Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Mrs .Jane LOTLTfI'tiAL, Librarian,
Research Il.t.tvue for the study of lan
162 East 7o'002Z t U.S.;.
New, .or7:.. 10021 !, U.S.A.

XOr~*~U DI~t~s ma~~~~I

Cabln: Sar, D<,omnic
Tel: Printery 2691. Editor 2610
i U.K. Medit Represe'.,tative:
Coin T.rhnm: (London.). Ltd.
12" S 4ftesbury Ave. W.1.
Friday December 6 1974


162 E ',
F'^' 73

MI .N IA" 'B '
SVitute -face Comlt Tortuna "7~"'


When, after aeroplanes were invented DR 4 44OR L
nd (so to s p e a k) perfected, humans .,
;ioaight they had found a swift and se, Today, in the Huse the IProhibited and Un-
c .re"means iat travel. who could havoe la wful Societies & Association Act was amended.
t raver a hfte o w ds o It now' debars members of such Societie from
ed. that years j afterwards. boardig holding public office in the State: aiders and abet-
plnes would a mao r t likewise. A Policeman can seize any book,
hi-jacke:s and terrorists? Itrs the human dd&ue' or any other printed matter which he
rather than t h e mechanical element conaiderprejuAicial to various public mores in-
which has brought danger.,. clouding the, Act. The political and literary. stand
Srt of the policemen conducting such a search
n these upside-down days, relio agistrt have power t des
leaders speak with the voice of politicians ry picao and i for heir
tike for example the latest statements famous. Domiican Dr. Philip Pott~ ted man has committed 'no ich offence' under
and the attack otFr. Alexander m another -tsA Act shall- be on the defendant.
paper! Politician's contrive to make their vot4pe was ,,aovti opp. Aram r 5.
oseches 'oind like sermons; Priests and Dettls of debate next isuoe.
eve, Caribbean Bishops seem mostly KSON OFIFICERS ARMW.
..o; with li(e on earth, uan.der~ ~ror er at HM. Prison will now be .arned, and
oened" With e on u r- oot at Ot scapoO. No trans 8ort or trees-
emphasising the spintual and the immor passer allowed within 100 yards of Prison.
tal. Now it's a question of economics, po*.: _____
rwer:, hunger, the vote, racism and all that-, ., -'' ... .
Sa e whisper "in my Father' CORRECTION OF NEWS ITEM
Sibuse are many mansions ? He might be P. (? POImu Mo., .
thought to refer to Haile Selassie or some It has been brought to our attention that
minor--lutocrat.' our stop press news-item -in last week's

S.. nc(mduWd .n e .
2----- -
Paper difficulties and high costs force us
to-raise theprice of the STAR to fifteen
cents (15c.) a copy from January i, 1975.
We also regret to inform our Roseau
subscriber, that We cannot make deli-
veries of the STAR to their .addresses at-
ter the first ot. next year. Arrangements
can be made tor copies ot the STAR to
be held for readers at our Office.

issue was erroneous. NO arms, incena
diary material, charts or radio equipment
were found in the house owned by the
late Mr. Rupert Green. An otherwise
usually reliable source had given us this
information. We apologise for any incon-
venience caused to any member of the
public. ,_

:Dominica Coconut Products Limited
wishes to announce that the. Ninth (9)
Annual General Meeting which, was sche-
duled for 7th.December, 1974, will now
be held on Saturday, 14th December at
the same venue Fort Young Hotel at
5.00 p.m.


;r;uni~r~caP~ mniuiaa~- ~a -- --~-~-a~-ur~-~--Y~ ---..I~ -. --

-I I-^I CI ---~~~4PV~~*~~114~8~


-rage Tw -Iw --' r N

C A N D.I D C 0 M M E N T HE NEW "DREADP" IAW by W.S. Stevens
A good deal has been said in the House of Assembly on the Unlawful
Society Act. But I need mention one or two things which dan bear repetition
Ex-Premier LeBlanc had proclaimed that he was a supporter of the Black
Power movement and that there was nothing wrong with the Black Power cult.
This was the first step, and it originated: from above. Then his
Government, instead of turning attention to the pursuits of prosperity and
peace, built police stations to the neglect Qf hospitals, schools, approved
schools, agriculture, trade and industry, embarked brazenly on a policy of
passing irritating, controversial laws which were a special form of
The one session a day school for secondary schools was a sort of
.license for which our little society was not ready and growing intelligent
youths took the opportunity to examine a cult by which they could attract
attention. Human nature craves to be noticed by. some means or other. This
is a psychological trait.
Then 'increasing unemployment aggravated a situation:neither Govern-
ment nor the governed understood what was happening. It is however grati-
fying to know that on all Bides steps were taken to' stop what was not good
for a growing nation.
And it is to be hoped that in future Government will not turn a deaf
ear and a blind eye when citizens wh p,have the interest of the State at
heart invite attention to these things which make for order, prosperity and
peace in -society.
;There has been too much of the wrong idea "You elected me to govern
and govern vw:e)must". The people ARE the Governm~et, and it is they who.
all along must approve' or disapprove what is dope or how it is done since
what you do should be done in their own best. interests.
The revelations in the debate on the 'bill on that historic November 15
1974 will go down in history as a pathetically tragic occurrence and should
serve to keep Government and people on their toes in an environment ready
for anything revolutionary and unconventional.
Finally, the absence of Attorney General Leo Austin from the session,'
with a law- like the one passed, denotes a complete lack of understanding
of what Government stands for. -Nothing else should have had priority..
People are free to come to all sorts of conclusions about this breach of
parliamentary custom. The public owes a meadc o thanks to Third Nominated
Member Miss Eugenia Charles for coming to the rescue, of the bill and
saving Dominica from further legal and parliamentary ridicule. -- W.S.S.

UPS I D E DO W N W 0 R LD Editorial from page 1
Yes., it's an upside-down-world. Greed and murder are the order of the
day. And curiously enough,- just as Castro; is edging, up to make friends and
increase trade with the U.S.A., and President Ford is reaching nuOeear
arms-limit agreement with'the Soviet Union, here we have an antiGommunist
witch-hunt in the little island of Dominica.,.
Now it may well be that Premier John and his Government have ample evi-
dence of a regional communist plot. Bdt as they give us few supporting
facts, a certain scepticism in the public mind may be excused; hints of thih
have seeped through another of oui newspapers, in the regional preds arid
Radio Antilles. Are all the crimes Dread-Communist crimes, or are some the
deeds of common ruthless unpolitical criminals?'
So this upside-down mixed up world revolves...An innocent girl drops a
letter into a London postbox and is blown to bits by an Irish bomb. Arch-
bishop Makarios, clinging like a clerical politician to power, insists on
returning to Cyprus. In small Dominica, electoral registration is being prq
pared while two types of armed police engage in manhunts.
This is a very upside-down Christmas season. Doesn't it seem almost
hypocritical to sign Christmas cards with their traditional loving

Friday December 94


r~ FT ~i!

T _- m.-.-.

a wWn StUr si li oniT---*- "



1c6 Ived aClof ApFpica-wt fror Co rmee of Titeri& A I 4Ct-:twu 0A
Cvrefats far Wek an-on 30th day o Nr ivemir,- 7-
-- "
ft qet arson rat rite f Tait

I. I U., hren or Cww1 ,
t 74 '; '

ff NembT r by hfO SoiDitosr |S of Tile respect of:
t1974 H nea A A a patio f and Qt
k F .;t i -V Dt ny Sa S f' & p ihr Pi
I: S 2Iih r abi of St Josepha n
N. hioverc. r. be 5tB* .1 og D?0t tIsrnIU<&

2t97* 1 7-: ni,- ngn.. 2332
t Sm i f DS G jMn

A (t square fwrt a .&
as 'tikewo%

South v b -a r wparaing !it 'rrm a;s r Chinr

! ,: :-4 *,.,i- .^.-a|-
Set i toC and Sa Chrpe
2J 1-4e P '4. for tIo Tenh,
$ilnr.a Sinf~chtor of a hrst certitccate
S25 i 7O' f a ire a Fr"e tc ofj
Sv ,.; l- *t yin i1th T..wn f !i
k. 4 ..: -' f y : ; ,,c Roseau ia the Parish

Ng oh '4 et S y Pititld Lsrd ?N+'' Eit: a y lanI4df
sitiA! iiSisn SwtXh W'est BE Iand of Giset
~ rsA., th Ess By 6 av ( o Sy0ba Tvwonyr !

| ';< -st 4 Leogits Apphcatiso of dLati
i 0 74 1 Attideor ta Attidore fork the
z s Z-.d by her Solicitor usue of a first certi
3 1 74 M. Eugesna icate of title in res-
at 13. 2 amn Char3es pect of a. polion 'f
t.e. d.-~iT.a. kn owni as a lot
at La Plaine in kh
Parish uf Sit PatwE'rick
coantainag 2298 square feet and boaaded as d:..>
N*rh n4d wf James G Bertrand East PubzI;c qoad
Lad4 of joseph Law en',, Wst Lasi of Canntf Az;hmraze, ,
Requesstr datedj BanrK 1 'r. a of 8en -'
25 10 74 Guaie ni Gaiate for t.he i
PrIs;ned /it IC h1 S:..i;so :! of a rst certii-.
3 12 74 M, Eugsniea cae of 1'tki i'n rz-t
at 2>..25 a.m.. | ea rie-e rpeel of a portion of
-lad krtowo as a lot
at Carib, ODricet .-*
t-a ''13 rf St Paf .
trick containing 0A50 oa.-.'e atn blianlAd as folowsp-- (
North Land of Aaron -u,.js' N ;rth ar:A L.nd go M jBae?
ce Thomas snd a Foot Path operatingg 't 'rom anrd of Rsatnri
pVlf.*r'ri Sou(u;h Landrs- of RegitSE Ansei:mn d Cyntha Oega1 :
rt EssE a Ravlne Statrmaing it f'rom iand of SrInrFtar EuiZast
R: sees8t &0i4 Ann Heanry euinest for thebs iestn R
the 6th day rof and Rowe- Hawn of a Firsi Certificate i.
November y sy Sa tenants 1 f Title as respect of
1974 in commsans in a portuton of lasn
Prese nted equal shares known as a lot at Pi-t
| the 4tih -ay b other Soici tor chhalin a the Parish
S;.f Dcne C.:!mi A ,M tof St Patrick in ths
| DEpgenY State .f Donrairoca
a.t 1045 a H *onVa.nrsis f' '-
.,J... square i ert Casd ar
ide as fohewws:.
j tr y :at of a* As; R'g a b ttn( o. :.ln.d.
KRaphalf South By a Pubiec Road West V y Nay nd of Ailln
.--.--^.-*..-UYi.U:I-ll...l -L.-.'-:'!-!--.-".--.--^-. ^Jl-I-,..

Pag& Three

Kasma. eaif rar 6f cIeat,

NOTE: Any pesr-o who desires to sbPect to bhe iwsuf4S I <'
Ceftifcare of title on tRe above apkcafola) easer a C2 .
tn the above ofkce within s*x 'naks froA the date of the rwi ;
appearance of this sctedalte A the STAR Mrfwspac o.:... i-' ,
in us6i Sta'e or from di date wbttn th narit prr-crhd .'.,
ltw was last served 4wt wy owwr or accupIfr of o-a.n.o 0,
Ma in rs



i. 7




iO m.akeVP that go ( make a Ioi of d\xperl
\viii>, \Vhich aCour for \,P f3ine qualAit.

Rmn\ A N io-l& Plv. __IE_


I, James William of CoIut. do heeby no-
tify the general public ltht my wife aLusama
William nee Geoege having left my hEme and
protection onSaurday August 24th 1974, 1
am no longer respoasible for any debts or com-
mmiaents she isy contract as from thst daEe.

t ,


---------- ____ ----------------------------


I-- - ---- ---l'~k~l


-- .-;-rrc~L-----...rm~~UI--~~M


IdL~&l~ia'HninjIrlWrlirilriiiiiiiiiiiniri' '""*""*"*"*"""iii'r'i V



tutest dated Veivian CGye Rrnest fw tSe isatte
he 2nd day of a Perstona of a First Certficate
)ecember reI of Loauit of Title in raspectt of
.974 Efriche &-& a Portin of l&a in
presented cased th Town of Rcesu
he 4th day by his Solicitwo ia the Parish of St
if December, GCi a AJi George n ia the Ste
1974 ofP spgIy i t w'innic* tconatii-|
t 11.12 aIam. itg, 3296 aqtare feet
-alw Iwerded as f6b-

MNrth East by Grest Georg Street and tnRd Anfe
Lestrkde North West 4yq hands of Rebecca Rls51 a"n
Mina R bttlsons South West by ians= of Harold Wis t
too and Veta iao Hewtderson South East by tents of
HaroLd WiatBn, Marte D0crtsavay tad Angiae Lextnmb,

Friday Dectmber 6 1974




;ki S T PRI 7vo E

~TFI Iti D PW IZES 0F ,0


Il 0 p LL FO .

- r;'E fo 7i. IC rTORE -

1 ~

.~ ~**'~i
i7\Lb~~ PA$

..a 44


*, t
, -, :

., tr : J
:. .
:,t-;-' -.

" i .' 1E t "f. o 4


I -


ATNore B Brimon Jr. has been appcned. US. Ambassador to Bar
budos, Grtmda and the WIAS Sates includingn Dormoaica'. He &s !y
S.. rid, mt ,, wi e cl.;, and bas had a -stkguished car-er
s World War i wch he served, ban<- n': u:.-g[, adLiiA.- *n,
d gn ... as Church. H has a A Cegr and
b* traelk'd '.Wv in Norib & C.:"" Amence; Europe, Ncr & E'naire
s mos s ths appommen
-- :.4.'a'i. "1-" "n% -
e s :
i:~~rt ~io~ssns r~rc ~ ~ ~ B~fi .-_-





HmTnv t I l u'r --- -v --

Pa e. Five

Fiction .-MA *TITIiE "by Cynthia Watt
Ma Titine'-had. just arrived home .
from chuich'when Baby came rushing
"'Citine, as I was comin, I heah
a' car behine me an den' boop-boop-
boop; two men an a policeman runni4.
-T-" turn wrong an see dem opening a
-car. ..'Open up! de police say, an
aftah a wil.e de car-door bpen an
two boys come out. De police an,
dem ax de boyS-deir name 'n ax dem.
wat dey doing in de.-car..dey even.
get a beeg peece of rope.- Ax de
boys bout de rope de'boys say dey
doan know nottin bout 'dat. De car
was by dat, garage to fiCx -a de gar-
age owner .Was. on his verandah.,..
he ..tell de police how -he lose a
radio.. De police ax him de make of
de radio an he tell dem. Dey. te l'
him to come an identify it t' e -'
police-station as'ddy have'"one like
it dere. ,Dey bundle de boys, in
deir car an on de way I see dem
capture annodah boy. Mi zafaire:"'
MaI Titine threw her mantilla on
the couch. "What for?" -.she asked.
"Foh stealin a
say plentee people complainin bout
deii radio people stealing. .Anyway,
dey well give a-boy eidah de 'cat'
or a 'belle cool tamari1i...I can
see his back how it mar k. ..tonerre
"Everwhere you pass," Ma Titine
said, "y;ou hear of something happens
ingl Wtvat a month of November that
was* ,
Genelia came in soon after and
the:three ladies sat discussing
current ,events, She told them that
she.heard that they had captured
the boys. who 'had hackd the doctor's
neck at .Giraudel "
"Aan.h~ah anno.ddh ting... tree mce
hole up: a-'hiopkeepah goih hohie wid"
his mpnt-sales' moneel an he deed
have to han de monee ovah to dem...
tree tousan dollahs I heah..."
perhaps three hundred", Genelia
"No. Baby exclaimed emphatically,
"is tree tousan I heah"



The yearly Graduation Ceremony
of the School of Nursing will be
held .a6--the 'Goodwill PErish Hall
oA -Tuesday, '10th December 1974,
at f530 p.m.

-~-ruC11I- -i-----r-r---- --.~ ----- ~3L---r

4thDec,, 1974

Brian G.K. Alleyne

It iM.proper to say congratulations
to Mr'. -b2on Bully and. to welcome him
as the new head of the Agricultural
Division at the very close of Agricul-
tural Year.
One Agricultural Year is not enough.
It should be an Agricultural Period
of five years for anything substantial
to be carried out.
JIMr. Bully as head of this division
irn one of the "seven lean-years' -
through'which Dominiea is passingg; ds
in the first place to work very'hard,
and his biggest job will .be to get
his junior to work very hard as well.
The Agricultural Departments (like
most departmenta' have some officers
and men' who do next to nothing, -who
draw saluries and travelling allowances
monthly to "do their owi thing" instead
of the nation's thing.
When our present horrible situation
is cleaned up, thoroughly, policies,.
and programmes can be executed.
Mr. Bully will have the nation's.
support if with his tact and courage,.
he can tackle the big job.
W...S. -. TEVENS

mT P i

rr__~~ __

,: .S' T A T E M E i N'.'T
The Association deplores the pre-
sent tendency to make utterances-and
pronouncements concerning the Court,
the Judiciary and the Jury.
These statements which are not
founded on fact-are -not; only irres-
pons:ible, but are evil- in their intent,
It must be realized that our system
of Justice isdesigned to promote
fairness, 'and to protect the rights of
every individual, regardless of dif-
'ferences in status, political or re-
ligious persuasion,: or membership of
associations. .
* To aver that our Courts are not
adhering to these principles is
patently erroneous.
As' .n Association, e,~.ish to place
on'pubtlic record that we deprecate .
this tendency and attempts to
bring into disrepute our system of
,ustie. M. Eugenia. Charles
o Presideit


r- "0 P p A d.y T ...h.i, DecembV-- 6- 1974
Pa e~f" SixY X..LL.J U .". -'_______

CRICKET AUSTRALIA WINS FIRST TEST The British Government has ruled
Australia went one up in the six that since a recent financial scandal
match test series against England in Grenada (funds for development
when England was dismissed for a were diverted to pay Gairy"s Private
meagre 166 in their 2nd innings in PoJicQ etc.), such developmemtfunds
chasing 325 runs for victory on the would no longer be given in advance
final day of the five-day match, to various Commonwealth countries,
At Brisbane, where the match was but against an account rendered (House
played, exceptionally low scores of Lords).
were anticipated because of the state ; Four men who took part in the at-
of the pitch some 2. or 3 days before tack on Dr.McKensie at Giraudel have
the match. ,an Chappell won the been arrested and charged. A man,
toss for Australia and elected to Alfred Bellot, was shot dead at Sou-
bat. They were dismissed for 309. friere by Police while resisting them
I. Chappell 90. and G. Chappell 58 with a cutlass. He had stolen $140
were top. scorers, by' mnacing an L.Rose &Co. employee
England in their turn at the with a cutlass.
crease started badly, but for-Tony- -- The Movement for a New Dominica is
Grieg (110) and 9th man out, may not now a properly constituted& registered
have reached 150, .However they political party and held public meet-
totalled 265. ingsa this; week, stating aims and refu.
Australia declared their 2nd in- ting allegations against its members.
nings closed at 288/5', with Doug Elet&oral lists: these are now on
Walters 62 n.o. and Rod Marsh 46 n.o show at various spots. Potential
Grieg Chappell got 71 runs. voters are urged to study the lists
' England were set 323 for victory, anr see that their names are inscribed,
and ..never looked like getting close Electoral information will be disemi-
to their target. At one stage they Rated through the New Chronicle anl
Were 94/6 and after a fightihg80th, the Educator but not in the Star -mthe
wicket stand .between Knott 19 and usual discrimination,
Underwood 30 (topascorer)., toppid Don't, forget last date foP
for 166. Jeff Thompson finishe.d- adding your name is December 16.,But
with 6/46 and match figures of 9/105, thl Opposition strongly protests this
The second.match starts at Perth, .'date, since the lists should have
December 13-18., .Colin Cowdrey been in hand since.September'3.
has been called out to strengthen -* ."The dirtiest piece of legislation"
the batting because of injured is how RhO,*P Armour described. the
David Lloyd ,and John Edrich new amendments to "Dreads Act' He
'hSe 2hd test match between India. dOscribed the session as a waste of
and the West Indies starts Dec. 11. a banana day and the' ruling party, as
at Delhi. Sunil Gavascar will lead; '"bankrupt politiciansz. Mr. iArmo-r
the team in place of Mansur Ali Khan expressed grave doubts about the
Pataudi who got injured during the shooting of possible escaping pris-
Pirst test match owners, saying "we may shoot people
Lawrence Rowe flew to England. in the .back now." and when the
to check on some contact lenses after Premier rose to interrupt hi'j he'J
a defective eye wes discovered in ,walked out, Mr..John therefore went
India. It is hoped that he will be on castigating him in his absence.
fit enough to play before the tour In- order to find out what is ac-
is over, *FOOTBALL Dominica looked tally going on in Dominica, Dick
easy favourites for the 1974 Popham Henderson of Radio Antilles, had ahn
Football Tournament presently on in interview with Premier John, 'nd
St.Lucia, after an easy 3-nil vi- the summnary- (broadcast after Mr,'
tory over St, Lucia, but went on to Henderson returned to Montserrat)"
play a goallessdraw against Grenada was quite a masterpiece of reason
in their 2nd match. In the St.Lucia and restraint. Congratulations,
match, Jeffrey Lawrence 2 and Roy Desperate need for a Legal Officer
Murphy got Dominica's goals. In to advise the Police, that theymight
the 1st match of the competition Dec. frap proper charges'-Hon.E.Chnple
1s. Grenada~de featla' Sbt Vicent 1-nil ih~ close encounter-. Grenada scored
lIrectiy o, a. eence oDiI und ior. I'

Printed and Published by the Proprietor R.E, Allfrey of Copthall Mill House
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

r;Fv~rrlntr_ `T)F~c.emhFtr 6. 191~

Tr H E

S. ,R A R

T\_ --

H 8 T ,A

The Domnicza Civil Sevil eice Association like all other responsible
orgian z tions in the State is conerned at the current wave of la'loM0
neas presently sweeping the 8tate and is satisfied that all aecassaery
steps nmst be taken to deal with the situation,
The Association wishes to poinLt out, however, that the failure to
devote ecual or even greater attention to the condition giving rise
to the present situation cai only esujl-t in a continuing oonfrontation
between the focres of law aned order and otheGr elements in the society
which have resorted to violence~ s a means of giving veyC to th1S
fruatr at ions,
The major economic asdi cL cia~ problems which have to be overcome
aie urnemployant, the high cost of 13virngO, tho low price of bananas
and the unavailability of markets for other agricultural pxdode.,
Irn the face of such a serious situation there is need for rge n
and meaningful national dialogue to harness the human re.sources
available within the co~ronrLity an-d setting these to work At finding
solutions for our probleQa,
eisatioi~.iaml, aand allegations in the press an radio wiohh
cannot be support d by faots, cranot help us in -our sarchb for solu-
ti ons, for even if the police were to round up. all the dreads aWtd eus-
peated G&ead.a, this in itself would not provide jobs for the unenployred,
find .ney markets for boy oil and other agricultural productBs increase
the price for banana, or lowe -the. cost of living.
:Lwlessnesa must be condermnid, The society nmut 'be frec from fear.
The lives' of persons in the State must be. protected But we nmst naver
blind ourselvea to the other major problems with which were faced
and we must IdeveloI). the capacity to deal with all of these at one =an
the same
General Sccretary.

160 Acres, for sale as a going i take
,concern or in lots of -about 4" 4 C / N
quarter of an acre.,
a- re of aHeadaches, Neuralgia, beumatic Pains
II S9 B al* ._ i n V "V *t v i

Notice to all Copra Producers
Dominica Coconut Products Limited
will be open to receive copra every week
day throughout December and January
except on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day,
Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

I _,___isi,) j,

Pl-erioic pains, Den al r tain- l x eia to
/4 /ACV / N
THE tablet with THE POWER to stop pain
In packets of 20 tablets at 85c. and
containers of 5o tablets at $.66
The Dominica Dispensary Co.Ltd
1 1*& -i4/iiii4i

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INGEST IEID E3WWAQ85S_0U3XXD INGEST_TIME 2011-11-10T19:52:39Z PACKAGE UF00072476_00837