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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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....n .,_.. >oo2 ,. .A l
' Colin Turner London) Ltd.
. 122 R'itfte-&:.,, q Ave. W.I

Remarks made by the Premier about
M~ B.Lennox Honychul', nominated
by Freedom to the House off Assembly
hive e..oosed th e present Govern-
Sments real amitude to race and: class.
TH;L supposed tbank-you sp e e, ch-
showed a L t:er prejudice, according'to
I; en~'d, against white man taking his
-place in. the democratic Parliament.
Two coaiributors this week, one
oldd and one young rose swiftly to Lehn-
nox's defeice. We think it is good that
everybody ishoutd be reminded that
West Indians are of all colours _aid
kinds an:d all have the same .righca.
We are certain hat',Lennox'S presence
in the House would have pleased his
grandmother, the late Mrs, Elma Napier
who as a Council Member in Dominica
was appreciated by both sides and who
contributed in no small measure to the
earlier "stEit-y four island State,
Half the Labour Members
iii the British Parlig'-
ment (including Mini-'-,
ters) voied against Brit-
'ain joining .the European
Economic 0oimmwnity .
396 votes iere for remaining -in EEC
with 17t0 against. Wilson sacked qne
Minister for speaking against the
moio6n.N.aticnal Afeirendun June, j.
A splendid 'topical play writt epi
and produced by Alwin Bully ;is
reviewed. in brief on page eight.
The public is very enthusiastic'

R3 EAi.-; I....TITUTE

It's :A. Dogs
a& F


S this issue, readers will see a notice gi-
vlng the new reduced l'oufrs durint which h
this newspaper's office will be open. Such
cutting down is in the interest of economy
and time-savitg. We advise reguhr adverti-
sers and contributor's to cutout the notice for
reference, and if they prefer to mail their ma-
terial, our Post Office Box number is 129.

: of the 7BC
S PrWmir Patrick John el


Defence Force men under Brigadier
Joffre Serette have beeh dist'.i.o-
uting sugar anid petroleum product -
-held up in strike-torn Trinidad,
Today Prime Minister Eric' -ili:L-ns
visited the troubled Oil Belt and
spoke to the people on the. crisis.

A.New Paper
A tabloid newspaper dealing with'
race relations in Britain was
launched in England on April '8th.
Called- "EQUALS", it will be
distributed free, 1st print order
is 25,000 copies.(More next week)



ST1 A P .

The 'New Plan' for Education
Everybody heard Minister Christian
on Education at the Easter Rally of
Teachers. He emphasis zed the well-
worn cliches; "bread and -butteer'
"agriculture in schools", technical
education" etc. etc.
But he never declared that the
Governxment would, see to i-t that by
1980 people.,would not have to vote
by symbols'and that most of them
would have to be literate so that
they would know why they vote for a.
candidate or a government. Nor did
he mention civis in the schools or
the tse of Radio .Dominica to inform
the public of what.takes place in
the House of Assembly."
The policy is: Keep the people:
igno:'-nt by all mea.s and they Will
'return an incoTpetent and callous
govrniment for another ten decades.
The Banana 'Price
The banana-grower for' the past
four years since Geest Industries
got the D.B.G.A. to break the 1964
contract ,by demanding has .suffered
cruely' in many ways. ; ..
But the most cruel blow is the
decision by Patrick John's Gavern-
ment to pay the grower 7,50 per -b
no matter how high the G.M.P. goes
from Mirch to September 1975 in the
U.K. market.
At present the G.M.P..is 170.00
-per ton which oaould work out at
approximately ll-120 per lb. The
hard-worked grower, however, must
be satisfied with 7.50 and let the
huge difference io into a special
fund at Barclays Bank to be used for
the improvement of the Baaana.
If the' Patrick John Govt. was not
so terribly hard-up, an ordinary
grower might accept this, and if cost
of living owing to the oil crisis and
Lon-.sugiar crisis were not soaring
madly, a grower might have endured
the deprivation,.
But 'the grower is himself to. blame,
He was told by PatrickJohn
before the election at Weirs Aarigot
that not a cent more could be paid.
Yet most banana. farmers in high glee
disregarded the welfare of themselves
and their families and returned a
dictatorial G'vernment to power for
another five long years.
w.s, .

I am what is called an ageable
Methodist, that is one who was called
a WeaiLeyan as a child, when our Church
was always named Chapel. As far as I
know neither the -Methodisjts; nor the
Roman Catholics were involved in this
Battle of.Religions which took plawe
just before election time.
It is a fact that some pf what I
will call the mushroom sects, the small
newer churches which have so-many dif-
ferent names, and some of them have
benefits to give out such as books,
clothes, training abroad and'so on,
directed their members to vote Labour
because they had been told by Labo~d
Party leaders that if Freedom got in7
they (the foreign-born pastors) would
be deported "since Freedom is against
you, and Preedomites are all Roman
Catholic and Would rule the island.,
I know that this took place at
Portsmouth because I was a witness, to
it ,while, Visiting there, And it also
took place in Roseau where I live..
The argument used was that Patrick
John is now a Protestant ,Anglican)
and is ,sympathetic to all the new
socts from Baptist to Apostolic, and
will suppDrt them to prove that he does
,not discriminate against foreigners
Never were listeners told that Free-
dom was the strongest in favour of
freedom of worship and. that it was the,
only Party where the white.people
played anx0outward and visible part.
Mr* John was lucky that "he be ame a
convert to the Anglican Religion which
made it possible for him to marry again
in church after a divorce and to go
around with a religious label tied on
him. .But nowadays I do not think that
the Anglicans regard themselves as
Protestants as the Northern Ireland
people do. The Ecumenical movement -
put paidto all that nonsense. I don't
even hear us Methodists calling our-
selves Protestants, However I am pro-
testing against the use of religion as
a-political device.
The biggest winner in thd election
bVattle was Obeah. We had no Pundit
this year but we had obeah women, a
mother said to be invoked from the
grave, -and other horrible tricks such.
as reading voters' and candidates'
fortunes in human excreta as in tea-
leaves., These abominations should be
done away with. ae 7)
(concluded page

w a .KW .Elw rr . -. .. . - r- ..- -- - -a- ,---

ir~ir~i~N,..ADFii il~ 19'75

Friday, April 11, 1975 T-H S T AR Page Three .
it's A Dog's Life by Patches
Like many another female baby in Dominica- I was bern in very poor
circumstances; .my brothers and sisters all had differ i't'ir and-.
we had -o roof over our heads. 'In fact I
first saw light dimly under a house at the
top of Federation Drive which. was" then shut
up., Some workmen discovered Us puppies and
called the' Carib boy David who lived over
the way. He was my .first and bect human friend. b
He used to come an.d see' us' pups every day,and,
eventually he picked me out frop the litter
and carried me over to show his parents.
"Look at Ragse! daughter!" he said happily.
For nearly two months he had been grieving
because his best doggy companion Rags Twotone,
a newspaper columnist was .foul ly murdered by lY LATE LAMENTED BTHER
a hit-and-run driver., was .thus immediately
accepted ito the ,family and'laid to sleep on a red. cushion, as you.may ai e
from my earliest photograph. (.below). -
As an infant and a yotig child I was a- joyful creature, and only became
neurotic .c d-dangerous a asI grew- older My reputed father-had -a testy dis-
position- too,, so my tendency to bark at strangers or even friends passed '
noticed for -a long while. ? education did not develop along the lines
I would have chosen: for~ example I could jump ands piroutGte in the air and
leap through a hoop -like a circus dog, and my -early longing-: tohunt manicou
o. even rate was -not- indulged, since (like even human girl-s ofr. a tender age)
.I waskept indoors .at nirht. Few guardians,1 realise that-nea~ify all the bad
things which happen tob females can happen in .daylight,. hours'. .I was -made .to
wear a collar...at an early. age,, just. when humans- in the Stoate were -being l.ibk-
eratedt from the straitjacket of collar and tie; ;nd all these' inhibitions..e
aggravated in -me subdued aggressive traits that ultimately caused me to be-
.come the- terror of the neighbourhdod -- which at thia'stage of my life, is
he Copt Hall area. However I disclaim any responsibility .fr the savagiing
of poor young calves- now takin place. Save. for humans, 'rm.not interested
in large slow-moving -animals as prey, only inquick scuttling ones. and in
any case I have become such a menace that I am kept a p~aisoner- and only.go
for-frequent walks on, the end of .4 rope, since the mere. ,aigit -of a man with
a .utlass has always infuriated me. I can never.:accept .that he is an hon-
est labour er going about his business. And as to boys who run and shriek
at the same time they have the same effect onime -that. donkeys had on Miiss
Betsy Trotwood.. ( that s in Dickens). You will -n6te that having been brought
.. up with literary people I ami familiar with
many books,-and -listen to a lot of talk
about boah books and politics. I am giv-
Ai iing you readers the clues to my character
UaP1" 1 and later on I will relate my doggy lif
I II W to the things that go on in this island.
They say TJahe Austen managed to write
novels without once mentioning the Frenph
Revolution which took place-in her day.
&t: I=am not that type at all.-As to that
poet Walt Whitman wh a 'aid.lhe wotld rather
Live with the- animsa -I disagree with his
idea. that they are so placid andself-con-
te d ta-ined.
As the story of rn life unfolds, you
will discover that I am a very highly-
t N YOUun .: and percoptive creature, capable
S .f anything. (To be continued)
- th in g': ... . .... .. .

rage rout a. ... .. .--- ... ".. .. .


eA .$.^eA.Rdease

it is widely accepted that there is inefficient. in the Civil Service;
what appears to be overlooked .i the fact that there is widespread dissatis.-, ,
faction as well.
The inefficiencies in the Service stem from twq sources; (1) political
patronage which makes supporters of the ruling party a law untot themselves,
absenting themselves from work, assaulting fellow civil servants,
heads of department sand' members of,
the public (particularly if: these are CAD OF T
of a different political persuasion D O T
to th .aselves) and the open :discrim- M & Mr S.P. Mourillo wishes to
nation. in matters of appointments, tlhak Sll thepeople otVieille Case friends
promotions, transfers and discipline; and relatives. from Portsmouth, Roseau
. and (2) Pay and physical conditions. & Calibihie who sympathized in the sud-
The Civil Service Association neg- ,den departed of their niece Isaliea Gilbert
otiated an increase in pay and trans- special thanks to Mr Vic:Maglpire, N~re s
port allowances, for all grades and, Douglas and Moan Bruma-nt.
classes of civil servants since July he sou t in ce. -
of 19714. Government has agreed to pay. m .
those increases with effect from the.
slt of~January:1974. To date (April ..
1975) no. such payments have been tmdde.i STATE OF DOMINICA
There are also, problems of uniforms u- TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT.
,and poor physical condritionsn particT B GT
uarlynd p n schools, hoditioalas fire Schedule of App cation r Certficate of Title and Not
stati-tai iand tUl prisons.a' there and Cvea r for 'eek ending 12th dayof Apri7 1975
era 4.cq of request pwhethiso
Threats, an_.iiharangues by Minister Date Requested Person Presenting Natwre of equestwheth!
of Government ,an only wor~s"n- the sia- t- r a Cercor..a .fS
uatten, If the admtistvation issr'- iereqnorCatat.
aouslyg interested .in im roVing ishse Rqut dated Alck Lazarre Request for. the issoe
iously interested ptn improving the 28th February by hi. Solicitor :lfba First Certificate
"tork performance .Of the. -public service 1975 Vany. Title in!respectof
Then positive steps M-t be takenir.t Presented Dupigny n' portion of -land
Send political patronage, efforti twiust 9th April 1975. known a a & o& at
be i ade to effect paymerit f the out- at 10.25 a.m Morn. Prosper in' ta
.standing backpay to Civil SeIrvants, traininStg 0.
the physical conditions. affe6ting itary acri. snn bouad.
civil s,erantos must be improved, inr-' a lowa:.
quiries must be held into these div- North Westi land of Babyusztrl iet I ind sf Baby .
visions and statutory boards where Austre Eas: land of Ahlck Lzare South linds of Cynthl
gross inefficiencies have been 'erou t Austria and Baby Austrie West land fBaby Austrie.
to the attention of the administration
resgkirar s Ofie, EPHRAIM- r. GEORfa
and st6ps must be taken in consulta- Roseau. .ofnif. PHRAegistrr f TOR
tion with the Ciil Service Associa-rr e
tion to introduce the .changes ihich NOTE: A1' .irsrri who' ersirdr o object to Lh isnulfg of
Such inquiries indicate are necessary Certficat of titteon the aloe applicatiornmay enter a Caveat
to improve. the efficibncy of the div.- In the above office.within sIx weeks from the date-of. he Firsl
Samprppearance of,this schedule o the STAR Newspaper published
isions and statutory boards concerned. In this State or from the date when the notice prescrIbed by
0.A. SAVARIfN, General Secretary7 law was last served.on any owei or occibpier of adjoining
10/4/,7 land In respect of which-the apcaton inad. ;


N#W /OU/?' OF 0OPEN/!fO

The Office will be SHUT all day, MONDAY
OPEN mornings, TUESDAYS & WEDNESDAYS (8.30 a.m I p.m)
OPEN all day THURSDAYS & FRIDAYS (.,30 a.rm p.m, & 2 4 p.m)
^ OPEN- SATURDAY from 8.30 .a 1- 1 noon
"*wow. t3C -~ i-r .p l~~'s~~.rr


Friday April 11 1975


Pridav. April 11. 1975


The front page 'article captioned
ING" which appeared in the.April 5th,
1975 edition of the New Chronicle had
one important omission; the informa-
tion was given to that newspaper by,
Mr. Savarin himself. This; factor
reflects a"basic adherence to a prin-
ciple whidh ne-ither Mr. Savarin nor,
the Civil Service Association.are
ashamed of.
Mr. Savarin's reason for offering
himself as-an. independent candidate
at the last General .Election are well
documented. They .include a 'desire to
restore, to the civil. servant his
self respect-ad,.pitizenship rights'.
which have been eroded@ over the years
and a desire-to see Savarin's hope
town of Portsmouth emerge 'fromi the
self-confesse iinegle'ct of Gove;rnmenr
His candidacy was' enadrsed by the
-CSA Ex-Co., all their' CSA committees,
and by the General .Me.mbership of the
CSA. Suffering no Mr. Savar.in demonstrated that he
commandsM majority -support' in the ur-
ban community' of Portsmouth. 100%
support; for the fILP candidate in
Glanvillia is reflection on' the
immaturity of the electorate, in.that
in <',, rl i ,d A < fwrA -I nr u \


2tI.. i. & ---UJL SAVARIN CENSURED... The attack on the
-- - , -,, .. j ,
Fiction-' MA TITIME by C* Waht ". Gen.Sec. & Dominicals CSA was spea.-
Sugar Sugar!. Sugar! That was headed by Mr.J.I.A.Marswell,Gen.S'c.
-the cry .all".over Dominica... Mothers Trinidad & Tobago PSA who: a few years.
running. to- and fro; from chandelle ago appealed. to Dr.Willi-ams not to
:mouris to supermarkets, and .the resign as P.M.. One must ask what is
replie's were 'always the same: -'No the position of Mr.Manswell over -tie.
sugar,"' present Labour unrest in T & T? He
Then the handle's were let loose: &.his PSA 'cannot find'the stomach to
S'Ehhenh .dey hiding de sugar ,..dey issue.a s-tatement for or against the
waiting for wen sugar come to put' de unions or employers.Yet they ariti-
price on wat dey have derQ,already to eise Savarin. What hypocrisy ,The
sell it de same as de new sugqr. for -Grenada CSA manfully backed the Com-
people"' mittee of 22 in protest over police
"Wafy ppaah, Domnichen modee.- "' brutality, then'got weak knees arid..
"I heah'dat wen sugar comede.y did.not, back the Gen.Strike there -
gon to sell it 40 &a. pong" fo' which last: attitude Manswell con-
"Like..hell: .1.,waitin to .ee 'date" gratulated them 'D/ca CSA is proud
These and other statements were of Savarin.(sgd by 5 Ex.Co Members)
the subject of the day now that the < A TITIEE ...They. switched to other
elections were over. discussionsn, the "thank you" meetings
"Well," Ma Titine said whilst by"tlhe Premier.''.the quotation of
Genelia, Baby and herself were having- Shakespeare from the Bible at one of
their usual tete-a-tete, "if that' isa these .meetings by a member of the Parta
so, I will be glad for the poor Baby' shook with laughter. "aldough
mothers...so much wailing about .this I not eddicate properly I know dat
sugar situation." line from Shakespeah.at school. How
"I have to sweeten my tea wid con- come dey can quote it Xrom de Bible?
dense milk," Baby said. Ha,haha, dat is a, good joke"'

S T A.R Page Five
Magnetic Minot
In Portsmouth., Labour is still re-
joicing over their smashing victory.
You should have seen cars on Suniay
still revelling; the, worst part of it
is this.-- they are revelling in the-
,beautiful sunshine like no mar's Busi-
ness, but as soon as night. falls,
(sundown), it is, worthwhile taking a
glance at our dismal jetty, black as
pitch, even darker yet.. Niot n single
little light to anabl .a -ve'sasel to
come alongside.
The poor huokstezs who are preparing
their little load for shipment ii the
early morning, have to fall back on
the old days method with '"bouzaille"
to enable them to store up their
fruits. Ahat is. the use of all that
daytime; revelling in bright sunshine
and no account is taken of the night?.
Why not fulfill the faithful promises
made to. the poor .struggling citizens
instead, and see to it that their .
jetty is kept lighted at least as a .
help when striving for their little,.-
bread and butter?
As a matter of fact, that jetty
should have been flooded with lights
in cel ebrating.,that great victory a
victory which maw' feel was won by
bobbl and. -tricks.

1~ Paolca SWn


Friday April 11 1975

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notings
1 thereornand Caveats for week ending' l at day ofHgrch 1974
J Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
Ser a Certificate of Title of
.otin thereon or Caveat.

Request stated Handel Requeat forth issue
the 27th day Phillip of a First Certificate
of February by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
1974 lima A.M a portion of land
Presented the Dupigny known as "Hermona
4th dayhof at Wesley in the Pa
March 1974 rish of St Anrew i
at 1040 a. the State of Dominica
containing 4.025
acres and bounded
as follows:-
North partly by land'of Stanford Philip and The La Soal River,
East by a Revin* which separates it from land of Adolphus
Rolin. South'-East by land of Christiana Robin South-West
by land of Christiana Robin, West by La Sot e Rjver.,

SRequest dated Handel
'ho 27th -day P
of Ffebnary by his Sol
1974 Cilma A
Presented the Du
S4th day of
March 1974
at 10;45 a.m.

Request for the issue
hillip of a First Certificate
lcitor of Title in.respect of
.M a portion of land
pigny known as "Hermon"
at Wesley in the Pa-
rish of St. Andrew in
the State of Dominica
containing 1.763
- acre and bounded
as followi:-

East by La Sole fRier: South gy land, of Handel Phillip
West by La, Sole River,, .

Schodulo for vookr o ing 19th day of March 1975
Request dated Winston Rqut or the issue
the 21st day Eiprit of a First Certificate
of March by his Solicitor of Tikle in respect of
1975 Cilma A.M a portion of land
Presente cis Dupigny known as & lot at
24th day of Cf mpell i the Pa
March 1975 rish of St. Paul in the
Sat 4.02 p.m. State of Dominica
S.m. ..... --- containing 11686
S quare feet and bounded as follow.:-
SNprth by land of George Florint. East by land of Andrew
Spritz South-Put by land of Peter Sandy. South-West by
land of Georg Foranti West by land of Georga Florant --

Ietga6 e kfn-e, w ee 14 ng 5th. day of April 1975

1 Request dated Cecilia
the lst day of Williams as
April 1975 Personal repre-
Presented tentative of
Sthe 3rd day Matthew Gar-
of April raway Ade-
1975 ceased
at y her Solicitor
C.ilma A.M
-. Dwuistnvy

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land at
Cockrane in the Pei
rish of St. Paul in
the State of Dominica
containing 2,472
acres and bounded
as follows:-

SNorth;by lands of Alvan Mann and Tory Garraway, NorthAy
Essi by land of, Griffith J.Nichots and a Public Road, South-
East by a Public RoadIands of Feltan Hodge and Agnes Blanc.
South by lands ofClames Blanc, South-West by land of Falten
Hodge and Claes Blanc, West by lahds of Felton Hodge,
Agnes Bfnc, Tery Garrsway,Alvan Mann end a Private Road
,csparittlng-t from land of Felton Hodge and Estate rf Alvin
\ ~ {ra j{

- chdule for wook-4ondinteg lh- 51 1,\70iW

SRequest dated Emil Talbot
18 3 75 by his Solicitor
Presented M.Ergenia
!9 4 75 Charles
at 12.4S p.m.

Application of Emil
Talbot for the issue
of a first certificate
of title in respect of'
a portion of land at
Loubiere in the Pa-
rish of St George con
training 2120 square
feet and bouandd -as

Nqrth & South: Sy land of Edward Sh lilngford East; sy a
Public Road Wast: The Sea
Sm~3i.S ;.iii.i~...- .. Ii.ii-. CmlC Iil>ma~ni.lr i: n Lr --l

Rgisstrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominkia.,

Registrar of Titles

NOTE: Any person who de-t-sji tQc objeCi t h ht1 issuIng o)(8
Certlficateof title on the above appiicatiornmay enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from the dateof the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land !nr respect of which the a pplcattorl s made.


~L---~-~a~--u--lrrrr~-------- -r





, I I .




r; .


- H s IiX s

-'V1 I UiV UJ.II.- .J.... .... ,,- -- .- -.. ---

ss---~- ~----- --------A

by E.G. Lobla.ck
I listened to Premier Patrick John
on Saturday night at Pottersville at
a public meeting. That meeting, he
said, was to thank the people who
gave the Labour Party a landslide
victory. I thought Premier John would
speak on the promises he made to the,
peoi*b if they returned the Labour-
Party to power. Instead of telling
them that he had promised (i) that
every woman who gave birth to a child
in Dominica would get $25; (ii) that
all secondary schools will be free
of charge; police will get their
back-pay and civil' servants' salaries
will be revised immediately, he made
his meeting a target.at Miss Eugenia
Charles, and Messrs.Loblack, Honychurec
and Peltier (who is not connected
with the Freedom Party).
For shortage of space, I will
not go into details of-all that the
-Premier said,. I just want to comment
'on three points he made at that
meeting. He told his listeners to
think of it that Eugenia Charles
has nominated Lennox Honychurch, a.
white man, to be in the House ofr
Assembly He spent a long time on
that -sub.jct.. Some people said that
the way Mr. John spoke about white
people shows that those who have.
harrassed'the white people in Domini-
ca made Patrick and his Labour 'Party
feel-good. White people beware-of
yourselves in this country as far as
the Premier and his Party is concerned
The next point is that he said that
not over his dead body can that man
Peltier have a job in Dominicat that
he, the- Premier and Seraphine will "be
going to Barbados to see the General.
Manager of .LIAT to make Peltier lose
his job. The other point is that he
said they could have won all the '21
seats, but they just gave Miss Charles
a.seat like that; in.other words;, it
is not the people who voted willingly
for Miss Charles it is he who c6om
handed the people to jveO MissCharles
a. seat. Madam Editor, can you beat
In conclusion, I would like to cal
on the white people who are in Domini-
ca to be on their guard.as long as-
Premier Patrick John and his Labour
Party are inpower. That is something
such people all over the world must
watch evyenP er Majesty, the Queen
f ogland .CL.

At the Labour Party Thank You
meeting at Pottersville on Saturday-
the 5th April I heard Mr. P.John ac-
cusing t1e Dominica Freedom Party oJ
practising what Mr. EH. Francis
terms 'Bourgeoism-', because .r.
Honychurch was nominated by the. Free-
dom Party. 'Mr. John, who made men-
tion of the emphasis, that the Free-
dom Party had based its" election cam-
paign on youth, has failed to realise
that Lennox is a youth and much
younger even than his youngest Minis-
terS and the Party was practising
what it preached,
When Lennox wrote the'History of
Domirica' in a hundred episodes, Mr.
John wasn't conscious of the fact that
,Lennox was white. The same thing" can
be said for 'LA PLACE' and aE HIS.
written by Lenaox. At that time
colour of skin did not matter. But
because Lennox is equipped with the
intelligence of.which they are afraid,
iall sorts of bad things will "be said
about him.
I will end by asking whether Mr.
John: .Has E turned tnti-white' or
'Son-of-the-Soil?' EELVIN FRAIICIS
a Methodist I don't~ have to be re-
minded of'the days of Wm.Falconer when
Wesleyana and Catholic~ fought. It
will. never happen so again, so why'
stir up suspicion in the little sects,
who have it very sweet in Domiiica?
I 'wish someone would make a count of
how many religions we have in this
When I hear the kind of talk I
heard in Portsmouth, I repeat to my-
self words which a very wise Minister
said to me in the old days: "Almost
it persuadeth me to become a Roman
Catholic," Wesleyan.

The Dominica Civil Service Associ-
ation has, written to the Hon. Minis-
ter for Labour, Social Security and
Youth Affard~i ~iiessing concern at
the delay in the submission of an
award by the Arbitration Tribunal in
the matter of the dispute between the
Civil Service Association and the
Central Water Authority referred to
it on the 11th March, 1975.
According to the Public Utility
Undertakings, Public Health and other
Essential Services Arbitration Ordi
Wance, concludedd back a0!e)



Page Eig ht T THE S T A RFridQa. April 11 1975_
S*T*A*R*,S*P*0*R*T*S Morchriston C.. SA on ARBITRATION TRIBUAL (frop.7)
CRICKET Combine Ilaands are in with ...the Tribundl is required to. furAhsh
a good chance tol win this year's its, advice without delay and within
Shell Shield competition. With only 14 days where practicable,. It is now
two more- matches to be played (Trini- 29 days since the matter has been re-
dad/Combined Islands in Trinidad and forred to the Tribunal. The CSA has
Barbados/Jamaica in Jamaica), Corn- pointed out; that if the intention of
"bi;ed Is. are in 2nd place with 24 the Ordinanee is to make provisions
pts; Guyana lead with 28 pts, JamaSdi- Ior-thti peedy settlement of disputes
ca 14 Barbados 12 and Trinidad 2. then the spirit of Section 12 (1) must
In matches played last weekend, be adhered to, as a new dispute'could ,
Guyana, led by Roy Fredericks, gained arise out of the delay on the part of
a 10-wicket victory over, Trinidad. the Tribunal in making awards or fur-
Scor6s in the match after BFredericks nishing advice.- ,
won the toss and sent in Trinidad to C.A;. PAVARIN, General Secretary
bat -o' Trinidad 303 & 208. Guyana 411 .
& 101/0. Fredericks blasted 91 in a S:-. 7"It A. K.- AA Review
partnership of 143 in only 98 minituaes Even after the first night of
His opening partner Leonard Baichan Alwyn Bully's play STREAK: the Roseau
went onto a completQ entury, whilst grapevine had carried the- news that
-brisk knocks from Kallicharan and- there was-at ,the St.Gerards. Hall a
Col1ymore, both in the seventies, hit of a show which would be running
kept the score-boair ticking. for many nights.
CoLib'ined. Is. gained :1st innings STEAK brings all of Dominlca's dirty
pojpts in their drawn match against linen into the open, airs it, and.
Jamaiqa at the Recreation Grounds in while doing'so makes us laugh and
Antigua. Scores: Jamaica: 48 &B 192/2. think. In true West Indian style,
D.Lewis 35 & 62 n,.o., L.Rowe 64 & 62, Alwyn Bully has combined his wide
M.Forster 78, Hdhang 9Q and Dujo -a 7riety of talents to produce a play
58 n6,.(2nd Innings); A.Roberts 6/453 which itself is made. up of most of the
and E.Willet 2/99. art forms: music, poetry and song.
The Combined Is, who were tat*Itage 'The action -of STREAK covers the
343/9 reached, 405, their highest to- crudbtal yedr-1974-75 and includes re-
tal in Shell Shield cricket and a nell ferences to the events of that per-iod.
10th wicket partnership. V.Richards We also see a catalogue of. Dominican
101, I.Shillingford 82, J.Allen.46, characters who are all so different
M.Findlay 46 n.o., A.Corriette 33 & but at the same time-are tied up so
I.Gore at No.ll,, 25 runs. Villiam.a tightly together.,
3/75, Aistin 2/72. and Forster 2/87. The two young lovers EBK and Jan,
iEAE George letpcher scored.108 (Gairy Didier and Ingrid Angol) try to
for Spartans' in their match against find a mutual hope and peace among the
Police to boost SpartaAs to 302/8 conflicts of the life which surround.i
decld. Cuthbert Williams got 85 runs. them. pTie; earnest poet, Alfredl (Els.
J,Pierre 3/93. Police, in their turn worth COter), tries hard to find rea-
at the crease scored 160 & 103.- sons; make sense of these conflicts.
Rabess 49 & S.Parillon 20. For SpaXt- One of Carter's best parts so far, he
tans-: G.Shillingford 4/24, A.Lawrence has handled the character well. So
2/25 & D.Abraham 3/47 and 5/30. well'in fact, that I can't actually see
Spartana .on by an innings and 39,runc .him ever getting along with his girl-
At the .DGS Grounds, Blackburns friend Stella, *vo is the popular
had a 180 run victory over Gutter 'fcmme beff" of.the Vlay. Norxeen
Crowns. Scores: Blackburns' 120 &' 225. Joseph was an obvious choice for this
H.Lafond 68, M.Leblanc 40 & R.Letang part; 'everything is; perfect. She sums
36. Crowns successful bowlers, IM.Hill, up the materialist West Indian weOl.
R.Henry and B.Zamore.. Gutter Crowns ~t:.rs aoEt b-at.meit.on .must be -md
68 & 97. T.Bertrand 35 n.O., D.Dublin of fti~ s i~Ba x.^oclnan. JoE.,Se.eadt'
& D.Lewis 7 wickets each ih the match. Mswy have enjoyed this ~aper show.
BASKETBALL The basketball league come ce at Windsor-Park on Wedna. night,
9th April. The highlight of the evening was the match between last-year's
champions, Bata Pros, and runners-up Caroni Cardinals.,Caroni won handsomely.
70-52. For Caroni: CRoberts 20, CJno.Baptiste 18 & T.Ehight 2l.

.Printed and Pulishied by the Proprietor R.h-.Allfrey of Gopthall Mill House
at POJ Batht Road, Roseau,, Dominica, West Indies.