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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: 02-21-1975
Genre: newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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-.' / S.1 ^ "' '' ^l-g.,,,.,!-.,-'- ._
F/4/OR? T H0 TH I0 F

47' &^--

ea Si Si Magnue
The hT:'. ..able Premier nay or may
no't bow_: ",Ad goo- reason, to replace
.. :li.. i.,j as D deputy Prcmier and Min-
ir for Agdnculmur Trade and Natural
7Z.:&.ic::-. but cons.itutional1y he has

T'e e.p~inadon given by Mr. John in
ib, rad:, ~ rctdcast is that Mr." Edienne
.s be-en fioidng Cabinet instructions
:) cr a 'yer and that tht straw which
i the- camel's back was Mr.
Tiiee's meeting with Mr. Armour at
his, 'Mr. Etieknn.a s home.
Iursly Mr. jobhncannot mean that he
"' pr.ic cedi tallow a Minist-r to flout
Cabinve s i :Mictions for over a year but
r .rirl.y cing seen together wiih a
:=mr r Cabinrt(colleague i s an offence
ir- which a Miaister can be replaced, un
S; .lof cof:iO c the former colleague is a
^Seci~Ry Risk"-' and a.n enemy to the
: Es-. The mours '.circulating around
Saice-i LfKe the RPadio Dominica an-
"'-luncemCnt were that Mr. Etienne had
ca'.ied. Rad; Dominica however said
'hasi~ts was S~ .,d, While it is true that
A.c. ~tif-ne ;a& replaced, was he sacked
itr id he i Sgn? : ut.on pago 5 &4
1 H* .f ad$achp


BSf6 an cntuims-
instic crowd of
some 10,000 in a
r.ir opon-tir in-
vostituro, great
West, Indica Cric-
keter Sir Garf-lfd
soeeors. received
his atccoltad in
miad-wook, rom ir
)a(ajOptg' tho Queen.

Rhemnmatic Painis

Periodic Pains disappear
When You Take

Karate Specialist


FA:MOUS Japanoes-born actor
- K'Erato xpoonent T~IKO
SAZUa, 2s, aucccoing hias
friend the late Biruco .o,
: is tow. in Martinique stwar t-
Sing work on three films..He
hai auch charm that young
Itdioa follow hlim in' toh
streets of Frt do. fra ice
to ,soe hia fiao intel iUont
SPiil'o. *. '* .

LIAT ARRANGEMENT REACHED iem loovyingr: emQfy:,
in ort of a wy) TW very we1ll oDaoomod itlIios
( .i DA no "with grvo concern i thw or laid to rest after a joint
DAIM. noto "with gritv* corncoru tlto af tor ithjin
result of Govt.,WALW & LIAT's re-. voral at tho Cathodral',Thur
cout mMetiang decrying "hasty ill- O Mrs. Clara Groon was the
eg i strike action", othr of Dr. Bily OGrooN the
WhAt of the fate o. 3 lad-off' o'tlor i'Cordolia Jolly, wa
.orkors? WAW has inco issued the Pb isher a oldest friend ii
orkorr?. WAW line since issued. linit ritoa r ...
"if fte a statement. lMattr unroso 'ini. The rit wore Toy
r. L M Mtat uttifwui, ad fully atteta4,4

2iIL RL A A P A'lTRI 1JO W go.
.~lr~~qaa rr-u~nrrrmDOE 6,~~,~_-l=~~~ ~=~-;;--.~

:, - ~.

L **/

' I Arltlt' Alt CDr.;

,vok v i
VOTE 16m

I -r- ~I~LII~ULU

I:, snnr~w ~LLr~LI


BFriday, FebruRny 21. 1975.

-THE STAR Pare *--3--C--

Last month, the prestigious
'Financial Times, one of London'smost
highly regarded daily newspapers,
carried a special survey of Caribbean
Banking. Noting that "for the first
time a world recession is not drag-
ging all the Caribbean down to the-
level that it might once have done,"
David Bell writes the introductory
article under the headline "Some.
Bright Spots in: a Difficult Year."-,
In it he notes:the influence of the
commercial banks --and development
banks:'as well --.: in helping the re-
gion to withstand the pressures. In
particular, he singled out Barclays
Bank International Ltd., which pro-
vided 60% of the -loans made to agri-
culture. in the region, and which had
initiated two important services not-
previously provided by commercial
S-"Barclays," he revealed, '"has set
up a special unit for small business-
men 'both to-advise them and to give
the baak a clear idea of their needs
and their problems before advancing
money. This project gives every sign
of being successful. They have also
appointed- .wo agricultural officers
to assist new agricultural projects
in the region, an important:,move in
view of the fact that the.enormous
rise in world food prices has made
all area governments urgently aware
of the need to be more self-sufficient
in food production."
Mr. Bell also pointed out the ad-
vantage to the Caribbean of having,
branches on the islands which have
the full backing o, an international -
organisation such as Barclays, adding,
However, that banks "cannot be expect-
ed to shoulder all the burden" of
Observing that the desire of most
6f the CaribbeaA nations to acquire
control of banking operations has
waned, James Scott, Toronto correspon-
dent, relates the difficulties-which
those banks which sought local parti-
cipation have had in selling shares
to the public; it isi not the top
priority it once was "in either
Jamaica or the other Caribbean coun-
tries." In fact, he claims, the
Barbados Government has indicated
that it much prefers to have branches
on the island that are direct members:
of big international corporations.

CA= CMEOUTS by W.S. Stevens
Mr. Patrick John has appeared in
a swift series of political situations,
viz: --his London visit .highlighted
by his countrymen's. demonstration
against his regime and laws; his
report of success' in a new timber
industry; his monster housing project;
his silence over budgetary aid from
the British Government which he so
badly needs; his meeting, the people
of Maricot with promises of all that
he and Mr. LeBlanc had denied them
for years;- and his dissolution of
the House of Assembly as an anti-
climax to a very good carnival.
When in January 19-51 Mr. Baron
lost in the General Election, the
Labour Party found a Budget prepared
and quite a few projects in hand
which required little modification
by a new Government.
Now in February 1975 there is no
Throne Speech, nor Draft Estimates.
But the House is dissolved with 1001.
promises not embodied even in Draft
Estimates for 1975.
Premier Patrick John certainly
sprang, a. surprise on prospective
party or independent candidates, But
the great question is: are Domi ans
prepared to launch out for five yrs
on bare promises after the five dread
years through which they have weath-
ered a political storm uirmsall3ed in
their island's history?
Already liquor is flowing freely;
money hand-outs are passing under the
table; political crookedness is being
glorified and some. are preaching .
"Man, let us forget the past and put
the government back into power."
There is no indication yet that a
Pundit will bathe the TViWETY ONE
candidates whom the Labour Shoe Party
is putting up-for election. But the
scenes in this political melodrama
will have to move with unusual speed.
- nomination day is March'3 and Mini-
ster Etienne was suddenly 'sacked'
for allegedly conspiring and we know
not what else. -- W.S.S,

Fiction MA TITIiNE by Cyhthia Watt
The Carnival was over, and once
more people had settled down to every-
day., life. It had been a very enjoy-
able, acciden.t-and-quarrel-free Carni-
val. One. band especially, the Merry-
makers, brought back the nostalgia of
long by-gone Carnivals. (concld.. 7.)


STAR Page 3Sg-..



- .4.-

-t . -'


Fr'derick, Don-ald Coi.gh n
A,-chbishbp o1 ('mntcrhurv.

In loving memory of our dear mother who
passed away 20th February 1968.

"Deep in our hearts a memory is kept
Of one we love and we never forget"
F- From her loved ones

In loving memory of
who passed away on zo-273
"We. cannot have the old days back
,When we were all together,
SBut secret tears and loving thoughts,
Will be with us forever.,
-Mother, Sisters Brother & Aunts


i -The Eyedrops which Refresh
Cleanse and soothe the -Eyes


Friday Febr.ary 21 197



In the Final Analysis Third World Countries have proved that
DEVELOPMENT is possible through CO-OPERATION


A Young Creative DOMINICAN

Business SHARING in the


In its own little way
is.seeking ways and means
of creating more



Agricultural Exports through weekly:


l Ye RIN E Giving SOLID Support tothe Sma ll but Growing
Local Garment Manufacturing Industry
IBY. TRIN SEE PrQmoting Devudopment of a Local Toys Industry

In its own little way
BIY T IR IN E A is seeking ways
,,,- .,-( J .


PaMe -" e
French Secretary of State for Cul-
ture, Monsieur Michel Guy,: explain-
ing the reasons for his. recent visit
to Caribbean French-speaking islands,
said in reply to a barrage of quest-
ions; put to him in Martinique;
The French Antilles have the sort.
of special characteristics'that make.
them a symbol of what 'cultural
regionalism' should be,
'I dd not believe in a culture im-
posed from outside, an "official cul-
ture" deriving from a central source.
A people must work out its own cul-
tural policy -- with our financial
help, but according to its own wishes.
The Minister revealed a plan to
construct a Training Centre for art-
istic research at Trois Ileta (birth-
place of the Empiess Josephine), in
close collaboration with the Univer-
sity. He then replied to specific
questions as follows:
TTE Q) The Musicians of Grenoble
have just been part of an experiment
with the. help of Erance-Antilles andi
Pierre Lucette, Will they make a
return visit? '
(A) That is up to you. Mi
kind of experiment could well be
TQT. We have a great many por-
nographio films and cowboy movies
here. They are partly responsible
for the growth of crime. What can we
do to counteract these pernicious
(A), the whole quest ion is un-
der review by the Government so I
cannot really comment at this stage,
But we hope to be able to mnke avail-
able copies of top-quality films.
suitable for showing in both Cine-
Clubs and public cinemas. This should
go some way towards counteracting the:
effects of the rubbishyy films' you
so rightly denounce.
S (Q) How would you define
Caribbean culture in the. French-
speaking islands?
(A) Others are.better quali-
fied than I to define it. But I would
say that it is by a mixture of the
traditional (architecture,handicrafts
etc.) and the contemporary (music,
dancing, theatre) that the Antilles
will make its own special contribute e
to our civilisation.

3TR-rd?2 S

*riday ,tesbuary: 21,, 15

3 T A

A SHAMELESS LOT by Magnus ().
SThese observations skirt the more
fundamental matters which the people
of Dominica need to concern themselves
with at this time. It is claimed
that it is the party system which is
in operation in Dominica. To my way
of thinking a party is much more thae
a9 collection of individuals hastily
drawn together for purposes of con.-
tatin a- Generad Dllj^et*ion s<-^^""'
Il 1970 we saw a split in the
Dominica Labour Party which resulted
in the sweeping of the bottom of the
barrel and the presening of 33 party
candidates as followsl- L LeBl.ane
Labour candidates, 11 pominica Labodur
Party candidates and 11 Freedom Party
candidates contesting the 11 elected
seats. in the Eouse of AzsSmbly.
The election results gave the
LeBlanc Labour 8 seats, the IFeedoin
Party 2 and the Dominica Labour Party
1. Of the 8 successful: LeBlanc Labour
Party candidates, the political leader
Mr. Le8lanc resigned, after making.
little or npo ivt ve ontribu ton
teda selection 0 7fte
edae o hi la resin ion. -
Messrs.Armour an~ Etienne Jhave been
thrown out one way or the ,other and
only Patrick, Christian, Leslie, John
Royer and Shillingford are left.
This in itself is bad enough, but
the worst part of it all is the facj
that the Party from which the Governa
ment draws.its strength is also in
The Executive Com'nittee was split
in two over the undemocratic grab .,k..,.
the party leadership ma e by Patrick
John and his southern group, and even
now that a veneer of legality has been
put on his usMwpation of the leader-
ship, the Infig4ht.g comtiues in the
"RUMP -that remains. -
Mr. John has said that he does not
want any 'dead wood' in his party. It
means that Leslie, John R6yer and
Shillingford. are outcasts. Christian
cannot be regarded as good planting
material and cannot escape being re-
garded as 'dead wood' in every sense
and meaning of the word. So what have
we left.?
The party membership (if there is
any such thing) does not appear to have
any say whatsoever in party affairs
uad the Political Leader can stay in
Roseau and say that N. .X is the can-
tidate. for constituency Y. When the
candidates so aected are all big-deal
mart -ALecs, .., (continued ok p-,8)

Tage SIXT Frida b r 4

S.Acre of land at Montine Grandbay
suitable for erection- of building,
Apply: M.E.Charles, 28 Old Street,
P.O.Bozs t, Domii aa.

1 : For Nasal Catarrh,
Colds in The Head, use
t~aM~t~iiaiixiaj7e a LJgaia7a
i ,- ,


I 9hu- ..It

SProduced and Bottled ir. Great Britaia by
Viie Pro duct Limited, KXngton-Upon-Thamres

Schedule of Applcation for Certificate-of Title and Notings
th o-TV,"ti-e ats for weelcending 8th day of February 1975
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
r, a Certificate of Title'of
Noting therean orCa^ t.

Request dated
25 10' 73
13 2 75
i.a-t 10.07 a.m.

b Ls

a Application of Ca-
,aetheE race 'Leatbam for
eolicitor the issue of a first
uglenia certificate of titla in.
Carle respect of .a portion
eM o f land at Robm aoia
in the Pariah of St
Georg. containing
1.44 acres and 'ue
ded as follows

North East tBranch lRr Bt L'an North Wett" Land
.f Marie Hypoite. South Lend of Masris Hypolite *
South East. Lahd claimed by .Adam islei andl Branchaf
River Blanc

Request dated
S 2 73
13 2 75
at 10.17 a.rn. .

Marie Fr
ca Jorda
by her So

ededir,. Application of Marie
.n naes Fredorica Jordon
chard nee Richard for the
licitori issu of a first certifi-'
igensa. cate of title in r'- -
hartes pect of a portion of
___41 lan d known as Resi--
ential Lot in the Vii-
la. ge of Pointe Michel
.in the Pariah of St
Luke containing I598
square- feet and bousn-
ded;cs follow '

North- West handss of Albert Pettfer North Fast slnds of
S-Haijze John-Lewis and ,Clemencia Thomas South & Sautpi
East By a Public Road to Aberiteen

Raqueti dated Cotra Elcok' Request for ihe issue
the 21st day by her Solicitor of a First Certificate
of January Cilma AM of Title in respect of
1975 Dupigny a portion of land 'at
Presented the h Mari'ot in the Parish
6th day of of-St. Andrew in the
February -197 State of Dominica eon-
at.3.40 p.m. training 7120 square
"--feet and bounded as
North East by land. f Romain James, North West by a Pub.
lic Road South East by hrnd of Gerald Dorsette, South
West by land of Hizeklah Joreph,

Registrar's Office,
Roseau. Dominica,

Registrar of Titles

NOTE: Any pi-rson who derto to object to. 0ih1 tiuing oi **
Certlflcataof title on the- above applicatlot may enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks fi'm the date of the First
appearance of this schedule .r the STAR Newsoaper published
In this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was fast served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land in respect of which the applicatiord.is nade.'



them all




tt. ,
; _.1_ ~I1I -----------------~sa;


Friday February-14 1975

P--- 0


fVnri^tdfflr *'Mir ajiurrcr^

nuA;ul .~g,~ ~,, ,~tL,,.,,.. la7C



'.. .: B t s '


mgn ____ j. A1 il_ FebruA 21i 1-975

Page ^'

The CGSA has sent seven important questions to leaders of Dominica's
political parties, requesting replies:"
(1) What is your party's position on the question of Salaries Revision for
civil servants and the maintainance. of dialogue between Government and
the Association on this matter?
(2) What is. your party's position on the rescinding of the Civil Service
(3) What is your paity's position on the class;ifi6ation of the public ser-
vice into three ca.tgorie.s for purposes of engaging in political acti-
vity at Local and Central Government level?
(4) What is your party"s position on the 'Agency Shop': within the public
(5) What is your party's position, on normal employer/empioyee relationship
between Government and the Civil Service Association,including the
right of the Association to .be consulted on matters affecting conditions
of work before decisions are taken on those matters?
(6) What is your partyjd reaction to the present composition of the Public
Service Commission,consisting as it does of declared ruling party acti-
vists with little or no civil service experience or profseional train-
(7) What is your party's reaction to attacks on civil servants by Govern-
ment Ministers in the House of Assembly and on the political platform?
The Gen. Sec. adds that "reaction or lack of reaction" to the
questions will be published.,

T H E .C M I N G E L'E C T I 0 N S by Hugh"
When I wrote my letter to the STAR late last year asking voters 'og
to vote for any male candidate, as we.see men today-are plaiting, their hair,
whilst women are cutting theirzand wearing, pants, I had no idea that 1.975
would be named 'Women's International Year'. I am still waiting to hear that
in every constituency there will be a woman- candidate, whether independent or
otherwise, standing for 'election, I also wish to see that in,the 21 consti-
tuencies candidates will be those born and.bred in the areas.. Women are
definitely on the move, as we can see.;one in the United Kingdom overthrowing
Mr. Heath who was leader of the opposition: She may 'one day become the next
Prime Minister of Britain.. -- H.L.

MA TIT.Ii'E (fr.p,2) On Ash Wednesday,
.Baby.had turned up at Ma Titine's
with a bruised cheek and a cut lip.
"What's wrong Baby?" Ma Titine had
enquired solicitously, for they had
all parted the night before-with no
accident occurring to either-of.them,
"Garcon!" Baby exclaimed,, "you not
bong to drown in de sea or in de river;
you can drown in a basin of water right
in you home. When I reach home, I go
an unhook de window dat always .giving
trouble to open. I olime on de chaih
an forgetting one of de legs deeden
Good, barn.. I craA hon de window-sill..
Dat ting hut me She laughed. "All
dat in de game."

MA TITIIiE (concld.) It was now. a
week later and when Genelia and Baby
visited Ma Titine on Monday evening,
all the talk as about the forthcom-
ing elections.' There had been a
split between the Premier and the Min.-
ister for Trade & Agriculture who was
sacked for being in the company of a
splinter group, and for sugar busi-
ness, so they said. Then there was
the affair of the opening of the
Roseau Boys School (officially), al-
most six months after .its.-unoffi.e-ial
openingg. As one-remark that-Baby.
gave," Is a good--tingde white man-
can't see de difference between a
school and a.prison."

~i~-~i~a~r_ PFbxrlr~aauv 21, l~?f

0rn' A. "P

m T-T "

iS2T A i___ Frid-ay _e ruar. 21. 1975
*T*A*R*S*P* T "tcsTtokz A ?l?38 T fr. 7.5 ahaTg )
bRICKET Pakistan/VWest ~.die.s aw city. types with little- or n9 relation-
The first test match between the sap with 'the .people, then we must ask
touring West Indies and Pakistan ourselves where is the socialist
played at Lahore ended in a draw,but labour party? Where is the party for
.not before Leonard Baichan of Guyana the little man, the barefooted man,
became the tenth West Indian to scoie the man who labours? Obviously, there
a century in his debut match 105 n.o. is no true labour party. Instead
Pakistan batted first and were there is a collection of individuals,
skittled out for 199i Andy Roberts a team of opportunists hiding behind
claimed 5/66. West Indies in their a common names, a slogan and a symbol.
turn at the cease did not do much. It is because of this lack ,f. sin-
better, just topping the Pakistan cerity, this lack, f ideas and ideo-
total to be all out for 214. Alvin logy, lack of cohesion, and drifting
Kallicharan got a fine 92 n.o, and away from ,the ordinary man in the
V,Holder 46. Safraz Nawaz finished street to hobnobbing .with P.I.P. meer-
with 6/89. chants and other smiartmen by the rul-
Pakistan declared their 2nd inn- ing labour party, that, the party sya
ing ; closed at 358/7, leaving the. tern has come utder attack.- Anybody
West Indies. to get 344. victory.Mu r~1 can become a labour party candidate if
Mohammed got 123 runs, Asif Igibal 53, Patrick says so;.Sno screening,, no
oAtlof 60'n. o. Roberts 4/121 and nomination by party members, no preli-
Holder 5/69. minary contest at all,
West Indies in their 2nd innings Is this what a party stands for in
:were 258/4. -*LBaiehan 105 'n0., C. Dominica? Assuming thatMr. John aen
Lloyd .83 and Eallicharan 44. find 21 persons sufficiently shameless
:.The firstttest match, between to agree to go up as labour party can-
Englrand and New Zealaid started yes- s didates, can it trulv be said that they
terdej. By the end of the second are party men? Labour party members,
day's play, England had. scored 593/6 the few still ia~qgted s ed to take a
declared, Skipper Mike. -4esnes and- long hard look at their party and ask
Keith Fletcher got their second cocu themselves some questions, Are they
secutivie -test centuries 181 and sending up. party candidates br. a numn-
.16 respectively. New Zealaid by ber of independents without the guts
close of play were 350/(. to face the polls as individuals, all
FOOTBALL, The Windsor Park off season masquerading under the party, symbol?
league started asa planned Sat, 15th MAG1JUb
with short addresses from Mr. R.StHI. Sgj EK: UI-,EPT PROMISES by Kelv n
Shillingford, Perm, Sec. Home Affairs Francis; also an Obiit. ''"Appreciation
Mr. A. Riviere and Councillor Rupert of Lucilla (Winifred) Aifreddby W.S.S.;
.Sorhaindoi.. Sec, of, the off season and. 'Carnival 75' by H.Lawre-lce.'
committee, Trevor Bertrand, was chair-
man. The Premier, 'P.RJohn, met the p A D I C wiches to express its
players of ,the few teams on parade THAS t the Calyp.onians, the Car-
and made the 3ick-off in the opening nival Queen Oontestant.sand theP .
match, Upper Goodwill vs. Cel-Iensa sponsors .the Iband organizers, the
Uppei Goodwill won the trophy for. P, e oney Combo L'Hommes Steel Band,
best dressed team. *hne openingg the several Lapaud .Cabzit, drummerel d
match which was refereed byr Gifford the many other persons whot helped to
'Hoswe" Toussaint, chairman of the off-, ma CarniO 19pr in' the North an
.season league, ended in a 2-all draw. enjoyable and incident-free festival
-At half time, Upper Goodwill led 2- in the 'Tovjdn of Portsmouithf. '
nil, both goals scored by Jeoffrey --
Lawrence, but a penalty which was con LATE jEWS FLASIHES: The Carib ChAef
averted by Ericson Christopher and a as Clem Irederick has joined the
defence mishap levelled the score for Progressive Labour Party according
Cel-Kena. .* In"6ther match played to a authoritative souro, aand wta
Strugglers defeated Kensborough 3-1, paer eir atform r
_a speaker onl .their p ,atform recently.
W.I. BARON Lord Pitt., of Hamjpstead M Teiporary PEM T ,
.: visiting Barbados for. two weeks. o '~atr a bhas asime -this Rpoga .
____ ..... Chritia ,, ,ume hj, ,et

Prjated and Published by the Proprietor R.E. Allfrey of G'Coithall Mil Hou
at 286 Bat2xRoad, Rosma', Dominica, West Indied.