Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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r*jaijm+ ^^paliJ^I5.^^F "*1^*^^n^
fRWc~d W4 M 9SYtWWW~j

by Magnus
It appear thai the supporters of the
winning part after a General Election
are made to feel that they, as individuals%
- have a greater entitlement to public ser-
vices and public ameduties that those
who did not voit for ahe party in power.
Someone should point out tht there
are no Labour Party schools no Labour:
Part hospitals, no Laboui Party roads,
and no Labour Party jobs, (except as
Labour Party Ieadquarters). That the
jobs nsd services provided by Govern-
menr are paid for with the taxes paid by
the peoples adn with assistance from a
Taxe:it must be remembered are paid
on income. It would be interesting toob
tain figures or taxes paid by Labour sup
porters as opposed to taxes paid byoon
Labour supporters. Another interesting
bit ot information wouldbe h:ow many
Labour supporters pay no taxes at all.
\ Conttinued' ovrlesa


Barclays Baik Internacltonal LtCd.

Seen here between two charming Iadis
from Barbwmos aid Antigua H. Des.
thamp s o Dominlca, attending a Foreign
Eichnianr Couirse in Blrbados.







--. i -


The strong rumbur that at the L.P.
: ecral meeting in Portsmouth its me;~-
betrs voted for Mr. EO. Leblanc to be
"nom.iated to the Governorship of ldmitn
nica shortly can hardly be believed by
Sany sensible citizen.
n 3, XLoblaok has often spoken
and :even written about t-ts ia-
'prdbability. We didn t be i eve *it t
Then and we' still (hope:Aly) do
. not believe it now, -
For how could a man who retired
frqom- active" politics, accepted :a
Shandsome gratuity for which' he hAd
promoted legislation, is in. reetipt
of a more than adequate pension, as
x- re ier of: ;Domilntca,; and is not
no.ted. for pro,-British or pro-0Vhlte
Spronouncepente, accept' the position
-of the.Queen's Representative here?,
Obvioualiy, the whole thing is'
nonsense, and the public is awaiting
a denial. Leblano had better wait
until his Party has turned Dominica
inito- a'republic, then prompted him-
aelt as President.
Miost famous person born in Domini
(which- she left as a ybuog girl many year,
ago)Y i the world-renowned Jesa Rby,,
On Page Five- our readers will aee an af;
count of how this wonderful lady ponds
Sheer day. ,-
Jean .Rhys was born in the. CGor
St. xdrner house owned by. P3O.,
'Winston. She is a living exam-tr
ple of the fact that not every
west Indian has a dark skin,

P E A C E OR D E4. A.._ (Daybah),.. Mag~us (fX,..l)
I think it is more than time for the Labour Party axd its. supporters
to sober, up. The campaign is over, the elections are over, even the
funerals (fLoseau, St. Joseph, PortsmoutCh) are over,. Let's get down to a
Budget and.Estimates for 1975 and try at least to implement some of those
campaign promises. -
If on the other hand' the campaign is to continue for the next five
years, if the amed m~nrais: lan~ue is' to go on without end, if 'Captain
Vic is to use, insulting language in the House by -referring to the Third
Nominated Member as 'boy' and the Leader of the. Oppoestion as 'that dis-
honourable lady fn the Opposition't then we are saving the seeds for a
,North-er Ireland situation. Not Protestants ,against Catholics but Labour
supporters, against non-~ibour supporters. When we do this let us not for-
get that only 48% of those; who voted, voted Labour and that the up and
cominbr 15 to 18 year olds-are definitely not pro Labour.
Since the Labour Party is, financed by certain merchants and business-
men, -the moat effective counter to the continued propaganda war beg wa4ed
b.y the Labour Party is economic .sanctions against those financiers. Known
supporters of the Labour Party, in the business community could easily be
boycotted. It does not make oense to shop. at a. particular business place
'if the profits which are made on you are given 'to the Labour Party to-
oampaign. You as a voter want a change so you Vote against the Labour -
Party, but the businessman who supports the Labour Party for what he- can
get out of it, takes money from the. business, (your money), and gives- it to
the Labur Party to campaign. No way! That must stop
Before the partition of Israel in'1948, the Jewss and rabs both lived
-in Pa4estine, But there were Jewish shops and Arab shops, Jewish bakeries'
and Arabb bakeries, Jewih- barbers and Arab barber,, Jewish tailors and Arab
taiWra., Jewis.masons and Arab masons etc. Only in -the Civil Service. (which-
the British ,were responsible for) would you find Jews and -Arabs really
working side. by side. The two peoples were organized.. So when partition
came the Jews were ready.
It appears that the Labour Party wants a similar situation in Dominica,
Tht'e all well and good. The time to get organized is now.
Let us -all live, eat and sleep politics. Labour supporters will shop
in pro-Labour shops and non-Labour supporters will shop in anti-Labour' shops.
Pro-Labour shops, will give credit only to Labour supporters and antieLabour
shops will similarly give credit only to non-Labour supporters.
Let non-Labour supporters leave all church committees, sports clubs, youth
organizations etc,; where Labour supporters play a leading row, or 'better
still, get all Labourites out. Let us realise that two 'can play the game.
Labour has. w6n the elections 0cK. ~trty-eight percent of the electors have
elected 16 representatives while 52%o have elected 5 O.K. That's how it
is and that s how it will stay until the firings; and'reoigniigs begin. In
the meantime Ministers of Government must concern themselves with running
the country in the best interest of ALL the people.
Democracy is a'way of life. If we believe in democracy let us show it
in our words and actions. I have a right to vote for whom I want, to
support whom I want and to offer ,myself for elections if I want -aan& so
have you.
Vhhether I win or "whether, I lose, whether my party wins or my party
loses, whether, the person whom I have voted for wins or loses., -I am still.
a citizen of this country. I pay my taxes, and put in-'a hard Say's work.
We can either live together in P1ACE or in 3DEA it's all up to
Labour. (Daybah)
DEFI TIOS BY SaMTEL JOH9 (1709 1784)
"PATRON Com .ya wretch. who supports with insolence and is paid with
flattery, PENSION -Q- An allowance- made to anyone without an-equivalent.
In'Enugland it is generally understood to mean pay given to. a state hireling
for treason to his country. (Dr.Johnsoa was famed for his wicked wit')

- vd~ daiv. Mav 30. 1975

Pl re. Trft


.Frid'-YMay23 19. T HE STARj


Schedule of Application for Cettifiate of Title and Ndtingir
t,'eroi/and Caveats for week ending -' *' y of MIy 175
Date Requested Person Presfnting Naure 4f request wheth.
er a Certificate of Title of
'ihi o Ca.j
Request dates John Req the 5th day ef Underwood of a First Certificte
May 1975 hy hite Solicitor of Title in respect of
Presented the Cilma A.M. a portion of land at
12tb iay of D upigny falisbury in the Pa.
May 1976 rish of St. Joseph in
at 3A3 the State of Dominesa
S .- ntaining 1.776
acwlie a.n boA Ptded as follows:-
.Nith by Iand of Government of Dcmilnic Settas Louis and a
IFailc Road South b rytn of WsrrPfor Shillingford !an
by' land of Theress Vida West by a Ravincseparfting it from
Jlnd of a2nfd *f Peats Vidif __ __

-eesquet atled Dole&
'8th May19?5 Leatrade
Presented y his Solicitoa
14thIMy Vamya
11Ms 1 V ,
at 10.30 Dup uy
at 10.30.. "a

a- as I d H o Lionia Mc Pherson ,
MAn Alfr4a` C(.as, Neorth A Pub0i

, kequest for the issue
of a Fii'r Certificate
of Thtie in- raeect of
4: portion o land
siws a a Iestdea-
ial lot at Massacre
la the Parish of St.
Paul containing 356.e
squarefe.ft and boum4
ded as follow:- s-
sat land of Trry Hilton
SRoad Souts A Rvtan.t
1. .L I *

Rftmqueat dated Dil Ia Le tai' Appliaetio 4e 4-
1t 9 73- &3 Angela M.e- Letan i and Angetl
Presented 1 tyf e 1 Mcnty reastennnts"
16 5 75 rmair Solicitf ain coiaama in ?s-.
at9.a40 a.m-. M.Eu rni poet of a Hose Lot
S Charle in the Town of Re.
.se. in the Parish
'f St George contlamh
ing 1746 s"uirw fAt. and baoundaid as -olews
North Land of Doreen Relel East Laid of Eva Rewle South
Llod of Ydelne .Winsten West Old Street
* eri:di1r-4 24th day of May 1975

Hequest dateld
2?ad April

20t0 May
L* .;.4 r

Ann #. rber.
son as person
at roepresetat
tivre of Lionel
Mc. Ph*eron
by her Solicitor
Dy> i. t. ,n.'

Request for issue
of a First Certificate
,o Title in resp ct of
a- portion of land at
Matssicre ai the P.~
rish of St. Paul ccc.
tainigB 5832 square
feet-and bounded
felblo ,s : .. .

North Shiboulle fad Suth Byon River Eti land of WN
Daniel Wistladn ofDDel Lestrade
gistrar's. Ofte Is it'Shliingfrrd
IRoeau. D o Acing Registrar of Tltle
NOTE: AnyperPron wh o ds.0irt c. oject It t h. itulng otU a
CertificatBof title on the above applicailorimay enter a C veat
In the above officewithri six weetkis ~rm tihe date of the first
appearance of this schedule lh zhe STAR Newspaper published
In thi State or from the date when tha v;otice prescribed by
law was last seed on any owner or o,-c. ler of adjoinlng
iand I respect of which the appicaslor~ s nmaoa.








Hear the Message for she Fuutre and the Topics of Today

Everyone, welome at Morning Session.

. .. ," / '

Bring a P'ici. Refreshm on Sale
A3 -

~,~'o,, :

""' V ~
--- ul~'.r- Ilr '-~'~l~u-- .-- ----~,_ r. ,~



~OPI~CC~- ---7


-~LFPI ~iwi". . . . . -----C~L


FriBbsy~hQrrqr 23- 11-975 '




Schedule of Application for Certlficast of Title and Notings
thereof and Caveats for week ending 24th day of My975

Dlat Requested Person Presenting Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.

ReqUeat dated
29 10 74
22 5 75
at 10.;2 a.m. I

White, Fedro
James, Silda
'y their Solicitor
S Charles

Application of Cyn
thia White Fedro
James and Sildh
Alexander as ten
-nants -in common in
respect of a pertio
of land. at anTan
fin the Parish of St
Andrew containing
9.050 crsatnd bhou
ded ,as follows:.

North Land of Clifford Jeremy South East Lands of Antoine
Davis an* Alle.Wililams South West Land of GlllsW illiams
West Lnd -of Walter Prevost Est Land of Mislin Abraham
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ j III Ill II rI I IIII1

Registrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominica,

Isabella Shillingford
Acting Registrar of'Ttties

NOTE: Any person who desires to abject to the issuing of a
Certificarnt of cite on the above application may enter a Caveat
It the abov.eoffice within six weeks from the date of the First
*appearance of this -schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in thii State.or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owher or occupier of adjoining
iand ii repect of which the application is made.



If you were here today Sir Frank
The Shield we' would receive,,
For on your judgment we would bank
And naught ourhearts would grieve

B justice, truth, and righteouIsess
A e alien to our time;
And men have lost all reasonableneass
.And .nnk from paths sublime..

Of all great games, Cricket's the King
What.grief 'is to report ,
The blemish that men now doth bring
On this most honoured sport.

We zay not tee our name upon
Te. beautiful Shell Shield,
But in our heart* we know we won
And this we will not yield.

Ecerpts from a poem by W .0M.Pend

( tiat w4 ite "MirMocATr)

The mosNor an human in my
life .(now that Dayday has gone Mis
Inches, seen above with ray late
father Rags, Inches 'could -ride on
Rags* back -&nd Rags tolerated it
for about 0 yards.Now Inches is
still quite a. small boybut he is
as stocky ad OddJob in a film.His
brother, who now. lives in fascin-
ating London, has many reasons to
be proud of him.
e When a mother in Dominica says
of her little son 'troublesome'lit-
tle Johnnie, or Peter,or anything,
you may know that* she loves him
beast- in the .family. Just listen to
the birthday announcements on ra-
dioi. But whon a big brother says
this about his sibling,look out
for trbuble:it's a menace. Dayday-
used. to say this about Inches. M.
& D.were afraid to leave them-al-
one' together at one time.For Car-
ibs are.v-ry fierce nedOle.
Just before last Christrmas,In-
ches was greatly -estered by his
schoolmates. The teacher had to
ask him in front of the Claass:Did
your Mother steal 6 pairs of silli
panties, eight packets of chicken
wings, and a bottle of coffee fovm
Astaphans, the Phoenix, Naasiefs?
Inches stood up. sturdy as a
lion, and declareA roundly:
"NO Miss';"
"Trouble that boy again, said
the teacher 'axxd I'll beat you all.r"

Just Received
Smith's ALARM CLOCKS at Frampton' and
World Famous Roamer Watches of all descriptions.
Pamptoan' Great George Street, Roseau, Dominica


. "., w I III I'1 I I




Pare Four.

Syy say "tree" but "trees". tave I room for "tr-es Holtar. o th
M rots -spread l? must f-nd out. Wouldn't it be marvellous,if I had room for
Myv (ay starts very ettrly, unally at three in the mrningA I '' several trees and at last could live in a forest, which has"
by my bcdside- if lock. 1 lit with imy cys nlosrd hi'fping always !teen oiu: of my ambitions. I aler Oin I can plan.-
Sthat I'll sleep again, but no dice. On the country, long labor ate meal, my first if I'm I,'n -v. Settle for
I ficI very oetrgetle and have to exercise a certain; amount bread, cheese and a glass of wine, if .F not. Isn't.the
of restraint not To bhould ut i of bedt go, into ilv kitel j sadness of being alone much stressed and the compen-
mak post cones, or the papers. Too long, it'il ,iwan iiniig *, .* .. What happens next depends on the weiither. On line
dcpy all day. . days feel childishly happy. Ittakes very little to make
As something like: this happens every night 'ni ,ied to me f*el happy now, s happy that I jib at doint anything
it and have aln assortmanl of lifearinre at the koot of the all, even an.swvririing tih' loud knocks that o(PIaionaltly
bed. A thriiler, a book called LUo! wli ch I'm Yvry toml of, 'thunder on the door. T'ilhes are omern selling Lirnornsh,
lidl of marvels iand oniders, ptlguawv"' of;, r .l.r -, f br, .hre- or ru.s, or,..nire- olt.n, someone, who wants to
mysterious apparitions, disappeairannes and so ,oi. 'e'ii S In.rt me. i leon is full of ardi.nt sects and tilir
athihor also ~sserts, to my gredlt satistfailion, that thi earth is not round but tollowers, who, truc inside., rfuse to le\ave,standing in the passage arguing
Hiat. As Soinrse't Mau"gham said, "We ti're the arith is Froirid: we know with m f i ar stupid enough ti,'let them in. There art two ways to get
it is flat". Quite so. That applies ito lot of otl-r things. \We believe what rid of theli One_ s to say that I'm a fervent Catholic, the other, that I'm
we have toltd. the theory. What we know, we know. cooking somlwthii which will slnil if I don't *ilther of these
Lo! is for quietlnights. So is the niinrdrl story. Not right for when I wake exctises is trtu,. but they nearly always do the trick, esmperially' the s,.,otd
.VaId hear, not the hound of the BaskerviHles, as a iFrench critic said of my ont with 'wo-nmen Not always tih;ugh. Onc::-two ptersistnt callers cair'i,,
':litf-in remotee Devorn", but the wind. maninig ahd groaning -iund the a large plafard which saiid in black letters: "Hlas God desertid hlmnanity'?"
house.-lt'.s astonishing the noises itrnake's. Sotmtimtns tl iheres a pause, a Sonimethitng about the smitgness of their faces anniVyed i'e, so said
silence, then a guit so fierce that you'rei-sure the ramshackle ae ..,, oitidly: "I yhoulid .have thought it was the other way r.,iul" iand sa not
stand uip tf it, the roof will be bi'li.,, .i, Lhi window shatt ttredT The' ih., only that this h;d imver ocviirred t house creaks and. rattles. "Not well built,"' as I.-. pll. have said to .r,. I.-rsy. I shit. the io.;r i ua tl .-"at last with great relief.
with relish. But there. is something else,, not i cneak, tnt a rtiltlc, not ith ''Then there's Exeteir. What to say iabottt Exe:ter? W'sv very full. very
house or the winid,dmut a ih,. a.y thump that soumitis from. Ii,' ir,.\i rooIm. crowdedd and ,.ist haveti been a beautiful city once but iheuy'vte pIlIinig it
'You~nilght to getup and look," I willt oI.-ilf, but f course don't. This is down at a. gcat rate and erecting tall cold-lopking l.fehlni
when I frech for my cooker book., cofilleges and siuch. What else have I seen there? A \ Wc Indian Hmir.i
Long aigo in the thirties, when I first began cooking at all, I grew inter- (l'm .siure she was a West Indian) walking along the a hlary. -.lw
0sted, discovered thii I. liked it and wanted to take- Ilessons from a French- dragged .itl.r her a very artfullyy dressed little girl. Out of the child's
man in Sloane Street who was supposed, to. m youirito Y Coirdotln llli 1;.-I- fitting whilt bonnet pc;red her dark, bewildered, 'anxious little faie.'
in twelve easy stages. rThis was laughdaton '.ti one d.n I ili.'t fi'orget her rfr a tor -time.t
by chance, I came upon Marcel. Bouhkstin's Ibo'k. At onec I saw light. Antlher day I vwatc.hd an almost coiplietely naked rmanin the. car park
:Jkw single, how direct, how easy to understand. With what authority he tinkering with his-oar while my driver fiuibled with the boot, hig parci'
,said: "Do". With what irony h -said: "Don't :on any awceo t". and keys. The maniwasn'ltin th next car,;.or the nrxi, lbt! the onn< afi.r ilit.l
I saw my way then and flattered myself could produce quite gmacd meals. iWhen for a monmntn he, it aiihtenr.C l upland looked round' witlli 'coiltept
:;heni came the wat and chaos. I ost my Boulestin and ever sitice have at ihe assembled bourge!r isie. his expression was thti most arrogant, con'
been trying to buy another. Recently ut- i hdll t,, -..irl o.-.kirAg .ig.>in I really t eitd ihd self-salisfited 've ever seen. I', ir- Smithh said something like
searched, nothing else would do. The wrni.r-, ,ilh., -, -,ln, you are this: "It's all very well to talk about the beauty tf th1h human body, but I
cooking for a large family or have'gadgets which you haven't, irigredients can think of a whole lot of other things more beautiful." So can 1. Lions,
impossible to buy. None of them had, his ilire,-inu.-.. his simplicity. W'lheni ats, horses. What about ihuming birds, Ilit,' rell,. even gdrfish. Endless.
one day a friend rang me up and told me that she'd a found Boulestin in a Now the shops. I can buy vegetables, drink, make-up. "It's very 'ot, isn'l
second-hand bookshop was delighted. The book arrived and it was very it' says the driver. And though he always complains whenever there is a
thick. 1 remembered it as a-slin paperback. Quality not quantity. ThteneIw pIatlh f blue,- sky or a gleam of suti, I.too am glad when we leave the street.
one was by- Marcel Boulcstin and a Madame,:sonmbody, carefully got up behind and get onIo a part of thl^"oad where tall trees meen t overhead and
to look ver old. The cover,, the prinintthe careful piecingiogether dfvvarious there is a pattern of light and shadow. Afitr the trees there's a dnull bit
pages, all combined to give the impression that it was published in the early enlive(ind by his remarks about bullocks, red earth, "fine crops" and so (n.
19th century. Talk'about ingredients. When we're home again.he always :says, "Safe and sound as. the rat-
"Hiachez fainmfent q et: mlangez uine denmi-douzaine de corniichows, catcher':s laiiingitKr". I hav( a feeling of shyness, inadequacy when i p .
quelques cdpris, quelques ichalottes, une ceraveliw d i moulon on de teau v -Fo so long lie's carried my parcels, waited, patiently while I hby this and
et deux jau n s d'oeuf." t!l, helped me over difficult -places. Once, when I forgot my key, he.
Bit the feeling of the book, the touch of ir is reassuring. I grow peaceful managed to climb in through a difficult window. Another day we'd crawled.
as I' read, "Les ciitelettes derofit d'abord friarithr-ife Idarit vingt-qtlr amg after i flock of sheep) for what hours until 1 began to fidget
heures idans un ptat creux .. I didn't think of the 19th cenrifry as shut and sy, "Oh my God. cin't they turn off somewhere!" when.he said
in, prejudiced. To me the 19th century is a large maigo tree, orchids, sun, reproachfully: "They've as muchi rilghton the road as we 'ave." Je always
heaven, hell---which y ucould avoid-sudden darkness, huge stars. knows when it's. going to rain; if he puts up a f-ence it stays put; if he
Sometimes 1 sleep again. Or read on quittly until five o'clock wheln I ca plants anything it grows. How can 1 pay him for all that?
get up, make strong tea, relax, smoke, await the light. When I first e me to W When I first caie here I always left ihy door open because, after all, I've
live in the country, when the rest of the house was intolerable, the kitchen nothing to steal and he'd often remark: "You ought to be, more careful.
was the one place where I could stop feeling anxious and depressed, where There're a lot of strangers about." Though I knew perfectly. well that
the silence was bearable. I cin see til sun rise from one corner, the sun set he and his wife call people from the next village st.angers,' his repeated
fdiu another. Nothing like Ibe sad, splendid, West Indian sunsets I can warningls had-an effect. Now I always lock up though thinking sometimes
riemeiber,.bui still quite well worth looking at. of that very frightening ghost story about the solitary woman who hals jus
When the post comes the day-starts. onictiines the news is very sitis- turned the key and shot the bolt for the night when .se. inars a voice :
factory. I'm to be given a tree by Devon. Coinnty Council. Indeed, they behind her saying: "Now we arc alone together."

.- e - -%T0 -! T; -- R9 T A"-

At its 19th Annual General Meet-
ing held at the Goodwill Parish Hall
on Sunday 25th instant, ,members ob-
served a. one, minute silence in hon-
our of those persons who lost their
lives ih the Eorne Prosper tragic
acci dent on Wednesday 21st andc more
so, of the 18 who were. members of
the Roseau Credit Union.
At the meeting. various resolutions
were amongst the approved; amongst
them was one calling on Government
to second a civil servant to the
post of Manager of the League, one.
seeking the appointment of a commit-
tee to consider the feiasibility of
organizing itsown ~n insurance among
Credit Unions, and' anther to-make
a contribution of at least $1,000 tbo-
the dependents of the victims of the
More Prosper tragic accident.
The Guest -Speaker was Mr. V.G.
Josse, M.B.E., Resident Etoor, Etitra
Mural Department,who spoke on The:
Credit Union Movement's challengess",
and especially the challenge of il-
literacy,-, (which was a human-
(A C, S. A. Release)
The ,Dominica. Civil' Service Asso-
ciation is concerned about reports.
of unpunctuality ,and ,irregularity
Among civil servants. The Associa-
tion is .,aware, however, that the
vast majority of civil servants are
dedicated, overworked and underpaid
workers who find it difficult to
make ends meet in the face of the
ever rising cost o'f living.
.The habitual latecomers art not
restricted to any one. grade or see--
tion of the 'civil service and span
the entire hierarchical structure of
the service. It would be a gross
injustice therefore to threaten, or
to in fact deduct from the. small pay
of junior civil servantss for late-
coming while the more senior officers
who should set the example are given
~ows f .the intention of the ad-
ministra ion to unilaiterally- intro-
dude auch measures caused the C.S.A..
to make certain observations to the.'
Chief Establishment Officer by letter
date& 28th May, 1975.
S"The basic wea.ness in the measumo
contemplated was. the number of' exenmp-
ions for which provig.~w wu6l1aVe

"Woe unto thdm that call evil good,
and good evil". 1 -Isaiah v. 20
The. Christ is the Answer Crusade"
has come to an. end at the Windsor
Park and. so too have; the arrogant
attacks by certain preachers at the
crusade on old-established' churches
Sin Dominica. It was an alternative
to the conema-goers and early-to-bed
goers to visit the Windsor Park and
listen to olmes -Williams and his
team. deliver (to some.) gospel yes-
sages, and to others, the sweet voice
of, Bazil Y=ade.-
Adherents of the People's Church
could be seen assembled in' front of
Ithe stage in the park, while, hon-
,christians'stayed at a little dis-
tance every night curing the crusa-e,
absorbing the coldness of the park
in their bones.
"Christ is the. Answer" was the
theme of the Crusade but' to'
Was a mere attack, and in particuLar
on the Ca*i_0lic Church. It was ru-
moured that a priest was assaulted at'
-the park by a few 'christians'. Yet
Holmes Williams and his team were
preaching "Christ is the Answer".
To -avoid controversy I will abbre-
viate this article by saying: whether
you. are Catholic Anglican, Methodist,
Pentecostal or what have you, once
you profess the religious principles
of Jesus Christ, you are a CHRISTIAN.
Thank you for giving front-page
prominence to the-work d0on by the
police -during the recent tragedy,
While -the R.D.P.P, was only doing
its duty, it is gratifying to see in
print" that. the regular police and the
"Specials" were for- once. not being
castigated for police brutality
charges, ad nauseam.
Perhaps we are human beings aCter

all 28
May 28

SpecialConstable, R.D.P.F.

.to be made, so that the. entire exer-
..cise would take on the flavour of a
campaign .ofharrassment directed at-
the. junior members of the service."
Pointing out that there was "wide-
spread. dissatisfaction in the public
Service over the non-payment of re-
vised salaries and that a large sec-
tion of the civil service was on half
pay, concludedd pag~e eight)

PridL-aMyav 29. '75

r~ w Ti! R'i~ g R..

'Drylrrc *'


Mr, Josse"s Literacy Move. d H by ugh Lawrence
"My heart wasl strangely warmed" After I arrived from Antigua ki*
when I heard Mr. Josse's caustic August last year, I sent in-a letter
conm n ts on -the importance of to the Star which was published.
Literacy over Radio Dominica' last The- heading of that letter was
week, 'Touch not my W*JiSiW., I was
I had just taken office as Minis- told in Antigua that the attack made
ter of Labour ane Social Service3 before the earthquake calamity on
including Education when UIESCO. gave our beloved Bishop Bowers was a 'Dwf-
us the services of an expert in. right shame, and that such was never -
Adult, Education' a Mr. Howes, 'heard of in the Caribbean, except
The plan put up by this good for what we were told happen@0 in.
gentleman was a comprehensive: one St. Pierre, Martinique, before the
with enrhasis. on Literacy. ea~ption, when the Church was pers.-
The Cabinet dominated always by outed'for a length of time I am,
-the Chief Minister felt, it would now advising our people of Morne
cost Domiinica too much. Prosper to beware .and.promise them
I subsequently- tried to modify it that we shall never leave them deso-
in vi ,I cid sense. what was at late, but shall ever help them to
bottom as I sensed the motive also pray. H.L.
in the plethora of cultural activi- THE- IEW ASPECT O BANANA PRICE
ties which have always been given m i hepre
... Somewhere in the press recently,
priority. h publi wa told in a. elase
As a Member ,of The House on the. thpublic ws told in a release
Opposition I put up a.Resolution that the British Govt. had agreed to
asking the Shoe Party Government to i p to
embark on a Literacy campaign. T banana grower.
Resolution was' flatly turned down, Previously the impression was that
Mr, Christian (Minister of Education) was the Briti- s Govt. that -
atating that Literaby was ot n cces- ated the fixed price with the Bri-
Sary. o be otih Development in Barbados, Wirba..
Mr. Joesse obserVation that il- and the Dominica G6vernment. This
literate .people cannot take. vital was without the consent of the
( eeisioina for literate people : a: banana grd~rer
truism. If now: -the price .~s1 to ee nt;ae
Church and State, in Russia had cents a lb, the baoana fog is clear-
necessarily conspired, to. eep people ing up. And if the banana grower
illiterate. This brought about the getshis due by instalments it is
Communism that terrifies so many something, because he is deprived of
people today. But Soviet Russia.has .: say in his hard work. The tele-
the best record in making her people gram and the entire correspondence
literate within a few decades. 3lli- between the Ministry of Overseas
teracy and, poverty are the worst Development and the D.F.U. have done
dangers inJ Bodiety asomne good. -The price of bananas
Making literacy under talks of (G...) is t present 189.00 per
Adlt Education (which is usually ton. No figure are given of amounts-
just propaganda for; the sake of re- taken b Govt. maz the price, 's a
training power and position) may be paltry 8.750 cn pared with double
good political-'strategy but will re- the price per ton. Gramaxone (for
suit in social, political and econo- illin weeds) 440 per on to
mic explosion in the long run, $51.00. Cost of living is a scandal.
SMr. Josei cobngrats: "Continue" Is this the reward to Shoe helpers.
You will receive some; support: "Thou for supporting the Shoe Party? When
hast a few names even in Sardis..." a buyer asks the price, it is then
One gentleman seeking political posi- the seller begins to think what
tion once said at a campaign meet: should b charged especially in
"If a. fellow is down, keep him down;" rural areas. Food prices are not set
He didn't get the' vote. up or marked previously; Goves~ieit.
Dominica has abandoned Child Guid- in the meantime makes soothing state-
ance for Family Planning; reading and ments on this, that or the other.
literary exercises for vague window-- (con clude p.age 8)
decorating; VQbjaglht thjaig ; and fair play.for bluff anad.dish6nest,.

ThP ^^. iirdt 50r 19 5

Paaa Seven'


CRICKET In the first round of Madam, Although from the roadside.
matches in the Heineken sponsored the scene may have seemed "lit by
Windward Is. competition, St. Lucia brilliant moonlight" as you reported
and-Dominica earned innings victor- on p. last issue about the Morne
ies over Grenada .and St. Vincent, .rosper tragedy, I. cn:assure' you
respectively. that down in. the gully it was dark
At Victoria Park in St. Lucia, and dangerous for those who tried to
Grenada batted first and was dismis- lit the dead, dying and injured.
sed for 177 runs. V.Joseph 37 and FIREMAN, ..Roseau.
Fredericks 39, St.: Lucia replied We bow to a brave-rescuer: Editor.
with 3509/8 declared. Earl lraites_______
got his first century: in that corn- JWS3* E;iT XR.S' AGO: 1. years ago last
petit ion and Cadet 53, For Grenada; Thurs, May 29th, the West Indies Fed-
Clovey 5/79. Grenada in. their 2nd'. eration ceased to exist.
innings could only score 88, thus ,M0UEMLA: it is now fashionable for
los,-ig by an innings &' 44. run-s. For Island Premiers to pay state visits
St.Iucia: HIAnlibather 5/56 & 3/07, to Veaezuela unilaterally seeking
M.X~Eancis, who was under a 5-year financial aid., .Bradsahiw and Walters
ban- from representative cricket in led, the way. Bradshaw was awarded the
St.Lucia claimed 3/35 &. 2/03 and:l Liberator medal, to, Anguilla's
De ~ae2/27. In St.Vincent, Dominic a surprise.
amassed U553 runs; Irving Shillidgfo-rd .
l1, :Graysion Shillingford 51, C.El- M0R. PROSPER VICTIMS
Win 4.1, M.George.41 and C.Williams O PROSP ICTI
37. St.Vincent could only mutter Since the mt ss funerals of last -
109 in reply. They did better in Thursday,, two, more victims of the
their 2hnd innings,but failed by two Morne Prosper road accident ,died in
runs to let Dominica bat. again in hospital-of their injuries. A third
scoring 242 runs. Kaleb Laurent, is having his-leg amputated. Again
who many in Dominica thought was we extend our sympathy.
over the hill, returned match fig- ---p t G.. ....
ures of 13/95. GRICKET. At press time Grenada was
BASIKTBALL -As basketball matchese- re- 6%p i ly ro Dominica's mamnioth
commenced, Raiders defeated Flames, ,- *u' *--
59-45, For Raiders: O.Grell 22 and TIGHTENING UP-or HAIRASSMEiT (from pL .
-A.Etienne 17; For Flamesst A.Harris that they were receiving half
17 & O.Burton:i10o Elections' (43) the amount which haud been agreed upon
narrowly defeated: Zodiacs 59. .For for the performance of, their duties",
Elections: Daniel 19 and A.Monelle- the ..S;A. Gin.Sec, said such restric-
12. For Zodiacs: T.Dicksoni 19 and, tons and impositions-now would be re-
in a Junior match Ken .Stars a8 de- sented by.civil service workers and
feated D.G.S. 12. For Ken Stars: have adverse effect on the service. He
D.Winston 20 and J.Cufi~t Thee fol- also suggested that ',ermanent Secre-
lowing night Zodiacs defeated S.M.A.. varies, Heads, of Divisions. and other
53-40. For Zodiacs: T.Dickson 21 & senior officers be requested to pay
D.Sylvester 14 axnd for S.M.A. C.David particular attention to punctuality and
1 > & C.Ferdinand 10. Flames had the regularity so as to set a good example
better-of Elections, 52-36 in their to their subordinate staff."'
match. For Flames;; O.Burton 14. & 7 It is understood that notwithstand-
Polydore 10. For Elections:; G.Robin- ing the Association's letter, the CBief
aon 15 & CRobinson,3. In another Establishment Officer intends to go
Junior match -Bullets whipped a wonf- ahead with his plans to curb late-
ing D.G.S. 78-26, Por Bullets: C. coming: another avenue for harassment.
Bernard .24 & S.Joseph 21; for D.G.S. VEW ASPECT ON .BNANANA PRICE (_pa 7)
A.Burton 10, NETBA! 26 netballers Children face more and more starvation
have been chosen for trials for the every day save in what comes from
State team to compete in this year's the earth.
W.I. come tuition in St Lucia. 1971 City children beg on the streets
was the last time Dominica had a team of Roseau for a. ilach.
Sin that competition held in St.DuWia._. W...
Printed and Published by-,the: Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill House
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, The West Indies.

g4P g Eight

~ B.P: `- S 'P All'

Pridave May BO. 1975

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