Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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1P I I k I
fPECt0 .OR lC.Er 0O uCE
The otUi ni:"it reasonable tplk on
.the duties and merits of Doin.ica's
"Special Pohicev was given by one of-
S--them who. is also r', ewsrth- r of note,- '
This is i no sense a: reply Or argument
simply ouar -planationof why Sprecials
are not po)puiar with' the ave rage cid-.'
zen, save a. genuine eiericIcy ,
t. every count, y,.. Secret Police.are.
distrusted. and someimetis deested: be .
they Cheka (T. a rist) OGPUN 1KV
(Russia today) Gestapo (Nazi) Ge-
h. eiwhis Polidzei, CIA or even Vigilatn
tes whovolunteer to inform and protect
They are- mc.-ly brave. Their duie-in. i,
; i;ude -scuCe work :and the un of fire
-arm2s in Brainam "Specials' have, even.
been usci as strikebreakers.
'Our Specials ave attached to-
it*heoyal Dobinica. Police- Force,
if the public pref erSa rag-
ular Police.0 t.o Spedials, it @ ,be-
Oause f -the. supposed anonymity o
of the Specials, firstly.Se (mep

A. Comite ortura. '
Waiting for Something t Happen
It seems to us that all of Dominica
is in a state of suspended. animation:
Waiting for something to happen; '
Its' like ai, adapt-ation of a
famous. poem 'by lWyitan Aidsr.;
tQ little island where the folka,
are always waiting -
S Waiting expectantly for some;hirgi
to, happen,.. '
Are there, too many -mysteries around ?r

9-7: ,


UGANDAS PR~S UNT EN Hre een re..o ving her Hon.,k .M.Ln JnO 14
Ss Sister Suzanne Coorevlsu. The me41t ws a.
warded for her excellent work as Tutor to the
S- P. M;H. School of Nursing.




The Ou;sn Hsead of the Cammrowealth sent
a m!li:Try emissary to Amin asking for clemency
for ar. EngM!shmrn under tcntence of death;
Dennia Hiils, 61, Univ. Lecturer. Executc!oe date
lMniacy I


An Excellent Tonic and Stimulant
'' Enriches The Blood

SIncreases the Appetite-
D: ispels that Tired Feeling

;# Renews the joy of. Living

:______. <

-T~~L *Bc ~8~6~1PZT-~(~Pl~g --"-~a

.e Mr R T A P 1 i-- - - m --2-0-

A report reached the District
Parliamentary Representative Hon.
Pat Stevens that a dangerous and
iasgraceful situation existed at
the above-nanpd school.
Mr.Pat Stevens visited and re-
ported to the Ministry of Education
& Health that, apart from the fact
that there is no water on the pre-
mises of the school for the 716
pupils and 17 teachers, the toilet
constituted. a danger to health and
lffe. and limb of younger pupils.
There are three holes on0 the
floor of the latrine through which
pupils could fall' to a depth of 10
feet or more with excreta and urine
beneath. The Ministry of Education
& Health undertook to bring the si*
tuation to the notice of the Chief
Education Officer Mr.Belgrave Robin-

Hon, Pat Stevens further .arranged.
for a delegation to visit the site
of tho.disgrace and the 1isk to
l1fe Vad limb of younger pupils,..
This did not materialize. He later
learnt that the Chief Education Of-
ficer Mr.N Robinson had seen the
Complaints by anxious parents
continued to reach the District
Prlj nlamentary .Representative until
he was forced to unmmon a meeting -
on Sunday, 15th June. to discuss the'
grave situation as well as'the ab-
senze of water 'for villagers, pup-ils
anad teachers of Weirs.
Following the meeting, quite a
number of people visited the toilet
aad. saw for themselves a predicament
which merits immediate attention as
Well as~ disciplinary action in the
Ministry of Education and Health..
The, gravity of the situations as
I saw it, may well result in a
child falling through into this ibss
and stench and staying there until
a& ladder is brought and the wall
cautiously broken away to rescue
the child or its dead body due. to
suffocation of the foulest degree.
It mnay be that Hon. Christian
.Minister of Education and Health
together with C.M.Q. Dr. Dorian-
Shillingford have the matter on
their agenda for the Jamaica Health
But meanwhile.. ?

(by May Christian, ex-captain)
One month today, suddenly and
tragically some past Guides and
Brownies passed-away from their native
village Morne Prosper, commonly called
'Docteur', on that fatal Wednesday
Night (May 21st) on their way to
Roseau, t
'As is known throughout the.Guide
.as well as the .Scout Movementl'a
Company started by a stranger Teacher
is ss to go a-begging for a captain
when that teacher leaves. So the
First Morne Prosper Company was no
With .n' departure to a new school
post offering bilingual opportunities
the groups began to flounder in
spite of my humble requests to assure
them continuity.
lever mind that; remember the woads
of our Founder the late Lord Baden-
It is.not simply the uniform that
makes her. Hence, I see good reason
to write this memorial.
It was on appointment to. their
new Government school as Second
Teacher in 1960 that we first met.
That same year 1 started a small.
Company for girls of the Upper School
age, with the ready approval of Mrs.
Josephine: Osborne. the then Island
Commissioner. The parents all gave
their assent. Collaboration also
came from the Headmaster, Mr.Leonce
Riviere in placing the schoolroom
and grounds at.our disposal for
after-school weekly meetings. And
so I went ahead. Our first import-
,ant visitor to Morne Prosper was the
Canadian Trainer, Miss Horncastle,
(now Mrs. ijaiby).. Incidentally, the
Morne Prosper recruits were the first
Dominican group she called oni. Along
with Miss Houghton of the Red Cross
Society she carried out breezy
Tenderfoot Testtifch ended success-
fully. After about week, the
-girls -(then in bright new uniforms)
came along with me to Government
House where at ta rhA3itaent ceremony
they, with other companies, "took '
their -solemn Threefold Promise. Fol-
lowing was a March Past where Mrs.
Lovelace., wife of the AdImiaistrator,
and Our President of the* Island Asse-
ciatiQn took the Salute. About a
year later we formed a Brownie Pack
which was enrolled in their village
Caee LApage'

~Firr-lilnv~ ~Di~ntT: 2d, 19i15

rT~`T-T R ~ 'P ~ rS

t3P rT

*- lp.. [ml ii.," ". tI

SPremier Petrick John is one of seven mer
bers elected recently to he Dominica Church
Council (Anglicai),-. This body runs the busi
ness fffairs of ihe church inciudiog.-matt irs
pertaining to the clergy.

A Family Ps.aning cartoon rprinted frmi tHE VINCENTIAN,

5^35S~~pJl*^ '



'Schedu e of Appiicatlon for Cerlift~ct, of Title and NotNot
thereon and Caveats for week ending 141h day of June 75 .
Dste*Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether t Certificate.
of Ti e of Noting
Sthereon or Cave.t

Request dited Auxguitina Request for the isasu
24th May Andres nr'* of a First Certificate
1975 R obert I of Title in respect of
Presented hy lr Soliciter a portion of land
!m teal lot iv thlq Tow a
at I0.40a Im of Roseau in tte PLf
---- .'" ----- rish of St, George cona
tamini 2357 square feet iand boieatiad u'fellows-
North West l ad of Corina Roper North Ez ;-;'
South East land of Ionfe Buter and Orlaiido G.'Pet er Saoue
West land of Sculy Lestrade .
R~ st dated ppicatio o
27 3 75 Raphaae Raphael for the iuu I
Presented y. let Solicitor of a first; certificate
12 6 75 M.Eugenia of Title, i respect of
at 3.05 p.& Charles & portion of land at
Penten in the Pariah.
Sof, St Paiu contatninat
S.1.44 acres and boifn-
ded as follows:r
North East Land of Donald Collin South East Lad of fRiv re
La Croix Estate Hotet West Lad of EiWyn Je"ome WUliars
North West Centre Llne-of a Dro Ravinae sparatig it fror
land of Etson Bruno and land t (f G
Wt1ne vl .21 iune-I
Reu3t ate *T re Requestfor th i610e
ithi 5h ay Ja Bat ijstc i of & Firat*Certificatj
.f juna 1975. by his Solicitor If Title in respect of
Presented the Ciesa I.MI a portion of 4and at
17th day oof DupanY Sam. Guttqr situatei
June 1975 in the village of Maria
at 3.20 pm got in the Parish of
S -t Andrew in tge
State of Dotnimcti
containing 15,650.aquare feet and bousdad as follow.
North by land of Abraham Jones East by land of OBlphle
Jeremy Socith by land of Masby Felix West by a Public o*4
Request datead Me iUa Jian- Application of Me
6 5 75 Marie Lean Jean Marie for
Prisented by his Solicitor the issue of A, first
17 6 75 M.Eugenia certificate of Titlein
at L1 O'cloek Charles respect of a pertiisa
of land rt r ithand
in the Parias, o. St
Peter containhsn
S 2,343 aqiWri feet
and bounded as folt-
Slaws. '
North East Land of Me Nell Langtals N3rth Wast Letd f
Mc Kenley Langfals ,South East A Public Road S.outh West
Land of Sherr ard Zamore

Registrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominica,

Isabella Shitllngfofrd
Acting Regiitsrt of Tltcii


I NOTE: Any person who desires to object to th suing of a
Certificate of itlek on the boveappiication may -nter a Cavejat
in the above office within six weeks from the -3ate of the First
appearance of'this schedule m the STAR Newspaper -pubshed
in this Stiare ro from the date'when the riocice prescribed by.'
Siaw was last served on any owner or occupitr of adjoining
Jawl -it reispct cf ,tch the applcarion is e. IT

Pe gs Three


~8iaEa; Jl~~b ~eP~ rWL

PTu H' T R -i --Jn A, 97

One hears. every Sunday morning
over Radio-Antilles "Geests Banana.
Corner". But there are two sides.
'to every coin.
The average person who doesn't
plant bananas may well come to the
conclusion that the banana farmer
has never had it- 'so good. There
are intervals of music to make it
appear that..the banana business, is
a festival and boon for the farmer.,
That is not so. 'Since the days of
alavery the average agricultural
worker has never had it so gru some.
The big citrus'grower is not con-
cerned-with the banana industry.
In the. first place, to him, bananas
ao no.t paY and cannot pay because
they involve too much hard expensive
labour, which Geests Banana Corner
conceLas with pop, music -an.d specious
SKiinety percent of the farmers in
the' banana industry can hardly do
anything else' for a living. Markets
for other agricultural crops are
fitful., Coconuts pay because big
folks. can shout; but illiterayy'is
at the bottom of all -the wicked
'things connected with the banana in-
dustry,, and so long as the Dominica
Government- i in the., main responsible,
there 'will. be no inquiry into the
-industry. '
Why 'can't the public and there fa.r-
mer know how much money is taken
weekly from the bana;n price? Des-
pite huge sums confiscated where a're
the. improvements?, Feeder roads con-
tinue to cause fruit to be rejected,
-The farmer gets little, or no insew ,
ance: for windstorm damage. There is.
bad. Organisation at the. Boxing Plant.
And so there is no consideration ft6r
the, "banana- slave". He comes it. with
wet clothes,.- tired.- and worn' ou, to
wait for a. whole hour while all the
huge Boxing Plant staff goes for,
lunch. Why not a shift ,syteml to
ease .i already bad situation?
Men and women will be lifting up
heavy bunches of bananas, five or
six:times to get to the scales and
this for two or three days on end.
Yet your ears tingle with Internat-
tional Womens' Year shouted --the --
we,1l--laced 'salaried 'women who shout
thus never see the sort of treatment
peasant women have at some Boxing
Plant- ciipervised and managed by cer-
tain slavesmasters uand mistresses -of
the Dominica Management Coimmittee, -

rARAN A FARMER, NditherA District.

Some 50 years ago one or two. United
States so-called preachers arrived in
Dominica. They met our people, who
were predominantly Roman Catholics,
rather peaceful- and happy As the
years went by several others started
invading the whble country, trying to
catch as many faithless Catholics as
they c6uld.. Their.needs.were met most-
ly by Catholics, by getting houses to
rent and lots to put up buildings.
Yet these very preachers -take a
pleasure in lashing at the Catholic
Church. Night and day, especially the
local ones (with their cruel and deceit-
ful tongues) they keep lashing at her,
. may be right if say that'this is
the 'way Communism -spreads. However,
our church is the rock, and the. gates.
of hell can never prevail.
the STAR office next Monday or Tuesday,
morning, regarding her Carib 3Script?

This is untenable in a small island
where everyone thinks he knows the
mortal failings of -his neighbours.
S-In fact only in. an emergency is the'
presence of Specialse tolerable, and
most" healthy people pray for emergen-
cies to end q.ulekly.
During Federation days, there was
a-certain Juniior Minister who seemed
to enjoy spying on behalf of his boss.
We once ,said to him "Surely you are
the most successful infomab- ever?'"-
To our surprise., he shook us warmly
by the hand. He did not know what
that wor-d connoted in Ireland and
other lamds'
S: other words Specials are. not
viewed askance as themselves but be-
dause of the secrecy and alleged...
snooping in the voluntary work for
which they-have a zest. This atti-
tude of the public is atfact of life
and a tradition everywhere... What then
can be .done tO popularize these dedi-
*cated men who give up their sp-are
time to voluntary Police work which
may be dangerous?
We humbly suggest that they drop
so-called anonymity and have their
names and conditions of service
published in the Official Gazette,
for a starts
'* ** *

Friday, June 20,1976

Page Four

'P RF: S-T A R

THE DAiGER OF .BAD I1S .......
It is said that you never trou-
ble trouble until trouble .troubles
you. On Thursday June 12th one of
the most damaging news items about
Dominica was'heard over Radio Antil-
les. In it *$. wa.-nE an iter .bout the
Belles shoot-out incident --qne of
our prominent news reporters Was;
heard saying at the end of his re-
port that from his experience in the, he was able to say that
Guerilla war had been declared at
If 'an investor intenda to invest
in a country, he will choose a pe/ace-
ful country and not one where Guerxi3-
lla war has been declared. We all -
know that we are faced with a par-
lous economy If, we- are to attract
investors, news 4tems like-what was
heard.over Antilles cannot, and will
not in fact, attract investors. Jn-
stead, it runs them away. I am not
.saying that the news should be kept
secret. All I am saying is,that the
unspectac f7ular and ignominious.con-
sequence such news so expressed can.
create for the State should be pro-
perly taken -into consideration
prior to being aired.
*Mr. Reporter, continue the good
work while Dominica-:~uffers: 'Sr
there*are serious crimes committed:
by some of our political big shots
which are not reported.
PROSPER (fr.. page 2).. From then
on the Guides became part of -the mo-
saic of the cultural & religious
life of their village. 'At the rallbes
-at Govt. House grounds they Wan ad-
miration-as they entertained with
their folk-dances and games -a fact
.which-brought pride to their rela-
tions, and to me nonetheless.
'But it Was at our seaside camp
at St.Joseph schoolroom in summer
1962 that I saw their merits. Silent-
ly I admired their general adapt-
ability to Guide work. They were not
only social and fun-loving, they
were also undaunted. It was also a pi
Christian teaching, when I was asked
mistress at the Roman-Catholic Chapel,
approved. There again, the guides gave
So the morning after the tragedy I
building where 28 lifeless bodies wedr
ly identify the ex-Guides. The bodies
badly mutilated; in clothing torn and
killed instantly by that bus crash ove

---LI--LI- -

~ ___ __II_

Friday. Ju;e 20, 1975


Tyie Pre-school Education;t- Project
(1971). of Dominica:selected the
month of June for the promotion of
early childhood education. This
project, sponsored by the Bernard
Van Leer Foundation (Holland), the
Social Centre and the Government "of
Dominica, is directed by Sr. Alicia
De Tremmerie with a staff of nine,
co-ordinatedy by Mrs. Neva Edwards,
During this.month, all the pre-
schools in the project throughout.
the island will be in open session
each day, anticipating tne visits of
parents and friends. The children
will be. following their regular eur-
riculum of work and play, and the
teachers will welcome all questions
and comments.
Certain days in June hate been set
aside, for special celebration, e.g,
field trips, flag day, talent show
and much besides., The~. official
closing will be marked by an island-
wide service at month end. On Friday
SO, sports; Saturday 21,June and"
Saturday 2th June Ohildren-'s Por-
gramie; Wednesday 25th June Concert;
Friday 27th June Teachers' Day;
Monday 23rd June. Parents. and
.Teachers' Display of work all week;
Monday 30th June Church Service
(Island-wide) and Children's Party.-
We endorse the views expressedd by
Mr. E.C.Loblack about False Prophets
and agree that the time. has come when
those- fanatics who sell religion at
street corners are recommended to
operate ip their churches, and emulate
the example'of the three established
religions in Dominica.
It *is not Freedom of Worship when
the Bible is .distorted and thvust
down your throat through loud speak-
ers. It is only a gimmick to .attack,
the Catholic Church and its Head.
We appeal to those in authority
to. stop this nuisance before it is,
too late. SO CATHOLICS, Ro6-au.
-ivilege to be associated'with their
to fill a vacancy as Sunday School
Which Rev. Father HuysmanS promptly
me assistance.
visited the morgue at the Red Cross
0e placed side by side. I could hard-
were bruised and disfigured, some
bloodstained. Six ex-Guides were
)r hundreds of feet of precipice.
(Concluded, on "p,6) .

1P R A - Ri-- av Jn 2

S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*-S .Mor~ hetton MBIS ITBS e
WORLD CUP CRICKET The long-awaited THE QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY was celebrated
clash between Australia and the officially last Sat. June 14 with a
West Indies proved an anti-climax parade at the Botanic Gardens. H.E.
with West .Indies enjoying the best the Governor, Ministers and. some
of the match from even before the VIP6 were present.
ver first over was bowled;' then EW.PORTSMOUTH TOWN COUNCIL. Mrs.
Bernard Julien had rick McCosker Helen Nanthan (Pre-School Teacher)got
caught off his 3rd delivery with no 396 votes and topped the CauncillorS'
runs on the boa i -for* Australia, list at Portsmouth. Others elected
(By then Clive Lioyd hadi won the were Cletus Green, Darwin Johnson,
toss for the West Indies and sent -Neille WaTe* and Moorisor-Paul. Govt..
in Australia to bat). West Indies will nominate three other councillors.
continued to dominate, isissing TRIBUTE TO PAST GIRL GUIDES OF MORE
Australia for 192 of which Ross PROSPER (fr. page 5) Among the vic-
Edwards 58 & Rod-Marsh 52 no. took times were our Leader of the Red Rose
Australia off a sti6kys.ituatioin Patrol, Gwendblyn Peschamps (after-
of 61/5. wards-Mrs. Isles), and Mrs. Mathilda
The West Indies' turn at the Ophar, nee Nicholas who helped me with
crease was in complete contrast to the little Brownie Pack. She had
the. Australians. Losing their first agreed to enroll as our Brow Owl.
wicket: at, 29, (Roy Fredericks 58 & They both left behind seven orphans,
Alvin Kallicharan 78 & also man.of Their bands bodies were also ly-
the match) pounded the Australia at- Their husbands' bodies ee aso Guide-
tack to all parts of. the field. Es- (afterwards Mtrs Leatham) was also
specially Kallichara-who got his killed. She left five children.
last 5 runs off 10 delieries, tak- Nearby were her younger sisters
ing 31' runs off Lillee. in 8 deliver- saline and Magdalene peschampsa a
ie.s, sax and 6 fours)., The West oi-tUl e Brown~Se ,8er Anothe
Indies won by 7 wickets the match dilige Guide of those days was
completely theirs all the way. TUtina Charles. She too had perished.
In other 3rd-round matches, Glen For the, mias burial that afternoon
F. 7or the. masq burial that. afternoon
Turner steered New Zealahd to a. 5- hspial rse and Red Cros
some hospital NuTrses and Red Cropa
wicket'~in over Indeia with i4 n.o. wome dressed, and prepared the dead.
to get ino the i- w Parents and relatives viewed the
Paristan and England won Afieaily massacre in silent grief I followed
over -Sri Lanka and East Africa res- the Thne.ral and assisted/Ihe. aigh Mass
Setivl" the funeral and ass.isted/the. High Mass
pec t t Cthe alwhere y
Australia and the West Indies at the Cathedralhere a capacity con-
gregation paid last respects. The
will meet again Saturday 21st June relvetion pai respect. he
t~i~ele coflfins filed, past --o. bare and
and this time in the finals for the undecoated, sve oe The separated
Prudential -trophy after they Won ndcoated, save one The senate
flock coming from the Pentecostal
their semi-final matches over England Church were y ial music an
and New Zealand. Australia won by. dcrms- thesrtial hurriedly
Swickets with their man of the match nde of the Band) escoi h ie
under the street light. Bystanders
ry Gilmore 6/14 and .hovering spirits must
West Indies defeated New Zealand by e Their ong spirs mu
5 wicketsa Kallicharan, man 6f the. have seen me. waing to. the Guides.
wickets, allihaa, m f t "Now that you are in- even I thank
match 72 and C.Greenidge 55.
The long waited math bet een you for having helped We to help you.
The long awaited match between BE .L REST
Celtics tUnited & Spartans took place e loved ou wel
eat the Botanical Gardens last week- uWe lovedsus lovel ,
.But Jesus loved yoz, beat,
-end with Spartans earning first in- -Go ye. '" M.C
nings points in the drawn match. ._______ M
Derek Abraham 102. and I.Shillingford MrHubert Joseph, PIes., Abra-
were t.op scorers for Spartans, hanm. vice-Pres., Mr.Matt Hill Sec.,
Scores were Spartans 283 and 121/4; Mr. Urban Pemberton Treas.,. Mr,
Celtics United 161. Vivian Rene Ass*.Sec/Treas., and
The following members were elect- Messrs.Alick Gage & Urban Harrigan
ed ;t the: General Meeting of the Committee Membersi" At the meeting the
F football Association. They are: new w laIn was unanimously adopted,
Printed and Published by the Proprietor R;E.Allfrey of Copt all Mill House
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

PrFidav. Jiine 20. 1975

'f~ H ff S 'P` a R

*r S. v

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