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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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C l
~~. ''*il'?^ ^^^ l CA ^
7 m... 6fi ..
V!I .-- ,o .Edto, ;41026 t
U .K. Mfdia Representative: .
SCoilo Turner (Lohdon). Ltd. M 'MBT
-1.6 Shodj t'q.. Ak -. W.I Virtut: L Uc& tomite ortuna
F' d^ AprL, .. 75 l__ o-- PRoPHYLLI3 SAND ALLFREY


There is absolutely no doubt that de-
spiUt the vwiunmed. penalties for electoral
misdeeds, a shocking lot of trickery went
on duringg Dominica's recent general dec
tion. At Mahaur we hear that the polls
opened half an bhor late and an evident
go-alow was practised, so that at- p.m.
cldoiag time 80ovore:s were shut out.
Can't everybody guess for whom te ma
jority of these would bave voted? At
Cochrane, a minor was rroimpted by his
mother to vote; we are told that free
abickens were used as bribes in the north
by Labour adherents, in addition to the
usual rum o.er most of the State. he ,
number of spoiled ballots was unprecc&I
dented-it seemed that the polling attend
'ants were all set,in many cases, NOT'
to help the poor voter do his or her duty
correctly. The' oare some of the more or
less open tricks, but there were also co-
.yrednsip ones which are now coming to
jight, Te names of many .young Domi
ricans were lefr out from the final voters'
lists. Many o:f the registering officers arid-
polling clerks were obviously strong La-
bourites .., hey went out of their way
to frustrate T'reedomires and to accomo
date Labourites.
And nobody can ignore Miss Charles'
words spoken in a post election broadcast:
e''Th Labour Party began to win -
the election by the appointment.
of the Chief Electoral Officer,
who by his method of registra-
tion. ensured. that the majority
Sof new persons registered were
v.Labour .supporters ." _

Ballo& .- i

NEW YORK, N. Y. 1021,
? _. .

Lennox Honychurch .

DOMINICANI .ortsmouth-
bo--, Lennox (22) with"'
hardworking Barbadials-
on one side and bril-
liant UK -arli-amentar-
ians/writers on' the
other, is a symbol of-
We sindian diversity,
Art & Youth not have:
a mouthpiece in th6
House, and the choice.
should be most popular,

Obstructi.orl and
sabotage. were
among the insin-
uations le.-elle'd
at certain Civ.il
Servants "by Preei-
ierl .OpO, J:JO at'
the Annual Teach-
era Rally, .
( ee

- .* . A ; **, -


7T. i. I In I r, I 193 4 4,

?Pierre Luceite, who wrote the article on page a
Observing the Election:. Moorm Pr-osour..
with EB.Elsin, P.3S.Allfrrg ericketera.

The widest congratulations mtust We read in the book of Joel-that
be extended to the GOODWILL SI GERS God told His people, "had this been
and the fine set of musicians-who in your days or even in the days of
gave ua a. very interesting perform- your fathers, tell your children, of
ance of "Olivet to Calvary" by it. Let your children tell their
Maunder, at St.Georges Anglican children and their children; another
Church, in Roseau, last month., generation."
I listened at it on Good Friday, Many years after that, a stranger
over the radio. The narrow-minded entered Jerusalem, His mission was
music lovers and amateurs, who are to do good, such as the lame walked,
incapabable of making a difference the blind saw and the deaf heard etc.
between the bad and the good out FEr all' the. good that He had done He
of their upersatereo set, certainly was crucified. During His crucifixion,
have pursed their-lips more than IHe had a mock funeral. It seems to me
once. But when one knows thb, a that history is on the march.
tape recording is like a microscope, On Monday, 24th March 1975, the
enlarging at its biggest size the Labour Party of Dominica won the Gen-
tinieat detail, and that listening eral Election. On.Tuesday, the 25th,
at'home in the intimacy of a living the .E eedom Party members and suppxor-
room is an entirely different ex- ters were buried by the Labour Party.
perience frpm listening as part of There was a mock funeral and we were
a large audience. The musician I am told that in. the coffin there we a
and the journalist, can, say that .l. lot of superstitious flowers.
this performancei was more than We all know that the dead know
honourable, nothing; they cannot give anything
Only the fact that it. is- very because their talents are buried with
difficult around our islands to get them, .The people who made the mock
people together three times for marjy funeral of Jesus did not believe, that"
Weeks having having as a pretext it was He who would overcome the world,
religious music, is a subject which to bring peace, comfort and love to
forces; our admiration. LiAtening, the people,
the pE-ofessional realises how many. .This happenedalmost 2000 years ago,
difficulties were included in the yet is fresh in our minds,
chosen muifc for amateurs, how brave The funeral of the freedomm Party
they have been to overcome them all, must be remembered., E.C LOBLACK
knowing that they will not reach LOBL
perfection, and what they were doing DISAPPOINTM.'iENT IN GRENADA
was simply for their pleasure, which Says Gairy Disgust and'horror else-
they want to share with the commun- where at the way in which the Duffus
ity. What need to go further ana- report ia being treated by Grenada's
lysing? This event takes on a large Prime Minister,
dimension if one remembers that, by What do the Duffus Commissidners
the grace of music, for a few hours recommend ? One particular Police Of-
hypocrisy., hatred, cowardice, lies ficer must be fired, they say. The
and fear were Stopped on their way conduct of another one must be .inves-
through oft Dominican society, and tigated and the conduct of two Magis-
that -.or few-moments this unity trates and the Solicitor General should
and this peace I heard someone ask be looked into.--
for, both were thede, led to the midc. Then, they want the Police Aidse
dle of our hearts by the voices of (Secret Police) disbanded and the
Dominica, includiId Marie Davis Police Force reorganized, Certain
Pidrre's. So, Dr. Watty (who for criminal offences before the Courts
many years kept the group alive!), should be dealt with speedily. And,
Mrs.Bascorb, our devoted organist an the Conmissioners say, Government
Mrs.'Leng Sorhaindo, the new belong- should consider paying compensation
er whose enthusiasm communicates to to the people who were looted on
all a new strength aSdll the parti- IBloody Monday.
cipants are not going to be thanked; they know how: important their action
is now for the community; we hope to hear them soon in even more valuable
music taken from Bachs shandel, Mozart or Schubert, which they can master
easily. ..; Pierre LIucette

adi< 2 y April 4, 1970

Pge two flr

~HTil 8s~R

"Friday,~~ Api ,1WIE'SARPg he


and P AT C H E'S

In 1968 and up. to April 1969
when he was killed 'by a hit-and-
run motorcyclist inr Federation Dcre,
our canine contributor R A G S 'Two-
tone wrote a column for the STAR
which satirized humans, politi s,
nature (human, doggy etc.) and:all
His outside posthumous daughter
PATCHES has offered to revive this
column, although she complains of
being a prisoner while [odging with
a Freedom family. She regards her-
self as a doggy Solzhenitsyn.' The
fact is that Ms.Patches bites, and
her prose may prove to 61 biting
alsot St will howeveya be-a change
from long sober political article.
All' STAR political columnists are
therefore urged to keep .their con-
tributions SHORT not more, than a
single column in length.
Her bark is as sharp as her bite

MA TITINE (fiction) by Cynthia Watt
Ma Titine and her friends were
discussing the situation at large
in the island; shortage of this,
that and everything essential for
life "Well," Bfaby said, "we
have to be thankful for de e'ine
mak=-iQ dat; bomming wrong tcmn. An'
so much cabbage but dey still not
lowin. de price Mama, all we have
to do is make braff; I heah a woman ,.
ttell a chile in Pong ."Freedom will
give allyou sugar" Know what de
. chile answer? "Wee, but doan come
Sbeggin myC Grannie as usualS"
As for me, "Genelia'remarked, "I
like my braf; you quite right Baby -
by the way" (taking a solitary $5
note from her pocketbook) "better
go and get.all that in fish. What
you say, Titine? We ll mako.ONE braf
right away." Going to the fridge:
"Plenty cabbage, plenty christo-
phene, and I brought a breadfruit."
Ma Titine chuckled. '"ou sure
like' your- pain-paint'
When beLby returned she set about
preparing the meal. While the pot -
T e. .i '4-1 1 i. 1I, ^-^ ",

iibate: A TRUE FRIEND IS LAID TOt Gondlia , wat you an Re
.RET~...., Nearly three 'months past dn Genelia, wat you an Reuben
our 4ate friend' ~nson Pierre doin? Allyou doan mean to marrioed?-
-came home as usual; we often visit De dress all-ready, everythingg uy;
each other, uand he said to us then all do gess an.dem invite, an no
during our conversation that his weddin:yet. Eastah pass an gone -
feeling at j-re sent was that he had nr wedding. You doan give out yohhban
given up. We realized then that mGenelia clapped herhands to her
his health 'had broken down so con- moBondieu uthhe exclaime, "Tit.
,sidlrably that' he elt his time on
this earth was limited. After spen- ino, Baby...what-happened? We oraw
ding four weeks at Princess Marg- nuh?"
aret Heepital (where he was xrayed, All three sat in.dumb) astonish.
operated on and properly nursed)he ment, :_.
was taken back home where he ,was "Eleclkshun fever" BLby cried
patiently attended to by his lov- at last, "Dat eleckshun make allyou
ing and devoted wife and their on-. forget eeven allyou self, even luv
ly daughter. After 5 weeks or so an marridgqe Bettah hurry on san givi
he breathed his last very peace- in de banns .to Faddah, Genelia..'Is
fully at 1.30 pim, on Wednesday not me going to attend a dry office
March 27th 197. 0 weddin4r I longin; to see you an
A true and faithful friend he Reabet married too bad.., too much'
was; we can: ever forget him. We postponin -,dat will.bring bad luckd
do pray that the good Lord grant THIS WEEK'S QUOTES -
him a place of rest.
I extend our sincere condolences "The' Civil Service, I am afraid,is
to' the entire family. HUG~JAWE!GE, far less efficient and reliable and
___far more unpredictable than I capoo.
.. ABI~tET SECRETARY ? ed" (Richard Crossman, DIARIES.)
1~W.. CABIET SECRETARY ? "Our culture has been trivialized.
It is credibly ramoured that Mr. ahd betrayed by its guardians, -
Sylvester V. Joseph, part-time Chief Philip Rieff in "FELLOWTEACHERS'
Electoral Officor and head of D/ca's the hew Cabinet Se9retary, He h'as
Community Dev.Sorvices, will become served successive LP Gouts. well

s~ 11


-Friday, April 4, 1979


Page Three.

gi o i _t %


Many people paid Easter or holiday visits J-
to Dominica in March. Among them were Pro.
fessor Pierre Lucette, who wrote the musical
article on page 2, and who flew off to attend the
Festival of Arts in Guyane from April 2-6 as a
special guest of the Schools Ascsciations of the
French West Indies.
Mr. Graham Norton, English writer; paid
a brief visit just after the election. He has been
gathering material for a book on the four Wipd-
ward Islands, particularly from the tourism an-

Veokswagon BEs the Ca
Automatic transmission
Apply: M. EChlales
as Old Ste,
'M 41w



SProduced and Bottled in Great Britain by
VineProduet Limited, Kingston-Upon-Thames

'**j jC63' sr --- rAWA-----..Vo '

NOTicE y.
Dominica Telephones wishes to inform
the public that, 'following the examina-
tion and approval by the Public Service
Utdlities Cmmission of a request for
temporary rates to be fixed, in accor-
dance with the Provision of the Public
Utility Commission Act. No. 28 of 1972,
and pending the final determination of
the Rates Application submitted on 25th
April 1974; the following rates for Tele-
phone rentals Rnd call fees will be effec-
tive from s: April, 1975 unless other
wise determi.d by the Public Utilities
Commission before that date.


No change.
$213.96 p.a
$213.96 p.a


Meter cal units

S No change
Sag8,oo par
$258.00 p.a.
I2 cents per unit


lDlD-g_____1~11~-------- ------ -- -


!Friday April 4 1975


. .- .- i

I IF="i

Friday Apri L.l9 TI STA Pag Five

C 0 N T I N U E !
.Half of our Dominican voters
have in no uncertain terms told the
world that they were perfectly sat-
isfied with what the Labour Shoe
Party .Government had done over. the
past five years. Heads of States in
the Caribbean consequently sent con-
gratulatory messages galore: one word
which they all used is Oontinue;;
Continue in your good work;Continue
to make progress." (Italics mine),
I awaited a philosophic inspir-
ation to register my own impression
of the gen-election results.I mnused
and thought and meditated.My bewil-
dered brain concluded:since the peo-
ple are satisfied, then the Head's-
outside were justified in cabling
Premier John to continue the good
work which.merited the thanks ok his
So CONTINUE because you have had
a period of justice and peace des-
pite laws passed to muzzle civil
servants; to imprison you in your
own homes; to rake up- States of
Emergency which made our land the
laughing stock of the world; to
attach you to Guyana agains-t your, -
gill; to deprive your city of an-
cient automony;, to give your police-
men such wide powers thatfreedom
from fear is a mockery and brutality
makes human life cheap.
Continte to .build police stations
and negledt approved schools ad :such
institutions which would improve the
quality of our nation.
Continue to mismanage trade and
industry so that Dominica continues
to go begging its way (like Grenada)
into a -soi-disant independence,
Continue to squeeze the life .out
of banana-growers until every young.,
man and woman hates the soil and all
its hard works.
Continue to establish marketing
depots and close some of them down
when profits do not materialize and
the funds evaporate,
Continue to fritter away local
and foreign taxpayers' moneys which
are also used to-win resounding elec-
tion victories.
Continue to set-our YOUTH bad
examples by the manner in which min-
isterial positions are achieved;-and
continue to believe that the second
phase of "Dreadism" will not beourse,
than the first. Our Youths will call
the attention'of the Youth Minister

Teachers Annual Rally
"A civil, servant who never takes
action for fear of repercussions
may and up by doing nothing at all."
.So said Premier John in his speech
at this function on April 2, Ho made
a sensible appeal for better public
service from paid employees of the
State, intending that the morrow
would see unpunctuality and various
,other misdemeanors disappear, and
warning of strict discipline.
The ihip cracked when he indica-
ted severe retribution against de-
viants from his moralistic and ul-
timately pious norm. Perhaps he had
ardent members of the C.S..A. in rmind
though their General Secretary has.
also urged.fair work for fair pay...
and they are not necessarily the
offenders. Secure people take chances
DepPremier & Min.. of Education'
& Health Christian, in a lengthy add
well-prepared Readers Digest type of
speech, used the increasingly popul-
ar word alienation (of teachers in

action in the State is moving towards
a fairly high standard of mediocrity.
Miss Idris Thomas ':Head Teacher
at Concorde "School (which had the
highest 'school-leaving marks recox)
was.never mentioned like-others on
the air. We, pay her tribute now.
She -comes from Marigot. P.S5A.
to the" role Doctors played in en-
suring a ministerial post.
Continue to shock our young w~ten
who woke up: to the unwarranted and
cruel attack upon womanhood made by
Speaker-Editor Eustace Franoe."Here
is cause for tears".
Continue to juggle with electoral
matters; no enumeration;irregular
methods of registration; erroneous
alphabetical blunders; removal from
and adding to names even at the last
minute. Then say: "It was a famous
victory" .Continue to supply the
anaesthetic of rum to election pa-
tients until the operation is~over
If I may borrow Sir Edward Grey' s
words on the eve of World War I:
"The lights of Dominica oonbinue to
go out and they will not be rekindled
for many generations' *-W.S. Stevens.

Page Five

Friday, April 4, 1975


Pa a Six


Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending 1th day ofMarch i174
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature oFrequest wheth-
er a Certificate of Title of
Noting thereon or Caveat.

Request dated Handel Request for the issue
the 27thday Phillip of a First Certificate
of February by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
1974 Cilma A.M -a portion .of land
Preented the -Dunigny known as Hermon"
4th day of at Wesley in the Pa-
March 1974 rish of St. Andrew in
at 10.40 a.n the Stat of Dominica
.ontaining 4.025
acres and bounded
/ as follows:
North partly by land of Stanford Phillip and The La Sole River
East by a Ravine which separates It ftom land.of Adolphus
Robln, South'East by land' of Christiana Robin, South-West
by land of Christiana Robln, West by La Sole River.

. Request dated
} the,27th day
of February
1974 '
SPresented the
| 4th day of
SMarch 1974
at 10.45 a.m

by his Solicitor
Cilna A.M

;iCI----- III--\ I~

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion .of land
known as "Hermon"
at Wesley in the Pa-
rish of St. Andrew in
the State of Dominica
Containing 1,763
acres and bounded
as follows:.

East by La Sole River: South by land of Handel Phltllpt
West by La Sole River, ,. ",

Schodulo for wook ending 29th*day of Mrch 975
Request-dated Innis Corbette R euestfor-th isu'
the 28th day by his Solicitor of a First Certificate
of February Cilma A.M f Title in respect of
1975 Dupigny. a portion of land at,
Presented the Atkinson n the Pa-
24th day of rih of St. David in'
March 1975 the Statof Domanica
at 3.45 p.m ontainidl 2.194

- acres and bonded a fellow#:-'.
SNofth by land of Nicholas Lavillet South by lands of Stephen-r
s ton Baron and O'Neil Burton East by a *Road separating it
from land of O'Nelf Burton.
Request dated Roson Mac Gues&t for heissue
the 22nd day Dowell Robin of a First Certificate
of. January by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
1975 : Cilma A.M a portion of land at
,Presented the Dupigny Weiley in the Pariah
I24th day of of St. Andrew in the
'March 1975 State pf Dominica
at3. .
c ontaiing .322; square feet and bounded as follows:
-Norih by land of Henry Phllllp, South by olap of Christllne .
arviere,_ West by a Public Main Road, East by a Public Road
Iparating It fronm land of Egbert Joseph .

SRequeast dated
the 21st day .
| of March
! 1975
Presented the
24th day of
March 1975
at 4.02 p.m.

S Eaprit
by hii Solicitor
Cilma A.M

Request for the issue
.of a First Certificate-
of Title in respect of
a portion. of, land
known/ a' a lot at
Campbell in the Pa-
riah of St. Paul in the
State of Dominica
- ontaining 11686.

STAR Friday April4 1975
Schotuii f or week-0nding 29th ;ay ot MarchL.cont.)
square 4ft and bounded as follow-.:-
North by land of George Florant? .East by land of Andrew
EBprit! South-East by land of Peter Sandy. South-West by
land of George.Florant: West by land of George Florsntc


Request dated Shand Cyrus Request for the iiade
31st May by his Solicitor of a First Certificate
1974 VYny Dupiay 'of Title in re:pasp of
Presented a portion of land.
24th March l known as a Villager
1975 Mt' a at Riviere Cire
at 3.00 mp.Im t in the Parish of
3t., Diavid in the
1 Stiat of Donninicd
containing 2,344 crees and bounded as feoliws:-
North- by lind of Artal Abraham and lsnard Lawrence:
Est-By a Public Road i South-By land of Dennts Polydare ;
WPter George, Kllins St. Rose and Celina CyrurP West-By

land of PhilliD George*

Schedule -foi weck PenJAUng Sth day of April 1975
Request dated Cecilia Request for the issue
the 1it day of Williams as of a First Certificate
April 1975 Personal repre- of Title in respect of
Presented' aentative'of a portion.of land at
the 3rd day Matthew Gar- Cockrane in the Pa*
of April away de- rish of St. Paul in
1975 ceased the State of Dominica
at ly her Solicitor containing 2.472
Cilma A.M acres and bounded
-. Duin as follows:-,
North; by lands of Alvan Mann and Tory Garraway, Nerthp.
East by land of Griffith J.Nichols and a Public Road, South-
East by a Public Road,lands of Feltan Hodge and Agnes Blanc.
South by lands of Ciames Blanc, South-West by land of Felton
Hodge and Ciames Blanc, West by lands of Felton Hodge,
Agnes Blanc, Tory Garraway, Alvan Mann and a Private Road
separating it from land of Felton Hodge and Estate of Alvin
__ Ie1r----- a qI~_

Registrar's Office,
Roseau. Doninica.

Registrar of Titles

NOTE: Any pIrsnon who dearib' to object tO theisniulgota
Certificatesoftitle on the above: applicatloramay enter a Caveat
in the above offie within six weeks from the date ofK'the First
appearance of this schedule hi the STAR Newspaper published
In this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land in respect of which the appllcationus made.


TO the Magistrate Dists "F" and Chief of Police
I, Ferdie Jacob now residing at Castle Bruce
.Parish of St. avid do bereby give you notice
that it is my. intention to apply at the Magis-
trate's Cour t:o be held at Catle Bruce oo Fri-
day the rth'day of April 1975 ensuiOg for a
my premises at Castle Bruce Parish of Sti

Dated the z171 of March 7975
k Ferdie Jacob, 6 e-a/t



:: \ (cj~r a *

; I

....- .. .. .. I I ... I I


L -- --- ~---- e- -~i-,~-- : I-----~-Y -e




Friday, April 4. 1975 ,T H E ST AR Pge he.
I have been reflecting on the' Hon. P.R, John, Premier.
SHOE Party's resounding victory in bion; H.L. Christian, Dep.Premier &
last week's elections, the Carnival Minister for Education & Health.
atmosphere when the results were Vic Riviere, minister for Fi:n-
known, the jeering at the losers ance and Consumer Protection.
and the mock funeral in the middle Michael Douglas, Minister for
of Holy Week, The remarks: "I'd Agriculture, Lands, Fisheries
rather starve than vote Freedom; if and Cooperatives.
Freedom wins they will bring back Isaiah Thomag, Minister for
slavery,; I cannot vote for people Labour, Social Security and
who are better off than me; if Youth Affairs.
Labour puts up a ,dog I will still Thomas Oliver Seraphin, Minister
vote Labour; Bourgeois Roseau c'-est for Communications and Works..
La Muderer'" the hatred and Parlimentary Secretaries:- H6on
venom expressed by the woman who Luke Corriette Ministry of liabour,
said this could not only be heard Social Security and Youth Affaires
but felt. These and many other ex- Hon. O.N. Theodore -Parl, Se-.. to
pressions of the people 's feelings the Premier; Hon. .F.. Parillo.i -
could be heard all over town. Of Ministry for Agriculture, Lands,
course many of us can remember wh Fisheries and Cooperatives,
started this vVicious class hatred
amongst us. and when. I 'could not
help feeling sorry for my country TE GOVERNOR, Si Louis CoolsLartign
and its-people. It strikes- m that whose post cost this country $60690
we have a group of people Wh4 for' in- 1974 continues in office.
the past fifteen years have beenAALYSIS .) Ye doctor
Spaying on-the emotions, and taking N ANAYSISco Yes doctor
advantage of the passes Labour but we have no needles.
has won again simply because they Ana so it goes on and on, the poor
introduced a new and dangerous ele- deluded people are misled and kept
ment into our society, one of divide. in the dark and the real and urgent
and rule; Black must hate white, problems are covered up and evaded.
Black against Brown, Country people No explanation is made to the people*-
against Gens Rosaau. One group they are kept- in ignorance. How
must hate another group because thE many of them have the remotest idea
are Mulaitre '(Mulatre Rosau twop of what a Treasury Bill is all about?
Comparaisone ( one action of thew how much did government pay for the
community must hate another simply new quarters for the Provident Fund?
because they have been a little Ceartainly we have never been told
more hard-working, intelligent, what is our true financial position,
thrifty and successful in life. This Our government. thrives on secrecy,
is the kind of thing the dull and and the- ignorance of the people.
underprivileged like to hear, they Finally, where do we stand today?
underpriviwald e an ker what progress have we made? This is
swallow. it hook, line and sinker,
and this is where Labour's strength not one of RiplBya, but straight from
lies and how they Win elections, the mouth of a near .illiterate
So year after year you have a few Minister- LaBom-Sirop y'est, c'est
unscrupulous politicians feeding the La Moi Y est .
people with stupid, irrelevant non- TAXPAYER, Roseau South.
sense, for, instance what has the RESIGNATAONS We understand t- .t
colour of Miss .Charles's hair got-to Mr. PaTrr Bellot has resigned from
do with our very serious unemplay-. his post as editor of the- ew CbLron-
ment situation, the frequent short-4 icle and returned to work with his
age of Fish and Meat, the issuing of father Mr. Cecil Bellot., in the
bne bottle of Ju-C to be shared be- family firm.
tween two patients at a public in- MrLennox onmyurh has resiged
stitution because there was- no sugar his contract service with Radio
to sweeten either tea, coffee or Dominica to undertake another and
cocoa for thenG,i.? Or. thiAs-~ m e igitficat job for the State.
Dr: didn't I ordera blood test for fo the State.
'this patient? (cointd middle ni .* -

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S*T*A*R*S*P*0*R*T*S Morchriston WY 21 CGONSTITUNCIFES?
CRICEET For the first time in the Up to ntow I am still wondering
history of the Shell Shield compe.ti- why should Dominica's House of Assem-
tion, Barbados'was beaten by thfe bly'-add 10 more members to its present
Combined Islands in their match at 11. A. I am not able to obtain the
Kensington Oval, Barbados.. Barbados main reason by anyone responsible, I
were bowled out for their low-. have to comp to my oan conclusions.
est ever Shell total of 129 runs Dominica is the third largest of
whilst Jim Allen of Monteserra. re- the British Caribbean Islands, and
corded the first century for the though her population may be less than
Islands against Barbados,. some of the smaller ones and even the
Peter Leahley won the toss for poorest among them, should become the
Barbados and sent in the Combined third in number in the House, after -
Islands. to bat, The Islands started Jamaica and Trinidad.. I guess you
soundly, putting on 64 runs for the can better help me on this.
first wicket but lost quick wickets HUGH LAWREICE;Roseau
after Sebastien was out b They to- ....-
totalled 189- runs The' Bajan Bow- O '. R'S Reply: We can't see the logic
lers, Holder, Boyce, Maxwell and of his argument, since assembly seats
Hardin shared the wickets, are based on population and. we feel .
'Barbados started disastrously in that.21 seats are too-:many ftor- poor'
their turn at the crease losing their Dominica in her present conditions
first four wickets for 49 runs, but.-. although a broad-based electorate may
Keith Boyce (51) and Collis King (80 well spell more democracy in future,
took the score to 175 when they -wer4 -* ----
both dismissed However, Barbados S 0 U T, i YV I E T A. M .S IGOI:
overb-luled the Islands total and A disorderly and. frightened- retreat,
were finally dismissed.for 211. A. y the South Vietnamese forces from
Robertsaand Hugh Gore. did the damage from the coastal plain ha.s practically
for the Islands. The Islands amassed -shattered. resistance against the :Com-
Smatch-winning 314 in their second tnists. U.S. sources admit that.more
inningsg, with Jim .Allen getting a than a million refugees may die be-!*
well-played 110. and' VEddy 30. Holde_ .ausQ. aid, cannot get to them, int timae
35/4 -ad Aurmstrong, 35/1. (Vice. Pres.Nelson. Rbokefellerj). Pros-
From the first ball faced in their ident Fbrd blames Congress, for not;
d innings, B dos were in trouble acceding to his demands for funds to
21id innIngs, Baffb1dos were in trouble: s n mia U
with Winslow Ashby bowled Roberts resde n msitary. aidU h .S.-bakewd
for a d.fkl they never recovered from detVa euhsA new.
for; a i they never~recveredro ~Gbt. of national unity will make
that early set-back ad continued to sth Cou t a a
terms with the Communistsafter- all
lose wickets at regular intervals un" these years of reistane, onslaught
til the 8th pair Keith Boyce and privation and. disorder, Sad outcomes
Gregury Armstrong battled for over an
hour after tea to give hope of a
draw for Barbados, with the advent, of THIS WEEK. WE HAVE EEN :HEARING -A.
the new ball just before the 20 overs LOT ABOUT MARTIN LUTHERB KING
Roberts, in 2 overs got the remaining .Death Anniversary April 4 (1968)
3 wickets to finish with 6/355 & Gore Here are some words he spoke at UW2 :
3/29. 'Topscorer was Nolan Clarke 39. Before the victory is won some more
LEAGUE Celtics United defeated Polie will be thrown into crowded and frus-
by 75 rins. Celtics scored. 160 and rating gaol cells, IBt we shall
143 runs, but could not have managed overcome. Before the victory.is won
those. totals but for Vincent Younis some more ill lose jobs here ,and
with 2 fine knocks of 37 & 43 coming there. Before the victory for bro-
in when Celtics were in trouble.. In-, -t`er1ood .is won somebody else will
the Ist innings from 80/1, Celti os probably face physical death,: Bt.
slumped to 8907. But with support if physical death is the pride that-
from Kentish (15) and Jarvis: (16 n.o,.- ,some must pay to free their children
real disaster was averted in the 2nd' and their white brothers frqm a perm*.
innings again from,-70/3 to 86/7, but .i ao at o f Rtherf ln-no"
again Younis pulled it off. Other sco-re .-: i-rie -4, U.iewan
27 & 32 and H.John Baptist 31. For Pojice; Pierre 5/39 & 2/28, B3-j aniel 3/37
& 3/2, E.John 4/27. Police :-.wplied with 125 and 1050,P rederiks 36.,an. 3ns
Printed and Piblished bv the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Copthall Mill House
Sat 26 Bath oad, oseau, Dominica, West Indies.

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