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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 03-07-1975
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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*.iJ 2 -

)OMINIdLCA'J uS aERT WVLMrI was oel(
Preridao t of the Ouild of Undergradu
'CAYV miLL Cami-u of tie UIJVESITY o
a7gSS INDit dcfited Ta Barbadiua
two -a'imeae s in the m ost vibrat,
IoectionleBrimg tactics uat Cav4o Hill"


-,- PHY'LLI.S ,S '"


CCharge Against Editor Dismissed
Ti ".AL&GD ',i"reaoy qof a bottle rf
,c jffe casu. 1 against the iitor of the
SSrTAi, Phiylias iUndt Allroy, .pending
) .. iince SeqSptQborr 26, 194, filly
sottlod nast aWdnesday, March 5, at 11
f.**M- ia th Roseau Magistrates Coart by
'. = 4diismisPaisl of the cIherg on the gruaids
Afterwards those a/l froys #said -that
thI y weri glad the case f wnt a ovor, -botih-
j having suffo~red dueo to insults .and in-,
eoavenicaccs evOn horning thoir GcdsoBn,
The Allfray.'s daughter, PWLiniu Slhand
S Siaiace, (ud Britiah ox -Comia o Col.
dtiaund Dowling of AmUbia, aore prasox t
in the Couvt for the hoarinig Aid said,.
thit it as worth flying O,0 00 silo
to 'b, present at the wail-conducted
trimmrf rcgprrlaes r u tdi i J*ost.The
"d rfirm. concerned in this police ease was
atos, dJ.Er.Nasaiefs Supermarket. Me Allf rey.
>f the was defended by Barristor M.E.Char-lon.

I .

:r]--~'--'-"r--------- ...
S'pplicatios Pre invited for the posi-
Tion of MAanager,. Dominica .Electriciy
Services. The undertaking operates two
1hydro and three diesel power station~
ia,.nd serves 8,500 consumers throughout
the Island.
Applicants should preferably be pro-
fessional engineers with managerial ex
periencc and knowledge at the electric
t utility industry would be an advantage.
SThe salary will be negotiable according
to experience and there are good fringe
I benefits.
II .Please write giving complete, but brief
Details, including qualifications, experi-
|ence,'ag and present renumeration to"
S.. .Caribbean Udlities Limited,
P.O. Box 172,

MSr. .C. LOBLACK was among tho first
. of.:soeoral to Itoint out that although
Radio DominicoC gave a mind-maorning norS
Slash concerning Mrs. Allfroy' a eroat,
not a word wa said about the verdict
Swich cleared her.

A Tribiite

ayTp 6 C au i5 Y

Premior Jorhn gavo a
radio talk on. pior. '
.sons cnasing trouble
at election laotinga,
Hi s own .wifo,0vl ua-
dersatand,eont up to.
Kinsgaill 11 pm.
SThrs, surrounded by,
a posse of toughest
diaturb a mtoetAngof.
Progressive Lbour,
Kingahila -Chairmanu
kilix Thoma was '
Just' ir.i.ig up.

our bolovedfriond' -
Miss Maggie Riviore a
a gracious aIdy and a
true doeocrat.R & P.A
-""I"' "*"r - i " "iii'i (- .4

Stirn .ameorson Jno aChar.los,
Eyedfops which Refre sh, Mt, i Or Ta et-
nse a nd sooihe the ,-es don't b.t a Lr, Gr:iunto.

1.-~- ~. I --- ---------

- I

SFrida Marh 7. 1 75

The& following is a full text of a letter sent out by the .Dominica
Civil Service Association to the three parties contesting the forthcoming
General Elections. Only one of the three parties, the.-Dominica Freedom
Party, has responded so far. No, response has been received from the
Dominica Labour Party or the Progressive Labour Party -The letters are.
reproduced ,for the information and guidance of civil servants and the
electorate in general., "
C.S.A. letter to all Parties 17th February,.1975
Sir/Madam, The dissolution of the House of Assembly. on Thursday 135th Febru-
ary, -1975 creates a situation in which every citizen and every respon-
sible organisation must concern 'itself With the very important "matter
of determining the destiny, of the State and Qof selecting individuals to
form the parliament and government of the country.
As the principal body in Dominica representing the interest of
public officers, the Doininica Civil Service Association has a role to
play in guiding its members in tlis most important matter,
in. an effort to discharge this, 'espotsibility in the best inter-
est, of the pub.ic service -and the State, the C.S.A., is requesting that
you state your position and-that of your party6n the following matters
which are of primary importance to the Civil Service Association:
S-1) What, is your party',s position on the ,question of Salaries Revision
S for civil servants and the maintaiiiance of dialogue between Govern-
ment and the Association on, this .matter?
_(2) 'What ia your party s.position on the rescinding of the Civil
Service Act?
(5) Wlhat is your party's position on the classification .bf the public
S service into, three categories for purposes of engaging.:in political
activity at Local- and Central Goverinnent.-level? :(.ee viBwp6int
(4) ~Vhat is your party b position on the 'Agency Shop' within the
public service?'
SWha-t is your party's position on normal :employer/employee relation-
ship between Government and the Civil Service Association includ-'
S ing the right of the Association to be consulted on matters affect-
ing conditions: of work before decisions; are taken on those matters?
(6) What is your party's reaction to thepreent motion of the
Public Service. Commission consisting, as it does of,, declared ruling
party activists with little or no civil. service experience or pro-
fessional trainingg,
(7) What is your Party's reaction to attacks bfi civil servants iby: '
SGovernment Ministers in the :House of Assembly and on tlhe i-tieal
Your reaction or lack of reaction to -the questions posed 'ih this
Letter will be published for the benefit of. the public service and the
electorate in general, i
Your response Twill also influence the. advice which the Association
will give its members at its Annual General Meeting on the 28th of
SFebruary, 1975, in respect of the use of their ballot in the forthcoming
General Election,
SYE- ours respectfully,
r ''p (Sgd.'). C.A.Savarin, General Secretary.
Freedom n P e p 28th Pebruary, 19758

In reply to your letter dated-17th February, 1975 we have the
following comments to make:.
1.. We have constantly suggested: that a permanent Cost of Living Index
be kept -- kept correctly and efficiently, and salaries reviewed in ac-
Scordance, with information obtained from the index. (con-td, i.)

Ii"rid~siv,'~arch i. i975 "

~f ~T ~Fi~!:

S' A.. R

Friday March 7. a975 T HE ST AR -A Page Three
DOM lIA CIVIL SERVICE ASSOCIATION (fr.p.2) Consideration would have to
be given, however, to Government's ability to pay the recommended increases;
bearing in mind, that as in all industrial relations, constant dialogue
must be maintained on both sides
2. We stand committed to rescind the Civil Service Act, and to provide our
own General Orders in keeping with the-present nedds of the State.
3. We recognize in principle, that the Civil Servant is first .and fore-
'most a CITIZEN of the State, and therefore his right to participation in
the meaningful development of the State cannot be denied. The matter of
classification for political activity will therefore be given'serious.
4. We appreciate, that non-members of the Civil Service Association gain by
the efforts of the Civil Service Association,. But we do not agree with the
establishment of an. "agency shop" since we believe ttere should be freedom
to associate or not, aand to pay- for such-association, -as the individual
5. We believe that the successful development of our country depends on
the productive relationship between Government and the Civil Srvice. We
also believe that efficient service- to the community should'always be the
dominant element affecting the Belationship between Government and the
Civil Service.'
6. We are not satisfied with the present composition of that important body,
consisting as it does of political activists.. We feel, that the Public
Service Commission by its vey nature, should be composed of. knowledgeable
people of proven impartiality and competence in such fields as, civil service,
-and. industrial relations among.others.
/. The Dominica Freedom Party conddmas attacks `on civil servants by minis-
ters in the House of Assembly.or or political platforms for' three main
1. It is against the. principles of the Parliamentary system, which
2 holds the Minister responsible for the decisions of Cabinet.
2 Because civil servants are debarred. from defending themselves
against such attacks., and
3. It brings the: service into disrepute and prevents a healthy and
loyal relationship between employer and employee,
.We .wish to emphasis that the opinions expressed above have been held
since the inauguration of the Party in 1968.
/ Yours truly,
S_ ._ (Sgd).. Eugenia M. Charles
PFellow Dominicans, quite a. few people are now going around the country
begging you to vote for them. They will promise any, and everything., know-
ing full well-that they will not be able.to keep one-tenth of their promises,
if any at. all
Remember, when you see Patrick John's 'blown-up picture on display that
he is a Shoe Labour Party man.up to the 'last eyehole of the tennis shoe..
Remember, at the last general elections the Labour Party, symbol the Shoe,
with E.O.LeBlane as leader, 'promised us that by now we would be much better
off, plenty of jobs with good pay, more schools, more: and better roads and
many many other things. Can you remember all the -promiseb that the Labour
Shoe arty ipa; five years ago?
Remember, ask yourselves., after fifteen years in.power what has become
of all -these promises, in what condition is: Bominica in today? Remember,
at the.la.st general election did he tell you that if you voted Labour your
water rate in the country districts would be raised from.J2.40 a year to
$34 and up a year? Reriber, did he tell you that if you voted for his
party he would increase the -number of constituencies from eleven to twenty-
one, an added burden on the already hard-pressed taxpayer? Remember,
didn't he deport Sister Rose who was doing dedicated work at the Infirmary,
promising that his government would train our own local people to take over,
and improve the conditions of the Iifirmary and its inmates -- what became
of that promise? (concluded page 8)

r SLK: *Vu .. ""-- ---- ________ i__--->-~--~PmTHE


Sche-,' D'f Application for Certificate of Title and Notings
thereon and Caveats for week ending 8th day of March 1975
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request whet I
er a Certificate of Title o
I eNotithereon or Caveat.
Request datedj Magnot Request for the issue
ihe 3rd day of Prosper of a First Certificate
March 1975 by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
Presented the Cilma A.M a portion of land at
4th day of Dupigny Wesley iptthe iarish
March 1975 of St. Andrew in the
Sat 3:20 p.m. St_ e of Domini s ca
c-ontaining 3a,8 c;3
s square feet and bounded as foollows-
North by land of Markslemofnd Harpes Sueth by land of
M4slyn Harper and Nieaoli St Armi East by land of Romat
SCtholic Church WeAs by a Public to ad
-Reij aes dated Lydiea Request for the issue
the. 27thh day Thompton of a First Certificato
of February 97y her Sici6to I of Tit; e in respect of
I 1975' Cihna A.M a portion of land at
Presented the Diupigny Canal situate in th
4th day-of village of Maasarite
March 1975 In the Parish of St.
at 3.35 p.n. Pa&l .in the State of
-Dominica 'abntaiianf
S22,716 squ4rea feet and bounded as follows*-
North by land of I.E. Nassief Seoth by oa ubilE Roa and
land of Jaoeph Lewis East by land of Allan Jno. Baptisti
Wet by land of Fl losse Oeb1i l
Request dated Ethel Request for the issue
13th November Robin of a New Certificate
1974 by her Solicit or.f Title in respect of
Presentd Vaenya & portion of land
4th ...rch Dupigny known as Hernaon si
1975- tiated at Wesley in
at 2.33 p.om. the Parish of St. An.
Sdiewi n the Statde -f
Dominica conritining
4.244 acres and bounded as folloiws:-i
North Land of Henry Arthur Robin Eaxt A Ra.
vine separating It frdm lands .f Preston David and
Jac6b Burnette Soith A Ravine separAtlog it 'from
land of Jacob Burnette West' Land of Christians
SRobin and a Road separating it from land of Adolphus
Robin .-- '*. . - .

Request dated Adolphus'
6th Novemberl Robin
1974 by his Solicitor
Presented. Vanya
4th March Dupigny
at 9.10'a.. .

Request for the issue
of a New Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land
known as Hermon si
tuated at Wesley in
the Pariah of St. An-
< .t__ CLL -'

Dominica conttaininag ar1ew mn e .,
2,699 acres an bounded as follows:-
North La Sore River NorthEast Land of
Arthur Joseph East A Road separating It from
land of Ethel obln South West La Soire River
and Ravine separation It from land of Handel Philitp.

Requestdated ITerrence Hill Application of Ter-
28 10 74 by his Solicitor rence Hill for.the is
Presented M.Eugenia, sue of a first certifi
at 12.05 p.m. pect of a portion of
S p.m. Charles cato titleonr
land known as a Re
identicall Lot at Coli
St Peter containing haut in the Parih of
640 square feet and hounded is follows
North West Lands of Edwin William North East Lands
f kdwin Willham South East Inds of Bewdlee Jules &
Etta Quolois South West Lan0ds of Munroe Green


containing 1120;
square feet and bounded as follows :
North 'Land of Preston Williams East Land of Maslyn Guiste
South Land Land of Luy Casimir North.West Land of nf *rr
Rgistrars Office tPiae F, CEGL
Roau...ET,-. Registrar of Tite i

NOTE, Any pr.tes wh dwetir t l o s a wl/t the Iu;lg of a'
CertliA t ifr f tFitle on the above apphcadionfmay center a Caveat
in the-above office within six weeks from the date cf the First
appearance of thls 6.schedule in he 5TA'R J-a P'rr pubilshe
Vn' thia St te os frcJni the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or ocraupLer of ad|nirn!
tand in respect of which the a'ppicl:oat.(k or1' Rudf,. ...d




*"> "y ^K. ,, .al*,. ^..*

Produced and Bottled in Great Britain by
Vine Products Limited, Kingston-Upon-Thames

For Naai Catarrh,
Colds in The Head, use


Schodulo for vook ol ing March 1, 197S
Request dated Bennie Guista Application of Ben- g
20 12 74 hy his Solicitor nie Guiste for the is
Presented M.Eugenia sue of a first certifi
26 2 75 Charles cate of uitle inrespect
-at 12.40 p.mr of a. portion of land
___--- knosn as a Lot at'
Carib Dlicesa in the
Parish of St Patrick




ill-~ I II I I 1 [



'*-- 17-,.-

?w~r ~P-ad


* Uo


Simare at HillsbOrough Sreet, Roseau#
748 quaree Feet-
A pply: M..Char~l 28 Old Street,
5 . ... .

S 9027 Square ! for housing and cultivation.
Situate at the southern end of
SSoufriere Village.
S-M.B.. Charles,
P.O: Box 12t,
or- 2 Old Street,
j iotecu, Domislca, -2


)That lot of land with building thereon
a simate at Upper Lane, in the Town of
SRoseau, in the Parish ot StlGeorge, in
the State of Domniica containing 483
square feet-
.) A portioau t hiand with building t.ere-
on known as a Residentiai Lot sitiate
at Upper Lane, in the Town ot Ropau
in the Parish ot St George, in the
State of Dominica containing io47
,_tare feet.
p A portion ot land known as a Residen
t'al Lot with building thereon situate
in the Town of Roseau, at the Corner-
ot Great Marlborough Street and Great
George Street containing 1405 square

14A portion, ot land with building there-
on situate at Hillsborough Street in the
Town of Roseau, in. the Parish of St
George, in the State of Dominica con-
tsdining 1674 square feet.
For further particulars ply to:
'Miss Vanya Dupigny,
6 Kennedy Avenne
Telephone No. 2887 .

GI@entlc me18AE LI I ANTS.co6Sany.

SApplications are ihvitedfrom suit-
ably qualified men for tdie post of
Trainee Executive with a view to
assuming the post of Manager on
completion of a training period.
2. Candidates must be Dominicans
with a good educational background
and several years commercial exez-
rience, preferably with a knowledge
of financial management accounmtig.
There must be a proven record :o .
administrative ability .
3 Salary and other benefits will be the
subject of negotiation and wil lde
pend on age, ability and experiCka~e.
Those possessing suitable qualify
cations, should write in the first ia-
stance to:
SThe Manager,
I East Caribbean Housing Ltd.,
C/o Dominica Mortgage Finance
: .Co. Ltd.,
'T .- -- -.'C --. ** ',

*HaRosear. S e *

ffit lit

S.W.B. 1973 x,o000 Miles
SGood Running Order.
$7,500 or Nearest Offer
Owner Leaving Dominica End of Marc h:
Serious Offers in Next Two Weeks Otly
Dr Thorne, Grand Bay: Tel. 8207
r .-wl h"

To the Magissrte Dist ."E" & Comaiss:.ais
S. of Police
We Fort Young Hotel Company, now residis-
as Rosenau Parish of StL George, do hereby
gye you a9tice that it is our intention to apply
at tie Magistrate' Court to be held at Roseau
on Wednesday the 2nd day of April, 1975, en-
suibgifor a HOTEL LICENCE in respect to
our premises at Victoria Street, Roseau, Parish
of St. George.
Dated the 5th day of March r975.



SHeadaches, Rheumatic Pains,
Periodic Pains disappear
SWhen You Take.
'*"fl rE


'ida;y Mareh 7" 1975

Brai~ FiPei;


StT*A*R*S*P*0-*R*T*B Morchriston,
CRICEET Like the first match, the-
secoi.'i and final test match between
the West Indies &:Pakistan ended in
another draw. However, in that match,
Lance .Gibbs, veteran off-spiinner I
claimed his 1,000th first class-wick-
et and at this stage is only eight
wickets short of 300 to become the
2n.d man to claim 500 test wickets,
Scores in the match: Pakistan
406/8 decld, and 256; Majid lhan, 100,
-Wasim Rajah 106, Sadig" ohawmed 98
n.o., .Asif Iqbal 77 & Safraz ~awa
58. West Indies 493 & i/0; Alvin
Kallicharan 115, B.Julien 101, Fredc
ericksa 77 & CLloyd& 73 *- a The 2nd
test, matchbetween England & New Zea-
land also ended in a draw after three
days were lost to ,rain & the rest dcy
had to be opted for play. Scores:
New Zealand 342; 4.Turner 98 & K. Wads
Worth 58. England 272/2;. D.Amisa 164
n.o. & M.Denness 59 n.o. However,
England won the 2-match series 1-nil.
Mike Denness was the only English
batsmani to score a 1000 runa on their
Austral ia.Vn/New Zealand tour. lHe scored
,1.13.2 runs.* LEGUE Police Shocks
Gutter Crowns; Police gained a sho:k-
ing inningss victory over Gutter Crovwn
is thL Augustus, Gregoire League as
.matches continued at the Botanical
'Gardens- last weekend, Gutter Crowns
batted first and were in trouble- fr ct
.the start, losing 8 wickets with-539
runs oh the board However the last
2 wickets pushed the : score to 82.
Police, consolidated their position
by scoring 160 runs. O.Daniel 34- &
R.Shillingford 38, Hubert ".lbotoo"'
John Baptiste finished with 8/37,
Gutter -Crowns in their 2nd- innings
crumbled for 32 to give police an in-
'tings & 46 runs win. For Police; E.
John' 3/19 & 4/13 O.Fredericks 3/28.
In the 'first of 2 trial matches to
select the Combined Islands team, the
Windwards won by 2W runs at Warner.
Park, St.KEitte Scores: Windwards 292
& 202 L.Sebastian 145 & I.Shilling-
ford 62. H.Gore 3/48, V.aiddy 5/4,0
& L.Stevens 3/33. Leewards 243 & 229
Michael Comache of Antigua 102, A.
Corriette 74, L.Stevens: 43 & V.Eddy
4 5. G.Shillingford 3/59, Hinds 5/64,
& 5/61 and N.Phillip 2/37.
FOOTBALL, At. Harlem, Loublere & Lower
Victoria Street played to a one-all
draw, the first drawn match on the
Harlem off-season. (after 19 games;)


FICtion AA TITIE Cynthia Watt
The General election-:was drdawing
nearer each days and meetings were
held at intervals. At one meeting,
held by the Freedom Party, a woman
heckler '(a pillar of the church) beo-
gan kicking up her legs and shouting
to the candidate on the platform "The
big shoe will kick you out!" She was
so rowdy that a policeman had to warn
Baby, Geoielia and Ma Titine were
all attending the Lenten Retreat at
'Pottersville. 'So far Father Alexander
was the Retreat Master, and-his open-
ing theme on the Sunday was WATER,
showing the use of water both material-
ly and spiritually in our lives. On
Monday. night his theme was WORK, and
went on to show how the slogan 8NARE'
BROTLER,- SHARE originated; how every-
one from the smallest urchin to the
adult all over the Caribbean adopted
that slogan. Well and good, said
Father, but we must not only share
butjworl, He also stated that we
must not work only fop ourselves but
for each other and our community as a
whole, also our State; how we must
involve. ourselves in our politics,
each one doing his duty by voting for
good leaders for our Government.i He
gave instances where he .himself was
criticized' for being too involved in
politics. We must at this time, he-
said think f ,the coming election
which is such a vital link in the de-
velopment of our country.
-"Wat he say bout pilgrimage an de
mony dey colIocktin is tre' -'bettah
people help de Informry- a2 de Lepah
Home." Babyy remarke d
Ma Titine agreed with her. Baby
then said, '"Look at de Christmas din-
Aiah you deed give de pooz...how much
oddah- people woood" do da-t?"
TAE WARING el Remeber, did
he tell you that if you voted for the
Shoe Party he would.raise his, salary
by 60%, and-' that he would' be -taking
home every montl $1,500, one -.thous-
and five hundred dollars of taxpayers.
hard-a4ar-ned_, moery? Remember, did he
tell you if: you Voted- Lay Bab, he wawld
abandon a sinking ship, with national
debt of millions and 'economy ruined,
after awarding himself by law a month-
ly pension of $800 and a "gratuity"'
f 4,13,500 -- your R
fre *you put ourn thlaoe

rIznted and Published by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey or uoptnai.- mI. nou O
at'26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.


'Gl-ytn Z -.-. 8iU l^'h r7 I Of7r

~-e--~I-- r; ,.