday to take
spirit3,bad luck,ailments,all dis- part in a special two-week-long course
tresses or any other types of pro- in "Introduction to the Canning of
blems can be solves in strict con- Fruits and Vegetables" organized by the
fidence:- Faculty of Engineering (Pood Techno-
ASK FOR FREE DETAILS: logy Department) at the St. Augustine
PALS UNIVERSAL CO. Campus of the University of the West
G-17/4, RAJOURI GARDEN, Indies,
1'jEW DHI- 27, T DIA. *

1 o f PFtve


On Saturday- June 281, I went by the
provision market. The country people
were crying, especially those from
Cookrane and Salisbury. A few of
them called mg and said, 'Mr.Loblack
you see where we 'are? We Wpe paying
our money to get burnt in the sun and
to get wet when rain falls; yet,:when
a tax-collector passes to collect the
money from us sometimes and we tell
him we are not ready yet, he jpt
stoops down and takes a heap of our'
provisions; and the amount he takes
is always more than what they collect
from us." I told them, "I"am sorry
to hear "that but What can I do?"
The Sunday-when hundreds of vehic-
les paraded all over the island
(which was called good time) they were
saying "we shall never move." The
Monday' aflt was "we shall never 0ove."
On Tuesday was jum,-up,: then Wednes-
day was the funeral procession and
they buried human beings alive.
I heard a.young girl from Cocktrame
standing there who said,"They well-
fool us, because today they take\',our
land without any compensation: they
did not even inform us that they would
take the land. Had it not been for
Mr. Ducreay, who had seen the .Official
Gazette and. toldus that they had
taken our land, 'perhaps we.would have
gone to prison, not knowing what we
had done."
3 what .these people say is true,
r@41ty, they have been fooled by the
hdi~archy. So then the spong'which
they had them to sing, that "'e shall
not be moved" is playing havoc uow,;
with.their lives. I heard. their
storied and told them "the same people
who ask you all to put them in power
to see about' your misery and your
suffering, .go and put- your misery Eand.
suffering to them." At this stage
God help us all in this place.
24.6,75 E.C. LOBLACK

STp A ?R

H** sj-1iA*R SP*0*RO-RTS *Morchriston. 0 U R T H A H K S.
GRIM WHST.K DIES WORLD CHAMPION to certain persons who kept the STAR
WeSt indies defeated AIistrglia by 17 alive this week: CSA & SMA for pro-
runs to become champions in the fin hiding inkr Mr. John Williams for
ever Prudential World Cup Cricket desperately needed transport.PUB/ED.
OCmpetition in England. Highlights THE YEA & THE WA (rNview of M.D.P,)
of that match were the batting of TEAY rvi f DP
ie 4oyd. anf the eluding ~ r.p,2.6,,*, On page 33 of this book
Cive .Lloyd a the fielding of rad the rulings" given on
Vivian Richards. 2" Freedom of the Press at the 9th Car-
Lloyd hit 2 sixes and-12 fours Rgional Confrnc in StLu
in 102-runs Iscored i O mites ibbean Regional Conference in St.Luda
ato c0-runsge tcoed ii crse of the 1972, No members of the Press-were in-
to change the- whole course of the V ited to- state their-views at that
match -after Australia had gotten 3 conference '
wicket~ for 50 runs of 17 overs.- The historical introduction and
Lloy with Kanhai (55), put on 149 th chapter (II) on Parliamentary
upne for the 4th wicket in 108 min- Democracy and Constitutional Devel-
utes the duration of Lloyd" ~l opment atre balanced and succintly,
ings., Which illustrates his strike rite, and the Appendices are gold-
power, seeing aa Ianhai is. also a mines of information: one just wishes
tr thoke player*. l that:the list of tElection.Results1
With the disiial f Lloydi, (App.I) did not start until 19241.: he
Ia Knhai and.Richrdsi soon followed record fr the previous 150 years as
to, mak& West Inadie 209/6, but a well 'could be fascinating,including
brisk partnership between Boyce 36o as it would the Parliamentary exploits
and -lien 24 no. saw the score to of. Falconer and Dawbiney,(What a Jobl)
61*. At the end of the 60 Overs, All poli'ically-minded persons in
Weiet T'ndies were 291/8. Gary Gil"- Dominica (and many in other. islands)
more finished with 5/47, and Thomson would b wise to- obtain.-a copy.- It is,
a$/44 **The fielding of the West. presumably, printed and most credit.
Indies. team was exceptionally 'good. ably, printed at the. Government Prin-
with none better than Vivian Richa s terry and published by Government: but
whost super fielding sent back three this, and the price, are omitted from
Auttralian batsmen back to the pav the blank flyleaTf i Why? Congratulate ,
i3i in in a row by the. run-out route -
ma i ug them 162/40. The batmn out NE WS B R I E,FS S ....
run~ t o. 1Rehards, (there Were o ot Father Kelvin.PFeiJx" said goodbye to
mroret tn-o tRA in the insninegs) r o SMA yesterday, leave-s today to take up
whom had their stuhe Imgocked out of his duties as. Asst.Secretary of the
whom had their a ocked out o aribbean Cotuncil of -Churches Brother
the t-ound by his accurate throws Egbert Oei~aain of Dominica is the new
were the Chappell brothersaand Alla SMA Principal. Farewell and Haill
Tu2rhcer,, the. opening. batmnau, who
Tuphr, the opening batsmanon, who e man Board of Inquiry into
scored a fine 40. Tan Chappell 62 the strike at. the Tobacco Factory is
';Urstrikeat. te Tbsoco Factory is
waseiTopcorer for Australia and.r to be conducted by Mr.Ephralm Geoges.
Walt*as 35. Keith Boyce another im to-i Stephen-Lewis has been charged.
pressive, performance 4/50. Austra with wounding Anastasie Nicholas on
274. Andy Roberts of Antigua was the head ahd arm by gunshot -this week
awsrdaed the Karl Nunes trophy for h land of Mr.Daniel Green,Trois Pets.
1975 for his outstanding performan- ,, Uganda's Amin accused Maj.Gen.
ces on the cricket field. Blair, the Queen's Emissary, of being
BOX~SI World Heavyweight4 Boxing. drunk on banana wine and other liquor
Charnion pfhsamned Ali will defend and threatening to invade Uganda. with
his,.title against Joe Bugner on British forces from Kenya: Blair de-
Ttesdzy, lst JJulF. iN Malaysia. nies this,An American. commentator says
TABI' T~NIS An offseeason competi- "ardyne who accepts drinks from,Amin
ti i took, place at the Goodwill must be an idealistic fool"; a writer
Parish. Hall, Thursday night., 26th in Britain says "what would Churchill
Ilne.6.e However, a notable omission have done?" Yes, tell us what...?
was the non-participation of the .* *r Delayed Budget Session: over 12
reigning champion.,Gatfood Williamsa weeks after the 1st meeting, st Sess-
A anuiber of young players took part ion of the new 21-member Parliament, an
in tjW cqmpetition- and Peterson extremely late Budget Session will be
'Bo j.j' Charles was expected to win. held :at H Q on Thturs.July -24, 10 a.m,
Prind & published by the Propriet r, R-bert. LA.rey f.Mill house,
Sopt all, at 26 ath Road., Roseau, Dom_.nican est Inedes.

Friday, Junie 27, -1975


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