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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: 11-27-1974
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Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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rs. Jane LOWTMLIT L'AL, Librarian
2ese:cht I ntitue for the study of nan
62 East 70 Strx6' t
ew YorhL 1002:1 T, r U.S.. O s 4" 8

Cab~e: Str. Dovnr knica I F '"iiO N
T': Prntey 12691. Editor 2 31
; CU . f e d 2ic a R e -p rer s e n t Pt. e. p ,'-
,Colin Turner ;London) Ltd. A.. A .:
':2' Sha"fi esbiri, 4ve. W.I !1k un. tm --Jrt "


F.4~~r PkY i It"' -'it:~T A :P

Fas t
P aue

* ________________ .I "" A h A U

S Canadian Couple Killed
Horror and consternation struck our is-
landaagain with the death on Tuesday in
the burned house of a Canadian couple-
Dr. &' Mrs. Norman Bright, who had
settled near Pond Casse.
As they returned to their home after a
rsual weekly shopping in town the two
friendly Canadians were murdered. The
blazing building was seen first,by aero
.Dr. & tMrs. Bright were buried on Wed-
nesday f r co m St. George's Anglican
Church, Their son arrived from abroad
later, .:
-___~~ ..

"Sorry w' d ;in'tt meet sooner"-Lord Sogal.
(See page 8)


"... A ,C Nt ,

Headaches, Neuralgia, ARheumatic Pa0s
Periodic pains, Dental Pain- All Yield to

THE tablet with THE POWER to stop pain
S In packets of 20 tablets at 85c. and
containers of 50 tablets at s1.66

The Dominica Dispensary Co.Ltdt

Repeated many times: over the radio. Pre-
mier John began bv'sayidg that bis Government
was taking all necessary measures to restore law
and osder and to ensure the security of the State:,,
This speech was a direct outcome of the most re-
cent horrible crime in DommiH, reported on
this page. r *efr, pag i


Armed with his new and relevant diplo*
mas from advanced agricultural courses
in England. Mr. Cohin Bully has taken,
Up the post of Chief Agricitural Officer
which has been vacant for tob long. Mr.
Errol Harris (Ag.C A.O.) has been ap
pointed his Deputy. Mr. Bully succeeds
Dr. J.B. Yankey, who is now with the
Caribbean Development Bank.
] ~ ~II iiiiii Ir I " I

LeUne n Hoovchurch was 'ast wek elet~ed
President of the Conservanon Society, which is_
panning. to conduct an education programme,
aimed at making rhe poputaicCn aware of whit'
cons-rvanaon is and bow it should be pu, into.
practice in Dominica. Radio programmes con
ducted by the president, aklcg with posters and
booklets on the thm-rne will sDread the wfrd
throughout the island. S ecisa empha-is wll be
laid on land use and ab~';C' n through garbgae.

1. II--n- -,I

November, 30 1974 : arks the Centenary of Sir
Winston ChurchillFs trith. Known prnmar rltfo
hbs courageous ieadrrship during the 'Seca
'Wor. ;ar-, Sir VVnWa:on:a.is regaidcd as thi greit'
et s.t-r sflano or cr ,me,. He was a ifred orator,
and an acc-omphsbd painter but tlremcema
bered troce particuiariv for zhe ,:inontumentaj
works of history he produced *Juiz" his loog ife,
the most famous being the 'Heor c theT.
glish Speaking Pe:op. '

A cofmp'ete issue oi ..bommtica -
Stamps (6 was our !to \0Moday.


The Rseau Tow Cogncil wishes to
inform a: I owners cf properties within
,the municipidiy who have not paid their
Land and House ano, Municipal Taxes
for the years, 1972 and 1971 that the ar-
rears list has; ben sent to the Provost
'Marshall for collection and sale of pro-
perties for recovery (' Taxes.
Persons wh have not paid their Taxes
fpr rhese p6riodt will now have to. make
payments at the -Oic,.of:he Registry.
N u -r n --i- --li~i' '^""''*'"""^ "


"'I L1 r -r-~ -~l~-~l~-lsl--*l---- --- --r---------r ---- r-----

I I I ~ l I . .


irtRy. iWria mt- r-'W. 1874 .

rrge.TH E,' S T A P a
k,2 re .LUI -, -_ 1- aft- "I i ________________

-- Jacks"o..
Poem THE CEMETERY bO er Jackson
It's good to take a look at night,
When all the houses are alight --
A peering look at the Cemetery
Where everything seems calm and free.,

A little space from where I stand
In the tranquil night of our tropic land,.
Alas for the Dead laid there at rest
Lit by the moonlight at its best
The Cemetery there for centuries past -
With more bodies brought in as times pass,
Its bizarre setting imaginative, catching,
And its marble structures is well worth watching,.
During the day, School-children pass
On the Cemetery road to reach School fast;
But in the evening, when the sun is sinking,
Few people pass because of superstitious thinking.

The many friends of Mrs. Jane Eversley of Nvovs,
well-known here for her devoted work in the
Anglican Church, will be glad to hear that she was,
married on Oct. 16 in St.Jmames Church, NevSis, to
Canon Richard Dandridge Canning, of St; Mary s,
St. Kitts. They. honeymooned in the U.S. Virgin
Islands, and kept their reception at St. Mary's
Rectory on their return to St. Kitts.

CAiDID COMMEiTS (contd.0
-incompatible with the
type of soil in the
North-East of Dominica.
Formerly fertilizers
supplied were special.
Bananas were clean and
without spot or Blemish.
Rouse up Agricultural
Scientists and give
your brains a racking.
to find the remedy we
are lacking in these
critical times.
Computers won't
help you. Scientific
Method will. If you
wore not so unconcerned
exp riments would by
this time give the
answer. --W.S.S.
I promised to make
a few comments on the
importance of Police
There have been in-
numerable police 'semi-
nars and courses in the
TT -U.K- "'R .. B nl ice nat o ol+n

CANDID COMMENT by W.S. Stevens B A N A A is never or hardly em-
Evidently the Chairman of the Dominica Banana phasized. It is a
Growers Association decided to eat his. words that simple matter. The
5,cents.a lb. paid for producing bananas is: enough. Dominica Police Force
True-born Dominican Sinson spoke like a patriot has been appreciably
about the banana price in plain loud terms, increased. It stands
Mr. Joffre Robinson stated recently over the a.ir to reason that police
that the grower now deserves 9-l1O0 a lb. Oh what patrol to prevent cirme
a world we. live in' should be a routine
Bt.t this week members of that Committeohave When a fellow intends
trotted off to St. tUcia to airtnge in Winban for'a -to raid and he knows
new banana contract with Mr*. Vaaz Geest who visited'. -that at any time two
Dominica a week' ago without ever a mention of his policeman may catch up
visit o.vg rress or radio. -His nw. fnovc is to .ave, with him, he must think
the fingers of bananas 7 inches Lon4, twice before he embarks
The District Chairmen & Secretarios told Mr'.o on mischief or crime,
eRobinson's Committee "No contrpt till another But all the pradticed
6 months." I,' .ay "No contract- until the: Inquiry and services4 which make
decidec'.-on by the House of Assembly last week for o-d.er 'ahnd peace are
takes lace .. : apparently moderate.
Visitors to the U.K. who' returned to Dominica so that the forces of
stated thatj/he' price of a pound of bananas in evil can preponderate
England has"hot changed. This Green Market Price while the public pays
is all nonsense and is a clotk for the exploitation ore for staff at all
of the banana farmer, levyls. I invite the
At present farmers are selling matured bananas on Police Commissioner to
the stem at 40 a Ib for St.Thomas. This pays, tell the public why or-
Finally, the Agricultural Division or Department ganized and systematic
is as usual sitting at ease while bananas mature: police patrol is so
red pink are rejected wholesale. Farmers with poorly carried out in
sense feel this ie due. to mass-produced fertilizer Dominica's 3rd Bad Worldi
} ~ "^ -> w.. -

F; r iday November 89,'74

i c- "~P H R


h_ __ m.,

_ -- - .- i ---

a Eu



Make Your XMAS Cheerful and
Mem~mkgful the HALLMARK WAY
Shop at


6 Upper Lane Roseau.


1, Joaes William of Colihaut, do hereby now-
tify tLe general public mat y wife Louiss
S;:i:*n Ge oge George having left my home and
prc ;.e:ini o Saturday August 24th 1974, I
am2rno .:,:" respoosibe fcr any debts or cowm-
I o m.etA she my contract as from that date,
-- ------------


Nd value


I I,

i4nS* wanA as

T icK t itk it thicgENblaMM
range o' P BritishWincs.The amec grapes go
tl n m \\tinc,\hich iacc unts f -r\vP' tfine quality.
Bu i h hilie i ay 1B
....Ia.am. "IImmr...t.a.^

Schedule of Apocateoen for Cp6Miase of TItl &A Nindgsaftedra
&e rcsa for wwPk w 23rd ay of November 97

ew a Certifcat of TitCe c
____ Sminthorwon or CawvC

|Request dated
the 18th daiy
"A" No1 r,' ,.r.h r
t 74 ,.
the 19th day
of November,
at 3.30 D m

Aug ustus
by her Solicitor
Cibhn. A M

Request for the iss~M
of a Firat Certificato
of Title ;i respect of
a portion of land in
the Town rof Rosetau
in the State of DomC
nicn containing 326
square feet and boun
ded as foiow:- I

iN r. .t byi a Right of way departing ; from land of Mignon
necrce Ceroohk Noe-rh..~We by snd af MKgnon:cette Cole
brcol:; South Eat by River SLriet Sojh Wxst by iard i
Madonnls Doctrove.
on day i Novembr W74
SRequi-st d.te Waltany RequIbS-t foir '-6ie ue
Sthe -., day Royer of a F;rat Ct"rt'ficata
f ef N.irvmber by his Solicitok of Title ;ft r-iptc. of
p 1974 j Ciiaa. A.M a p i ton ,f land at
Prese Itd Dupiny St Jeph in the Pa
B"" ** 2stc, dal niah of St Josfpt us
Noven$ r t+t'h I.f ,of LifOman.
4 cntari n- *ina..
at 3.20 D l square feft and bf.un
S ded az fola.ws:
Nrth by !mnds of l~ Darroux avnd Ogi teChristjphe:r
Sothth br a Ory ravin ~spartm-Ila it trom ~nd 6f Clara
Seot an Etas by 1and of Ogist? C4rsieSpwanr;-
Waet by land of Rurnkin Noei
Reqmt date e Apiecattioin of Js"w
'8 9 Josp Joh woseph for thOe 5gf-Oe
IPrten~gted Solicitay ^of a first certihc.ate
25 I 74 M.EungEnia of title in respect of
at 2. p.m Chari S ~ lot in the Town of
o. Roseau in the. Pariah
vf Sft Ge&rs ..., 787 squ.-e f3qe a0na bound

i shnetri j4shoibCn SoUth West By had tt't .o!:-:*
p si"Su"e, Soudh Ewa ayS land of Sybel TbvwenY i

n *.. .. .. Rgistrar of Tt'res
S NOTE: Any p erw~ wo deares to i t jto T the ssuo s of
.tri.'ic ;e of title on the: .above arpph.cauiorya e+ter a Cv
in the above offic withis six weeks from the date of thc Fart
a pptaracert f chis schedule I the STAR Newspaper pubetshed
in this State w~ from t4e date whe th8 notice prescribed by
iw wa !hat served on any aw or r Occuper f ad4lKAtc
hErj d in mgeseci of i,^ch the appLicwattben it mr
r siaK!en >Man iumnsaanintuiarMi.uaiafORiBuA M

SNotice to all Copra Producers

SDominica Coconut Products Limited
will be op- ca to rLceive copra every week
day throughout December and January
Except oD Christmas Eve, Christma Day,
Boxing Day and New Year's Day.
wn iflaw i. r.. i~friu-w. 'A 4: i


--- ...... .

~-*-rrrjwu;~;sn~uanaums~,n~r~masausauo ru~r-~v~a~



Friday November 29, 1974

Pare Tg~,



jrl'_UV.V l'uv ~ t,' .i I.------ --

The play "The Rose Slip" written by Douglas Archbold and staged by the
People's Action Theatre is based on the trials, tribulations, joys and comedy
of life in the Port of Spain ghettoes. Life depicted in the play could be
related to the poverty and squalor in some of the overcrowded areas of Roseau.
I attended the performance on the Friday evening and the actors performed
extremely well. Although it is difficult to single out any outstanding player,
I think the part of Arabella played by Miss Cornelia Prosper was indeed very
well acted. Congratulations to out to the Director, Mr. Alwyn Bully, for the
work he put into training the members of the group.
Having seen this and other West Indian plays, I would like to ask the.
question what is the reason for staging such plays, especially as most times
they are so poorly attended?. It may be said that the purpose is to bring-to..
the forefront the conditions that exist in our society and to make; our people
aware of them. But an awareness cannot alone bring about change. Changeczmsa
from a re-education of the people in terms of value, ambition, morality, dig-
nity, discipline and work. Poverty is part of life; we cannot change that,
for God has made the rich and the poor. But where change can take place is in
our destiny in which we have a, hand. We can refrain from bringing upon
ourselves additional burdens of poverty; we can throw off the yoke of false
pride aad change our attitude towards certain types of work which we look down
upon; we can seek to obtain money by honest means rather than otherwise, as
money obtained by easy and lustful means never thrives easy come easy go;
we can put the little we've earned to useful purpose and refrain from gambling
and drinking it away; we can avoid spending our time in petty jealousies and
grudging the man who has, instead of making a quick turnover with the little
we have. In other words, we are to avoid being like the man in the Bible with
the one talent who hid it rather than worked it. Further, we must examine our
smug contentment in bringing children in the world not knowing how they ate to
be housed, schooled or fed and expecting them to grow into strong and literate
citizens. These are some of the things evinced in the Play and which exist
and which we have a hand in and can change through self-determination. But
when we look around us we see people living in an Elysium of their own, not
giving thought to the future but rather saying that Chod will provide. God does
provide but we also see in the Bible that when the devil took Jesus and set
him on a pinnacle of the Temple and said to Him: "If thou be the Son of God
cast thyself hence, for it is written that he hath given his angels charge over
thee that they shall bear thee up", Jesus:' reply was "It is written thou
shall not tempt the Lord thy God". From this we are to learn that we cannot
by our acts of irresponsibility continue putting our Lord to the test. Today
we see that any Housing or School Building Programme or even a Free Food Dis-
tribution Programme is like a drop in the ocean unleasa we ourselves change the
pattern of our lives. The onus is on the women to create change and bring
dignity back to parenthood. They are to throw off the shackles of the flesh
instead of saying that this is life.: and take a firm stand on the question of
morality rather -than throw it out through the window.
I would liketo suggest that future West Indian Plays staged by this group
should have some bearing on a moral issue and be acted in patois instead of
this broken English. Patois is at present considered a dialect, but if the
actors were taight good patois this. would be an education in itself and who
knows it may become a second language
I am of the opinion though that the. rea.sn why they play was so poorly
attended is because when one has seen one West Indian play he has seen all.
They are all based on this sordid type of living which is all around us and so,
one does not wish to pay hard earned cash to go to see a drama group "tell it
as it is" when he can "see it as it is" just walking around Kennedy Avenue.
People would rather see plays that portray fiction than reality. That is why
a good Western film is so popularly viewed by the public.
I do hope this promising group will not.specialise only in West Indian
plays, as it would be a pity for so much talent to be viewed byMa~ ew people.

ED'sNOTE: some readers may challenge "we cannot change poverty" or that
"Money obtained by easy and lustful means never thrives" -what of the Mafig?

Page F-ot~

~FT~il STI1R

T--^r -li--- ~r\~7n

Friday November 29 1974


Fiction MA TITINE Cynthia Watt
"So dey hole de boys dat hole.
up Ma Agar?"', Baby hurtled into Ma
Titine.s living-room like a tornado.
"Well, well, .well, look tings datt
happening in de State! An look how
dat Abraham Brudders store ketch
fiah...den de same day dey kill an
bunn-up dose two Canadian couple at
Pond Casse:" She sank into a chair
"Wee bondieu! wat happening to dis.
place nunh?. Is a cuss it have nunh?
Look a kine of yeah dis yeah was an
it not even Leap Yeah".
KaI Titine shook her head sadly.
"Who ever thought that Dominica would
be.as it is today?"
Baby had more to say.
'"is I was; coming heah two people
was torkin an I heah dem say dat a
pregnant girl kill harself---pahaps
wid an ovaraogse..."
Ma Titine again shook her head
"So they caught those two fellows
ove. "in. St..Kitts,,..the ones who
stole the canoe at Grand.Bay."
"Yes," Baby replied, "but dose
two *at escape- jail, up to now dey
doan ketch dem yet" '
"Come on," Ma Titine said, "the:
police are doing their best...the
only thing I find is that some of (
the local songs sung over Radio
Dominica is incongruous-to the times,
It just doesn't suit."
: 'aby raised her eyebrows.
"In-con-gru-ou: YTou can say
soie big words, titine."
M. Titine smiled ispirt tdly4
"An dat pore. yrian...he bunn
bad I heah...doan kno if is pahah;
he was trying to save his doc-u-mens.e'
She glanced at Ma.Titine to see how
she responde:d- t.otth; big^bord she.
Baby. had.'used. But'Ma Titine was
sunk in sombre thoughts.
"Well Baby went on, "Domeenee-
ka in a ell of a mess", '. t

..hec Domi-ica Mental Health'Association are celebrating Mental Health
Week from 24-30 October. They began with prayers for the mentally ill on -
Sunday in all churches, and a football match in the afternoon,
S--.Excellent addresses in English and patois followed, and there was a
General Meeting at the Imray schoolroom in Roetau. Then followed an :"Open
Day Tea Party" at St. Luke's. An outing for the patients, selling of tags
at schools and the announcement of. the winning essayists on "Youth and Drugs"
preceded the closing broadcast by the- Premier, tomorrow, Saturday.
All growers now on the-books of the Dominica Banana.,Growers Association
have been given new numbers and new plastic registration cards put in a
protective pouch will be distributed to growers with their pay packets.

-I .L

I noticed something rather strange
on the church paper ARISE stating that
they want to introduce Dancing in the ,
Church like last year. We parishoners
simply don't want this again; if there
io to be any.dancing at all the Teenagers-
can have a date fixed and arranged, not
when the.older people are attending our
lively Solemn Midnight Mass.
We are not in a world of Festival; wd:
are-in a world where peace is being asked
for, especially Dominica. We are appeal-
ing to th& Bishop to let.the Priests and
Nuns ban this idea of Dancing in the:
church especially at Christmas, when we
come to-offer our yearly thanks to
Christ who was born.
(name given)-
Can you help me .find a, possible
source for handmade goods?
I am looking 2or gbod'leather, works
--. some stoneware --selected types of
jewelry all textile.work, including
all baskets and. straw aoda and all anti-
quities. I would be happy to hear of
any other craft items which are available.
THOMAS G. BOTOSAN, 251 E. 77th
Street, New York, N.Y. .1001 ':
-Those able to help, please write -directV
to the enquirer. -- EDITOR.

: i- ----

---- i

Page Five

rp. FTH q T A, T?

The Nursing Superintendent reminds.
all parents, of the importance .of .immi-
sation. Every child should be immunised.
Parents concerned should take their
children to the clinic to be immunised.
SAny child with protruding umbilicus
(pavel) should aldo be taken to the
clinic, and the Doctor will advise them
on this defect.
Parents, let s. try to prevent the.
spread of infectious diseases at an early
age. A.THOMAS, Nursing Superintendent,

aL;- ._ _- --T--- -.I -- -- - --

B*T*A*R*S*.P*M*PR*TMS Morchriston.
.Attacking at fbiket earned the bril-
,liant West Indics team now touring
India, a fine victory in the first
test match'at Bangalore*
West Indies batted first -but,after
a grand start, losing their first
wicket at 177 P. fi e m the run-out-
of Gordon Greenidge (test'debutante)-
slumped to 289 all out, Greenidge
scored 93 before mistiming a run and
:Alvin Kallicharan scored a fine 124
before being finally'last man out,
Venka-toraghaven 4/75 & Chandrashekar,
4/112 most successful:bowlers.
When their team -_eamne out at the:
crease, India cruld only muster: 260
runs. New test cap Karnithkv 55 and
-Abid Ali 49,- For West Indies, Holder
3/37, Roberts 3/55, Gibbs 1/59 and
Barrett 1/35.
SBatting again, W.est Indies blazed
their way to 356/6:after being. 75/5
at one.stage; Greenidge 107 (the .9th
West Indian to score a century in his
1st test match -.most recent players
to achieve that feat Kallicharan &
Rowe both'. against' New Zealand) and
Clive Lloyd with a blistering 163
which included 22 fours & 3 sixes,
tore the I.iian attack apart., putting
on 207 for- the 4th wicket. Venkart
finished with 2/79 and Chat&fa 2/104.
India needing 386 runs for victory
were skittled out ford pal[try.118,
giving West Indies victory by 267
runs., Roberts 3/24, Boyce 5/43 and
Holder 2/18 were the main architects
of destruction.
In India's 2nd innings, -injuries pre-
ventedl Pataudi and Engineer from bit.,-
ting ,Fredericks' appearance on the.
field was limited to West Indices Ist
innings- at the crease, during which
he .twisted a ankle and later tried. ,
to partner Kallicharan 'when Chandra
and Venkart were at their most 'deadly.
Wtithe ball. Vivian Richardswas& dis-
appointing with the bat ancl one; won-
ders whbheqr he'll hold his place on
the test side...
FOOTBALL: As yet no captain has been
amed. and as., such STARSPORTS expects
Oliver Joseph, who led the side for
.zsome four or- five years and suc.co.ss-
fully in 1971, to lead. again. Anyway
the Dominica Football )Team leaves the
State on Saturday 30th, for St.Lucia,
where the Popham Foptball Tournament.
for.1974 will be held.

Saying that our present .situation
wa ."threatening ;to undermine the sta-
b.lity of-the country" axid that it
was Govt Is, responsible it, to uafeguu'ai
the wellbeing of te. State, as; hd'
been envisaged in recent iegisl94ioni
Mr4 John went on to. say'that since
those laws were passed "the situation
ihas not improved; something more is.,
required,..Nolmore force than is seen
to be necessary will be resorted to."
,i, He then appealed to the civilian
populatiOn to help in the task of ,law
enforcement and put c on the "violence,
which is'':oreign to us", and spdke-Of
"Communist infiltration into our so-
ciety being a matter of moment and co4-
ceri' ,ding that the Communist thread
was on a t o1rall regional plan, taking
advantage of our social and econoific
problems "international Combunist .
organisa$ions ,in North Amerida and
Guba" (Mr Jbhn said) "have recruits~
into their orbit Dominidans formerly
resident: abrda&di These men and worn
have: tod some extent been identified
and are being carefully vatbhed." He
added that hoey sought to destroy the
State and iti system through artificial
race conflict ahd a bladk power cult;
and that "nocotntry in the world can
exist i' isolation", .aaaing bDC,
C & W, e0t' Induatries and "many
'other agencies & institutions" as. hea..
targets of this attack. "We may be-
come isbl$ted from our donor friends"i
(Brita.in & Canada). The address ehded
with a c~dll to unity "join forces
in the national interest to eradicate
.the evil,.," The Premier'* concern' for
the safety of f6reqign residents wa-as
Mr. Tolfora Georges of'Domirnca.
-(now at Cave. H-ill Campus) has.been ap-4
pointed Chairmnan of a. Commisaion ton
'examine 'the constitute ional -advaneomen
of the Associated'States and Montserra.
POLICE MQVE At Press time. we learn
that Police raided the house owned by
the late ,Mr.Rupert Green & found a quana
tity of arms, -incendiary material,chgrt6
& radio equipmentOther building-s in-,
the environs of Roseau have beensazIj.
PARLIAMENTARIAAS: they didn-t tell the
Press. much but expressed the .wish to-atd
Dominica. Their spokesman said they had
learned a lot from Press questions;one
concerned jobs for Speakers o~f t2e HKse,

Printed and Published by the Proprietor R.,Allfrey of Copthall Mill House
at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

'T~ 'ITF: .~.T A~R-

E~i~Cdn;v, Y~v~niber. 29t14

PD ixrr f V