Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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SMrs. Jane LJOlTjil librarian,
Research Instit:,; t 1. the study of Ynarl
162 East ?G S1t0o, t.
Ne"w ~,or2 10021 T., 1OS.A 0/
-rei: rtIAnsY-ePfi, a lmyTr f-i *^
U.K. Media- Representative: i
Colin Turner (London) Ltd.
122 Shaftesbury Ave. W1. Irtut/ u
Fr ry 3 1975 Edtor PHYLLIS


We are not sorry to have seen the last
of 1974. For us, and for many not in th
newspaper world alone it was a year. of
strain, shortage and anxiety. Only tenaci-
ty and the support ot family, friends, sub
scribers and a -ew. loyal advertisers plus.,
the unswerving devotion ot our Staff-con '
tributors and country agents helped the
hard pressed little STAR to survive. :.;,
It. fact, at times we have been sorely
tempted to give up the unequal struggle, -
but the encouragement of our helpers
and wellwishers ha kept us going.
We now turn our backs on a year of
sudden deaths, fires, suspicion, accidents
and incidents, spying and suspense with
a sensation of acue relief and determined
hope for Dominica's better future.
,,=v::-:: = -- ... ... .h. .. ..y - Li

see Rupert Sorhaindo,. p2
An American missionary who was
recently expelled from South Korea
concluded before leaving that the
Korean Central Intelligence Agency
fabricated an elaborate conspiracy
theory to link antigovernment demon-
strators with theCommunists.
The missionary, the Rev. George
Ogle, had done research concerning
South Korean Government claims of a
SCommunist.conspiracy,Mr. Ogle said:
"It's central to the government's
argument that the Communists were
Behind everything, and that repres.
sive measures. are therefore justi-
Mr. Ogle contends the CIA ,had
fabricated the story in 1t9 In
order to create enough social pres-
sure to quiet the students, and has
also "used the accusation to
Continue its vendetta against Korea's
small body of liberal-progressives,"

The women Americans
*most admire
New York
Pat Nixon, apparently untarnished by
the Watergate scandal that drove her
husband from the White House, has
been voted the most admired woman in
the United States.
Her younger daughter, Julie Nixon
SEisenhower, came fourth in the top 10
women listed,

Ministers cut-
Ministers of Government
at a Cabinet meeting- on
Tuesday- 17th December
have agreed to accept a
10% reduction-of salary
"until the present financial
position of the State has

Golda Melt, the former israeli
Prime Minister, was second; and Rose
Kennedy, mother of the late President
John F. Kennedy, ranked third.
Fifth place went to Shirley Temple
Black, the child movie star of the .
1930:s who now is American
SAmbassador to Ghana,
ww .w

I came to the United 'States of America threi
:- ear ag to make the best oftheg eater oppor,
tunities "thi country has to offer. Hundreds ol
yoigipeop e have left ominica to seek educa.
tion and a better way of life. Many like myself,
will return soon to try to make a better place
for all the. people e. During my existence
here, many great changes have taken place in
Dominica and indeed throughout the entire uai,
verse, To me, the_ people of Dominica have al.
ways been a strong, indomitable, uncenquered
people' However at this point in time, it is para-
mounrt that I try to express what I feel in my
So many questionsflit across m my mind eaty
where I go as I receive news on what is taking
place. What is happening to my country? What
evil is being wrought by minds of avaricLand
hearts of stone? Where., ithe trust and love?
What is being done to aid and utilize the young
people, the most priceless resource our little na-
Sdon possesses?
It seems to me that there is almost (or definitely)
a distinct attempt to crush, mar, or destroy their
(the youths) strength, will and intelligence. I do
not think this attempt, directly ,or indirectly Will
succeed. Those who know anything about history
know that a people cannot be kept in the chains
of darkness' forever. "Freedom" is a meaningful
word for all segmentss of any true and democra-
tic Society. (Cc.tuded p.) 3)

Gold Medals for Merit
Next Sunday In the Cathedral (7 p.m.) Miss Cynthia
Potter, devoted organist of the Catholic Church, and
Miss Elsie Richie, dedicated Social Worker whose
Boys Club did so much for youth, will receive'their
gold medals "of Good Merit" from his Lordship the
Bishop, acting on behalf of Pope Paul;
A great start here for International Women't year
of the U.N!

Knighted by the Queen Jan. I The gallant
chevalier of the cricket pitch. The great
film Comedian Is now Sir Charles Chaplin!
And in Dominica- Dr Bruce Stewart"
splendid ientlst, Mr ABMarte, longtime
Magistrate, are MBEs. Cocngratulations!
GItSLADIAN and Loanlon County Cotun
cil Chairman Dr. David Pitt has boon
mudo -a Lifo Baron ancd will enter tite
House of Lords.
I" in- i- Il . : i

Pa-e 'Two T H E T A R Friday, January 3. 1975
A DIRTY, COSTLY TICK ? by Rupert Sorhainto.
Is: our Premier a bold-faced'liar?~ -This is a question that many
patriotic Dominicans are now asking themselves, in the wake of the dis-
turbing and confusing situation of recent weeks. And the evidence
(circumstantial, at least) would seem to indicate that the answer to that
question is in the affirmative,
To some, this may appear to be a rather uncharitable thing to say
about a man who has, made many recent appeals, for national Unity, Love, -
Peace and Understandinig, and Prayer; especially in a Season during which
we are.encouraged to forgive.
But given the embarrassing situation in which Mr, John :has placed
Dominicans. by making irresponsible statements designed poaaps to nourish
public sympathy for his bankrupt government, the question of being chari-
-table must -take second place to candoua.
About a month ago, Mr. John took-to the Radio and announced that .he
had discovered a Communist plot (financed from overseas) to overthrow his
legitimate government by force. He went onlfurther t'o reveal that recent
and not-too-recent" incidents of violent attacks on white people in Dominica
(including the slashing of Dr. MacKensie and the slaying of. the Brights at
Pond Cassd)- were part of that plot which had begun with the burning of the
Canriian' flag some years ago (the Labour Government, it must be remembered,
had offered to pay $14,000 bail for Rosie Douglas sometime thereafter,
leaving one to wonder whether it too, was part of that plot). .
But when'pressed for his evidence, Mr. John like Nixon, prefers to
:,hide conveniently (but I am sure, eibarassingly. behind a now transparent
maSk of "national securityy. I am one of an increasingly large number of
Dominicans ,vwho believe that Mr. John does not have a'shred of -evidence for
his "Communist plot'" theory. And I challenge Mr, John to explain to ;such
skeptical Dominicans which is a greater threatt to National security:
allowing conspirators, murderers, other criminals 'to remain"at large, or
exposing the evidence which he has claimed' that he 4ad
of a-copspiracy to overthrow his Government by violent means and of its
connection to the violent crimes recently committed in the State. He may,
at the same time, "explain the following: Why, in the wake of well-coordi-
nated dawn raids on suspected conspirators. (some of whom he had named in'
the House of Assembly but would not dare mention publicly outside of the'
House' -for fear of inevitable lawsuits for defamation of character),-not.
ONE darge was laid for illegal possession of arms and/or ammunition; or
for the poss session of documents substantiating the Premier's claim of
a "plot",- The'Premier claims that incriminating documents were found'
in some of the premises searched. Maybe he reforms to the copy of "The
Anarchists Cookbook' WhiRlE an~i ned to have been confiscated along with
rather innocuous literature; but the appearance of a particular book with
such frightening details aboUt the assembly of bombs and other incendiary
devices, although it raises some serious questions about the intention of
the owner, can hardly be the .evidence that the Premier expects us to accept
as justification for his abuse-of power?. Let us not forget too, that most:
of the "documents" which the Premier claims to have as "evidence" came
under his scrutiny after his radio broadcast in which he made his accusations.
Aid Mr. John may well use the same opportunity to explain to the
public, why the culprits, who were supposed to. have been arrested for the
slashing of Dr. MaeKensie have not boon charged for the for the lack of
evidence when he, the Premier stated in his Radio broadcast that that
slashing wAp part of that same Communist plot which he had uncovered,-
Maybe'Mr. John would not mind explaining, too, why, if he claimed in
his. Radio broadcast that the most recent murders near Pond Caesd VaX part
of the ~lot, the murder-() is (are) still at large. Was it all guess-work?
Or wasn t it? Maybe the Premier should have taken the advice- of an Opposi-
tion member of. the House of Assembly on the afternoon of the Brights'
Murder and requested of the British Representative based in St.Lucla the
immediate assistance of Scotland Yard and bloodhounds.
(continued on Dage 3)

^idagrL. .J.3 .,, T HE .
Picticoa A Uik LS CynthbI Watt
senealia and Baby were more than
Miatead whena they recolwd a able
M frat Wa Titine before they
Should put in theirs,
"Merry Christmasi" Ma Titins. s
voice was exhilaratingly happy over
the wire; she told them all about.
her welcome arrival; how the new
baby was again a bouncing-boy and
everyone was tops at the Woment.
3urilla and Steve spoke next and
repeated UM Titine' s enthusilanm.
S "Well", Baby remarked later,
"Titine ashore havin a swell- time;
but We hAd a swell time too, aldougs
it was qu.iet."
"Quiet Genelia ezalaiiwed laugh-
ingly, like that Why, you and
Reube adO more noise then a combo."
Then added, "but really we enjoyed
ourselve s,
"I'aeahly deedAa go to Midnita
Maan,B Baby replied rueftlly.
On Boxing Day they decided to
relax at Genelia's; enjoyed them-
selves by playing Scrpbblea and list-
ening to recorded carols and other
Chriistaqas songs. -
The weekend sped by and oun sungr
night they attended the 7 pim.
'YOth Masa at Pottersville, t he
church was simply fet artistically
decorated and the muted tones of
well-known Christmas carols added a
harmonious effect 3 The service. was
soul-inspirijg and the officiating.
cleric (the Bishop) gave his homily
sincee3ly, directly and to the point,
Next day, Monday, as Baby was
coming from Newtown, and as she had
just turned the corner' of Turkey
Lane near the Anglican Church, she
saw smoke in the distance ahead of
her... he peered eloaely.
"Maybe dey bunnin rubbish wrong
dere", she said to herself; then
broke into a run when she saw flames
spurting and took the antell of burn-
ing rubber. She ran faster, but
stopped short near the St. Gerrtd's
H1el as she heard an explosion.
What was it?...When the smoke
subsided for a moment she saw a
van being doused from Pire Brigade
pumps. .It was the Port,Young van.
Most of the damage was centred in
the engine; the body itself was al-
most intabt. The driver said he hbad
just come from buyirng bread for the
hotel breakfast and just as he had
elidibed Conasttutuio~.Hill, he saw


s T A -age .e
1 DITT1Ajl by WMIAIAN I *.Y.
trom P.l) What is all this nonsense
about secret police and undercover
agents, fifteen days for braiding of
hair (the latter being the moat ridi-
:culous thing di the world)? Who are
we fighting against? If it means
destroying our own people, or suppres-
sing them into a nation of Molochs,
Frightened and full of hate, thben
definite steps have to be taken to
see that this does not occur, It
appears to me that those responsible
for any repressive acts against the
people are ignorant, cruel and cert
mainly incapable of holding important
offices, and should certainly recon-
sider their ideas about themselves
and life in general. Sometimes I
wonder if we are at war, and if sP,
with whom?
Why do we hate and mistrust bach
other on an island that is' only a dot
on the map of the world? An island
with leaders, but without leadershi,,
aA island with resources, but with% ?t
resourceful people in power, an isl-~: ud
with great strengths and capabiliteeS
but with incompetent leaders.
1 must beach the people of
Dominica, the leaders, parents:
teachers ani ohitdren to THINK DO
int be afraid to listenl to discuss
to try to understand another'sa point
of view. Do not condemn without ha-,-
ing first thoroughly studied behind
the sobnoa to the very depth of the
matter. We must raise our minds to
higher levels of awareneas, to cons-
tructive thoughts and actions if we
are to survive, in today's world. Good
leadership and understanding by par-
ents, leaders and teachers are the
key. to better balance that great rift
between youth and age, old and new.
We must learn from each other.
Young people, get together inhcanes
or schools, work or play and organiz-e,
synchronize and materialize. You can
do it I know it, you know it, we
know it, and they know it.
Good Lord, what is going on? I
would like. t6 take this opportunity
as the Season of goodwill drawn nigh
to wish everyone a Ierry Chrlstmas
and hope that 1975 will bring about
good and healthy vibrations.
WV .* 'i X 6W_-*. F W *
1MATI9iE... smoke coming from'the en-
gine and threw himself out just. in
time. "Well~-..a boy luckl', Baby

?age--" Four ThE SAAR Friday January ~ll0 1975

Next wook our readers will hear more of
the goitine grie-vaicos would-bo electors
have regarding the way in which these
lists hveo b~cn compiled anl pro snted --
infonuation having boon givon ontiroly
verbally, up to evo of P.roas not a single
direction having boon printed in the lo-
onl paporas And that is not the only cont-
pl aint,
Next Tuesday is the natost day on which
those who ho he boon loft out or wrongly
listed can fill out a form, contact a Uog-
istoring Officar andt placo their namos on
the lisbf, 4o predict at lot of gnashing arid
eveOn bearing of tooth as the timeo dras on. .
And to adapt, some wise words of the C.S.A.s
VSfT-POINT: Your vote is your greatest weapon.
1f you want CI(LNGA; if you want bad Acts
R.ESCLKDi^; if yomu wrant to be recognised asa
CITIZ&iN And not a ,..i/l; if you want uen of
integrity on Boards and Conulissions anid not
:l-'.lt0Y S'TO&:S; if you want to st-op opuis on
the political platfOorm, in the House and on
!'DIO D(M1' I.iC; then you must IkLGISTeR and
,vote for- a man or Woman who plodgos to- bring
about those changes anld nuakes it possible for
eachh worker to find oseployment,

Produced and Bottled in Great Britain by
Vie Products Limited,Kingston-Upon-Thi. m s

____ .

of the
of Canterbury

THIS MONTH Dr Donald Coggan will be installed
into the See ot Canterbury as its 101st Archbishop
and Primate of All-England and successor to
Dr Michael Ramsey. i1 is a historic succession,
dating back to St Augustine who, as the emissary
of Pope Gregory, arrived in 597 AD to re-found
the Church of England.
The Eiithrorirnent Service itself is a great act
of Christian worship, for as well as the dedication
of the new archbishop to his task, there is a re-
dedication of the English Church and State.
When he is installed, Dr Coggan will be taken to
the Chair of St Augustine, set up for the occasion
under the lantern of the Bell Harry Tower just
outside the screen and in full view of the congre-
MY. P. Marries
The Hon. Pat Steovens, Member of the
HIouso of Assembly (North-Eastern) got
married quietly on Boxing Day, Dec.26,
at hItlupstond (Mothodist Church), Hiis
bride Twas the former Miss Eslio C_ rette


Roaeau collect ...
Country .....
Surface Mail anywhere
E. Caribbean.....

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$18.00 E.C.
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Spanish to'O'Level Standard,
Art to 'O'Level Standard,
Apply, immediately to:
The Principal,
Wesley High School,
P.O. Box 92,
stating qualifications ssn-s


Slate Surface Roofing in Rolls 36" wide,
Smooth Surface Genasco Roofing in
Rolls 36'wide,
Slate Surface Shingles,

WtP/Ys##S' tR,4WAE


Page Four

Friday January 10 1975



We Five

Schedule of Application for Cr ;fiate of Title & Notings there
Caveats for week ending. 21 st day of Deeomber 1974

hture oTreque w et
er a Certificate of Tide o
Noring thereon or Caveat

Application of Rus-
Request dated Rusasel Boney. l Bonay for the is
21 10 74 by his Solicitor se of a first certifi-
Presented M.Eugenia te of title in rea-
18 12 74 Charles pect of a portion of
at 11.30 a.m. Iand at Loubiere in
.. the Paris hof St
George containinng 5793 square feet and bounded as
North Lend of Arthur Edwards North East Public
Road and land of Arthur Edwards South East Land of
James Jack South Lands of james Jack and Nel!on Mat.
thew West Lands of Emli Taibot and Robina Jno.
Rebecca.. Ro--ll.

Reqesat dated Rebecca Rolle
17 12 74 as personalrep-
Presented resentatives of
18 12 74 Marie A. Pel-
at 11.35 a.m. tier
by her Solicitor
Ch- gA

Application of Re-
becca Rolle as perso-
nal representative of
Marie A Peltier de-
ceased for the issua
of a first certificate
of title in respect of
a portion of land

known as part of Lot 97 situate in the Town of in the Parish of St George containing
10 4 square feet and bounadd as follws:-
North East Wall on Land of Rebecca Roile South
East Bow land South WVest Estate of Loftus A Ro-
berts & Lands of the Heirs of Claire Winston and
Austin Winston North West Land of J B Charle,.
~r~r~~aaasma-**-- -- -- ~YI~LI~~~Uin~~~U

Request dated Rebecca Rolle Applicatiom of Re-
17 12 74 as personal rep- becca Roele as perso-
Presented reaenrtatives of yal repr-etntative of
18 12 74 Marie A. PetI, M aieiA PAr3..-, deo-
at 32o'dek tier deceased ceased for lthe issue
by her Solicitor of a first certificate
M.Eugenia of title in respect of
S Clorda.- a portion of land
now n a prPt 0 lot 149 situate inthe Town of
Ros su in the Parish of St George containing
1383 square feet and bounded as follows:-
North East Party wall separating It from Lot 148 Land
of Ursula Robin South East Wail on land of E L Hony-
church South West Cross Street North West Wall
on Estate of Mary Newman and Sarah Newman.

Request dated Rebecca Rolle Application of Re-
17 12 74 4a personalrep becca Rolle as person
Presented resentatives of nal representative or
18 12 74 Marie A. P.l M rie A Peltier cde-
at 11.40 ain. tier ceased for the issue

M.Eugenia of title in respect of
j a portion of land si-
tuate in the.Town of Rosesn in the Parish of St George
containing 882 aqrtre feet and bounded as follows:.
North East Wat! on land of Irene Davis, Marie Da-
vis, Gertrude Davis South East Cork Street'
South West Wall on land of Alphonso Royer North
West Wall on land of Dr. Phulip o Boy
Request dated Bennie Guiste Application of Ben-
17 12 74 1by his Solicitor nie Guiste for the is
Presented M.Eugenia sus of a first certifi-
19 12 74 Charles cate of title in re-
at 11.15 a.m. pect of a portion of
&---- land known as a Lot
at La Roche ian the
Parish pf St Patrick
containing 13947
square feet and bousir
ded as follows:-
North Lands of Iris Elolteand Lliis Mark; East Public'
Road and land of Lilla Mark; South Lands of onle George
and Josephine jamne, West Lands of Zilla Guiste and To'
mita _______cOB_ Cat*r.

~~ .~c~m~rmaan~aaahrs~I1"Myerm~ry

the 18t
the 17ti
of Deco
at 9.25

North by lands of ullus Laville and Joseph Lavilla
South by land of Marie Anselm East by a Public Road
West by land of Mario James.
Request dated Sylvia Bedmiun- Request for the issue
the 19th day o ster as Person of a FirEt Certificate
November al representa- of Title in respect of
1974 tive of Myster a portionr of land
Presented edminster do- konwn as a o t at
the 16th day eased Bellevue Chopin, in
of December, by her Solicitor the Parish of St.
1974 CilmaK A.M George in the Stato
at 9.20 a.m. Dupgny of Dominica contain-
a a ing 9457 souare feet
and bouns.dd as followe:-
North West by land of P N Russeo North East by lnd of May
Toussaint East by a Read separating from lan i BiossIs
Walter South by land of PNRu sel. West by land of PNRuisse

Request dated Sylvia Bedmin
the 19th day ofister as Person
November j al representa-
1974 tire of Myster
Presented IBedminster Jd
the 17th day ceased
of December, by her Solicitor
1974 Cilma A.M
at 9.10 am. Dupigny

Request ror tht issue
of a Firet Certificate
of Title in respect of
a portion of land
konwn as a Iot at
Bellevue Chopin, in
the Parish of St.
George in the State
of Dominica contAin-
ing 1261 square feet
and hounded as fol-

North West by land of Richard George East by a Pub.
lic Road separating it from land of P N Russel South
by an Access Road separating it from land of Minoonette Rbin-
SRecrest dated Sylvia de dmiJn, Request for the issue
the 19th day ofater aa Person of a First Certificate
November a represents, of Title in respect of
1974 tive of Mytter a portion of land
Presented Bedminster doe konwn as a lo t at
the 17th day ceased Bellevue Chopin, in
of December, by her Solicitor the Pariah of St.
1974 Cilma A.M George in the State
at 9.15 a.m. Dupigny of Dominica contain
I -infg 7154 square feet
and bounded a. fol lews:.
North by land of Edwin Bougaunesu North East by a
Public Road South East by land of Marian Node
South West by a Fight of way separating it from land of
Olgar Orman North West by land of Lawrence John
Baptiste, Edward julius and Mona Julius
Request dated f i John A pplication f Lte-
26 8 74 BaptiJst ca John Baptois
Presented Carolina John d C.aroli o John
19 12 74 Baptiste aas ap f ite for the isrt
at 11.20 a.m. point tenants cate of tite in rs-
by their Solicitor ect of a portion of
SMl.Eugn j pect of a portion a I
M. eni land known a a
__ i Chl-e.s Garden Lot in the
eighs aof-Salisbury in the Parish of St Joseph
containing 0.318 acres anduisnded as follows:
North East: A Ravine and Lands of Mayma AlexIs and A
Ravine: South East: Lands of Shellford Casim!r and Ra-
vine; South: Lands of N. Vidal: South WesE Lands
of Mathilda V idal; North West Lands of Elford John Baprtte
--- -LU

Registrar's Office,
Roseau. Dominica.

Registrar of Titles

,NTE: Aty prison who dca.dre; teo object L Lth. iuing o(f a'
Certificateiof title on thi abovr applicatloi~may enter a Caveat
In the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearance uf this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
land in respecc of which the appllcatloris made.

Frp Wy e^.bu a 't T97
t dated i Emainue Reque.s. for the issuoa
h day of Anselm of a First Certificate
aer (by his Solicitor of Title in respect of
Cilma A.M a portion of land at
ed Dupigny Pichelin inthe Parish
h day the of St. Patrick im
Lmber, the.,Stat of Dominica
containing 2184
a.m. square feet and hout-a
-.---- ded as follows:-


atre Reuested Person Presenting

TH ___ $TA_ Pag _

A DIRTY COSTLY TRICK I (rom pae 2) by Rupert Sorhaindo
Of course, while he tried to decide how to exploit a disturbing situa-
tion, police and civiliaibalike went (and still are) on a witch-hunt for
Communists, if not'opposed to CRIMINALS (communist or not, Dread
or not). An' iraaginative political novelist might introduce the macabre
tWist of a politician.fighting for power, setting up a situation to fit.
into a political strategy. I am by no means suggesting that this is the
case here'
Premier John has obviously used a deteriorating situation created by a
Government that has only on rare occasions put the people before politics,
to strengthen his political hand, Many will find it .convenient to excuse
him by saying that it is his prerogative as a politician. But can we afford
to continue to accept that unethical norm? 'By what
I consaidd aSp irresponsible and frivolous public statements, he has
again displayed his unsuitability as a leader, News of- the PrImier's state-
ment about Dominica having been selected by the Communists to launch a
Caribbean plan because of its terrain and economic status etc,.,..has been
given much coverage within and without the Caribbean region, Mr. John's
hasty, instinctive political-judgement must have served to frighten away
potential foreign investors precisely the sort of charge which he hap'lajL
against M.N.D. (How does this fit in with the Premier's declaration of 1975
as Economic-recovery year?).
But that may no!t be the only counterproductive effect of Mr. John's
political plan. The decided effect of polarization of'the forces of liberal-
ism on the one hand and conservation on the other in our small community will
undoubtedly prove to be most devastating. Mr. John nourished the fear that
slowly seeped into the hearts of Dominicans as one Violent crime followed the
other in, rap id succession. By stringing these events together,with a trans-
parent "corimunist plot", Mr, John succeeded in unleaj~ing the beast in many
Dominicans. The talk around town, in the shops, in the maxrk-tplace, 3in the
taverns, at dinner, was about who should be shot an-awho should be strung. ip.
The witch-hunting had begun, and it may well continue for quite -a while.
Rumours about how many guns and how many bombs were found at whose home, or'
who carried crates of documents from whose home, etc...spread like -ildfire
from one end of the island to the other. Housewives and storekeepers seemed
to know more than the Chief of Police or the Premier himself. A country
saddJed with a burden of conservatism slumped into ultra-conservatism All
of a sudden it became a crime in th6 eyes of many Dominicans for one to hold -
progressive ideas or to read socialist books; it became a-crime too, for one
to associate with anyone susp-ected of being a member of M.1.D*., at a time
when dialogue, constructive dialogue, is what we so sadly need in our country.
Ironically, one of the surest ways of establishing a foundation for the
bloody revolution that the Premier and his supporters claim to be acting to
forestall, is to do just what has, in effect been done. No one, not even the
Premier, would deny that what we need in this country is the injection of hew
ideas in the top-level discussions on development planning. Thus when young
Dominicans talk of the large estates being underutilized and of the need for
new approaches to agriculture and land utilization, should we not take this
view seriously? When young Dominicans speak of the inadequacies of our edu-
cational system, or of the exploitation of the banana growers or the lime and
grapefruit growers by multinational corporations, who can deny that this view
must be taken seriously? -And When the young voices shout out that they are
sick of corrupt politicians who only have their own interests in mind when.
they must make decisions at the'national level, who can saE that they do-not
have a legitimate right? And when they point out the dangers of a politi,
cized (on a party basis) Police Force, should they be simply dismissed as
being anti-Police?
By now (after having seen the devastating effects of so many confironta-
tion. beginning in 1988*ca our small country), Mr. John should know -that
what we need is not more counter-productive confrontation, not witch-hunting
and witch-burnings; but genuine, honest, frank, open dii.-nte-s ic n on how to
solve our many problemB. ioncl1udidRa S_ )

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Vr1dqy, January 3, 1975


jidg 8 .1975 THE aT R .Pae Tevea -.
3*T*A*S*P*O*R*T*8 Mtorchriston. A DIRY; -03STLY TRICK? (conclude)
CRICKET `The third test match between PS.I am fully aware of the sort of
India snd the Wezst Indies at Calcutta propaganda that the Labour Party
had a shocking finish to West Indian strategists will make out of the views
fans and followers of the game. Unlike expressed here. It will undoubtedly
the former two tests which West Indies be said ofrme that I support the
won by handsome margins, India came "Dreads" violence, etc.: I, too, will
back to bowl-West Indies-for 224 in be added to the expanding list of
their 2nd innings for their lowest "communists". But I pride myself on
'total in the series to date. being an advocate of the new politics,
Mansur Ali Khan won the toss for which does not put political expediency
India and elected to bat. By the eril before honesty, frankness and sincerity,
of the first day, India had scored2335 RUPERT SORHAINDO
runs and West Indies 14/0o Topscor- W YEAR MSSAGE PROM THE PRESIDaT
era for India were Vishwanath 52, THE ORGANISATION O COMMONWEALTH
Madan Lal 48, Gaekwad 36 and Mansur OFRITHBBAN BAR ASSOCIATIOS.MMO LTH
Al Khan 6. Most successful W.I CIBBE BA IATI
bowler was A.Roberts 5/50, Holder and We as lawyers in this region hhve
Gibbs two wickets each,. West Indies a special responsibility to ensure that
by ,the end of the 2nd day's play had the Rule-of Law is maintained.We must
replied with 240 and India.8/0. For jco-operate to preserve and foster that
W.I.,Roy'Fredericks 100 (his third delicate balance between the individ-
test century. For India, Madan. Lal -ual and the State whicbhis so essential
4/22 and Bedai 2/288, India scored 316 1to the harmonious development of both.
in their 2nd innings; Vishwanath J59 This objective can only be achieved if
and Engineer 61. -For W,I., A.Roberts our laws ,and indeed the entire judic-
3/88 and Willet 2/51, West Indies in ial system itself are in tune with the
their 2nd innings: could only muster times'D.ring the coming Year we must
224 runs., thus losing by .85 runshe coming Year we
,Kalicharan 57 and Richards 47 were to the best of our ability look b&cPL
main scorers. Bedi' finished with the harrow conf5ies of our own aofiTt-
4/50, Chadrasekha 53/53, Gahvi 1/18 tites and begin to suggest to our co-
and Madan Lal 1/53 citizens solutions to the many probh.m
SIn Australia, Eagland held Austra that exist and to inventory all the
lia to a draw at ,Melbourne after alternatives open to us in'the years
Australia had been set 246 for vic- ahead.. Itis essential, howeverthat
tory with the whole of the final day such qugations, alternatives and sol-
to get the required runs. They fail- utions to the problems be aired and ex-
ed by eight runs to get to their tar- sinedi n the forum of public opinion
get, losing-8 wickets in scoring 236 bearing ti mind the fundamental and
runs. Scores. were: Egland 248 and basic principles of the dignity of man
244; A.Khott 52, Edrich 49_, CGCowdray To this end we must strive to:main-
35, D.Amiss' 90, T.Grieg 69dand David tain ,a independent and courageous Ju-
Lloyd 44. Thompson 4/72Chd A.Ballet iciary and to provide equal access to
4/60. law for the rich and poor alike. We
Australia 241 and 238/8; I.Redpath must also seek to open lines of com-
55 &. 39, D.Walters 36 & 32, I.ChsCpe imunioation with those who govern so
36, R.Marsh 44 & 40 and G.Chappell SL that we may co-operate with them to
Bob Wyllis returned career best fig- ensure that our laws.are just, so
ures of 5/61 in Australia's first, that we can promote change within the
inningsl. Mike Denness the Etgland framework of" the- Rile of Law,
captain was dropped from the teatn to During the year 1975' OCOBA will con-
*play the' 4th test match against tinue to play its part but we will
.ustralia at Sydney from the 4th Jan, need the bo-operation of all members
John-Edrich will lead the team. of the legal profession so that the
In a one-day International match Law can become an instrument for dev-
played at Melbourne on Jan' I1st be- elopment in our -v'~ ecottive territories.
tween Australia and England, England Miay I wish you all a good season.
won :,- three wi~ckets. Scores: and hope that the .Iew Year brings
"*p 18 '.. gl 1917. __ peace and prosperity for all our people.
St.ohn, s, 18th Dec. lQ~'4..l J.'OIRIA W.,3Lc~~a,Q.C. ,President- OCCBA.
Printed-and Pb-ihed by the Proprietor R Allfrey' of Copthall Mill House at
26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

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