Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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It started again with the shooting and
being ofa young 'an uned 'Ru-
dolph Eapnr at Belles, near the route to
the airport. Thea the Defence Force'con
verged upon the Pond Casse area, said
to be stronghold of 'Dreads'. One of the
*DWF'men was ambushed and killed by
shooting; Two Dreads were shot dead
by the Govt. Force, Six' others escaped.
'A funeral with ffull military
honours forx RaphaCpl Registe, DDP, .
who. died in tbe course of duty,
took ,place on rtlraday afternoon.
iRegiste leaved a widow and child.,
Tke -other dead men were Peltier
Esprit, anud b ipigny Dumas. .:-a

...~----_-- ------------------ ,
O-4 I T1 O ANfT $U!
Thee is a noticeable since from
usually vocal Goyernment HQ.' on the
P.W.D. scandal; the C S-AMs demand
for an Inquiry, also for the setftemeni of
Civ.l Servant pay claims and a few
vital issues. Why this hanging back?

W.e must be vigilant that the
new Dreads turmoil is not used to
distract the. public gaze from the
other evils afflicting this land.
F N FU e' A'; Ii' I
Her 1-alesty's Oif- '
icial birthday is '...
c-l3b'oruted her-e to- s 'I *
v. 3ca MeGage
on page three. '

lmeankoemiss cuso e? '
A recent nswm rpo. holda ut
hope bio L km, lanl pionma.,-
A FB,, etn ,doo r Piinh- MatLe '""-'"': "'
ho has ftia tW e Wa e 0u lIS
mWaldy ano ihat I wiAll ba 1
avauIItk@ Lbr cinlcl uef 6 Inl
Woou tNQ year.

I --P--~--~-~~I__--i~

Dr. Irene Diggs gave her listenera a the
Freedom Pawy Conventioa a'fourth dimensi of
_geopoliticl thi iking -whea she 4'ea lbed te-
world of the undetdeveloped and sdil underprivi
lked. peoples as "The Fourb Wwrd" -
"Abundance for the few cannot condaine to
be based/on the poverty of many she said,
iftera speaking of t:he oil shock that changed the,
world, tLe great rich of the powerful OPEC
group and comparing the rich mine l and agrs
cultural lands of the African people with their
low subsistence level. -
Dr;. Digga remarked that not only was rbe
wrld getting short of food but it was getting
short of WATER.
"All the problems of world hunger
and world wealth distribution mu'st
be solved together, not" bit by bit"
saeldd Dri Diggs gravely..
I(See Confearence p Reapoat, page 2) .



-Be-aause of lack .of advei'tisinsg, -
breakdowi of transport,diffifult a.,
over paper supplies, & non-payament
of bills by those wvro .owe Us money
- you may not get the only Dominica
newspaper rhieh presents ta truly
independent point of view..
If you really want a .FREE PRESS
It ., up to all of you,

I, Joseph Henderson of Kings Hill hereby
give notice that I am not responsible for
any debt or debts which my wife May
Henderson ne Maxwell, may incur sh-
having left my home and protection in Jan.
uary 1975 Joseph Henderson


Ip'-.^....,.... .... ~lt-l*---,-- .. .. ... - .- ^-1 "

Sf-------_.--o .-a Hunry World

1. fe+ for.. +Jusfisee m1- un4 World
+. '1+. .. ' 1 :'-"- m.[ -- '' : :::' ":: j+;lr---'+ +. +

~' JLL~Q Ci ~~---

'e hto T h - l-'3._- -- l
The 7th Convention of the Dominica Freedom P4rty was held in Roseau.
This year the Convention Was conducted on a different basis to past years
in that transport was not subsidized so that only real members and
supporters attended and they ti-ere 500 in number. Significantly the
number who. attended the business section 'in the &afternoon were almost
equal in number.
The-mefber. for: oseau,-Mary. Eugenia Charles, welcomed ,the members
attending the Annual Convention and introduced the guest speaker,
Dr. Irene Diggs a, leading'black American professor of Anthropology and
Sociology. Br. Irene-Diggs is attached to Morgan State University and
.has written prolifically on many subjects. She is widely travelled and
has, because of the experience gained in her long and studious visits
to many parts of the world such as Russia and India,, been able to
contribute to prpgranmes by various countries including her own and
England, to studies on international problems.
Dr. figgs. spoke on "Food, Economics, Politics and Power and
demonstrated that Power tends to follow economic resources. She referred
to the cartel conflict, the competition between the multi-national
corporations of the industrialised countries and the non-industrialised
producers of those major- raw materials on which contemporary economics
depends, "OPEC" she said "now exercaie ~B ore power than the Soviet Union
ever had". Dr. Diggs pointed out -that some of, the poorest people live
in thew countries richest in raw materials. 'Ai from the richer countries'
might appear to be compensation for the Ills, suffered by tha Third World
countries but in fact "aid was designed to deceive the peoples of the
poor world and it perpetuated the politicalX corruption of almost all the
leaders of the countries receiving aid."
She pointed out that food deficiency was a world problem, and that
two thirds of the people of. the world are hungry. The policy of assuring
3obs for all secondary school leavers may be logioej, but as school enrol-
ments have increased, economics have stagnated. People infected with
rising expectations prefer almost anything to farming, "and history
equates progress with a decline, .not a rise, in agricultural employment."
The solution therefore: implied substantial social and political change.
Dr. Diggs pointed out that if this change could not evolve peacefully,
civil strife and violence on an unpreceated scale may be difficult to
avoid, "'The emergenoee of a new world economic order is necessary and
inevitable., The rich nations should -not translate resentment of change
into disillusionmeAt nor.should the Third World countries through over-
eager or impatient conduct provide justification for the hostility of the
rich hlu ons", .
The. members were so impressed by the informative and thought-provoking
address: that a request was made for copies of her speech to be distributed.
SPopular Mr. 'Lennox Honychurch addressed the gathering on "the chal-
lenge- of the Future" and his remarks were received with loud applause.
Mr,, Motec moyed the vote of than a nd in doing so praised the members of '
the Executive who worked so well. together.
At the afternoon session election of new officers took place as fol-
lows: President Mr. Alvin.Armantrading; 1st Vice-Pres.- Mr. Rupert ,
Sorhaindo; 2nd Vice-Pres.. Mr. Arthur Parillon; Secretary Mr. Kelvin
Fraac cis; Treasurer. Mr. W.O. Severin; Chairman Ir. Anthony Agar;
Auditor Mr. Star Lestrade. .
SSeveral other members were elected to the Executive-, representing the
Three resolutions. were passed,". one exressing, concern with the future
,of the 6th Form College and the Clifton Dupigny School, another on the sub-
Ject of the publication of the House of Assembly Debates on Radio Dominica,/
and the third on the preparation of. the annual list of electors.
(cocluded page three)

~tiS~da~~, ~urt~! P9. 3L~r5

P rT 1r4

'rF FT R ~~ AR

JZU*HiaAV UUl. --- TL -

from the floor expressed their views.uand all of the members expressed
- their satisfaction that the Party had not stooped to4 mepuis and trickery,.
in n- attempt to win the election.
They also congratulated the Executive in warmest teams 'for the hman-
ner in which they had planpad the Convention and the intellectual. and'
educational treat which each year they provided.
Miss Charles- on behalf of the Executive thanked all members who had
worked so hard to make this-Conventidn a success.

In ny hands -as I begin to write
these notes is a; newv paper of 13th
July 1974: 'one of the. subjects on.
its front page being an article oni
"Interference with Justice" The
circumstance the "New Chropicle"
relates is a. case. where someone in.
the P.W.Dl. was rounded up by the
Police, But the charge was lwith-
drawn, by Government o some top
official. '
-Poor Anrnold Active was dismissed.
for interfering with justice. But
wasn't 'it the example set by his
colleagues at the top?
What I am trying to say to those:
who 'demand inquiries in Government
institutions is how will such. in-
quiries; be .set up when sad'reflect-
ions will fall fairly and su rarely
upon many in. high places: inGovern-
meat? For' instance, 'last year the
House of Assembly passeA a Resolut-
ion moved by Hon. Pat 'Stevens for a
full-scale inquiry into -+the Banana
Industry. One of the, new Ministers
barefacedly observed that. a'New
House is not constitutionally comr-
pelled to carry out a Resolution
passed by the previous House
Dominica. has reached a stage
where not even Bills passed -which
received d the Governo 's assent. in
the nanme of. Her Majesty the Queen
- can be honoured.
Another motion passed by the Hon-
ourable House (?) is that which
guaranteed, broadcasting th. Proceed-
ings of the House. WillPremier
Patrick John make. the statement he
gave on this a't the Weirs-Marigot
School -in February last?
How about another Inquiry? -One
iinto'the working of Radio Dominica?
Is Dominica a Democracy or a'
Dictatorship with, its Police support?

ANGUtLLLA: Ronald WebsterTdeser-es the
'Most Excellent Order of the Liberator

'It is./appropriate in ~his -In ter..
national Woments Year to refer to
the role which women have played,
and, can play in the future, in the
For most women, the. family, will
continue' to be their first concern,
but a woman -contribution to com-
munity life need no longer be con-
fined to the domestic scene.,
The Commonwealth-has given a lead '
to the world. in establishing women s
status in public life. It was in- om-
monwealth countries that women first .
received the vote, and a woman. first
attained -theoffice of .Pime Minister.
Wom@n. of thee Commonwealth have .al-
ready made' significant contributions
in medicine, social-welfare and edu-
cation. dThey have -distinguished them-
selves as, artists, writers and-musi--
cians and their' work has become known
and, valued: far. beyond their own cpUn-
tries. In those and. in all other:
fields of endeavour there are no
limits to the targets which women
can set themselves.
.Bit these great achievements and
opportunities do not diminish the
importance of a woman s work in her
home and for, her family. Among the
many different )social traditions
within the Commonwealth, the family,
or group of families, is the element
which makes for stability. -The Com-
monwealth is sometimes described as.
a' family of nations, and it will hold
together and work together effective.
.ly if the family-continuep as its'..
firm foundation. ELIZABETH R.
-Buckingham Palace.

advised by a unanimous vote of its
standing conference to vote in favar
of that country: remaining in the Em--
opean Co :unity. As you know, the
"stay inr voters had' a healthy major-

" r A R


r T.T F

Four _-. ,l-

Pa e

India's P.M, in Trouble (see page 8)

^en \ '

,a\.. / .
Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister

Schedule of Appication fore Cerificateof itle and Nuoting
thereon and Caveats for week endTng

pate RequestedS Persom Presenting Nature of request
whether a C :.I lI' .a
of T e Notng
qherseon or Caveat,
R 5 .75 jtt. I ... -
J t n5
Presented 1 f
r, .. .
!at 10.,400 ,* ** t !.:,r. ,e .

/ .i. dining 2357 sore

Nor'th- L.est: land of Coriia ,Coper;, ,Tcrthi
Iast- s Landa S3u: -alas nd o2
l. onie otW er* ana.. .ex r
South oslan Suly Les trade
C, ,--- -- .,---*-- 1 1 -- -- **- *J ---- -----

R .ist rar's Offic.,
Roseau. Dominica,.

Isabeli Shilllngford
Acting Registrar c-f Titeis

NOrE: Any parson wiio'deires toobject tp the issufin ofa
Certi^fiav of title on the above application may enter a"CQveat
in the above office within six weeks from the dae 'of the First
appearance of this schedule in thi STAR Newspaper published
in this State or froni the date when the hotive prescribed by
law w -s last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land ifn respect of which rhe applicati'Qn Is made-


"No, I don't think his office is like a beehive. In a
beehive, the workers all work for a QUEEN bee.''

There's no fio te need for
ancient cannons
Nor fqr volunteer guards at-
nights, .
No longer need to scan the
At every ehip ih sight;

Should British paratroopers.
come. again
And on Angduili descend,
They'll come 'a.- her, pro-
And her peo 0 e they'll
def nad..


The Dominica Civil Service Associa
tion in collaboration with the Dominica
Med,;1. S society, the Dominica Nurses
Association the Public Health. Inspec- -
tors Assdocation and the Police Welfare
Asso --*ttion will be holding a. Special
General Meeting for all civil servants ai
the Goodwill Parish Hall at 8,oo p.m.
on Friday 2oth June 1975.
TL:i meeting is being called to decide
on joint approaches to bring about a pay
-mnt of the Revised Salaries agreed
Soi since July of 1974a

r: i is
An Excellent Tonic and Stimulant

SEnriches The Blood

Increases. the Appetite

SDispels that Tired Feeling'

Renews the Joy of Liviing

. . .. .. '/

Friday June 13 1975


.5%iday, June 13, 1975

I disagree with Mr. E.C.Loblack's
comment on the paper of. June 6th:
the way he expressed that the prea-
chers should be treated.
I do not say there are no false
preachers, for the Bible says there
are false prophets just turn
your Bible to Acts. 1, read verses
5-10 "(a Jew).", the Jews as we know
are- the chosen ones, ,the -most re-
l.igious people, yes the preachers
must suffer; turn your bible to (3)
Peter 4, read. verses 16 & 19 also
5, -2-4.
When you talk of Dominica being
too poor, turn to your bible to
Revelation 18, read verses 2-8.
I am very glad most of our people
confess with their mouths how mnach
they know the Bible, but the sad
thing is, when: you know, you must
walk as one Who knows., act as- one
who knows:. I am very fearful o .
your knowing the Bible wand that
through love of the Bible you should
call on Government to handle the
preachers of the Bible like "d'tads"'
Remember! it was this same way the
world treated the Apostle Paul and.
many others, after the Master died.
the most shameful death on the cross
to save sinners, frorA. their -ainsa
You must remember most of we.
mothers and fathers of this country
have our' sons who ae preachers.
You should look be fore you leap; if
any preacher has misunderstood and
happens to go beyond bounds you (a.
man, as you said in your statement,,
who knows, the Bible so very well)
why did you no't point the preachers
Sto Revelation 22 verse 187 I do npt
mean people are not to respect, yesa
one should respect each other; if
one should lose control of respect,
then that person should be' taken to
law. see no us.e to be calling on-
Government for every little thing.,
This morning, (Wednesday, llth
June), I read two things in the Edu-
cator of same date* One. is, "All
Shall Eat" but the Educator :forgot
to say, "Some will always take the-
b'iggest bites". Now the next thing
I read is .that the Labour 'Iarty in
their mnanifesto .had promised the
people if they put them back in power,


..... . -- -- i I I I III .. .. ..

- -L -=--~ ----

READERS VIEWS (cgntd .). they would -
fight corruption and. waste. I must
say both statements are first clas~.
But I hear the old people have a
saying that it is not the cattle that
cry in the savannah that are more
There is one thing that makes me
rejoice night aid day: the Eaglish
nationals ,have long noses, that is
why they had: King John to sijn the
,Maa" Qarta.* I hope the Attorxey
General'and the Speaker of the fHoeuse
will see to it in looking into cor-
ruption and waste that this great
charter (the Magna Garta) wil apply.
11th June,1975. -- E.,. LOBLACK
Iagna Gart.a was signed (aftfy prees-
sure by progressive Nobles) by zing-
John of England on June '12, .121.
It provided for. protection of the
Church from secular interferenOe,
rights of the. common people and trial
by jury.
Prime Minister Iaia.Gr Gaahi of
Lndia was convicted; of corruptly
using Govt. officials in ,hf elect-
ion campaign, l9oi. She is holding
on to office pending appeal. In -
Dominica the same thing happened b't
the matter was not brought- to Court.
We often wonder why. ***'l
In_. .Tuks OSaicos, 'a Reuter man, as~
'Expatriate Police Inspectop & -ai S
JSaval man were held hostage in a,
nightclub w3ich was raided, 'Stdiis.
and shots were fired.' Nw all..uviet
I n Uanda, Pres. Idi Amin's military
tourt sentenced to death a Eritish
lecturer for treason. He was alleg-
*ed to have described Amin as a Vil-
lage Tyrant in his writing; pleaded
not guilty; was denied counsel,
Another Britisher accused of hoaard-
ing cooking oil is up for trial.
Amin refused a cable from Harolt
Wilson, says he will only deal with
the Queen!
Commonwealth Book Fair will take
plaoe-in London during November,
There will be a special Int.Women's
Year Sectin: work of women.,in the
UK & Commonwealth.
Caribbean Hotel Association' 1l7th
annual general meeting tpok place
last week. 400 delegates including
Mrs.JaaleeArmour of Dominica gathered
ed, and Jack Gold (Pree.) warne.,d 6f
"one stop tour charters" i.e, cheap
charter tourist trips, which would
aer-the character of Caribbean touw-

Page give


Pa six T H STAR' .Frida.June3 1. 21975
WOr QUP GRICE'T. As expected, in We are -all hlppy to see that Civil
in the World- Qup. Cricket compet.ijn Servants arre responding beautifully
three of .the four top teams have to Goverinment's jerk-of the reins
advanced to the semi-finalE. The Etowards punctuality.
other semi-finalist will come from This goes to prove that Government
the match New Zealand vs., India to- can, when it wishes, effect- proper
morrow (Saturday). In the first administration in- the interest of all
round of matches, the West Indies, concerned. The problem is that very
*New Zealand, Australia and England often Government lacks the interest
defeated Sri Lanka, E-ist Africa,. to pare about anything which affects
PakiRt'' and India r aespectiVely. an n ne bubit themselves.
Stirling performances came in from A worker needs the. best conditions
the .W,I. bowlers off Julien 4/20,. so as to give. the maximum production.
Boyce, 3/19 and Roberts 2/11 who However, Government seems blind to
wrecked Sri Lanka for 86, New Zea- the slum,-offices which exist in many
land' sI captain Glen Turner, 171 no. of their depar e-nts:
off 309. runs scored by, this team .. _Offices without washroom facilities,
and Australia s Dennis Lillee 5/i34. 2, Offioes with. one toilet seat for a
I n the 2nd round of' the, matches .sta.ff of about 20 men and women.
England, India, 'Australia and the. 3, Offices which-perf6rm better than
SWest Indies played New Zealand, Sri a strainer under rain.
.Lanka, East Africa and PaAistan. .4. Offices where the head. of depart-
The match of the day belonged to ment- could easily lose, his better
'the West Indies and Pakistan who part if lizards were snakes,
played to .a 'Llose finish; the West 5. 'Offices where rodents (mice) make
Indies won by 1. wict3t -with. 2 balls love in public as though the offl--
to spare after being 166/8 in. chase cers 'ad the public were the
of 267. Holder with Murray .put.- on. intruders.,
37- for the 9th wicket., whilst 6. Offices which function without the
Robe:- cis and Murray 64 unbeaten for provision of tools, instruments
the last wicket. (101 runs .for the and accessories.
last 2 wickets), 7, More. recently offices which are
CRICKET -DOMIN ICA WORKS HAT-TRICK more suited to be .furnace- chambers.
Dominica, after, innings victory 8. Last but not least adwj .that Gov-'
ove St.Vincent and Grenad., cor- ernment .is getting a fair day s
pleted the hat-tric when they de- work when will ,they be giving to
featol St.Lucia by an innings and ivil servants their fair days ..
119 runs to win the first-ever. .a.? After all,. the cost of liv-
sponsored Heineken Tournament. ing has soared up by 100% since'
/?t, Lucia'batted first and,scored the last salaries revision in 1970.
the meagre total of 78 runs by If the'salaries iere- meant to be
Lunch on the first day, Dominica evisax every .,years,. this means
replied-with 318 runs scored in 247 '-hat by next year the civil serv-
minutes. Main contributor, being. thts are due for, a double increase;
E.John 50, J.C.Lawrence 39, I.Shil- but they cannot even get the one
lingford 37, D.Abraham 35, G.Shil- of 1973,
lingford 29, M.George 26, T.Kentish The same. Government who passed the
25 n,.o., L.Sebastien 24 &vC.,Williams bill enacting the' civil service act
20, For St.Lucia: M.Francis 3/65,- which prohibits civil servants to
H.Anibather 3/74 & Paul 3/100. St. take strike action is too brome to
Lucia& in their 2nd innings did ; pa revised salaries -- but resource-
.slightly better, but 20 minutes be- ful enough to- pay LIAT strikers. How
fore tea-time on. the 2nd day were about that. -
-all out for 121. Kaleb-Laurent 3/02 -Talking all into consideration does
in the Ist innings claimed .8/56 in it not seem that Government is bent on
the 2nd innings and a total of 29. provokir civilservants? -KLVN FRAN
wickets in'3 matches for only 217 runr,. G.Shillingford 3/25 & T.Kentish a/a1
Dominica pulverised the St.Lucia bowling for 197 runs scored in 20 overs.
cster tea on the 2nd day, whilst. St.Lucia could only muster 58 runs all out.
.Grer4ada lost their last match against StVincent, who emerged runner-up-
in the eonmetiLtion St z. sa.&ook 3rd place.
n lopr eto h.di. 0AEi.Lre of Copt Hall Mill ouse
at 26 ath Ro seU 2homiiCet Ite nle a

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