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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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,by jopn. Spcor
There have b e en -.fny Comon-
wealth Pr ime, M-inia rk arzs x C Lnteien--
ces (H.~ol. :i ion has attended 5)
'bU that i twas jthe .best t-he e haid eer~
,b e: Thirty-thrHe Head' ofGovt..
(oe are ?e dns, not ,Ms of
thee British Commonwea'th of Natim -
c* -S:.d on the ,4orld~shk- ng
.meeting:; in Jw'-.ea. .c Wl! -
Si' had his hands full ith doam-
.stic a .ffai's and dared net spend
-a day away iarom T-in.iadaand Axai i
o.f Ug~anda was too touchy, One po.l-
-ticiasn' who' left early aiid dis-.
gruntled was a n6ewly- otine- member
who stemped out cacuidng Britain
o. *..c:, ei cruelty to Grenada.
The British Htigh Conmissioner in
. Trinidad ret.orted that Britain -
ha,d promised .to, continue aid to
-1n;:ada* but when advised 'that do~-
'ain had been ~di.aissed, .i
- funds -were not forthomi-ng,
until re.ayment nromiss wereiept.
(conntinued o a .


$IRrNCMK 546.4
'by our AwmblUYv Rvport*r
-Tuesday'* debate on the Throne Speepbh
was interrupted by the Speaker to siogle out
Third Nominoaed. Member Lennox Haopy
church, who was alleged co be wearing impro
per garb for the House. The Speaker stated
that unless Honychurh changed he would not
be allowed to speak in the debate. Objection
was raised to the coiour of his hirtjockr whidic
according to the .97Z regulations, bould be
black, white, brown otf cy). Lennox was
wearia jack. See Page 2
If attack is the, best form of
adefonce, surely abuse is the wcra'.
form'rf attack, -anr personal abuse-
'was the -weapon used by a. Goverm-.
aient annoyed: pver assaults on the
inadequacies of its Throne Speech.'.
. We are -.heading for a breakthrough"
said Hon. H.L. Christian at the -
close of a massively boring peror-
ation:, but tO listeners it seemed.
more like a breakdown. He smote
"subversive forces at workiin the
,schools" but stopped just short'.of'
accusing Lennox of beihg the Dreads
accomplice I This the. Hon, Priemier
tried to do at a- later stage, inter-
larding insinuation with personal
"abuse. '
More will be said on this ouriocm
,waste of verbal aggression by a aPe-
mier against a new Notminated Member,
as well as the onslaughts -on Oppos-
ition. Leader Miss' Charles, in ouw ,t.
The best Govt. spokesman in voice
tone, delivery;and 'aumen was HonM.
Douglas, although `he seeTmed to think
that forestry re ant the restarting of
a timber industry: June 1 dateline6,
He spoke on bananas (now 8g a 1i4 and.
rejuvenation of the Citrus Packing
Plant and D.AM}IB,-(Conclpage 8)

Latest portrait of QueenoElizabeth II, by
artist Terence Cuneo, showiDg the Queen,
with some of her favoudte dogs.- It was-'
peinted-near the--Lake in Windsor Caile grounds.,

The Dominica Nurses Association wil1.
observe Nurses' Week from Sunday May
llth. ,to -May 17th, starting with.Ser-
vices at St.Alphonsus & Marigot ( )

Paar TwH

TFiction MAA.TITINE by Cynthia. Watt
" "We're going-back to Giraudel-to-
complete our honeymoon," Genetia
rand Reuben said smugly to their old
friends., "You-all will have, to give
us the latest news about House of
Assembly and such, as we don't
bother-with radio there." -
"If I was you," Titine said, "I
wouldn't complete any .honeymoon but
try to make it last out your life,
eh? And, cook some real. good food
as well as; guava jelly..."
he Assembly opening was the fol-
lowing day, and long before the ap-
'pointed time, croWds; were gathered.
near Government Headquarters. Every-
one was eager to, attend, more so to
see- the new, Members and hear' them
take their oaths,. The speech from
the throne was broadcast live .
Ma. Titine didn't go, but she lis-
tened to the broadcast, Baby had-
attended, so she could relate every-
thij.g to Ma, Titine. When she re-
turned Ma Titine'.was preparing a
light supper of'soup and biscuits.
"As usual," 'she aid, "an de6. mem-
'ahs7 of de Opposition deededh stay to
have deir picture taken."'
Thursday was May Day Labour
Day. One of the Unions --WAYWU --
*began their festivities with a High
Mass- at the Cathedral -which was of-
ficiated by a Catholic, an Anglican
and a Methodist priest. After the
servAice they marched to the beat of to the Goodwill
Parish Hall where rerefreshments were
served and where they 6njoyd them-
selves at a dance, the.same night.
Next, morning Baby told Ma Titine:
"' .an Ancine had one daybar.. she
say publicly how shell goin to -repoat
you to de police.. how you have, a.
countriban shop an store in yoh home,
selling rum an tings widout license...
dat you cheating de Guvament...I deed
already tipsy...J give hah one slap
on hah big mout, blood come out, So "
We start fighting but two of my neigh-
bah break up de fight an carry me.
home.. -
"Baby-", Mat-Titine said, "cut out
that rough stuff. You are getting old
er. Be dignified,"
"Oh doan preach!" retorted Baby
with spirit. "Geevin advice on man-
ners an marriage, but wheah is your
own husband Garge?" _
will Tarslh Hall. FrOiay:.d social eve
,honoured. Saturday-: Dinner dance, at
i sed by Portsmouth Nurses). And the:

Even the Premier raised-objections
to the, Speaker's action, but this: was
ignored. What made the Speaker's
action even more unfair was that the
Deputy Premier (H.L.Christian) was
wearing a pale violet shirtjack,
ParliameXtary'Secretary Parillon wore
a bright red one andI other Members
also'appeared out of-order by wearing
short sleeved shirts!
-The. Mmber accused of offending
left the- House to, change into a white-
shirtjack, but was told on ,isa re-
turn that -long sleeves were required; .
whereupon he departed once more and.
found- himself obliged to,.buy quite
an expensive shirtjack at Sunstyle.
Pat Stevens and Conrad Cyrus left
during the adjournment over this
contretemps and Mr.. Cyrus did not
return, but Mr. Stevens came back in
a long-sleeved shirtjack. -
r -. Honychurch commented to .us.'
"At a time of overwhelming national.
economic dileiraas, it 4i shocking -
that Government -should be so over-
concerned with such petty matters as
fashion and photographs."
,wougd not surprise us if Mr.
Honychurch felt that he had been '.
,picked on by the'Speaker, since other.
Members' on both sides were -"guilty"
of minor dressirregularities.
Furthermore, the .Speaker refused
to allow him to read extracts com-
piled by 4iXth Form students c.omment-
ing on Government"s intention to ,
merge the Technical -and _-ixth Form
Colleges. ,
-OURSS =EIK: ( after Sunday
services' (6.50 am St.Alphonsus, and
S11 am.Marigot Methbdipt Church); ,on
Monday the Minister of ,Health will
talk over radio as also will Miss E.-
Richards, Pres. D.N.A.. (Flag Day).,
Tuesday, Open Day at PMH starts at
10 am. Exhibition" & sale ,of re-
freshments-. .On Weds. Open. Day con- .
tinues; for the Nurses it is-study
day. Mrs. Barzey will speak on the
Profess-ional Woman ,and Miss A.Thomas
& Miss E.Richards 'on the Nurse as a
Professional. After lunch (2 pm), .a
seminar. on 'Cerebo Vascular Accident'
-(fl. Grell).. -.1lursing care --follow
up care, Thursday features a' variety
show and Miss.-PMH contest at Good-
ning 8 pm, Matron"s, quarters; 6 to be
Douglas Guest House, Portsmouth (organ-
re: are many other activities J.-the ..fict,

Friday, May 9, 1975

Pa e Two.


Friday May 9, 1975 T H S T AR Page Three

Hon.' Eugenia Charles is still awaiting a reply to this letter which.
she addressed to. Premier John on April 23, 1975:
Sir, At public "Thank You" Meetings- of the Dominica Labour Party held
at Pottersville and Roseau recently you initiated and led a hitter attack
on Mr. Lennox Hbnychurch, the Opposition's nominated member in the Hbase
of Assembly, on the grounds of his colour.
You, the Minister of Finance and Consumer Protection, Hon.Victor Riv-
iere and other leading party members variously stated that Mr.Honychurch
was a-"whitemant","honkie", "beke" and was therefore unsuitable, by that
fact, to be a nominated representative in the House of Assembly. -.
I must first of all point out that the proposal for nomination of mem-
bers to the House of Assembly: as the business of the Leader so proposing-
and such action can only be questioned by the ;members of the party.
This is completely different to the nomination of a person for election
as Speaker,-where tradition requires that there should be consultation be-
* tweeh the various parties represented in the House.
But most important of all, I must inform you that I think it most re-
grettable that you should .be leading- such statements of racial intolerance
at a time. when Dominica is only now returning to peace and quiet after
some of the worst manifestations of racial upheaval in the.recent history
of 'this- country. Such irresponsible statements may have the effect or re-
kindling in some of our young, Dominicans an attitude of antagonism towards
white people, visitors and lightskinned Dominicans. Only last. Saturday
there was published an anonymous letter by "Black Youth"- of Pond Cole -e3-
pressing support. for these antiwhite statements, calling for the deporta-
tion of light-skinned Dominicans and for the debarring ,6f Mr. JLennox Hony-
church from taking his seat as a nominated representative'.in the Hbuse cf
Assembly, because, of his colour.
In the interest of national unity,- racial tolerancee and public peace,
I am calling upon you to publicly; retaot'the statements that you made
and. offer an'apology to Mr ,iHonychurch. i am calling.upon you further to
use your influence and authority as the leader of the Dominhica Labour ,
Party to prevent your members -and leading spokesmen -from inflaming the
public, especially the youth, with such irresponsible racialist statements.
Yours truly,. M. EUGENIA CHARLES,
Leader of the Opposition.

CARIBBEAN LEADS THE WAY ... John. Spector (from page one)
The most important theme was triggered off by Harold Wilson's Six-point
Plan for World Commodities, a revolutionary rationalisation in itself.,
which was pushed still further into the realm of World Government by the.
masterly and even more far-reaching plan of Guyana's Forbes Birnham. The
principle of Mr. Wilson 's'plan was the redistribution of the world' wealth
... in favour of the pove6rty-stricken and the starving, "There should,"
he said,< "be more wealth to be shared more equitably between nations and
peoples." Mr.Burnham's plan, included the complete restructuring of the
worlds economic and, financial system on a basis of unit value of raw
materials. \
At every turn, the statesmanlike quality of Michael Manley's chairzman-
ship kept ..the conference movi.ig on, equitably and amicably, There was no
pious nonsense talked, no empty verbiage or tub-thumping: the men.and
women leaders of the Commonwealth were out for realistic business and no
nonsense, and the-independent countries of the Cari'bbean were leading all.
the wayThe t'wise men'committee of experts who V il thrash out the 'details
of-the Wilson/Burnham economic restructuring plan will be headed by CARI-
COM Gen. Sec.Alistair McIntyre. Retiring Gen.Sec. of the Commonwealth.
Secretariat achieved the coveted 'Companion of Honourt and his place will be
taken by Guyana's brilliant Sonny Ramphal (this month's chairMan of the
United Nations Security Council). The U.N. will look at the economic plan.
in its autumn meeting through UNCTAD (U'I Committee on Trade & Development).
(Please turn to page SIX)



PUERILITY: by John Spector
In contrast to the Caribbean Ieads
of Govt. Conference, I mist comment
on thb puerile behaviour in this weeks
Assembly: time 'wasted on the finer
points of National Dress (formal) as
set out in SRO 30 of 1971. "Long-slee-
ved shirt-jacket of a single colour
only, either black, white, brown or
grey" and "long.trousers". Two members
of Opposition and 7'Govt. members were
-incorrectly attired, including the
Premi sr, yet the Speaker held up the
proceedings by short adjournments
twice for one single member Third-
Nomina-ed Member Hon.Lennox Honychmrch.
One Opposition Member retired in dis-
gust; MC-vernment Members stayed pfit
like a bunch of gaudy peacocks,grin-
ning at the behavior of the man they,
chose as Speaker of the Hon. House
What. infantile proceedings when this,
land is not far behind Grenada on the
road to bankruptcy, after over 14 yrs.
of Dot .nica Labour (Shoe) Gaoverramen.t
University of the West Indies
St. Augustne

1. Lecturer Asst. Lecturer in Me'
chanical Engineering
2. Lecturer Asst. Lecturer in Latin
American History and or History
of the Americas.
3. Research Fellow Junior Research
yelloww in teaching of Reading
with special reference to Carib
bean problems, at the School of \
Education UWI, Trinidad
Further particulars are obtainable trom
'the Resident Tutor, University Centre,
Elmshall Road Roseau. 4
Cave Hill
Lecturer Asnt Lectuxr in History
Further particulars are obtainable trom
the Resident Tutor, University Centre,
Elmsball Road Roseau, 2-t

"A" quality Beef Extract and a readily assimi-
lable form of iron plus Vitamin Bi, in a base of
British Sherry.
GREEN'S BEEF IRON & W i E is an excel.
lent tonic and stimulant in run-down conditions
Enriches the blood.
Obtainable from all drug stores in



Friday May 9 1975"

P e four

Friday Mayr 9 1975 THE STAR Page Five

Schedule of Ap canon for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and.Caveats for week ending 26th day of-April 1975

Date Requested Person Presenting

Request dated Sylvester
14th April Marie
1975 by his Solicitor
Presented Vanya
21st April Dupigny
at 2.30 p.m

Nature of requestwheth-
er a Certificate of Title of
N6iftg thereon or Caveat.,
Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land at
Pointe Baptiste Cali
bishie in the' Pariah
of St. Andrew in the
State of Deminica
containing 2,899
square fet and boau
ded as follows-:

North East Baptiste Etate North Wesi land of Henry
Celestone South East and South West land of.ymbort Joseph
Sehedulo for woek eaQting 10th day of May 1975
Request dated Edond ". Request for the Iasu
the 5th day of Laurent of a Firt Certificate
May 1975 by his Solicitor of Titleli' respect of
*PrBsented the Cilma A.M. a portion -of land
5thdayoF -Y Dupigny known as p.rt of-the
May 197S -I Roma Catholie
__0 ____ Church land at We,.
y in tei Parish of St. -Andrew in tiAf State o
Deminica eontainin., 2160 al4tare feet and bounded
as. fllows:- "
SNorth East by Eden on Sea Estate North West by a
village Road South East by land. of Tilson Maxwell -and
Thomas Joseph ,South West by land of The Roma -

- ~------"I~"

- Catholic Church r.-- I

the 21st
April 1975
Presented the
Sth d4y of
May 1975-
at 2.52 p.m

Raymond Da
via Prevost
by. his Solicit'or


Request for the issui
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land at
Weasley in' the Parish
of St. Aiidrew in the
State of Dominica
containing 3944
square feet and boun-
ded as follows:-


North by land of Syl Bruno South by lands of White
Titre and Laine Prevest East by a Ravine West by
a Publlc Road ____
Request dated Wiltmoth Application of Wilt
13- 12. 74. Hyacinth moth Hyacinth for
Prsented by his Solicitor the issue of a first
7. 5. 75, / M.Eugenia Certifitato,of title in
at 10.25 a.m.[ Charles respect of a prton
. .... -- ,:of land known as a
lot at Gillette in the
Pariah' of St Jobhn
containing 0.431 crews and bounded as foll0wsf
North Land of Ramichand DaswanI South Land, of
Humphrlis Celestin East Land of Analta Jean separated
by Public Road West Land of Ramchand DIaswnl .

Just Received
Smith's ALARM CLOCKS at Frampton's and
World Famous Roamer Watcbes of ill descriptions..
SGreat George. Street, oseau, Do
Franspton's Great George Street, Roseau, Dominica

To all whom it iay concern. I, Matthias
Edmund of Layou do hereby notify the general.
public that may wife Evangeline Edmund nee
Paul left my home on Monday 21st April, 1975
and on Tuesday 22nd April came back and took
half of the .house furnishings and went away. I
will no longer be responsible for any debts or
commitments she may contract.
.Dted this 24th day of April, 1975
Matthias Edmund 64.!U.

Request dated Decoster Application o0e D*.
o0 3.a 75t, Joseph coater Joaepi foa
Presented by his Solicitor the issue of a first
SS. 75. M.Eugenia Certificate of title in
at 10.20 a.m.. Charles respect of a portion,
of land at Ports
mouth in the Parish
of St John sontaimm
1220 square feet and beMnded as follwaw "
North By land of Mrs Octavie Baron South Holland Stroet
6ast Land of Mrs. Lilan Dubola West Byland of Mary Mlchel

gstrars Office Iabella Shillngford
SRoseau, Dominica. Acting Registrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who dc>irra> to object to the issuing otat
Certificateof title on the above. applicatlor*may enter a Caveat
In the above Office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice pi scribedd by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of a9djolning
land ,in respect of which the applications made. *

Applications are invited to the post of
Fruit Quality Agronomist* w it bh
WINBAN Research and Development.
The successful candidate. will be re-
quired to research on factors affecting
the quality of Windward Islands ban-
anas and the different agronomic and
varietal effects related to fruit quality as
well as to assist in the development of
research findings.
'Applicants should hold at least first
degree in Agriculhure or a comparable
Salary will be based on qualifications
and experience. Applications must be
sent to tshe Director, WINBAN Re-
search & Development, P.O. Box 115
Castries, St. Lucia and two referees
should be mentioned. Closing date for
applications is May 30. Appointment to
this post will depend upon approval of
a Grant in Aid' to WINBAN Research
and- Develoment.


;-.;,; : --_-----~.IC~M UII~CCC _1;1~-~l~L- -C~L~II~Lr


I~;hidav W~(au B 14~;sA


PPaz* Five



THE MORiTH OF MAY is Mothers' Hohth Madam, ,YOU CAN'T BE BOTH"
We mark it by printing this Prayer "YOU CAN'T BE BOTH".
by J. R. Ralph Casimir: I am a little disappointed in Mr.
P ABaptiste ts observations on your arti-
P R A Y ER cle "You Can't Be Both" which appeared
Son of Mary our Queen, 0 Jesu, in the May -2nd issue of the Star.
Most powerful of sons, kind and true, IFr. Baptiste is seeking to clarify a
The spirit of love in us imbue poi4t which you missed on the April
To give Mother her rightful place. 25th issue, while. commenting on nmy
Help us to shirk hot duty; letter of 3rd April, 1975. The rela-
In Thy unfailing county t portion of my letter reads as
Bless her, 0 Lord, both night and day, follows: y Dominica
Anu. when her breath of life lhth -nry of th Dominica
passed away Banana Growers Association is .a habi-
Grant Thou eternal peace, we humbly tual Dominica Labour Party Candidate
for the Wesley/Marigot area. -This
To MOTHER who's true till death, time he contested as an Independent
R. R. a. Candidate for the Wesley Constituency
as he has fallen out with' the Labour
A TMEAT by Magnetic Minor 'Party. There is also the case of Mr.
SPortsmouth Thomas Baptiste, an employee of the
It was' really nice-seeing our new Roseau Town Council who, contested' the
Assembly Member Lennox Honychu-ch.'. Roseau' Contituincy as a Dominica
Of course, we all congratulated Labour Party Candidate. Mr. Baptiste
Lehnox on his, nomination to he Hous is a member of the C.S.A. Mi. Henry -
of Assembly. Would you believe 'how and MrI Baptiste Who were both unsac- :
the people of Portsmouth, no't only ce'saf .in the March 24th General Elect-
Frebdomitea, were- eager to know him( ions *are back at their jobs and that
Rel4tiV 'to the show -"STREAK", it is how it -should be."
was first class .- very good. indeed. Nowhere in my letter 'did I state
Both nights Were overcrowded. M.M. that Mr. Baptiste or Mr. Henry had
.--- .......-- reaignedt :In factI'.knew that Mr.,.
FORESTERS by Elaeth.Huxley Baptiste, had taken days' leave with-
"I have often wondered whethe out pay to contest the elections,
trees mould a-man's character, or My disappointment with Mr. Baptistj,
whether' a-certain type. of man is at- letter lies: both in his allusion to
traoted by' trees; a bit of both, i some ulterior motive'for your erron-
dare ,say in any case, foresters ,are eous reference to his having resigned,
something of a race- apart, and I and in his, silence on the really im-
never remember meeting a hasty on. portant matters raised-in that article.
They seem,in general, to be happy Although I am the one whom you mis-
men. They live in magnificent. sur. quoted, -I am satisfied that the error
roundings, often in solitude, think- probably occupied as a result of your
ing of.the future.; and are seldom, effort to save ,on space. What I would
if ever, well paid. To 'balance that, really like to see Mr. Baptiste: eapress
they are creators., destroying one ans opinion 'on is the questio-n of .41
world and making another. Like G'od, lowing teachers and other public em-.
they say: "Let there be forests," andployees not holding confidential or
forests there will be, provided that administrative positions to hold the
Satan, who has established his head- same privileges that he and Mr. .Henry
quarters in the Treasury, doesn't mare presently enjoying, i.e. to take
nip-in with a -smat piece, of saboa. leave without pay to contest local
tge. 'government and general elections.
CARIBBEAN LEADS...J. Spector fr. p. Ro seau May6 6 -- CHARLES SAVARIN,
African National Council leaders, '
were there at Manley's invitation, and received fhull support: lanctho0
will be tightened,and negotiations reopened with Ian Smith.Another Unoff-
icial (Belizets George Price) put his case for independencesecurity guar-
antees against Guatemalan attack and that the boundary dispute go to U.N.
Brit.P.M. Wilson regretted that after Independenpe Britain would withdraw
her troops from Belize. A proposal for a Commoniwealth Investment' Bank met.
with a lukewarm response. Strong resolutions on Food Production and Rurral
Development were highlighted, also the question, of food, storage. .,
(Concluding paragraph PAGE -EIGHT.

%iday, NMay 9,t 1975.


Page Six

m'T-T~ ~ m A

Our Front Bench The general election is. ever,
Another newspaper last we6k con- and the Labour Party had a. "land-
tained a letter from a "Foreigner" slide victory", and that is first
who placed a-well deserved charge at class for them, not for the, country.
our. very doors:-. We Dominicans are The people are now saying that they
not a "Politically Minded" people, are looking for all the promises the
I attended the Opening of the 'Premier had made to them if he was
House of Assembly a week.ago for the put back in power. Promise (1)
express purpose of getting a .close every woman who makes a child will
'look at the Ministers elected and receive $25; promise (2) all second-
selected to manage our affairs for ary schools will be free of charge;
the next five years. promise (3) those who keep' law and
They appeared a merry lot, light- order will get their, back pay as
hearted with a-touch of pomp and in- soon as possible; promise (4) the
lined to regard their important civil servants'revision of salary
role as if they were setting off on will be immediate.- The people are
a pleasure trip. saying that he cannot tell them
I was unable to read into their, there isl no money, because if so, it
gay mood the Vital ingredient' of ser- is not after the elections he knew
vice. The old Ministers had not. that, .he must have known beforehand,
given the country the service it The, people are looking forward to
needed, and the, Wew Ministers teamed these promises and they must'be
up with the old set of men. Had the fulfilled.
new set understood what service means, Turning to. something else,. from
they would have eschewed evil commu- the time the Almighty made lizard,
nications: another.essential -- in- lizard- architect, engineer, -sape6-
tegrity was not in evidence: seeing visors, P.S., when rgin fell, this
that people of integrity avoid the hierarchy always told the -nfortu-
company of those utterly devoid of idt nate lizard, ."We will build house-s"
It is to be admitted that integrity but as soon as the rain ceased Ao
with its, twin grace sincerity, is houses have been built up to toai C-
one .of the virtues hard to come by It appears to me when I analyse,
these days. Butthe wretched case liard-tactics, I compare it with
o-f'a Minister boarded out as very the throne speech, for this. year .it
sick but well enough to pursue a is the same as every year.
strenuous task brings down the. whole I would ,just like to mention one
government to its level, quite; apart or two items on the throne speech:
from the many faux pas which pushed hospitals will be looked after, but
Dom'inica into mess after mess for no mention was made of the required
the past five years, ments of these hospitals at present-
I:- strained my mental lenses to etc.'etc. '
discern the quality by which great Oh, bye the bye, you know I was
people are known, and that is humili- very much taken aback --I was in
ty, with its sub .qualiti@g, of sim- the House'of Assembly at the'first
plicity and modesty. New people sitting of'this new Government and
swept into-unexpected positions, do -you know that the Premfer failed
should give evidence, of a sense of to welcome members! He
unworthiness and self-abasement. looTked at the' Opposition as if they
On the contrary 9new rulers despite were not counting. I' sy, he could
their apparent camaraderie, instihnct- say Miss Eugenia Charles, Mr. Moise,
ively give the impression of pomp -- Mr. Pat Stevens --they are old mem-
vwhich bedevils public service in its' bersn in the House, but the three
finest sense. others: who are new members, to me
I can be Chargd-d with pre judging at least, he 'could welcome them.
the Ministers. But it is one of the When Dominicans wake out -of their
democratic privileges of a good citi- sleep they will be able to sing the
zen concerned about-the peace and .Lord's song in Dominica.-- E.C.L.
progress of his country to make a pre-i 6th May, 1975.
cise assessment of public figures t Britain. s p
UTE: It is not Britains practice
whose early records did not mark them t) gO on defending former coboes' .
out for'high office. (-oncid.no8) aftor thoy.have :t their ii oendence"
Sconcl Harold Wison Comm.on eence,

TI_ -a _- TIB'-- ->. ^ firI-

Rage Eight T H E S T A R Friday, May 9, 1975
S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S Morchriston jCARIBBEAN LEADS THE WAY.. :J. Spector
BASKETBALL Grenada Stakes Ist Cla conclusionn)
In the first ever Windward Islands The Commrnwe'alth, led. by the. Caib-
basketball tournament which -was bean, did indeed showq the'way to- do
played in St.Lucia from 2nd-4th business to the United Nations:
May, Grenada,(with-victories over-. straight talking, without lobbying
St.Vincent, St.Lucia and Dominica), among power blocks. Many of the par-
won the championship. ticipants were little countries,may-
Dominica, who was adjudged the be, but those countries have produced
best dressed team and had the best some big men and women who can show,
scor-ng average was second in the: an -example to the 'rest of the world.
competition, defeating-St.Lucia 67- OUR FRONT BENCHI W.S.Stevens (fr.p 7)
28 and soundly thrashing StVincent, Politics is no longer a harnm-
103-33. They lost the final match- scarum affair. It is not' something
to Grenada by 4 points, after the .which one uses any and every means
match had gone. into.extra time.. The to attain for what goes with it. It
final score was.Grenada 53 andc i a sound and devout calling for.
Dominioa 49. which studies and training\ should
Four Dominicans in the. persons have prepared one over a period of
-of Alphonso Etierni&, Trevor Eaight, time, and for which one needs ,to
Charles Roberts and Cuthbert Will-' posess a flair for humanity and its
iams were picked on the Windward needs. -- W.SS.S..
team. Dominica's coach george ---
Daniel-, also made the Windward team F 0 R S' A -L E'
:as coach. In the local league-,. -o:-
Flames defeated Zodiacs by 4 ,points Twelve and a half acres of land,
in a -very keen encounter 61-57, For. at Bllev-eu Rawle -
Flames: O.Barton 19 iandA.Harris16,' Ten minutes drive from town.
aies 0.Baton 19 ..Hari 6APPL eci. Winston.
both State team players,were top- APP Coil Winstn.
scorers. For Zodiacs: Dickson 22,
L.Rocque 12, E.Loblack 10 and S. DEFEES OR ATTACK (from page 1)
Sylvester 10, Our A.sembly Reporter views the.
iT'AL Stecials Lose To Spartans Back-benchers as a lot. of John Royers,
:Ia the netball knockout competition, but 'admits that some did a little betb-
Spartans defeated Hillsborough Spe- ern. All' of them jumped up to speak on
Dials 21 goals, to 16 in' a low scor-. the Th.S. debate.' He mentions Anthory
ing match and have moved on to. the Moise's probing about-the proposed
finals which-.will be played Saturday Canning Plant, hospital-'expansion,
night. In the other match of the roads etc, and thought that A.Casimii-
evening, Carlsberg defeated. Pioneers (whom one Minister tried to woo)was'
-to. also move on to the 'finals. making a vital contribution; praising;
FOOTBALL Upper Goodwill will play particularly Lennox baychurch for
Gel-Kens in the knockout finals on- his 'brilliant maiden speech, This
'Saturday afternoon in the Windsor Reporter noted that .as soon. as Len-
Park offseason league, Upper Good- nox,. spoke on unemployment he was stcp
W~i-1 iefea'ted'Merry-Go-Round -guil ped by the Speaker, because he-was
in their semi-finial match, after the referring to. the 'Speaker holding 3
match had. gone into extra time Love- jobs while others have none.Earlier
all. i*Laawrence and D.Simpson the Speaker had asked permission of
scored for Upper Goodwill. In.other the Hous'e to-'takb on the Chairmanship,
qualifying matches, Cel-yans 7-Los of the Public Utilities Com.m at a
Pisoa 14; Alcons lost to Potters, salary, of $720 p.m. plus $300 enter-
Strugglers 4-Virgin Rovers 1; Merry-tainment & travel allowance, in- add-
Go-Round 3-Kensborough 1;- Upper Good-ition. to $00 p.m. plus entertainment
will 2-Mondericks 1. In the second as a- Speaker in- the Domini.a Bouse.0
round, Merry-Go-Round 3-Potters 2.; "UICEET rial m'chnes continued at
Cel-Kens 5-Strugglers 3 and finally -the Botanical Gardens and again .soe
Upper Goodwill 2-Merry-Go-Round 0. bowlers returned fine figures.. The
fna ria, match will be played at the. Gardens with players from all over.
Printe -& published by the. Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill House
'. at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies. ,

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