Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Tei: ''2:1&4_,fe fSP 4

Coh-n -e
.W/ 6:- o RA IS a

some people who think of the Civil service as
some sort of machine and civil servants as cogs,
aot as working people. The fact is however, that
we are workers doing a important job of work
anspite of everything. s .ry on si
fjx ise gap

Dominica Electricity Services
LDonu ri:a Elrcirc;y. Services wish to
remind consumers that bills are sent out
every ,.c...o- and.the Company cannot
Sbe held responsible if bills are not re-
Consumers must settle their accounts
each month and if they do not receive a
I il1 they should call at th- Company's
office -for a duplicate.
Accounts in arrears are liable to be dis-
connected and a charge' made for recon
..aection after reassessing the deposit.

Avoid the expense and mconvenence
Sof disconnection by paying bills regular
Sly and pr ipily. I

Applications are invited from suitable qualified
Persons for the vsacnt post of Technical Assis
tat. Cimres Research
Qualifications: Minimum educational qualifica
tion ''" Levels c-i.:ac- sand Mathematics. Field
experience with citrus is necessary
SSalary according to qualifications
Applications stating age, qualifications and ex*.,
C perience should be submitted to the Secretary .
i Manager, The Co-operative Citrus Growers
i ) Association, z Hanover Street, Roseau, to,
~reach him not later than 16th. February, 975.

tABLE NNIS S CHAMPION Gifford WilliameI.
On Jan.30 ats the Parish 11al, G.Willinas of
thoe Fire Sorvice bectuae Domini ios -neow T.T.
champion -defeating Peterson (Boy io)
Charles (dofondor) 22-1, 22-13 18-21% 1 -2l.
Tho W.I. touring toam to India,XPakistan
~'Sri Lanka won their 5-mgatcli toet series
agtainat India 3-2


T h e Honourable Eustace Francis,
Speaker of the House and Editor of the
Labour Party Organ, the Educator, has
threatened the electorate with Class War
should the Labour Party be defeated at
the-polls in the forthcoming General Flc
-iOrns. Story on page six


Pictured Senior Barclays Manager, Conrad Mctntyre,
hands the chequ to Sr. Evalina John Philllp.
Story on page slx
The Dominica Conservation Society seni a pro-
test cable to Premier Patrick John in London last
weekend where he was negotiating a deal with the
British timber firm of Kahn Ltd. The cable read:

The cable v,8s sont in:

oThe Cons ration du -
ioty makes it clear that
it fully suplporta Mr.John
efforts to attract indus-
trioa but states that with
schemos like .IPA,VtALIaIA A
& DOMCAN still clear in our
minds,Dominicans must be ..
certain thuat they are not Rt. Hoo. Barbara Castle
goinK to got the worst of Minister of Overseas
tef bargain iln ho lo0g raun. Development


Page Two T H S TAR Pr da. January 1, 197S
C A N D I D C 0 M ME N T S by W.S. Stevens
This is- Lternational .Women's Year, and it is encouraging to see Mrs.
Honychurch stepping out bravely to defend herself and the Citrus Association.
It is., however, unfortunate that she has so soon forgotten that her own
beloved son, Lennox, in his excellent history of Dominica over Radio Dominloa
told his listeners with a great degree of truth, that middlemen and exporters
in RQseau have always underpaid rural farmoafor their produce.
It is to be noted that this selfish pernicious practice still obtains.
The, banana farmers are getting a raw deal. because D.B.G.A. Chairmen and
members past and present think banana farmers can do with the crumbs they
receive in the industry, and that Geest Industries? can be allowed to break
a bed contract and include Ijit so many "dread" stipulations which eat up
.almost everything at the expense of the hard-worked banana producer.
Now in the Citrus Association the small producer gets a paper with a
loie. list of expenses~ which also eat up everything; Geest Industries and
the Labour Sho Party Government taking as much as possible.,
I say without fear and hesitation (i) that Dominica Raw Grapefruit Juice
should not cross the Atlantic to be manufactured abroad. The Citrus Mag-
nates and Mr. Parry Bellot should with capital available at the Caribbean
Development Bank, manufacture it here in Dominica; (ii) that employment"
would be provided hei~at home for the jobless; (iii) that the name
'DOMINICA"' would appear on :the ,libel of the\article of high -quality stuff
reminiscent of the day; of DomPruit and Emanuel; (iv) that such an indus-
try established should pla-ce Dominica on the Industrial map of the World
It is understood that Bellot & Co. did not get local support.
An incompetent and thoughtless Government an4 a Citrus Association of
Grapefruit iMagnates are responsible for not jumping to their feet at this
very critical stage of our economic history to place ~heir country's in-
terest before that of wealthy firms that are having/too good for too long.
In the-face of these hard times 2.89 for a pound. of grapefruits is too
little ,especially when poor people can't get the benefit of grapefruit.
juice for less than 6-100 each.i And 5.1 or 5.20 a pound for bananas is
not enough- for baanans, which entail so much hard work on top of heavy ex-
penses" The Citrus Magnates hardly plant bananas; the banana grower mut.
I reminded my readers above'that 1975 is International Women's Year.
I don't quite know how they are.going to celebrate it and give themselves
a higher status than they have. Good luck to them!
-I for one would. like to see women get a higher and bigger place-in
things. I see some of them every week s~oating at Boxing Plants lifting ><
up heavy bunches of bananas because the conditions laid down by the Banana
Managing committeee are so "dread.e" Perhaps right here at home Internation-
al. Women a Year will bring a reasonable status o.r women who have to pro- for a family.
A- finally I appeal to Mrs. Honychurch and others to go further and make
a local contribution to International Women's Year by seeing to it that all
our women-and children can purchase a grapefruit at the price a wealthy firm
pays for it.
S'Food is important these days, and it is extremely expensive especially'
to unfortunate women and children who are already undernourished. There
is no love of country anyhow if we can sell food dear to our own'countrymen
and.give it dog-cheap to wealthy firms.
Charity begins at home. Saying all this does, not deny that L.Rose & Co..
have made contributions to Dominica in many ways over the years.

ST. JOS2EPH'S-- MEDALLIST - by HughLawrence
A certain Radio Dominica broadcast was not correct. When I heard the
day after our two ladies received their Papal award at the Roseau Cathed-
ral that the only previous holder of this award in Dominica was .usae
Aug ustine of Bishop's House. I was taken aback, for I immediately remem-
b .ered that Mrs. Christopher' Guiste (wifeof Ex-Teacher Guiste of St.J.)
(concluded _on pae seven) -

C--i,= ,, -. - . ---. -- -^--, ... 1 .....a

Commonwealth Development
Commonwealth Development Corporation
wish to recruit on behalf of their associated corn
panics suitable qualified persons for the follow-
ing positions:-
Applicants should possess an accountancy quali
fiction and be members of one of the recognised
professional bodies. Professional, commercial or
industrial experience is desirable but considera-
tion will be given to newly qualified applicant ts.
Initial appointments may be on two year
contracts with industrial/commercial opganisa-
tions in the Eastern Caribbean where the appli-
cant will gain experience in all aspects of modern
management accounting systems and controls
with the opportunity to introduce new adminis-
trative procedures.
An attractive salary and conditions of ser-
vice will b e given which can include medical
benefits, children' education allowances, hous-
ing car allowance and terminal gratuity for short
term contract employees.
Students who have obtained 5 "GCE* 'OV level
passes (including mathematics and English lan-
guage) and 2 'A' level passes, or who have ob-
tained similar educational standards so that they
become registered students of one of the recog.
nised professional accountancy bodies, are invit-
ed to apply for these posts. Training and educa
tional assistance will be given to successful ap.
plicants to fit them for senior posts in the ac-
counting and administration fields. Applicants
must have the ability and desire to study for pro"
fessional examinations and will at the same time
gain valuable practical experience.
Applicants are invited from persons wishing to
pursue a career in engineering in diesel and hy-
dro electric power stations, and electrical trans-
mission and distribution systems, including the
management and administration of such systems.
Successful applicants will gain familiarity
with present installations and will have opportu-
nities to work on new plant in named and un-
named power stations, as well as spares and
stores definitions and inventory control for gen-
erating equipment and transmission and distri-
bution systems Applicants will be expected to
develop management techniques and should be
able to control and direct staff.
Preference will be given to chartered engin-
eers, but applicants with other recognized quali-
fications will be considered for these positions.
Applications for the above posts should be ,w
made in writing giving curriculum vitae to THE -

The new price of Copra delivered to Domi-
nica Coconut Products is $720.00 per too, or
~2.14t. per pound for Grade I Copra.This price
S equivalent to i6O per nut before deducting
drying cot,.
SThe new price of $72o.oo per ton of Copra
Represents an increase of approximately too%
i over a period of approximately one (i) year.
Dominica Coconut Products is discussing
the Establishment of a special Fund for share psar
ticipation of Copra Suppliers in the equity of
the Company. All suppliers will qualify for par.
ticipation in this special fund, which, when cota-
blished, will be retroactive from January 1r,975.
Arrangements are being made for a meeting
Iof all Coconut Growers and Copra Suppliers to
discuss the share participation fund and other
matters such as facilities for purchase and trans-
port of copra from various locations. A further
announcement will be made as soon as plans are fi.
Dominica Coconut Products has been
forced to reduce operations to four days per
week because of insufficient supplies of copra.
The factory appeals to all Coconut Growers and
Copra Producers to provide as much copra as pos.
sible so that the factory can resume normal
five day operation.
Managing Director.

The Stock of Fertilizer now with the
Banana Association is subsidized by
the British Government intended for
application to bananas onl y. It has
been brought to our attention that Fer-
tilizer supplied by the Association is
being used on crops other than banan-
Fertilizer is in short supply and can-
not be sold for crops other than for banti
anas. Growers with young banana fields
which have not yet come into bearing
and therefore who will not yet have
earned fertilizer allocations under the
quarterly pre-paid fertilizer scheme for
such banana fields, may apply to their
District Supervisors who, before recom-
mending the issue of fertilizer for cash
sales, will inspect the banana fields for
which the fertilizer is requested.'
V.E. White
21.1.75 General Man.ger 563-(/i

Page Three! ,

Friday January 31 1975


Friday, January 31, 1975

Page Four TESA

Ma Titine had been back home for "i1o evil kingdom shall stand forever;"
a week and from that time until now saith Masterlyn Labad (according to
it raised incessantly, the scriptures).
"A good time to finish the wed-
"A ding ood time tofin" she told Genelia I read a comment made by the edi-
ding preparatio she toldtor of the Educator dated Wednesday
and Baby, so the three ladies were to r of the Educator iat Wednesday
hard at work on the wedding dress. 29th January 1975. It is a fairly
Everything else was more or less lengthy article but the part I would
completed so they had ample time to like to deal with is as follows: He
give their best efforts in the mak- stated in his write-up that the Free-
ing of the dress. dom Party is a capitalist party amd
They talked about the constant that the Labour Party is that of the
rain and said they hoped it would lower class.
not uproot trees and cause damage; a coitalist; Misr Carles, a lacw-
and of howv pr ecious our forests were is a capitalist; Miss Charles, a law-
"I sawhwLn uogot apoitadon the telly yer, capitalist; Stewamt Williams,
in New York," Ma Titine observed* capitalist; Alvin rmantrading, a
One morning, Baby came in breez- banana worker, capitalist; P.K.
ily as usual. ;Williams, banana worker, capitalist;
ly as usual. M rs. P.S.Allfrey, unpaid Editor,
"Heah dat allyou...dat Ancine out s. P.S.Allfrey, unpaid editor,
foh trouble Titine; she saTin dat capitalist; r.SFadelle has to work
Eurilla an hah husban is twro good- night and day to raise a few chickens
foh-nuttin; dat is marijuana Steve for him to live, capitalist.
an his ladder dealing in dat is how We e now to Labour Party. Hon.
day make deir money...oh, she saying Eustace racis, arristeratlary
all kine of tings." Speaker of the House, with a salary'
Ma Titine was up on her feet, her close to 12000 monthly plus other
eyes blazing, Gone was all the cool earnings, is a lower-class man. EO.
poise she had adopted. Fury leapt Leblane, ex-premier, controls large
from her eyes. estates. He smashed a oar one night
"Let me get hold of that salope," and purchased a brand-new one next
she said, "I will go and shut her morning. He built a mansion for his
mouth for her. Come Baby, come with own use but is also a low-class man.
me... that...that., "she spluttered According to the Educator reckoning,
angrily. His Excellency the Governor is also
Genelia came to the rescue, low-class. Premier Patrick John who
"Don't,Titine ...don't worry with just built a new house and draws about
Ancine..." Q1000 p.m. salary is also low-class.
"I am not going to tolerate her Hon. L.I.Austin, Attorney-General,
spreading lies about Eurilla and Q.C. is also low-class. And so on:
her'family. You know how most Madam when you have men like
Dominicans like to swallow all hor- Eustace i~Jrais to print such an
rid kind of news with relish, No, article in his newspaper to call Free-
no, I'm going to have it out with dom Party members capitalists, is it
her once and for all." not only to mislead not just the
So despite all Genelia's plead- people of Dominica but the whole
ings, Ma Titine tramped out of the world+
house in search of Ancine, Baby wad- Madam, Mr. Francis called the com-
dling after her. ing election a class-war. If it is so,
"Titine, dean make too much daybar Labour is bringing that war encourag-
you heah," wringing her hands, "if ed by the editor of the Educator,
I deed know is so you would take it I repeat, if after elections comes a
I wooden tell you nuttin." class war,it is caused by the Leblanc
S met A e on her wy to te Shoe Party, otherwise D/ca Labour
They met Ancine on her way to the LOBLACK pPrt.
market. There followed such a scene 771 TITINE.. if one of Ma Titine's
that even Baby was embarrassed. Ma friends had not arrived on the
Titine threw all discretion to-the: scene and aged to prevent her from
wind and following her instinct pscshng Ancine into the river.
challenged Ancine to a free fight. pushing Ancine into the river.
challenged Ancine to a bfre oight. Bristling with fury, Ma Titine
Ancine,,remembering her last bout eventually consented to return home,
with Titine was trying to escape bu, e don'tt le that womarget near me
but Ma Titine was on the warpath, but, "ont let that will not be
Thinwould have surely come to at no-time, because I will not be
Thingswould have surely como to a liable for my actions," was her final
sorry pass for them (coni d o liabl) rem fork


Pane Four

p. V ..

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Notings
Sthereon and Caveats for week ending 25th dry of January i~7
Date Requested Person Presenting Nature of request wheth-
| er a Certificate of Tide of
SNoting thereon or Caveat.
Request dated E Augustus Request for the issue
tno 17th day of Bannis of a First Certificate
January 1975 4by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
Presented the Cilma A.M a portion of land at
20th day of Dupigny Salisbury, in the Pa
January.1975 rish of St. Joseph in
at 12.C noon the State of Dominica
S --- containing 4067
square feet and boun-
ded as follows:-
North East b9 land of Theresa Vidal, South East by land of
Ivan Albert- South West by land of Nell Louis North
Wst bya Private Road
Request dated I Christine equest or t issue
the 4th day of Williams of a First Certificate
January 1975 by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
Presented the Cilma A.M a portion of land at
20th day ofDupgny MacFill Pichelin i
January 1975 the Parish of St. Pa,-
at 12.22 p 9m trick in the State of
_t__.. .. -- Dominica containing
S2.036 acres and bounded as follows:-
North by land of Claris Pacquette -Sourh by land of Fagan
john ville East by land of Fagan John vilieand Cyril Lafleu
JWest by a ravi >e separating It from land of Ralph. Registe
Request dated Dolorea Benoit AppOication of Del
3 1 75 personal reproe ores Benoit as person
Presented tentative of El- nal representative of
22 1 75 mira Benoit Elmira Benoit for the
at 11.45 a.m. by her Solicitor issue of a first certifi
M.Eugenia cate of title in res
Charles pect of a portion of
land at Sibouli in the
village of Point-- Michel in the Parish of St Luke
Containing 2572 square feet and bounded ias follows.
North By lands of Rose Giraud and Medora Williams
South By lands of Virginia Winston and Merrll Serrant
East By a public road and lands of Alban jno.Phillip
West By lands of Claude Gregoire & the Roseau Pointe
j, ichel Ro .... .. r , .. ..-
1 le S.w owrk ^aJ^&U* Itt dayv of Fahruarv 1975 I

u.I cwvt dr-wi F r 1975
Request dated Corni Request for the iassu
the 6th day of Athanaze of a First Certificate
November by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
1974 Cilma A.M a portion of land
Presented the Dupigny known as a lot at La
28th day of Plaine in the Pariah
January1975 of St. Patrick in the
at 3.65 p.m. State of Dominica con"
----- i .. --- I training 16275 square
feet and bounded as
North by land of Emissla Beauplerra. East b/ land of
Asints Albert and Joseph Lawrence South by the Public
Road West by land ot Margaret Bertrand

I Request date Alexander Ed Application of Alex
13 1 75 mrund Peter ander E. Peter for
Presented by his Solicitr the issua of a first
29 1 75 M.Eugenia certificate of title in
at 10.15. a.m. r Charles respect of a portion
, of land known as Re*
sidential Lot at Zi.
cack Portsmouth in
the Parish of St John
containing 630 square feet and bounded aas follows
North lands of Elizabeth Peter South lands of Duccus
Charles West land of Benjamin Corner East Rollo

IIP(6L ~~

Request dated
the 6th day of
Presented the
28th day of
January 1975
at 2.57 p.m.

by his Solicitor
Cisna A.M

and bounded as

Request for the issue
of a Fitst Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land
known as a lot at La
Plaine in the Pariah
of St. Patrick in the
State of Dominica con*
training 1.60 acres


North by a Foot path separating it from land of Mathllda
David East by lands of Elizabeth Euzebe and Mathlida
Eugene South by lands of Jno Bsptlste Guiste and Pa
trick james West by the Public Road North West by
land of Faderick Prosper

Registrar's Office,
Roseau, Dominica.

Registrar of Titles

NOTE: Any person wlho di'ire to object tCu Lhe iSuing o ''a
Certificatenof title on the above: applicatiormmay enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
In this Stite or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land In respect of which the a piicatiorls made.


Dominica Coconut Products Ltd. an
ounces that Mr. Gordon Gray of UNI-
nidad, who sets up the electrical copra-
drying equipment will be in Dominica
about the week of 23rd February, 1975,
and will be available to inspect or over-
haul the mechanical dryers which were
ordered through this Company.
Please phone 6zSI/6062 to make an


The general public is hereby noti-
fied that I have not given George
Ethan James, any permission what-
soever to sell, mortgage, or have any
thing to do with any property or any
thing belonging to me in Dominica.
I will not be responsible for any
debts contracted by the said George
S Ethan James.
3 (signed) Samuel E, James.

---1 wsoww.~


Request dated Randolph Applicationa of Ran
4 10 73 Nicholas dolph Nicholas f o r
Presented lby his Solicitor the issue of a first
29 1 75 1 M.Eugenia certificate of title in
at 10.20 a.m. Charles respect of a portion
._ .. of land known as Re
sidential Lot -in the
Town of Roseau in the Pariah of St George
containing 3903 square feet and bounded as follows
North by land of Emissla Beauplerre East by land of
Asinta Albert and joseph Lawrence South by the Public
Road West by land of Margaret Bertrand

---- -.II. --------

c --- II


..Il~~~N~-~lVM- .~-

U1 ~ ~ ~ ~ -- -

Friday January 3i 1975


COMMUNITY MEAT PROJECT existing pockets of social discontent
in the community."
In the first phase of a project
which would substantially assist the A*.Francis is undoubtedly claiming
future protein needs of Dominicans, responaibility for the "pockets of
JBarclays Bank, out of its Development social discontent" and threatens to
Fund which aims to promote .dvelop- unleash a wave of violence, in an
ment in the State, handed over the attempt at a major social upheaval,
big cheque this week towards funding should the Labour Party lose.
a Meat Project organised by the Premier John,in justifying the
Social Centre through Mr. Royal bleeding of the country's meagre
George. resources to build up an army of
At the presentation, MrMcIntyre Police, Defence Force and Special
emphasized Barclays' involvement in Constables,refers to the threat of
both community development and the violence to which the people are
welfare of all the people of Dominica exposed. It is clear th the major
"Barclays," he said, 'is extremely threa o the ace, security and
anxious to be helpful in agriculture stability of this country is the
and connected enterprises, and I am Labour Party and men like Eustace
very pleased to have been able to Francis. If the Honourable Premier
assist this project." and the Honourable Attorney general
The aid comprises a free grant of have any honesty left, then the Hon.
$48,000 (promotional work & pig breed- Eustace Francis should be arrested
ing units); and an interest-free loan and charged with inciting civil
of 880,000 (towards a(farmers)revol- strife and preaching class hatred.
ving fund to assist in the purchase i
of animal feed as low-irterest loans.
Over the past 4 years Barclays THE CIVIL SERVANT IS A WOR3R (p.1)
Dev.Fund has aided Caribbean countries Those of us who work in the Schools
up to $Q85,y00 EC towards projects are teachers.
providing new, oduction & emplojent Those of us who work in the Hospital
providing newproduction & employont. are nurses,doctors,orderlies,co oks,
As is well known, the Social Cen- maids.
Those of us who work in the Fire
tre Community Meat Project has al- Service are firemen,
ready made a good island wide start Tose us ho work at the prisons
in organisation, construction etc. are prison officers.
Still to come are meat shops,slaugh- ose us who work in the offices
ter houses and curing rooms, are clerical staff.
I are clerical staff.
LABOUR THREATENS WAR IP lElEALAD(p.l) Those of us who advise on agriculture
6 H are agriculture officers.
In a lead article under the capt- Those of us who advise on healthy
ion "The Conflict", Mr.Francis des- surroundings are health inspectors.
cribes the election process as a war Those of us who build the roads are
b between the classes. "It is a defln- public works workers.
itee class war", he writes, "with th Those who work in the Post Office
former ruling class once again con- I are postmen and postal workers.
tending and the lower class defending." Whatever we do and wherever we. prk
Mr. Francis outlines the Labour we work as civil servants, we are
Party's contingency plans for dealing. Workers with duties and resoonsibili-
with a defeat as follows: ties to the people of DominIca.
"I forecast a commonsense victory, We also have rights and needs; these
a victory for the masses of the re looked after by our union, the
victory for the masses of he ivil Service Association.
common people, a victory for the All of Domilca exAsocts ai
Labour Party. If my prediction is work from i us e expect a air da
wrong, and the result is otherwise, pay in return,
then in Dominica, we will have If we are to avoid a conflict be-
turned back the hands of time and tween the workers and the employers
revert to a situation where there in the civil service,serious atten-
will be absolutely two distinct Vion must be given to the question of
classes of citizens. There will bE pay.
the ruling class, and the second We are still waiting on the Hon.
class,citizensPremier for a reply to our letters of
class citizens. the 17th October, 19th Decem.
This sharp division will undoub the 17th October, 197;J 19th Decem-
tedly provoke class war in days ber 1974nd 14th January, 1975 on
ahead .ad intensify the already ts very important question.
(conclu ded next Qounl) ~E CIVIL SERVAT IS A WORKER .,,.

Friday, January 31,1975

Page Six


THEV 2kTAR a-- SevenL

In a recent Radio release Patrick
John has again launched yet another
of his numerous-political strategies
-as of January 1975 Government Mini-
sters, Parliamentary Secretaries
(not excluding the Premier's) salary
will be cut by ten percent (lo%) un-
til the State has gained economic
alleviation Patrick John's scape-
goats for an economic crisis, over
seventy (70, % unemployment and an
appalling crime rate '.are eventually
exhausted. He no longer blames thea
"Dread Cult", "Communist Influence",
nor the "Che Guevara's Guerillas" fo?
an empty Treasury, but now sees the
island's deteriorated economic condi-
tion not only from a national stand-
point but resulting.fromr the influen-
ces of Western Europe and American
To combat this appalling economic
situation he.reduces his; salary and
those of his colleagues by a mere
ten percent (10%) while in the same
breath he goes on a trip to the Unite-a
Kingdom accompanied by several offi-
cials. His Heads of Departmenta,
Permanent Secretaries, continue
monthly to receive entertainment and
travelling allowances; the salary of
the police force has increased by
$60.00 per police recruit; while more.
police are to be recruited 'in the.
near future.
Since January 1973 Civil Servants
are demanding higher salaries to meet
the ever-increasing cost of living
with no concrete solution., Patrick
John, )however has found a solution
- the 10/ deduction from the salaries
of no more than five men and one
woman is cleverly used as a stoppage
to any further cries for a salary in-
crease. A ten percent deduction from
the Premier and his Ministers is in
actuality no dent on their "financial-
purse"; for them it simply means' less
tax deduction.- for example the Min-
isters receive a monthly salary (not
including entertainment and travel
allowances) of $1000.00; with the re-'
duction of $280.00 as Income Tax, thst
is a salary of $720.00 plus Entertain-
ment and Travelling allowances. With
a 1,% deduction, less incom'Y~ill be
deleted; so tou will find that a ro i
estimate of $120,00 will be deducted
from q salary of $900.00 leaving
$780.00, resulting in a gain of $60.00
In the final analysis' Patrick John's
political mano4ovre not only acts as
a boost to his political seat but aiso
to his financial benefit. B.S
(name given.

Many people will remember that
some time last year a butter was
charged and convicted for selling
meat in excess and violation of the
price control ordinance. Also, a
well-known labourite and businessman
was charged as above for selling rice,
and his case was withdrawn.
Further to the above, Dominicans
know how much they pay for certain
foodstuffs (which are our every day
need) in the supermarkets and shops;
one pound sugar brown) 500, white 650,
flour 650, rice 560,. etc. When we
hear of Price Control Officer, the
-equivalent of LBa PIAG PILLS is in -
.4ind. The government, (which claims
to be for the poor man) as I under-
stand it,,has price control on white
sugar and none on brown; when it is
the poor people like myself who buy
the brown. Who are they protecting?
It is plain to see that the Price
Control Officer is allowing the mer-
chants to sell their goods at prices
suited to themselves because when it
vws said that there was g6ing to be a
shortage of sugar,-I am sure that the
price control authorities knew the
merchants held what they had, (to be
sold at 510)'for them to sell at-500
i>er pound,
Thanking you for space i would like
to ask: What is the: Price Control paid

Mrs. Guiste received this same kind
of award a few years ago, for having
sung in the choir and taught catechism
in St. Joseph Church for over 50 years.
No-one outside of St.Joseph
seems to know of this fact, so I
think it is the right thing to en--
lighten the ignorant.
We are celebrating 1975 as "Wo-
men's International Year" and we are
happy to know that we have four la-
dies in the forefront .in this respe.ct.
Sooner or later (not after their
death we hope) we 'shall be having a
few of our men on a similar list,
starting with Messrs. Ralph Casimir
and James Henry of Roseau and Mr.
Hummil Hainle t of Marigot. H.L.

in the UK weekly "Statesman"-Dgvid
Leitch slates President Giscard
d'Estaing for not turning up at the Ml
Town \Hall In Dec. to meet Aimd Cesaire
-and a crowd of L0,000, He hadb~. t
advised to st~y -3E the *-t e '

r~rl~i~~ ~fam~w~sr X7 ~ 1QrfT,



Paoe- Seven


./ I

STkS, SHE"lr "
RR!.1. .. -Hh .

Produced and Bottled in Great Britain by
S Vine Products Linited, Kingsion-Upon-Thames

*'~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ i1 .' '- '- *
-s cn ~~ i'^'i .if'ii lliMiillliaililniilrir riliil-' iil-lliX-n'iiir*iii'il'i iri' -* r-r-1-

Galvanized Pipe Fittings
Unions, Elbows, Nipf les,
TeesCouplings, Bushing Re-
ducers, Gate Valves (ally to

Also Yi Stop Cocks,
'Bib- Cocks.
The Cid Stores with the New Look
Q. '

TI^.E 3 T_ A .?-, i;<,. Jax.u.*mY 31. 1975 -
11W4 1/41 MMV

r-f, -

adJ. APPLICATIOA,, which should con-
tain.-the h ams of at- least two. pe r-
so3as to whom :' ference can be maded, to
Persomiel Maniager, A,
TLi T ? I

Goolidge Atrport,

.i iNAL DAit for ece ipt of applica-
tions .will be 15th Pebruary, 1975,

~J VI- ~


a from p ., CLICKFT: They scooped the 5th
Toat,lMtceh by 201 runs. Scores were 604 dcl.
and 205/4 docli Clive Lloy4 (his highest score
in any kind of cricket) 242 no .' Roy Frodor-
icks 104,. A.Kaliciewran 98,'Doryck Murray 91.
AUSD.ULIA .on 5th Test Match against England
% 163 unsm. Au,%ies 305 & 272 d.UK 172 &.241.
FOOTBALLJ H rlem St rs jda.fatod Loubioro 5-1..
MUro ft busba neows next. issuo

k^.'Tsne --. bo. rosoayf R omLJTey or. op gtaJi. M4ill ouse. a. t


B itishB

* ^ .^~ir^-

.A VA.C liCY exists at I A to (197 4)
Ltd, for a Trainree I eg" to lct as
..Assistan't Moeiager to the ..iyr~sent
i na er *. '
: It is e-:i,'o-)::." that-thei tralwaee -
s.'' will rc:iv training at ,C-om-
paIay -icc : r a i aad hL.d be s. i'.'
to ;:assunoG Ooio~t2' of the Stat ol by
September 7y7 object to-'yig

A .l.ty to r sent the Go&~tpy andC
.ot.-., a.rj '.a to, their requirements.
I Abl to : &r'r-' '.l lirNct .' ,llio Re-
lat lous prC.l'Tr-.i+T ,.
yr" ,iJ.'iA: 'atdo- al pre:r'c.....3,
SAgoe .r.c&t :.-,'-ri: 26 to -36 year
Admiibisitrati1ve and Maanagement Abillty.
;8houxld be active Cooa~amuitsy Devel- -
ProvX cap-.rabity tn Busiiness A-iL8
Strative" ?uaot ion. essential, ..
Musth have held previous Management
p position. ex;~r rience al attribute bt -
-~-- ot .essential.
PCper 1;1ic Ac i MaJL tt g Staff aseaintail
Should id-cally have provex. ales e&x--
.. .perisnce6
SAJARY corrme~.surate with experience.
S Sx-elle.t RI NG-E ,a'FITS,

9mEagf, Elight __

. ... ...

~ c~


--Dll~n~,~Dl~aao~a~s~sur~-----rr~-*lba~u r_


IIIIIIIIIIUI~UDI-n~- -------- ~-L~XL~--.L
-_L~.__..?_ ----U----~-~- --- ------ -----~~---------- ----I-----

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