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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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^;^^ ^^A^-4. / /. (^*/- -. . ,
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4);- .evfh 1 _

STel: Prntery 2691, Editor 210
U.K. Media Repres 'ntative:
Cohin Turner (London) Ltd. i.s
22 Shqc ftebswy A've. W.1- ^tNe"
Friday May 23 1 9765 HANDq__7L 0L' ISiHA
lsb---~ I---l~p-- .1444, 67:tUI

On Morfn- Prosper Rod
We go topress on a -ay of Natiodaal
SMourning: an overloaded tfuck -wih
some 40 happy pilgrims aboard, bound
for the Holmes Williams "Christ is the
Answv crusade in Roseau, got ot of
control on a sharp 'bend. Twmniy-eigin
passengers men', women and children
were. huled to"death or serious injury.
is the ravine on Wednesday night. Their
drums and tambourines lay scattered in
mute testimony of their carefree intent to
seek jyy and healing at,- the meeting.
The beautiful little village of Morne
Prosper is now desolate and -beretaved
Two of its four teachers perished.
Nearly all of the v.ict ts were
;Roman. Catholipc by baptism. We know'
that a lot of successful proselyti .
sing goes on in Dominica and that
mziy converts are made. Some' are
*atcttacted by spectacular preacher's .
from America and elsewhere. The
Bishop had some. justifiably grave
words to say on the subject, of
change of ' .
S.All. through Wednesday night, Here
clean efforts by Police,,'Specials .
Firemen and the Medical & First Aid
Services combined to try ~B d save
the .victims 'men hauling them care-
fully through thick forest lit by
brilliant moonlight to waiting am-,
bulances. The dead were ,laid out by
the roadside and the barely living,,
rushed, to Princtss Margaret Hospital,,
:At, the Hospital, .others died and
the severely injured struggled for
life while their kinsmen were being
buried on. the Thursday,. (Pages & 8

*eb So, 114 m osmftu ;
The immensity of the traffic trag
edy almost blotted out the news of a
young boy, John Alexander, 11, said
to have been drowned in tth6 Roseau
River, where his naked body.was found,
He had been seen "playing Karate"
I -- t ,,

;' _'' RY, .
E AP C'- .
1C2 .LC ." ST : i

Sby. lhe Sri
< A fl-r f
.- Moe Prosper
Yt .
ALLFREY l .... .

St, Peter
in the

f .rom
SThe -Ca9tholio

Sby S.St.eve


nMany people have observed to me
what an unprecedented situation
for Roseau is the George'Karam
family election last week,
I am old enough not to be surP
praised at anything political in '
Dominica. The writing is always on
the wall.
The whole tirend of happen s ;
since the Lasour Shoe Party regime
got into the saddle in Dominica
should have made' 'all Dominicans
aware that the, worst is yet to be,

Mr. theodore Britton Jr., United
'States Ambassador to several Car-
ibbean lands including Dominica,
paid his first visit to this State
during the week. He'cast a'
sympathy message an.d appealed fcr
help through the Red Cross abroad
for families' of the dead of Morne


~II ---- --1 -----~-----3~---Yllt


M.g Two V- TN- r-n-x- Mgy 25 1975

.C 0 N-T R AD I T I N S Rupert Sorhaindo
(Almost every statement made by Labour Ministers these days seems to ._
contradict some other statement made not too long before. I will attempt
to enumerate some of these contradictions.)
31. VWhile the front page of the Labour Party manifesto acknowledges the
fact of Wastage and Corruption in Government, and the Speech from the
Throne list's ,means of curbing waste, in-the; Government, the Freshman
Minister of Finance boasts of Government's :record of sound financial
The. Premier had barely finished chiding the Qpposition for'not coopera-
ting in the House of-Assembly (for not posing with the other side for
a photograph), when he began his typical mepuis-laden, character-ass-
assination contribution to the debate on. the-Throne Speech.
S, A Speaker of the House who has written. numerous articles critical of
colonialism, still .insists on wearing a straw wig and black gown in
the House, and-.proceeds to rule, that a truly liberated member (appro-
priately attired) is improperly dressed (be his shirt-jack bluish-grey,
or grey-blue),. Significantly, the dress rule did not seem to apply to
members of the Governmen" side who even took their oath dressed in
blue. "Afro-styled" shir-t with white, embro.idery, or ,who wore red, lilac
or short-sleeved -shirts.
4i A Minister of Education whor at-d very opportunity speaks of the. need
S for relevant education, and for' revamping the system, speaks, in almost,
the same breath of eradicating teachers who have "different" ideologies.
G. A Minister who talks for the need of discipline, and sits by. amused as
.his leader uses the, House of Assembly for dit-ty, dishonest politicking.
6., A Premier' who not too long ago spoke of a Communist plot to overthrow
his: Government, .publicly connecting several, violent acts '(including
the, murder..of Mr. and Mrs. Bright) to that plot, 'refuses to disclose
his evidence, even after he declares that things are back to normal -
the murder ) is (.are,) large? on the. ground of NationaYi" "
S Security
7. Ministers who a few weeks ago (during their campaigns labelled any
S successful Dominican '14 bourgeois" who must be hated, are lamenting
the fact that the "private sector" (the bourgeois4 of course ) is not
ma-king use of CDB loans (to become: bigger -b.ourgeois to be hated even
more). -
8. Those "bourgeois" who-were painted as the greatest enemies of the little
man by some.Ministers, are now put on a special Committee, to advise
tho-se very Ministers'to pattern policies to improve the lot. of the
little man.
9, A Minister whose campaign pitch was anti-bourgeois, but who appears "o
the House. of Assembly ..desse'd ~in some: of the most expensive and stylish
outfits;. '
10. The Preshman Minister who speaks of eradicating those who send or carry
a bad image of Dominica abroad, but is led by a man who has driven
millions-of dollars off- by lis fabricated but well-published "Communist -
l plot. story. -That same Freeshman Minister tarnished the image of Dominica
at a function qxn the Federal Maple last week, and maybe.he should
eradicate himself.
11. The Minister who measures the success of his Government in the field of
education by the number of schools built, but who then-goes on to admit
that "a. school-building, iS not a school".

C I T Y T A L E '0 ViE .p e ~. Loblack
We pead that Jesus-:Christ told. His disiples to watch and not to<
sleepy for if they slept they would enter into temptation,
Today, we as Dominicans did not. watch; we slept and we have now enter-
ed into temptation,
According to Radio' Donrintica, four. members of his: family
S(concluded nage se a ve

~ U.7i!

Ti~ir~:n~rl n~lFFv 29,. 19'75

' I m

Friday~~~~ Ma 23_95pugTbe


Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title OndcNotlngs
thereon and Caveats for week endiCng 7th day of su 191 .
Date Requested Person Fresenting Nature of request -weth
er a Certificate ?f Title of'
Sj.otntg thereon or Caveat.

Request dated
.the 5th day of
May 1975
Presented the
12th day of
May 1975
at 3.43 p.m

by his Solicitor
Cilma A.M.
Dupisny -

SRequest for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in i-rspect of
a portion of land at
Salisbury in the Pa.
rish qf St, Joseph in
the State of Dmninica
containing 1776

-*-r-- acres and bounded as fellows:-
Neth:by land of Govirnmant of DomlnIta Setita Louis and a
Pubtil Road South by land of Warnlford Shtlhingford Est
by land of Thesrea Vidal West by a Ravine separating it from
land of ilnd of Petes Vidal

isquest dated Deles R e1quet r the issue.
'th May 1975 Laistade of. a First Certificate
Presented y his Solicitor of Title in respect of
14th May Vas"ya, a portion of land
1975 Dupigny known as a residea-
at 10.30 a mi tial lot at Massacre
Sin the Payish of St.
Paul containing 5356
Square foot and bou- follows:-
SEast land of LInel Mc Pheron West land of Torry Hl-on
and Alfretd ColiAs North A Public Road South A Ravlne
.~~~~~~ '"* '!- *Cfr'. n&kih Cj~Ilin

Request dated
2?nd April
20th 'May
at 11.40 am

Ann Me. Pka.
son as person
al represents-
tive of Lionel
Mc. Pherson
by her Solicitor.

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land at
Massacre in the Pa-
rish of St. Paul con-
taining 5832 square
feet and bounded as

North Siboulle Read South Byon River East I1. j..' 'sylan
Dantel West lead of Dales Lestrade
11 1. 1 1 .1. i ^ ^' */ i' - ,- .- -

RIlstrar's Office,
Roseau. Dominica.,

* Il beli Shtlling ofdl
Acting Registrar of Titles

NOTE: Any person who desirlp to object to the issuing o-e'
Certificateoftitle on the abovw applicatlommay enter a Caveat
In the above office within six vwetks from the date of the lfrst
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
In this State or fronm the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
had In respect of which the applicatiorAls made. d ..

I M: --



ST. ER4RD 'S V ROEt IT/H JUNE, 9,30 4




Hear the Message for the Future and the Topics of Today

Everyone welcome at Morning Session

SBring a Picnic. Refreshments on Sale

______ _____ _____ ___ s-IM I

i --- ---- -----~- -C-dl

nh h,., ,J -,.''op, e ..+. +, k *i:t of my "t 75
Request dated Del t Letang Applicatio f Delia
11 9 73 & Angela Me- Letang and Angela
Presented Ihtyre Mclatyre uatennants
i1 5 75 by their Solicitor in coQmon in re-
a 9. 40 a.m M.Eugenia pect of a Houe Lot
SCharles in the Town of Roe.
Sanu in the Pariah
Sof St Georag ebntla.
ing 1746 square feet and bounded as follows
North Landof O4reen Rle( East Land of *va Rawle Seuth
Land of Edeliae Winsteo West Old Screet
Sch~hle f week ending'- 24th day of May 75



,e lT.,hree

Friday May 23 1975




Of lOaq6 40Q6


The Womdn's Group of the Dominica Freedopf Party held discussions
on the, observance of 'International Women's Year and found that there.
were several areas in which changes could be made thatwould be of
practical benefit to women and it therefore would be a suitable
manner of observing the year by recommending puchcohaiiges for.
consideration by the National Committee appointed by Government.
The group felt that without detracting from women's role as the
homemaker.and the mother, women had an4 important part to play in
public life for without the intervention of 'woen no true development
could be achieved., The quality of life couldcnot be iUproved unless
the status of women as full partners with men was recognized so that
.women could play an equal part in bringing progress to our shores.
Since women represent m6re than half the population of this island
they must have an equal say. Women must not be relegated solely to
the education of infants, the care of the sick and the welfare of
the poor and needy.
The following heads were noted as requiring some correction:
PROPERTY RIGHTS:. A wife whether she is employed outside the home or
not .must be recognized as having'by her industry assisted in the
provision of the marital home and legislation should be enacted to
ensure that 'there is joint ownership wiith.her-husband of'the marital
home and furnishings, and furniture,
DEPJZTDEnTS PROVISION: Where a husband makes no provision for a
-widow who was dependent on him during his life time, the Courts should
have the power to. make such provision out of his estate and
legislation should be enacted for that purpose.
MAINTENANCE OF CHILDREN & WIFE: Where an order for maintenance has
been made against a man in favour of his wife and/or children, the
amount should-be payable to a Government Department and .arrears
automatically collected by the said department and where possible
deducted from earnings
FAMILY PLANNING: \ The efforts to educate Dominicans in
family- planning should be speeded up and made nation wide
INCOME TAX:. It is noted'-that Government has at last undertaken
.to separate the assessments of husband and wife. It is unfortunate
that unless special provision is made in the legislation it will not
be.made early enough in the year to permit the advantage'to be felt
*in Women's Year
EMPLOYMENT: Having been given equal opportunity in the educational
field it is imp'ortantt that -o hindrance is put in the way of women in
the -pur-sui pf their calling or work. Promotion in the job must
be- s'trictly/merit and ,the sex of the individual must not be
permitted to hamper promotion. .This is applicable both in the
private sector and the public sector.
The authorities and employers must note too that schemes must
be evolved to permit of part-time work for women so that the talents
available in our community' are uilised to the full.
EXTRA MURAL:z SERVICES FOR DROPOUTS: The school drop outs must be
encouraged to attend Extra Mtral classes. This must particularly
apply to girls who have been taken advantage of and who have to leave
school because of pregnancy. Vomen, through their' various
associations must. act as counsellors in advising such girls to
pursue their studies. '
AGE OF CONSENT: The criminal law should be altered to' raise the
age of consent of a woman to carnal knowledge .to 16 years. The Law
enforcement agency should be diligent in prosecuting any male who
is proven to be the father of a child by a mother who conceived
under the age of consent.


Friday,.-May 23, 1975

Page Four

i aI 2 19TH iT PageFnve

Freedom's' View on Women s International Year ii
DUTIES: Women are seen as the'traditional-homemakers, the persons.
concerned with the-rearing of te, young and the persons most suitable
for caring for the sick and aged In these fields there is a great
deal of scope fot women to display their ability and talents in
Dominica. To take but three examples:
Half Day School:. This phenomena is here with us to stay.
It will be for the mothers and the women in the-'commuhity to
organise schemes so that children are fully occupied, away from
mischief and properly overlooked during the half day when their
homes are empty and they are out of school. This can be done from
the'school level, or from neighbourhood groups. But it must be
done and soon.
Home for the Aged: It is hoped that under a .properly
established system the necessity for a great deal of voluntary work
,at the Infirmary will be seen and. undertak-en. An organisation such
as "Friends of'the Aged" qould find a lot to do and would give
fulfilment to women who wish to assist in their community.
Consumer Associations: Though men and women should .be*
equal partners in the concern of housekeeping, it may well be that
women must, take the initiative in organising such associations which
would keep a watch on retail prices, quality of goods'and even
perhaps in small groups do bulk buying to their advantage.
The Dominica freedom Party has written to recommended sources
for assistance in the setting up of a cottage industry in
preservation of food so that the plentiful seasonal crops can be
put up for, the out of season days.
PUBLIC LIFE:; Women must take their rightful place. They must
keep in touch with youth so that they dan appreciate the young
point of view in the political 1-ife of the island. They must keep
themselves and each other informed onthe issues of the day.
SWomen must be prepared to take part in public life by standing
for election.
They must raise the standard of electioneering campaigns so
that the filth and dirt of past elections are not made use of in
the future. '
They must support the candidate who from his/her way of life
indicates that he/she cares .for the welfare of and-.respects his/her
family, his/her community and the island.
These positive suggestions put forward by us, the women, of the
Freedom Party,- come at-a time when .Womens International Year is
being used by Government leaders merely as a platform for political
debate. -
We feel' that when this year is over there must 'exist in Dominica
some definite and concrete evidence that Woment International Year
1975 did in fact better the lot of.the Dominican Woman.
__ *_. . .. *

The President' and members of the Dorminica Red Cross Socipty
extend deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of"-te.
victims of the tragic accident which occurred at Morne' Prosper
on Wednesday night
The Society also wishes. to thank all those kind persons who
rendered such valuable assistance with the burial arrangements
at the Red Cross Headquarters on Thursday.

FUNERAL OF MO-NE JTPROSPER 'VICTIMS: The individual coffins wore laid h.
two mass graves dug by traxcava-tors in the Gatholic and Government
cemeteries. The Governor, the Leader of the Opposition and Hon.Lennox
Honychurch were among mourners at the Cathedral. The Premier attended
the Pentecostal service., Both started very late,


Page Five

Friday. May.23. 1975

PA. s THE STA rida May.23 975

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending. 21 st day. of July 1973.
;Date Reiues*ed Person Presenting Nature of request
S whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat,.
ir- F-- O II

Request date Cynthia
29 10 74 White, Fedro
Preaseted James, Silda
22 65 5 Alexander
at 10.00 a.m. by their Solicitor
M' Eugenia

Application. f Cyn
thia White Fedro
James and Silda
Alexander as ten
nants in common in
respect of a portion
of land at TanTan
in the Pariah of St
Andrew containing
9.050, acresaad boun
ded as follows., .

North Land of Clifford jeremy South East Lands of Antoine
Davis and Alle Williams South West Land of Gljis Williams
West L.-a of Walter Prevqst East Land'of Mistin Abraham

Registr- :. Office,
Roseau, Dominica,

- Isabell Shillingford.
Acting Registrar of Titles

NOfE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certlfic of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance o this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this Srtat or from ihe date when the.notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land h respect of which. the application is made.



An Assistant Manager is required for
Geest Estates in Dominica. Applicants
shoi id have wide experience in Agricul
tur. particularly in Bananas and Citrus.
An Agricultural qualification will be an
adv riage. The Estates are in the pro-
cess of further development and offer
good prospects for an interesting career
and promotion. Salar y by agreement wi
thin the range of $65o.oo to $,Izoo.o
depending on qualification and expe-
riece. Unfurnished house provided.

Applications should be sent to:

The Director,
Geest Industries (W.I) Ltd.,
P.O'. Box 131,
and should reach not later than 31. 5.75
keroons who recently applied for a
.'"ailr vacancy should notify the Cor
i.A.ny it they still wish to be considered
foi"-the post. -


S Mr. Ramphal
Guyana's Foreign
Affairs Minister, Shridah
"Sonny" Ramphal, was
unanimously elected as
Secretary-General at
the Commonwealth Heads
of. Government, Conference
at Kingston, Jamaica,
May 2nd, to replace
Canadian, Arnold, Smith,
who recently retired from'
the post after 10 years. H
was the first person to
hold that post.

Mr. Ramphal, 46, will
take up his new post
at the London-based
Secretariat on July 1.
He. will be responsible
for carrying out the policy
directives of the 33
Commonwealth N.eads of
Government, ..-rs ~t,
A former Solicitor
General, Mr. Ramphal
played a major-part in
drafting Guyana's Inde-
pendence Constitution.
He is a member of-the
International Commnrssion
of Jurists and led his
country's, delegation at
.the. U.N. from 1967 to
1968. He, was .Chairman
of the' Conference of
Foreign Ministers of
Non-aligned. countries in
Guyana in 1972, and is
a member of the Honorary
Advisory Committee of
the Centre for International
Studies of 'New 'York


The Leader of the Opposition
all Officers and Members of the
SDominica Freedom Party
wish to. express their deep sympathy
with the bereaved relatives of the. tragic
SMorne Prosper accident.
We will offer our prayers for the souls of
the departed and to seek consolation for
the bereaved.

The Attordey, Management and Staff of
L. Rose & Co. Ltd, wish to express their
deepest sympathy to the relatives and
friends of the victims ot the accident
which occurred on the Morne Prosper
!road on -te- 2ist.ot May 1975"


just received
Smith's ALARM CLOCKS at Frampton's and
World Famous Roamer Watches of all descriptions
amp s t George Str Rose, Dominica- "
Framptoa'a Great George Street, Roseau, Dominica '

~idppjr. Map~23 19rB


Page Six

-By W. S. Stevens (fr.i.a over.the city of Roseau. Now we fi4d
"Jojo' Karam acted as a loyal that the country people watched and
party diehard. He went all out t did. not enter into temptation iai
save the Shoe Party from eniarrass- Roseau folks.
ment and national ridicule., How- I heard. a lot of talk about. this
ever, his success, with that of his taking over of the city by Karam:Ltd,
family at the Roseau Town.Council I must say one, of the reasons is that
poll has done. more incalculable there is a so-called Government who.
harm to the Patrick John Regime. appear to have no love lost for the
than all the democratic addi consti- municipality. The f ac.t remains that
tutional protests could have done, the people who put themselves out $Q
In all this'two, sets; of-people see that Roseau was kept as clean as
are chiefly to blame: one, th it was before LeBlanc took charge of
LeBla. .Patrick John Government is Government, were unable to carry out
more than fifty percent responsible the plans they had for cleanliness,
for the reproach and contumely because the Labour Government ised all
which this unprecedauteed political kinds of psychology to prevent them
phenomenonhas' cast upon DoMinAicana from carrying out their plans.
In the circumstaade, Patrick I thought that when the Freedom
John, despite the legality of the Party decided not to contest the TOWn
R.T.C. election, owes it as a boun- Council election, the Labour Government
denduty to the State. to- pae to would have put up their own Labour aan-
people both at home and aibr6a and' didates (as they do- in General Electionsr
say whether he is satisfied, worri-d--to take over the Roseau Town Council,
or embarrassed. The Nation mubt -At this stage I must use a famous
hear from him on this very novel proverbt 'Something, is rotten in. the
political and civic anomaly. State of Denmark". This applies wvey
Then Roseau -- I hear many of much to the State of Dominicsa. E.C.L -
the intelligent citizen's of Roseau ....
- 'is also, to,'blame. The citizens FOU DAYSZ P Y
had successfully protested against Two teachers who attended the 4-4.-
the attack upon- the august pre~in~ti Population Seminar sponsored by Governs
of.the R,T.C. prestige in Deconrbrr ient last month and informed the pr-n-
1971. Since then-some of those cipal of GJHS in advance, were notified
who lef in the struggle turned by an Education M1inistry official that
coat and forsook principles Others 4 days'. pay will *be deducta.d from their
threw up the sponge. for other con- salaries, since "a very.serious view
siderations. In the recent general is being taken of this breach of dis-
election, several well-placed: thdi- cipline on' your part".
viduals and firms voluntarily.
donated funds to an unprincipled AGGRESSIVE STUDENTS No Admittance
political ruling p~rty to win the School Principals were unanimous in
general election at Whatever cost. their decision not to readmit stvdenb~
What can' Roseau' now say? Why 'be whom they have had to send home for
weary in well do'ing"'When an- ini-' assaulting teachers, at a well-atten-
vidual or group is convinced that dod meetingof School.Heads held on
a 'move is Iight, what justification Fiday May 16, 1975 at the Catholic
can there be either in giving@itn Social Centre. A specific Grand Fond
tamely or in "crossing the floor"? case was- examined, 'and the. Principal
There is at present general em- expressed concern at lack of suppo t
barrssmcent~ and. a blight ipon- GO- from Govt, authorities. They were
barramnt an blight Upon- however assured of heir guess'
ernment, the :Roseau ,Citizenry,; i
Jojo taram ad. all Dominicans. You full backing to implement t, decisi".-
see, what must never be forgotten .The long list of frinbipilst probe
is e do ,ot.,alive,.to ours eve.s lmIn threatened to keep the meeting
without the near observations of-; occupied up to adjournment. A Quest-
Oiurd nonnaire seeking information on pob
our neigA far a near. I
NOTE: "A boomerang is an action, lens was also decided upon.
peehor argumentn the person At this time the "set aside" day
phoe n .umet. t sn each term Would not be pressed, since
who maes .this would further distupt the school
(Sc p,. for stt f article) ends; meetings would be held hol.wk.-endr

Paage --even -

T' KE STaa

'GL?4~o-r RAn~T ~lj: 7 QrtFi

Page E2 1975g t

S*A~TAa*P*OP*R* TS Morchriston !DE1ATH WAS THE ANSWER from ). 1.
To commtpetelurses: Week (May llth- Sometimes these helpers were ham--
17th), Various sporting events took pered in their work by ghoulish mem-
place in Roseau. To start with, two bears of the public who rushed to the
cricket matches were played May 15th cdeath-scene "and to the wards like
at the Botanical Gardens. Teams were persons rushing to see a hanging,
Nurses against Convent High School crowding the mercy-workers and making
and two teams choses from the Aetball movement' and breathing difficult.
Leasa .led by Catherine Rene. and Others were genuine relatives and
Medina Detouche. Nurses won by one friends, of the dying, distraught in
wicket whilst Catherine Rene X their grief. The Red Cross lent its
won by three wickets, with Rene her- building as an emergency mortuary.
self getting the highest individual TheAe full story of this dreadful
score of 31'n.o. event cannot be told in a couple of
I a. netball match played May. 14, columns. Children left orphaned -
'a young team defeated an old star a whole family wiped out Farmer of
aide by one goal. the Month killed with his wife and
A football match was also- played children, ..we dare noi go on, pave $o
May,16, at the. D.G.8S .Grounds. Whites add that. n6t only because some of the
easily defeated. Colours 4-2, dead were our'personal friends byt
CRICKET Dominica sent 12 players- to because it was the worst traffic acci-
8t.Vincent where they will, play St. dent: in Dominica's history and a great
Vincent in one of the opening matches loss to a:pastoral community, we feel
in the sponsored Heineken Tournament for the victims and their survivors
yhich starts today. Dominica has 2 a great grief and a great sympathy.
matches, at home%. / .___ ,, -....- -
The twelve chose from an originals MA.Y 24th 20 YEARS AGO
17 reads: I.Shillingford (captain) ,
M.George, (vice-Captain), D.Abraham, On this date, once called Empire
FPDoctrove, C.Elwin, E.John, tL.Ken- and then Conmonwealth. Day, the Labour
tish', ,K.Laurent, L.Sebastien, G. Party of Dominica was foundedliby
Shillihgford, G.Walsh and C.Williams. Phyllis Shand Allfrey and. Emanuel
The other five players who remained Christopher Loblack, with advijSe4rs
at home are PBardouille, S.Charlos, Robert Edward Allfreiy and the- late%
M-Darroux, J.C.Lawrence and J.Willy. Hugh Gpitskell of the British Labour
Titre has 'been named as manager. Prty. They wrote the aims and
FOOTBALL The Cable & Wireless Carlibs- objects 'in the Party-cobnstitution,
b"e1aYouth Soccer Tournament which was which subsequent t surpers have re-
inauguarated in 1974 and which St. trained. These aims Ceotained for the
Lucia won when they defeated Dominica 0t $mf "in political history a U.l.
in the finals in St.Lucia, gets: tuner Human Rights clause and one on encoura-
way Sunday August 10, when defending; going creative skills. Also, as if
champions' St.Lucia will play Barbados vith foresight, there is a sub-clause
Three other matches will be played on guarding and cherishing -"the natur-
bn the same afternoon. St.Vincent al beauties and advantages width which
-vs. Grenada in St.Vincent,t StKitts the Island of Dominica has ben zso
vs,. Antigua in St.Kitts and Dominica lavishly endowed by nature" '"
vs. Monteserra, in Dominica. Tomorrow, Sunday, the Labour Shoe
Semi-finals will continue August Party is holding a special convention
17 and the finals will be played the at Portsmouth,, We wonder how. many of
folloWing Sunday, August 24. its; member, have ever studied these
SThe draw was made at a. meeting of sams, or kn9w how the Party originated.
the various representatives which was ___ ..
held in St.Lucia under the chairman- ____
ship of YMr Douglas Buck, Regional PORTSMOUTHS WOMAN CANDIDATE
Chief Executive, Cable & Wireless.,; Helena Destouche of the Freedom
BOING Muhanmme Ali, World Heavy-A arty is contesting the By-election oh.
weight Boxing champion, succeed~djJy 3 May 28.
defended his title against Ron Lyrle We wish this competent woman a big
by Techical Knockout ini the llth ro uccess in Women's International Year.
bout ls&t Flridav night. May

Printed and Published by .the -Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill Mouse
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, The West Indies.


. Prid.ay, May SS, @75

~aae $iaEit



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