Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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'$^ *Jj-Lt^tei^ .

Y~h IL
;j^ ox,. Doll
"cj.r~ 'C1 i 2Editor PL- ^ L=

78 ST, r.
APR 30 sO )^t1
Mt'iititr 4orOwr-
(See pagej&


SThe week was shadowed by the sudden death
of an American belongedr' that gentle, just
and well.oved businessman Gus Smith, whose
mother and 'sstrt are both buried here in Domi-
Snica. Our condolences go out to his wife, family
Lad friends.

Heath out-
Af ter the firs a ballot 'or load.orehip of'
Britain's ConservatiVe Party, Mr. Edward
Hoath resigned after being soundly beaten
b cex-Fducation Minister Margarto Thatchor.
bur men are jostling to defeat iher in the
second and final round.

was decided to invite the Christian Brothers
(wib hlad more or loss boon chased out of the
school after certain incidents) to come back
to Dominica and resume teaching.
This oxcollont move was backed by many
of the students, and we understand that the
appropriate Approaches will be mado.

House and Lot at -Marefdh
Apply: M.E.Charles, 28 Old Street,
P.O.Box i2.x, Dominica.
. I



For too long our Assembly has been
without a member to replace retired E.,0
LeBlanc at Colihaut.: The situation is
highly undemocratic a by-election is
ntededd AT ONCE,


.that Govcrnamnt in 'about t1 onae,:t log-
.Preerremteturned Jfrom London iaration dted back to 188, the pur-
on Monday having signed away 12,o000 pose of which is to deprive Hakim Gor-
acres Of Dominica's rain forest (for 2o don and probably many others of their
year') in a "pmmlership"' w ti i Kahn property rights, yhich denies a clause
Timbers Ltd. to "revitalize- the timber in in thOe iminica constitution. -
er The meanOness of the now draft law is
d~strs Whether the provisions for that is retroactive to nearly 100 yonrs
conservation are specific in- the contract back: even Grantley Adwams in his h y;ay
or to be detailed later" we do not know: would not have thought tup a law like iti
we know th work is Scheduled to start Title: "An Act to make provision in
on June x: We understand that until that the law relevant to conveyancing and law
.-:3C either partners to the agreement can of property"; thus -' "Whore words of
back out: we realise that."authorised ca- limiation ard necessary they are no
pial of a million dollars"' is not a million longer required states the Abc. So
ollrs. in te ha knw t people who may have owned property on,
dollars inm me hand we know that there the basis of the present law may wakar
1': be ito public discussiJn not debate up one morning to find they haven't
in the House of Assembly; and that's all got it any longer.
that is known. ... .
We also cealise that the words "a mril- At i tRSTIM BO HER
'haviBe i a "law APPEdt 7v C R/ST/N4 PROTWERS
lion dollars" have-been bedazzling a law-
yer, a civil servant, a car- salesman and a COME BACK TO S.M A.
green politician for nearly a year. Ai a meting' of the Pareht-Tachers Assoe.
( More ohn Spector on page 8) of 3St. Mary' Ac(adly a few d&yay ago, it


Page TwO THEI s T A R.__ FridJ February 7. 1975
Former Deputy Premier Roaald Armour was. branded a traitor to the working
class and to the Dominica Labour Party following his expulsion from the
party on 6th August 1974. A lead article in the Educator of Wednesday 7th
August, 1974, accused Mr. Armour of Egotism, Conceit, Opportunism and Deceit
with the words "THE UGLY FACE OF TRiEACHERY" printed beneath a photograph of
Mr. Armour which appeared on the front page along with the lead article
referred to.
It is a matter of public record that along with Mr. Armour a number of
Executive Committee -nembers of the Labour Party protested at the manner in
which Mr. Patrick John was made political leader. This in itself cannot be
considered a treacherous act as any member of a democratic organisation (and
the Dominica Labour Party professes to be democratically run under the dict-
atorship of the political leader) can protest if decisions are arrived at and
action taken on vital issues in an undemocratic fashion.
The act of treachery and deceit which can be laid at the doors of t.e
detractors of the Labour Party is the setting up of the rival Progressive
,LaboiurParty. Obviously the fight for leadership has been carried outside
of the party and no self respecting, organisation would countenance such a
challenge from former members. In the election campaign ahead the Sominica
Labour Party will, therefore, see the Progressive Labour Party as its majorr
enemy and vice-versa. That is not to say that both branches of the labour
party will not be campaigning against the Dominica Freedom Party and any
other party. or individual contesting the forthcoming elections.
In the light of the conflict surrounding the choice of a Labour candidate"
for the Portsmouth Constituenoy (Star 25th January 1975) the questions which
are being asked by labour party members are as follows: Was Armour alone in
objecting to the leader*.ip of Mr. John? Was Armour alone in establishing
the Progressive Labour Party? Was Armour alone in criticising the activi-
ties of the Roseau gross bougS: inside the Labour Party?
'It is al; well and good if for its own reasons the party chose not to ex-
pel. Michael Douglas and others who, along with Armour, went around the coun-
try stirring up'party members and the electorate generally against the leader-
ship of Premier., John, as long as nobody. forgets that there are still traitors
in .the party and on the Executive Committee,
Blood, it is said, is thicker than water. Michael Douglas is Ronald
Armour's brother-in-law. If Michael could side with Armour against the
labour party once, he can do it again. The people of Portsmouth and of
Dominica are watching Premier John to see if he is going to announce an
alliance with the Progressive Labour Party by naming Michael Douglas as the
Labour Party Candidate for Portsmouth.
As far as .theelection results for the'Portsmouth Coistituency go. it does
not reRllv matter whom the labour parties put up. Fifteen years of emnty
prdmises is more than enough and the people of Portsmouth want a change,
Charles Savar in and Perry-: Aloid represent the peoples-' choice for 1975. The
other candidates will. simply_ make the caoaqign more interesting.
The Labour Party, however, must be concerned with its image as well as
with election results and what Mr. John may be overlooking is that Mr.Leslie
had to defeat Mr. Robert Douglas (Michael's father) to win the'Portsmouth
seat for the Labour Party. Mr. Robert Douglas is, and always has been, bitter
at the fact that a man like Leslie could defeat him in an election. He has
not forgiven Michael nor Ronald for that matter for flirting with '"a bunch of
numskulls',' his favourite description for the Labour Party. The Bouglas'
simply do not like the Labour Party and the $10,000 has not changed that.
'Michael, however, will 'Join with the devil himself in his quest for power.
To.Labour Party members in Portsmouth and Dominica, Michael Douglas is an
Armour man. If he really wants to contest the elections let him go up as a -
Progressive Labour Party candidate. To replace Leslie with Michael is to
give a slap in the face to Mr. Le:sle who though unable to do anything for
Portsmouth has been used by the party for over" fifteen years. Party members
Watch Px Bouce tg see if the Labour Party will send strong candidtet
maybe premier ohn.l against denie ArUmour. Is the ugly. ace of eachery
that of the Labour Party?

tO ,. 'T. STAR .... .. ..,.


Commonwealth Development
Commonwealth Development Corporation
wish to recruit on behalf of their associated corn
panics suitable qualified persons for the follow-
ing positions:-
Applicants should possess an accountancy quali
fiction and be members of one of the recognized
professional bodies. Professional, commercial or
industrial experience is desirable but considera-
tion will be given to newly qualified applicant ts.
Initial appointments may be on two year
contracts with industrial/commercial opganis-
tions in the Eastern Caribbean where the appli-
cant will gain experience in all aspects of modern
management accounting systems and controls
with the opportunity to introduce new adminis-
trative procedures.
An attractive salary and conditions of ser-
vice will b e given which can include medical
benefits, children' education allowances, hous-
ing car allowance and terminal gratuity for short
term contract employees.
Students who have obtained 5 "GCE* 'O level
passes (including mathematics and English lan-
guage) and 2 'A' level passes, or who have ob-
tained similar educational standards so that they
become registered students of one of the recog-
nised professional accountancy bodies, are invit-
ed to apply for these posts. Training and educa
tional assistance will be given to successful ap.
plicants to fit them for senior posts in the ac-
counting and administration fields. Applicants
must have the ability and desire to study for pro-
fessional examinations and will at the same time
gain valuable practical experience.
Applicants are invited from persons wishing to
pursue a career in engineering in diesel and hy-
dro electric power stations, and electrical trans-
mission and distribution systems, including the
management and administration of such systems.
Successful applicants will gain familiarity
with present installations and will have opportu-
nities to work on new plant in named and un-
named power stations, as well as spares and
stores definitions and inventory control for gen-
erating equipment and transmission and distri-
bution systems Applicants will be expected to
develop management techniques and should be
able to control and direct staff.
Preference will be given to chartered engin-
eers, but applicants with other recognized quali-
fications will be considered for these positions.
Applications for the above posts should be T
made in writing giving curriculum vitae to THE ,



,f "A1


Produced and Bottled in Great Britain by
Vine Products Limited, Kingston-Upon-Thanes

:..k*~T-.~L, ~;;;;;T;l)f

Friday February 7 1975




Fiction MIA TITIJE by Cyhthatt T H E C. S. A.
The following week, Ma Titine was SERVING THOSE WHO SERVE
surprised by a visit from Hon. Pat There's one thing certain about
Nathaniel. Civil Servants: most Dominican fam-
"Well, well,"-he said in his bluff ilies have at least one, many have
and blunt manner, "you didi'nt expect more than one, and all hope to have
a visit from me enh?" as many possible.
Ma Titine showed her surprise,but Messengers, Postmen, Doctors,
she seated him in the best armchair Teachers, Nurses, Magistrates, Fire-
and then waited to hear what this men; Policemen, Office Workers, Watch-
visit was all about men, Office Cleaners and Public Works
"Election propaganda is hot in the Employees are all Civil Servants.
air". He sprawled in the chair and Even if you are not a Civil Servant,
taking a cigar from an expensive our son or daughter, mother or -
looking case asked "May I smoke?"' father brother or sister, uncle or
Ma Titine nodded and he continued, aunt, godfather or godmother, cousin
"Don't have to ask which side you're unrieds and neighbours may ery well
on," Then pulling a document from en.
his briefcase he said, "fhis is not The Civil Service is there to serve
strictly ethical, but I know you are you.
a discreet person. Well this paper Civil Servants, however, are work-
is 'from your son-in-law donatiag ing people just like you who have
two beds to the Princess Margaret commitments to meet at the end of
Hospital. Fine gesture, ain't it?" the month. As working people, Civil
Ma Titine had been eyeing him with Servants have organized themselves
questioning eyes; she took the letter into a trade union, the Civil Servio
he handed her and read it closely. Association. Government have passed
"Well that's fine of him...Steve & lawthe Civil Service Act, to jail
is a wonderful boy, although your some civil servants who join the
good friend Ancine has been spreading union,
some dirty rumours about him." Government have also passed laws
"My good friend!" Pat Nathaniel to jail Civil Servants who protest
expostulated, "surely you should Ikow or demonstrate
I don't meddle with that woman again And now Premier John, as Head of
She'snAnd now Premier John, as Headm of
She's not in my"s quite a Government, has failed to reply to
long time." C.S.A. letters dated 17th October,
Just then, Baby and Genelia arril. 1974, and 14th January, 1975, on the
Imagine their astonishment: Pat question of pay for Civil Servants.
Nathaniel ensconced in Ma Titine's Premier John is: provoking Civil
best armchair: But they greeted him Servicem rotstni Civil Service demon-
conventionally as "Honourable" and strationc ~ad5 Civil Service strike
after some small chat, he left. action. he Dominica Civil Service
"Enbenh," Baby remarked dramatic- Associ atlon is fighting for those
ally, "I nearly drop wen I see Pat Civil Servants.
heah. Well well, wondahs nevah seese. The CS.A. is there to serve those
Wat he reahly come see you bout?" who are there to serve you.
Ma Titine told them what his visit
was about and then they began discus- UMIVERSITY OF THE WEST liNDIES
sing the "class war" which was given EEiTRA.ACE EXUAMII ATIOi FOR BACHELOR OF
such spread in the Government news- EDUCATION & CERTIFICATE INi EDUCATIOiN
paper. COURSE 1975/1976
"Wat I wan to 1kno," Baby said em- The attention of all interested per-
phatically, "is how day judging dis sons is specially drawn to the fact
ting. So all of dem is low-class an that the above-named examination will
we is high-class! An why it soch a be held at the University Centre on
complement to be low-class?" Friday 14th Feb. commencing at 9 a.m.
__-_-_---------- -_-----_--_ Candidates will be required to
sit the following papers:- Certificate of Education
Bachelor of EducationL
Paper I Adut teligece Tst hour Paper I Adult Intelligence Test -
Paper II English It 1 hours 1 hour. (This will be the
Paf^er II Enlish hours s

Two written questions by farmer Arthur (General Science,Mathematics,TErglshb).
delay O O-pBr81acit1U pllO ceaPis eof the House,will be printed fully nxt "wk.

nrid day :i-!':'.i"rr- 7 C Q.7,9

m T-T T? A D

-n_ . -n^.,~,

. ..e r .ve .. .

Friday February 7 l75



Applications are invited for the posts
of Field Officers and Field Assistants
with WINBAN Research and Devel-
Successful candidates will be requir-
ed to assist in exercises surrounding the
implementation and development of
banana fruit quality control as well as
agronomic and disease control exercises.

Salaries will depend on qualifications
and experience and different grades of
officers will be required for the above
Applications in your own handwrit-
ing must b e sent t o the Director o f
WINBAN Research and Development
Division, P.O. Box 115, Castries, St.
Lucia by February 15.

V.E. White

-- -a--------
Schedule of Application for Certific.te of Title and Noting s
thereon and Caveats for week ending ist day of February 1i75
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
er a Certificate of Title of
.Noting thereon or Caveat.
Request dated Corni? Request for the issue
the Gth day of Athanaze of a First Certificate
November by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
1974 Cilma A.M a portion of land
Presented the Dupigny known as a lot at La
28th day of Plaine in the Parish
January1975 of St. Patrick in the
at 3:05 p.m. IState of Dominica con
taining 16275 square
feet and bounded as
North by land of Emissis Beauplerre East b/ land of
Asinta Albert and Joseph Lawrence South by the Public
Road West by land of Margare: Bertrand.
Request dated Alexander Ed- Application of Alex
13 1 75 mund Peterl ander E. Peter for
Presented by his Solicitor the issuI of a first
29 1 75 M.Eugenia certificate of title in
at 10.15 n.m. Charles respect of a portion
S- of land known 'a Re,
sidential Lot at Zi-
eack Portsmouth in
the Parish of St John
containing 630 square feet and bounded as follows
North lands of Elizabeth Prttr South lands of Ouccus
Charles West land of Benjamin Corner East Rollo
I Street .... ',ch4!ufl cont-;fwazd > '?r eol.

3. 275

Request dated Randolph Application of Ran
4 10 73 Nisholas dolph Nicholas f or
Presented by his Solicitor the issues' of a first
29 1 75 M.Eugenia cerlificatt of title in
at 10.20 a.m. Charles respect of a portion
1 of land knownas Re
sidential Lot in the
Town of Roseau in the Parish of St George
containing 3903 square feet and bounded as follows
North by land of Emissia Beauplerra East b/ land of
Asints Albert and Joseph Lawrence South by the Public
Road Wsi by lid of Marare Bertrand

Request dated
the 6th day of
Presented the
28th day of
at 2.57 p.m.

by -his Solicitor
Cilma A.M


Request for the istue
of a First Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land
known as a lot at La
Plaine in the Parish
of St. Patrick in the
State of Dominica eon4
taiinng 1.60 acres

and bounded as fvollw':-
North by a Foot path separating It from land of Mathilda
David East by lands of Elizabeth Euzeba and Mathilda
Eugena South by lands ofjno Bsptiste Gulste and Pa
trick James W ter by the Public Road North West by
land of Federlak Prosper

Registrar's Office,
Roseau. Dominica.

Registrar of Titles

INOT;E: Ayc person who d ci- t; obij.c to 0hi mitsuing of 4'
Certificatesof title on the above app!icatlormay enter a Caveatr
In the abuve office wwl six weeks from the date of the First
appearance uof th s schedule inl thie STAR Newspaper published
In this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land in respect of which the appticatlonis ma _e.__


Dominica Coconut Products Ltd. an
ounces that Mr. Gordon Gray of UNI-
nidad, who sets up the electrical copra-
drying equipment will be in Dominica
about the week of 23rd February, 1975,
and will be available to inspect or over-
haul the mechanical dryers which were
ordered through this Company.
Please phone 6z8l/6262 to make an



Applications are invited from suitable qualified
persons for the vacant post of Technical Assis
tant CitrLs Research
Qualifications: Minimum educational qualifica
tion 'O' Levels Science and Mathematics. Field
experience with citrus is necessary
Salary according to qualifications
Applications startig age, qualifications and ex-
perience should be submitted to the Secretafy-
a Manager, The Co-operative Ciirus Growers
SAssociation, 21 Haoover Street, Rosgau, to
reach him not later than 16th. February, 1975




.. ___ ,, ---------~"""""""-':

P, -





,age 3tx .... .. .N.3.

A VACANCY exists at LIAT (1974) Ltd, for a Trainee Manager to act as Assis-
tant AManager to the present Manager,
It is expected that the Trainee Manager will receive training at Company Head
quarters and should be ready to assume command of the Station by Septem-
ber 1975 subject to satisfying Company's requirements
Ability to represent the Company and other airlines to their requirements#
Able to prepare and direct Public Relations programmes.
Dominican National preferred.
Age bracket preferred 26 to 36 years old.
...a',g i:rt.ive and Management Ability.
Should be active in Community DevelopmentU
Proven capability in Bsiness Administrative Functioas asentia
M,., have held previous M;-'t, n,-n t position
Airdine experience aat attribute but not essendal
Experience in Managing Staff essential
Should ideally have proven sales experience
SALARY commensurate with experience
Send APPLICATIONS, which should contain the names of at least two persons
to whom reference can be made, to:
Personnel Manager,
LIAT (1974) Ltd.,
Coolidge Airport,
FINAL DATE for receipt of applications will be i5th February, i975. si-I

Friday February 7 1975




NOTE o0O' 00's NOTE __ooo_

Current liabilities
Deposits and current accounts
of customers including other
Amounts due to Barclays Bank
Limited and fellow subsidiaries
Other Accounts
Second interim dividend

Loan Capital
Outside interests in

Ordinary Stock
Liability on acceptance,
,guarantees, indemnities
and credits








Current assets
SCash and balances with
other banks
Short term funds
Advances and other accounts
Amounts due by Barclays
Bank Limited and
fellow subsidiaries

Fixed Assets
Trade Investments
Investments in associated
Premises and Equipment

Customers' liability for
acceptance, guarantees,
indemnities Md credits


35t ,t37


i22,S9 5





Cto 72j


17,275__"ec_____________ 5_'__40 5_605_0g0'




,.allll *l l- ii

.- f


! 30,QOO

Friday,. February 7,. 1 -'75 THE STAR Page Seven
CANDID COMMEiMTS T by, W.S. Stevens CANDID COMMIVETS... Character Training,
Timber' or Budpctr Aid that "old fashioned" ingredient in the
One of the things repulsive to a curriculum, nmst be systematically
thinking man is; for sophisticated taught. Civics must be given a big
people t6 regard him as one who can- place on the curricula.of both prim-
not think for' himself. This tenden- ary and secondary schools, and firm'
cy has been too patent in the discipline in the schools must be re-
LeBlanc-Patrick JoQhn rrgime.. Your established. In the. case of vandal-.
privilege to govern does no.t give ism-carried on out of school hours,
you the right to govern in the be- police patrol has a. part to play if
1lief that those governed cannot see. money given by Canada and Britain to,
The recent trip to the U.K. by build our schools must not go down
Premier Patrick John and his team the drain.
to look into the possibility of Parents also must understand that
another timber industry for Dominica their sometimes hostile attitude to
is a case in point, teachers is a threat to our society
Up to 'this moment there in a bad age.
Ehrone Speech or Budget preparation. Let- the Minister of Education, the
Yet the Government of Dominica with- .Education Officers and the Teachers
out any money in theTreasury trots address themselves. dutifully to the
off to Britain to discuss a bird in task of improving the quality of'
the bush leaving the banana and this .growing of struggling nation
citrus birds in the hand-to take Finally, the Paint Mary's Academy,
second place or no place at all. a public school seems a heavy burden
Dominicans -- I mean the few on the shoulders of His Lordship
thinking ones will however wel- Bishop Boghaert. "He is making a d.s-
come a statement of the success or -perate effort to bring back the
failure of,the mission. One thing Christian Brothers to take over the
Mr. Patrick John will be clear about school, supported by the P.T.A. and
if he does; not.get much financial many students. Is it fair for this
aid is this: he never told anybody -good gentleman to carry such a. burden
he went to seek money before prepar- in the interest of'the education of
ing his budget. our youths when some parents and the
(Editor's note: We understand that public don't seem to be pulling their
some Dominicans in Britain demon-. own weight?' Our polluted atmosphere
strated against, Dbmin~lab 1)ad. ti&W e is in dire need of a comprehensive
they oqarriad .oat"~O. vA B'eat pansz purge. W.S.S.
EduCation Never Thrives on AN APOLOGY
Bad Discipline Radio Domiiica was correct when it
At least, now that the point of mentioned that Nurse Augustine was
the Roseau Boys and Thibaud School the only previous holder of a Papal
are becoming besmirched., there is Medal., Mrs. Guiste received only a
news of their formal opening. The certificate with no medal attached.
British Development" people may have. HUGH LAWMRE~INC
taken objection to their money being (Ed.'s note: Mr.Lawrence's P.S. satl
used without a,token.of appreciation 'to err is human-': how true. Last
on the part of the beneficiary'. At week we printed a picture of the-
the same time, too, Education Minis- wrong British Minister. It is Judith
ter Christian is bewailing bad dis- .Hart, not Barbara Castle (Minister c"f
cipline and vandalism on the part of Social Services,UK), who is the Mini
pupils in both primary and secondary of Overseas Development. Apologies).
schools, particularly at Grand Bay. -- -
We now boast of a Teachers Train- AGM:ASTAPHANS 10% GROSS DIVIDEND
ing College, a University Centre and Mr. W..AAstaphan told J.Astaphan
a Dupigny Technical Sixth Form Col- & Co.(1970) Ltd.. shareholders that. many courses and seminars hopes of expansion were curtailed
here and there inthei face.of due to the economic situation (fuel
falling disciplinary, standards. shortage,rising costs of commodity
It is proper to remind Minister prices and their effect on business.)
Christian that the cures for 11s'IO. However a 10;o gross divi.was declared.
which he so bitterly complains are w
to come not so much from outside but mainly from within. (Concl col.above)

CRICKET The, West Indies touring party By chance the return of the timber
finished their India. leg of their tcar delegation coincided with acpocktail
with two one-day matches against Lndia party of conservationists at Spring-
both of which they lost, field in honour of the .President of
On their Sri Lanka leg of their the International Union for Conserva-
tour, Sri Lanka drew with the West tion of Nature, Dr. Harold J.Coolidge.
Indies in their &-day match at Gblombo The Minister of Agriculture (who was
but not before Vivian Richards of not among the eager beavers in London)
Antigua had pounded a century. Their was present, -also one member of that
4-day-matqh against Sri Lanka starts delegation: naturally members of the
tomorrow. Conservation Society were eager to
West Indies will play their first hear some news of the timber contract,
test match against Pakistan,Thursday but the subject was still embargoed'
13th February at Lahore. *
The sixth and final test match It is welcome news to the, many
against Australia and England starts small farmers who make a living from
at Melbourne tomorrow. After that coconuts-that the price has now been
MCC will-go on to New Zealand where doubled to $720.00 a ton, which
they will play two test matches, works out at 32.140/lb. for Grade I
Eleven under-19 players were Sdced copra. A let'. better price per pound
to represent Dominica in two trial than bananas even at the record total
matches in St.Lucia against St.Lucia price of 9.7 cents (before deductions)
to select a Windward Islands Youth now being offered. It should be a
team to represent the Windward Islands good incentive to keep our own oils
in the forthcoming Benson &-Hedges. and fats factory going, rather than
series. For the first time, the.Lee- sell.nuts for shipment overseas: the
ward-and Windward Islands will play extra money well-covers the extra
as separate teams in the B & H series labor of husking, splitting and dry-
The. team 'which is managed by ing. Incidentally refined coconutt oil
Glensworth Lafond reads: Lockhart is in my view, the best cooking and
Sebastian (capt.), Thomas Kentish salad oil (including corn and peanut
(vice-capt.), J.Guiste, F.Henderson, oil sold at fantastic prices in fancy
R.Henry, O.Hodge, A.Lawrence, P.Lock- bottles from America)4 .Even scarce
hart, R.Richards, M.Scotland and B. :and precious olive oil is not much
Xavier,. With eleven players named, better than Dominican cooking oill It
the manager will have to plaay 12th seems that Coconut Products, hve. plans
manri' However the team is a strong on for share participation by the Copra
and comprises several all-rounders. Producers and suppliers: good luck to
Renick John Baptiste of Mero has them,
got a i*x-month contract with MCC. Private and co-operative enterpris-
Chief gotiator for John Baptiste e$ are making strides with their own
was Roy ton Ellis. boxing plants, and here the Agricul-
FOOTBAL In the Harlem Rovers foot- ~ ral Bank has -played its part with
ball ffseason league, Bath-Road gave loans to farmers. Boxing plants are
Poin.e Michel a 9-1 beating, thus ang the first-fruits; it will take
giving Bath Romad19 goals in two l amogi l
giving Bath Rod19 goasinlonger for production figures to show
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a Dominica forward line, the Caribbean. The largest island
Thunder Birds had their second win gr.t/loan so far came to Domihica
when they defeated Harlem City Stars lt week to finance the community
4-1*. i. meat project organized by the Social
On ThursdAy afternoon at the -Windentr,. Agriculture is really picking
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renoh warhship bin r got an 8- car bumpers and windows saying "I. AM
niL. '- feat at the hands or rather PROUD TO BE A FARMER".
the-feet, of the Dominica State Te. ___
CARNIVAL. "Play it right" is- the motto this year. Sorry we can't give
vnn +.h, f-inni winner- of CalvDso & Beauty Queen Contests:results to cone

Printed and Published by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Copthall Mill House
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

ST A R FPr- dayi. February 7,1975

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