Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Compared with other islands *in the
West Indies ($t. Vincent and St. Lucia
ia particular), Dominica mide .a poo
start sa cetebroing Women's Interna-
tional Year. In fact, it s only this week
that the7 made any headway at all. For
whoeyer te.ard ,of Women's Business
being inaugurated by a speech from a
-mac le?. . .-' 1. .
W are, nearing t-he half-year"
-irark, It appears to us that the
SUnitied Nations challengo on be---.
half of .'om.en is boin tmU ift a
peden;-tTiaii and parochial way' in
-this land: the men who talk on
twomen1t over Radio, Domini c iso'
6'often and oibviously.have a. a&t .'.
her- patronizing attitude. Indeed,
. their idea of equality of 'the
sexes does not eauate with ours,
their mr.L.'i experienoee of women
being apparently in the domestic
or employee sphere. There ,i too,
much of the "dear little woman,
let' s help her, out. of her obser-
ity" tone in, their remarks,.
It is f6o the -women to help.
themselves The only signal sue-
oeas ,we have- noted in this Year
of Grape is ,the woments pre-elec-
tion march in support -of an in-'
suited- candidate, who spoke on -
women's legal status tonight(Fri.,)
at 8 p.m. It is the achievers
who shotulldbe held up asa u ex-
ample to young women,, not Ust a
kindly lot of lady bureaucrats.
Malik hanged
Michael do Freitas, later known.
as Abdul Nalik, was executed- by
hanging in the Royal Jail, Trini-
dad, for the murder of a barber
named Joseph Skerrett~ despite
lengthy protests and legal de-
vices, early on Friday am 16th.
a good idea See par Seven
FOUR DAYS PAY..,... pSe 8

o te -ort1an.. -

The municipHlity of Reseau, whose prid.
and powers had been reduced in toQ7t to meft
aangM is now t be run by locaC. w&
Tel.eviion merchant and four of his children .
default of other cg nnders. Mr George (Jobo)
asrsm and his children Peter, Kathlkejo ack
and Nadia put in their names at the last mionu
ons nomiiauoa day.
The Dominica Freedom Party .re--
fused to put up candidates.ThIey
had suffered too' mih obsatruct-
On -from central Government dur--
ing two terms of office, Our*
Maybralty and Council are not ghyt.
en the dignity and respect accor-
ded to' other mayoralties in the
Commonwealth. -Nobody else thouEgt
the seats worth contesting. It is
sad. that poor old, Roseau should be
reduced to such a backward divic
condition. Yet Roseau still costs
the taxpayers money,

This important meeting .(CSA pro.
moted) will be reported next -we&.

a .:~_j ST. d.i "a. M" l& .-'- 1i' -.-- .... --- *-
IPrime Minister Eric Gairy, of Grenada launched a blistering, attack on
British Prime Minister Harold Wilson during the Friday (2nd May) session
of the 533-naion Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference which was held in
Kingston, Jamaica, from April 28,-May 6, 1975.
SThe conference wa. proposals on the new world economic
order and such weighty matters as Mozambique and the consequencOs o its
economy if it blocked: Rhdepsda's access to its railway lines. It was in the
midst of thiis important discussion, immediately following an announcement
by the Chairman that Mr. .Ramphal of 'Guyana had won unanimous support to
succeed Mr. Arnold-Smith as Secretary "General of the Commonwealth Secreta-
,riat, that Mr. Gairy launched his attack.
Mr. Gairy blamed Britain and the British Prime Minister for- all the"
econo' ills of Grenada. "Gtenada. was on the verge of 'financial collapse,
Mr. Gairy said, and only last month the island state.had great difficulty
in finding money to pay. salaries. to public servantse. He pointed out that
apa~ t from Venezuela and'a. few Caribbean countries, Grenada was not getting
any assistance from Codmdnwvealth Countries. The, British Government., he said,
had promised $1,92Q,00tD Grenada. as an independence'gift, bu so, far not
one penny had. been paid. Mr. Gairy'sa attack ooktook the conference by surprise
and caused severe' embarrassment to. the" other Ca0ribbean delegates attending
the conference.
Mr. Gadry ~ay very well gp back home and boast to the local Grenadian
audience that he 'put Wilson in his place' and the people will. all applaud,
for (like Dominica), ignorance is the corne:r-stone of the Government s
political survival. (See note 3elow Editorr).
L'et us not be too hard on Grenada, however, ,because we have ourtown
Gairy right here -in Dominica, Remember Mr,' .John's rude remarks about 'crumbs
under the 'table', Mr. John had the tape .of this infamous address played and
replayed over Radio Dominica. There is a mistaken belief that Britain has
an obligation to bail .us out of our economic crisis. "Gary and Grenada seem
to be under the same delusion. Let us learnn.a lesson from the Viet Nam situ-
ation. It was the American people (through the Congress) whp said NO to any
further aid to Saigon, .The British people, say the samne-.
Let Premier John.cbntinte, to refer to some people (ILU NOX) as beke. and
hoankym Let us; put LeBlane, an anti-Blitish demagogue as Governor of Dominica
Let us-keep our law book, laws which fly in the face of the spirit of, the
Constitution and then believe that Britain will help us. If Britain is .to
'help she must lay down conditions; 'under which British taxpayers": money will
be spent in Dominica;, some of these conditions. may very well be: "
(1) There must be. fresh elections. 18 months after. the March 24th General
Elections, public,notice of which must he given immediately,
9) There. must be a'full enumeration of voters.,
) The number of constituencies must be. reduced from. 21 to 13.
4 No constituency should have less than. 1500 voters.
5 Members of Parliament shall have their seats declared vacant if they
accept employment from Government or-Government agencies.
(6) Public Officerswho are medically boarded off from-the service may not
run for political office unless two years have elapsed since the date of
their being boarded off,
(7) Sylvester Joseph must have absolutely nothing td do with elections in
the future,
Undoubtedly,the British Government would continue to be concerned about
the misuse of British aid and would insist on proper financial control.
Patrick.John and his Labour Party need not .accept any of these' condi-
tions; after all. they are the'Government of Dominica sqolonialist
pig' can tell them what to'do, In such a case, Britain should cease all-
further assistance to Dominica' and the Government should be. left to carry on
asbest as it can. Ebr.those-who would shout. 'INDEPF!1IimNC~ *I, remember
Gairy's; outburst: "Grenada. is on the verge of financial collapse"u
(Sincehe above was written, Gairy has threatened to charge 'Britain with
'economic cruelty'before the International ounrt of Justice,.- Editor)

Friday. May 16. 1974

1Tr F T AS R

"Po P Thro

Friday, 1'ay 16, 1975

Page Three

t ,en *toen a. a a a

o,<" ,. M or al.%i

._the" o'ept ,,G:a.!y th. Messah"But, what is'
forMr.'ay to an r erBy quarter

.OIA3 Lai obserkars, ac-sessing the Grenada sItIunatIn,
o t n ignore~an irior8tat factor.' Mr- [rV cafe -tW
pqwer.on grssrnets supportS, Ap'd, oanly 41-me will tell
wheln I. a,4riJu:luri" NorWr.,,And peasant will reject
.1he!Mraoept ,:,. -G:,l:y tho Messah-"' IBut, what Is
,overlookd is thae th Ns rejection is h-ndared by support
for Mr. Gairy kam-an 's.:' iruly Q ie,(-ennt quarter.'
in .Mr"Gairy's ranks,, there are now educated, wide-
awaake people, Financially welt.placed people. People/
high on the social ladder,: And, whatever .their motives,
they lend their pubild image to spread a. veneer of
respectability to Mr: Ga.ry's regime .
This has far teachingg effects on grasscoots reaction
Recently, Mr," Gairy's Govemrnmen was badly tarnished s
by revelations of .the Duffus .Report. And, general ]
condemnation might have bedin xpe-cted .'The presence
0o an educated elite on the Government platform,
1howvejr,. dulled the impact: of the Report and helped
to add credibity -to thb Admifnlstratian" "
the--tess masses arie led to 'believe that
lir. Gairy's intelligent, well-placed followers would
never support a, corrupt government; Doubt is thrown'''
on the findings of the Commissioners, and the simple
mansin-the-street tails to grasp thei stark reality of
the situation exposed by the Duffus Rport. ",

Who are these wR.ell-placed supporters? They include
Ambassadors, Representatives to the UN, Secretaries
in Consulates and successful businessmen,' The list
is, too long for full treatment,, but two outstanding
examples illustrate the patter,'
The April -issue tf. "Caribbean Contact" says
Dame Hilda Bynoe "'is the Caribbean worsan whose.
action resulted in oreat.osin of the Duffus Commission*'a"
According to "Contact", Dame'Hilda did a service to
all.- "who cherish fundamental' rights ,.. ." That's ,
4ot true.;
Dame Hilda had no authority: .in this: The Dutffus
Commission was appointed by her -on instructions of.
Cabinet. when Mr.' Gairy vi s under pressure from the
Commi,tUee of 22:
And, as for cherishing fundamental rightsl
.-On November 18th 1973, Dame HHida knew that Mr;
Gairy's political opponents lay badly beaten n .a
Police cell and deprived of medical attention;' Yet,
neither as Governor nor as- a .doctor did she go to their
assistance' Instead, she continued to lend prestige to
Mr." Gairy as "his. first Black Woman Governor", and
finally tied Grenada when her safety was threatened by
Government paid criminals.
Then, there is Sir Leo deGale, Governor-General
of Grenada;' According to custom, no critical- comments
should be made publiclyy of a -his position
as the Govemor-Geneoal may not defend himself publicly,'.

But, Sir Leo' forfeited his right to this protection., .


---I~L-~XW_~e~CI111111~. I- ~UUII_- --

by tches


'-My character changed frot'i the ApreB-
free youngster I 'was as a-pup, after I'
became a mother several times -unnLg
and consequently -grew anxious and sna-p-
pish. M' guardians M & D, imposed bir-hb-
orintrol, so I' only. had. c/hildrxi --,-..: a
year 'r every 18 months, which. is why X
have a -neat canine-figure and don'It sag
onto the ground like 'my dog-contermpor,,
erie i s .
Alas I The Change, in my nature was -
not a good -one* I used to be quite fr*aW.
-ly to. cats and allow the kittens te
play around vie like my own young.- But
suddenly one day. I got jealous of the -
mother cat, Without any warning.I grip-
ped one of her teen-aged striped daugh-
ters..and snapped the poor little thing's'
back in two, Now I cannot be trusted
anywhere near cats. I am a cat-murderes,
another reason why' am sentenced to
life imprisonment,
Tr-i~ i~r i -il>ii-i-r IT |. i m r iifi iirri ini 111-11*|m r i .t.irn-i -- - - -


He accepted appointment 4s Govemrnor-General after the
murderous events -t "Bloody Monday", in so doing,
he sought protection, not in'the niceties of custom, but
in 'r. Gairy's Police Aides.
Further, Sir Leo has since studied the damning
revelations'of 'tho Duffts Report.' And, -has witnessed
Mr;' Gairy's manouverings to avoid implementation of
its recommendations;' Nevertheless, Sir- Leo holds
fast to tuis post. He: continues to enhance Mr,' Gairy's
Government with the background qf hi's culture and
poise. And, he provides living proof for the unSophis-
ticated masses that, whatever the Duffus Comhissione.z
say, '"big people" stand firlntywith Mr.' Gairy2
The Duffus Report exposed to the world "unspeak?b)le.
atrocities" "inflicted upon Grenadians by paid critii.s
recruited and controlled by Prime Minister Gairy; And,'
a continuing situation exist, which must be corrected
before peace returns,- to the island:-.The educated elite
who support Mr.' Gairy hinder Grenada's normal,
and are as morally guilty of 1he atrocities as if they
were full members of the Mongoose Gang.'


it's A Dog's Life
.. ...,

Page F~~r

schedulee of Application for Certificate of Title and Notlngs
thereon and Caveats for week ending 17th day of May 1975
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-1
er a Certificate of Title of

S._...~.. o____ 1 thereon or Caveat.'
Request dated John Request for the issue
the 5th day of Underwood of a First Certificate
May 1975 by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
Presented the Cilma A.,M. a portion of land at
12th day of Dupigny Salisbury in the Pa-
May 1975 rasih of St. Joseph in
at 3.43 .m the State of Dminica
t 3 containing 1.776
acres and bounded as follows:-
North by land of Government of Domlnlca Setina Louis and a
Public i ad South by land of Warniford Shillingford -East
by land Theraum Vidal West by a Ravine separating it from
land of isan of Petes Vidal ___

.S heduln for eook ending 10th day of May .i75
Reiqute dated UEdmon2d Riquest or-tlhe issue
the 5th day of Laurent of a First Certficate
May IWiS- by bis Solicitor of .Title in respect of
Presented the Cifma A.M. a portion of land
5th day of Dupigny known as part of the
May 1975 Roman Catholic
t 3.0 __ Church land at Wim-
Sin the Parish o St. Andrew in the State of
Demirnica containingl. 2160 square feet and bosaded
as flw. -
North East by Eden on Sea Estate North Wst by a
viltlge Road South East by land of Tdlson Maxwel tand
Thomas joseph South Wis by land of The Roman
--CathIlc Church _
qust dated Raymond Da- equst for the issue
tle 21st day o via Prevost of a First Certificate
April 1975 by his Solicitor of Title in respect.of
Presented the Cilma A.M. a portion of land at
Sth d-y of Dpiagny Wesley in theParish
May I- 75 of St. Andrew in the
at2.52 p.m State of Deminica
containing 33944
square feet and bout-
ded as follows:-
North by land of Syf Bruno South by lands of White
Ttref and LsIne Prevest East by a Ravine West by
a Pubik Road
Reiuet dated Wilmoth p"ic ationof Wi.l
13. 12, 74. Hyacinth moth Hyacinth. for:
Presented by hi Solicitor the issueof a first
7. r" 75, M.Eugenia Certifiate,of title in
at 1|.25 a.m. Charles rospectof' a portion
of-land known as a
lot at Gillette in the
Pariah of St John)
containing 0.431 acre' and bounded as follawso;
North Land of Ramchand Dsswani South Land of
Humphries Celestin East Land of Anelta Jean separated
by Public Road West Land of Rinchand Daiwanlt

Friday May 16 1975

11 t

Guyanese-born Mr. Lloyd Roberts, 52,
Succeeds Mr.Richard Barclay as Dir-
ectqr, Barclays Bank International
Ltd; for. the region Guyana, Barb-
ados and; the' Windward & Leewawd Is.
*J"1"- '** *h 1 1- 1 "I.- 'lll1i---; 1111; 1 8BBaa53Stt5SS9^

-TEL, 2698



ust Received
Snmth's ALARM CLOCKS at Framptont' and
WorNld Famous Roamer Watches of all descriptions. -
F $mpto'a. Great George Street, Roseat, Dominica
mW W _^uW^IWM~ l L - n- Ji ll IMMW M-- WM l - _-_a ^ ; I

~ a-~~ rye~lding r~5. ?5 ,co~lu~

toquest dated Decoster Applicatioan O De-
0 3i 75 -, Joseph Coater Joseph forj
'resented by his Solicitor the issue of a first
S5. 75. M.Eugenia Certificate of title i1
t 10.20 a.m. Charles respect of a portion
of lard at Ports
mouth in the' Pariat
of St John containilnt
1220 square feet and bounded as follUewas
orth By land of Mrs Octavle Baron South Holland Streetz
*st Land of Mrs. Llilan Dubols West land of ary Michl.
Rlstrar's Officei Isabella Shilllngford
oseau. Dominica. Acting Regfitrar of Titles

.i.rtincatetof title on the above applicatlormay enter a Caveat
n thce above office within six weeks frum the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
a this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
aw was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
Iad in respect of which the applications made. -

----~--- --~- --~-

t84- iit

- --- --


-~~-----~ i---

Many banana growers will remember how their bananas were .very severe-
ly rust thrips-which caused heavy losses from rejects at the
boxing plants about Augqst,September,October and November last year.
It is predicted that damage from rust.thrips this-year will he even
more severe unless precautionary measures are taken now. Growers are iahae-
fore advised that in order to prevent too much damage from rust thrips
they must:(a) cover all1 the bunches that shoot from now onwards, i.e.,
now in May -19 7- with diothene sleeping at an early stage ie., as soon
as the young hands open out.
(b) break off the male bud or poppot at the same time.
(c) Make sure the sleeping covers the .whole, of the hunch. i.e, the
S diothene must be at least; 6 inches below the last hand.
Do-not wait till the. thrips have done the damage which becomes not-
iceable only after the. fruit is maturing-or.ready for harvest.
Quite' apart from the protection from thrips which sleeping gives to
the bunch there are other- benefits to -be derived from sleeping.
(a) When done at the correct' time and btage, sleeping will increase the
Bunch weight by about O 0
(b) A bonus of ent per Ib, is paid for bananas which are sleeved, pro-
vi'ded at least 90 of the growerts bananas in the field are' sleeved.
(6 'The quality 6f the bananas is improved by sleeping and there will be
less rejects from the punch. Therefore, you should get more money .
out. of a bunch iif sleeping is properly done and done in time.
It is estimated that for each 30 lbs bunch sleeved, an extra $1.04t
can be saved-or earned for an expenditure of only 15g cents on sleeping
at present day .prices. So it pays to sleeve your bananas now especially
at this season when the rust thrips are very active. It is very urgent
that. sleeping be done NOW losses later,.- WIT
12th May, 1975 General Manager,
P U BLIC HEALTH I N F O._R MAT I O'I To Householders.:.
You are asked to dispose of all refuse within the confines of your
premises. This could be destroyed by trenching, burning, burying ,and
compostig, Special attention should be' given to used cans and broken
bottles, as these can be -dangerous to your health if they are thrown
where people move about,
Refuse left lying around will cause flies, rats and cocko
roaches to breed,
SRemember clean and tidy districts lift the standard of. Public Health
in the State, .
Good latrines and good toilets must be built in each home throughout
the State to prevent the spread of HOOKWORM disease.

P R S A L iE The GMPstood at 175 pertn on 28th
Twelve and a half acres of ~and April, Contract costs and cost of
at Bellevieu Rawle i cartons uhavo risen, however. The
Ten minutes drive-from town. Grower will get. 8 cents per,]b. until
-a' Dominica has been disappointing. It
D A W U iNEWS EVENmT must improve for the survival of
D ^A U .NS ^^ EVENT t banana. trade. The. British Govern-
The one-man commission on Anchorage tha banana. trade.. The British Goen
staff-disputesMr.Ephrai Georges) ment has -agreed that the whole of
excess revenue over 1Lp4 per ton
made recommendations mainly favour- exss revenue over 1t Pery ton
should b.e banked separately fqr uss
ing the _DAW~JUviewpo- in the interest of the industi-y;

Friday, May 16, 1975

Page Five


-de wr I ** *q-*' r1 ATPr J id Al Q 7

OUR- SOCIETY by Charles- Savarin
(Part of his short address at the;
recent Populat'ion Seminar't)
"Our society undoubtedly has a
population problem, but unlike the
rest of the region and indeed the.
rest of the world our problem i ,.
of unler-population. We are. in the-:
unique position of being underpopul-
ated, only 75,OD.0 of usA occupying
-what 3s -sometimes referred to as thee
most fertile of the Caribbean is-
land3 allQ300 square miles of it -
and still we -are unable to provide
good, clothes, shelter, education
and recreation for the inhabitants.
Iowe can we' talk of the role of
edu-ation when the physical condit-
lons -f many of-our schools: defy
description? How can we talk of hnme
econojiics when the standard of hous.-
nag and the level of income for mostly
families are below minimum require"i
ments? How can we, talk of sex edu-
cation in schools when we are hard-
ly able to teach the Three Rst ? How
can we talk of health education
when* our very health institutions
are in unhealthy surroundings?
Let us not do like the ostrich
and bury our kaads in the sand.
-There is one major problem in Domi-
nica and unemployment;and
perhaps I should' add,underemployment
Let us solve this. Let the I.L.O. -
help us with our employment problem,
and all other seemingly major pro-
blem3 will begin to disappear.'
A'man who is.fully employed has
hope.. A man with hope can plan,. he
can even plan his family. There must
first be hope for there to be effec-
tive planning." C.A. Savarin.
I by May Christian
Thursday last week was Ascension
Day, that -great landmark in Christ-
ianitly which is duly observed by the
Churcli. It occurred this year 1975
on May 8th, that memorable date in.
West Indian history which all-stud-
ents Of regional events should have
It was on May 8th (aldo Ascen-
Sion Day, in'1902 that Mont P l&- -
that d-eadful volcano .erupted,com-
pletely destroying the city of St.
Pierre and.taking some 30,000 lives-.
It ,waC then the capital of our next-
door island of Martinique, the mostI
beautiful city in the Caribbean,.
Only one man oecapea (tur to p. .8

Minister Douglas at Marigot on Bananas

It was'a big audience Agricultural
Minister Mr. Michael Douglas addressed
at Marigot .oh Sunday afternoon last.
After talking about coconuts, Mr Baba.
Butler and the Qoconut Factory.(which
he-strongly supported), the Minister
Of Agriculture launched out on Bananas.
He pointed out that he was talking
as from March 24, the time he was 'elec--
-ed. He could not be blamed for what
had happened before. Among his state-
ments were: Windward Islands bananas
were the worst in the wordi. This was-
due to bad roads. He harped upon bad
feeder roads which he said existed be-
fore'he had taken office.
Then in the -same breath he said
thatproduction had increased (so bad
roads could not be the re-al causeof
poor quality bananas!) All through
his "expert" talk on bananas, pNr.oug-
las displayed very bad logic.
To pull the audience over to his
side, he. graphically described how
Van Geest was never seen with a cutlass,
yet this gentleman made millions on
banana, and of course., that kind of
talk pleased certain folks in the
He referred to Mr4Joffre Robinson
and how his emoluments were made up,
,and also pointed out another cause of
bad quality fruit the number of people"
on top of the boxes on the way to the
shipping depots. He forgot that Mr.
Robinson (whom he deemed very competent)
Wev the authority' to have the pernici-
ous practice stopped
Mr. Douglas did not talk about the,-
flimsy boxes. But he referred to the
days when Geest Industries bamboozled
the simple D.B,G.A. into changing farom
selling bananas on the stem to de- r
handing them, here. *
At. -question time Mr. George Mec-
chour plunged cleverly into figures re
output 'in tons, price at 154.00 per
ton which has; now reached 178 per ton-
(fresh news to us).
.I made it plain that according, to
Mr. Douglas's figures, the Banana
Authority had never made so much money
at the grower's expense in the murky
history of the Banana Industry in
Dominica. Mr. Douglag did not fail to
say all along that Dominica had no'monay.
I regretted having to leave the meeting
prematural. But if a schoolgirl could
have remarked after the recent Throne
Speech Deat, Lconclued lage. eight)'



R 'T~ ~R h~iilnTr_~k~aiT 7t;_ '19'7fi


mtt~i mAP

Fiction MA TITIiE by Cynthia Wabt BRITISH AID SCHEMeS
Ma Titine was in a restless mood. British voluntary work in develop
Baby was sulking because she could. ment aid is .to be reinforced. for the
get her hands on Ancine; she hadn't firsts, time with Government money the
been tosee Ma Titine for about heOverseas Development Minister, Mrs.
days:, and this was: most unusual .Judith .aIt, announced.on May 8,
"Bet she's sulking because I told Half a million pounds of official aid
her she's.getting older,' Ma Titine -funds is initially to be allocated,
muttered as she went about'her house on a fifty-fifty matching basis, to
hold duties. Then she' chuckled support selected projects carried out
"Baby is. just like a volcano' !. -bet-by such well known bodies as Christian
ter go and see what's wrong. She Aid, the Freedom from Hunger Campaign,
might be sick' Oxfam and far on Want. -
And that was exactly what was In'line with the intention-to place
wrong; Baby wa.s sibtring hunched up greater einphasis on ru rald development,
in bed, sniffling and coughing. priority will be: given projects,
"Titine!." she exclaimed. "I just particularly those which stimulate the
send de Letghbar chile to tell you I awareness of people in rural areas to
seek. Helas, dat leelin the need for change,
me,". She blew her nose on a gaudy- The Overseas Development Ministry
handkerchief.'"Wat is all de, news?" ifill normally consider -projects put
she enquired. "I heah nm~ ne:ighbar forward by the agencies, varying in
sayin dis morning dat a prisoner ex- total cost between Z,000 and 5*000, ,
cape an people see him in de: Botani- The fifty per cent grint can all be
kal Gardens De poleece go dere to spent in local' currency to meet local
look foh him wid torchlight...." she costs a significant innovation.
managed a weak laugh. "De neighbor Projects must be realistic, .admistra-
ay -dey was looking all about on de. tively tiableand offer iadily identi.
groun-,as doh is a ring or a money de viable economic and social benefits,
lose." She began coughing again. -" C.S.A. E RGECY FUD '
Ma Titine took the medicine from The Dominica Civil Service- Associa-
a table near the bed and poured her tion. is to establish a fuxid for emere-
Sdose.. "Drink that up and rest agency purposes, to be called the Sar.-
yoursealf,". .as Baby coughed again. .gency Fund. The Fund-will be made up
"I'll stay and help you until you're marily of10 cet of the Ao-
bd primarily of,10 per cent of' the Asso-
bet~ter. Just let me: go and shut mY c.iation 's monthly subscriptions from,
house. its Members
Later that evening, when the This decision was taken at a recent
church bells rang for the. ~iovena Executive. Meeting, and the Fun. is to
that was being held at the church in- start at the end of May. It will be
preparation for Pentecost, Baby sai used, according to the Union's General
'You..not bong to. miss de novena Secretary, in cases of extreme emergency,
you know Titine, You reshly is a The Fund. capital will be augmented
fuss-class, fi*n, Lbut I doan want you by. a proportion of the funds raised by
to miss de novena. the Social Activities Committee of the
"I don t intend to," Ma.-Titine Association.
replied. "I am .just dishing up some. The General Secretary said the A!o-
soup for you before I leave. There, ciation saw the need for such a fund
that's hot and s some: after its experiences in the-Radio
biscuits... She stopped angazed Dominica affair, when its Mebers
at Baby-'s ple-aiing eye~s. "What's ca yaaffr, wheI weree
at Baby pleading eyes. ats short-paid after strike action and two
wrong?" she enquired anxiously.- of its'principal Officers were "retired
:Baby dropped her eyelids "Is in the public interest" and were with--+
notting,..I was only wondarin eef out salaries for a period of two months.
you wood give me a little rum an --- ,, ... _- ...
honey.*,.dey say it good foh de medicine alright, but you -know,
de rum an-honey does really ease my troat-.L Ma.Titine laughed. "Sure, but
I thought it was a pain you had, the way. you screwed up your face*"
After service, Ma Titine washed up the dishes, tuned on the radio softly
and settled on a chair near the bedside. "Well, well,"' Baby said after a
while, I wondah wei de House of Assembly will stop having daybar..,a soch
stupid.daybar. Is Wat dey goin to do for de countree people want do know,..
(concld, pa+ge eiht!)+

a~tdAv, Bbtas ~t6~1'3't~5_


a k. - -- -- -
S*T*A*R:S*P;O*R*T*S Morchriston HISTORICAL. 8th May r Christian
IETBALL Spartans Win Knoolsut this burning to death, since' he had
Spartans became this year's knockout been imprisoned in a cell undergrounr
champions when they defeated Calsberg He himself was. able to report to the
37-33 in a keenly contested affair officers from' ort-de-France who came
(t the Windsor Park,-Mondlay. night to free him,. how he heard the thun-
(12th May). Spartans maintained their during explosions of the volcano,
winning fvrm having defeated Hills- followed by the screaming of the
boroughSpecials, league champions, wretched victims. Dominica and other
in a low-scoring semi-final match islands around experienced the cai-
last week (actually an upset). onading of that burning mountain,' as
For Spartans, Joan. Emmanuel 29 & ,well ad the ash or: dust which'was
Joyc~e Pascal 8 -and for Carlsberg, blown over.
Dorothy CharleS 17 and Marie Louise French families migrated over here
Laville 16.. as a result, 'and settled down,'
FOOT'ALL Cel-Kens Take Knockout & schools closed down as dust spread
,Trophy Cel-Kens took the 2nd- cup' thickly everywhere. .My Mother remem-
cometed for in the Windsor Park off- bered as"a schoolchild then, having
season leaguewhen they defeated up- to come back home; along with others
per Goodwill 4.goals to 3' in an ex- while the volcano dust powdered them.
eitir~g match for the :knoaocout trophy I earnestly think our schools
last Sarurday. Cel.-Kena took the -should include St. Pierre s historic
-lead -through Daaii Hurtault and led fate in their readers. M.C.
2-nil it the interval after a fine *- MJSICAT J C 8 Ut,. C -3 K S' t J
banana kidk by Christopher Popo How- The. good news that: all four of her
.ever, on resumption and, w th. the ad- ms students had achieved .merit or
velntof Jeffrey Lawrence, (ho was un-- n in last s Assoo.
distinction in last Aprii sAssoo.
able to play during the first half Practical uic Eam. was
because of State Cricket Trials), o of Prac a Muc F
found-the netIat, -twice (one~ a Waty recently learned by Mrs. Leng Sor-
oun the net twie a haindo,.LRAM,ARCM. ...
kick), and Elie put a third in to Darrell Toulon (Grade :) passed.with
make per GoodWI 8p, dll iihe stinction (piano). Genevieve Asta-
spatTof 6 minutes. Hurtul howvepha (Grade II)- Distinction, piano.
found the equalizer for. ,Cel-Kehs and Edmund Roberts (Gwade III)Merit ,, .
'Roy Murphy, indomitable as ever, Valena Letang (Grade IV) Merit, ".
dribbled expertly to give Cel-Kens C'ONGRATULATIONS to this excellent--
their fourth goal. teacher and her students. While
CRLCKEiT Guyana Shell Chamoibns awaiting other results, we learn that
At the meeting of the West nds ather Felix .and 3Dr. Watty (private
Cricket Board. of Control, which was: entrants) achieved Merit (Grade II)
held on Monday 12-th Ma, it was an- elo onatulat again
nouneed that Guyana are. this year' ai ..lo. oatulations again
Shell Shield *champions because the. CANDID C0OMMiNTS (fr..7. r they (the
mach between Trinidad and. the Cor- Miniistera) spoke very well, but she did
bined Islands was a draw and`not a not trust them, some old mouse in' that
tie. huge Marigot crowd might have concluded
Odlts -Win .Southerni Leasgue that M. Michael Douglas was very
--Colta. Sorts Club of Ptie. Michel is .-
Golta Sports Clu of Pte, Michel i's .clever. But not logical; Superficial
-the first-ever cricket champion of knowledge is a dangerous thing. -W.S.S.
the southern League after -they defe-,at __- ___
ed Highlanders. of Grandbar by 9 wicl; PRIORITIES: E timate fr:e ai .f
eta. Scores were: Highlanders 101 & $12,000; I no funds'for PMH Oxygeno
79, .(M.Abraham 40, QOPrevost and G-. 0 ... ..
Williams returned figures of, 8/5.6 and MA TITINE (FR.P, ).,.not making a fuss
7/54 respectively. : Colts: 118 and bout Membars', shirt 'or de lent of deir
65/1, .G.Williams 50 scored in 15 sleeve: If dey want to follow de
minute and 32 n.0. and R.Phiton style dat LeBlanc Put fob dem, den dey
31 n.o, H.Denis .7/46 for Highlander; all muss follow it. De S4peatmr self
* Seventeen crieketers were chseen shooden have no weeg an cape..e say
to represent Dominica in the Windwards doa soot de- tinopix, a so foh why he
o onament To tsa doa soot d toix, fh why he
w.l bloaeodw .inene -Th mathetesi earin dem? Boy, dat House is a real,
w~ahVif. ere Whilst the -third a i(
S D, ..Laye own -our. __ __s _"" ..
iWiIlet anCL, uLL>ieCL- Ly TUQne .'roprje.Wr *'.ALrey o ruopt.i AMILL 7 ouse
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, We.t Indies.

ri-d-ay May 15- 1i7di

r~HR. .S'T~nR

Pd1 n- 1 ,' 4

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