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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: 04-25-1975
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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Cable: Star, C. mlnlc. "
Tel: Printery 1691. EU<-. S
SU.K. Media .Repres
Colin Tt.rner (Londonn) Ltd DOMINIC -
,12 Skaftes U.y Ave. W.1. Vlte, -rus c it 7
S;A Gi s into The Past HOUSI MEET
h S r -There wHl be a Meet
y Aoha ir Te of the House of Assem
.During the t870s .nere was .great Uf at. the Assembly'Chamt
ee it: n Barbados- oer the question cf Tuesday
Federation with the VWindward Islands. .th April, 1975 at 10.1
Governor Sir John. Pope Hennessy .'
sided with the coloured members of the Ro l Vis.
House of Assembly against the sugar ROyat V
planters whe opposed Federation. Pope JAMAICA
Hennessy t h ihe colCured members M. Eugenia Charles
goti much support from the labouring TO MEET QUEEN
:arbadian masses not Ionly because of s
ie Federation issle bum also because of After a series
eir. concern for prisopers and the li .. o.itportan rte
gional -talks in
:a condition tor be poor. in gson(Inter-
One fiery colouredl member of the national Women
.I Uns was James S a:Pnon who, during Lawyers & rLegal
a d t3eb on. prison i0nditions, was or- be presented to
c ,red by the Speakel to leave the House. Monday 28th.
.:r. anon was hfrciblr9imoved, ard be
cause the crowd outside carried-- oi WIDWA
v.as accused of inciting a riot anti had
to spend the night in Glendairy Prison. Appli
"he great great grandson of this deter- Fruit .
in;el Black West Indian now sits in WINB
our own l House of Assembly-he is The su
- Lennox Edward Honychurc. ; quired t
the qual;
WIFE. NTICE 1 anas an
S To ll. whom it may concern. I, Matthias Varietal
" Fdmrnd of Layou do hereby notify:th general well as t
Sp~lic that my wife Evangelie i Edmund nee research
Paul left my home on Monday 21st APril, Y975 Appli
a.d on T'- ,.day 2-.d April came back and took gree i
half of the, rse afrnish iigs and went away. I dege
will no longer be responsible for any debts or diploma
commiimemrs she may contract. Salary
Dated this 24th day of April, 1975 and exp
i -Mathiias Edmund sent ti

bly C%0 GOYgRN1 .iET
er, S-. ,
00 ) Agg N6

Education), Miss Pharl.s wil
Her Majesty the Queen on

nations are invited to the ;-,st of
Quality Agronomist w i t h
iN Research and Devek,pm.nt.
ccessful candidate will be re-
:o research on factors :,.Ang
ity of Windward Islands ban-
d the different agraomic "':z
effects related to fruit r v:;" as
:o assist in the development of
cants should hold at le;. :rit
A Agriculture or a ~.~.yt1

will be based on qualifications
erience. Applications ius~r oe
the Director, WINBAN RX
SDevelopment, P.O. Box u25
Sta Lucia and two referees
e mentioned. Closing date for
)ns is May 30. Appointment to
will depend upon approval of
n Aid to WINBAN Research

.1 1 ,. ...... 1 ,.- ......... ", --,------- -- --
4.84 Acres of land suitable for building and
cultivation at Rbget, .
Apply: M. Eugenia Charles,
P. O0. Box 121,
Roseaui Dominica. 9 :.

search &
should b
this post
a Grant i
and Dev

_,-_-- --c----~cr~---r

Pe Two ToT H V ST A R 'FriLay, April 5, .1975
The front page of the New Chronicle g' last week Las this statement:
"The Premier, Mr. P.R.John noted that their was nothing improper about his
minister's six weeks absence to study abroad."
But 1eemier John cannot d'~ny how very improper it was to influence
Mr, Thomas to discontinue his study at U.W.I., Trinidad and to his
being medically boarded out to contest a seat in the recent general election.
What now is highly proper. and also democratically preposterous is his
having so rapidly recovered in health to resume his studies after' having
been appointed a ministerr for a few weeks.
In addition, it is proper to conclude, that Mr. Thomas has received or
is to recolve, a gratuity and pension following a. medical boarding out,
even though Mr. John says Mr. Thomas is on leave without pay.
Continuing o improper things, the 'late Porstival James of the Customs
Department, although'.ggiven over by medical experts at the University of the
West Iindes was nct medically boarded out. Mr, James suffered crucial pains
before he died recently.
Btt what-was very improper was that he was subtly refused being medical-
ly board.:id out because if he was., it would be proper for him to receive for
his meritorious long service a gratuity which-was more thanta year's salary.
Thls will now be paid and distributed among his nearest of kin including
eight chilIren.
I was shocked to read in the press recently that four polling stations
*were declared at LaiSlaine and in the final 'analysis there were six. IHow
carqtE the other two? Was this proper? This is a patent case of an improper-
clecti'o- fg ux pas.
'Low improper was the .Press and Radio attack upon Miss Eugenia Charlesa
It will be interesting to catalogue the mmay improper'-things perpetrated. at
high lev, since January 1975.-
The improper :attack upon' young Honychurch because of his; colour is
something to exercise the minds of all those who distinguish between what is;
proper and what is improper in public affairs these days.
Premier John.has emphasize'l what is not .improper in government affairs,
and.-I hope, -all Dominicars will not fail to be on the look-out for the
hundr-ed an. one improper things ,that are bound to crop up in this critical
'stage in our history.
April asa yet, No Throne Speech, No Estimates and No Budget
s. *
What i2 amusing at the moment is the continual pronouncements by Govern-
r"-nt Minipt-rs. over Radio Dominica with a sinful silence over the 1975
Budget so proper to social economic and political progress.
Are we going to have a Budget for 1975?
Touring the country and", making comic pronouncements are not
enough. Opening seminars, and interviewing people -at home and abroad are all
in the ministerial day's work. But thinking Dominicans are waiting for the
things.proper and vital for good government,
If there is no money, Dominicans should be told so s-traight. How will
the many election promises be fulfilled? It is in the Budget aLd Throne
Speech that Voters will sce whether there is at. lost t Initentona to. carry
out political promises.
First things firat, Mr. -John but we are getting impatient. W.S.S.

1~2MBERS OF THE NEW HOUSE: Takihng. their places next Tuesday (excepting far
Iiss Charles p.1): Fiee-dom Members A.Moise,A.Casimir; Independents C.
C;rus : PStevenia; Labour Party P.R.John, E.Francis, 0Seraphin,V.Riviere,
I.Thom-..3, B;Louis, F. Parillon, M.Douglas,C.Dubois,E.Bowers, Randolph Baxi-
nis, L.Darroux, Romanus Bannis, H.L.Christian, L.Coriette and O.Theodore,
.WokRS TO QUESTIONS: Carry-beeun is'the orthodox classic form, but Cribym
or Carr-ibbyun is how Eric Williams and a host of imitators prefer to.say
-- -'*According to an ancient news release (as we recall) Hon.Victor Riv-
,ere is not an Officer of any of the established Services, but received
the designation with a diploma from a detectives' school in N. America.

tot prAg. 25.415f

.Hanover Street Roseau Dominica West Indies Telephone ::2009 Telex: D 0619

.. ..'S AT;:O NC.E.,'.,T .1

-. ;- ": DOMINICA .T UL' -P.P O.; U S -. ---

5 3)TI4 F:PAp3 0 -f CAi I ; Ar

Dominica TeleIphones ai-e please to announced that, as -prt
So. I" the overIl development r'ografri ne for .the Dominice1. Tieep.
.-. Ste, w n.ew telephone exchan.'.,e will be opened at Canef iel '
o .- ,sa.Lurda 26.ti. pri.l 1.97..- .

S" ... AlWher 'tie hew eychanrle is coprriissionedr the n:Iu;bers of-- 112
-ibscri bers in. the 'Oanefield, 'Ch'eckhall, i'a.:scre, biti-t,.
Pc and Impii 'e i had y i "n ....
.elfes.t, Pont Casse8 e.nd Imperial hoad -deeas will *6pe oba-.e; .. .-

. Those ub4scribrs .aiTected.hive read beenn .in 'ormed o" thei..

n ..new nirumbrers nd these, will also o sh.;.n in a.-, suppletient to
-- the: 6;il-ent :telephonIe diire tor:: whiich will be. aYva1iabe.itto.
Litl subscr'ioer: f or d.~ election :fro- .:thie ..Ros.cau tid.rin officLce 'or
I. Cable.e and W .rele6s and thle telephone excan e.s at Iortsmoulh ,

and .irig' t du-in Wo-,- rig hous fro Prda 2th Apri il. ',

If .yo-u. hare any -enquiries iyou are invited boceall tlepione -

2000, 20)3 or 2609 during office hour's where staff wifll be
*avail-ble to adv-ae:..you.

6 5- '

DDominica Telephones-a serve of Cable and Wifeless (West irdtes) L.miled Incorporated' Fngtl nd.

Aage our -a-- AR.

Applications are invited from suitably
q aiied persons for appointment to,
the post of. Division Manager in the-
Donmica Banana GrowertAssociation
DUTIES: The Division Manager who,
will be directly responsible to the Opera
tons Manager will be required to plan
and schedule the work of District and
Boxing Pla~t Supervisors in his Divi-
ion and help themeto get the most out
:of -,be-" workers, materials and equip-
mten, administer Trade Union contracts
rtaaitng to the personnel i his divi
Ssio; ensure availability of equipment
material and supplies for proper perfor-
maace of seection, transport, boxing
-handling and storage of bananas, ma-
terials and supplies; assume responsibi-
lity for cost control in his Division; su-
pervise and co-ordinate leaf spot disease
c patrol in his district a.n d maintain
high standard of husbandry, quality and
production of bananas in his Division.
SApplicants must be of sound educa-
tional back ground, must have at least
five (5) years experience in Agricultu-
ral Extension work and or Farm Man-
Sagemt t and or possess a Certificate of
successful training at a recognized Agri-
cultural Institution or Farm School.
SALARY: Is presently t5,400 per an-
num bu is being revised upwards.
Applications with details of qualifica.'
tons, training and experience as well
as t testimonials should be addressed
to ?: The General Manager.
Dominica Banana Growers Association,
Hanover Street, Roseau Dominica.
to reach him rio later than i5th May

V 4 TS


V.E. White
General Manager



Telephone 3209- Day or Night

S9 N 1-



x< To confirm the Minutes of the
Annual General Meeting held on
28th May, 1974.,
2.. To receive and approve the Re-
port, of the Management Comn-
3, To receive and adopt Audited Ac-
counts for the year 3ISt Decem-.
ber 1974.
4. Any other business of which due
notice shall have been given.
V.E. White
A.4 General Manager


"A quality Beef Extract and a readily asuimi
able oram of iron plus Vitamin Bi, in a base of
British Sherry.
GREEN'S BEEF IRON & WINE is an excel-
lent tonic and stimulant in ru-down conditions
Enriches the blood.
Obtainable from all drug stores in
._. ROSE DOMI A. s .

Notice is hereby given in accordance
with Section 4 of No. I Banana rules
under Cap. 75 of Revised Laws of the
Dominica r96r that the Annual General
Meeting of the Association will be held
at the St. Gerald's Hall, Turkey Lane,
SRoseau commencing at io.oo a.m on
Tuesday, 27th 975.
Members of the Association are invi-
to attend but only Members of the Man-
agement Committee and the Delegates
of the District Branches shall take part
int the deliberation and be eligible t o
vote on any question arising at the meet-


_,~~ __


-b II -L11131_ r II -II~--~

Friday Aprit 25 1975

s~tt plraw


ii J' I

F4Alluh agrnlt 2FC I9C7



* law of at~he ow eadr1 JPpaoo hoie because It his wamiUttm I
-nt iLrt. At 1&. HodIftt IS the aimit yfot orl slo api
sit ithe new Doainfla 90V DnOMIe Heowf t ut I6 IV W ft w at ?o(vehmet A h rad
.. t makes prov. o -.for tbre .. -tm l.... 2w l w- "
nSlndnated memb es:- two GiO #Ahicel t te Pte punmu& ti woerwt ths pea1m
.-t Mlt. us .8 % dewv nigl ( the IW. "to A huttnh ritobas n t a
. ~eah a..d ....t.. Ia ... I wit
rB h ,"eW- r. 'U i. EUl
tMl b oat -e d e a A 6 t Pr atf A Vby "Oda t or I te Iei
j;k02 U6id ;=S f tu f orc aM=aac wueat d fw*t A..oj lfte PlC-*
hrd n et Im Awf ber har b' 'AIZO WIN 'a. m f .,-t 141t Fran A. .
riater euwaeUI ChaiIoSWhoW el a d has ant nurd
PAWN th C ubv IM ill% ADvoz..m401!P Widza. AMUdI ezsU3
noW g0" dedim ad Is W rpbtr M. HanychnNO wom p...l

The Dominica Red Cross Society will be
holding a grand ale of new clothing at 900 a.m
on Satrday, rd May i7j. at Red Cross Hoead-
quarters on Federation Drive, Goodwill to raise
much needed funds." .
mz r

Just Received
Smith s ALARM CLOCKS at FrapaiptI and
World Famous Roamer Watchet of all dfcripmios -
Framptoa's Great George StreetRoea, Dominica

I' A Dog's Life by Patches
I have been warned to keep my column short
this week because of important advertising,
for everyone sensible knows that advertise-
ments are the lifeblood of a newspaper-: that'
why the Government cut off all official advts.
for the Star long- ago,. hoping to kill' it as
the poor old Herald was killed.
In terms of actual years I am younger than '-
the Star, which is 10 years old.in June 1975.
.Most little newspapers die 'aged. six months.,.
,and keeping alive has been .a struggle for the
Star. With my keen sense of doggy injustice I
feel it i.mfair that the removed advertising :
goes to A.n unworthy rag ..and the rest to a news.
paper operated from a Church printer, You
would think that those who believe in ethics
and have a massive machinery should insist on
sharing even with people who don't, see C-
eye to eye6 4f theirs or the ,. government' s views '
By not sharing, they are working against that
freem of the Press which they say they aspar. .
Anyway, counting in terms of doglife span,
I am a female of about forty now and have had DAVID WIT JANGO '
seventeen children, -some of whom found happy
homes and some of whom came to sad ends, like my son SnrSwy drowned in a
pool and my prettiest daughter, injured to death by a stone-thrower.
M"y favourite human (Carib David) used to sell my pups but, alt :,'ou
their disappearance made me sad and nervous I knew that pups cost a lot
to iee-. and need a lot of care. Some pup-buyers never even paid upp
Motherhood, even for a sensitive dog, is a difficult and dedicated ex-
perience, and I'll have more to say about this later.

.a . i ii i -T- 25 1 I 9 "


I, -- ~-w--- ---- ---- -

'It iie

THE STAR Friday April 25 1975
q-'-.- -. .. .... L --

Schede ; ni Pation. for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Cavea-s for week ending 26th day of April 19P5 '

ate Requested 'Person Presenting

o.6.uest dated
4th Amrwil
.,1st Api
At 2.30 p.iri

by hi. Solicitor
V Dny p gy

Nature of request wheth-i
er a Certificate of Title of
Rntirtorheraron or Caveat.

Request for the issue
of.a First Ce-tificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land at
Pointe Baptiste Cali
bishie in the Parish
of St. Andrew in the
State of Doasinica
containing 2,899.
square feet and boun
4dd ae folfows-

N~forh E st .spt. a Estate North Wazt land of Henry
Cr3Ihste South Eait and South West tiad of ym. josh

SScheodule fr weok 1ndiug 19thday of April J
..--..,, --Appl cation of Jose
SRequast datd Josephine .Os- hine Osborne, Ro
SIS 4 78 borne RobiA in Osborne & Ha,
SPreented Osborne & thor Osbtorn as joint
S16 4, 75 Ht father .O tenants for the issu3
.at 9.00 a.m, borne as joint of a New Certificate
tenants of -title in respect of
s portion of iand at. Kingshil in the Parish of St
2-aeorge contliating 29,936 su feet aund boidenglf
I as folla4s
SNoth :West land of Phillip Prince North East land of Phillip
PPrince & William Me Neilly South East by a road to Kingshill
aI n asccos road and a trick separating it from iand of Narm.
,-'.., .: Wazt A road to Koingshli
i Requ.t -,atoe Phyllis Applicatiio fdr the
30 1 75 Gearaway isu2 of a NeW Certi
i Ptseaitd 1by her Solicitor ficate of title in fa*
16 4 75 M.Euenia yv-our of Phyllis Gar-
s t1.O a.m. | Charle, raway, in respect'f f
a portion of land in

S, Tvwn of ,Portemouth in the Parishof StJon con-
tairinn .2,754 square feet and bounded as fISlaws
N -,rt: Land, of Rachel Bnjamin' Eait: Land. of Rachefl Benja
4 (nin and jteaniina ..iony South Lands of Gwendoline Csrbon
Cyrille a:;d Austin "Valtace West Bay Street
saisarrYs ~l4;--.aa-iP ~ ~ -~~P

Reque t dated i even Gerald
: the I day ot ,Sylveste ,
March 1'75- y his Solicitor
Presented the Ci ma A.M
'L -:, *. of Dupigny
April 1!. 75
at 12.30 p.nm

ReQtuest for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land t'
SLagone, Portsmaouth,
in the Parish of St.
John, in the State of

Dominica 'cntaminir 784.0 sq. ft and bounded as follows:
SNerth by lnd.- &rnisla Debonne 'North East by land of
$Stven G. Syfvester South. East by land of Christine
Sylvester Scuth West by land ofChristine Sylveoer
Request das.ed Aliens Dyer Request for the isus
the ISth d&y oi as personal re of a First Certificate
TMarch 1975 prosentative of -f Title -nre.rpect of
SPreserted the Mrararet a portion of land in
14th day'of Christmas do the Wesley village in.
A il 975 ceased the Parish of St. An-
at 2.4A p.m by her Solicitor drew in the State of
Cilmae A.M Domlnica contairiing
SDupigny 2344 square feet and
Idr--h lond of Anestin Alisca;r South East by land of
6urBnhe' !l p West by a Public Road South by lnd of
f Emifa La' .,ance (^ tc-Yw ?'r ctiamyn)

Riegistrar's Office, EPHRAIM F. GEORR( C1e
Roseau', Dominica. .Registrar of Tithfai
NOTE: Aniy prson wheo dsicta eto object C th issuing oi a;:
Certificateof tit!e on tet a'bote application may enter a Caveat i
In the above office within six weeks fron the date of the First
appearance of this scheduir iii.th STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by -
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land In ~sspict of which the. applicatlornfs made.o

AY Bb1.975
C.SA. iyX at Dcu!las Ia
.All USA mS rs an their families
re oYiated to ithe C.S.A. Famnily
Outing on May, Day.
Contact the C.S A, office for details.
Return fare to. Portsvmouth
$1*50 per head
It is a family affair so BE THERE!

SProduced ead Bottled in GreaiBritain by
Vine Producs Limited, Kingston-Upon-Thames
""" ," '

Page Six'
- ]1- I II I l I III -

~- -I







r-.i'iiii .s"'- -**- ^ --





Friday, April 25. 1975_ .T H
Fiction MA TITIiE by Cynthia Wat
Ma 'Titine was surprised to see
Genelia and Reuben coming in at'her
gate. They were not expected back
until the end of the month.
"What has brought you to town?"
Ma Titine en-guired.
"Sugar." Genelia said laughingly.
"We've come to get a few pounds be-
fore it is all gone."
"Dat's right," Reuben-said, "we
doan know wen moh will come,.'
"So you-all' ate upyour wedding'
present -alreddy?"
"Being in the country, -we stewed'
some guaval"
"Eh eh, I never 'heard honeymoon
couple making guava jam," said Ma
"What's;'the latest news in town?"
Genelia asked a' she relaxed deeply
in the chair,
"Wel," Ma Titine replied,"as usual
although there was an incident.at the
Convent High School on Monday."
Genelia was all ears. "What was
* it?' ,.
Ma. Titine brought in a t ray with.
'glasses and a bottle of rum punch
from the pantry. She set them down,
and as they helped themselves said:
"Well I heard that a ~ed! went into
the' school and the' students were so
frightened they all'ran from their:
"Wha-a-at:" Genelia's- mouth was
agape. "Trouble start again. "
Ma. Titine-.continued:- "He-'is sup-
posed to.have been saying that Domi-
licans must smoke'weed'.. .I even herd
that in the rush one of the Sisters
tripped and fell down the stairs."
".My goodness". Genelia exclaimed,
"and what happened?"
"I -haven't heard anything furgher-'.
Next' day Baby came :in with some
newsy, ,"I heah dey say dat.Ministah
Tomaticdomin foh House of Assembly...
he coming foh devday.,..,I wondah eef is
hees. money paying de passage oh eef is
de Guvementi Look money bowling wrong
eef is so an people talking bout de
Freedom"Palty meeting "
While Reubehn did the, shopping,
Genelia, .who. was present said: "Yes,
I heard that Lennox made a great hit
at the meeting.-- who didn't know
him before, know him now."

Dear Editor,
Last week I came
across a very biased article enti-
tled 'Support Mr. Patrick John,'
I will have to be excluded from-sup-
porting a so-called leader who never
practices what he preached. Laws
were passed against racialism, apolo-
gies were made on radio. Mr. John
went. as; far as England and boasts
how he has brought peace and order
in Domiinica. In the West India
Chronicle there is a long article
about this.- Now this same man and
his regime are the ones tobe con-
demning the Freedom Party for nonmi-
nating a White DOMIIICAN.
I would like this 'Black Youth'
to note that all Dominicans (be he
or.her black, white or yellow) have
Sthe same equ1: rights. Am sorry,
'Black Youth ,.but Lennbx cannot be,
deported:- except if you together -
with Patrick and Company wish t, put
him in exile.
It's ungrateful to. state that Mrs.
Napier .did notliiug for Dominica. Ask
thepeople of Calibishie and the
S It"s rather sad for a young -Dcrsonn
tQ be -thinking so narrowly and.being
Sso naieve. Who or what really is a
SBourgeoise? The-one you think is
poor, might be the one .with more
funds in the bank.,
Labour Party nominated two candi-
dates, Freedom nominated one. Yet
you-all query, though you-all have
two to one. Is it really Lennox''s"
colour that you all hate? Or is it
his"-intelligence that you all fear?
Think -. think and 'Bl-< Youth.'e
get liberated from class-hatred andi
M.B. 'Liberated Black Student'
Roseau Area.
"Strikes have now become so much
the order of the day, the world over,
that it would appear that extrenisat
trade unionism has become the nuimer
one enemy of economic development."
-- Hon. H.L. Christian.
Last Wednesday. Roseau Girl.'

School was shut down aand sprayed against an influx of bugs. Two students
of .iBS ,were caught out consorting with a girl in.one of the school's
hostel,tooms this week. IREGRET that we have to.leave out several interest-
ling letters & articles lack of space.- EDITOR. ,


Page Seven

Page lght- _ H E ST A1 R g iidavy ApriT 256,195
Football CEL-KEZiS WIN OFFSEASON Alluding to the fuss made over his
Ini the first match .of the Wiindso candidacy by the media, Charles Savarin
Park off-season league, Col-Kens do- writes:
heated Potters 2-1 in a very, keen, "The silence with which the Domini-
hard and exciting match on Thursday can press and radio have greeted the
24th April, Potters led at-the. employment of a Member of.Parl]ament
interval 1-nil/and should have con- by a Statutory Board baffles me..,
solidated on their position as the absolutely nothing has been said about
'Cel-Icr.s' players bungled consist- the fact that the Hon. Eden Bowers
ently in their goal area, but Pot4 (newly-elected parliamentary represent-
ters filed to appreciate the- i.tua- .t.iveg~:.Vieille Case constituency)
tion. has leen given back his job as Deputy
After half time, Cel-Kens' Pitz Director, of the National Provident
Henry and Peter David with El13as Pund.
John and Simpson Gregoire got into : "My conVictions: and that.of the
their ovrn and gave the Potters for- IEx. Co.,.Gen. -Membership of the. Domini-
wards not the whisper''of a chance, ca CSA is that public.officers should
while their forwarddsmen started be. free to ,tako leave without pay or
playing more constructively. The. to resign from. the service 'to offer
Potters' goalkeeper bungled his, themselves, as .candidates, at' general
first b-ll in the match and Dana. -.elections. They should, however, be
hiurtault netted Cel-Kens' first goal. reinstated without loss or seniority"
Some 15 minutes later, Jerry Lewis should they be unsuccessful at the
scored off a fine shot to put Cel- polls. Should thqrw.in, then they Oan-w
iKens on top and that was othe match, not continue as members of parliament
For Potters, "Sharpie" Ellwini netted, and public employees both."
BASKETBALL UPSETS ON V EDIESDAY Pointing out that two: other men
In matches; played on Wedhesday, (.*E.He.nry .and Thomas Baptiste) resi-'ed
Zodiacs-and Flames-had shock wins to stand for election and are-now re-
over Raiders and Bata Pros, Zodiac instated (on losing) which is as it
on by one point (58 to Raiders' 573 should be, Mr. Sivarin states that in
Sbut,.the. thrille dof the evening was :.Britain if an 4..P, becomes a public
-.the.match Flames. v Bata Pros. At eemployee. his seat automatically be-
Sm, entry to the Park during the 2nd :comes vacant and the National Provi-
half, the scores were equal at 30-30! dent Pund i a. Statutory Board esta-
howcver with some fine baskets by blished in .1971; its-employees are
O.Burton (14) and fine shooting from therefore .Public Employees ,
S.Didicr (17) and AHarris (18) ,saw If such employees; can offer them-
the lead quickly open to win comfbt- selves for election without prejudice
ble at 67 to Bata Pros 58. Por.-.osa 0 theidb position, why ann't teachers,.
P.Charles 20 and L.Henderson 17. In lNurses etc who do not hold admin.--or
Sa Juniior- match, Bullets defeated confidential posts do likewise? And
A Do-G.S.' 46-25.-" why the fuss about Savarin, who did
-ETBALL KNOCKOUT POSTPONiED -resign from the .Civil Service (and the
The knockout competition which GSA is nt a Statutory Board), ,
was scheduled, to commence Thursday -- ----
night, 24th april, has been postponed to a later date due to the inadequacy
of the referees who still need some more. time to get acquainted with the
laws of the game. CRICET Grenada, after a meeting of sport officials
in Grenada, has decided to play Shell Shield alone i2a.ch means breaking vay
fro. the Comb.Is.. and compete -like the other ,independent W. X,".cuntires.
DEPOA writer said on 174.75POn t not considered part of Dominii'a *
A writer said on 17l4:.75 in the I would certainly lika the ,Ladoir
STAR that Lennox Honychurch and all I wP l ga crtao op preaching racism
white people should be deported.Since o Party gan, to w wave ac g killings
Lennox was born in. PortsmouthI find s0thatwhen a nzw wave of 'killing
Lennox was born in, Portsmouth,I find start the Dreads will not be la-
this letter most preposterous.But on belstarts kithe ers
second. thoughts, deporting him.. s Bd K YOUTH, Portsm uth
quite meaningful, since Portsmouth is (name g!v K YT
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