Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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aJA9 -75 W.- H .

A schooboy was told by hias tahe to liase
to the Throne speech and write down points.
He fell asleep before it began, so we wrote the
.points for him. In siisnp- terms here they are
x. .The speech is exactly the same- 'as l
ye* s i n early ev tail
a. Grow more food.
3. Fish off shore,
S4. ,Promotc trade,
5. Cut down expenses.
6, Thapks to Britain for handing o money
to bridge deficits.
7. Price control and supply control.
83.Attract industries and send Trade Mis-
9, Try to get more jobs for all. Have an em.,
ployment agency to find jobs for unemployed.
zo. Reintroduce 4-KH Clubs.
I1. Social Security Scheme.

('oncluded on pag. 3)

Kim W

Hion. M.E Charles attired for her presentation
to H.M Queen Elizabeth II.
This was the question the Royal
couple asked Miss Charles.
(See page eigbt)

The O een and the Duke of Edinburgh arrive in
Tokyo on Wednesday, May 7th, for the first state
visit, to Japan by a reigning British monarch.

M. Eugenia Charles
A reply from opposition leader H E Charles to the quoe
tion "why did the Opposition anjd independents
walk out when a Joint House of Assembly photograph
was to be taken" I
"I am glad that you have asked the
question Some people who.supp-.. the,
Labour Party have stated that we
walked out of the House, This of course
is not true The House adjourned for
thie taking of pictures. Those of us who.
did not wish to have our pictures taken
with the present members of the Lat
bour Party Government went out of the
Chamber during the adjournment.
The Premier and his little echoes
tried to make a song and dance on this
point. But there is nothing in the rules
which lays pictures must be taken of
members of the House of Assembly,
One ot the less knowledgeable mermi
ers ot the Labour Government stated 'we
should want to be part of the history of
our country'. Quite frankly it isan t
every era in history one wishes to
be associated with. Concluded on p. 6

The South Viet Nam death t'll ini a
gruesome and wasteful war which has
been going on since 1945, when Ho
Chi Minh declared independence and
the occupying French, with American
help, tried to take back their ter-
ritory (unsuccessfully-) stands at ,
the awful total of 1,700,000 dead.
Partition of the country explo-
ded into .a .civil war, and the U.S.
involvement escalated into full
military commitment. A greater
weight of bombs was dropped on Hanoi
in six months than fell on Europe
in the whole of World War II, and
untold millions of American dollars
were poured into the increasingly
devastated country, Now America is
being flooded with Vietnamese refu-
gees (including thousands of or phans
and dependents of U.S. Soldiers),
Itts all over but the suffering
and the horror linger on.



PI r TIwo

The Opposition Freedom Party has
accused the Labour Government of
Premier Patrick John of fraud and.
deception during the recent General
Election, and predicted a desolate
future for this Caribbean State, In
a post election rally held in Roseau
recently, the Freedom Party lashed
out. at the Dom'inica Goverinment:, ac-
cusing it of election frauds and of
deceiving the man in the streets
with false. pr-omise-s.
DDFP speakers pointed out that in
spite of the much-vaunted Labour
Victory of sixteen seats to the
Opposition's five, 51% of the elect-
orate had voted against Labour. The
Freedom Party argued that the man-.
date claimed by the new Government
was, in fact,fiction, since under a
system of proportional representa-
tion, the Labour Party'would have,
been OUT. "This was an indication,'
said one speaker, "that. the real
majority of the people were against
'the Labour rule."
Coring under a very abrasive
attack was Premier Patrick John who
was severely criticised for alleged--
ly referring to a white Dominican
as "honky" and "white boy", at one
of his Party's, Thank-You meetings.
,The White man in question is, actor'
and- historian Lennox lonychurch who
has been nominated to tthe Dominica
Parliament by the Freedom Party.
The Domlinica' Freedom Party pointed
out that the Premiert s -remarks were
inconsistent with .his racial atti-
tudes of last November. (before elect-
tions) When he introduced tough
measures aimed a.t suppressing the
Dreads; a4 Black Power cult.
"We now see what that grand dis-
play of law ana order was for. Here
was a. evil -genius, playing on the
fears of desperate .people. But
elections are over. His party is
victorious. So he can show the out-
side world his. true racial/feelingst.
If anyone is a, tread, it's-Patrick
President of the reedoom Party
Alvin Armantrading lamented that Y.
after fifteen years of misrule, cor-
ruption, inefficiency, and a com-
plete breakdown of law and moral
standards, Dominicans had still not
.seen the light, and had been gullible
enough to accept and believe cam-
paiga promises 'f the Labour Party.
(conci2.uded _on, page ).

,DyV --


STAR Friday. May 2, 1975
Two months ago, when the UK. G1.%.P.
rose to 154 per ton, the Dominica
Labour Government issued an edict .
that the banana farmer should receive
no more than 7.3- per lb. until Sep-
tember 350, 1975., Since then the G.M.P.
aLhas. reached 175 per ton, yet the
tumiE. is not allowed to benefit.
Premier John publicly stated .in
March (before the General Election)
that the decision to 'limit the price
to the grower was at the request of
the U.K. Government (Overseas Develop-
ment) by agreement with the Dominica
Government; like the law of the Medes
and the. Persians "it altereth not."
I camnot believe that the British
would make such an arrangement, right
before an election, without consulting
the hard-working farmers --,who were
unrepresented at that time.
The John Government appears to be
migrepresenting the wishes of the
Popple and through its own high-handed-
ness, ineptitude and prodigality is
obviously extremely hard-up. The bal-
ance of the G.M.P. money which is now
being collected instead of being paid
to -the farmer, is at 19 00 per ton
or- around $904 This' is supposed: to be
used to "improve the banana -industry".
Is this being done?
The grinding existence'hof 'the far-
mer needs the greatest incentive' that
money can offer,, and. with the present
high cost of living, the. 7.50 is below
subsistence level. It is supposed to
subsidise- the fertilizer, yet- surely
a ton of bananas does not require- even
half as much fertilizer as,.90 could
buy. Yet I notice that the Government-
controlled Banana Board is instead.
making new. top-level jobs at high wages,
Where also- is the Enquiry into the
Banana Industry, promised by -resolution
passed in-the House?, Top-heavy admin-
istration, lack of consultation at the
grass roots (no election of a Manage-
ment Committee at the AGM), crumbling
feeder roads and pot-holed main roads,
do-nothing 'supervisors' mostly doing
their private business most of the
time is it not time'that these things
were inquired into?
As grower after .grower sees the monqy
that should be his snatched away, as,
leafspot overtakes his plants and poor
roads bruise his fruit, then more and
more farmers will, indesperation,
turn to other crop. -W.S.S.

FrIday M.yII I i 2 17 THE ITAI I I ag"-- I r.e

it's A Dog's Life by Patches
This is International Women"s
Year but as I am only a female dog I
may be disregarded. However there
are a. few famous women of this land
who are disregarded too, :and as far
as I kniow they do not feature on
any committee or in any plans for
the celebration of the WY', which
is & strange and shocking thing.
The .greatest of these is of
course Hon. .ugenia -Charles, -"the
only huftan from Dominica who tlew
to Ja3maica to meet. the Queen and
who flew back as if on a flying
saucer to be warmly greeted in the
Tuesday morning session of the
House of Assembly.'
Only one person a man -seemed
to notice that -she was wearing a
Women s Lib token I
Anyway my feminine heart was
glad that, Si.ster Alicia at least
received- fine tributes when her -
25th anniversary of the good work
whibh she set in:motion here was-
celebrated. We have in our very
homo a child whose life', was saved,
by treatment at the Infant Jesus
home, and who. is now one of the
toughest b, most robust boys, in
-Bernard- Shaw said that the poo .
cannot save except at the, expense.
of their, teeth, bones and happi-
ne'ss.. But through the Credit Unici
movement quite a lot of poor-folks
managed to save and .o borrow-
.for. worthy projects;- and young wo- '
men learned a great deel about nu-'
trition and hommeaking, so improv--
ing the health .-and joy of tt' home.

Myself in Thinking Mood.'


To the Editor,:

36 Gt.Marlborough St,
Roseau, J

Madam, 23rd April, 1975
I feel a certain compulsion to
ask you to publish in your paper. this
f "Clarification".
Sometime last weekend an alleged
incident occurred in the Copt Hall area
for which my husband. Henwood Powell. and
myself have been subjected to constant
Neither of us was in the vicin-
ity of Roseau during that period, and
if this did occur, which we doubt very
much, we feel that at least the perpet-
ratoro of this outrageously malevolent
rumour should ascertain the proper
identity of the person concerned before
allowing an innocent person to bear so
heavy a burden.
Thanking you for your space.
(Sgd.) LYDIA- POWELL (Mrs.)

ri ~r ra, wv sPE u

: (from Page One)
S. 2. An old scheme of the Christian Couc :.
(German Protestant aid) for a boys' industrial
school wns mentioned as a new item,
S -3. "Restructure" the Education system: 6th
Foy= & Technickl Co.1lge to come unar Oz
Shed. Six new. schools to be built Upgrade
general level of Education.
14. Improve medical & health services.
IS. Get a soft loan from the Caribbean De-.
|elopment Bank for 200 houses in BSath AUate
area. Extend Fortmonstb towna
z6. "Efforts" to-fix up roads. Get funds for
:35 miles of feeder roads
-7. Improve Melville Hall Airport and we
about establishing'an International Jet Airport
a.t Crompton Point. -
M More smill post office Expand elcmtrici
ty and telephones.
c,9 Have a omattee0 to -attempt ,ecomit
recovery drawing. i private enterprise etc. in a-
national effort
3o. Encourage opors. Assist art & culture.
2i. Search for peace, maintain law & order,
oppose racial discrimination, violence and ter-
rorist .SC io S,
-.g1: Sir Louis Coo!as" tigue then- prayed for
-ood's bstsing. and guidance.

NIXT ISSf-UE: Bills and debate in tihe
House,- Comments by Kelvin 'Francia

Friday May 2 1975 .

Page Threa




V.E. White
General Manager

'U a-wZI-- e ~ 1(

a9~~rua~-1P-~ ~T

Applications are invited from suitably
muafd persons for appointment to
Ihe post of Divsion Manager i.n the
Dou. iica Banana Growert Association..
DUTIES: The Division Manager who
will be directly responsible to the Opera,
tior :. Manager will be required to plan
anad.chedule the work of District and
Boaing Plant Supervisors in his Divi-
i' e and help them to get the most out
ofI iadr workers, materials and equip-
S amea administer Trade Union contracts
peras.ining to the personnel inahis divi-
si-; ensure availability o f equipment .
ma%,al and supplies for proper perform,
esaa. -of selection, transport, boxing
handling and storage of bananas, mr-
terWiss and supplies; assume responsibi-
lity ;'r cost control in his Division; su-
per :se and co-ordinate leaf spot disease
control hi his district an d maintaina
hi. mAndard of husbandry, quality and
production of bananas in his Division.
,Applicants must be of sound educa-
tional back ground, must have- at least
five (5) years experience in Agricultu,
ral extension work and 'or Farm Man-
age-tent and or possess a Certificate of
successful training at a recognized Agri-
-culral Institution or.Parm School.
SALARY: Is presently *5,4oo per an-
num but is being revised upwards.
Applications with details of qualifica'
dons, a'aning and experience as well
as "wo testimonials should be addressed
to:- The General Manager,
Dominica Banana Growers Association,
Hanover Street, Roseau Dominica,
to reach him not later than 15th. May





"A" quality Beef Extract and a readily assimi-
lable form of iron plus Vitamin BX, in a base of
British Sherry.
GREEN'S BEEF IRON & WINE is an excel- I
-lest tonic arnd simslant in run-down conditions
Enriches the bJc-le.
Obtainable from il drug stores in

Produced and Bottled in Great Britain by
VineProducts Limited, Kingston-Upon-Thames -

Telephone 3209 Day or Night '




Friday May 2 197'

P0, r u



Fida Mo~y2r 197---- THE STA lpen~~nmaa~~~--r pg

'Applications are invited to the post of
;ail, Qualify t o-?,o0 isi wit
WINBAN Research and Development.
The successful candidate will e re
quired to research 6n factors affecting
the quality of Windward Islands. ban-
anas and the diffent agronomic anid
varieal effects related to fruit quality as
w d as to assist in the development, of
Sreearch findings.,
Applicants should hold at least first
degree in Agricliture or a comparable
Salary will be based on qualifications
and experience. Applications -must be
sent to the Director, .WINBAN Re-
search & Development, P.O. Bx 115
Ciatries, St, Lucia and two referees
should be mentioned. Closing date for
applications is May 30. Appointrgent to
this post will depend upon approval of
a Grant in Aid to WINBAN Research
and Develoment.

To ll -whom it may concern. I. Matthias
Edmund-of Layou do hereby notify the genera I
public that my wife Evangeline Edmund nee
Paul left mny home on Monday 21st April, 197<
and on Tuesday 22nd April came back and tool
half of the house furnish ings and went away. I'
will no longer be responsible for any debts or
commitments she may contract.
Dated this' 24th day of April, 1975
Matthias Edtpund 64** f

tSchedue ar Appcatif for Certek en iateof Tth e and oof Apr n 197
thereon and Caveats for vieek ending -26th day of April 197t

Date Requested Person Presentig
- _

R.Kequesf dated
14th April
21st April
at 2.30 px.t

Ma rie
by his Solicitor

Nature of request whether'
r Ce a Crtificate o te of
- ^o^g.Vhreon oifr Cavt.l
Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
*f Tite in respect eof
a portion of land at
Pointe Baptiste Caii
biahie- in the Parish
of St. Andrew in the
Stat "of 'fl unica
square feet and bovan
d as follows.-

North East Saptists Esate North West land of Heary
C4l6dtne South East and South West land of Symnert Jostph .

.. seedulo for wook ,eonting 19th day of April 1975
Request dated Josephine OS- ^ban Os or,
I5 4 75 bone Robin I n saborne &, a
s16 4 7otte sor & their Osborn- as joint
.. 9.0 .7. orn as teant fot the itsu
at 9.00u am. born. as joit of a Nrw Certificate -
tena of title in respect of
a portion of land at Kingshil in the Ptiaih qf St
George cosakint 29,936 _qlare teert and bound 'd
as follow
NOenh West lsnd df Phlip Prtnce North East Iand e Phlinp
a .c & Wi>. @M ?'. y *uth Easyc by a road to Ktagthlk
B McWcs rosd and a track separating it from land of Norie
Alfred South Waes A road to Kirlt Iit

Rgistrar's Office,
Roseau. Dominica.

Registrar of Titles

NOTE: Any pirrsen wha- drio to obj-ect to thu isuing ofVa
Certficatiaof ttlte on the abov1, apphcatlo.mrna.y enter a Caveat
in the above office within six weeks from the date of the First,
appearance of this schedule ht the STAR Newspaper published
jin this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or 'occupier of adjoining
land in respect of which the applicatioNms made.
.. ..... 1 1' r ~ in i 1 1 i ...111 iiinr i.T.icat!rfr 'i~? ~" S~ii i


& CO. LTD.

With effect from Monday May th
we will be buying Yellow Limes as
f7.15 per barmrel at our Bath and Sou*
friere factories.

Deliveries should be
Monday to Thursday
Friday .,, h 4

made as follows:
7 am to 4.30 pm
7 am to 3.oo pm

4.84. Acres of !aod suitable for buildig.and
cultivation at Roget.
Apply: M. Eugenia Cbarles, -
P, 0. Box r2, 2
Roseau, Dominiqa. 639*2

S The Dominica Red Cross Society will be
holding a grand sale of new clothing at 9.oo00 a
on Saturday, 3rd May 1975; at Red Cross Head-
quarters on Federation Drive, Goodwill to raise
=ach'needed funds;

ust foeived
Smith's ALARM CLOCKS at Framptcaon and
Wtrild FamPsc, Roa.-.: Wotcheg of alI descriptions..
Fiamptons Great George Street, Roseau, Dominic=

i -Wovq ,m 1." LI-----

--------~^--~-----~ ~ -~--~~~-~--~~~~- ~~~~-



~I-UI---- --- --

Friday M&y 2 1975

Page Fiwn


Friday, Way 2, 1975


It is all well and good to say, as
the Premier did, that the elections
are over. But di.d not the thank-you
meetings take place after the elec-
tions and the meetings of thanks
held by the'Labour Party were even!
more filthy, more full of mepuis,
and the language more foul than the
.words used before the election.With
people 'who show that this is the.
only form of-behaviour they under-
stand, we do not wish to be pbrtas~jed
But the Premier need have no faxr-
there- will be cooperation from our
side of the House on all. matters
which will make Dominica a better
place to live in for all Dominicans.
There will be no cooperation in
hypocritical gestures.
The Premier should also give co-
operation by refraining from abusing
people because of the colour oftheir
skin. He should also refrain from
abusing people because in HIS
OPINION they belong, to another class
than himself. He, should cooperate
by giving the Opposition.-the opporr-
tunity to speak on Radio Dominica.
\He should cooperate by keeping his
promise'to consult with the other
parties in the House in the nomina-
tion of a Speaker. He. should cooper-
ate by giving proper notice-s for\
meetings of the House., and not make
every effort to hold-such meetings
at a time when.he knows that the
Leader of the Opposition will be
out .of lthe Island.
Incidentally, Madam Editor,, I
think that the. rpal grievance that
the Labour Party suffered from on
Tuesday was not the fact that-we Ed
not take pictures with them,because
we have not done so from 1970...but
because of the unexpected presence
in the House of Assembly of the
Leader of the Opposition at a time
when they were quite sure she would
be absent." ha
.be. aM. '.ugenia Charles


(Sorrywe had to shorten this-very
interesting ?article Editori)

In a release on its prolonged
negotiations with WAWU, after painting,
out that they have met all reasonable
requests of the Union (wages,allow-
ances,maternity.leave etc.& clothing),
D.E.S. points out the one area .n
which it"'cannot concede to jhe UnioirW'.
It had been understood from the out-
set that. the. agreement would last for.
3 years; concessions & awards were
made on that understanding. But now
the Union insists on wording enabling'
them to open wage talks ,after -only
one.year. Stating its problemis,DES
says it cannot agree, since this may
"lead to ,frequent & unpredictable in-
creases in electricity charges at
the hshim of the Uipion"; and warns
customers sof possible s-upply dasuptaln

-.HEADS OF GOVERNMENT MEETING,JAMAICA Nine Million people represented.

A playi put forward by Prime Min-'
ister Harold Wilson of Britain to
safeguard world supplies of food'at
stable prices, creating greater eq-
uity between lesser developed lands,
and industrial countries was well-
received, although criticised-by PM
Forbes Burnham-(Guyana) as being"not
drastic enough. Guyana put up a
more revolutionary plan which would

do away with all existing convention-
al economic and financial systems,
substituting a fiscal set-up based
on commodity values in terms af liv-
ing.requirements of the ordinary man,
Unofficial invitees of P.M.Michael
Manley.(Jamaica) Bishop Abel Musorea
& Rev. Sithole addressed the confer-~
erence-on help for Namibia and Sanc-
tions against Rhodesia,-..

Page Six

S T A R'

THE TRICK by J.B.L. Layou
What caused the Dominica Shoe
Party to win? Among widely circulat-.
ed rumours, one of the most startling
is that' the *Premier's sister had befa
seeing the ghost of her deceased
smother before and after elections.
This gives rise to many conjecturesi
In my .view,, chief architects of'
:the defeat of the other political
parties (esp.the Freedom Party) were,
the Presiding, Officers since we all
ktiow that 40O% (approx.' Iof voters are
.-lliterates'and some are incapacitat-
ed;. Pres.Officers refused to 'accept
the lawful representatives of such
incapacitated persons to make a' crces
for them,- and said they were author-
ised to do this instead. They did not
do so on the table in the presence
of the polling station agents, but
went to the booth to'make the cross,,
folding the ballot paper so. that the
voter did not know for whom he had
voted .doubtless .for the shoe.Wlth
such an illicit "Clandestine Trick'"
that defeated Scobiea in 1970 were
the other Parties defeatedin 1975.
Doubtless those Pres.Officers were
acting under.- instruction.

Page S6Vena2_ I i S A FiA Prid.ay, .- y 1
In order to- implement, tlhe intro- Madam, No Governorship'.for LeBlane
duction of a fully comprehensive It is rumoured that His Excellency
Social Security Scheme,. which will the Governor is: going, to retire, and
provide additional protection to Hon. P.R. John is going to recommend
the workers and their families, the Mr. E.O.LeBlanc to be Governor of
National Provident .Iund has -moved Dominica..
to more spacious quarters and is As a Dominican, I cannot sit by and
now located at .No. 8 hng George V allow such an unreasonable .act to take
Street. place "in this State. Mr. LeBlanc is
The proposed benefits, which a man who has not got. a high regard
would be.. payable to a. worker under for white people at any level, begin-
the new Scheme are: ning with you yourself and your hus-
Age pensions from 60 for men and band.
women. Invalid.pensions for those You may remember .that when LeBlanc
permanently invalid beforee age 60. got the windfall as Chief Minister,
Survivor s pensions paid .to widows, when Remembrance Day. came, the ocial
orphans andd other dependents of a. Welfare Officers made wreaths and were
deceased worker or a. retired wvorker
waiting for Mr. LeBlanc, He neve7'
Sickness benefit-ppyable to a man appeared.. It was later in the after-,
or woman, temporarily unable to work a in
because of Materni noon someone saw him in a boat-., fishig.
because ofickss aternitwith his son, He declared that this-
Grant, A. lump sum payment towards Remembraxce Day is a white man's bui-
the cost of having a baby. Matern- s. itee
ity allowance. Weekly paymnts' to n.c~ hwss; a vas folt interested. We
it allowance. Weekly payments, to hear that Her Majesty's Government
a woman at the time of her confine- sent. money to Dominica to build school'
ment. Funeral benefit. A lump sum- ei
ent. nera benefit. Alump sum and a school was built at Coulibistrie,,
payment on the death of a person or It was reliably reported to me that
a person drawing-an age or invalid- when LeBlanc went into the school, he
,ity pension from ,the Social Security saw Her Majesty's picture there. He
Scheme,. A lump sum gratuity for asked the people why was the Queen's
those retiring, invalided or dying picture hung there; they should have
wher there is no entitlerrnt to an African picture instead. The people
age, invalidity or survivor s nearby -replied that Africans did not
pensi ons. donate the money for the building of
(The amounts of benefits are not S r o ,l' .
stated- so far. Editor), the school. So according to Mr.LdBleac'
stated so far. -Editor own words, he would be unsuitable to
'T G represent Her Majesty.
BAPTISTE ID T SGhe r6.ason whyLeBlane wants to be
Madam, I refer to an article, ap- Governor is because (as he. told me at
pearing in the Star newspaper of a Labour Party. meeting), he had prom-
Friday, .April 25 1975, under the 'ised his wife to make her the highest
captioi"."'ou Can't Be.Both"', and woman in Dominieao However, Lady.Zon
ih particular to that part .of the got the first chance and MrtLeBlanc
article which stated that 1R.Ei wants the second chance for his wife.
-.Henry and Thoma'.s Baptiste resigned I know that Hon. P. John knov;s
to stand for election and are now these things well, therefore that is,
- reinstated on losing". why I beg for publicity in your col-
I do not. know the facts. surrou- umns to warn Hon, P. John beforehand!
ing Mr.R.E.Henry and would there- Before anyone takes the oath of
fore.* not'comment but as far as Governorship he has .to swear "I so and
Thomas Baptis'te -is- concerned the. so, will be faithful and bear allegi- -
information wa seroneous. and to a-nce to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
my mind 'calculate dto mislead the and her heirs- and successors, so help
.public, fIor Baptiste did not resigr, me God". -and kiss:'.the Bible.
so hence, the question of a re -. I understand that it is the duty of
instatement could not therefore the Premier to recommend someone for
have'arisen" .. the Governorship. If this is so,.I-
.1 would have thought, madam,that would advise Mr. John-to be very very.
an Editor of your calibre would careful and choose otherwise.
have checked the facts before gojng Yours truly,
to press. -THOMAS CBAPTISTE,Roseau1 E.C.LOBLACK, Roseau.

_ r 9M r

S.gT A R Friday, May 2, 1975 ,

S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S .Morchriston
In a match played at Windsor Park,
Sunday 26th April, between Bath Road,
champion of the Harlem Off Season.
football competition and Cel-Kens,
champion of the Windsor Park Off-
Season, Bath Road defeated Cel-Kens
2-1 in a very exciting match,.
Wilfred "Pox" Dontfraid got both
of Bath Road's goals whilst Dana
Hurtault scored Cel-Kens' lone goal.
A return match is carded for the
Newftown Savannah, Sunday, May 4th.
Still on football, the knockout
competition of the Windsor Park Off-
Season league started this week.
Cel-Kens defeated Los Pisos 7 goals
to 1 on Wednesday, Dana Hurtault -
scored 5.. In another match played,
Potters got the better of Alcons,
CRICKET In the 2nhd Augustus- Gregpire
league trial matches played at the
Botanical- Gardens last weekend, bow-
'lers dominated. Only batsman to get
over -50 was Irving Shillingford, who
in the 2st trial match got 79. The
bowlers, who got 4 wickets or more
were G.Shillingford, T.Kentish, P.
hDoctrove (of deceptive pace), A.
Lawrence, M.Darroux. Apart from. I.
.Shillingford, other batsmen who got
Into the runs between 00-50 were
C.Elwin, L.Sebastien, R.John, C.Wil-
liams and, D. Abraham.
BASMETBALL The-Dominica team left '
for StLucia. to take part in the' ,.
firsl-ever Windward Islands basket-
ball tournament on Thursday May 1st.!
We wish them luck and hope. they can
lay .first claim to the trophy,.
Last Friday night, the basketball,
match, Island. vs Rest, Island.. won
77 points; to 58 after having set"
themselves the target of 75 points
and restricting Rest, to less than 50
* points they won with seconds toqaare
For Island, Charles Roberts 25, Clem,
John Baptiste 18 and for Reat, 1M.
Freeman 18, Wednesday this week,
Flames, after the interval in their
match .against Caroni, failed to
the.courts, thus losing by default.
Caroni led'.29-16 at the interval.
NETBALL .The knockout competition
should start tomorrow (Sat.night). -
Star netballer, Jean Dickson, is
presently in Dominica on a two-week
visit following. the death of her
Nther two weeks ago.. _

Mr Armantrading noted that Dominica
now had all the prerequisites for the
establishment of a dictatorship As
the trend has indicated that.a One-
Party State is now a fatt accompli
since the Government was only paying
lip-service to the democratic rights
of the Opposition.-
The Dominica youth, too, was much
to blamr for the Labour victory, said
the Freedom Party, since it wasa because
of their indifference at registration
time, which caused a DLP win. The.
speakers took the time off to question.
the role that the Chief Electoral Of-,
ficer Sylvester Joseph played in the
DLP win. He was accused of bia~ -t
in picking -Presiding Officers who were
openly hostile to known Freedom Party
voters. It was also charged that there
was no enumeration,which was contrary
to established. practice. 18-year-olds
were deliberately kept off the lists,
and electors, whose name ere on the
1970 lists were omitted, and fname
which appeared-on the preliminary lists_
were conspicuously absentfrom the
final lists on polling day, it was

asked H.M. the Queen. and the Duke
of Edinbuirgh, in conversation with
Hon. Eugenia Charles on Monday last,.
at a presentation of the members of
the Executive Committee of the Gan-..
cil of Legal Education.
And Miss -Charles replied that
Dominica was "better than yesterday".
Both Her Majesty and Prince Philip
expressed keen interest in this
island state...
The Leader of our Opposition iBas
in Jamaica for one of the meetings
of the-Council for Legal Education,
all of which she regularly attends,
The newly built "Norman Manley
School of Law"was opened by the -
Queen on that Monday, and the mem-
bers of-the Executive Committee
were present at the function,

ainLQ,DrVic BardouilleCecilia Green,
Lenndxz onychurch and others particip '
ated in a Very productive rally organ-
ised by village youth. They considered .
new approaches to education,agriculture
and A 93?aa weaver's oo2rt

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