Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Mrs.'J~ae LOUEITiT'ILL, Librarian,
Research Inititue for thi study olf
.162 East 70 Street,
New ?orI' 10021 Y. U.S.A.
SCable;:, Star, Dorminkca | K
'Tei: riintery 219i, Edior 2610
UK.. M4i'ca Reresentvatwi 4
Colin Turner. (London) Ltd. .
:, Shaftesbury Awv., 1. V irle
......... bl*-
F17iiday anuY 10 19-1ftor i

SWhen a person is very ill, no news is good
,ri.':, the sufferer has not Vei 4lied. But when
Snatiox ii sick, 6o news is bad news. Because
j. means that many things remain 'concealed.
SAnd it drives the populationn to irmour-mon-
,ering, a bad.aad jnfectious p.iumrptint
Thre was never any 'interior' news for years
in the Soviet Union, and as to Nai Germany,
.dio lizsteiters oniy heard what Hi era's advisers
wantedd them to. hea. These are only two exam-
Sles of news-&is ppresion; wherever it occurs in
r:Iunt'iei it is a bad sign.
Haven't you a9l noticed that we never get any
'AEAL news over Radio Dominica about. the.
true state of our a.nd? All we ever hear these
days, delivered generally with execrable pronoun
edition of standard English wordsis "so-and-so
went n n coarss*", tales of seminars gifts or
Grants from Britain or elsewhere (to cheer up the
gloomy) and a few dregs of trivial events, inter-
i.did with stale reports of'strife about the Arab
"Jewish l'nndS, Viet Na~m and the I.R.A.; news a-
bout Dominica has dried up.

.Savarin For' Portsmouth'
" " -I V*

.? ,

- .-" 4 . I

CSA Gen. Sec. Charles Savarin hat announced
that he will stand for Porrsmouth Constituency
in the forthcoming Gen. Elections, with Mr.
Perr* Alcidas a co-independent, standing for
Last Sunday night listeners at a public meet
iaog shouted No! to the following questions:
.Do you want the Labour Party to continue to
form the Government of this country?
Do you want Leslie to continue to represent
They endorsed the disillusionment of tbh
speakers with parties in general, handouts and
promises, and when .asked if they would sup'
port Mr, Alcids co-candidacy, said YFIs!

Y. c W21
TR 3TU0( F O "

-A 8c:
Rite t-"tuaG IN, NORTH p 6

ACOR resonant
(by a .correspondent)

r Some days ago, the giant anchor, which has
been a Roseau landmark for almost a century,
was removed trom the Bayfcont; It was last seen
travelling northwards ou t of Roseau. on the
back of a large trailer. Where i t has gone to
does not concern us here, but ils disappearance
leaves us with a few important points to consi-
The anchor was landed near the old Treasury
at the end of the nineteenth century and put up
for sale along with a number of pieces of iron
machinery. It was bought by an Antiguan, who
asked his brother-inulaw, a leading Dominican
merchant, to get it shipped to Antigua tor him,
This caused a number of problems and though
it was eventually dragged towards the old Bel's
Jetty it never got further than the Post Office.
There it has remained until earlier this week.
The Town Council reported ,that it had not
been informed of its removal; The son of that
Dominican merchant, who is responsible for the
anchor, also knew nothing:o f its whereabouts
this week. He was disappointed, for he was hop
ing to donate it to the Government to erect at the
gates of the Deepwater harbour. (What a great
monument it would make!) Then we learn that
Sthe Ministry of Finance has sold it to a private
individual! According to a ministry spokesman
they thought it was a wreck.
S Thero hIve boon Officers & Stovards nm6ot-
ings, picketing and lottors oxclmngod ovor tho
Anchorage Hotol dispute; the .mployors Idorn-
tion donioa responsibility for the "inevitable.
ocsctalttionD"'hich the Union products. Bnanan.
workora in North ind South camo out temporari .
--- -~- ._ __- *[ _' __ ____ ,_^.

-rage Iwo ---- --

The festivities of Christmas, the shouting and the tumAlts are over.
Tennyson the poet sang: "The year is going, let hint go".
1974 was declared Agricultural Year and the Premier has already declared
1975 as Economic Recovery Year. Most people. would have preferred to hear
what Agricultural Year has produced, seeing that Agriculture and our Economy
are inseparably bound together the former being the foundation upon which
the latter is based.
There was no dearth of greetings, best wishes, and expressions of better
times, love, unity, peace and cooperation among us all this Christmas.
So far, so good! But how many people. are prepared to work towards these
wishes and hopes for a better Dominica? If the Dominica Government itself
had worked assiduously for peace and prosperity With sincerity anid devotion,
would 1974 have been such a tragic,"dread" year with violence, crime and
economic barrenness:?
There is no necessity to recall the troubles and conflicts which over
shadowed Dominica in 1974. It was worse than previous years in this decade,
and we desperately hope that 1975 will be a year of peace, blessing and'pros-
perity. But I say again a new Government and renewed people must work whole-
heart.1ily and sincerely towards the goal.
Recently the Dominica Government in a Caribbean Caricom agreement threw
away a glorious opportunity to have a big industry here. It. agreed for
L. Rose & Co. to buy Dominica's grapefruit dog-cheap 2.80 per lb. and then.
expert the finest grapefruit juice to be further processed in the U.K., while
our ure~-loyment problem increases, daily with its; attendant evils. What is
alcs strange is that the grapefruit magnates in their Citrus Association is
happy to sell the grapefruit at 2.80 per lb. to L. Rose & Co., while they are
also happy to sell the same Dominica grapefruit to local hucksters and poor
Dominican undernourished children for 505-10 each.. The three C's Conscience,
Church and Christianity obviously don't count in business.
Then the Banana Grower is in a terrible position. He has been played
out by past Chairmen of the D.B.G.A. and the day of reckoning has now.come.
Government, D.B.G.A. and the Managing Committee have at last felt-that there
is much to be ashamed of in the biggest industry in Dominica.
The Citrus-Grower, particularly the small-one has not yet received a
penny for fruit shipped on the Geest boats over three months ago. Those who
depend on bananas and shipping grapefruits to the. U.K. on the Geest boats must
now be thinking hard.
If:a general election is in the offing, Dominicans must go all out for
a brave new Government that will place the people above the wealthy firms
who have had it too good for too long, while hard-working Dominicans take
the crumbs.-
The Economic Recovery Year that Premier John announces: so glibly has not
started on the right foot, Markets for all we produce in a world of food-
shortage must be attracted here despite the bad image we have created recently.
Tourists have been scared, and the folks in the CAIC concern must be working
overtime to find out how td clear 'the industrial and commercial fog which
hangs over us.
Premier John has taken away Police from Minister of Home Affairs John'
Royer. Is the.Premier saying that the Minister of Home Affairs is cancelled
out altogether? Surely, the part can never be greater than the whole. The
Police Force had already'been undermined by an ex-Premier.
Education is in a very bad way despite countless window-dressings' Edu-
cation 1n Roseau speaks for itself. Infants. are confined to a school in
front of a big garage and in the worst slum area in Roseau. The plan'for
Education in Roseau was (i) Remove infants to the site of the Clinic and
Roseau Girls School; (ii) Clinic to go to the Pound with improvements where
necessary; (iii) old pupils in a new building on Bath Estate. Instead wve
have a school on the old D.G.S. site heavy with traffic, commerce and business;
infants still in the Pound, and yet the Minister of Education is happy about
the situation. ( conc-luded on pam.e 7)

Rrii;.~v- Jnnuarv 3_0. 1915

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>1 SIS^I^ Lrl


STAR pag3 5
io0- -75



Frd_ Jaua~ in. Y 1Q7 THTP. FW ____ ___ ____I IAVI Page F

(A Plantation Story from Nevis)


Many years ago, on Dasent's Old
Manor Estate in Nevis, there lived a
slave whom everyone knew as Brother
John but whom everyone called Bo' John
Bo' John was blessed with a splen-
did physique, an attractive personal-
ity and a reasonable level of intelli-
All through his boyhood Bo' John
was loved and admired by his> fellow
Leaves and always displayed the ability
of a leader.
Bo' John did not enjoy slavery and
though he did his work well he never
made any secret of how he loathed his
condition. His fellow slaves used to
listen to him and were encouraged by
the bad things he said about the
Massa and the plantationn system. They
were inspired by the hope which he en-
visioned of the day when the Plantation
would break up and the slaves could be
free to live as dignified human beings.
When the Plantation authorities ob-
served that Bo' John might be getting
restive, the first idea of the Over-
seer was to sell him to another plant-
ation to prevent him from causing
trouble among his fellow slaves on Old
Manor, But the shrewd attorney who
thought that he knew some thing of the
working of the mind of this jagro had
the different idea that he should make
Bo'John an overlooker of the field
When his fellow slaves heard the
news that on Monday Bo' John was to be
their immediate supervisor,they were
glad because they loved him and expect-
ed that at least under him their treat-
ment would be more humane.
Jimbo was Bo' John's best friend,
They used to talk a lot of things. They
even thought once of a plan to stir
rebellion among the slaves. So Jimbo
was happy at Bo' John's promotion be-
cause he expected great things to re-
sult from it.
When the slaves came out to work on
Monday morning they found how wrong
they were. There was Bo' John standing
full height, his arm folded with a
great show of authority and aloofness.
iNext to him was at man with a whip. As
each slave came to the field and said
the usual "Mornin' Bo' John" he was
given four stripes:, with the Whip-
man's warning to "Say Massa nex' time".
When Jimbo came to work he met Bo'
John .with a broad grin and the vcual

CALL ME MAS1SA (cncld.) "Good morning
Bo' John".
But Bo' John did not return his
grin as usual; he beckoned the Whip-
man "Gef him four."
SThunderstruck, Jimbo cried, "Laud
Bo' John, what I do?"
"Gef him four more" was the unsmiling
The unbelieving Jimbo pleaded,
"Laud Bo' John, have mercy".
"Gef it to him" but before the
Whip-man could throw, his blows, Jimbo
was struck by an inspiration; he cried
with deep feeling "Laud Massa."
That did the trick. Jimbo saw Bo'
John's eyes light up with pleasure at
the sound of the word "Massa".
"Lef him alone now" he instructed
the Whip-man,
When the attorney heard this a.o
count of Bo' John's first day of work
as overlooker, he clapped his handS,
threw back his head and laughed with--
out control. For some time to come,
his Plantation would enjoy peace under
the iron hand of Bo' Johmo
-(From the St. Kitts DEMOCRAT)
Fiction MA TITIE Cynthia Watt
"I really mission Titine you know",
Baby mumbled to herself as she made
her way to Genelia's. "Genelia al-
right, but I enjoyin a joke moh wid
Arriving at Genelia's, she threw
herself into a chair and fanned her-
"Wheew! aldough it making so cold
it still making hot", she remarked.
Genelia laughed. "You are getting
too fat Baby", she said. "Come now,
I know you are bursting with news. I
can see it on your fac&".
"We-e-el", she drawled, "You doan
know yet dat de beeg ankor by de bay
not dere again?"
Genelia showed her astonishment.
"'Well", Baby continued, "Guvment
sell it overseas I tink...way, way.
donkey-years dat ankor dere' You
know I will miss seeing it dere? It
was a lan--lan-- hou you sayin it?"
"A landmark".
"Yes, a landmark", Baby repeated.
"But de joke is some people sayin dat
is dat ankor dat deed have Domeeneka
tie down...Domeeneka deed l'ankav...
it cooden make pro-progress. Odder
people sayin dat sutton big-bugs deed
mortal on it...if is dat, well dey-
dejQ u ". (concluded page .

Pawe Foui

Fridav-. January n_ "1 Q'/7

T H P. R T A r

A.C. SH ILLNGFORD & CO. LT Ivitess You to Pt a Bright Spot

We Wof 9kt# Yo t u l WiNM SOMETHING
Not ly^ ib Fantastic, But Something Neverthess...
And You Cau Have Some PFun a ~he' Same Tim e..
HeceXu How aEnter our

to Prove how Smart Yoa or how Not so Smart You rally are,

Her are the Rules of the Game:-

t: Answer these three questions.
a When can. you be said to have Four Hands?
b What Ss it that will go Up a Chimney Down, but
won't go Down the Chimney Ur. ?
c Wha Part f a Watch is used as Tableware?

2 Print your Answers on any P M OLIV,~"iE Sap Wrapper, AJAX Product Wrsap
per, or COLGATE To4c Lmp Wr Wraper, wiih he Words "P4A0M L/PV or
"AJK^" or #", vhb.

3. Deposit the Wrapper in the Barrel at the Phoenix Supermarket when You come
in io do Your Shopping.

4. Only One Entry per Person,

,5. Drawing takes place Samedi Gras. The First Correct Entry drawn will be de-
clared the Winner. Our Decision is Final. The Winners name will be Announ,
ced on Radio Dominica.


"Tae Old Storcs with the New Look"
STAR page .5
i0 ( 75

'age Six -A.i TA
PLANE AC> 4E Three i acy 1denO1t to i ,ht i i ;.:l. U-- ..'C t.
the Stoia e hi s aocr e,.
4. Chtorokoe aFsi.;g.o-uo.0t ino n.i if r.t'~it (Ib.'.*: v. ) ;:\.i
I n r-ny I Atrn ia g '- ; s') I n thre i ?iso I ( E

ers wr trttafcy're "oo rt -i(t. !irspi '.,O to 1 i
Mir, Cil-.'l rid .v ri-, of Mini ... WCJ W-r headed
the i-vs oirii t o.... o d oiT In 1c;rplae driiftod
to'nanfrd ; ,ioreo na~i ?was bro Nexl t'y. ,. "Sat ir" spray pl a.n piote: by C.K.
;.;hi 1 l. ur'zi 3I i tipped t en it as no-ae Coi"trol i?0wa
.,ost doct tfo f aulty iiOilchani s., w
Shortly after- thr. t. incident, anioth!icr *sMZill plin e
hai hk tyr e on I.... '!et'i; at't the AirpLrt.'t
NO-o ne wrts soriotuly injured in theacse accaideuts.,
Sounds ot shots before "*l<-: on Thuirsdnay caused
anlay to belie:vo t.nt an at.tiak n "as being nfla~tf ot
GtuvorneI.n ~; ., 'o t. miotan tern Oel lIOt to hO tW
ali!c..;',-cu! sl.op ste.ocior (we al,) keiiOr i0oC sh.o op rfld
goats re'.<.;At ; ,,rou) d ioaCeru). 11e ,na said t o Flvo
bonn 'ltCt in thie fcuo., an;d Iwrnt to hoap iA.
U; *'-N SKY roxxr J]
T I1.,' i,P i'rtttiy, at. 6, p. a 6 USE-
tun flty boA) tiiI wver Aadsi.o tSohiLni ca be---

to a >
tne 29 7, Gun, IsA Finmlt Cdoli-q$.n s sum

in -uves
,. P ,,,effort



P Spa

Produced and Bottled in Great Bri'ain
Vine Products Limited, Kingston-Upon-Th

by i

sit4 ~-
Si4 4/4



Friday ,Ja3:Uarv i> )&975
__ ,,,,, ,,,.,, mr rrn ,~l -.l---nu-.u-- ---r~

minica Electricity Services
e wish to apuhg.,i' e 1o all our con-,
:rs for the interruption to supply o9
.- Decembner, 1974. This was due j
:eerT;o: fault at a hydro station and m
tigations are still in progress to as-
in the cause for the breakdown.
Le public are assured that every
is, and will be made, to kee- inter
ons to a riiamnmum and we take this
rtuniuy of extending to all our best
:s for 1975,

rish to'O'Level S-.odCJ,
to 'OLevel Standard,
rt- Time> .
ly, immediately to:
he Principal, '
'sley Hi-gh School,
.0. Box 92,

cin;g qualifications sie
1975 RATES rFO

Roseau co.llec .. .
Country ...
Surface Mail anywhere
E. CatribbLxanis ..
Other BW1, FWf, UJSVI

. $7.50

No De.l ery

$)8.00 E.C.
$27.50 E.C.
$1 4.50 US.
$14.50 Can.

^n~uusur- I --- rpur.uar;.rp-LI---~--C --ICI-L~-~

is:rt;i':ly bob ,'vwar;n told me of a
viit he paid i Engloand with the ccnn-
orf'i.s' of Barclay's Bak who wo ere donp-
ty tra;ubild by inflation ard the work
Cr::.ii iln he 'new economics" there is
much talk of "constants." To China th:.
constant is rice. Among the Arabs it is
.'.t. Yet one c-arnnot eat gold c-r ilver or.
o'.L In the raesnt i 'iation in sO'/ in- in wages will he!p the worker-.
ocd, rant end intere.tst nm :n'nrtgages
and toan-, wili go up even higher. Tiie
Arabs crn accurtlate their biluons and
buy jewels A .ind gold (ar;d armaments),
'but cunno et them. Geld and silver or
jewels or stocks and boade cannot be
"cinstar.ts." But rice is a "constant."
Seeking safety from occasional robbers,
thase who are recognidied ss robbers. we
talt ilto the haInuas of peranenr.t robbers,
the organized on'es, those who are recug-
n!aedL as benefactors, we fal .into the
hands of governmaMent. l.o To!utoy

As I see it. the death penalty ia it
'itself sa in oS hoanitide coaarmnitted by
asceiet?. Jacqaes Mariteai


It is. time now that the Traffic
Officer makes. a change in River Street
Coming from the old,bridge one has
to drive right up to Kennedy Avenue
before he can turn eastward. Driving
from the west upwards one can choose
either River Street or River Bank
whilst one has to drive paa:% two
streets before turning uo the Avenue.
If this change could be affected, it.
would be less driving if one has, to,
reach the Ministry or Harlsbro.
a* * *
It is right and fitting that we:
should offer our sincere congratula-
tions "to Misses Ritchie and Potter
Tor the awards bestowed on them in
recognition for their ceaseless; work
in God's Vineyard. These awards were
bestowed by His Holiness and present-
ed by His Lordahfp Arnold Boghaert
C.S.S.R., D,D..B.A., Bishop of Roseau.
In regard to Misa Elsie Ritchie,' I
remember writing a letter in your
valuable journal some years ago ask-
ing the authorities to .think of her
as'a great social worker and to
recognize her work in the form of an
award. Soon after'we were happy to
learn that she was awarded the M.B.E.
Miss Cynthia Potter has worked as'
an organist at the Roseau Cathedral
for many years. She has never failed
*(except for sickness) morning or
night to reader to the great God and
His people that sweetness which music
gives and at which even the'angels
rejoice. M1ay the Good Lord lengthen
their days that they may continue..
their good work.

We understand that the Dominica.
Pensioners Association is seeking an
interview (which has been requested)
with the Government financial author.
ty to the Pensioners' memorandum of
December, 1973.
They are hoping to get the, opporti
unity to discuss also Government's.
policy in connection with the December
1974 allocation of funds intended to
meet or alleviate the poverty-level
conditions brought on some pensioners
by the steep rise in the cost of
Good part-time house-worker: recom-
mendeation. Contact STAR office.

I --- ~-- 4 -

M16. .4 A _T-nvt I n I Q17A T H E
CLY 0 :& 0

.Tn~n~~Tr an 1Qr7d


S T AB.R Page Sp-Ven-
Perhaps the Premier has to take away
subject from everyone of his Minis-
era. For our roads are not the.con-
ern of the Miilister for Communication
nd Works. As for our Minister for
agriculture, Trade ettc., he enjoys his
rips, and mission abroad without ap-
arently achieving facilities for
Premier John's forecast that 1975
ill be a year of economic recovery is
brave statement. Prime Minister of
ritain, Harold Wilson, has made:a dif-
erent statement: that 1975 will be a
difficult one.
Mr. John's outgoing Government. has
one little or nothing to protect con-
umers in Dominica., He will have to
sell out quickly in considerable de-
ail how 1975 will be a, year of Econo-
ic Recovery. There must be no delusion
bout the terrible and horrible! mess
which must be cleared up before even a
ery competent set of Ministers .can
begin to lay a foundation.
Twenty-one seats in the Assembly is
piece of madness which will help make
ad matters worse. Hand-outs-to voters
ill not do any good. There are so
any new problems foir 1975 that it might
all be the worst year in this decade.
E can only hope ,for the best. W.S.S.
A TITIlE (co nld.) "Is that all the
asa?" Gene a asked her.
"Well yes, for now...tings loo kin a
aetle peaceful now...doan know foh how
Suddenly she frowned.
"GeneXia, when Titine coming nunh?
at about yoh weddin? Ia time foh you
5 get married you know..,if you doan
>ok up'Reuben quick, somebody going
ike him from you you know."
"Don't worry Baby...I heard from
itine yesterday 'and she, will be back,
r the end of the month. As, for my wed-
ing, you know it is., lated for next
"I doan know nottin bout slate...I
lot in school...but better hurry, XI
3ee Reuben takin a gull to cinema de
>dder night; de same night he deed
suppose to take us to de dance, an he
sen an tell you he, deeden able to go
gain as he deed wukkin late"; she
inorted"an all de time is annoder wo-,
lan.he takin to cinema"
"Don't worry Baby", Genelia repeated,
They already have me down on the
others list as "Mrs. Reubens"

PAE T H E T AR Friday- January 10. 1975
S-S*T*AS** *81 morchristonl CONSE~VAThIOi4 COAMNERN
Australia, by virtue of their 171 W e wish through your paper
runs victory over England in the 4th to inform readers on certain actions-
test match played,at Sydney, have taken by the Dominica Conservation
.taken a 3-nil lead in the 6-match Society regarding historical possess-
series and have thus regained the ions and landmarks of the State.
Ashes which they lost to England un- The Society is concerned at the
der Ray Illingworth in 1971 at that number of cases-in recent years where
same Sydney Grounds. The 3rd test historical-'state property has beei des-
match ended in a draw and England troyed or treated negligently and we
now have to break their love in the have urged the Development and Planning
remaining two tests. Corporation to do all in their power -
Ian Chappell won the toss for to safeguard these artifacts.
Australia and elected to bat. Austra Even if Dominicans are not at pre-
lia massed 405 runs. Geoff Arnold sent fully aware of their island's
finished with 5/86. New test cap heritage, we look forward to-the day
MaCoaker scored 80, I Chappell 53 and when this -knowledge is more widespread.
G.Chappell 84. Besides: this, we note the important
England in their turn at the part historical monuments play in the
crease found themselves in trouble, ;areas of Investment, Tourism, education,
but Alan-Knott (82) and the bowlers. and National feeling and we h&ve offer-
boosted England. a's, final total to 295. ed Government our assistance for re-
Jeff.Thompson 4/74. search and advise-on action to be taken.
Australia declared their 2nd inn- Sincerely,
ings closed at 289/4, with lan Red- THE PRESIDENT, Dominica Consdrvation
path 105 and Gry.g Chappell his sixth 8/1/75 Society
score over .50 in seven innings, 144.
England were set 400 runs for vic-i
tory and never looked like getting Child's pram in good condition.
the runs; t- one stage: 103/4.and Price reasonable.
- Edr.ich retired. hurt after blow on V .iew rear of STAR office
the hand from Lillee, They were .I TH H -
s. eventually dismissed for 228 after THE PATIENT WHO VAL'ISHED
another stubborn -display from their The CSA has: written to various bod-
tails ',A.Mallet finsihed with 4/21 lies and to the Comm. of Police and the
and his l00th test wicket. T.Grieg 54.Pr.emier, about the death of MrBryson
The 4th test match between the. Victor, a patient suffering from- chro-
West- Indies and India starts January Ynic leg ulcer-, .who disappeared from the
11 at Madras. Portsmouth Hospital-onDec. 24 before
LEAGUE BLACKBURNiS REGLISTERS PFIST his leg could be amputated.
SCENTURY CSA deplores: the lack of a police
In the Augustus Gregoire Leage, search "at a time when the Defence arce
P.Bardouille of Blackburns scored the is embodied and there are hundreds of
first century of the season against Special Constables distributed through-
Police. Blackburns won the match by out the length and breadth of the is-
120 runs. .land" and slams "official indiffer-,
Scores were: -Blackburns 159 and ence to the passing away of a person
190/7 declared;M.Leblanc 20 and 21, committed to the care of the State".
A.Andre 29, HLafond 65, P.Bardouille Mr. Bryson's decomposed body was
103 n.o. and M.Thomas 35. For Police found near the hospital eight days
E.John 2/38, M.Joseph 4/34 and -later. An investigation is pressed for.
J.Pierre 4/58.
Police 137 and 92; E.Joh4 52 and BACK FROM BRITAIN
S.Parillon 42 n.o. in the second Mr. Raymond Lawrence, popular and
innings. creative Radio Dominica announcer and
NEW U.ST AMBASSAJDOR TO U.K. entertainer, has arrived back after a
EW U. AMBA R U.. useful BBC course in London.
Mr. Elliott Richardson, former UL.S-1 BBC oour. e in London..
Attorney General who resigned in ~'EW STAR ADVERTISING RATES
protest at Nix6n'.s behaviour, has '- 197"5 ,e ,ay be had on request at
been appointed Ambassador to Britain, our a l e.
Printed and Published by the Proprietor R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill House
S at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West ; ndies.

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